The Grants Chapter 3

Dad came home a few minutes later. ”Looks like you two have been in the pool,” he said.

            ”I finally got it all cleaned up and the water feels great,” I said.

            ”Jackson’s grandkids are here for a couple weeks. I told them they could go swimming in the fresh water pond but they needed to careful. Invite them here if you want to,” Dad said.

            ”James, we need to move the bull to the pen with the last ones he serviced yesterday. I have to deliver him to Joe Brown’s farm next weekend,” Dad said.

            ”Mary, what is the plan for supper?” Dad asked.

            ”The left over spaghetti and rolls. Also, I can get enough things to make a salad from the garden,” I replied.

            ”OK, that sounds good. Give us a couple hours,” Dad said.

            That left me with two hours of free time.

            I went up and started looking at the book I had taken from under James’ mattress. I looked at pages of big dicks – James could fit in with them and in many, he was bigger. All of them were shaved to make them look longer, I noticed.

            Then as I looked at the pages of porn actresses doing deep throat I decided the real reason was so the actress did not inhale loose hair or get it in her mouth or teeth and to reduce the chance of lice. I wondered if I could get James that deep.

            There was a clipper kit in the closet that Mom used to cut Dad’s and James’ hair. I would move it to my closet.

            The next magazine was all anal I wondered how they did that? It had to hurt but everyone was smiling so it must not have been that bad. There were several articles on how to clean out, lube up and get started. I would get some the next time we went shopping and one of those hanging bag douche/enema kits. Dad dropped me off at the big box store to shop and went to the feed store or the farm dealer for parts, leaving me to do all the shopping.

            Another magazine was girls on girls. I knew what my juices tasted like; I figured all women tasted the same as long as they practiced good hygiene. There were pictures of strapons and women with their partner’s hand deep in their pussy. I never thought that was possible.

            I was just getting starting to rub when ”Mary, we need you to come help us, we have a problem,” it was Dad.

            ”OK, be right there,” I said as I hid the magazines and went to the barn.

            The bull and the cows had had a fight. The fence was broken apart – one heifer looked to have a broken leg. It would have to be put down. If she made it through the night, the locker in town would make steaks and hamburger out of her.

            Dad was shaken, he was standing by the wooden fence when the bull went through it knocking him down and almost crushing him. Farmer Brown agreed to take him early so we were going to load him tomorrow after taking the heifer to the locker plant.

            It took three hours to temporarily fix the fence with heavy oak boards and bolts, all the time keeping an eye on the bull. It was after dark when I fixed supper. James and Dad were showering and cleaning up. They both stunk like cow crap.

            We ate quietly, lost in our own thoughts, until Dad said, ”Work up a grocery list and after we drop the cow to the locker you can shop while I get some replacement lumber.”

            With the list done I said goodnight. I was in the bathroom shaving things when James opened his door and stepped in wearing nothing but his boxers and watched.

            I put the box with the clippers on the vanity, pulled his boxers to the floor allowing his big dick to appear half mast and a towel for him to stand on.

            “What are you doing?” he said.

            ” Be quiet, do you want Dad to hear?” I said.

            Using the clippers, all the hair was on the towel. With a small trimmer clippers it was cut close. I wet his groin with a hot cloth then covered it with my shaving gel. When I was finished he was a smooth as I was.

            With the shower running and hot I pushed him in and washed him – first his back and then his front – washing off all the gel and stroked that big dick a few times. He stood there looking lost as I washed myself.

            ”Go lock your door while I clean up in here. Then come to my room,” I said.

            When he came to my room I was sitting on a towel on the edge of my bed.

            ”My turn now, so get licking,” I said.

            ”I have never done this,” he said.

            ”I have never had it done either so we will experience the first time together,” I said as I directed him how I thought would be the most comfortable for both. I spread my legs and had him knee walk between them. When he touched my pussy I put my legs over his shoulders and rested them on his back.

            He started tentatively with a light licking on the clit. ”No, not there not yet,” I said.

            ”Tease it, lick around the lips down to my butt hole and back up to the top I think. Do that for a while and then lick around my clit for a little and repeat,” I said.

            ”Oh, that’s good! Do that some more,” I said.

            ”And that too,” I added.

            I started moving my bottom, lifting and sliding it against his tongue. I was picking up speed and so was his tongue. I put my hands on his head to pull him tighter against my pussy. For some reason ‘pussy’ was the only word I wanted to use for that area, a word I had never used before.

            My breathing suddenly got fast and my thighs started quivering, my hips moving like I was running against his face. I was cuming and cuming hard. I pulled the pillow over my face and screamed, my orgasm was so strong. James sensed what had happened, slowed down and pulled away as my legs fell to his side.

            ”Are you all right?” he asked.

            ”Better than alright! Let me rest a minute. Better yet, come here and kiss me,” I said as I pushed myself on the bed.

            ”My face is messy,” he said.

            ”I don’t care – I made it that way,” I said.

            I licked his face clean while tasting my spend, then I attacked his mouth and tried every kissing style I had seen or dreamed about.

            I climbed on him with that big dick pointing towards his head, rested my clit and lips on it and started sliding back and forth on it as I kissed him again. The tremors of my orgasm returned and grew stronger. I came again and again.

            ”If you don’t stop, I’m going to come again,” he said.

            ”Please don’t, I’m not finished with you yet,” I said.

