Chapter 20

It was late when the Linda dropped the kids off. She had already taken Amos and Grandma home. The treatment had not gone well at all and Amos was in rough shape. They had held him in recovery as long as they could waiting to see if he needed to be admitted before deciding to send him home.

            I was helping Dad and James frame up the wall for the new pantry in the garage when they came home. With it full of junk the place looked small. Now one bay looked huge. It was going to be a real nice pantry there would be room for two nice chest freezers, the racks I wanted, and extra storage.

            We would need them since we were going to have our own hogs to kill. There could be up to four hundred pounds of pork from two grown pigs.

            Then all the roosters could be killed and frozen. Only a few were needed for the hens to lay eggs. There would be no need to feed them. Once they were big enough they would be in the freezer and not eating ground feed. I made a fabulous chicken and dumplings and mouth watering fried chicken.

            Add to that we could have our own beef butchered in town at the locker. Each one would give five hundred pounds of burgers, steaks and roast to go in the freezers.

            The electrician was going to come the day after tomorrow to put in the electric outlets and change up the lights. We also needed an electric heater on a thermostat so things did not freeze if it got real cold. We worked late to get it framed up.

            We disconnected the electric garage door opener and then removed it and the track and bolted the door down permanently. Then we framed up a wall next to it.

            Elsie, Carol, Bob and James showered and went to bed soon after we quit. Dad and I were listened to the vocals while we enjoyed each other. After we were done we talked about marriage again.

            We decided that next week we would go the next town that was a two hour drive and get married that day in a little private ceremony. The state was making progress in changing the laws on incest marriages. There was no blood test needed so we were good on that. We could stop at the courthouse for the license and the justice of the peace to do the ceremony.

            We discussed if we wanted to take Carol, Elsie, Bob and James for witness or not. It was food for thought. Mom’s wedding dress was still in the cedar chest. Tomorrow I would try it on for fit. If not I would wear the best dress I had.

            We talked about a honeymoon. No we could not risk it for the time being. We would save that for later.

            The girls went home immediately after breakfast to help grandpa. Dad went over a few minutes after to see if Amos needed anything and how he was doing. Thirty minutes later Linda came over asking to use the internet.

            ”Sure no problem,” I said.

            I went to the garden picking more cucumbers and checking on the other vegetables. Tomorrow I would be canning pickles again.  I needed to run another load of jars through the dishwasher again and check on enough canning spices and supplies.

            With the cards from Mom’s recipe box I made a list of supplies I needed to complete pickle, beans and beets. Last year I had quit at three canning and let the rest rot on the vine except for a few for home made salads. Now the surplus could be fed to the pigs. There was not much they would not eat.

            This year I was going to can a lot more and send some of it to the Jackson house to make up for grandma  not having a garden or being able to can any of her own things.

            When I finished I put on a bikini and left a note on the table for Linda that I was out by the pool. I carried the blanket and tanning lotion out to the pool. I ditched the bikini on the towel and cleaned the filters, checked the chemicals and added water that was necessary every couple days in this weather.

            With the pool finished I oiled up set the timer and lay out. I had turned three times when Linda came out.  I was laying face down at first looking away from her. When she spoke I turned my head towards her and opened my eyes.

            ”I’m glad that is over with for today. Some days I think they play dumb just to get to video,” she said.

            The timer went off for me to turn again while she was talking.

            ”Wow you have a nice tan,” she said.

            ”Join me if you have time,” I said.

            ”OK. I have the rest of the afternoon,” she said.

            I noticed she was now bare. As she started to apply tanning oil.

            ”Lay back I’ll apply the lotion to give you even coverage all over,” I said.

            ”OK I would appreciate that,” she said.

            I started with her face and did her front side including her breasts that at one time must have been right and high for her build but now have a little sag. I tapped the inside of her leg to spread them so I could oil sensitive parts.

            I could have sworn I heard a soft moan as my oil slick hand covered her vulva to coat it with oil. I also noticed it was definitely slick wet.

             I set the timer and lay back I still had plenty of oil on me not that I needed much as dark as my tan was getting. My face, nipples and vulva I still gave a new coat I didn’t want risk burning those parts.

            ”I had an erotic dream last night. The first one I have had in years. I thought that age was taking its toll on that part of me about like my sex life in the last year or so. I wrote it off to all the stress with work and with the problems with the girls,” she said.

            ”When I got up this morning I shaved my pussy. I decided I wanted try something new and different. In the dream I did things – wanted things I have never considered before. In my dream they were fun and I loved them,” she said.

