Chapter 9

We started looking at the pile from Mom’s desk. I called the bank about the checking account. There was money in it, a joint account in both their names. No checks had been written on the account since Mom’s death.

            ”Dad, can we transfer the money to a new account? Call it ‘Grant Farms Household Account’ with you and me as signees,” I said.

            ”Sounds like a good idea,” he said.

            The bank agreed to fill out all the papers and we had an appointment tomorrow at nine to sign them. The next item was the insurance policies – by luck the agent was in the office. After an hour we found out the policies were still being paid from Dad’s farm account. Five years after Mom’s death, Dad was still paying life insurance on her.

            Two of them were on Mom – life insurance policies, fifty thousand each. Dad had neglected to inform them of Mom’s death. Another job for tomorrow; get copies of the death certificate, carry them to the agent and fill out the paperwork.

            The third policy was a family policy with all four of us listed. Again money was owed to us on Mom’s death and more paperwork tomorrow.

            I wondered how many more things were being deducted and Dad did not know or understand about them; I had plenty to do. It was a good thing the weather was going to give us a couple days of rain.          

                        The girls Skyped with their Mom while I worked sorting papers. Then they left to go home to help Gram-maw with housework. Dad and James went to look after the livestock. I started homemade pizza for supper. While the dough was rising I stripped my bed and put the things in the washer and then remade it with clean bedding. I carried more clothes to my dresser in Dad’s room.

            I did a serious look at Mom’s jewelry box. There were several separate bags marked in Mom’s writing with ‘My mothers’, ‘My grandmothers’, ‘Sherman’s mother’ in the bottom after the tray was lifted out. All of hers were loose in the top tray. I closed the lid until after supper go through all of. It needed to be appraised so we could insure it and put them in the safety deposit box.

            I rolled out the pizza dough and added the combination of sauce that we liked. I put the rest of the dough in the freezer. I usually made enough to make four pizzas but only cooked one at a time.

            It would take twenty minutes to cook. I rang the dinner bell and yelled ”Twenty minutes,” and then I set the table.

            The conversation was guarded. James was hunting for something that he couldn’t put in to words or was afraid to in front of Dad. Dad didn’t recognize it or did not let on that he did.

            Dad and James were talking about something in the shop. When James excused himself to go the bathroom Dad said, ”I’ll go to the shop and get the manual.” James was quickly back.

            ”James, remember what I said about not rushing us girls,” I said.

            ”Yes I remember and you said last night nothing had changed,” he said.

            ”Nothing then and now something has changed. Save your energy. In two days you may be able to screw the brains out of two girls. They will be insatiable and will both want you more than once. We will let you know when so don’t ask. No pressure,” I said.

            Dad was back with the books on the mix mill he bought.

            ”Mary, in the next few days can you see if you can find what protein levels we need to be shooting for with the cattle, hog and chicken feed and what we need for ingredients that we don’t have?” Dad requested.

            ”One of the agriculture universities or the Department of Agriculture should have it on-line,” I said.

            ”I have been thinking about your suggestion that we add some hogs and chickens to the farm,” he said.

            I went into the bedroom and started putting the basket of my clothes away. I decided to shower while I was in there, then I decided to try on the party dresses of Mom’s that I had kept.

            First was the micro-mini black leather dress. I had to struggle but was able to get in it by pulling it over my head. It was tight; a perfect fit in the waist and butt. With the upper straps on my shoulders I was able to wiggle and shift my D cups into the boob supports made in it.

            The front ‘V’ ended a couple inches above my belly button; there was plenty of cleavage showing. The back ‘V’ ended mid back. The hem was just two and a half inches below the crotch. I could bend my finger at the hem and rub my clit and I was sure plenty of cheek was visible. This was a dress that telegraphed ‘come fuck me’ and it didn’t need to come off to do it. Simply lift the front up and spread or bend over for rear access.

            I quickly brushed my hair and put on a set of pearls from the jewelry box. I turned out the lights. I pulled the dress down as much as I could and went out to the living room. Dad had his back to me. James was staring.

