Chapter 10

I showered first and shaved everything. I wanted to be smooth for whoever I ended up with tomorrow or both. I needed to remember to have the girls do the same thing and James also. He should have stubble by now.

            James went to bed. I followed a couple minutes later. ”James, shave it smooth when you shower. If there is stubble there will be no pussy for you tomorrow,” I said.

            Dad was just stepping into the shower when I returned. I found two pillows, folded them double and stuffed them between the headboard post and the wall. I turned down the lights and slid naked under the covers.

            What followed could only be called love. Slow and gentle, plenty of open mouth tongue and kissing, then plenty of oral sex. I got off twice from his fingers and tongue.

            I sucked him off once. I still couldn’t deep throat him but I did get further than before – a lot further. I decided I needed to practice on James a few more times. I knew if I forced it, I could take him all the way.

            He took me every way we had done so far. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, doggy (that took me over the top every time) and legs back with a full pounding. I was thankful I had put triple towels on the bed and one rolled up to catch the spillage when I stood up. I showered again and used the wand to wash me out. I had quickly learned there would be no polecat odor in the morning if I did.

            Twelve hour old cum stinks and cold cum does not taste good; also it is tough going down. If I was going to swallow it I wanted it fresh and hot. It was an early lesson.

            Breakfast was late today. With it raining there was no rush. James and Dad fed the cows. Dad left to take Amos and his wife to the hospital to get tested and x-rays. Then they would go to the specialist; they would be gone into the afternoon. I asked Dad to please call before they came home.

            An hour later James carried Bob to our bathroom to get rid of stubble while the girls and I got the bedroom ready. That included heavy blankets on the floor and bed and plenty of towels for drippy pussy. Condoms and lube were placed on the nightstand.

            With the boys done I went in with the girls to make them smooth. We were out in a few minutes.

            Both were standing while lightly stroking their hard cocks. What a waste – they will both cum before the fun even gets started.

            “What’s the plan here?” I asked the girls. “Do you want to watch one couple at a time voyeur style or just have at it – anything goes? If we do anything goes this will be over in an hour. If we watch one couple and the rest of us edge and help by touch and feel, we can make the fun last most of the day,” I said.

            ”Let’s do it that way, can you go first? So we can see and get some ideas,” Carol asked.

            “OK, come here Bob, you start by making me want you in a sexual way,” I said. He didn’t move so I did.

            I took his head in my hands and kissed him. Then I kissed him again, rubbing my tongue against his lips. As I added pressure he got the message. He put his arms around me and mashed my boobs into his chest. I moaned to let him know he on the right track.

            I reached between us and rubbed his bone hard cock. I took his hands and placed them on my breast. ”Squeeze them, roll the nipples between your fingers and pull on them lightly.”

            A few minutes later I went to my knees and I sucked him off. Stroked as he was, it only took thirty seconds as I thought it would.

            I got up on the bed and pulled him to me and my nipples, ”Suck them lightly, bite and pull on them with your teeth,” I said.

            I let him work on them until they were getting red and sore. Then I pushed him down to my pussy. I let him lick and tongue my pussy hole and clit. I spread my legs wide and gave him the come hither finger, expecting him to be fully recovered by now.

            He was – I guided his cock to my entrance as nature took over. He was anxious as I expected he would be. Once the head started in he shoved it to the balls and started a jackrabbit fucking.

            ”Whoa, stop, wait,” I said.

            ”I’m not ready for you to go that fast yet. Start off with slow, short easy strokes and then add longer strokes. Push against my clit while doing little circles with pressure against my clit. I know you want to cum but so do I and it takes a women longer to get there,” I said.

            ”You have to work to make that happen. I want to be happy and if you don’t make me happy, I may not want you between my legs again,” I said.

            ”The worst thing you can do is to stick your dick in me, cum and leave me hanging. That is treating me like a cheap street whore. You’ll never get between my legs again if you do that. If you cum first and can’t stay hard – you get down there, play with me and suck me off,” I said.

            ”Now start over and think about me first – you last and we both be happy at the end,” I said.

