The Grants Chapter 2

I didn’t know what time Dad and James came to bed; I must have been sound asleep. James woke me up twice with his heavy breathing before getting quiet.

            I woke early and put on the banned bikini with a tee shirt over it. I was going to vacuum the pool this morning after a breakfast of cereal and then lay out to start on my tan.

            I heard Dad and James come out and go to the barn and then the ruckus began.    

            I cleaned for three hours as the sun got hotter and hotter. When I finished it was clear enough to swim in and I would later. The water temperature was 75F, a little cool. I turned on the pool heater and set it to 80F.

            I was finished and laying out the blanket when I heard the truck start and drive off down the lane. Dad for sure and possibly James were gone.

            I took off the skimpy suit and applied tanning lotion to my front side, set the timer and spread out in the sun. I must have napped and had the same silly dream I had last night. I was naked on my knees with James off to my side going moo, moo, moo.

            The alarm to turn over went off – just as it did I heard the door shut; James was bringing me a glass of lemonade. I should have been startled but we had been skinny dipping for years.

            I accepted the drink then tossed him the lotion and lay on my front.

            ”Oil my back side – all of it,” I said.

            ”I can’t do that,” James said.

            ”Sure you can, you have been wanting to touch me for a long time! I noticed the bulge in your pants all the time and the hard on at the pond wasn’t because of the cow. Oil me, stop stalling and rub it in good – don’t just slobber in on me.”

            He started on my shoulders and neck, then worked his way down, stopping at the butt crack.

            ”Don’t forget the back of my arms and sides,” I said.

            He spent plenty of time on my sides especially the boob side bulge before moving to my legs and feet. I spread my legs wide so he could do the insides. He stopped just inches from my crotch.

            ”James, you have to do all of me even my ass cheeks and butt crack including my exposed mound. I don’t want to get sunburn anywhere,” I said.

            ”I don’t want to touch you there,” he said.

            ”James you have to – please finish the job,” I said.

            He slowly spread the oil and with a feather touch spread the oil on the cheeks and down the crack past the brown hole and over my mound and inner thighs.

            ”Thanks,” I said.

            ”The pool looks good, I’m going to go get my shorts in case Dad comes back early. He said he was going to be gone till late afternoon,” James said.

            I knew where he was going and that was to jerk off again. It was a wonder he had not ripped his pants as large as the bulge was.

            A few minutes later he dropped his towel and shorts on the blanket, slid into the pool naked and started doing laps.

            Thirty minutes later the bell dinged that it was time to roll over as James climbed out of the pool.

            ”Let me dry off and oil your front and you oil me, then I will sun with you and we can talk,” he said.

            ”That’s fair enough,” I said.

            I watched him dry off as I oiled my face and neck and lay back to wait on him.

            ”May be this is a bad idea,” James said.

            ”No. Get on with it,” I said.              

            I tried not to laugh as he started with my feet and legs stopping again four inches from my crotch. This was going to be interesting.

            He started at my neck and worked down. James looked me in the eyes as he oiled my boobs – both of them at the same time with both hands – staying a long time on my nipples. When he finished with them they were standing tall as a thimble and hard as a carrot. They weren’t the only thing that was hard either.

            He was and my clit was too and it was on fire – wanting to be rubbed – it was all I could do to lie still. My stomach was quickly rubbed and then with a hand full of oil he covered my mound. I spread my legs wide and he rubbed all around getting my upper thighs where he had missed. James went back to my mound, spreading the lips, covering them with oil. I stopped his hand.

            ”Use two fingers like this,” and then I guided them to my clit.

            ”Do slow gentle circles. Feel that bump – that is my clit. Be gentle, it is the most sensitive part – do circles around it,” I said.

            I put my hand on his, ”Here, let me show you,” as I began the circles.

            My clit was throbbing, my hips were starting to move. I was close, very close.

            ”Don’t stop what you are doing, kiss me now,” I don’t know why I said it but I pulled his head to me. The instant his lips touched mine I pushed my tongue in and then lifted my hips off the blanket. I cried out almost a scream, ”I’m going to cum!” as the orgasm took over my body. I increased the pressure on his hand and moved it faster as my body shook from head to foot.

            Finally I pulled our hands away, I was just too sensitive there, gasping for breath.

            Recovering I asked “Is that the first time you have touched a girl there?”

            ”Yes and it felt great. So that’s how you rub,” he said.

            ”Depending on my mood, I may change it up some,” I said.

            ”Now my turn to oil you up. Lay back and relax,” I said.

            James wasn’t that hairy. I started at his face and worked down. I oiled and played with his nipples wondering if it was having the same effect on him as it did on me.

            He had been hard since he had first touched me, poking me in the side with it many times. I did notice it throbbed each time I squeezed them and felt the little nipple in my fingers.

            I skipped his cock and did his legs and feet. I had to nudge his leg apart. I oiled his nuts and then started on his cock, looking into his eyes as I rubbed, oiled and massaged it. Then I began to stroke like I thought he would. Slowly at first while spreading the oil on and around the top of it; that looked to be as big as a plum.

            I had quickly looked at the magazines under his mattress. James was as big around as any in the pictures and longer than most. He certainly wasn’t this big at the pond the other day so he must not have been fully hard.

            I started stroking, sometimes using both hands and there was still cock above them. I guessed he was easily ten inches, maybe more. James started humping at my hand movement and moaning.

            I wondered what his cum looked like – was it really white, what did it taste like – was it really salty and bitter? The pictures showed women with a mouth full and some swallowing. Ginger Snow – one of my active dating girl friends at school – said she used blow jobs to keep her boyfriends out of her pussy. She said she always swallowed and if the cock was deep enough in her mouth there was no taste, otherwise it was salty and bitter at times.

            I picked up speed – so did James’ moans and movements – his eyes were getting bigger all the time.

            ”I’m going to cum,” James said a little too loud. I made a split second decision. I bent over and sucked the plum sized knob into my mouth and kept stroking and added licks and suction.

            I felt the pulses with my hands, one, two, three big ones and several smaller ones. My mouth was full after the first one so I swallowed – and swallowed and swallowed.

            I set backed on my haunches and looked at James. He was staring at me mouth wide. Finally,” WOW, did we just do that?” he asked.

            ”Yes we did and it tasted like coconut sun tanning lotion,” I said before we were both laughing.

            I laid back on the blanket and gasped while catching my breath. I hit the timer and an hour later had to prod James to turn. I oiled his back with no playing and hit the button again, still wondering about what we had done.

            The next time the bell went off I prodded James to get up, ”Dad might be home soon. We don’t want him to catch us like this. Go take a shower while I’ll put the stuff away.”

            The blanket went into the washer, the little bikini onto my dresser and the lotion on the stand by the back door.

             I was still naked when James came down. ”My turn,” I said. Ten minutes later I was stepping out of the shower to see him leaning against the counter, watching me.

            Our bathroom was connected to both James’ and my bedroom, a door on each end. If the light was on one of us waited or went to the half bath in the hall. Dad’s bedroom had a much larger bath.

            ”It just dawned on me just how beautiful and sexy you are. I guess I am just a big dope, we grew up and I never noticed. You are really beautiful,” he said as he started to walk away.

            I pulled him to me and kissed him on the lips. ”Thank you,” I said.

Ten minutes later I was sitting on the couch beside him in a sports bra and shorts, wondering what he saw in the stupid movie he was watching.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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