Chapter 8

Chapter 8

            I showered, washed and dried my hair to use a little more time. I slipped on one of the new baby doll outfits I bought today and a cover up. I closed and locked my bathroom door from my side. James could unlock it and come in but it was a signal that I didn’t want to be bothered. I waited in the dark.

            No sooner had I done that when the light came on and the shower started. Five minutes later the shower ended and the light went off. James did not try the door.

            Dad’s door was shut so I knocked lightly before entering. He was sitting on the bed with a towel around him. Tonight there were two small night lights. I dropped the cover up in chair and started to remove the rest.

            ”No, let me,” he said as he rose.

            First was a hug with a kiss on my neck and then my lips – hard and forceful. And then there was the tip of his tongue against my lips.

            ”I hope you don’t mind the lights; I want to look at you,” he said as he lifted the frilly, lacy bra off. ”You are so beautiful.”

            His hands cupped my breasts and firmly squeezed them, finally rolling the nipples between his fingers. I was instantly wet. He kissed his way to them, sucking and then pulling on the nipples with his teeth.

            Dad went to his knees planting kisses along the way. With his fingers he pulled the panties down, then was kissing the top of my mound. I could hear him inhale the aroma of my desire. Then his tongue reached into the folds and found my clit. I started to open my legs a little for him, instead he leaned me back and picked me up. Then he placed me gently in the center of the bed on a double or triple thickness towel.

            Dad followed me onto the bed, lifted me and place a pillow under my butt and then started kissing me there again. First it was kisses, light licks, then long strokes from my anus to the top of my mound. Then his tongue was circling my hole where he was my first.

             Then the tongue hardened and penetrated – searching, tasting – then withdrawing and then back to the long licks. It stopped at my clit and played. A finger replaced his tongue at my hole then two and they were stroking, matching what his mouth was doing to my clit.

            I was moaning and whimpering, telling him of my need. He sucked hard on my clit between his teeth while his tongue attacked its tip. A third finger was added and I was off to the moon, telling him and the world I was cuming. He slowed and waited for me to come down. He was reading my body like a book.

            He withdrew the fingers and moved over me, kissing as he moved. I felt that plum at my entrance and pressure. He leaned down, ”Do you like to taste yourself?” he asked.

            I pulled his face to mine and kissed and then licked my juices from him. His fingers were back at my clit. The pressure increased and then several inches were in as my tightness gave way. A flip of his hips and several more inches followed and then strokes that slowly added more cock in me. Then his balls were against my ass – my clit mashed between us. He added circles when he was tight against me.

            I figured out the pillow – it allowed direct pressure to my clit and it changed the position of my cervix so I could easily take all of him. He was resting on his elbows on pillows that came from nowhere beside us.

            He had planned and wanted me as bad as I wanted him and to please me. The pillows under his elbows allowed him to play with and suck my breasts without the stress of extended arms.

            I realized he was playing my body, he was edging me and him. Taking us close then changing while allowing a cool down.

            I was moaning, whispering my pleasure and my desires, encouraging him, lifting my pussy to meet him and thrusting hard at him. I couldn’t hold off any longer; I came in a squeal. His mouth covered mine to muffle it. He was doing tight circles against my clit setting me on fire. I came and came then came some more and things went black.

            When I opened my eyes he was still in me, his cock throbbing with each heart beat as he kissed me.

            I pulled him to me and whispered words I would never say out loud and outside this room, ”Fuck me, please fuck me – pound me, cum in me, I want to feel it, make me yours again,” I said.

            He pushed my legs back and then he did – much harder and with more intensity than last night. The head board was banging the wall like a jackhammer; James was going to hear for sure. I would have to do something about that. He grunted once, twice and then the heat of his cum flooded my cervix. He lay on me, short of breath.

            I crossed my legs to hold him there, I quivered at each of the final pulses of his cum. I was full and could feel our fluids leaking past my ass onto the towels. Yes he had planned well. We were whispering sweet nothings about our feelings and our love. Yes we used those words with my arms around him. We were in no hurry to separate while enjoying the intimate contact.

            ”I see you have updated Mom’s medicine cabinet,” he said.

            ”Yes, may I call it mine now?” I said.

            The response was a kiss, ”You don’t need to ask,” he said.

            ”Some of my clothes are in the dresser. I will move more in a little at a time,” I said.

            ”What happens if you get pregnant from this?” he asked.

            ”Then we have a baby and a family,” I replied.

            ”I’m on the pill, have been for a while. So we can do lots of practice to get ready for that day. Would you like to make a child in me and milk in my breasts for you to suck out, see me with a big belly for you to rub?” I asked.

            The response was a kiss, ”We need more practice first and at least wait until you are out of school,” he said.

            ”With the internet now I can home school if we wanted to start sooner,” I said.

            ”Let’s wait a while and we will talk some more,” he said.

