Chapters 5 and 6 posted today

Chapter 5

I was up at seven cooking Dad a decent breakfast before he left to pick up the Jacksons. As he was leaving I gave him a hug, ”I love you, please be careful,” I said. For the first time he hugged me back.

            James and I were in the process of letting the cows back into the pasture. They had eaten enough hay and it was time for grass, but only for a couple hours a day.

            We had just finished when Elsie, Carol and Bob came into the yard from the back lane.

            Bob and James went riding Gators around the farm.

            We girls talked quietly and decided to go to my room for girl talk. I learned about small town life. They lived in a town of five thousand where there was always something going on and trouble to get into. The girls had been in to some trouble.

            Carol had been in trouble – or rather trouble found her. There had been a stalker and threatening letters. It was the reason they were sent to Grandpa’s out in the middle nowhere. At first it was just to be for a couple of weeks; last night it was for the whole summer.

            ”You can come over any time for as long as you want. I can use someone to talk to other than cows and men,” I said.

            The conversation turned to boys and sex. Like me there had been no boys and no sex. Elsie had dated but that had turned out bad the first few times. The boys she dated were poor choices. They wanted the girls drunk or doped – or both – for obvious reasons.

            Elsie was smart enough to realize all the warnings given at the school’s Sex Ed classes and other rumors were serious. Twenty girls in the junior and senior classes at their school were rumored to have had abortions or were pregnant. Our hick school didn’t even give the state required Sex Ed classes.

            I read between the lines that the pressure to fit in was immense and that being part of the booze, drugs and sex parties was the only way.

            The conversation changed to the skinny dipping and the naked sunning at the pool. They wanted to know if I would shave them or let them use the stuff while they were here.

            ”I told you I would or you can use the stuff if you like,” I said.

            They wanted to know what it was like to feel and hold James’ cock and how I felt about it.

            I filled them in on the first time that we oiled each other and that we had masturbated each other while doing so.

            ”I was scared to death at first, then intrigued, then excited. It gave me a sense of power because I knew at that time he would have done anything I wanted. The orgasms were the strongest we had ever had,” I said.

            They asked if I had thought about doing more.

            ”Yes because I want to experiment – try things – and I know James won’t hurt me and I know he wants to try things to. I’m on the pill so I won’t get pregnant. Look around – it’s me, James and the cows. I know James won’t spread rumors about what we do. There is no intent on having his baby,” I said.

            ”I get to town twice maybe three times a month. I’m not going to do a five minute wham bang. We have all heard stories about them and there are no secrets in small towns,” I said.

            ”What about you three, what was the feeling about the skinny dipping and pool play? I know there had to be some discussion about it,” I said.

            ”We did talk and we are OK with it. Bob was envious that you two were so comfortable doing that and now so are we. The way you explained it makes sense,” they said.

            ”I am on the pill but Carol is not and we want to – as you say – experiment so that makes it tough. We haven’t done anything yet,” Elsie said.

            ”I may have a couple of answers for that since you are going to be here all summer. I’m going to town Saturday to shop at the big box when Dad makes the trip. The clinic is next door; I will see if I can get some pills and free condoms. The school nurse that set me up on the pill is on staff there so that is a possibility,” I said.

            ”I found some dildos and a strap on harness that were Mom’s so we can experiment with them too,” I said.

            ”Let’s go to my room and I will shave you and we can talk some more, then go lay out by the pool and decide how far we are going with James and Bob.

            I locked James’ bathroom door then I clipped and shaved both of them. Both of them had bigger clits that I did with the hair gone and both became aroused in the process.

            After I finished I showed them the dildos, vibrators and harness and we had another discussion.

            That’s when I told them that I had held back one bit of information about the first time at the pool.

            ”That night we did oral on each other. It was wonderful and satisfying and we plan to do a lot more of it,” I said.

            I had to explain it in detail and the difficulties with James’ size, how it felt and what cum tasted like.

            I asked if they were open to experimentation; what were their thoughts on girl on girl? They had friends that did it often so the suggestion was not a shock and was a possibility.

            We has spent long enough talking, so with towels, shorts and a cover up, blankets and lotion in hand we were laying out by the pool, oiled up and sunning when James and Bob returned. We were still talking about all the things that we might be interested in doing. I added a couple of things to my private list to pick up at the box store.    

            James brought a blanket – the ones we were on were full. There was a discussion about Carol and Elsie now being bare.

            Just to rattle the chains, ”James, why don’t you take Bob in the house and remove the birds nest so we are all the same here,” I said.

            ”No way is he touching me there with a razor. You can do it, you have experience around delicate body parts,” Bob said.

            The rest of us broke out into laughter.

            ”Come on girls lets go get the stuff. We can do it out here,” I said.

            A pan of hot water, clippers, cord, razors, towel and gel; we were ready. There were giggles and a lot of ribbing. The hot towel covering the jewels after the clippers were finished was a riot.

            Bob was excited as soon as I touched him. The cold gel caused it to shrivel for a couple minutes; that created another round of good natured ribbing. But it soon was back to full staff.

            I cleaned off the leftover gel and then checked for missed hair. There were only a few strands that were soon removed.

            While we were gathering the stuff I asked the girls if he should be rewarded for going along with us.

            ”We can give him a blow job, you two can start and I will finish him off unless you want to taste his cum,” I said.

            ”Think about it, when I finish I will ask you one or three. If you say three I will move out of the way and be the last. If he comes quickly don’t worry about, it he may not go soft at all or recover very fast,” I said.

            I looked at them, ”One or three,” I said.

            ”Three,” both said.

            I backed out of the way and Carol took my place and licked the pre-cum off the head.

            ”Lick it, slurp on it, get it wet, work your mouth up and down on it, cover your teeth with your lips an use your tongue around the knob. You have a gag reflex that we will talk later about how to overcome it,” I said.

