Chapter 15

Tuesday and Wednesday was the same as Monday – more wheat and more trips in the Pete to the mill and more wheat in our grain bins. Things had sped up a little. Bob had been taught how to drive the tractor pulling the grain wagon and unload it into the six wheelers and then empty them into the auger pit at the grain bins when the trucks were full.

            In the few days he had been doing this, he was versed enough to drive along beside the combine so the combine could unload the grain into the grain wagon without stopping the cutting.

            Elsie and Carol were staying until the contractors left before coming over to my house and they were still naked by the pool as the sun was going down.

            Wednesday we shut down early, if seven was early. We had started early; I was first in line at 6, the lines had gotten longer all day.

            ”May we borrow James and your Dad for a few minutes and maybe you could take care of Bob?” Carol asked.

            ”I will ask them if they are up to it as soon as they come in. Go shower to get rid of the suntan oil,” I said.

            ”The girls want to know if you and James will service them while I get supper started and as soon as I do, I will take care of Bob. Remember – condoms with Carol,” I said as they came in the door.

            Both headed for the showers. I filled a pot with water and placed it on medium on the stove and placed a package of meatballs in the microwave on defrost. Like it or not, tonight was spaghetti night.

            By the time I had supper started, Dad and Carol were on the bed going through warm-up exercises as Bob and I walked into the shower. As we were coming out Carol screamed in pleasure as Dad impaled her to the balls in one stroke.

            If she and Elsie stayed here until next summer, small cocks would be a disappointment after that.

            Bob and I settled on the bed beside them. I pulled Bob’s head to my pussy. He hadn’t forgotten what I liked and in minutes I was climbing the tower of pleasure. I came hard on his tongue. I had to pull him away from my clit. He must have developed a taste for female juices or maybe he just liked the power and hold of giving pleasure.

            He easily slid into me and was balls deep in an instant. Minutes later he was resting on me as we were recovering. I still had my feet locked around him, preventing him from pulling out. I loved the feeling of a cock shrinking and slowly falling out of me. For some reason it was a feeling of accomplishment to take something so hard, powerful and capable of so much pleasure and reduce to a limp noodle only a fraction of its size.

            Dad and Carol had both cum and were in the afterglow. I felt the stirrings of Bob getting another erection when Elsie broke the mood with ”Are you finished yet? Water is boiling on the stove,” she said.

            ”Just because you wanted a twenty yard dash doesn’t mean some others of us might have wanted a 5k marathon,” I said as I was laughing.

            The sauce went into a pot to cook along with the meatballs. In a few minutes the spaghetti would go in the boiling water.

            Elsie and Carol had already made the trip into my bathroom to use the wand – I was next. I could see I was going to order the wand kit for the other bathroom tonight.

            Thursday we started early again; I was first in line at 6:30 and back at the farm by at 7:30. I needed to be there to help fan the 200 bushels of beans we were going to need to finish planting, starting today and continuing through tomorrow.

            We had to auger the 220 bushels – twenty extra – into one of the six wheelers then slowly run it through the fan and screener. The fan blew out straw, broken pods and bean hulls. Those things messed up the fancy planter big time. It required the planter to be stopped, that row’s plates removed and the trash removed so the seed would flow again.

            The screener helped separate out seeds too small and too large so the planter would plant uniformly. Small seeds may have a genetic problem and not sprout or producing a small vine with small seeds. They could cause the planter to do a double or triple drop.

            Overly large seeds would also affect the number of seeds dropped. The idea was uniformity. We set the planter to drop a seeds in each row two inches apart in rows twenty inches apart. Any change in that and we would use too many seed beans or not get enough to get the yield we were shooting for.

            It took three hours to fan and screen the 220 bushels of beans and fill the seed trailer. Saturday we would finish cutting and planting.

            I hauled six more loads of wheat before the mill closed for the day. Dad, James and Bob continued cutting and planting. I dumped the six wheelers at our grain bins until dark when we shut down for the evening. We ate leftovers for supper.

            Tonight Linda was coming from the city to stay with her parents and see the kids. Mr. Jackson was scheduled to have the first treatment next week. The physicians had said the first couple of treatments would be rough.

            She had called to say it was going to be after midnight when she arrived. Elsie and Carol were going to bring all their things to the house this afternoon after they cleaned the room they were using and then later come over in the Gator. Linda was going to stay in their room for the two weeks she was going to be here.

