The Grants Chapter 11

Chapter 11

            James went to bed shortly after supper. I stopped him and gave him a kiss, ”Good night, the girls asked me to pass on the kiss.”

            Dad and I looked at a few more questions I had with the account then we got ready for bed. We showered together and made love. I slept soundly, waking up in Dad’s arms. The rain was still hitting the roof.

            We laid in bed talking for another hour. Mostly it was about Amos Jackson and his health issues. Amos wanted the three kids to help and learn about the farming that had supported his family for generations. He was afraid his generation was going to be the last at the farm.

            The cancer – even though they were late finding it – was found in time, the experts said. The treatment was long with a long recovery.

            We talked about the Jackson house and what needed to be done to make it suitable for three teenagers. The Jackson’s only had one daughter – Linda. The perfect arrangement would have been for Linda to have married a local farm boy who built a house on the farm and had taken over the farm.

            Linda came home from college to announce she was getting married to her college sweetheart Robert Betterton and they were going to live in the big city five hundred miles away.

            They both located good jobs in the growing industrial section of the city.  They bought a house in a growing well to do neighborhood. Along the way Elsie, Carol, and Bob were born, not long after the marriage.

            They visited Grand paw and Grand maw Jackson several times a year. The last few years they were staying a couple weeks at a time. Then trouble hit at home; Robert was laid off from his job for a year before finding a new job at half the salary. Then Carol started being harassed and stalked by the bullies and gangs that were slowly taking over the city schools.

            I had never been in the Jackson house any further than the living room. I told Dad about what the girls had said about the bathroom. If that were the case they would need an additional bathroom built and the one for Amos remodeled for someone with limited mobility. Possibility even remodel the bedroom to make it more accommodating.

            With the bank business in hand I picked Elsie and Carol up at 8:30 to go to town. Bob, James and Dad were working on a project at the Jackson’s house.

            I stopped by the box store and picked out a big roast. We were back home by 10:30. I was working on a big supper. I had asked Dad to invite the Jacksons over for a big dinner and to do it soon enough that Grandma did not start cooking anything.

             The girls helped me get things started. I cut the roast into four pieces and put all of in the big crock pot with onions, a little garlic, pepper and some salt and other seasonings. I covered the crock pot with aluminum foil with several holes punched in it so the steam would condense to water and drain back into the pot. That would keep the pot from running dry and then I turned it on high.

            I went to the pantry to make sure I had all the other ingredients I wanted for tonight. A couple cans of peas and string beans for serve alone vegetables. I was going to put the carrots in with the meat when it was nearly done cooking to give them flavor.

            I counted plates, glasses and silverware. It had been a long time since we had eight people for a meal. The thought hit me that I had never cooked a meal for eight people for the five years I had been woman of the house.

            I cleaned off the dining room table and with the help of the girls, put the leaves in it to make it big enough. We would need to use two chairs from the kitchen set to make enough. I marked times on a pad when I needed to start things so everything would come off at six.

            Elsie, Carol and I cleaned up the house and dusted. It was during this cleaning that I saw just how much things were worn out in the house. The vinyl in the kitchen needed replacing as did the carpet in the dining room. The countertop needed replacing as well. The appliances had already been replaced in the last couple years.

            I would talk to Dad tonight to see if I could get those things done before Linda came. I had the feeling that first impressions would be important with her.

            Preparations went well – everything was ready a few minutes ahead of time. The last item was the biscuits. I managed to keep everything hot until it was ready to be served.

            Everything was great – even the mashed potatoes and gravy came out great – and the hot buttered biscuits would melt in your mouth. I even planned for desert – hot apple pie with ice cream.

             Everyone was well fed when at 7:30 the kids Skyped with their mother. Mr. and Misses Jackson even set in the office and joined in on the conversations with Linda.

            With the dishes in the dishwasher and the pots and pans drying in the sink, the Jackson clan went home.

            We were able to relax and enjoy each other. Dad taught me things about myself that I did not know. There were pleasure zones I knew nothing about, one of which was anal. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them. It was no wonder that most women were in their mid to late twenty’s before reaching their sexual peak unless they had a good teacher early on.

            In the process we developed a plan to try things out slowly. I had ideas for another order from Amazon’s adult pages, things that I had not thought about before.

            The rain ended overnight, the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. It was going to be a hot day. There was plenty of work to do for everyone. Bob was coming over to help James clean out the old feed house that had not been used in years. All the junk was going in the roll off dumpster. The farm generated so much trash it was almost a necessity.

