Chapter 22

Is anyone here? Are we alone for a while?” she said.

            ”Yes, should be alone until the four or so,” I said.

            ”Good. I been to Seagraves Industries. Part of the work I have been doing was for a project for them. I decided to see them face to face and I also asked them about all the jobs they had posted just out of curiosity,” Linda said.

            I have to go back tomorrow to check in on the project. They are going to evaluate their needs for the engineering group and may come up with a offer for my skills,” Linda said.

            ”Can you play for a while?” she said.

            ”Yes,” I said with a wink and a smile.

            ”Good – let me get out of these duds. I had forgotten just how restricting all this was . I am about to suffocate and I need to shower to get rid of deodorant, it’s making me itch,” Linda said.

            ”OK lets shower together. I’ll get rid of the pickle odor,” I said.   

            It was a long shower when the touchy feel was added. We both used the wand to freshen up.

            With the quilt on the bed we started playing. A 69 was the first thing we did. Linda wanted to please me and I suggested that we please each other at the same time. An hour later and two orgasm’s each we declared a break. Just lying there resting we talked more. The conversation turned about her job, the city, her marriage and the kids- again.

            Linda had been unhappy inside and maintaining a positive attitude for the girls for a long time.

            At work her department that once had ten people in it and now was down to five. She was the most senior person. During the transition from ten to five there had been no pay raises and no overtime just flat pay yet they were expected to keep up. Pressure was always on or risk termination. With Bob Sr’s job problems she had stayed with to keep the job sometimes working sixty hours.

            Ten minutes later I was fastening the strap-on in place with a smaller dildo than we used yesterday attached to it. Linda wanted to start smaller and then increase size to the next bigger one.  When I was finished she was within inches of it looking at the condom I had intended to place on it. I wondered? I moved the dildo to her lips.

            ”Kiss it, lick it, suck on it. I am going to use it pleasure you. Make love to it like you want it to make love to you.” I said.

            ”I have never done that,” she said.

            Always a first time,” I said.

            She hesitantly kissed it and then opened her mouth and inserted the knob. I guess she thought it would taste or something. But it didn’t I had cleaned all the toys best as I could.

            ”That’s it let your tongue slide over it then swallow it. Take it deeper, that ‘s it. Go deeper I can help you but I rather you d it on your own,” I said.

            She kept going and hit the gag reflex.

            ”There is that pesky gag reflex. I will show you how to overcome that another time. Play with your pussy. That’s it. Rub it. Finger it. Does it feel good? I think it’s time to give you the pleasures you crave. Roll the condom on my cock,” I said.

            I opened the condom and handed it to her. When she had finished I helped her off the floor and kissed her. There was a tongue dual that she lost. As I kneaded her breasts and rolled the nipples she moaned and her knees started to weaken.

            I pushed her back on the bed and as her head hit the pillows my lips latched on to her clit and I sucked, licked the tip and pulled on it. She spread her legs wider then arched her groin up at my face. I moved up and rubbed the dildo against her clit. Linda moaned and whimpered.

            ”Please fuck me and don’t’ tease me any more – I need to feel it so bad,” she said. 

            I notched  to the entrance and pushed. I did not stop until our clits were touching. Then I began stroking, adding pressure, circles when deep and more pressure.   I pounded short stroked, long stroked.

            I was over her so I found her lips and kissed her. Propping myself up one are the other hand found her breasts and a nipple. I squeezed rolled and pinched that nipple.

            Linda went wild under me thrusting back violently a couple times. Her intensity was growing with her need. Her vocals changed pitch – she was that close. I wasn’t going to deny her any longer so I doubled my effort.

            ”Oh God I’m cuming,” Then she let out wail. Her legs went straight out like she was in a cramp then just as fast they were locked against me. She was trembling against my groin.

            ”Oh , oh, please don’t stop,” she said as her legs relaxed. I picked up the pace and pounded her as hard as I could. Her legs went back. I had perfect angle and leverage. I had one of her breasts in each hand and squeezed. I pushed so hard with the pounding  her body was sliding towards and against the head board there was no escape now- not that she wanted to.

            Her eyes were open and then closed, her mouth was open and then closed. There were moans and groans loud enough to wake the dead. And then, ” I want more and harder,” she said.

            ”Oh God, Oh God. So good I’m cuming again, again,” she said.

