Chapter 25

The Jackson kids left after breakfast. Dad, James and I finished the last pick of cucumbers for pickles. The summer heat had gotten to the vines and killed the blossoms necessary to make cucumbers. They were dying; the sprinklers had put off the inevitable for a while.

            There was enough for one more batch that I was going to do this morning. Today’s run would make one hundred quart and pint mason jars of the three variety of pickles. I was going to send some to the Jackson’s the next time Grandma came over.

            Dad and James were going to take the Pete with a load of wheat to the mill and one of the six wheeler loads after that. We had forty thousand bushels of wheat to carry to the mill before corn harvest started the last of August. This afternoon they were going to look at used combines.

            Dad and I had talked about a second combine a few nights ago. The dealer had several used ones in stock and they wanted them gone if they could sell them. With low hours and in good shape, they would fit the ticket. As a bonus, they were the same make and size as the one we had, so the attachments were interchangeable.

            All farmers were the same as were most men; bigger, more power, faster. When one bought a new bigger combine, the dealer ended up selling two or three – it was the ‘Keep up with the Jones’ syndrome.

            I was cleaning up and putting things away when Linda came in. I had heard her drive up. That import car she drove had a sound all its own.

            ”I have been to Seagraves again. They finally decided they might be able to use my engineering skills. They are working on a contract and I have been helping them with some of the designs. It sounds like they may be leaning to an offer. I don’t have any hopes that the pay will be something that I could afford to take, though,” Linda said.

            Before she got past the living room she was naked.

            ”I hope you don’t mind if I shower. Deodorant seems to be causing me to itch for some reason. Have you got time to play? Then I want to talk,” Linda said.

            ”Yes, we have plenty of time to play. I will shower with you to get rid of the pickle smell. While we are at it, you can practice on the dildos again,” I said.

            I stuck the 6, 7, 7.5 and 8 on the wall high enough that we could stand. After the shower Linda asked if I would go first while sucking and throating them. It was no problem for me, I guess she needed a little reassurance.

             I gave her a tonsil searching scorching kiss and then I placed her hand on my throat to reassure her where each one would stop at. I took my time and slobbered plenty of saliva on the first one and licked the balls as nose hit the wall. I repeated the process on all four. Linda’s other hand stayed busy in her crotch.

            When I stepped away from the last one she took my place. She placed my hand to her throat and started with the 6 inch one. She handled it nicely as she did the 7 inch one.

            The 7.5 gave her trouble as it did the other day. She struggled, gagged, coughed and gagged some more, pulling off to swallow and clear her throat. I figured she was going to give up. But she didn’t.

            She went back at the 7.5 even more determined. This time she was working harder on her breathing to help with the gag and cough. Her hand went to her pussy and she started playing with her clit. Her nose hit the wall the same time she had the first orgasm. Her knees weakened but she stayed at the dildo – working it, still stretching her throat – before pulling off.

            ”I did it. One to go,” Linda said.

            She went to the 8 and started, first it was a third and then half and three quarters. She kept going. The hand in the crotch picked up speed. Linda reached for my hand and placed it back on her throat as she worked the dildo deeper.

            Just as her nose hit the wall there was a pop in her throat where my fingers were. It startled me. I had never experienced anything like that and it worried me. But she only hesitated for a couple seconds before moving to the off stroke and again there was a pop.

            Linda changed her rhythm, but was not pulling far enough off to breathe. She was stroking four or five off and on strokes before taking a quick breath; she was going to run herself out of oxygen if she kept it up.

            Porn directors used this tactic on new actresses who were not seasoned enough to have their agent or representative on the set. They were deep throated over and over again without being allowed to get enough air.

            When the actress tapped the thigh to tell the actor she needed to breathe, he stroked deep for several more strokes before pulling out. And then she got one breath instead of the three or four she needed before her throat was plugged again to repeat the scenario.

            Over a few minutes she would start to lose awareness; the eyes would dilate and then begin to roll back under the eyelids, she would be groggy, unresponsive and often thought to be under heavy drugs.

