The Grant’s Chapter 1

Mary and James Grant were the last two kids on the bus. They were the first two that got on the bus at 6:30 AM for the ride to school. It was an hour ride and they were last two that got off the bus at 6 PM. It was one long day. The bus dropped them off at the end of their lane. School was fifty miles away.

            If the weather was good, they rode their bikes the two miles to and from the house. If it was bad, either they rode the enclosed Gator or Dad let them drive one of the old Chevy four wheel drive pickups and park it in the corner of the field at the end of the lane.

            Mary and James took turns driving the truck home; they had been driving since they were ten. Brother and sister, they both had just turned fifteen. Mary was the older of the two, born in January – James in November.

            Amy – their mother – had been a doll and idolized both kids. Mary took after her in the looks department. At five eight Mary had her long blond hair and beautiful face. She also had her mother’s boobs. At fifteen they were D cup and were high with no sag. The rest of her body was lean with a nicely formed tight butt.

            James took after Sherman, their Dad – tall and muscular and hung were it counted. They had been skinny dipping more than once this summer and eyeing each other every chance they could get.

            There was a big pool in the back yard and Amy had taught both kids to swim. The pool was one of the highlights of family fun in the summer but there were others. There were several ponds that were used for irrigation and of course skinny dipping.

            There were two Gators and a four wheeler. As they grew older, on Saturday and Sundays afternoons Mary and James rode them to look at the fences and to check the pastures, looking for broken fences, injured cows or new calves. If they found nothing wrong they had time for a little joy riding and in hot weather always ended up at the stream fed fresh water pond.          

            There were no other kids within miles. School and any activities in the town were twenty five miles away so joining any school sports or after school activities were out of the question, except for rare occasions.

            There was a trip to town every two or three weeks to the big box stores so there was a big list and advance planning required for anything that was to happen in between.

            The farm was big with corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Much of it was sold but enough had to be kept to feed the twenty five cattle that Dad kept for food to eat and to sell a few to get extra spending money.

            Because there was just the three of them, what money they had Dad invested in the latest labor saving farm equipment; a big tractor with big chisel, disc, planter and combine. Mary and Jim were educated very early on how to operate equipment.    

            There were just the three of them because Amy passed when the kids were ten. She was fine one day, sick the next and passed two days later at the hospital, leaving the family shocked.

            Dad’s brothers and their wives tried to get us away from Dad – first with kindness, then threats and finally with lawyers. Dad had a better lawyer and the facts that we refused to leave our father and we didn’t want to be separated.

            School was out and all the early corn was planted. The soybeans wouldn’t be planted until the winter wheat was harvested the first of July, still a few weeks away.

            Dad had left to go to Amos Jackson’s farm to pick up a bull to breed some cows that were due to be bred in the next couple months. It was the cycle that happened with beef cattle on the farm. Bred then there would be calves. The males would be neutered, fattened for a year and killed for the freezer or sold to customers that wanted to know the source of their meat.

            While Dad was gone James and I rode the fences. It was hot and we were hot from helping Dad get the pen ready for the bull. He had to be kept up or heifers that were too young may get bred.

            I grabbed a blanket and couple of towels from the house and threw on the Gator. If we hurried we could end up at the pond with time for a swim before he got back. The pool was still loaded with chemicals cleaning it from the winter and it would still need a couple weeks.

            James and I each had a Gator and drove fast along all the fences finding nothing wrong; we ended up at the pond in twenty minutes. Throwing our clothes on the Gator, James and I spread out the blanket and towels and ran into the refreshing water naked.

            We swam for ten minutes before we needed to get out and dry off. We laid on the blanket in the hot sun to warm up and finish drying off.

            ”I wonder if Dad will send me into the house this time when the cows are let into the pen,” I said. Dad had always sent me into the house saying, ‘This is not something girls should see.’

            ”I have already had sex education class – not once but twice – because the Sex Ed teacher messed the class up the first time with half truths and misinformation. It’s not like don’t know what was going to happen,” I said.

            ”Cows stand still if they are ready for the bull, the bull jumps up and sticks his cock in her and months later a calf comes out,” I said.

            ”Just how do you connect that to the Sex Ed class you just described?” James asked as he turned on his side towards me.

            ”Girls do the same thing when they are ready, only we lay and spread or we could do it on our knees like a cow – only the boobs are on the wrong end,” I said laughing.

            ”Where did you get all this information or have you tried them?” James asked.

            ”Sex Ed and from the net,” I said.

            ”Why are you sticking out like that? Don’t tell me thinking about cows made you that way,” I said.

            ”No – looking at you and your boobs was enough. Why are you smooth down there?” James said.

            ”I started shaving last year when I got the new swim suit Dad won’t let me wear. It was all sticking out of the crotch. Once I did, I found I liked it smooth – now I keep it that way. We had been skinny dipping several times last year after I started and you’re just now noticing?” I said.

            I had bought two swimsuits with my allowance last fall. One of them was the small bikini Dad forbid me to wear and the other was a thong that was just patches. I had tried them on and quickly decided shaving was a must to ever wear them.

            ”We never talked about sex before and cows fucking,” James said.

            ”You better not let Dad here you say that word or he will kick your butt hard,” I said.

            Jimmy laughed.

            ”What’s so funny?” I asked.

