Chapter 23

            An hour later Linda came out naked with a towel draped over her shoulder.

            ”It’s still hot in the house and I didn’t have a swim suit. I thought I would join the girls swimming,” she said.

            I joined Linda and we swam laps for an hour. I needed the exercise; it would help me fit into the wedding dress. The girls were laying on the blanket, drying off and sunning.

            I challenge them to a ten lap race that they accepted – even Linda joined in the fun. Grandma was going to be starter and determine the winner. Elsie beat by an arm’s length. But it was fun, exhausting with all the other swimming, but fun.

            We had finished breakfast and the girls had been gone an hour when Linda showed up to use the computer system. I was working on the desktop with the checkbook paying bills. We had finally gotten paid for all the wheat that had been carried to the mill.

            After checking the livestock, Dad was hauling a couple loads each day to the mill out of our grain bins.

            We were in between the farm rushes. Everything was planted and growing. The only thing to do now was to get ready for corn harvest, go over all the equipment and make sure it was ready to be run hard.

            One thing that I had done was have the ten thousand gallon diesel tank filled again. We had used seven thousand gallons cutting, planting and hauling wheat. We would use twice that shelling corn.

            So far the rains were on time and if they came like that all the way to harvest, we would have a bumper crop. Dad and I had even talked about teaching Elsie how to drive the farm trucks and Carol how to run the tractor with the bush hog cutting the corn stalks.

            One thing Dad and I had talked about was a second combine so James could operate it. If that happened, we surely would need Elsie and me both driving trucks and Bob would be busy with the grain wagon.

            When finished, I went to the bedroom and got cleaned out. I was going to place the dildos on the bathroom wall. With Linda here, maybe she could be convinced to use them on me with the harness.

            If I was going to help Elsie and Carol with their goals in the declining time they were staying at my house, I needed to speed things along.

            I stuck the dildos on the bathroom wall – I added two more than the last time. Two steps bigger – it would be a challenge if I made it. I would be happy with one. I set the video camera on the tripod and placed it as close as to the shower as I dared.

            I placed condoms on them – it just gave me peace of mind that they would be easier to clean – and lightly lubed each one. Then I filled the lube shooter and emptied it in my rectum. I started the camera on record.

            I backed onto the first one, spent five minutes working myself onto it, then stroking and moving until I had relaxed and had loosened up. The second one was easier and the third was the same.

            The fourth – I struggled a little to get it in, that was the one I had stopped at the last time I had played with the dildos.

            I was still working to get it in when there was a knock on the door.

            ”Mary, are you in here?” it was Linda.

            ”Are you alone?” I asked.

            ”Yes,” she replied.

            ”OK, you can come in then close the door, but please be open minded,” I said.

            ”Oh my, what are you doing? Are you trying to hurt yourself?” she asked.

            ”No, I am fine. I’m doing anal stretching. Someday I want to try anal sex and I need to learn how to relax those muscles. It is one of the things on my sexual bucket list. This will help,” I said.

            ”I had a girl friend in the city that raved about anal. She said that without anal it just wasn’t pleasing sex for her,” she said.

            ”There is no mess! How come, I thought it would be messy,” Linda said.

            ”I cleaned out before I started,” I said.

            ”Would you do me a favor?” I asked.

            ”Sure,” Linda said.

            ”Take the camera off the tripod and film me from above and below. Make a few of them close ups,” I said.

            ”OK I can do that,” Linda said.

            I kept working on number four, finally getting it all in. I stayed at it until I was completely relaxed and loose. I added a fresh glob of the lube on number five and moved to take it.

            I struggled hard to take it. I was really being stretched as I pushed back and then off a little.

            ”WOW! That is really stretching you,” Linda said.

            Number five was bigger around than number four and only a little longer. Number six was as big around as number five but an inch and a quarter longer. I stayed at number five a long time before I felt the plastic balls against my pussy. Finally I had loosened up and stretched and now was sliding easily on it.

            I told Linda how to fill the lube shooter and to hand it to me. I added a glob on number six, then I pulled off and filled my rectum again. It was a wonder it just didn’t run out onto the floor, I was still gaped. Then I quickly backed onto number six. I had been right, the six was close in size to the five. I felt some stretch but not much.

            What I did feel was the difference in length. It bottomed out before I hit the balls. I stroked and added pressure while ignoring the discomfort. I even tried changing positions on it.

            I straighten up some and was able to gain some more. And then with the gain, I slowly bent over again to see if I could hold the depth I gained. I did, so I repeated the sequence several more times.

            Once I straightened up, I felt my stomach while looking for the tip. I didn’t feel it but I did like the sensation of stroking on it while standing up. I still wasn’t against the balls yet, so I went back to the position that I had gained depth with. After several more minutes I was against the balls.

            I felt my stomach again while stroking. A couple of times I felt the tip moving against my hand, or at least I thought I did. I stroked for another ten minutes. I was loose and could move all around on it with little discomfort.

            ”I’m going to pull off. Take some video of the gape before it closes and then I am finished,” I said.

            ”That’s a big hole,” Linda said.

            ”Lube your hand up and see how much you can get in me – be quick about it,” I said.

            I heard the plunger on the lube bottle a couple times and then fingers started up my ass. First it was two then three than four on a flat hand. Then I could tell she had folded her thumb in and was trying for the knuckles. She kept turning her hand and pushing and turning.

