Chapter 16

 I had a handful of papers printed from an e-mail from the school in response to an informational request.

            ”Dad, I got this from the school about video home schooling for the next year. Using the request system on the student website, I asked if it was possible for both James and me and if the required classes would be available for the morning,” I said.

            We looked over the classes that they said were available for me first and I discussed the ones I wanted to take that could be completed before noon. I would have a full slate of classes from 8 to noon. It would work for me to be able to help with the farming this fall.

            Dad looked over them and agreed with the list. ”Does this mean you want to start working on a little one this fall?” he asked.

            ”As much as I would like to, ‘no’ because I am afraid it would cause problems with Linda and the kids as soon as she found out and they would be back to the city in a flash. I do not want to risk that. You are right that we should wait until after I finish school,” I said.

            ”That was what I was hoping you would say,” Dad said.

            ”I will show James what classes are open for him tomorrow,” I said.

            I showered and met Dad naked in bed where we made love with slow gentle caring and enjoying each other. We practiced with my shoulders on pillows again, head down for a straight shot down my throat. I was working on throat, breathing control and use of my tongue and I was getting much better. I was pleased when I felt the pulses of his orgasm with my mouth and his cock as deep in my throat as it would go.

            When we changed positions so he could please me, we could hear Carol going at it again.

            With my head on pillows so I could watch, Dad made oral love to me from toe curling kisses to sucking on my breasts. He had me climbing the mountain of pleasure twice while expertly tending to my pussy. The last time he had three fingers in my pussy and two as deep as they would go in my ass. At times he would be rubbing the fingers together separated only by the membrane separating the two orifices.

            To close out the fun my legs were on his shoulders as he pounded – made me into the woman I wanted to be for him and me.

            We did manage to stagger into the shower together and wash each other. We were too exhausted to think about another round.

            I woke up at 6 staring into his eyes. He had lain quietly, waiting on me to wake and holding me in his arms.

            ”I love you. Good morning,” was sealed with a kiss.

            At 6:30 I was working on breakfast as Elsie, Carol and James arrived at the table. Pancakes buttered and Mrs. Butterworth, fried eggs for James and Dad, poached eggs for us three girls and sausage with toast satisfied all of us.

            ”Well, how was the bedding arrangement?” I asked.

            ”Perfect,” Elsie said with a wink. Carol was all smiles while nodding in agreement.

            The girls left immediately to go to the Jackson house to see their mom and to get the day started there. The carpenters usually started at eight.

            I went to the bedrooms and made James’s bed after checking it for spots, the girls had made their own. I checked the trash cans for evidence if Linda arrived and wanted to check out the sleeping arrangements.

            There were two used condoms in James’s trash can. James had been busy last night. If he had Carol twice, he most likely had Elsie twice. I removed the trash bag and tied it. I would throw it in the kitchen bag to go in the dumpster.

            I removed the condoms and lube from the night stands and placed them in the bottom drawer of the dresser under clothes in case Linda decided to be the nosey type.

            We left for the last fifty acres of wheat left in the field. The nurse tank to fill the tractors and combine with fuel was behind Dad’s dually.

            The Pete would be filled one more time but not driven to the mill today. The rush today was to finish cutting and get the seed beans in the ground. I could drive the Pete to the mill on Monday.

            By 2 we were finished with most of the equipment in the sheds. We had one more job to do today and that was to experiment with the portable mix mill; the pigs were coming Monday.

            They would weigh twenty pounds and were weaned from the sow’s milk. We had to have ground feed ready for them. The feeders were ready but empty. We had not even tried the mix mill to see if it even worked – this was kind of late in the game.

            We hooked it up behind the one hundred horsepower tractor. At the corn bin we augured in five hundred pounds of corn. By luck the onboard scale worked, then we moved to the wheat bin and ground two hundred pounds of wheat. Dust from the grinding operation was blowing into the air like a cloud with some of it getting on us – the wind was blowing the wrong way.

            Then we moved it to the feed house and put in two hundred pounds of soybean meal, one hundred pounds of alfalfa meal and fifty pounds of powered molasses. The molasses was to make the feed more attractive to the taste buds of the pigs and to offset the neutral taste of the wheat. We let the thing run for ten minutes to mix everything together.