            At one time the feed house had held a hammer mill that was fed from the grain bins that fed the mixer to make feed for my Grandfather’s livestock. The hammer mill took whole grain and beat it up into smaller pieces depending on the size of the screen that was put in it. The hammer mill and the mixer were long gone.

            The portable mix mill powered by a tractor combined both jobs and could be pulled into the cattle or hog pens or along the fence to fill feeders from the mixer. With a good operator the discharge auger could be backed into the feed house and the feed bagged in small amounts for the chickens.

            I had printed off several different mixes that Dad wanted to make feed for the hogs, cattle and chickens. We had most of the ingredients and the mill in town could supply the rest. James and Bob were going to work on repairing the hog house and the chicken house for the next couple of days before the harvest started.

            UPS delivered my first Amazon order at 10. I was online ordering another dozen things that Dad said I would need to try and master before I would be ready to take on James or him in an anal way. Butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs and speculums be damned. All the order would be here this week including lube – lots of lube – by the quart in pump bottles.

            I opened the box of different dildos and sex clothes I had bought. I tried on the clothes and harness for fit. The dildos I had ordered made up a set of stepped sizes from 6 inch to the big one in the formally locked box. I had returned the ones from my bedroom to Dad’s; they were all in the bottom drawer.

            The drawer and the box were unlocked now. I now had an assortment of ten sizes, all of them would work with the harnesses I had. Now if Elsie and Carol were willing to experiment on me – let the fun or pain begin!

            I opened the camera box and read the instructions with it. There were extra batteries so they went into the special charger. The cables to connect it directly to the computer to be able to download the pictures went into the desk.

            I went through the programs setting the date and time. I turned off the internal memory so that it only saved photos and video to the sim card – something that could be quickly removed from the camera and hidden to preserve the intimate pictures I wanted to take.

            I had bought several of the cards along with one large one to be able to make videos. I marked that one with a P for personal. I had also bought several large thumb drives to load the pictures on.

            To get the hang of the camera I took pictures of lots of things outside including James and Bob working in the feed house and the farm equipment. I played with the computer, transferring the photos to a secret file I had created and back and forth between computer and the thumb drives. Then I spent time checking and deleting traces of what and where to make sure no one accidentally stumbled on them while using the computer.

            I had done all of those things in computer class at school – I was just refreshing my memory and making sure those things worked with the new computer.

            I went out to help James and Bob until lunch time. With the skid steer and the three of us, the job went faster and it was done by lunch time. After lunch they were going to work on the pig pen and the chicken house.

            I made a light lunch for them and then they went back to work.

            It was as after lunch that Elsie and Carol came over. Dad was still over there working with Amos. They were waiting on the engineer from the lumber company to look at remodeling by putting an addition on the house with a shared bathroom and two bedrooms. Also included was a bathroom remodel for the Jackson master bathroom.

            Amos was getting radiation and chemo before the surgery that was scheduled in four months. There was hope that the remodel would be done before that took a toll on his mobility.

            ”Your Dad told Grandpa that we could stay over here while the house was torn apart. The only thing now is if Mom will allow us to stay until next spring,” Elsie said.

            ”That’s good news and bad news I guess. If your mother does not agree there is going to be a lot of disappointment all the way around,” I said.

            “Do you know how to operate this?” I asked as I handed Elsie the camera.

            ”Sure, what do you have in mind?” she asked.

            I explained some of what I wanted. ”Sure I can do that. Where do you want to take them?” Elsie asked.

            ”My room, follow me,” I said.

            ”I thought this was your father’s room,” Elsie said.

            ”I must confess, it’s our room now. Dad and I have become lovers. After all, you said he was a hunk. It happened shortly after James and I became familiar with each other.”

            ”My old room is the room you and Carol will use with the addition of another bed if you stay here while the house is renovated. Another bed in James’ room will take of the problem. Of course the four of you can be fuck buddies with the walk through bathroom and no one will never know. But I would suggest that you change partners every night. You know no one can ever find out,” I said.

            ”Is this a secret that we can live with?” I asked.

”When can we move in?” Carol asked adding winks and Elsie was nodding. ”Let’s get started or we are going to run out of time,” I said. Had I created two sex fiends?

            I stripped quickly and we started with the party dresses. Elsie took pictures from all poses. Front, side, back, bent over from the rear with my bottom fully exposed and with the front lifted exposing my pussy. We did the same with the others. The open nipple top was interesting to get properly adjusted. I could have sworn they were drooling.