            She placed her other hand around my hip and across my midriff so I couldn’t move away from the fist to gain leverage. I felt it slowly slipping in. Then there was a pop and it was in to the wrist.

            ”What do I do now,” she asked.

            ”Keep going! Describe to me what you feel, see how deep you can go. I’ll tell you to stop if I need to,” I said.

            She gained a couple more inches before I felt the need to stop.

            ”I guess the camera is too far away for you to get it,” I said.

            ”No, I can get and it is still on. Besides, you are going to follow anywhere my hand takes you,” she said with a laugh.

            ”Oh so true,” I said.

            ”Got it and filming,” she said.

            ”Stroke it a few times,” I said.

            ”You have loosened up some in there,” she said.

            ”Try going a little deeper each time,” I said.

            I tried to feel my stomach to see if I could feel her hand.

            ”Pull your hand nearly out and go back all the way in and stroke me. Let me see how that feels.” I said.

            We did that for a few minutes. It was time to quit.

            ” Take more video if you can and slowly take it out,” I said.

            It took five minutes at least to take it out and it hurt a lot worse than going in. Finally it was out.

            ”There is an even bigger gape than before,” Linda said.

            I started squeezing to close it, working with the Kegel exercises. As I was doing them I pulled the condoms off and into the trash they went. I put some Dawn in the bathroom sink, placed the dildos in and filled it with hot water.

            Linda and I took a shower and I used the wand to wash my rectum out at full blast. Linda gave her hand a good scrubbing. There was lube running down both my legs that I had to soap like all hell to get rid of. That was the one thing I hated about the silicone based lube. It was a mess to clean up.

            We rested on the bed and I did Kegel exercises for thirty minutes, then took a break from them.

            Linda and I talked about her experience fisting me. She wasn’t terribly upset and expressed some interest about trying anal with the small dildo. Linda decided that she would help next time I wanted to do anal.

            We also came up with the idea that we should try the fisting with me on my back on the bed or table so we both could see any action in my stomach. It stood to reason that there should be movement visible in my abdomen with the fist and possibly the big dildos.

            I had three more sizes to go to be able to take James and then the last one to be able to take Dad. There were still challenges ahead. I did exercises every thirty minutes for the rest of the morning.

            Dad and James were home in time for lunch. After lunch they were going to make more feed for the pigs and chickens. That was an every two week job now. Pig was an understatement – they ate all the time and anything that got in the pen was fair game. They were growing just as fast.

            When the ground feed was finished they were going to the dealer and look at used combines. According to the salesman, they had several with low hours. There were too many in stock and the owners wanted them sold and off the lot.

            After lunch we did a 69 session, getting Linda off twice and me once. Then we went out to tan. We had turned the fourth time when we heard the Jackson Gator stop in front of the house.

            I wondered if Grandma was with them? A few minutes later Elsie, Carol and Bob came out naked and carrying two blankets. I expected a fire storm, but that didn’t happen.

            ”I suspected all of you were tanning together, and now there is confirmation. I guess it could be worse, but at least I know you will watch for each other,” Linda said.

            Blankets were spread and the girls applied lotion to each other and to Bob’s back. Bob was lying face down on the blanket. I was sure it was to hide an erection. Linda was watching closely. I wondered what would happen when it came turn over time.

            Turn over time came in a flash; it was the fastest thirty minutes ever. The girls turned and oiled each other and me. Then I oiled Linda. Bob was still on his stomach.

            When I finished Linda, I tapped his leg. ”Roll over young man,” I said. He was half staff and growing.

I started with his face and worked my way down his body, ignoring the fully erect cock. The only thing left was his cock and balls. Linda was watching intently. With a palm loaded with oil I oiled the balls and then the cock.

            When I finished I slapped his cock. ”Down boy,” I said.

            After his expression of pain, it deflated like a popped balloon. Linda’s expressions were priceless. First was the reaction to his pain and surprise that I had done that. And then she fought hard the urge to giggle or laugh.

            I went back, set the timer and lay on my back. I kept looking across the girls to read expressions from them and Linda.

            The next time the turn alarm went off, everyone decided they still had enough oil.

            With tomorrow being Saturday, there were just four more days to the wedding but everything was ready. I had reserved a motel room to change our clothes and told them we needed it to be ready for us to occupy at 10 AM. As soon as we got the kids in the room, Dad and I were going to get the license at the court house.

            I had researched places to do a small ceremony, but without all kinds of advanced arrangements, they were few. I did find one called the Wedding Chapel that agreed to do just a small wedding.

            That night after supper and showers, I explained to Bob about the slap. To make up for the slap, Bob and I joined up and I attempted to screw his brains out, starting with aggressive oral.

            I went full Amazon on him. He fucked me missionary, cow girl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, on the bed, on the floor and once with me sitting on him in the chair. Each time it deflated I sucked him back hard for one more time, until he could not get it up any more.

            Dad and James took care of the girls, swapping several times while I wore Bob’s ass out.

            Dad and I washed each other in the shower and I washed Bob’s cum out of me. Then Dad and I made love for the last orgasm for the night.  

            Sunday we loaded the Pete and both six wheelers to take to the mill on Monday. The rest of the day was laid back with rest and relaxation. Dad joined James and me tanning out by the pool.

            It was nearly seven when the Jackson grandkids joined us. They had a family cookout and spent the day under the shade tree with their Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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