Chapter 24

It was time to get started with the anal training with the girls – if they truly wanted to do the things they asked. Or, were they just horny in the heat of the moment the other night?

            I took both girls into the bedroom and asked them if they were serious in wanting to try anal and double and triple before they had to go back living full time at the Jackson house.

            Both said yes with some enthusiasm so that put my fears off a little.

            ”We need to get started with stretching those muscles down there. Let’s go to my bedroom and get started,” I said.

            ”First thing is to do a clean out of the lower portion of the bowel since we are not doing monster two foot long dildos and we can do this with a reasonably quick enema. A good clean experience will make you want to do more; a dirty messy outcome will take the fun out of it, but always remember that there are things that can happen that will sometimes leave a little mess. Soap and water takes care of all of it,” I said.

            ”Since you are not constipated, you don’t need to use soaps or cleansers – the kinds of things they sell in stores. If you use those too often, they can cause bowel problems,” I said.

            ”Luke warm water is all you need. You simply want to flush out any solids in the lower bowel where you are going to play,” I said.

            “You can use it as often as you want to play. Another thing to remember is that a clean-out will last several hours and more depending on your body. If you have just completed your daily movement it could last up to six hours. That part is a learning curve you will figure out as you play,” I said.

            ”Strip and let’s get started,” I added.

            I filled the enema bag and had them check the water for temperature.

            ”If it is to cold, there is a chance it will send you into shock. Not a good thing. If it is too hot it will scald the lining on the bowel – a very serious problem with long term consequences,” I said.

            I started with Elsie, telling her how to lube her anus and stem of the nozzle attachment and how to fill and purge when she felt full. I explained that it was not necessary to hold it in any length of time. If you hold it too long or try to overfill, the water will travel further up into the colon. If that happens you can get yourself into a long clean out process.

            ”Just fill and immediately purge; flush the toilet each time so you can easily tell when there is no material coming out – just water. Each time you fill slide the nozzle deeper. When it’s clear you are done – stay sitting on the toilet a while longer as there is usually one last bit of water to come out after a few minutes – that is released by the lining of the bowel,” I said.

            Elsie was finished cleaning out and Carol took her place; a few minutes later she was done. It took ten minutes for each of them; about what it took me. Out by the bed I placed all the butt plugs I had and allowed then to choose the one they wanted.

            ”This early in the process, there is little possibility that a jeweled butt plug could disappear out of sight up the rectum as it is going to be tight. Later on – after much play or sex and as you learn to relax those muscles – you will want to use butt plugs with a handle or a cord attached as a safety measure,” I said.

            I had all three sizes of speculums and some tools to retrieve a toy if necessary. Amazon adult has many unusual things without a description of what they actually are and used for. A kinky mind comes into play and fills in the blanks.

            They both chose the small butt plug – as I figured they would. I lubed them and the rectum up with KY using one then two fingers, with Elsie first bent over the bed. Just to get her a little more involved, ”Reach around and spread those cheeks,” I said.

            With Carol watching I pushed the tapered plug half way in twice to get things somewhat accustomed and then pushed in completely. Once the inch and a quarter mass went in, her muscles pulled it the rest of the way in. I wiped off the excess lube.

            Carol was next with Elsie watching – then I decided that Elsie should install Carol’s. I described what to do and how.

            ”You want me to put my fingers in there?” Elsie asked.

            ”Yes! It is somewhat clean, and soap and water will clean them up,” I replied.

            A couple minutes later Carol was plugged.

            ”I will tell you that you can still have sex with the plug in. It will feel tighter for both of you. Just have James and Bob go slow and give things time to adjust. Bob already knows but just remind him. He has fucked me with one in several days ago,” I said.

            ”Leave them in until you get ready for bed unless you want to try anal tonight with the small dildo. If you do, come back and I will help you get past the tough spots, but don’t wait too late,” I said.

            Playing with them had left me horny. I put all the toys and lube away. I took a shower and walked naked into the living room.

            ”It’s time for you to shower and come to bed with me,” I said while taking his hand and helping him up.

            I described what I had done to the girls while he was showering. When he came out, he was at full mast. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off. I had my nose against him while playing with his nuts as he pumped the first load into my belly.

            He sucked and fingered me off for my first orgasm. We made slow and gentle love for the second one. With the door open – it was never shut on an evening – we held each other and talked love, family, sex and children. I had kept him updated on the events with Linda.

            There was a light knock on the door frame; it was the girls and boys. They wanted to talk about the butt plugs and the dildo. What they really wanted – or I should say Carol – was to use the small dildo in her butt and give first Bob oral and then James and film it while she was doing it.

            ”You do know that I can put two dildos – one over the other – and you can fuck your pussy and ass at the same time doing oral. I think they call that, ‘ plugged tight’ like I was the other night. That is if you want to get really kinky on film,” I said.

            Dad was playing with my clit under the sheet while I was talking and his cock was hard against my leg.

            ”OK, that is the way I want to try it. Can I chose which dildo I want for my pussy?” she asked.

            ”Sure,” I answered.

            She chose the one the size of James for her pussy. There was only one bigger one in the drawer and the six inch was the one destined for her ass. I covered the six with a condom and filled the lube shooter with silicone lube. If she was going to ass fuck the dildo the entire time she was sucking Bob and James off, she would need it.