            ”Care for a drink and a dance with me lover, or would you rather coffee tea and me,” I said.

            Dad looked at me – at my breasts first then up to my smile and finally down to the hem and back up. He reached out to my knee and slid his hand up against my pussy which I knew had to be wet. He placed a kiss on my bare cleavage.

            “She wore that same dress to a party and we both had one too many. When we got home she took down my pants, set me in a chair and straddled me. We made love for over an hour while looking in each other’s eyes and slowly moving.”

            ”I am in so much trouble tonight,” Dad said with a grin.

            ”Put some pillows between the headboard and the wall. I would like to get some sleep tonight,” James said but he was smiling.

            I put on the other dress that was a multi-piece with a jacket. There were two tops. One top was a soft leather bra that had great support – even for my D’s. It was cut wide to expose lots of cleavage. Mom must have had small areolas for this top to cover them – or maybe the jacket was to do that.

            The other bra was also soft leather but a full bra with holes for the nipples to be exposed. I had large dark areola topped with hard pointed fat nipples. From the pictures I had seen in James’ magazines, somebody with a nipple fetish would have been in heaven. Nipple piercings, stretchers and shields would all be easy play on me.

            The dress was longer but slit up the sides; it was another CFM party dress; so were the others. I could get into all of them. I decided to keep them, realizing I needed to be more aware of what I was eating.

            I looked at the Amazon adult section for toys. I didn’t know they had that many pages. I started an account in my name and my debit card number. I picked out several anal toys I thought could be fun and a couple more dildos.

            One of the pictures stood out to me. We had one of those – it was attached to the showerhead in our bedroom. It was a long flexible hose with a long nozzle at the end of it and several valves on it. It was a modern version of the enema bag. I couldn’t imagine pooping that mess out in the shower to clean up. But with the long hose, I could sit on the flush and use it.

            But then, I could use it to rinse out my pussy after sex and my rectum – if I really liked anal.

            I was naked under a tee shirt as I finished putting the papers together for tomorrow. I finished the sorting of more papers. Dad came in behind me, cupped both breasts and massaged them.

            ”It’s time for bed my love,” he said.

            A turn and we were kissing, ”Yes I know, I have been waiting on you,” I said.

            Dad and I played for two hours. After cuming on his tongue and he once in at the entrance to my throat, he and I made love with me sitting on his lap facing each other. It allowed both of our hands to be free to play and we did. We finished out his third and my fourth orgasm with him pounding me from the rear – ‘doggy style’ he called it.

            My head was on the carpet resting in my folded arms, my knees on pillows for the right height. Dad’s big cock was driving my G spot crazy. It during this play that his thumb lubricated with our juices was pushed and popped into my ass, causing my final cum for the evening as he was moving that thumb in and out of my anus. He came moments later.

            We showered together again and he showed me how to adjust the hose and nozzle to flush out my gaping pussy.

            It was lightly raining when we got up and it was supposed to continue for three days. There would be no farm work for those three days and several days after. As soon as the wheat dried we would be going hell bent. We had eight hundred acres of our own wheat to cut and three hundred for Amos Jackson and then all of it needed to be planted in late beans.

            I dressed in the best clothes I had and did my hair up. Dad and I placed all the jewelry that was under the tray in Dad’s case. He and I looked through Mom’s jewelry on the tray. He took Mom’s wedding ring and placed it on my finger.

            ”I am not surprised that it fits; you could be her twin,” Dad said.

            I started to take the ring off.

            ”Keep it on, wear it for today,” Dad said.

            At nine we were in the bank signing papers. Then we opened the safety deposit box. In there were deeds to the farms and titles to the trucks, our birth certificates and more unidentified jewelry. I placed all the jewelry that had been in the jewelry box except Mom’s in the bank box, then closed and locked the door. I could now get in it with my signature.

            Then it was to the county building to get official death certificates and then to insurance agent. It took ten minutes in the county building and two hours at the agents.