             There was a squeal and a convulsion and then she collapsed and passed out.  I pulled out and stepped off the bed. I grabbed the quilt and pulled it down so her neck could straighten out. The quilt was saturated.  Her breathing slowly returned to normal.

            I removed the harness and sat beside her on the bed and waited for her to return to earth.  When her eyes opened I kissed her.

            ”You are among the living. I believe you really enjoyed your trip. Are you OK?” I said.

            ”More than OK, I’m satisfied like never before. I’m happy,” she said. ”But what about you?”

            ”Twice,” I said.

            What do we do now?” she said.

            ” I give you a lesson on the gag reflex, then shower and then we go out to the pool to  work on tans and recuperate,” I said. 

            ” Sounds good to me,” Linda said.

            I placed the  four smallest of the dildos on the bathroom wall so I could stand and demonstrate. The 6, 7,  7.5 and 8  were the ones.

            ”You have to learn to ignore the gag reflex  just go past it and then you have to learn breathing technique at the same time. For now let’s work on the reflex that is the hardest one,” I said.

            ”Do you do oral on Robert,” I said.

            ”No he would not experiment or do oral one me so I did not do oral on him. It was by mutual agreement. My girl friends raved about getting oral. It was so frustrating that he would even try,” Linda said.

            ” Foreplay and oral is a part of the spice in a relationship if you use it right. In your case it might have been the piece that helped you with the tough orgasms. Some women need aggressive clitoral stimulation to orgasm;  getting fucked isn’t enough.

            ”Oral on your partner to orgasm takes care of that first quick fuck that most men want to do. In some men that’s all they want to do – wham bam, thank you ma’am. Finished. Done. That short attention span thing,” I said.  

            I kissed and licked the smallest one as I had told Linda to do earlier. I swallowed it until I hit my gag reflex and put my finger at my lips to market it.

            ”That deep is where I hit my gag reflex. I have played with toys and an occasional cock  enough that my gag reflex is minimal almost none existent. But if I just played that deep after a bit I would gag. I have learned to go by it to do what I want to do,” I said.

            I went back to the dildo and went to the balls and then went at like I was trying to get it to cum.  After a few minutes I stopped and moved to the next longer one and continued. 

            At the 7.5 I took her hand and placed on my throat as I swallowed it to the balls and made love to it so she could feel it sliding in my throat.

            ”Now it is your turn. For me I breathe in at the beginning of a stroke and stroke twice and exhale then stroke twice and inhale on the next,” I said.

            ”Don’t stop when you hit the reflex  change the angle so it will slide down your throat keep going it will feel strange but you will get the hang of it,” I said.

            It took a while almost thirty minutes with some gagging but she mastered the first two. She was pleased with herself.  I suggested we stop and go tan and do more later. I had changed my mind I was worried that taking the next two so soon would cause her throat to be sore and discourage her from continuing.

            At the pool I changed tactics some. The thought that she gaped so easily and again today left me wondering why. If she was getting as little sex as she said she should have been tight and the gap closed immediately. Instead of oiling her up immediately I started foreplay.

            With kisses hugs sucking,  breasts and nipple play I had her squirming on the blanket in minutes. When the play moved to her pussy I found her to be wet and slippery. We had just showered before we came out here.

            I sucked, licked, teased clit. I licked and tongue fucked her vagina – easily. I started with two fingers added a third as her orgasm hit. I never stopped even though she was flooding. With a stronger attack on her clit I added the fourth finger. I did half circles with my arm and wrist. I also flattened out my hand as wide as I could. I listened for signs of discomfort and there was none. She had her hands on my head holding my mouth to her clit as I sucked, licked and nibbled.

            I withdrew my hand enough to fold my thumb to palm and worked its way back in. I repeated the half circles that were easier this time with my thumb not hitting things like my chin and her thighs. With added pressure my knuckles were in a little.

            With more pressure I was in to my wrist. Linda went wild. I was struggling to breathe she was holding my head so tight as she was thrusting at my head. Her legs were locked behind my head holding me in place. I began a thrusting motion with my hand in her pussy adding speed and depth. In this position I was uncomfortable.

