The Grants Chapter 12

Dad was home an hour later. Supper would be done in an hour. Dad inspected what the young men had done and was pleased.

            ”I ordered the list of feed ingredients that we needed to make chicken and hog feed. I didn’t know alfalfa meal and soy bean meal was so expensive,” Dad said.

            ”We could have used ground soybeans from the bin as an alternative, but the reports said that for piglets it substantially increases the risk of dysentery and increased the mortality rates. Soybean meal has had the soybean oil which causes that removed and the meal retains the protein.” I said.

            ”We can adjust the protein levels in the feed by changing the amount of soybean and alfalfa meal and corn to meet the levels as the hogs grow. I have several charts,” I said.

            ”The feeders for the pigs will be delivered in a day or two. I also ordered a round hog feeder for when they get older. We need to play with the mix mill and bag some feed ahead. I agreed to buy twenty piglets from Sanders hog farm for us to pick up in a week,” Dad said.

            ”The chicks you wanted for the hen house will be here in the same time frame from the farm store. On a different note, the lumber company came up with a plan for Amos’ house that they liked. The process starts tomorrow with a materials order and sub contractors. A lot of the addition will be prefab. Once the foundation and floor are done it will go together fast,” Dad said.

            ”Your partners in crime will be staying here nights only for about three weeks and the girls have to spend days over there to help Grandma keep the house clean from the construction dust,” Dad said.

            ”I understand – there can be no room for doubts or disagreements,” I said.

            ”When do we start cutting?” I asked.

            ”Day after tomorrow. We are going to cut Amos’ wheat first. On Sunday when the mill is closed, we will unload into his grain bin.”

            I made four trips to the mill on the first day of cutting in the Pete and two in the six wheeler. The big IH combine with the forty foot head was filling the trucks as fast as I could make the cycle.

            Dad quit cutting at noon to allow me to get all the trucks empty again and to help James get oriented on planting beans. It wasn’t as simple as just driving the tractor.

            To plant the Jackson’s three hundred acres was going to take four hundred units of seed beans that had been ordered months ago to guarantee delivery. A unit was fifty pounds and cost eighty dollars a unit. The beans were delivered on pallets in paper bags.

            Those paper bags had to be opened and emptied into a seed delivery wagon. The planter parked at the wagon when empty and augers filled the hoppers on the planter.

            The planter had a monitor that flashed each time a seed dropped into the furrow the planter opened for it. The beans were planted in rows twelve inches apart. The planter was forty feet wide.

            After Dad was satisfied that James understood the planting and when he needed to replenish the seeds in the hoppers, he went back to cutting.

            As I was coming from the field, Mr. Jackson was standing beside the lane with Elsie. I stopped the Pete and got out.

            “Hi Mr. Jackson, How are you feeling today? It’s good to see you out and around,” I said as I gave him a hug.

            ”I’m having a good day; I feel pretty good,” he said.

            ”Would you like to ride with me to the mill and back on this trip?” I said.

            ”You might have to help me get into the truck,” he answered.

            ”I can do that – Elsie can help too,” I said.

            A few minutes later I was going through the gears with Elsie sitting on the box seat. Mr. Jackson was adjusting the air seat for a comfortable ride.

            It was a good trip with little waiting to get on the scales and unloaded. The scale crew was pleased to see Mr. Jackson and teased him for having the best looking truck driver in the county. An hour later Dad was loading more grain into the truck. I was going to be busy the rest of the afternoon.

            It was dark when Dad shut the combine down for the day as the mill was closed. The two six wheeler loads were dumped into the Jackson grain bins so Dad would have empty trucks to fill tomorrow morning while I made the first run to the mill.

            I was glad to be finished for the day; after a while even the air ride seat seems to get rough. I enjoyed making a late supper while James and Dad both showered to get the wheat chaff off of them.

            While the men were watching the news and the farm report, I finished washing dishes and then showered. Dad had subscribed to the satellite farm channel package of about ten channels. It gave the markets for agriculture products and weather predictions for harvesting.

            When I stepped out of the shower I realized I was super horny. I put on the thin lacy two piece pajamas that hid nothing and went to the living room. Dad was on one end of the couch and James on the other.

            I squeezed his legs together and spread mine to straddle his, burying my knees into the back of the couch. I kissed the sides of his neck then his lips. They opened to receive the tip of my tongue with little effort. We French kissed for several minutes.

            I felt his cock – trapped by his pajamas – growing against my pussy. I made little movements of my hips to encourage it to grow.