            ”I dreamed had a threesome and It was fun. I never had that kind of dream before. Then I dreamed I was with another women. I have never ever dreamed about that before.  It must have been good. I woke up at the end of an orgasm and the bed was wet,” she said.

            Without thinking, ”I have had a couple of threesomes and been with another  girl. With the right guys it was pleasures that I will remember forever. There is something special and different being with a woman.”

            ” I don’t know if it the softness of the skin, or the lightness of the touch. May be because we know our own bodies so well and what we like and may be all women can read another so well. With men it is almost like you have to lead them – tell them what you like and want them to do and how to do it,” I said. 

            ”Yes you may be on to something there. I didn’t have an orgasm with Robert for months. He tried hard, maybe to hard but it just didn’t work. I had to jill to get off even as he was in me. Sometimes he just gave up and held me while I finished myself,” she said.

            I wondered why she was confiding in me this way. Was she testing me? Trying to see if I would spill any beans?  Was she hunting for something? What? Did she see me as much older than I was?

            It got quiet until the timer went off and we turned. I oiled her back side and excused myself to go in the house.  I put all the dildo and the strap-on in a bag with a couple condoms and lube and slid it under the bed.

            I stopped and looked out the door before I went out. Linda was on her back one hand in her crotch the other was working on her breast.

            I wondered what to do? She had started all conversations about sex,  about her marital relationship with Robert not once but several times.

            I went out as quietly as I could and knelt beside her on the blanket. Her eyes slowly opened. She was beyond caring trying hard to cum on her fingers.

            I lean over and kissed her and moved my hand to hers and then under hers. At first she resisted the kiss then gave into it. The tips of our tongues found each other and began playing tentatively at first then with a terrible desperate need.

            My fingers found her clit, first light touches doing circles that I liked then straddled it with two fingers.  I slid the fingers past the clit and into the slippery pleasure canal and added a third finger. I applied pressure with my palm to the very erect clit as my fingers stroked the palm manipulated, massaged and added heat and then fingers went back to the clit.

            I moved from her lips to the nipple with my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could and pulled back until it popped free. Then I rolled it between the fingers of my free hand pinching and pulling. I went back to her lips and kissed again.

            Linda suddenly arched her hips and cried out , ”I’m cuming,” then she tried to suck my tongue from my mouth before collapsing moaning. Linda relaxed the pressure on her legs and I was able to remove my drenched hand and dried it on the blanket.

            Linda was looking at me all dreamy eyed and then like she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

            ”We can do better than this,” I said.

            I stood and reached out and helped her up and then led her to the house. In the wall closet I pulled out a old quilt that was now a play on quilt. In dads room I threw the quilt on the bed after I locked the door behind us. It was a good thing that I had given the room a good straightening and clean up this morning.

            I stretched under the bed and pulled out the bag of toys and dumped them on the bed.

            ”I thought this was your Dad’s room,” Linda said.

            ”It is, can you think of a better place to hide something than under your Dad’s bed.  No one is going to look under except the cleaning lady and that is me looking for dust bunnies,” I said.

            ”Good point,” she said.

            I picked up the harness, ”which one do you want me to use?” I asked as I placed them by size in a row.

            ”I don’t know,” she said.

            ”How big is Robert,” I asked.

            ”This one I think,” she said.

            ”You wanted to try different,” I said as I picked one two sizes bigger and an inch or so longer and snapped it into the harness.          

            She  moved to the bed and I guess expected me to just shove it on. Instead I moved tight against her and rested it on her abdomen.  I picked up her hand and placed it at the end of the knob.

            ”I’m going to go that deep in you, remember how deep each you feel me against your clit,” I said.

            I bent down and started kissing her again. I started with the side of her neck, then her face and below her ear. I left a trail of wetness as my lips found hers.  Our tongues dueled. I sucked hers into my mouth  and nibbled on the tip and then pushed mine into her throat until we were both panting.

            I squeezed both breasts and sucked on the nipples and placed kisses all over them and sucked on several places on them. At the bottom of each breasts where they would not be seen with their slight sag I places a small hickey. She had both hands on my head holding my mouth in place as I did.

            When I finished both I kissed a trail to her clit. As soon as I sucked it into my mouth  she lifted thrusting repeatedly at my suction and tongue.

            ”I’m cuming oh , oh cuming,” that finished as a whisper.

            I straightened up and she watched as I rolled the condom on the toy and applied liquid lube.

            Linda’s stare never left my eyes as I notched the toy at her entrance and applied pressure sliding it into her. I added and withdrew watching her eyes and expressions. I had bottomed out clit to clit when her expression and eyes told me she had never been so full.