            I worked my way between legs and slowly licked my juices from him. I wished I had left the light on so I could get a good look at his cock but I had not. I slowly licked the head, then put it in my mouth going deeper and deeper. I hit my gag reflex and I had to pull back but I kept trying, gagging each time it went there.

            I knew there had to be a secret. Wait a minute – food goes past the gag reflex and you don’t gag. That’s it; quickly go past it. I moved to a better position and angled his cock. Then I stroked faster, my drool wetting his cock. I added going deeper – just quickly hitting the gag reflex and pulling away before I could gag.

            On the next stroke I shoved down hard, past the gag reflex; at least two inches went down my throat. I felt my throat stretch – it hurt, or did it? I pulled off back to just touching the reflex. Then another deep one past the reflex – no it didn’t hurt – not really, just a different feeling. I repeated the sequence, several shallow then one deep then two deep then one of each.

            James suddenly placed his hands on my head, ” I’m going to cum.”

            I increased my effort, sucking harder and stroking faster. He groaned and I felt his cock throb then the pulses. It was in my throat but not a deep as it had been. I kept swallowing with each pulse and for some reason I counted, there were five big ones and then several small ones.

            I slid my fingers from the base up to my lips then closed my lips tight and lifted my mouth off his cock and swallowed. Then I licked the last drop off the tip. I moved up to lay beside James and kissed him deep and hard.

            ”Time for you to go to your room. It would not be good for Dad to find you here in the morning,” I said.

            The house was alive early and we had a breakfast of cereal and toast. It took an hour to get the cow with the broken leg into the trailer. Dad pulled up in front of the box store and gave me the bank card.

            ”I’m going to the parts store to pick up my order and then the lumber company so we can fix the fence.”

            I took two carts and began, starting first in the pharmacy section. Shaving cream for Dad and James, shaving gel for me with a bottle of lotion to help with razor burn along with several bottles of SPF 50 lotion now that the pool was open. There were also tampons that I would need in a few days and ladies razors for my legs and pussy.

            There were things that I shouldn’t have bought but I was going to pay for them with my allowance money; KY lube, a box or two of condoms and a hot water bottle/enema kit. I paid for them at the register there and double bagged them.

            Then I started serious shopping – when I was finished I had two rounded carts. Dad called just as I finished checking out to say he was in the parking lot. We stacked the bags in the back seat of the truck’s crew cab and the heavy stuff in the back.

            At home all three of us carried them in, filling the counter and kitchen table. Then we unloaded the lumber and parts Dad had purchased into the shop and shed. Finally it was time to load the bull-headed bull. It was one mess as he tried to crash the fence again. We were all gad to see him in the livestock trailer.

            ”When you finish putting the groceries away, ride the fences to make sure none of the cows got stupid last night. The Ag Co-op is going to send the vet to do artificial insemination on the rest of the cows tomorrow morning.”

            “It’s going to be late when James and I get back. Mr. Brown needs help cutting out cattle for the bull to service,” Dad said.

            I watched the cloud of dust follow the truck down the lane. I spent an hour putting groceries away and the things in my room. I read the instructions on the enema bag and hid it in my closet. The lube I opened and placed in my night stand by my bed and the condoms a couple of drawers down in my dresser.

            I filled the Gator with gas and brought a bag with the blanket and couple towels; if I had time I would skinny dip for a while. There was nothing wrong with the fences as I quickly rode past them. I drove across the cattle gate and into the field with the pond, parking at water’s edge.

            I spread out the blanket and towel and then dropped my shorts, shirt, bra and panties onto the towel and ran naked into the water.

            The pond was big, one hundred and fifty yards across. It was the perfect place to swim the laps that I did at a leisurely pace. I swam all the different strokes that I knew, then repeated them.

            I was all the way over to the other side for the tenth time when the Jackson’s Gator came puttering to the pond with the three Jackson grandkids aboard. Wasn’t much I could do about it now, so I continued swimming and finally headed back towards the Gator.

            They were standing by my blanket; the girls were in shorts and old fashioned bikini tops. When I had reach shallow water I stood up and walked ashore.

            ”Hi, I’m Mary and if I remember correctly you are Elsie, Carol and Robert Jr.,” I said as I gave the girls a hug and shook Bob’s hand. Elsie was the oldest at fifteen, within days of being sixteen like me. Carol was just fifteen and Robert fourteen – and big for being fourteen.     

            ”I’m swimming some laps and I have a few minutes left before I have to go work on supper – join me if you like,” I said as I turned and walked to the water and dove in.

            ”What are you doing,” it was Robert asking.

            ”Boring vacation – no way, not any more, I can’t wait to tell my friends I went skinny dipping with a new friend. They will never believe it,” it was Elsie talking.

            ”Me to. Wait, I’m coming,” that was Carol.

            There were three splashes behind me so I slowed a bit to allow them to catch up. We swam laps for the next thirty minutes.

            ”I have to go and start supper. If you want, follow me home and we can swim in the pool after I get supper started,” I said.

            I dried off and put on my shorts and shirt minus the panties and bra. They were debating on what they wanted to do. Robert was trying hard to hide a semi erection. On the other hand the girls were proud of the hard pointy nipples they were displaying from the cold water and the light breeze blowing across them. They were also peppering me with dozens of questions!

            ”Just follow the path outside the fence if you decide to. If not, maybe we can meet here in a day or two,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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