            Carol had been vocal while Dad and I were making love. Both guys had cum at least twice so they were going to be tough to get off the third time by oral unless the visual of the ass fuck was a big turn on. Although, the camera and video would be a distraction.

            With James and Elsie operating the cameras, I pulled the plug out and inserted the lube shooter and pushed the plunger as I withdrew it. I had timed it right, ending up with a small glob at the anus and a little to cover the dildo.

            I helped her start the big one in her pussy as she moved back on it and then the one at her ass hole when it was close enough.

            ”OK girl, they are both started. It’s up to you how you take them,” I said.

            She reached to Robert, pulled his hard cock to her lips and then about half in her mouth and started a rocking motion. On to nearly off and further on.

            I could tell by looking at her face that she was uncomfortable, but she wasn’t giving up. I also could tell as fast as she found a rhythm, it wasn’t the first time she had taken one from each end.

            She kept at the motions and a few minutes later her butt cheeks were slapping the wall. She had both of the dildos to the balls in her. She pushed Bob off for a second.

            ”I got them – they are both as deep as they will go. It feels great. I am loosening up nicely,” Carol said.

            Then she gripped Bob’s hips to get him in the position she wanted and got aggressive at cock sucking and massaging his balls. She was banging her nose against his pubic bone and the wall with her ass on the off stroke. Bob came with a groan, pumping his seeds deep into her mouth.

            He pulled out with James hard cock ready to take its place.

            ”Wait, I want to make a change. I’m so loose, can you swap out the top dildo for one a little bigger?” Carol asked.

            ”Sure! Keep moving while I get one. How much bigger do you want to go?” I asked.

            ”I’m pretty loose – two steps,” Carol said.

            I placed a condom and lube on it and wet the suction cup.

             ”OK, I’m ready – pull off,” I said.

            Elsie was filming from the other side as she did. I quickly made the swap and then lifted the pussy dildo into place and started her back on it. Carol struggled as I knew she would. It was longer and bigger – 7.5 long and 1.5 in diameter. The first one was 6 and 1.25.

            Determined, Carol was making progress – slow progress. I reached under and fingered and rubbed her clit to make things feel better. A few minutes later she reached for James cock. She had half the dildo in her ass and was moving onto it.

            I was watching the dildo to make sure no blood was appearing on it. I heard her gag and knew she had more than half of James’s cock in her throat; that was a far as she normally took it. The gag and cough had a side effect on the muscles in her rectum. Her ass cheeks were against the wall.

            Elsie’s eyes were as big as saucers, the video camera had been filming a close up when it happened that three inches disappeared all at once.

            ”Elsie, film her mouth. I bet she takes all of James in a minute or two,” I said.

            Sure enough – a minute or so later – after a deep breath, she put her hands on James’s hips and pulled, stopping with her nose against him. Bob and Elsie both were filming and would have perfect pictures and video of the moment. Carol had to move James off enough so she could stroke and breathe.

            I was still rubbing her clit when James announced he was cuming. He lunged forward, driving Carol’s ass cheeks against the wall and unloaded his cum the deepest ever in her throat. As that happened, Carol’s legs started trembling and her body shaking. Carol was coming with James, the big dildo in her pussy, the large dildo in her ass.

            As soon as James finished, he pulled away so she could breathe. He went to his knees, he then kissed and held her up. As she recovered, she pulled off those stuck on the wall. The big pussy dildo fell free to the floor. The ass dildo was still stuck in her ass. I gently pulled it out as she stood while dribbling lube on the shower floor. She was beat, exhausted and cock whipped.

            ”I did it, I did it. I finally sucked all of James to the balls. I got ass and pussy fucked at the same time, even if it was by the dildo. I can’t wait to do it again with three real cocks. My throat is sore! I guess that will take a while to get used to,” Elsie said while filled with excitement.

            ”Yes, sip on a glass of crushed ice,” I said.

            The sore throat didn’t slow down her talking any. She described how the dildo in her ass felt going in, how it loosened up and how good it felt after that.

            ”If I wasn’t so tired, I would have tried another bigger dildo,” Carol said.

            ”It is best to stretch gradually and not too big too fast,” I said.

            ”Do you want to shower now?” I asked.

            ”Yes, please,” Carol replied.

            We helped her out and I adjusted the water temperature. She had her arms around James.

            ”How did it feel when I sucked it all in? Did it excite you like it excited me? I had a little cum as my nose touched you,” Carol said.

            ”That’s what made me come when I felt you take it all. I can’t wait to have my cock buried in your ass. It will be so hot to see and feel,” James said.

            Then Elsie and I helped her shower and wash her hair with the guys watching. We dried her off and helped her to my bed to rest while I cleaned up everything.

            James and Bob stepped in the shower, washed up and dried off.

            I had been in a long session. Carol was going to be super sore tomorrow. Her throat would hurt and feel like a desert most of the day and her ass more than a day, I was sure.

            ”Well Elsie, when do you want to try?” I said.

            ”Tomorrow! I’ll wear the butt plug a while longer, maybe even a bigger one. If she can take it, so can I,” Elsie said.

            There was the sibling rivalry thing making an appearance, but that was OK. I wondered how many days it would be before Carol would be doing a pussy ass double penetration on her own with the two boys. Carol was quickly moving along.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.      

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