             She was cuming I could feel her pelvic muscles clamping and releasing on my hand. She was telling the world she was cuming so loud I could hear it with my ears covered by her clamping legs

            I was glad I kept my fingernails cut real short as long ones could have caused real damage as hard as I was thrusting. I could feel her cervix and rubbed my fingers around the crown of it. One by one I carefully folded my fingers into a fist inside of her and added three more inches to the stroke. Her legs relaxed then clamped even tighter.

            ”Oh God  I’m cuming again,” she said. Thirty seconds later she screamed a guttural scream that I even felt with my fist and totally collapsed her legs flopped down her hands fell away from my head. She lost the contents of her bladder  as I withdrew my hand.

            I expected to see blood on my hand but there was none. She was still breathing and every now and then her body would tremble with her legs shaking.  I was dripping in urine, not something I was fond of.

            I dropped into the pool on the deep end and swam under water to wash myself off. At the shallow end I stood bent over and washed my hair with the pool water. I dried off and lay beside Linda and waited for her to recover.

            Fifteen long minutes later she touched my arm then rolled on top of me penned my arms down. She kissed me trying to find my tonsils.

            ”What did you do to me?” she said.

            ”I’m not sure but it must have been good,” I said.

            ” I won’t be able to walk right for a week. Can we do it again tomorrow?” she said her eyes dancing.

            ”As often as you want,” I said.

            We both could hear the Jackson gator coming. ” Showers,” we both said.

            I closed the bedroom door behind us and we waited until the water got hot enough to step under. We washed each other and I used the wand to wash her pussy out.

            I pointed to the dildos still hanging on the tile wall. She did the first two like a pro and struggled with the third but did go all the way down on it. I rubbed her throat as she did.

            ”Good girl you’re getting the hang of it. Get a glass of crushed ice in the kitchen for the sore throat,” I said.

            We dried, dressed and she kissed me again. I dried the dildos and put them away.  

            ”There you are.  We see you have been tanning without us again, ” Carol said.

            ”What else was the panther doing? Hmm,” Elsie said.

            ”Pizza is supper tonight,” I said.

            There were two balls of dough left in the freezer. I would need to make more.  It would be a good time to put the apron on the girls and take pictures with them covered in flour.       

            That thought was reinforced when Elsie said,” The carpenters are not coming tomorrow. They are short on material and cannot get an inspection they need until the following day to continue on.” We can stay here tomorrow.

            ”Good tomorrow you can help me cook and help me can. If that is OK with Mom,” I said.

            ”That’s fine I going to go back to Seagraves Industries in the morning I thought of a couple more things they need to look at. Take pictures for me. I’m going to go spend some time with Dad and mom,” Linda said.

            Dad and James came home as Linda was leaving. It was perfect time to go get the girls dresses and Bob and James a suit and tie.

            I sent them to the showers, the girls to mine and the boys upstairs. I explained to Dad that he needed to take the boys and I would take the girls and please not to tell them why they needed them.

            We were back in two hours. I bought them matching dresses off the rack. Short but not too short. Cleavage exposed but not too much exposure. They were be great for what we wanted. Everything was ready six days to marriage.

            Dad and I talked more about getting married tonight. I guess we were checking each other about second thoughts. There were none. We made slow passionate love listening to the boys rocking the girls world. Thirty minutes later they had changed partners and were at it again.

            At 7 we were eating breakfast. With the girls assisting they helped cook sausage, pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Orange juice was the concentrated kind – just thaw, open, and mix with water.

            I was making mental notes as I went along with the added freezers and bigger pantry I could keep a month or more food ahead. Paper products I could buy in quantity for better pricing now that I had a place to store things. With the computer I could make a printed list of the things we used and had on hand to create easy shopping list.

            The girls wanted to bake cakes, cookies and pies to take over to Grandma Jackson. I had no problem with that at all. I suggested that they make two of each one for here and one to give Grandma.

            With the canning in progress and the ovens going it was going to be HOT in the kitchen.  I stripped standing in just my thong and pulled the top strap of the too small apron over my head and adjusted it so that it just covered the dark ring of my nipples. Then I lifted the apron some and tied the side strings tight at the top of my hips.

            By pulling the apron like that it puckered the upper portion so cool air could get at my breasts. It also lifted the bottom up so the apron was like a mini skirt and being too small it left the back completely open. Both my ass cheeks were fully exposed. With  the fan blowing air would plenty of access to me.

            They looked at me with a questioned look.

