Chapter 13

            Elsie and Carol were excited as usual, talking about everything. They were the happiest girls I had ever seen. Their Mom was coming the end of the week and they would be spending the nights at my house so she could have the bedroom instead of the couch. It was a good thing I had ordered the two single beds, one would go in each room. They were to be delivered tomorrow at noon.

            It would make it cramped but would work out for a great cover story when Linda asked if there was room for them to stay.

On the way home with the second load, ”Do you think we could get James away for a little bit? My period is nearly gone and we are horny,” Carol said.

            ”I think WE will have to wait until he gets done planting tonight and then I am sure he will take care of you,” I said. ”It will be done at my house.”

            ”When we get home, why don’t you two take the Gator and deliver a thermos of fresh ice cold lemonade to James and Dad. It might not hurt to give Dad a couple of nice hugs and tell him thank you for helping your Grandpa,” I said.

            They were both gone in a flash when I stopped the truck.

            I could just imagine both girls bent over at the waist, hands on the tractor tire for balance with their shorts at their ankles and James behind them at the first opportunity.

            I swapped to the Pete that was loaded again. It would be the last trip today. Any more cut would go into Amos’s grain bin. Dad would be finished cutting Amos’s three hundred acres tomorrow by noon. James would be done planting by mid-afternoon.

            The combine and trailer would be moved to our fields after lunch. The process would be continued for our eight hundred acres.

            I was back from the mill at 3 and dumped the two six wheeler loads in Amos’s bin. The last field of wheat was off on yield – that meant the combine could be driven faster and fewer trucks to unload. Dad was finished tonight and two more loads went in Amos’s bin. I drove the Pete to our house, Elsie and Carol picked me up in the Gator and made two trips to drive the six wheelers home.

            Dad had uncoupled the grain head from the combine and placed it on the trailer that was used to move it from farm to farm. On the way through the yard he stopped off at the diesel tank. It took three hundred gallons to fill the combine. It was the third fill up this week with two of them from the nurse tank and the tractor pulling the planter the same. All that didn’t include the fuel for the grain trucks. Farming is expensive.

            We carried the combine back to the field Dad was going to start cutting tomorrow. I helped reunite the grain table to the combine and check it out. The check out was my ass in the driver’s seat and Dad beside me as we made a test round in the field.

            There were touch screens that monitored everything the combine did, fan speeds, cylinder speeds, straw over the thresher and warning bells. I quickly found out the yield here was far better than Mr. Jackson’s. I was going to be spending a lot more time on the road.

            I wondered about the yield then I remembered about the fertilizer. Dad probably had more spread per acre than Mr. Jackson did.

            I parked the combine and shut it down for the night. We left the grain in the combine. It was to be a dry night so it would be fine. We started home in my truck.

            ”Dad. Elsie and Carol want James to service them tonight when they come over and I am sure they will want Bob to be part of it so there won’t be ill feelings.”

Supper was pizza again. This time I cooked two. One was cheese and the other ground beef and pepperoni. It was just about ready to come out of the oven when James came in the yard and stopped the tractor at the fuel tank. Bob was driving the tractor with the seed wagon behind it, following him.

            The girls came around the shed on the Gator looking and screeched to a stop at the house, dragging the tires with the brakes.

            ”In a hurry aren’t you? You do know you can get killed on one of these things, don’t you?” I said.

            ”Yes, but it’s getting to be fun to drive. Do they race these things anywhere? I bet that would be fun” Elsie asked.

            ”I am sure they get raced somewhere. There is a race for just about everything these days,” said.

            ”Are you going to be able to eat pizza with us and stay after?” I asked.

            ”Grandpa said we could and we don’t have to be home until 9 tonight,” Carol replied.

            ”Oh, so there is a little trust building going on. Pizza will soon be ready; let’s get the table set,” I said.

            Supper went fast – they gulped it down. The boys and girls were anxious and fidgety. How two girls could talk so much while eating was beyond me but they did.

            ”Guys, hit the bathroom in the back and no stubble, then come back to the living room and we will sort things out,” I said.

            ”Girls, use my bathroom – same thing, no stubble, then come back to the living room,” I said.

            I locked the house doors and pulled the curtains in case someone decided to stop in.

            When the girls stepped out of the shower Dad and I stepped in. Their eyes went big, they didn’t say anything but they did smile.

            Dad and I walked into the living room naked, holding hands. In our other hands were condoms and lube.