            ”I just had a vision of you on your knees with your boobs hanging. I’d like to see that,” he said.

            ‘That’s all it will ever be is a vision,” I said as I hit him.

            ”To change the subject, how much longer are you going to jerk into your underwear before you put a box of tissues by your bed?” I said.

            ”I don’t do that,” James said.

            ”I do the laundry, remember. How often do you do it – three of four times a day?” I asked.

            ”Is that why you keep a box by your bed? Do you rub one off?” James said to change the direction of the conversation.

            ”What if I do – are you going to peek through the keyhole and watch? Besides, I don’t make a mess,” I said.

            I reached over and smacked his dick and said, ”Down boy.” It wilted fast.

            ”You might get lucky and he will let you stay and watch this year,” James said.

            ”I’m not holding my breath. I would have a better chance of watching you beat off through the keyhole,” I said.

            ”How do you know when I’m doing that?” James asked.

            ‘‘You’re noisy and you breath like a race horse at the end,” I said as I was getting my clothes back on.

            ”Then you have been watching me,” James said.

            ”There is a dust cloud coming up the lane; Dad will soon be home. We need to get back there fast,” I said as I was putting the towels and blanket in my Gator.

            I was ahead of James by fifty yards when we reached the shed. Dad was just backing up to the pen with the trailer. A few minutes later the bull was standing at the fence bellowing repeatedly at the cows. The cows were all at the fence snorting like crazy. They must be able to smell the bull I thought.

            I wondered just how many times he was moved from farm to farm. The big bull was acting like he knew what he was to do. The biology class had said that humans were the only species that had any pleasure from sex. For animals it was just reproduction, maintaining the species. I wondered about that with the way the bull and the cows were carrying on.

            Dad and James decided to open the gates so they could mingle before they broke the fencing.

            ”Go to the house Mary,” Dad said.

            ”Dad, I know what they’re going to do. I had AG class, remember?” I said protesting.

            ”GO TO THE HOUSE,” he said.

            I was mad, very mad as I went to the house. To me it didn’t make any sense. I started the normal Saturday cleaning; it was the only day that everything got cleaned from top to bottom. Normally James helped with taking the trash out and sometimes dusting, if there was nothing to do outside.

            I started the wash – starting with mine first – including stripping the bed. I ran the vacuum, swept the floors then mopped them. I could clearly see James and Dad watching the bull serenade the cows. He was going to be busy for the next few days. The cows that Dad wanted bred had been given a fertility drug so they would all be in heat when the bull was here. All that only made me madder.

            I gathered all the trash in bags – all the junk mail and several months of magazines that had come in the mail the last couple of months. I was tired of piling the mess up day after day; now they would be gone forever. The bathrooms and bedrooms trash cans all went in one bag, everything else in several others. I placed a box of tissues on James’s night stand just to gig him.

            When I was finished there were four bags. Normally I would have carried them to the dumpster by the barn but today I piled them on the walkway. If I wasn’t allowed to the barn, I was not going to the dumpster.

            I opened all the windows and doors to allow the house to air out while I dusted. Even after all that, James and Dad were still at the pound. When the bull finished with one cow James and Dad moved it to another pen. He wanted the bull to spend in a different cow until they all had at least once. The older cows were going to be first. Then they would be put together again for a repeat performance.

            I put on the swim suit that Dad hated and started cleaning the pool. I cleaned it twice, including back flushing the filters. Then I checked the chemicals and added more. One more cleaning and it would be clean enough to swim in; all the algae was almost gone. I put in a lot more chemicals than the instructions said to help it along.

            I cut the grass around the concrete pad with the push mower with the bagger. I had a devil of a time getting it started.

            Finally I hosed off the concrete pad and placed the umbrellas, tables and chairs on the pad. I left one side open for the air mattress and blanket so I could sunbathe if I wanted to tomorrow or Sunday.

            Pulling on a long tee shirt for a cover up, I started supper at four. Like it or not, tonight it was spaghetti – heavy on the meat sauce – with ground beef. While it was cooking I finished the laundry. I stacked Dad’s clothes on his bed after I made it with the clean sheets.

            James’ bed I had stripped to wash after finding dozens of dried spots on the sheets. When I moved the mattress to put on the clean sheets I found his stash – dozens of men’s magazines of all kinds. I took several that looked interesting and hid them in my room to look at later.

            I wondered where he got them from. I knew he could not have bought them in town and risk bringing them home when we went shopping, even though we both received an allowance. It was with that allowance that I bought the new swim suits last year.

            Then I remembered that Tony Simkins got into trouble this year for buying things from the adult store and bringing them to school. Tony was a senior, he had made extra money out of buying and selling stuff from the store. Rumor was his Dad was part owner.

            There were a couple of senior girls supplying things for the girls – vibrators, dildos and such. I thought about getting one because my girlfriend at school said she had one and always talked about how good they made her feel when she used them.

            When supper was ready I made the pop and fresh biscuits to go with the pasta. I yelled for James and Dad to come eat. I listened quietly while they were discussing when to let the bull back with the cows he had not mated with yet like I wasn’t even there. They had penned him up separately for the night.

            I put the dishes in the dishwasher while they went back out to the barn. I showered and went to bed still mad! I hadn’t said a word all night; neither had they.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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