Chapter 14

Dad started the combine at 9 and by 10 I was driving the first load to the mill in the Pete. The flooring company was replacing the vinyl floor this morning with snap together wood flooring in the kitchen. After that, they were installing new carpet in the living room.

            This afternoon the counter company was replacing the counter with stone, complete with a new sink and spigots. I was trying to improve the house for Linda’s arrival, not that it didn’t need doing anyhow.

            Tomorrow morning the furniture company was bring the two single beds and assembling them in James’s and my old room. They were bringing a new grand table and chairs for the dining room. It was one that would seat ten people with the leaves installed and the extra chairs.

            I wanted to have the Jackson’s over for dinners often with Amos sick. Grandma would need all the breaks she could get. Elsie and Carol did not know it yet but they were going to learn to cook – something they both admitted knowing little about.        

            It would take a ten place setting for that to happen. The furniture was old and battered. It was new when Dad and Mom married. Fifteen years later all the glue joints were loose and the chairs rickety.

            The kitchen ware was the same way. I did not have one complete set of good dinner plates that were the same for ten people. Over the years a broken piece here and there had taken the toll. Silverware was the same way – some were lost or broken.

            The UPS truck was going to cure all that tomorrow and all the old stuff was going in the dumpster. UPS was going to deliver my Amazon toy order tomorrow.

            Elsie was going to work in the office, entering the last several months of our checking account on the business program while all the installers were there. She was going to keep an eye on them and Carol was going to ride with me.

            I spent all day driving the Pete back and forth to the mill. Dad had dumped four six wheeler loads into our wheat grain bin at noon and there would be two more dumped tonight.

            We did stop long enough to eat cold cut subs that I picked up at the store across from the mill. I dropped one off for Elsie at the house and to do a quick check on the work progress. 

            Carol went home to help Grandma Jackson at lunch time. The carpenters were there every day working on the addition and bathrooms. They were creating a lot of dust and dirt in the house.

            The floor was finished – it was looking good – and the contractors were working on the carpet. I couldn’t wait to see everything finished when we quit for the night.           

            The wheat grain bins held twenty thousand bushels; we had two for wheat. Dad was going to sell half the crop now and the rest later in the summer when traditionally the price went up a few cents.

            The big thing was there would be long lines at the mill waiting to unload with everyone starting to cut. Two months from now there wouldn’t be any lines.

            We quit cutting at dark. The Pete was loaded so I could leave early – hopefully before the line got very long. The two six wheelers would be in our grain bin before the dew dried off the wheat in the morning. The dew needed to dry off to start combining.

            I loved the finished floor and the new carpet. The new counter top was fantastic – slick smooth and level. The new touch spigots would take a learning curve.

            Supper was quick – just baked beans and hot dogs with chips. I still had lots of things to do.

I got bold, taking the clothes off Dad’s and James back, telling them to shower and put on pajamas so tomorrow they would start with an empty hamper.

            It was a mistake; I had not thought that one through. Dad had been starting the evening in PJs and then naked when we were in bed. I was in see through and lace then naked in bed. James normally wore boxers to bed.

            When I returned from putting the first load of clothes in, Dad and James were sitting on towels – naked on the couch – watching reruns of Magnum PI.

            ‘This should be interesting’ I thought. I did the same thing – showered and carried my dirty clothes in the hamper to the laundry. I placed my towel between them and joined them watching the show.

            I wondered which one would be the first to touch me and how long it would be before they did.

            I caught glances from both directions and then both cocks started to rise. Every now and then one or the other would throb and bounce a little. The next scene on the show was a bikini clad party. That was the final straw; both cocks were straight up.

            Straight up and there was a reflection from the TV on the drops of lube that were accumulating on the tips.

            I had a quick thought and then had them sit side by side. I started with James. I licked the head and the crown below and then swallowed enough to hit my gag reflex several times. I licked then slobbered to wet it up from top to bottom. And then in one stroke I took it to the root, placing my nose against his groin.