            There was a chute on the back of it with a slide door so one could sample the mix and with the lid closed, bag the mix. It was where we had poured in the powered molasses. Dad opened the door to let the feed mix run out into the auger that went back into the mixer. It made sure that all the powered molasses was in the feed and not lying in the bottom of that auger.

            Dad, James and I then stuck a hand into the stream of ground feed and pulled out a handful. I could see the ground corn, soy meal, partial wheat kernels and alfalfa. Smelling it you could distinguish the alfalfa and molasses. From what little I knew it looked and smelled good. If the pigs ate, it was definitely good.

            It was during this process that the Jackson Gator drove up to us with Elsie, Carol, Bob, Linda, Amos and Grandma. Bob was riding in the back to make room in the seat for Grandma.

            Amos must have been having a better day. He stuck his hand into the stream of feed and did the same thing that we did, looked at it and smelled it.

            ”Looks like a good mix Sherman, I think they will eat that with no problem. How did you come up with the recipe?” he asked.

            ”Mary got it off the internet from the University of Nebraska; one for pigs and another for fattening them up. She also got one for chicken feed and another for a feed supplement for the cattle,” Dad said.

            ‘‘If you are planning on selling any after they are ready for market, I would be interested in buying one or two,” Amos said.

            ”I am planning on selling about half of them. I will let you know when they are ready. I’m sure we can work something out,” Dad said.

            Elsie and Carol smelled a handful then threw it back. James shut down the tractor so we could talk with the Jackson’s. The girls introduced me to Linda. We talked a while

            ”Are you sure you are my kids won’t be any problem staying here for a couple weeks?” Linda asked.

            ”No problem at all. Everything is ready for them; I have it covered,” I said.

            Grandma had joined the conversation as we continued talking.

            ”Grandma, all of you are invited to come over at 6 tomorrow for dinner. I have had some work done in the kitchen since you were here last and I want to show it off,” I said with a wink.

            ”I am thinking salad, pork and beef, gravy, biscuits, candied sweep potatoes and mashed white potatoes. What kind of vegetables would you like?” I asked.

            ”Anything you choose is fine. We will be here. The last time the food was so good I would never turn down an invitation,” Grandma said.

            ”You don’t think I could get sneak peek at the kitchen? I might want something done with mine while all the carpenters are there working,” Grandma said.

            ”Sure, let’s go look and see what you think,” I said.

            We women walked to the house and I held the door for Grandma. Grandma immediately noticed the flooring, new carpet and then the counter top with back board. She loved the grand dining room table and chair set as did Linda.

            We had a nice talk – part of it about video home schooling. I was surprised that Linda had started the questions the first time we met. I was at least expecting a grace period and a slow approach to the subject.

            In the office we went over the information I had from the school with all the requirements and equipment needed to connect and broadcast through the school’s system.

            Linda was really interested in the subjects I had chosen and why. They were not easy subjects. Another long talk ensued. We were in the office an hour talking about the school. She asked if our satellite internet was big enough to handle five computers for virtual schooling.

            ”Dad bought it and knowing nothing about computer needs, you can guess what he bought. You know a man – faster, bigger and more power- he bought the biggest small business package they had. I would bet it could run dozens of computers,” I said.

            ”That’s good to know! In a few days I’ll go to the school and see what can be worked out with them. I brought copies of their school records. What Elsie, Carol and Bob do not know is that in the last two weeks there has been serious violence within the summer school programs at the schools they would be going to this school year,” she said.

            ”I am not very happy about being away from them for a year but Dad and Mom need their help and I don’t want them at the schools they would have to go to. Staying here may be the best answer for all. Being able to Skype any time we want makes it a little better,” Linda said.

            ”Robert and I have talked a lot about this in the last few days and decided if the school thing is workable, they are going to stay. They are the happiest we have seen them in a while. The tans they are sporting look great; I might have to work on one while I am here,” she said.

             “If it is not then I will check to see if the schools at home have a similar arrangement. But given the issues with Carol being bullied and harassed, I would rather they stay here and no one know where they are,” she said.

            Carol and Elsie were standing behind Linda and sported big smiles and crossed fingers.