            I felt him throb and then slip out of my pussy. I felt so empty. He made no attempt to move even though I relaxed my legs some. We talked a while more then heard the TV turn on.

            ”I guess our secret is out,” I said as he started to move.

            I clamped my legs and tightened my arms to hold there.

            ”It’s confession time,” I said.

            ”James and I have been doing oral on each other for a couple weeks and with the Jacksons. It has gone no further than that – there has been no intercourse. Experimentation is with someone I trusted and loved.” I said

            ”There are things that I have read and heard about and have an interest in trying at least once and some of those require two cocks. I know that the two of you will never hurt me in trying those things. I hope you are open to sharing. If not, I am only for you,” I said.

            ”Your mother was a firm believer that anything that was tried in the bedroom should be tried at least three times. Once to see if it was possible, twice to see it was comfortable and a third time to see it was enjoyable. We went way past three and then quit counting on many, many things,” he said.

            ”I think she gave you her kinky genes. And we both liked to share from time to time with one rule. We always save the last orgasm for each other,” Dad said.

            ”I think that was a good rule,” I said as we kissed and held each other. Then I whispered a couple things in his ear.

            I opened the door and we walked into the living room naked holding hands. James was stroking while looking at the TV.

            ”I guess we woke you,” I said.

            I startled him as we walked to the couch. I went down on my knees and moved his hands, replacing them with mine and my lips. Dad was behind me on his knees rubbing his stiffing cock against my pussy. When it was hard enough he pushed it all in me hard.

            I had just lined it up to take some of James in my throat. Dad’s hard thrust and all of James was down my throat with my nose against him. It startled the hell out of me but thrilled me that I had been able to do it. I pushed back so I could breathe. Dad took the push back the wrong way and got aggressive.

            In this position the big cock was wreaking havoc on my new found G spot. James’ cock was being shoved into my throat and I pushed back allowing me to breath only to be pushed back deep again.

            A few minutes later James announced he was about to cum with Dad joining in. I couldn’t say anything other than to squeeze his cock repeatedly as tight as I could with my pussy muscles.

            Seconds later James erupted in my throat, Dad in my pussy and me with both of them.

            I was sitting on the floor with Dad’s arms around me and our cum leaking on it, James looking at us.

            ”James, nothing changes between us – this has to be our secret and no one else’s,” I said.

            ”When did this start?” he asked.

            ”Yesterday,” I said.

            ”Do you agree, do you understand? There will be time for all of us to be together,” I said.

            ”Yes – of course, it was just unexpected. I’m going back to bed; we have a lot to talk about. By the way, you need to fix the bed – it is noisy,” he said.

            I slept in Dad’s arms; it seems we both like to snuggle or maybe it was the warm body heat.

            We were both up early and showered together. There were kisses and hugs and I love you. I dressed from the clothes I had placed in Moms dresser.

            Breakfast was coming off the stove when James came down. The conversation was about the work today at the Jackson’s.

            ”Can the Jackson’s come over to sunbathe in the afternoon if we get everything done?” I asked. James looked and nodded.

            ”Sure, for a couple hours. And we will also have time look over those things you wanted me to from the office,” Dad said.

            There was no need to be coy any more. I hugged him tight, kissed his neck and then on the lips. He returned them, ”I love you,” we each said. James looked and then smiled.

            At 730 I drove the Pete into the Jackson’s yard and around to his grain bins. Dad drove the six wheeler. Dad worked the controls and got the grain flowing into the trailer and showed me how to shut it all down if there was a problem or when the truck was loaded.

            I was back from the mill by ten with a check for the load for Mr. Jackson. I had parked the Pete in our yard and Elsie picked me up. Elsie and Carol rode with me in the six wheeler. I dropped them off at the house and gave the check to Mr. Jackson. They were going to come over in the Gator in an hour.

            I put the papers on the table that I had saved when I cleaned out the desk. There were three life insurance policies on Mom – one included insurance on James and me – plus the checkbook and the key to the safety deposit box.

            Then I started on Dad’s desk, stacking bills and statements by vendor. There was a year’s worth of bank statements unopened. I opened the file cabinets looking for an empty drawer and found none. Just more clutter by the year.

            For now the thing to do was to get a new file cabinet and start from this year. I started a list for the office place.

            I heard the Jackson Gator pull up with Carol and Elsie. They came in excited as usual. It didn’t take much to make them happy –here there was no big town pressure and the freedom to ride the yard and the fields. Plus, that there was a pool and a free spirit like them was more than enough.

            We carried the blankets out with lotion and drinks. We oiled up, rested in the sun and turned every 30 minutes. We talked a lot about a lot of things.

            Carol was to start her period in the next few days and was safe but condoms would be double protection. Both were ready – the oral sex had lit the fire and itch between their legs. After my first time with James I knew there was no way I wanted to stop. I knew we would have been screwing our brains out after the first time we crossed that line.