            I made repeated strokes from the tip to the root. James started to put his hands on my head. I slapped them away. I reach over and put my hand around Dad’s cock and slowly stroked him. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t edging.

            I felt James start to add hip movements while responding to my mouth. I stopped and pulled off completely.

            I moved to Dad and began with the plum, licking and sucking. Then I went to the gag reflex a couple times and then I forced myself to swallow it to the root. I worked my throat muscles with a swallowing motion as I went to the root and then full stroked it from the plum to the root. I was thrilled I had been able to throat all of it without Dad’s hands helping me take it. I used long slow strokes, allowing me to easily breathe at the top of each one.

            I continued the long strokes until he started moving his hips, thrusting at my throat. I stopped and moved back to James. When he started thrusting his hips, this time I pulled off and straddled him and then rode him hard until he filled my pussy with his hot cum.         

            Luckily I had brought a hand towel that I folded and placed against my pussy to protect the carpet as I knelt between Dad’s legs and started sucking and deep throating him. When he started moving his hips I mounted him. I slow fucked him, hugging and kissing him as we came together. He stood and as he did I wrapped my legs around him. With his cock still in me, he slow walked us to the bedroom.

            At the edge of the bed he lay me down and lifted my legs, pushing them back. Then he pounded me into my second orgasm, shaking and moving the bed on the floor. James was standing in at the edge of the bed rubbing his flaccid cock to full erection.

            Dad groaned and grunted and then pumped his cum against my cervix. As he pulled out I could it dripping across my asshole and down the crack below.

            As Dad stepped away James replaced him, impaling my pussy in one stroke and began fucking me, pounding me.

            Dad climbed onto the bed, knee walking, eventually straddling my head. He placed his cock in my mouth, I sucked off our juices as he regained his erection. He rolled my nipples and pinched them and then pulled them hard until they hurt.

            He lifted my shoulders and slid two pillows under them, changing the angle of my head and neck. His cock now had a straight line down my throat. With a thrust his cock was deep as it was ever going, his balls resting on my eyes.

            I heaved trying to breathe, recognizing my need he pulled out and then began a rhythm. Hard deep strokes then out enough for me to gasp for breath then more. All the while he was molesting my breast and nipples.

            James had slowed while watching what was going on with my upper body but was still full stroking, pulling full out and then balls deep in a slam. I was no longer tight but loose and gaping; my pussy was an easy target.

            I was on the verge of another massive orgasm – I was right at the edge but it just wouldn’t finish. I reached down and started rubbing and pinching my clit to help it along – and it did. I lost control of my hips; they started rising and falling against James’s cock.

            With my throat filled with Dad’s cock and James in pounding my pussy, the orgasm I wanted arrived like a thunder clap. My ears were ringing, my clit felt like lighting had struck it. There were stars in my eyes – I tried to scream but couldn’t.

            I felt James depositing another load in my pussy as Dad was pumping a load into my stomach. He was so deep that was the only place it could go. I tasted no cum but I felt his pulses with my tongue at the base of his cock. Seconds before I blacked out for the lack of oxygen he pulled out.

            It was a total different orgasm, mind blowing, overwhelming, energy draining, totally satisfying and fulfilling. Both my men were finished as well. Dad was beside me, kissing me and expressing his love. James was still standing between my legs bent over sucking and kissing on my breasts like he was my child. The bedding and a shower would have to wait until morning; I was exhausted.

            I woke up on my side at 6 looking into Dad’s eyes, his cock hard and against my abdomen. I was sandwiched between him and James. James’s hard cock was in my V resting against my pussy. My bladder was bursting. When the covers went back, the whole den of pole cats had arrived putting an end to the mood.

            James headed to his shower. Dad and I showered together. I used the wand to wash out. I think I would have been able to use the garden hose. I was so tired last night I didn’t do any pelvic exercises to help things back to normal and it showed this morning.

            This was day four of cutting our own wheat. By the end of the day we would have cut four hundred acres or half our wheat. Half of it had been sold to the mill and half was in our grain bin to sell later.

