Chapter 19

            After breakfast Dad, James and I spent a couple hours weeding the garden and planting another row of late sweet corn. Once the early corn was ready we could have fresh sweet corn until cold weather. I could freeze some and can some that way having some for all winter meals.

             I asked Dad about cleaning out the garage and making some of it into a second pantry.  He agreed that we should. He and James would start working on  it in a day or two. I also asked about adding another freezer in it. If we had to many things in one freezer and it went bad without us knowing it we could lose a lot of food.

            I went with them to look at the pigs and chicks. They weren’t little any more and were growing fast. The fine fuzz was turning into little feathers and they were eating feed like crazy. We filled the feeders for both the pigs and chicks  We were going to have to make feed sometime this week.

            I changed clothes and got ready to go with Linda and the kids as soon as they arrived.  She arrived an hour early and needed to Skype with her office. It turned into a two hour session. Linda was angry when she came out. Muttering something about worthless assistants.

            We all went to town in her SUV. She drove like we were in a city in other words like a maniac. Five miles from town the sheriff pulled us over- for speeding Linda was driving sixty four in a fifty.

            I knew Deputy Clinton Harper. His Dad owned a farm about five miles from us. He was a Barney Fife clone and got flustered at anything that smile d and wore a skirt.

            He rode horses with his girlfriend along the hedge row that separated many properties in the area. They often picnicked at the fresh water pond at the back of our property where we skinny dipped.

            I unbuttoned the top three buttons on my blouse and adjusted it to show some cleavage I was sitting by the door so he would have a good view.

            ”Hello Deputy Harper, how are you doing today?” I said.

He turned as I expected he would to respond as expected tunnel vision took over.

            ”Hi Mary I’m surprised to see you riding in a vehicle like this I saw you driving a great looking farm truck,” he said.

            ”Yes it is a nice truck. This SUV belongs to Mr. Jackson’s daughter. Her kids are staying at my house while Mr. Jackson gets treatments. We are on our way to school to get them enrolled in the video home schooling program so they can stay and help Mr. Jackson this fall and winter.” I said.

            ”Miss. Linda is not use to country driving yet and under a lot of stress but were working on it so kind of go easy on her,” I said.

            He had moved closer to the door  to get a good look at the cleavage and the legs of Carol and Elsie.

            He moved to the driver’s door,”  I’m going to let you off with a verbal warning this time but If I clock you speeding again I will have to write you a two hundred dollar ticket with points,” he said.

            ”May be you can meet Debbie and me back at the pond for a picnic sometime before summer is out,” he said.

            ”I would like that,” I said.

            We pulled off and headed on to town.

            ”Speed limit please. He will follow back and clock you for a while,” I said.

            ”Oh you have had run ins with him before?” Linda said.

            ”No – he likes to brag to his girl friend and I eavesdrop when he talks about how he does things on the job,” I said.

            ”OK and thanks,” Linda said.

            We spent three hours at school in meetings with guidance counselors and principals. Lots of things had change since I had registered. Many more classes were going to be offered now than when I registered.

            I was satisfied with what I had chosen so I was not going to change them.

Elsie, Carol and Bob chose the needed classes and with luck they were all in the morning. It would fit the needs of the Jackson’s  to a tee and us.

            Out in the SUV ” Linda turned and look at us all. I am happy that you are wanting to help and stay with Dad. I wish I could stay as well.  I have a suspicion of why you are so happy and so interested in staying. You are old enough to make those decisions on your own,” Linda said.

            ”You are still my children and still my responsibility until you are twenty one. If your GRADES DROP you will be back in the city so fast you will suffer whiplash,” Linda said.

            ”We understand and our grades will not drop, you can bet on it,” Elsie said.

            ”Good – we understand each other then. Let’s go get some lunch and then we can go home,” Linda said. 

            Lunch was good and whatever had torqued up Linda was gone as quickly as it had come on. We had a sit down meal in the restaurant that Dad and I went to a few weeks ago.

            On the way home we drove through the manufacturing  part of town basically because Linda made a wrong turn.

            Our town had many small business and several large manufacurers that did contract work for the state and government.  One of them was Seagraves Industries.

            ”I know them, they do sub contract work for the company I work for and we do contract work and analysis for them. They must have two offices because this is not the address we communicate with,” Linda said out loud.

            Out side there was a help wanted sign ”We need good dedicated quality employees for all areas. Machinist, draftsmen, engineers, quality control,” the sign read. Linda stopped and read all the signs on the front of the building. She also commented on the fact that the employee parking lot was full of cars and trucks.

            Linda dropped me off at the house. ”Elsie, Carol and Bob will be over later after we clean up after the carpenters,” she said.

            Dad and James were working in the shop. They were building more hay racks to put in the cow shed. It was an open shed with one side open to the pasture. It gave the herd someplace to get out of the weather in the winter.

            There were hay racks that bales of hay were put in for them to eat and now Dad was adding a feed trough to put ground feed now that we had a way to make feed.  Adding the ground  feed should make for healthier fatter beef ready for the market earlier in the spring.