            We did lunch at the town restaurant. There was a little wait so Dad signed us in on the list. We waited in the lobby with other guests. I knew several of the other waiting people by their faces; they were juniors in school. With me being a sophomore we didn’t associate and I didn’t know them by name.

            They had followed us in, they were there with their parents. I knew they didn’t know Dad. There were three groups of them. The teenagers were staring at the wedding ring on my finger.

            ”The table for Mr. and Misses Grant is ready,” the speaker said.

            We stood, Dad took my hand in an affectionate way and we walked in. At the table – instead of sitting opposite – Dad pulled his chair next to mine and we held hands while sharing a menu. I was puzzled with what Dad was doing but I was going along with it.

            Dad and my Mother had married before they graduated school. I was born the following January and James in December; they were both eighteen at the time.

            Dad was thirty four – soon to be thirty five – and looked young. I had looked with the new computer – just out of curiosity – about voluntary incest laws in this slow backwards state. There were none – yet – but they were trying. The age of consent for marriage was fifteen. For the time being we could be married if we chose and also chose to ignore the stigma and social issues. Criminal forced incest was something totally different.

            I could drink wine but not beer or liquor. Dad ordered each of us a glass. We quietly talked about a lot things – that for some reason – we didn’t seem to have time to do at home.

            ”You said you could home school next year. Were you serious about doing that?” he asked.

            ”Yes! Have you changed your mind about a little one?” I asked.

            ”Yes and no, to be honest I am not against us having a child but I would like to wait another year. You know I love you more than ever,” he said.

            ”I feel the same way and it is growing,” I said.

            ”Mr. Jackson’s health problem is worse than they first thought so recovery is going to take a lot longer. He may not be able do his fall harvest or help us. He is feeling terrible about it,” he said.

            ”If you and James could both home school and hold your classes in the morning, then had the afternoons off, I think we could handle the problem,” he said.

            ”What about the Jackson grandkids. I think Elsie and Carol would like to stay and help. I know they are doing more and more over there,” I said.

            Our food was delivered and we ate quietly. I was thinking about a lot of things and the changes coming my way.           

            The office store wrapped the file cabinet I wanted in plastic to keep it dry. Everything else – all the file folders and such – went into the back seat.

            On the way home my cell phone rang; it was one of my friends from school.

            ”I hear you were in a restaurant today with a hunk wearing a wedding ring. Have you gotten married?” she asked.

            ”It was a great meal with the man I love,” I said. I had answered but I hadn’t.

            Like it or not, the rumors were going to start.

            James and Dad helped move things around in the office as I began the work of putting things together.

            Elsie, Carol and Bob came over at three in the Gator with the enclosed cab on it. Dad whispered to me that he was going over to see Amos while the grandkids were over here.

            The girls and I went to my bedroom and locked the doors. I pulled out the box with the strapon and the big dildo, stepping into it and pulling the straps tight.

            ”I think we need to do a little warm up to get you ready. Who wants to go first?” I asked.

            ”Elsie first and we want to do it just like we did yesterday; one over the other. That was real nice,” Carol answered.

            We did all the things that would excite Elsie, starting with kissing. We took turns including sucking on her breasts and fingering. While they were getting into position I placed a condom on the dildo and lubed it. As I closed my hand around it to spread the lube, I realized that it may not have looked that much bigger but it actually was a lot bigger.

            I positioned the dildo at the mouth of Elsie’s pussy and slowly pushed, spreading the lips. Carol was underneath licking at her clit as Elsie was doing hers. I could tell by the pressure and the bow in the dildo Elsie was not loosening up very much. I backed off and added more lube to it and her pussy and then tried again.

            With both hands at her waist I pulled – adding pressure – and watched the dildo bow more and then slowly straighten out as it stretched her and penetrated. Elsie yelped and arched her back a little as the dildo forced its way in. A third of the dildo was in. I pulled back a little and then pushed back in several times.

