Chapter 21

At the store we each took a cart. Linda had called Grandma and asked if there was anything she needed. She had a short list that we could fill even by shopping together.

            We had not been in the store ten minutes when I ran in to friends from school.

            ”Hi Mary, we hear you are going to video school this year. I wish I could. There is just so much messy stuff going on I don’t even want to go in the building any more. Did you hear that Wanda Smithers got knocked up?” Sam asked.

            ”They said she went to a party: drugs, booze – the works. Drugged and drunk, she agreed to pull a train, not realizing what they meant until after she got separated from her date. She thought it was a line of coke they were talking about. They don’t know who the father is until it is born for DNA testing,” what a shame.

            ”Well that is one good reason not to go to parties unless you go as a group and watch out for each other. With the designer drugs today, even then it is risky,” I said.

            ”This is my cousin Linda from the city,” I said.

            ”Linda, this is Samantha and Billy Joe,” I said.

            ”Linda, I like your shorts! I wish mine fit me that good. Mary’s look good to. Mary, do all the girls in your family have bodies made for short shorts? I bet you get asked for dates all the time, you lucky girl. Mary gets asked out all the time and turns them down cold,” Billy Joe said.

            ”Maybe I just kiss and don’t tell,” I said.

            ”Naw, you wouldn’t get away with it. Those boys would be bragging, telling everybody they got close to those headlights you walk around with,” Samantha said.

            ”There is your answer right there. Leave the ones with loose lips and big mouths alone,” I said.

            ”Have they got a list of the players that put it to Wanda when she couldn’t refuse?” I asked.

            ”Yeah, even got video, one of the boys took it and passed it around. You know how dumb they are. They even tried to clean her up and redress her so she wouldn’t know or remember,” she said.

            ”Cops confiscated all the video but there are still copies making the rounds,” she said.

            ”Send me the list of names if you can. I want to see how many guys I predicted would be stupid were stupid,” I said.

            ”See you later – we need to get shopping,” I said.

            ”Wanda was the stuck up type. Big flirt and tease. I wouldn’t doubt it was a set up for her, shame. Can you imagine not knowing who or how many until the cops made you watch the video or played it in a court room full of people?” I asked.

            ”That would be really bad,” Linda said.

            We finished our list.

            ”Is this where you got the shorts?” she said.

            ”Yes, follow me,” I said as I led her to the clothing section.

            She asked the size of what she had on. She then picked out four designs that she liked.

            ”What size do you think my girls are?” she asked.

            ”The same,” I answered.

            She picked out more and then went on an even bigger shopping spree. She picked out an assortment sports bras, wide and narrow and then thongs. In another section she picked out two packs of lady razors, two cans shaving gel, condoms and two bottles of the liquid lube I used.

            ”No need of using all yours playing with me,” she said with a smile.

            We went to my house first; I had frozen things and she didn’t. The Jacksons’s other Gator was sitting next to the one Linda came in this morning.

            The girls were out by the pool. I made a quick trip to make sure there were no boys with them. There weren’t. Linda helped me bring in my groceries and her bags of clothes. She was helping me put them away when the girls came in.

            Linda – her back to them, in double pony tails, short shorts and cutoff tee – didn’t register.

            ”Where is Mom? I thought she was here,” Elsie said.

            ”Mom is right here. Did you get everything done for Grandma?” Linda said to stunned faces as she turned.

            The cutoff tee showed half of the minimal sports bra. She had been placing things on the upper shelf and it was hung up on the top of the bra. The short shorts showed bare where there had been hair and possibly the beginning folds of a slit if you looked close enough.

            ”You didn’t answer my question young ladies,” Linda said.

            ”Yeah, everything,” Elsie answered.

            ”Mary, what happened? Did Aliens from space abduct Mom or something?” Carol asked.

            ”It was or something,” I said.