            ”Can we try on those dresses some time? I have an ex-boyfriend who I want to show what he missed out on by being an ass,” Elsie said.

            ”I have no problem with you modeling the dresses but be careful how you use them and who you send them to,” I said.

            Then I modeled the sexy things I got from Amazon and the box store. Finally was the nude poses I wanted – all of them were seductive. The one I wanted the most was the one of me on my knees spread and looking over my shoulder; it was a good one.

            I unwrapped the pictures of Mom and Dad to make sure we had copied all the poses. The only one we had not done were the ones with the dildos.

            ”Oh my God. That’s your Mother- you are her twin; your bodies are identical. Your nipples are just a little darker but the hair color is the same. Your dad’s cock is so big, even bigger than James,” Elsie said.

            ”How do you think I was able to tell you how to take James?” I said.

            ”I’m glad that you did! I would have quit without the help,” Carol said.

            I open the box of dildos and strapons and handed the harness, the seven inch and a condom to Carol. ”Put this on,” I said.

            ”My period started,” she said.

            ”Pads or tampons?” I asked.

            ”Tampons,” she said.

            ”Put it on. It will be OK,” I said.

            With the enema bag filled with plain lukewarm water, I filled my rectum and purged until it was clear water. I sat on the flush a few extra minutes to allow it all to drain out as the instructions said. Then I took quick shower. Elsie and Carol never left my side while asking all kinds of questions.

            I checked to make sure the handcuff key would open them, ”Do not lose this,” I said as I handed it to Elsie.

            With the lube shooter I placed a string in my rectum, pushing the plunger down as I slowly pulled it out. There was even a small glob at my anus to spread out. I places towels on the bed to catch any mess.

            ”I’m going to be on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back like the photo. Elsie you are to take pictures from above and below make sure to take plenty of them. If it works out that I can do this, take a video while she is stroking me,” I said.

            ”Carol, lube the condom. The first picture I want is you fully against me with the dildo on my crack to show how deep it will go. This is a first so go easy,” I said.

            ”Cuff me Elsie, let’s get started.”

            Carol was careful, slowly pushing, waiting for me to adjust and listening to me grunting to the pressure. She picked up the pace as I stretched and relaxed. She was using my handcuffed hands for leverage. I could feel the fake balls hitting my pussy and clit.

            At first she was jerky but became smooth and even as we progressed.

            ”Pull it out and add lube with your fingers in my ass and on the dildo,” I said.

            ‘‘Don’t forget the video,” I added.

            ”I have several,” Elsie said.

            Carol went at it and it felt a lot better with more lube. Now I knew why they recommend silicone based lubes for this. Carol was pounding me hard and suddenly I was cuming. I was shaking and sweating, my cum was as strong as if I had been pussy fucked – maybe even stronger. Carol stopped without me telling her to and pulled out.

            ”Oh look, a gape,” Elsie said as she was snapping away.

            I got cleaned up, showered and dressed. They helped me put everything away.

            ”Well, what did you think?” I asked.

            ”Hot, hot as hell, I’m drenched. I think I must have had little orgasms! I almost asked for Carol to do me before she put the toys away,” Elsie said.

            ‘‘If I wasn’t on my period I know I would have,” Carol said.

            ”You do know having sex during you period is supposed to make the cramps ease off,” I said.

            ”Messy. I’m sure about that,” Carol said.

            ”Towels, condoms and a shower takes care of the mess. You can always shove a tampon deep and retrieve it afterwards. Or just do anal. I could do this again but ask me tomorrow for sure,” I said.

            ”I’m horny, ”Elsie said.

            ”Me too!” Carol added.

            ”Dad still is not back. Go get James and Bob for a quickie and use plenty of towels on my bed. You can use James’ bed, unless you want the voyeur view again,” I said.

            Both girls left at a run and came back with the boys. I gave the boys a thumbs up as they hurried past. Twenty minutes later, four exhausted folks came down the stairs.

            ”Thumbs up or down,” I asked Carol. Smiles said it all.

            ”Almost no mess,” Carol said.

            ”Carol, don’t forget to start the pills and remember condoms for the first month. Let me know if one breaks. That goes for the guy wearing it, check them after each time,” I said.

            ”Get out there and go to work; Dad will soon be home. It would be helpful in the long run for him to see you hard at work and the progress you have made,” I said.

            ”I’m starting supper,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister   Proof read by Bob W.

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