            Bob took my instructions to heart. He made me cum twice. After my first orgasm he came in me. He didn’t go soft, just slowed down for a minute. For the second one I pulled my legs back and looped my arms through them. I told him to go fast now, pound like there was no tomorrow.

             He did and I came in a massive orgasm, trembling and shaking but holding on until he finished.

            ”Don’t pull out yet. Somebody hand me a towel. Ok, pull out and back,” I said as I put the towel there and closed my legs before I rolled to the side and stood.

            ”Elsie, you and James are next. Did you learn anything while listening and watching?” I asked.

            ”I think so. There is a lot more involved in this than I thought,” James replied.

            ”Put it to use; make Elsie happy, ”I said.

            ”Elsie, the reason I sucked him off was to make Bob last longer before we got on the bed. You should consider doing that with James. After watching, I am sure he is on a short fuse,” I said.

            I was sitting on the floor on a doubled up towel with Carol between my legs. We were both watching James. Bob was sitting beside us still soft. I had both hands cupping her breasts, massaging then playing with the nipples.

            We watched as James played with Elsie’s breasts and then she needed to start sucking on his cock as I had suggested. She tried to deep throat but couldn’t overcome the gag reflex. All in time, I thought.

            With Elsie on the bed – legs spread – I gave James some more advice. ”James, take your time, you are big – she is tight, work it in slowly while giving her time to adjust to the size,” I said.

            James sucked her breasts and she pushed him to her pussy. She came loudly on his tongue. He mounted her slowly – it took forever, it seemed – until he was fully seated in her pussy. He began slow strokes withdrawing more and then adding more to the stroke.

            James was moving his hips circling working on her clit at the bottom of the stroke. Elsie came again. She copied my move and pulled back her legs. James followed her torso into position and began an aggressive pounding to her delight, announcing her pleasure to us.

            James slowed to a stop as her legs came to rest on the bed. I tossed him a towel for her pussy.

            I whispered into Carol’s ear, ‘‘Do you want James or Bob?” I asked.

            ”Can I have both – Bob first?” she said.

            ”That would give James time to rejuvenate,” I said.

            I reached out to grasp Bob’s now hard cock to get his attention.

”Bob, Carol wants you to be her first and then James. Do you have any problems treating her like a lady and making her a woman?” I said.

            ”None at all, I would make it our pleasure,” he said.

            I handed him a condom. “You have to use this on her; we are taking no chances,” I said.

            ”Ok,” he said.

            Elsie and James were sitting on the floor beside me watching. I watched James’ cock throb as it was slowly growing. I wondered how many times he could get it up in a day – how many times he could cum. He had already done three. But then Bob had come three times with me.

            We listened as Carol was vocal again and climbing from the oral Bob was giving her. Bob started on the bed, opened and placed the condom on his cock then slowly began working his cock in. He remembered well and soon we were listening to Carol reaching another high.

            Bob never quit moving as she was returning to earth. He must have liked the legs back position because he pushed her legs back and held them there with his shoulders and pounded her, shaking the bed. A few minutes later both were in the throes of another orgasm.

            We waited while she recovered. We decided to take a break before continuing and get something to drink. We had been going at it over three hours.

            Carol wanted James and once that was done we were finished for today – I thought. I wanted James myself but that could wait.

            With shorts for the men, tee shirts and towels for us girls to sit on, we went to the kitchen for tea and lemonade. We talked about the experiences in the bedroom. With tents rising in the shorts, it was time to go back.

            I sent the boys to James’ bedroom to take a quick shower. Licking fresh pussy juice is ok but dried or drying pussy – not so much. I took the girls into my new bedroom; all of us stepped into the shower at the same time.

            Once the temperature was adjusted I took the wand and adjusted it to the temperature and flow I liked and they watched me flush out my pussy. I handed the wand to Elsie; after a few strokes she then passed it to Carol.

            ”Where can we get one of those? I like that,” Elsie said.

            ”We are not using it for its advertised use. It is to clean out your butt for anal sex on most sites but there are a few that sell it for vaginal cleaning. I like it and use it every shower and after play. No more stinky pussy,” I said.