            The dining room table was cleared and the bags dumped. Linda pulled four pair of shorts, four pair of the thongs, two small and two of the wider sports bras, one can of the jell, one pack of the razors, one of the lube and one box of the condoms off to the side.

            ”These are mine. Divide the rest equally, then try them on right over there. I want to see what they look like on you,” she said as she pointed.

            She waited as they stripped and did a fashion show.

            ”Carol, you are showing under boob. Pull the boob up so there is none of that,” Linda said.

            ”What do you think Mary,” Linda said.

            ”I think you did a good job guessing sizes. They look good,” I said.

            ”Girls, you can wear them here and when you re out with Mary, but NOT over at Grandma’s house. Do you understand?” she said. She added the can of jell, razors, one bottle of lube and one box of condoms over to the girls pile.

            ”Yes Mom, perfectly clear,” Elsie and Carol said.

            There were surprised expressions and open mouths as what had just happened. Linda had just given them permission to be sexually active. The shaving gel and razors were one thing, but the bottle of lube and condoms were a green light.

            ”Go put them in your room. Mary said you each have a place to put them,” Linda said.

            After they left, she handed me the box of condoms and the other bottle of lube, ”Maybe we can play again tomorrow,” she said.

            ”Anytime,” I replied.

            ”Next week midweek, Dad and I have to go to Metro for the day, can the three of them go with us? It will take most of the day,” I said.

            ”Sure,” Linda said.

            We put Linda’s things and her clothes in the Gator and then she changed back into the things she had on this morning. I placed my stuff in the hamper.

            Out of sight of the girls she kissed me, ”It was new to me but I enjoyed every minute. I can’t wait to be with you again,” she said.

            After she left, both girls were in front of me. ”OK; spill – what did you do to Mom?” they both demanded.

            ”I tried to release a cougar but I think the biggest panther alive slipped out the gate first,” I said.

            To change the subject “Did you girls bring good dresses and did Bob bring a suit and tie when you came from the city?” I asked.

            ”No, we didn’t think we would be going to any where fancy. Why?” Elsie asked.

            ”We have a trip planned on Wednesday that requires better than shorts. I will take you in to town to get them. She approved you going but please do not say anything else to her about it. It would be best if it slipped her mind,” I said.

            I was working on supper when the men came home. There was an immediate excited huddle in the living room with the girls and Bob about their mother.

            ”What? I don’t believe you,” Bob said then added, ”NO way.”

            I took Dad to the office, ”Wednesday is the day we are getting married. I told Linda we wanted to take the kids to Metro that day but not what for. She approved them going,” I said.

            “I am going to try on the wedding dress tonight. Either way, we need to take them to get dresses and a suit. They have none with them,” I said.

            ”I hope you are excited as I am,” I said.

            ”You know I am,” Dad said as he picked me up off the floor and plastered me with kisses and hugs.

            ”Good because I am super horny. I need the first one hard and fast. Maybe you should rest a bit; it will be that kind of night,” I said.

            ”How about we try out the furniture and you have Elsie take pictures for that album you want,” Dad said with a wink.

            ”Kinky idea. I like it. Can I expand on what I want in pics for the album? I’m thinking a threesome or foursome,” I said.

            ”You want to go real kinky – sounds interesting,” Dad said.

            Supper was filled with multiple discussions. Dad talked about the beans we had planted. The last two hundred acres planted with our own beans looked as good as the commercial seeds. The only question was, would they produce as good as the commercial? It would take four months to find out.

            If they were obviously bad they could be cut for hay – a terrible prospect. Cows did not like soybean hay because of the tough bean stalk, even if it was cut and run through a hay crimper to crush the stalk so they would dry faster. They would only eat it to keep from starving. They would eat it better if it was sprayed with liquid molasses.

            Besides that, what would we do with that much hay? The other possibility was to disc it up and get in two hundred acres of early wheat. None of those were enticing; Dad liked to rotate crops as much as possible.