            For best results beans needed to be in the ground no later than July the 10th. The 4th was even better, but we were not going to make the fourth.

            Elsie was coming to stay at our house at noon to be there when the furniture was delivered. I asked her to put the wash in the drier. The wash was the bedding from my bed as a result of last night.

            I hauled wheat all day to the mill and dumped six loads from the six wheelers in our grain bin.

            When we called it a day, there was a disappointing note Elsie had taken today from our soybean seed supplier. We were going to be short two hundred units. That was enough to plant two hundred acres. The supplier had been cut by the seed company and he was cutting deliveries to all customers equally, or so he said. There had been a warehouse fire and all the seed in it destroyed.

            Seed purchases had to be made in the fall to guarantee delivery for the planting season. The seed companies only certified germination, treated products with fungicides and pesticides that had been sold by contract. That process was expensive and once done, unsold seed had to be destroyed; it could not be used for animal food.

            Seed lost some of its germination each year it was stored, some seed varieties more than others. Storage humidity, temperature and treatments also affected the seed.

            Over supper Dad decided to plant two hundred bushels of our beans in the grain bin. They would be untreated and unknown germination quality. We could do our own germination test but the beans needed to be planted before the test would give results. It was a roll of the dice but farmers rolled the dice every season with every crop. It was better than planting nothing. The property tax bill came no matter what and you had to grow crops to pay it.

            I checked the bedrooms; the new beds looked nice and the mattresses seem comfortable. Elsie had made the beds with the new bedding that came with them. It made the rooms tight but they were still livable.

            The new dining room table and chairs was were a perfect match for the room. I was happy with my choice.

            The UPS had delivered boxes of the new kitchenware and dishes. I opened them and checked for broken ones. Then I loaded the dishwasher with them.

            While they were running I cleaned out the kitchen cupboard and the silverware drawers of the old utensils and dishes and then scrubbed the cupboard and trays. It was the first time in I couldn’t remember when. James carried the old stuff to the dumpster for me.

            I had ten boxes and packages from Amazon Adult – they were the anal toys I had ordered. I inspected each one carefully and then washed them in very hot water. I placed them in the drawer in the bedroom. With the exception of two or three, I would try them out alone. There were still several things back ordered.

            My men went straight to bed; there was no waiting around or horny innuendo. They were still worn out from last night and then the hard work of the day. I could have gone around with them again but I didn’t tell them so.

            The day started out the same as yesterday, only earlier. Dad started cutting at seven even though the dew was not fully gone – although it had been a light dew night.

            I was on the road with the first load in the Pete at 7 and three more by noon. At noon Elsie and Carol were at the house. Together we made lunch for us and the men.

            ”With your mother coming Friday, you may want to spend the next couple afternoons working on that all over tan. You may be limited once she gets here,” I said.

            ”Another thing is to figure how much of your clothes you want to bring over and you may want to do that on Thursday,” I said.

            ”Can we come and stay earlier?” Carol asked.

            ”I wouldn’t recommend it. You are supposed to be staying to help the Grandparents and you need to show that you are doing that or you may be going home with your mother instead. You need to make an impressive show that you are helping. You need to aggressively dust and clean and help without being told to do so every day,” I said

            ”You need to stay there until after the contractors leave when your mom is there and make sure everything is perfect for Grandma. I want you to stay as bad as you do until next summer,” I said.

            I made four more trips to the mill in the afternoon – that was eight for today. A total eight thousand bushels just for today or forty eight thousand dollars. One more day and our first wheat bin would be full and then we would start on the second one.

            After supper – while the channel flippers were at it again – I took out all the toys that Amazon had delivered and researched all of them on the internet. I needed the do’s the don’ts and the things that were recommended for their use.

            There were a lot of things that were obvious BS but in between there was information that was useful. When I finished I had a plan of what I wanted to start with and what I wanted to be able to do. All of it would have to wait until the wheat harvest was over – when I had time to do all the prep work.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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