            Then I started adding more stroke to gain depth. Elsie had relaxed and I was bottoming against her pussy. I increased the force I was using, causing her to sway. I used my hands on her hips to pull her back against me.

            With her loosened up I reached forward, took her breasts in my hands and massaged then pulled on them and pinched the nipples. Moans and whimpers were louder, her breathing heaver and more rapid.

            ”She is leaking like a sieve; a steady flow,” Carol said.

            Her anus was tightening and releasing – something I had not noticed before. ‘I wonder,’ I thought.

            I reached for the tube of lube, lubed up my fingers and thumb and added a glob on the dark hole. I circled the hole with my finger. Each time it relaxed I inserted my finger. In and out, in and out, adding lube each time. I was in to the second knuckle and then all the way in. I did circles with my finger to expand the orifice. I started the second finger in with the first then both were all the way in. Then I started stroking in time with my thrusting of the dildo.

            Elsie went crazy when the massive orgasm hit, her legs shaking and trembling. It started as a whine then ‘OH God’ that grew into a scream. She was huffing and puffing, out of breath. Her arms gave out and her head was on Carol’s leg. Her anal muscles clamped so tight on my fingers that I could not move them.

            I felt her relax enough that I was able to remove my fingers and then backed away, pulling the dildo from her pussy. Fluids were leaking onto Carol’s mouth as she tried to catch them.

            Elsie rolled onto her side, I caught her to keep her from falling on to the floor. She appeared to be in dreamland and smiling.

            ”Carol, turn around,” I said as I was replacing the condom and applying lube.

            With her legs spread wide and dab of lube I pushed into Carol’s pussy. After the initial resistance I easily slid to the fake balls and started stroking. She then started with ‘fuck me, fuck me,’ and more. I used my hips and did circles against her clit. Her first orgasm was in seconds. I pushed her legs back as it started to go away and started pounding her for all I was worth.

            Her next orgasm was a full blown hurricane; full throttle and wide open. Elsie had recovered and was helping hold her legs back. Carol went through the tremors and then rigid and passed out. I pulled out and backed away. I needed to catch my breath and rest.

            I looked at Elsie, ”Do you want James today?” I asked.

            ”No. Tomorrow, after we recuperate,” she answered.

            I cleaned up the toys and put them away. The towels had been forgotten so the bed had to be stripped again. Oh well. I sent them both to the shower and pulled off the bedding. With a dry part of a sheet, I dried off the sweat and dressed. Being on the end of a dick was hard work! Then I carried the bedding to the laundry.

            ”Sounds like you had fun,” James said.

            ”Tomorrow you two are the fun,” I said.

            I started putting Dad’s checking account on a business program starting on January 1. I had six full months to enter. The girls would be down wanting to Skype with their Mom when they finished the up the shower and dressing.

            Dad was late coming home from the Jackson’s, in fact the kids just left to go home before the rain got worse. Dad came into the office and closed the door. In a way I was glad he did.

            I gave him a hug and a scorching kiss. In the process he had my ass cheeks in both hands holding us together.

            ”I think someone is horny,” he said.

            ”Educating the girls?” he asked.

            ”Yes,” I replied.

            ”They left you hanging?” he asked.

            ”Yes, very high,” I answered.

            ”I shall do my manly duties and adequately satisfy you later. I promise,” he said as he squeezed my butt cheeks, pulled me onto his hardening cock and returned the blistering kiss.

            ”Amos is open to having the grandchildren stay for the year if his daughter will agree and they can home school. I may need you to help with some of that,” Dad said.

            ”Linda is coming down to see them in a couple weeks. You have Skyped with her and the kids or they have been giving her information. She very much wants to see and talk with you,” I said.

            ”I have a couple questions while you are here. Can you explain these expense items to me so I know how to assign an account to them? And I also found this check from the mill that has not been deposited,” I said.

            “I’ll call the mill tomorrow to make sure it is still a good check before I deposit it,” I said.

            Supper was quick soup and grilled sandwiches.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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