            With the dishes in the dishwasher I did a wash out and then a shower. I then removed Mom’s wedding dress from the cedar chest in the closet.

            It looked brand new – which it should have for being worn just once and dry-cleaned. I pulled it on without bra and panties. I struggled and wiggled and gently pulled my boobs and butt. Finally it was in place. I walked to full length mirror and almost cried. With a change in hair and a little lipstick, I was my mother – a perfect match to the wedding photo on the wall.

            I very carefully folded the dress and put it away.

            In the living room I told Elsie, James, Bob, Carol and Dad to go shower and then come back to the living room. I made things ready to play.

            I put another new SD card in the camera, putting the one with Linda in the hiding place until I had a chance to make a folder with them and put on a thumb drive. The new video camera was loaded, charged and ready to go.

            The blankets were placed on the couch and floor in places I wanted and on the big table to try different things. Setup was going to be tricky.

            When Dad had finished showering, I sent him out and used the lube shooter to place silicone where it needed to be placed, just in case it went that way.

            The group was waiting for me. I handed to video camera to Elsie, ”Read the quick use section. You are the video gal. Carol you are the still pictures girl,” as I handed her the camera. “I don’t want anyone elses face in the video or pictures but mine and Dad’s for now. I want plenty of pictures and video,” I said.

            ”Because Elsie is recording with sound, no talking except for the lovers – for the lack of a better term. Elsie, if you need something to have us reposition to get the best angle, stop recording and say cut, stop or wait so we can make the changes.”

            “Carol can take pictures as she sees things that look like fun or are interesting. Grunts, groans, slurps and I’m cuming are OK,” I said.

            ”James and Bob, you are going to be involved along the way so don’t be edging,” I said.

            ”Dad and I will start first and then add James and Bob. Dad, you are going to have to respond to things I say in a sexual way,” I said.

            Are you ready Elsie, Carol?” I asked.

            ‘‘Yes,” they said.

            I positioned Dad where I wanted him.

            ”OK, start filming,” I said.

            ”Hi lover. I have been waiting for you,” I said.

            ”I see and you are horny and needing me to take care of you,” Dad said.

            ”Yes, very horny and very needy,” I said.

            I moved to him and started kissing, hugging and stroking his now hard cock. I kissed my way to his cock. I sucked his cock going deeper and deeper until I had it all down my throat, my nose against his body.

            I heard Elsie, ”Damn!” then Carol going ”Shush!”

            I continued the slow blow job all the way off to all in slow and then fast while controlling my breathing. I was enjoying feeling him getting close to cuming. I knew he was close when he put his hands on my head.

            ”Honey, I’m going to cum,” Dad said.

            I pulled off to short stroke so I could get my lungs full. I nodded a signal – I had agreed weeks ago to let him know I was ready. He shoved deep and face fucked me with long strokes. Twenty strokes later he pulled me tight and held.

            ”Here it cum’s, swallow all of it honey. Oh, yes,” Dad said.          

            Elsie had the camera so close I could see it with my in the corner of my eye. Dad’s cock was pumping and I was swallowing straight to my stomach. I tapped the side of his legs telling him I needed air. I pulled off slowly my lips tight around his cock to milk every drop.

            I was breathing through my nose as soon as it was possible. I turned first to Carol so she could get a couple good pictures and then to Elsie and pulled clear of his cock.

            I stood up and kissed him with a cum flavor. ”Thank you, I wanted that so much,” I said.

            ”It’s your turn to be pleased now,” Dad said.

            Dad started kissing me, my lips and neck, sucking on my nipples before a long lick at my slit.

            He put me in the big lounge chair, pushed my legs back and wide. I put my arms through them and held them. He attacked my vulva and clit with a mission in mind. Ten minutes later I was announcing my way through my first orgasm of the night.

            I gave the cut sign, ”I need to pee and to get a drink,” I said.

            Dad followed me to the bathroom where after the tinkle we set up the next play.