            ”It’s going to get really hot in here,” I said. I handed each of the girls a too-small apron,  they were all I had and as a joke the two chef’s hats I had.  When they were finished dressing in the apron by copying how I had adjusted the apron and hats. I took several pictures to send to Linda later.              

            First was to get the water boiling with the jars submerged to sterilize them and the ingredients and pickles cooking.  I made them do all the work and took pictures.

            With that going on and the wait they made pizza dough to put in the freezer. I watched them knead, roll, pound the mix roll it over and repeat with flour flying. I took more pictures and video. By the time they were finished both has flour hand prints on bare ass cheeks and on their faces. It must be human nature that when you needed to wipe your hands  the butt cheeks was the spot.

            With the pizza dough  finished  we started on cakes and pies. There was a debate on if they wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake with white frosting.

            ”That’s an easy answer girls, do one of each then cut them in half mate them together,” I said. A little while later in the oven the two cakes went. More pictures and video for Linda.

            It was time for the next and final steps in the pickle process. The jars were filled with pickles, placed in the cooker to seal them, and then allowed to cool. It would take days to get the pickle juice odor out of the kitchen from the little mishaps created by inexperience.

            The cakes came out and onto the cooling rack. More pictures with smiles and flour – covered asses.

            Then we worked on pies and cookies.  Apple and chocolate pies went into the oven.  The girls were working on cookie batter and, of course, there was another debate.

            The winner was oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip and walnut cookies. I would definitely need to resupply after this.

            It was while all the thick cookie batter mixing was going on all that heavy stirring that led to bouncy boobs and bouncy ass cheeks that the silence was broken.

            ”I always hated a hot kitchen but I never thought of that,” it was Grandma.

            ”I didn’t think of making cookies as exercise but I can see where it might be with all that bouncy  action going on,” Linda said. Both were laughing.

            They had snuck quietly I had seen them out of the corner of my eye when they came in. They had been in about ten minutes quietly watching from the living room.

            We had a good laugh but the girls kept learning, paper – on the cookie sheets and spray on another. A tablespoon of cookie dough for this kind of cookie. For the other kind it had to be rolled into a little ball and placed on the cookie sheet. Set the timer and work on the next cookie sheets while waiting for the cookies to get slightly brown. The double oven with different temp controls was a life saver.

            When they finished the dough it was time for frosting. Luckily I had the canned stuff for the white.  But the chocolate was going to be home made.

            I read the directions off the card as they did it. I let them mix it by hand and add the chocolate to taste.

            Grandma and Linda were the tasters for the final icing mix. All the cookies were done and on the wire rack cooling, the ovens were off and the dozen pickle jars were on the rack cooling.

            ”Take some cookies over to Linda and Grandma and let them taste your handy work. Then go get cleaned up,” I said as I was taking the last pictures.

            ”I am going to get in the pool and cool off Carol said.

            ”Put the apron in the hamper and grab a towel as you go by and jump in. I will be out later,” I said.

            They didn’t need to be told twice as they left quickly.

            I picked up a sample of the cookies to taste while I talked with the elders waiting for a scolding about the cooking attire.

            ”These cookies are good they did a great job following instructions,” I said.

            ”Is that apple pie I smell? Grand ma said.

            ”Yes and it is still warm and I have some vanilla ice cream. Would you like to  do a taste test?” I said.

            ”I thought you would never ask,” Linda said.

            I cut two pieces and added a big scoop of ice cream and watched them eat while I finished my cookies.

            ”Decadent  just decadent to be that good,” Grandma said.

            ”That settles it, I’m helping make the next pies, with the short apron and bare assed it might be fun,” Linda said. We all broke out laughing.

            ”I need to use the computer system for a while, do you want me to take you home or do you want to stay Mom?” Linda said.

            ”I’ll stay a while and sit by the pool with the girls then they can take me home when I get ready,” Grandma said.

            ”Half of this is yours to take home when you do go,” I said.

            My apron joined the others in the hamper, with my towel, the blanket and lotion we joined the girls who were still swimming laps.

            I joined grandma in a chair watching the girls.

            ”To be young again and that carefree. It does my heart to good watch and see them. I have missed so much of them growing up,” Grandma said.

            ”I’m going to hate to see them go,” she said.

            ”Maybe things will work out and they can stay much longer than you think,” I said.

            ”I can only hope,” she said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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