            “Do you have your own bathroom at the Jackson’s or do you share?” I asked.

            ”We have to share,” Elsie said.

            We went back to my bedroom – the guys were already waiting. I changed the sheet to one that was not juice or cum spotted.

            I handed James the condom. He laid it on the bed then started kissing – first her mouth and the side of her neck. He was fondling her breasts followed by suction and nibbles.

            She pushed James down. He was kissing her body as he went. Her hips thrust up to meet his mouth. Carol grabbed his head and she closed her legs around his head. I wondered if he was able to breathe. At that moment she groaned and her legs went wide, ”I’m cuming,” and then with a deep sigh she went limp.

            I handed James the condom and lube. Carol watched as he rolled the condom all the way to his crotch and lubed it. She stuck out her hand, ”Put a dab on my fingers,” she said.

            She reached to James and pulled him to her between spread legs. With his cock in hand she guided him in, ”That’s it, right there.” James pushed and gained a little and then tried again.

            ”It’s not going, it’s too big or I am too tight,” Carol said.

            ”It will go. Just relax – you’re too tense,” I said.

            I stood beside the bed and rubbed and played with her clit, “James as you feel it start in ease off on the pressure. You need to make a nice smooth easy entrance.”

            ”Ah – ah it’s going in, stop, wait. OK, more and then wait,” Carol said.

            ”Little strokes and advance a little James,” I said.

            ”Ok, it feels a lot better – try for all of it,” Carol said.

            James began working her with a mix of short and long strokes, adding circles against her clit. Carol was struggling with some of it. I could see the changes in her facial expression. Then I realized what was happening. James was hitting her cervix at times, causing her discomfort.

            ”James, stop a minute. Lift her butt up off the bed,” I said as I slid a thick pillow under her.

            ”Ok! Start off easy again. That should be better,” I said.

            I could tell it was better as the tempo of her vocals increased as well as her body actions. James – having cum so many times today – was an endurance machine. He kept fucking her with hard strokes, short strokes and grinding on her.

             Then he switched, pounding her first with her legs spread and then with them on his shoulders, finally with them pulled back under her arms – a very difficult position for many women. Carol seemed to be in a continuous state of orgasm, but that position gave her the final screaming climax of the day.

             I would liked to have gone one more time trying one of the things I had read about in the anal magazine, but the men were done. Bob’s cock had not responded even after Carol’s vocal outburst of pleasures and I was sure James was no better off.

            They had completed every schoolboy’s fantasy – multiple willing girls – multiple times – in a single day.

            It was time to clean up. There were at least two loads of wash to do -one of bedding and one of towels – and we all needed showers one more time.

            I sent the boys to shower in James’ bathroom and I and the girls to Dad’s so we could use the wand. When finished I opened the dresser and gave them shorts and a tee shirts to lounge in until they needed to go home. There were looks but they didn’t say anything as my clothes came from my dresser in Dad’s room.

            Dad called from town asking if we needed anything as he was leaving town. I made my bed for the third time in two days even though I had not slept in it. The girls and boys were napping off and on in front of the TV. I was folding the last load of towels when Dad came home.

            As Dad walked in I saw him wrinkle his nose as he sniffed. I just smiled and winked. I followed him into the office. He had picked up the mail. We went through it together. There were checks for the grain we had sold that I would deposit tomorrow along with the other checks we had found.

            ”How did the day go?” Dad asked.

            ”There are no virgins left in the house today,” I replied.

            ”Only one problem; I came up on the short stick again. Three horny girls are just too much for two studs even young ones. Next time it has to be three and three,” I said.

            ‘‘You’re saying you want an experienced stud the next time you plan an orgy,” Dad said.

            ”Yes! And that is you, ” I said.

            ”I will take care of your needs tonight, the orgy can wait,” he said as we melted into each other’s arms.

            The Jackson girls changed back into their clothes and then Skyped with their Mom. Shortly after that they went home after asking if they could come back tomorrow.

            ”Mary is going to town in the morning, ask Grandma if you can go along,” Dad said.

            ”OK, we will. Thanks!” Elsie said.                          

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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