            Back in the living room, James and the girls would soon be pounding groins if I had not interrupted them.

            ”Soon boys, you will be part of the play,” I said.

            Dad was already back to life but I sucked his cock for the camera. He picked me up and lay me on a blanket on the new table with my legs back and slid his cock in, then fucked me to another mind-blowing vocal orgasm for the camera.

            With his cock still in me, we moved to sitting on the edge of the table. He slow fucked me that way while playing with my breasts, sucking and kissing as I came down from the orgasm. Laying me back down, he pulled out so the cameras could film the gape close up and they did.

            He cut the cameras and asked me what I wanted to do next. I told him and then asked if it was alright. He smiled and nodded.

            With all three in a half moon, I started sucking. I knew it would only take a few moments for Bob and James to cum. I was not wrong and both were vocal as they were told to be. Alternating between them I kept Dad hard and revived the two boys. I knew they would come back quickly and they did.

            We moved the pillows around on the couch and with some doing, James was on his back. I straddled him and had his cock as deep as I could get it in my pussy. Robert worked his cock up my ass. It was not as easy as it looked on the porn videos and pictures.

            ”Boys, you have got to work out a rhythm so get with it and figure it out,” I said.   

            It took ten minutes to get figured out with the girls laughing like crazy. When they had I moved my upper torso off to the side and pulled Dad to my mouth, I said ”I want all three of you to cum in me,” before I swallowed his cock.

            Thirty minutes later with a sore pussy, ass and throat, they had done just that. I was sure I was done for the night but that was proved wrong later. The cameras got another gape shop, this time my ass. I lifted off James and they got another. It was going to take a lot of exercises to close back up. Big cocks had been in my pussy for three hours.

            While sitting on towels on the couch, Elsie connected the camera to the TV and we watched and heard the action.

            Bob and James had lived the school boy fantasy a few days ago and tonight I got my fantasy – three holes filled with the men I cared about. I had worried about the double penetration but it turned out to be easy. Now I was looking forward to doing it with James and Dad with the big cocks filling my holes.

            I was sure I was going to be disappointed as they would be, when the Jackson house was completed and they went back there full time.

            I now had four cards to make pictures from plus some nice video for a home movie and we were just getting started. A lot of things needed to happen in the three weeks left before they went back to Grandpa’s.

            ”Will you allow us to make videos and take pictures of us fucking? I would like to have those things with James and your Dad for keepsakes. We may never get to do these things again with friends we really like and men that are hung,” Carol said.

            ”You took three cocks, I can’t believe it. I got to try it at least once!” Elsie said.

            ”Me too, at least once. Will you help us?” Carol asked.

            ”We have three weeks to make that happen. You have to realize that pictures and videos can be very damaging later in life,” I said.

            We cleaned everything up. I took the cards out of the cameras and put them away. The girls and guys disappeared quickly. First the shower was running and then the serenade from the girls.

            Dad and I both showered and I rinsed out. We made slow and gentle love, rewarding each other with one more orgasm for the night. We woke up at six still cuddled in each other’s arms.

            I made breakfast for the group before they headed to the Jackson house.

            I set up for canning pickles today again today. Hot sun and dry conditions had slowed growth. After I finish picking, I turned on the sprinklers for the garden.

            By eleven I was done. Dad and James were setting up the final metal racks in the new pantry; the rest of the order had finally come in. When they finished, they left in the dually.

            ”We are going to check out Amos’ beans to see if they all came up. By the way, we are going to have to grind more feed tomorrow. The pigs are devouring it and growing. And then we are going over to farmer Browns. He is wanting to sell some of his land and equipment,” Dad said.

            I checked the two new freezers just because. They were both cold as they should be.

            I started transferring all this year’s canning to the new pantry with a basket. I was putting the oldest canned things to the front to be used first.

            Linda showed just after 1230, dressed to the nines.

Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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