            I bent over and started kissing her and started stroking.  For someone who said she had trouble cuming, she came quickly and loudly. After locking her legs behind me, holding me deep and tight against her clit, I did circles.  When she relaxed her legs I moved them back and followed her torso locking her legs in place with my arms while I stroked slow and picked up speed.

            I was pounding her hard , deep and fast when she came again. This time it was a little huff and then ,”Oh God,”  then her eyes that never left mine turned full white and she went limp.

            I stayed on top of resting on my elbows as I recuperated catching my breath from the exercise marathon. Swinging a dick is hard work and it’s no wonder my men were always  huffing and puffing when we finished fucking.

            I felt her move and I move to kiss her again. Those eyes that had been staring were now bright and dancing and those lips in a smile.

            ”Three times in one session never before, four times in an afternoon. This is what I have missing all my life,” She said.

            I lifted a little and took her hand and placed it back on her abdomen at the spot she had touched before . There was a single freckle there that I used as a reference.

            ”Remember this spot. Next time we will use one that reaches here and try for four,” I said as I smiled and slid her fingers an inch further towards her breast.

            I backed away pulling the dildo out of her. The gape didn’t close staying the size of the dildo. I wondered if that was the result of childbearing.

            The camera was still on the dresser where Elsie had used it the other day. The SD card Elsie had used was hidden away. There was a new blank one in it. She was still spread wide and her eyes were closed. I took several pictures of the gape even a couple close ups.

            I gave the clit a kiss and a lick, ”come on you smell like sex, we need to shower. We wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea,” I said adding a wink and a smile.

            I led her to the shower and turned the water on including the wand.

            ”I’ll join you in a minute,” I said.

            The condom went into the trash, the strap-on back into the bag the camera back on the dresser. She wanted change so I placed one of the better thongs and a pair of the short shorts  and a small sports bra that would be challenged to be called a bra  with a cut off tee on the bed for her.

            I joined her in the shower, ” hands on the wall,” I said as I pointed.

            With a fluffy soap ball and soft clothe I washed her back from the neck to the ankles including between the cheeks. I turned her around and did the same to her front. Spending an moment on her breast and the V. There were two nice hickeys one on the bottom side of each breast almost hidden by the slight sag.

            I checked the temperature on the wand then slowly inserted it into the still loose tunnel of pleasure. Then I stroked it a few times increasing the water flow.

            ”I wondered what you were going to do with that,” She said as she leaned against the wall and spread a little wider.

            ”It has multiple uses this is just one,” I said. 

            I did a quick wash and then we dried.

            ”My clothes are still out by the pool,” She said.

            ”Today is the day of change for you. You said you wanted something different. The new you while you are here. You can put the old clothes back on before you go back to Dads if you like,” I said. 

            I handed her the thong and helped get it in place at the top of her ass crack. Then the short shorts. They barely covered anything, there was plenty of cheeks hanging out. Well it was what they were designed to show. I tucked the thong down her ass crack so it would it would not be showing.

            Then came the bra. With it nearly in place I reached in and adjusted the boobs lifting them up so none was showing out the bottom and plenty at top.  The areola was barely covered.        I started to hand her the tee and dropped it back on the bed.

            I went into the bathroom and found a brush and two ties. I brushed her hair that was nearly dry. She colored her hair and it had been recently done . I split it onto two parts and pulled each into a school girl pony tail and finished with a comb.  

            I stepped back to look at her. To be thirty seven she looked good, the legs and stomach was still tight, no hanging flesh on the arms. Her ass cheeks were still tight. Other than the breast sag one would never suspect she had three kids. At some point in the past she had spent time in a gym or some home exercise program.

            ”You look absolutely gorgeous, like you are twenty five again,” I said.

            I took the camera and started taking pictures, posing her in every conceivable position – some were very risqué.  

            I dressed with the clothes I had placed on the bed for me: short shorts, a sports bra,  and a shirt I could tie under my big boobs. We went to the pool to bring in the blanket and the clothes. The blanket went in the washer to get rid of any tanning oil. Linda asked if I had a bag to put her clothes in.

            ”I need to go to the box store for some things would you like to go along,” I asked.

            She looked down at how she was dressed and paused.

            ”You’re not going to chicken out are you. You are away from home no one is going to know you. You are free to express yourself – let the cougar out.   You can put the tee on if you want a little cover up,” I said.

            ”OK,” she said. The cut off tee was a couple inches below the bra.

            I grabbed the list and off we went in my truck.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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