            ”Would you like some help in taking the pajamas off,” I whispered into his ear.

            His response was to squeeze my ass. I moved to my knees to the edge of the couch and pulled the pajamas down his hips and off his legs. I slid my panties off my feet as I moved back into position. I stopped at his cock to lick the pre-cum off and give a good wet suck.

            I didn’t stop at one suck; I went back for more, going deeper each time. After the third or fourth time past my gag reflex, he put his hands on my head. He waited until I had taken a breath and on the next down stroke pushed my head onto his cock with force.

            I felt the plum slowly forcing its way down my throat, slowly stretching it. It kept going and going. Finally my nose was against his body and I still felt the plum still going deeper. I tried to swallow and couldn’t. I tried to work my throat muscles and couldn’t. I tried to work my tongue against his cock and did a little. I touched my throat and it was full. I felt his cock from the base of my jaw until it disappeared behind the bones and muscle of my larynx.

            I needed to breathe but he was still holding my head. I tapped his thigh and he released my head. I slowly lifted my head off his cock until I could breathe through my nose and took several slow deep breaths and swallowed several times. I pulled him forward some so I would have a better angle.

            And then I placed his hands back on my head and started down. He finished the stroke while applying pressure. My nose was against him, I tried harder at using my throat muscles and managed to swallow working them against his cock. I found with effort I could move my tongue. I slapped his thigh again and lifted to breathe.

            I had to swallow a lot of slippery throat lube I remembered that from the magazine. When I read it I thought it was BS but it was not. I was more comfortable and tried to go down without his hands helping but I found I needed them a little. I stroked a couple times trying. I gave up and lifted to breathe and only needed to touch dad’s hands. He knew what I wanted.

            We repeated the process again and again, stretching my throat, jaw, and larynx off so I could breathe and then go deep. Dad’s hips started moving with my throat action – it was rocking the hips, shoving a little more cock towards my stomach. I found I could force my tongue past my lower teeth and lick his balls as the muscles in my jaws relaxed and stretched.

            We changed tempo as my throat relaxed. I was almost all the way off and then all the way balls deep and a little faster. Dad grunted and held my head tight. And then I felt his cock swell and pulses of his cum as it passed my tongue and was deposited in my stomach.

            Dad released my head as I closed my lips as tight as I could and lifted, milking the last drops from him. As the plum came into view I licked the last drop from it.

            Dad was still hard as I pulled myself up to kiss him. I placed him at my entrance and dropped, taking its full length in one stroke. I expected him to go soft but he didn’t. He lasted long enough to fuck me to a toe curling orgasm. His hands were cupping my ass cheeks squeezing, kneading them like dough and pulling my clit against him.

            James was still on the other end of the couch watching and slowly stroking. He was edging, waiting to see if he was going to be invited to join.

            I whispered into Dad’s ear asking if I should suck him off or let him fuck me.

            He laughed and whispered ”Let him fuck you while getting sloppy seconds. Then we go to bed and I will finish you properly,” he said.

            I lifted off and gave James the come hither finger. With my head in my arms on the floor and on my knees, he pounded me for five minutes before filled my pussy.

            Dad handed me a hand full of tissues to protect the carpet from the flood of juices as James pulled out. I needed them and I also needed help standing. I also realized I needed a glass of crushed ice for my throat as I tried to speak.

            A shower, washout with the wand and a glass of crushed ice and I was ready for Dad to give me the big O that had so far eluded me tonight.  I had enjoyed pleasing Dad with my mouth and throat and James with my pussy, but I had no orgasm from either.

            He didn’t disappoint. He started with the basics; hugs, kisses, fondling and whispers of love and affection and more kisses. I thought about asking him to leave marks of love on me, on my breast and on my pussy mound, but now wasn’t the time. They would have to wait until cold weather when clothes would cover them up.

            I intended to spend a lot of time naked in the sun and there was no need to open the door to a lot of questions.

            With his tongue lashing the tip of my clit sucked between his teeth, he delivered my first orgasm. The second was with three fingers in my pussy and two of the other hand well lubed and buried in my ass while nipping on my clit with his teeth.

            The big O I wanted came shortly thereafter. With my legs back under my shoulders and my arms holding them in place – a position I never dreamed that I could get into, I was helpless – I couldn’t move, I was his for whatever he wanted.

