The Grants Chapter 4

I left the Gator in the shed and was walking to the house when I heard the Jackson Gator coming behind me. Dad and James still were not home. Dad wanted corned beef and cabbage tonight.

            I bought the ingredients at the box store when I was there. It didn’t take long to start – big pot of water, cut up the cabbage and add three cans of corned beef, add some seasonings and let cook, stir occasionally and let simmer at the end.

            ”You didn’t give us a phone number so we could call tomorrow,” Carol said. They were sitting at the table talking and asking questions again while I made supper.

            Dad and James drove in and unhooked the livestock trailer.

            ”I have to go back in town and pick up the co-ops portable pen for the vet to use tomorrow. It’s going to take a couple hours,” Dad said.

            ”It will take that long for supper to finish up,” I said.

            ”Are you up for an hour and a half of swimming?” I asked the group.

            ”James, you need to take a quick shower before getting in the pool – you stink like a cow,” I said to laughs.

            We carried the blankets and towels out for us to lay on and the bottles of lotion. I shucked my shorts and shirt as did my guests and dove into the pool. We were swimming laps when James came down and joined us. He had on his swim trunks – they were soon gone.

            An hour later we were on the blankets sunning. I oiled James’ front and he mine – including his now hard cock – to groans from the other girls and Bob (as I found out he liked to be called). James took plenty of time on my boobs and crotch to more groans.

            “You girls need to oil up unless you are waiting on James to do it for you,” I said.

            ‘‘If James does them, you have to do me,” Bob said. He may have been fourteen but he could think fast.

            There was a lively discussion between the girls. They decided not today until they had more time to think it over and talk about it.

            The girls were average C cups, healthy – not heavy, both were five seven and weighed one ten and one twenty. Bob was at least 160 and five ten and his cock was about seven inches long.

            When the hour was up, ”James, you need to take Bob to your room and fast showers – and I mean fast – then the girls and I will do the same so there are no unwanted questions by anyone. Come on guys, get with it. Dad will be home soon!”

            The girls and I went into my room. I threw an old blanket on the bed so it would not be saturated with oil. We talked while the boys showered.

            ”How did you get started shaving out in the country like this? We thought it was just a city thing,” Elsie said.

            ”It happens everywhere. For me it was a very small swimsuit that I can’t wear anywhere. I trimmed, liked the feel and then it was all gone,” I said.

            ”How about James, how long has he shaved and how long have you been doing the oil thing?” Carol asked.

            ”Yesterday was the first for both, all that hair takes up too much lotion. He caught me naked while sunning by the pool. The only way to make sure he didn’t tell Dad was to make him a partner in crime,” I said with a laugh.

            ”Would you shave us down there? We can’t do anything like that at Pop-pops – the bathroom is super small and we do not have anything to do it with and I’m sure they would never let us buy the stuff to do it with. Mom-mom and Pops watch us like hawks,” Elsie said.

            ”Dad’s going to an equipment auction in the next county the day after tomorrow. Maybe James and Bob will go with him and you could stay here,” I said.

            The boys were done and I sent the girls to shower, then I finished the cycle. We were in the kitchen when Dad came home. The meal was done; I got out the ice tea and he and James were ready to eat. Me, I had the last of the left-over spaghetti.

            I got Dad off to the side and asked if he was still going to the auction – he said he was.

            ”Can you take James and Bob with you so I can have some girl time with Elsie and Carol?” I asked.

            ”Sorry, but I already have a truck full,” he replied.

            ”OK,” was all I could say, even though I was disappointed.

            At 7 we were setting up the portable pen for the vet. After looking at it I knew what the function was. It was six gates that narrowed to two just the width of a cow. At the end of it was a big stanchion, basically two heavy metal gates that closed on the cow’s neck that were lever controlled. When they closed they locked – the cow was now trapped by the head.

            The vet could give shots, castrate, dehorn or in this case do artificial insemination. When finished the gates were opened and they were large enough for the cow to walk out. There were two bars that were slid through so the vet could not get kicked. The whole thing was fastened by driving big round stakes in the ground to hold it in place. I knew I was going to get sent to the house for this for sure.

            The vet was late; it was 9 when she arrived. Did I say she? Marie Sanger was thirtyish wearing jeans, a pair of black knee high boots that most old farmers wore and a baseball cap with her ponytail out the back.

            She walked to the fence and counted cows and looked at their general condition. She handed Dad a notebook with pictures of bulls and some of their offspring.

            ”I would chose a bull from the first ten pages for heifers, especially since you are growing them for beef. You want a bull that has a history of small solid calves with a good survival rate for the first six months. If you go with bigger bulls there may be birthing problems and you lose both about 20% of the time. I would recommend that we give them a shot of vitamins while we have them penned,” she said.

            ”How many did Jackson’s bull service?” she asked.

            ”Four of the three year olds. The heifer that he broke down was the first of the heifers.”

            Dad picked out ten from the book while she got everything ready.

            There were ten vials from the stainless tank that was very cold. Then ten long plastic hollow tubes with a little squeeze bulb on the top and ten disposable 10cc needles.

            ”Young lady, your job is to hand me the tube and the syringe when I ask for them,” she said.