            ”You have three options; two you already know about and have seen. James with the big cock and Bob with the average cock and hope that they can both be trusted to go easy the first time and not be over-eager,” I said.

            ”What’s the third?” Elsie asked.

            ”Come with me,” I said.

            In my room under my bed in a box I pulled out the strap-on, the two dildos and the vibrator and placed them on my bed. One dildo was a six and half; the other was a seven and a half and larger in diameter. I had washed both of them thoroughly before I placed them in the box.

            I snapped the six and a half on the harness and put it on. It took a few seconds to get it into place and the straps tightened as tight as I could pull them.

            I put a couple of the free condoms and the tube of KY on the bed along with a couple towels.

            ”You know what oral feels like, you know what we taste like and I think we know what we like,” I said.

            I put Elsie on the edge of the bed and started kissing her and waved Carol to help me get her excited. We played with her boobs and sucked them. I kissed and played with her tongue. I knew what it did for me and hoped it would do the same for her.

            I had my fingers working on her clit. She was wet. I went to my knees to lick and suck her pussy. While I did that I opened the condom and rolled it onto the dildo. I had been debating how to do this. In the magazine a lot were on their hands and knees, getting it from behind. Others were on sofas or couches with their legs spread – a few had their legs in the air.

            I decided the best was to have Carol on her back with Elsie’s pussy over her face and do Elsie from the rear. Hopefully both would finds something for their mouths to do.

            I repositioned them how I wanted them. Because of the short bed Carol was toward the head board enough to have her bent and spread. I told Elsie to play with Carol’s pussy and Carol to play with Elsie’s.

            I squirted lube on the condom and spread it around and along the length. A small dab on my fingers I spread in and around her hole. I moved into position and started the dildo in.

            Three minutes later I was stroking but not good at it. Elsie on the other hand was loving it. ”I’m going to cum,” she said. I stroked faster to help her along.

            I was ready for a quick change. With Elsie on the bed and her legs pulled back, I positioned myself like Dad had done with me. I stroked and then added deep circles with the strokes, increasing the pressure on her clit and mine. I was having results; she was puffing and panting with little squeaks and groans.

            I sensed she was close to cuming from her actions the other day. I went deep and held then did multiple circles. Then I put all my effort into pounding our pussy’s together. It was almost a whisper, ”I’m cuming, fuck me, fuck me.” Then “Ohh God.”

            Her legs started tremble and shake and then started to go ridged so I let them down. She pulled me to her and attacked my mouth as I continued to fuck her and grind on her. She came one more time hard. Her arms flopped down, she stopped kissing; she had passed out.

            I pulled off her watching and waiting. Carol was looking at me. Slowly Elsie came around.

            ”OK girl. How was it? The room wants to know. Good enough to want to do it again or never again,” I said.

            ”Again with the bigger one – but tomorrow. Then I want James,” she said.

            Carol’s eyes were wide and she was smiling. She handed me a new condom and the lube. We repeated the process. Elsie was quiet then slowly got noisy. Carol was totally different; very vocal from the beginning, more ‘give me more, Oh god it feels so good, harder, fuck me’, whimpering and moaning with each stroke. She was getting louder with each one.

            Carol’s body became involved before the dildo was half inserted. She place her hands on my hips – I thought to slow the insertion, instead she cupped my ass, thrust her hips and yanked at the same time. For a while I was along for the ride.

            She came once, ”Don’t stop keep going,” as she came a second time. I pushed her legs back and pounded our groins and body parts slapping together. She went suddenly quiet, her body started shaking, she tried to say something but nothing came out. Her eyes went all white and she collapsed.

            I pulled out – there was a gush of fluids. I should have used more towels I thought. She was still breathing and she slowly came around. By then I had removed the strapon and the dildo from it. The condoms and wrappers were wrapped in tissue and in my trash can.

            Elsie was sitting beside her on the bed touching. I asked the same question again.

            ”Yes. Tomorrow the bigger one and I want James too. Do you think he can do both of us?” Carol asked.

            ”Go get in the shower and wash the sex smell away before anyone comes home. I will put things away and bring in the blankets and towels. You do know the two of you can shower together to speed things up. Then we will have a long talk if you like,” I said.

            The toys went back into the box. At the pool I dove in, made two laps and then dried off. I had everything back in the house and was back in a sports bra and shorts when they came down.

            We talked quietly about today’s experience with the dildo and the strap-on. I admitted it was a new experience for me as well as them.

            Both volunteered to correct that the next time we could get time together.

            Everything was normal as Dad, James and Bob came home.

            The girls, Bob and James played with the TV while Dad and I went to the office while supper cooked.

            As soon as we stepped into the office I pulled him to me and kissed.

            “I am so horny!” as I stroked his cock through his pants. “But I will wait for later,” as I kissed him again.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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