            Dad was above me with his arms placed next to mine, trapping me in this position. He was giving full mouth kisses as he lowered his cock. The second the plum notched my pussy he drove it to his balls. I exhaled in a puff as my cervix was driven into my diaphragm against my lungs.

            Then he started making love to me. Short strokes, long strokes and strokes ending in circles against my clit. He was reading me like a book. I was close to cumming with the big O I was waiting for. He stopped and pulled out.

            ”Nooo, don’t stop. I need to cum,” I begged.

            ”No you don’t – it’s not time for you to cum yet,” he said.

            ”Please, I’m so close, please let me cum,” I said.

            He sealed my mouth with his to stop my pleas. His tongue found mine and he teased me. Then he started at my breast, first one side then moved his lips to the other one.

            This wasn’t helping; it was slow torture. I was right there, just a touch and I would have been off to the moon. The throbbing in my clit that was screaming at my brain to do something. My need was going away – the throbs getting smaller and further apart.

            Suddenly he pinched my clit and then my nipples and my need was full blown as if it never left. His cock slammed into my pussy much harder than before. He pounded like my pussy was the last one on earth, faster and harder. My insides felt like they were on a jackhammer.

            Somewhere deep in there my orgasm started. First it was like it was a cramp and then like I had been struck by a lightning bolt in my deep female parts, working its way out to my clit. Then it felt like my clit exploded. I needed to rub it to comfort it but my hands were still held down. I was at the mercy of sensory overload. I was having the big orgasm that great sex promised.

            ”I cumin,” I felt like I screamed it but it was a whisper. Then I heard it and felt the pulses of his cock and the flood of hot cum deep in me.

            There were stars and flashing lights and I passed out as we came together. When I came back I was on my side, a rolled up towel between my legs. His arms were around me and I was looking into his eyes.

            He kissed me tenderly, ”I love you,” came from his lips.

            ”I love you,” I said as I pulled him close and returned the kiss. Sleep came easy; I was exhausted as well as sexually satisfied.

            I woke at 6 and drifted in and out of sleep while cat napping, thinking about the last few days. I was checking off things on the sex bucket list. I had been fucked by three different men in two weeks. Twice by two men at a time, and deep throated all three with two of them getting helped by little force.

             I had shaved the genitals of my Dad, my brother and my three friends. I had fucked Elsie and Carol twice with two different sized strap-on dildos. I had done the enema clean out with the bag and Elsie had fucked my ass with a strap-on dildo. I had pictures to prove it. There was still a lot more I wanted to try.

            As soon as the covers went back, the pole cat scent hit me so hard it curled nose hairs. The shower came first, including an extended washout with the wand. It wasn’t a tight fit today and the warm cleansing water flowed out of me easily as I added more flow to the nozzle.

             Dad stepped in the shower as I stepped out. I didn’t even dress as I ripped the bedding off the bed and carried it into the laundry. I waited until I heard the shower turn off before I turned the washer on.

            When I turned around James was standing there, ”Is this the new dress code? If so I am over-dressed,” he said.

            ”No, because you would get nothing done,” I said and squeezed the bulge in his pants as I walked around him.

            There were no tight fitting shorts today, I needed loose on the crotch today as I was sore. Breakfast went fast; there was a lot of work to do today at the Jackson’s.

            I helped open bags of seed beans and filled the seed wagon so James could plant until noon when the seed wagon needed to be refilled again.

            I struggled with the big hood on the Pete, finally using my foot on the bumper and adding my body weight for leverage to get it opened, then checked the oil, the coolant level and belts. I started it up and let it idle to warm up for a few minutes while I checked the other trucks.

            This was a solo trip with the girls helping the Jackson’s today. They were moving things around and getting ready for the carpenters. The foundation would be finished today.

            I made the trip in good time but the mill was busy. There was a line with ten trucks ahead of me; at least a twenty minute wait. I rolled up the tarp on the trailer and chatted with the other drivers. They all knew Dad and Mr. Jackson. They were surprised to hear the grain in the truck was his and that we were cutting the wheat and planting his beans.

            An hour later I was in time to be loaded from the combine and finished out the load from the cart. This time I was second in line and back in an hour. The third trip was just as fast.

            Dad shut down at lunch to help James refill the seed wagon while I carried the fourth load in the Pete. Elsie brought out sandwiches and lemon aide but I ate while was driving.

             I drove the six wheelers and emptied them into Mr. Jackson’s grain bin. Elsie and Carol rode with me. They had hustled to get the work done so they could ride with me.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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