            Dad was getting ready to say something and started to, but stopped.

            I guessed I was not going to be sent into the house after all.

            She sucked the contents of the vial into the plastic tube by first squeezing the bulb and filled the first syringe with a mix of vitamins. She and James herded the first victim into the stanchion as Dad controlled the gate and then James shoved the bars across.

            Wearing a long plastic glove that went to her shoulder, she squirted a glob of lube on it then – with James holding the tail off to the side – she shoved her arm up the rectum almost to her shoulder.

            ”Hand me the tube,” she said.

            I watched as she slid the tube into the cow’s vagina and squeezed the bulb again and with withdrew the tube and her crap covered hand at the same time. Peeling off the shoulder glove, she threw it on the ground.       

            ”Hand me the syringe,” she said then it was tossed over the fence and the cow let loose.

            ”Now that you have seen what I need, I want you to fill a new syringe with vitamins and a tube with serum. That way we can get this job over with quickly,” she said.

            She showed me how to get both ready, including a new shoulder glove and a regular latex glove for her other hand. Then the next cow was caught.

            I followed her instructions; sliding the plastic glove up to her shoulder and the regular glove on the other hand. In another thirty minutes we were done.

            ”You did well, if you are looking for a summer job I could use a helper,” she said.

            ”May be next year when I have a license,” I said.

            ”OK, I thought you were already sixteen, keep it in mind,” she said.

            We disassembled the pen so Dad could take it back. James and I cleaned up the trash. The vet was going to but Dad insisted that we could take care of it.

            Dad and James were gone for two hours. I was left to my own vices. I went to my room, retrieved the magazines from the hiding spot and looked at page after page of pictures. I studied every picture, every stretch and every facial expression.

            I came to the point that I could imagine if the girl was enjoying what she was doing when the picture was snapped – or not. Some were and others were not by the look on their faces and the eyes told the story for all. I decided that in a few they were in great discomfort and some in pain. Big toys and big dicks were the source of most discomforts.

            The girl on girl magazine was interesting; all of them were enjoying themselves from the smiles. I then realized that most of those pictures were staged for the camera and being a woman, if the partner was uncomfortable they changed to make it better. In the other magazine it came to me that the pictures were still shots taken while a porn movie was being made. I could see the cameras, lighting, and the crew in the shadows. These women were uncomfortable because these pictures were snapped while the action was going on. They were going to have to endure the pain until the director stopped it.      

            I saved the anal magazine for last because it had pages of articles with diagrams in it. It was more of a how to than anything like how to clean out and clean up any toys. There were articles about diet changes if anal was going to be part of normal play. Diets that needed to be heavy in fiber and drinks that helped reduce the UTI that was inevitable when sexually active, especially when anal was added to the mix. I would add both to the new grocery list, including fiber tablets just in case I wanted to experiment with James later.

            I remembered that when I was younger Mom had a drawer in her dresser that was always locked. I now wondered what if anything was in it and I remembered where she hid the key. I was watching through the slightly opened door when she was putting things away one day.

            I changed the sheets every week and knew that the room had not changed since Mom had died. Many of her things were still there where she left them. I guess Dad could not bring himself to throw them away.

            It would still be a while before they came home. I opened to door to Dad’s room and went to Mom’s dresser. I slowly began a drawer by drawer search – all the normal things were there: panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, even some lacy things. Other drawers held shorts, slacks, socks and tees. They had not been moved in five years.

            The bottom drawer was still locked. The key was still in the jewelry box. In it was baby doll pajamas, thongs, bras, crotch-less panties and bras that had holes for the nipples to be exposed.

            There were two boxes. In the first one I opened were padded handcuffs and bracelets along with clamps that I now knew were nipple clamps and other toys that I had seen in the pictures.

            In the other larger box were four dildos, from a small one and increasing in size until the big one was as big as or bigger than James. There was a harness like I had seen in the magazines and several battery powered toys. I was sure they would be no good if the batteries were left in them and they were. I was surprised when they ran a little as I turned them on.

            In that box was a packet of Polaroid pictures wrapped in plastic. I took a deep breath as I looked through them. It was Mom in the baby dolls doing all kinds of poses. There were some on her knees – naked – looking back at the photographer while smiling.

            Then there were the ones of her using the vibrators and dildos and several that took my breath. She was sucking Dad’s cock. It was every bit as large as James – maybe bigger – at various depths and one where her nose was against his shaved crotch. There was a mischievous look in her eyes and obvious pleasure. And then there were several of her wearing the strapon.

            Dad was on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back. Another showed his butt and the dildo slick with lube just starting into his anus. I placed those back as I had found them.

            I took a couple of the midsize dildos and one vibrator to my room and carefully put things back in the drawer, locked it and put the key away.

            Mom and Dad had a kinky streak and were obviously sexually imaginative, experimental and playful and now I knew where I got my traits from. I checked all the perfumes on Mom’s dresser and remembered the smells of Mom.

            Then I went into the bathroom. There was a double sink and a double vanity that I cleaned each week since she died. I had never gone through the medicine cabinet that was on her side. Today I did.