            ”I will go into school with you if you want company,” I said.

            ”I might take you up on that,” Linda said.

            A little while later they were gone. We filled the pig feeders, then James and Dad put the equipment away. I worked on the grocery list and was going to the box store to fill it.

            I was gone over two hours to the box store but I had everything I needed for the next two weeks including extra breakfast foods for the kids. I figured they would be eating with us for breakfast most days. I also got extra suntan lotion and condoms.

            The girls came in as we were eating – happy as usual. They helped me put away the last of the groceries after dinner plates were cleared away and in the dishwasher.

            I started the roast and pork cooking for tomorrow’s big dinner. I had the girls do it with me watching. I used the biggest Crockpot I had. I would let it cook for several hours tonight and finish it tomorrow.

            Elsie and Carol were worried about continuing to work on the total tan.

            ”Well, you can tan on a late afternoon, if you get here in time before the sun goes down. If your Mom wants to come and tan, all that means is girls only – no men. I still intend to total tan every chance I get,” I said.

            ”Is she extremely old fashioned or modernly liberated?” I asked.

            ”I don’t know – she floats both ways – but she has given us both a pretty thorough talk about our bodies, boys and what they want to do with girls and the results. She did leave out the part about how much pleasure sex could be,” Elsie said with a smile.

            ”Does she wear a one piece or two piece swim suit?” I said.

            ”Two piece – a bikini – but a modest one,” Carol said.

            ”All girls go through their mother’s dressers and closets. Did you find anything interesting, like the things I found in my mother’s? Did you find party dresses, miniskirts, lacy lingerie – anything that would make one think she had a sexy playful side?” I asked.

            ”Some negligees and miniskirts – she used to wear a lot of them – but not lately,” Elsie said.

            ”As one gets older they sort of go out of style unless one is rich and still trying to stay in the partying social pages,” I said.

            ”Only thing we can do – wait and see what happens. We just need to make sure that there are no boys around when we are sun bathing for a while,” I said.

            One of the things that USPS delivered in the day’s mail was the wash-out wand I had ordered. I asked Dad and James to install it tomorrow morning.

            Tonight was orderly; James and Bob took care of the two girls. I had Dad all to myself. We made love – slow and gentle – and basked in the afterglow while holding each other.

            I woke up with Dad spooned tight to me, his arms around me cupping my breasts. His morning erection nestled between my legs against my pussy and past it. He was lightly snoring, still asleep.

            At seven I was cooking breakfast for the temporary family of six. I wondered if it was a sign of what my family would look like in the future. I could easily view me having three children. For some reason it seemed like a good number.

            I put the Crockpot’s on the counter to cook all day after checking the water level in them. The meat would be well done when it was time. Dad and James took the necessary tools to the bathroom and installed the wand for the girls.

            Dad and James went to the chicken house to finish getting it ready for chicks. They were coming on Monday, three days early.

            I was going to clean the pool and suntan before I had to get in the middle of fixing things for supper. I put all the ingredients on the counter to make sure I had everything I needed.

            The pool cleaning went quickly, there had been enough swimming this week to help keep things agitated so the filters did their job. I oiled up and spent the morning in the sun while turning every thirty minutes.

            At one I put away the tanning things and went into the house. I checked the pots to see how they were progressing. Everything looked good. I set the table with all the new plates, silverware and glasses.

            After the restaurant episode and having a glass or wine with Dad, he had bought several bottles for special occasions; in my mind this was a special occasion. I put wine glasses in the refrigerator to cool them and when the guests arrived I would fill them with the chilled wine.

            The Jackson’s arrived at 5. Elsie and Carol made themselves busy helping me finish up the dinner. Everything was ready on time. The wine toast to ‘friends and family’ went over quite well. I refilled the glasses one more time for the adults.

            The supper went well – an hour and a half later I was closing the door on the dishwasher and the bigger pots and pans were drip drying in the sink. I asked Grandma Jackson if she wanted any of the leftovers to make sandwiches or meals tomorrow. I let her take all of it so she would not have to cook lunch or supper if she wanted.

            The girls stayed and soon disappeared with the boys. A little while later Carol was letting us know what they were doing.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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