            Bob had been sleeping on a fold out couch; tomorrow night he was moving into James’s room until construction was done. The contractor had said four or five weeks

            It was 9:30 when the Jackson Gator pulled up to the house with Elsie and Carol. As usual they were excited and happy. In a way they were glad their mom was coming. They were more than happy to be staying and I didn’t have to ask why. I needed to make a note to myself ‘buy more condoms for James and Bob’.

            Let’s see, they were going to be here two weeks at least so Carol would get serviced at least twice a day, possibly four times a day. That would be five dozen. I couldn’t imagine once in the morning and night being any near enough until the newness wore off, especially with two studs just a few feet away. The guys – on the other hand – would be worn out.

            Or would they just gain more stamina and possibly their cocks would grow a little bigger. There was a theory floating in some of the porn circles that the reason that the male actors’ cocks were so big that it was for all intent and purposes, a muscle.

             A muscle grew when you used it, just look at weight lifters and how big their muscles grew with use. A porn actor – if their attitude was good, reasonably attractive, they had good control and could cum on queue and get hard again quickly – could work every day.

            The newest rage in the industry was a drug called Trimix. It was a compounded drug for ED that was injected at the base of the cock – just under the skin with a short very small needle.

            The drug created immediately big and hard erections that lasted four to six hours and would not deflate after cuming. It could be used more than once a day and everyday if needed. It was reported to have no side effects such as did Viagra and similar pills that were not intended for extended use or more than one dose a day or even more than a couple doses a week.

            Most high end porn shoots took six to eight hours with all the stops, starts, camera changes, lighting and position changes. That meant that the actor was hard a lot of hours every day. Therefore, the muscle should grow a little.

            The studios liked it because it reduced the need for fluffs, girls who were hired to keep the actors aroused before shooting and hard while set changes were taking place. It also ended the need to keep extra studs off stage to keep the movie going. All they needed was a mix of fake cum when they wanted a money shot.

            The actresses hated it because it ended breaks while the actors rejuvenated. The down side was it was terribly expensive at around thirteen hundred from Canada for ten doses. Knowing all the things in California, one could be reasonably sure the industry found a local compounding pharmacy to supply them at a fraction of the cost.

            The good thing was at the end of the two more weeks the birth control pills would be effective.

            James and Elsie went to the bedrooms after a few minutes of watching TV. Carol was sitting on the couch making small talk with Dad and me. She was fidgety and I knew why. Dad excused himself to go shower.

            ”Would you be upset if I borrowed your Dad for a while?” she asked.

            ”Go join him in the shower,” I replied.

            ”I showered before we came over,” Carol said.

            ”Go get naked on the bed with towels and wait for him,” I said. ”Then later it’s my turn,” I added.

            She didn’t need to be told twice.

            I worked in the office on today’s mail and wrote out a deposit ticket for the check from the mill for the wheat we had sold them in the last couple weeks. It was a nice one and we still had more to go. I listened at the verbals from Carol as I worked.

            She had a great set of lungs to be able carry on the way that she did while expressing her pleasure to the house. She would never be quiet enough to sneak in sex at the Jacksons.

            After a quiet spell from the bedroom I heard the shower running. I wondered if it was just Carol in the shower or both of them. The thought was answered a minute later when Dad came out in shorts.

            ”Remind me to keep some earplugs in the night stand – she just is so loud,” Dad said.

            ”Yes she is,” I said with a laugh.

            I gave him a hug and squeezed his deflated cock through the shorts, ”You did save one for me?” I asked.

            ”Yes – several I think – if you are game,” he said.

            I took all the weight tickets and checked them off against the check and marked the weight tickets as paid. They still owed us for twelve trailer loads of wheat plus what would be cut and hauled tomorrow.

            I would pay bills again tomorrow night. The combine payment was due by July fifteenth. It was a quarterly payment of twenty eight thousand; we had two years left to pay on it. Then there were others; fuel, bean seeds and the feed ingredients. All the things I had bought for the house I had already paid for.

            I shut down the computers and was getting ready to shower when Elsie asked if she could take a quick shower and use the wand. I told her it was Ok. It would give me a few more minutes to talk with Dad.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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