            There were lotions and birth control pills that were long out of date and certainly not trustworthy. Then there were several tubes of lubes: KY and Anal Ease, a tube of anal lube with a numbing agent. All the tubes were hard as a brick.

            There was a box of condoms, well out of date by the number codes. I noticed they were extra-large – either they were used on the big dildo or Dad. I knew where James got his size from. I wondered why condoms had an expiration date on them. Then I realized that latex deteriorated with age and simply fell apart when touched or stretched.

            There were girls at school who had become pregnant during the school year – the story was the condom broke. But I also heard there were things that could be done to condoms that caused them to break or not work.

            When I cleaned in here on Saturday I would clean out this side without asking. Then I had a thought; I would replace the lubes with new in case Dad found a women he wanted to bring here.

            I had hooked up the tractor to the offset bush hog and was cutting along the fence line when Dad and James came home. It would take me three hours to finish just the first big pasture. It was a hot boring job, but easy because the tractor was hydrostatic with a foot pedal.

            The bush hog was on a sliding frame running low to the ground. Simply pull past a fence post and hit the lever to extend it under the fence, back up until I touched the post then forward until I touched the next post, then retract the cutter. I had to do this two hundred times just in the first pasture.

The tractor had no cab so I had put on the small bikini bottom that I was not supposed to wear and a tee that as soon as I started came off so I was topless. I also had on my sunglasses.

            It was noon time when I spied Dad coming on the Gator. I was two thirds done on the first pasture. I knew it was Dad because of the hat. James hated hats unless it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey – as Dad liked to say.

            I shut off the tractor, stepped down off the tractor and walked to meet Dad.

            ”What are you doing like that?” he asked.

            ”I’m multitasking; cutting the fence line and working on my tan,” I said.

            ‘‘Somebody might see you,” he said.

            ”There is only me and the cows and I don’t think they are bothered,” I said

            ”I brought some cold lemonade, what if I had sent James?” he said.

            ”He would have to stop at the barn on the way back for a jerk off session. You know he does that several times a day,” I said.

            ”How do you know that?” he asked.

            ”He thinks he is slick but there are things that gives him away,” I said.

            ”I’ll say something to him,” he said.

            ”Don’t you dare. How many times did you do it when you were his age? It wasn’t that long ago. You haven’t forgotten have you?” I said with a grin.

            ”Ugh, OK,” he said.

            I poured the rest of the lemonade into my thermos and handed him the one he brought.

            ”Dad, before you go – would you do me a favor?” I asked.

            ”Sure, what do you need?” he replied.

            ”Would you put lotion on my back?” I said as I handed him the bottle.

            I had put him in a trap. He couldn’t say no or walk away. I leaned, arms extended and spread against the tractor tire.

            ”Do my sides too while you are at it,” I said.

            He applied the lotion almost like a feather, ”Dad, you have to rub it in a little,” I said. Then he applied a little more pressure.

            ”Ok, finished,” he said.

            ”You forgot to do my sides.”

            When he finished I took the bottle, ”Thank you Dad. You know I love you. I don’t think we have told each other that enough lately. I know you loved Mom immensely as we all did and I look a lot like Mom. But you should be able to say you love me. And I do love you,” I said.

            I finished the first pasture and moved to the smaller one; it was only going to take a little over an hour. Then I was going to lay out by the pool. I put the tee back on before I drove the tractor into the shed. When I rounded the building the dually truck was backed up in front of the door. James and Dad were removing all the farm materials from the back seat and floor.

            I used the shop-vac to start on the front removing months of dirt and dozens of screws and nuts. It took two bottles of Windex to clean the dirt off the dash and the windows and a box of q-tips to detail the vents.

            ”Dad, does this thing have a fresh air filter?” “Yeah it might, the parts store sent a box of stuff. I don’t know where they went. I never got around to sending them back. They are on the back bench.”

            I found the manual in the glove box that gave the location of the filter and how to get it out. It was a wonder there was any air in the cab at all. It was packed full and even had grass sprouting in it. By luck there was one in the parts box and it fit.

            With the cab interior done, we washed the outside with the pressure washer, then hand washed it. It looked like a new truck.

            ”Farmer Jackson said his grandkids are coming over tomorrow. Is that right?” Dad asked.

            ”Yes! They are coming over after you pick up Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. I will watch after them,” I said.

            ”What are you going to do with the boys?” he said.

            ”I think there will be talk about the vet and I’m sure they will be riding the Gators. I think Bob will take advantage of a little freedom from his grandpa’s watchful eyes. I think they are riding a very close watch on them. May be you can pick up why?” I said.

            James and Dad had leftover cabbage and I cooked a steak sandwich. After the dishes were in the dishwasher I went to my room to shower and shave things smooth again, then put on pajama bottoms with a tee shirt.

            I was on the couch with James – he on one end and me on the other – when Dad decided he was going to shower. When he came out he was wearing a pair of pajamas we had given him for Christmas several years ago.

            ”I’m going to bed,. I may be gone when you get up,” he said

            I rose off the couch, ”Good night Dad. I love you,” I said as I hugged him tight and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

            ”I love you both, good night,” he said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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