            ”OK girls, what’s the plan? There are three girls and three men. How do you want to do this? Do want to draw names for the first round then rotate until you have tried all three? Do you want to do it voyeur style again? Or do you just want to pick a partner?” I asked.

            ”Pick a partner and rotate, we don’t have time for voyeur,” Carol said as Elsie agreed.

            ”Pick your partners then,” I said.

            Elsie took James and walked towards his bedroom. Carol was eyeing Dad as if she was undecided. I gave him a little push, ”Be gentle and use condoms – it is a must,” I said as they walked towards our bedroom.

            I took Bob and went to my old bedroom. At the bed I turned around and pulled him into a hug and finished with an aggressive kiss. ”Let’s see how much you remember about pleasing a women.”

            He squeezed my breasts as he kissed me again, trying to get to my tonsils. He kissed my ears and the side of my neck. I had to remind him, ‘no hickeys’.

            Bob attacked my breasts with kisses, and the nipples with his fingers and thumbs. Then he applied suction and his tongue across the nipples.

            My hands found his cock, hard and dripping pre-cum. With my thumb I spread it around the head of it and then slowly jerked. His moaning was increasing, signaling the desire and need to cum.

            I went to my knees, licked the head and then sucked it into my mouth. Several strokes later my nose was against him and my tongue was licking his balls. Sucking Dad’s and James big cocks had stretched or taught me how to relax my throat. I could work my tongue and throat muscles against Bob’s smaller cock and breathe.

            Bob put his hands on my head and face fucked me, depositing his cum down my throat.

            He lifted me onto the bed, spread my legs and then the petals of my pussy with his tongue and carried me to the moon and beyond. Moments later he was balls deep while practicing all the moves I had taught him to please a woman.

            I wasn’t worried about changing partners. I could have either or both of the men later tonight. I was sure that Carol and Elsie would want to swap after hearing Carol’s continuous vocals for the last thirty minutes.

            I was going to have time to experiment with Bob. I sucked him back hard – that required very little effort to accomplish.

            I handed him a condom and then I placed a glob of lube on my fingers and worked it into my ass. I repeated it twice more as deep as I could get it with my fingers. I lathered his cock with plenty of lube and got up on the bed on my knees.

            With the come hither finger motion to Bob, I guided his cock to my ass and then reached back with both hands and spread my cheeks.

            ”Slow and easy,” I said.

            It took five minutes and finally he was seated all the way in with his nuts against my pussy. I groaned because of the tightness; I could feel my ass stretch as it was going in. It didn’t hurt enough to stop but was damn close to it. I rubbed my clit to help take my mind off it.

            I felt my ass relax as the pain eased off. Then I remembered that when Carol used the dildo on me I had chosen a small one, Bob was larger.

            ”OK, start moving,” I said.

            Slowly he did. Short strokes and then just as slowly added length. I still kept rubbing my clit making it better and better.

            ”God! you are so tight. My cock is pulling your ass out as I pull out. So damn hot to look at,” he said.

            ”I don’t know how much longer I can hold off cuming,” he said.

            ”Just a little bit longer! I am almost there, maybe we can cum together,” I said.

            I knew he was close as he picked up speed, stroking deep into my ass. He started moaning and I put more pressure on my clit with my fingers. Then it happened – my orgasm started deep in my pussy even though he was fucking my ass hard. It ended with an explosion of pleasure at my clit that spread to my pussy and ass.

            James pumped his load into the condom deep in my ass and then collapsed on me. He pushed me flat on the bed his cock still deep in my ass as we both rested.

            I felt him shrinking and then he lifted off me holding the condom on his cock with one hand. When I turned over he was just standing beside the bed. I went to my knees and removed the condom. I sucked his cock, cleaning it of the cum that remained.

            I was finished for now. I led Bob to the shower where we soaped each other and washed away the evidence and then dried off.

            ”There are some things that lovers do not talk about; what we just did is one of them,” I said.

            Towels had saved the bed, the condom was wrapped in tissues and thrown in the trash. We dressed and retired to the living room to watch something on TV and drink fluids.

            Elsie was reaching new highs with her vocals, something she rarely did. She was with Dad now and I was sure he was giving her every inch he had and more, if he could find it.

            I made a pitcher of lemonade and filled glasses with ice. James and Carol were the next ones to join us in the kitchen, ”Condoms?” I asked.

            ”Yes,” they both said.

            A little while later Dad and Elsie joined us. Both girls were walking and sit gently. Two big cocks in a row had made things tender. It would take a while to get comfortable with that size. I had an advantage on them. I could get those every night.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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