            Weight gain stagnated in the cold winter months especially in snow when they really had to forage pasture grass.  We always fed them hay so they would survive. Now the plan was push for them to continue to put on weight all winter.

            I fixed supper, we had the rest of the meat loaf with vegetables and hot rolls.

            The bank statement for the month had arrived and checks for the rest of the wheat we had sold. I spent time after supper entering the information and verifying the check book balances. I also updated my grocery list.

            Dad and James were going to clean out the garage tomorrow after helping me pick more cucumbers for pickles. I was going to can tomorrow. I was going to can bread and butter pickles this time. The next batch would be sweet pickles in a couple more days.

            The day after tomorrow I was back hauling wheat to the mill. I would  make twenty trips to the mill in the next few weeks to empty out one grain bin that we would need for corn in the fall. Putting wheat in the bin had been a temporary fix during wheat cutting for not enough trucks.

            The trio arrived shortly after we finished supper happy as usual. They were excited to be staying until school was out. That was a change first it had been until spring. They had to be ready to go early in the morning as Linda was coming at 7 to pick them up. They were taking Amos for his first treatment. I set the alarm for six so I would have time to make them breakfast.

             The four disappeared and the showers started immediately. When the showers quit Dad and I went to ours. Carol and Elsie both were already singing to the moon.

            The guys must be learning and growing in stamina – the singing went on for an hour.  Dad was slowly pumping in me listening to the serenade. The pitch changes and comments brought chuckles from both of us. A few minutes later my feet were back and Dad was full stroking taking us both to the finish line. I got there first and moments later my cervix was bathed in his warm spend.

            The doubled up pillows between the bed post had worked wonderfully. I locked my legs holding him in place we both loved the afterglow that way. We hugged and kissed and enjoyed the feelings.  We whispered and talked it was an extension of the intimate time we enjoyed.

             ”I want to have one of the girls take pictures of us making love from beginning to end and to make videos. I want pictures with your cum leaking out of me and down my anus. I  want pictures of us making love in every room and every building on the farm and on every piece of equipment. One day I want pictures of your cock deep in my butt,” I said.

            ”You do have your mothers kinky ideas when it comes to sex. I’m game for anything you want to do or try. You will have to order a new video camera the one we had was long ago junk. Get a good one.” Dad said.

            ” I want to wear Mom’s wedding ring and be out with you. I will have to call you Sherman in public so there are no issues but that will have to wait until Linda leaves. The girls will accept it easily and won’t care. We need to get married before they change the laws,” I said.

            ” Yes I want that to,” Dad said as he slipped from me.

            I had a doubled up towel under me. A towel was part of the routine; I lubricated and Dad flooded me with so much cum I leaked a lot afterwards. Using a towel had reduced the number of bed changes a lot.

            At six I was up cooking breakfast Linda was on time at seven sharp. All of us wished Amos good luck with his first treatment. We told all of them it if they needed anything we would be there for them.

            Dad and James went to pick cucumbers while I got everything ready for canning. By noon the two dozen pickle jars were on the cooling on the rack. While I was canning Dad and James cleaned out the garage. Years or temporary storage in there had become a permanent place for accumulated junk. It all went into the dumpster.

            After lunch they were going to the lumber company to get lumber and drywall to make me a second pantry and a place for a second chest type freezer they could hold so much more. I told Dad to get a door wide enough that we could get things in and out easily.

            We would lose one bay of the three car garage but it would be worth it. I envisioned at least two rows of those metal grated storage racks plus lining one side.

            While they were gone to town  I used the enema bag and cleaned out. In used the lube shooter filled with synthetic lube and placed it in my rectum. I chose four starting with the smallest of the suction cup dildos and stuck them on the tiled wall of the shower.

             My plan was to do this a couple times a week dropping off the smallest one and adding the next size larger for gradual stretching.

 I placed condoms on them not knowing how the silicone lube would react to whatever they were made of.

            I started with the smallest one and eased my back on it gently giving myself time to stretch then I started slowly stroking . It took fifteen minutes to get comfortable on it. Then I moved to the next larger one and so on. After the first one it went faster.

            I guess once the muscles relaxed it was easy to stretch a little more each time. I had an orgasm on the second one and a leg trembling orgasm on the fourth one.  When I finished with the last one I inserted a butt plug nearly the same size. I pulled on a pair of underwear that was two sizes two small and tight to make sure it stayed in place.

            I was going to leave it in a couple hours and then do exercises to close back up. I cleaned everything up. I had learned a lot about my body while playing. I went back to Amazon and ordered more toys with what I learned. I also ordered an expensive video camera kit.

            I still had it in when Dad and James came home. I helped them unload lumber and dry wall. It gave me no discomfort and did not try to pop out when I strained picking up material.

            When we finished I went into the house and labeled the now cool jars and placed them in the pantry.  Then I took out the plug and did exercises to tighten up things down there. In the next day or two Bob was going to experiment with my ass again even though he did not know it yet.           

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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