            Bob was getting into it and so was Carol; she had her hand in her crotch, her fingers were busy.

            ”Carol you need to let Elsie have a turn,” I said.

            Carol backed away and Elsie took her place. It was already slick with slobber and Elsie went for it all. She coughed once at the reflex but the next time went all the way to the root and stayed there. Then she started a rhythm that went from the knob to the base.

            ”I’m going to cum,” Bob said loudly.

            Elsie jumped back and I took over and went to the base as Bob started spurting in my throat. I pulled off enough that I had plenty in my mouth. I showed the girls and swallowed. Then I licked the last few drops from the knob and sat back on my butt.

            James’ cock looked like it was ready to explode, the knob red and swollen with excitement.

            ”Girls, there is another one ready if you want to practice more,” I said.

            Within minutes James was in the throes of his orgasm. Elsie kept on sucking; she was trying to get his cock deeper in her throat but was not having any better success than I did. She gagged several times trying. Finally she just sucked him dry with shallow strokes.

            I was ready for more and pulled Bob over for his first pussy eating lesson. I pulled him over and attacked his mouth and tongue. Then I stuck my boob in his mouth and pulled his hand to the other one.

            “Squeeze, roll the nipple between your fingers – lightly pinch it. That’s it, a little harder. Don’t leave any marks on them,” I said.

            ”OK! That’s enough,” as I pushed him lower to my pussy. I was afraid there would be hickeys and that would be a no -no.

            ”Lick, use plenty of tongue action. If you don’t know that thing that looks like a little dick is my clit. It is extremely sensitive like the head of your cock only more so.”

            ”Spread the lips gently with your fingers. Notice there are two sets of lips; the larger outer one that are visible then a set of smaller ones. As I get excited they swell and get puffy and sensitive. They are the ones that will increase the pleasure of sex for both of us, pulling and stretching when your cock in there or if I play with toys. That is not going to happen today,” I said.

            By now I had an audience. Both girls were within inches of Bob’s head watching what he was doing. And James was staring down.

            ”That’s it, just like that. Add a little more pressure. OH Yes – a little faster. Slide your tongue in the hole a couple times, work it around the entrance. You’re going to make me cum soon. OH – OH yes. Gently suck my clit between your lips then work your tongue over it. Oh that feels so good,” I said.

            James hard-on was sticking straight out again. I reached for it and he followed it to my lips and into my mouth. I wasn’t a good position to do this but I finally was able to get part of it and stroke the rest.

            My hips started thrusting on their own, rising against Bob’s face. I was stroking James’ cock hard and fast. Just as he started to squirt I screamed! My whole body went rigid as I grabbed Bob’s head with my other hand, pulling it against my clit as hard as I could.

            I must have drifted away for a minute. Elsie was asking if I was OK. Everyone was smiling.

            ”WOW never had one like that before! I need to rest a minute,” I said.

            It only took a minute, “Carol lie here, Bob spread her legs and put your mouth to work again. Elsie you lie here, James you do the same – make her happy the same way.”

            I walked to the deep end of the pool and stepped in. I needed a quick cool down and rinse off. I swam to the steps and walked out. I poured myself a glass of lemonade, took a mouth-full and swished it several times before spitting it out by the fence. Then I downed the rest of the glass.

            I kneeled by Carol – she was on a short fuse so I started kneading both breasts and then rolled and pinched the nipples. She opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth. I bent over and kissed her with plenty of tongue play and continued working on her breast and nipples.

            She put her arms to hold my head, kissed me back just as hard and then screamed in my mouth as she came. Her legs went straight, she thrust her pelvis up and then collapsed, whimpering.

            James was still working on Elsie. He had her legs pushed back to take the pressure off his neck. From the verbals he was doing darn well. I did the same thing to her I did to Carol. Moments later the result was the same.

            ”We all need to get in the pool to cool off and get the sweat off, and then lay in the sun. What time is it? Anybody know? Wow! We have been going at this three hours,” I said.

            ”Let’s make some sandwiches and then we need to lay in the sun a couple hours and get dressed so we don’t get caught,” I said.

            A half an hour we were back sitting at the table and chairs by the pool eating.

            ”I know you don’t need to hear this but I am going to say it anyhow. Whatever you do, do NOT get touchy feely, even if you think you are being secretive around your grandparents. They will see you. They have the eyes of an eagle and you will get caught. Do not hold whispering conversations even fifty feet away. They have the ears of an elephant, they will hear you. I do not have to tell you what will happen to your and our summer if you get caught,” I said.

            ”Another thing I will say this to both of you – young men. That’s right, with what you have done today you are no longer boys -you are men and that carries some responsibilities,” I said.

            ”Elsie and I are on the pill and when WE get ready you can try to screw our brains out. But not before WE get ready so don’t even try to pressure us. That brings me to Carol.”

            ”Do not think you can jerk off on her pussy or put your hands on her pussy when the may be contaminated with sperm. Another thing for us girls – we cannot suck on her after swallowing a load without washing out our mouths. To protect ourselves, we must protect her,” I said.

            ”Dad has some combine parts that that are in and some more that will be in Friday. I’m going to tell him I need a few things from the big box store so maybe I can go with him. I want to get some more condoms and lubes. If this arrangement works out, I have some experimenting I want us to do,” I said.

            ”The health clinic is next door. I will try to get Carol some birth control pills there if I can and some other things. We just have to keep cool heads and not let things get out of hand for now,” I said. ”Now let’s tan.”

            We tanned for two hours. There was plenty of help applying lotions but no serious touchy feeling.

            At four there was a racket coming up the lane and a scramble putting on clothes and shoes. We went out to the yard to see what all the commotion was about.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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