            It was in this state that unscrupulous directors would bring in the third and fourth actors for double and triple penetration scenes and rougher sex, all the time making sure she was oxygen starved by keeping big cocks in her throat. The term in porn world was ‘fucked dumb’.

            There was a popping noise at end deep stroke when her nose hit the wall. Her hand working on her clit was a blur it was moving so fast.  

            ”Oh God I’m cuming so hard!” Linda said in the few seconds she was off. A minute or so later she let out an agonizing scream on a breath stroke, ”I’m cuming again!”

            Linda was starting to turn blue when her knees gave way and she started to fall. Her legs were quivering like leaves in a windstorm. She fell away from the wall; luckily I was able catch her so she didn’t hurt herself. She still had the dildo balls deep in her mouth, it had pulled away from the wall.

            I reached for it to pull it out, but she beat me to it. With it out she was wheezing like a race house. In between the breaths she tried to talk.

            ”So strong, just so strong. Why can’t my husband get me off like this? Why can’t I get off like this when I masturbate?” Linda asked.

            ”Help me shower and let’s go lay in the sun. I’m too exhausted to play any more right now. I need to talk,” Linda said.

            ”Sure, then we will also get you some ice chips,” I said. Her voice was raspy and harsh. I now knew what the pop was. It was the knob of the dildo passing her larynx. I hoped there was no permanent damage and wondered why only with her.

            Out on the blanket and covered in suntan oil, Linda began talking.

            ”I’m having more erotic dreams, several every night. I must be masturbating heavily to them. At first I thought I was leaking pee but then I realized it was sticky and slippery. I am now sleeping on three towels to keep from messing up the bed,” Linda said.

            ”I dreaming of Bob’s cock after seeing it. I can’t believe how big it is, at least twice as big as his father. I am dreaming of sucking and fucking it and after seeing you doing anal with the dildos, I want to be ass fucked with it. I want a real cock to please me,” Linda said.

            ”I have dreamed of being ravished by more than one cock at a time, of being restrained where they could have their way with me. Another time I was forced to go man to man and please them and they pleased me. It was so wicked yet and so fun, so much pleasure in the dream,” Linda said.

            ”I dreamed they fucked me so much I couldn’t walk right for a day. I want it so bad. What’s happening to me?” Linda said.

            ”I think you are trying to do all the things you suppressed as a teen during your romance, expecting all those things to happen in the marriage and then ending up in a limited sex marriage. You are and have been sexually deprived – unsatisfied,” I said.

            ”You could be right. I was the good girl at school and then at college waiting for the right guy, expecting to live out my fantasy with him and I found the sex in the marriage was a disappointment. Now that I have found it – It’s like a book that I can’t put down; I want to finish it,” Linda said.

            Then the bombshell was dropped, ”I don’t want to go back to the city and Robert. I think he is seeing another woman. I received some texts that were questionable. I want more than I was getting at home or will ever get,” Linda said.

            ”Please don’t go bar hopping. Let me work on a couple things,” I said.

            ”I think you have led a sheltered life. Sex and sexual kink goes from A to Z these days; there are no given limits any more. The sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s has only grown. The only limits are the ones the individual sets,” I said.

            ”I know you are open to some kink, what are your limits?” I said.

            “I don’t know what you mean,” Linda responded.

            ”I’m pretty open minded myself, willing to try most anything once – especially if it is on my bucket list. One thing I am not doing is lying in the tub and let someone poop or pee on me – that one is a pretty firm limit. There are others as I am not into pain or bruises,” I said.

            ”OH! OK, I see – I’m with you on that one. I don’t have a bucket list, maybe I should think about doing that,” Linda said.

            ”You said you dreamed about Bob. Would you?” I asked.

            ”That’s incest,” Linda replied.

            ”It’s legal in this state as long as the parties are old enough to legally consent,” I said.

            ”Do you think he would, as old as I am. That’s a big difference in age,” Linda said.

            ”I will be honest with you. After he saw you naked by the pool he said you were ‘HOT, definitely a MILF,” I said.

            ”MILF?” Linda said.

            ”Mother I’d like to fuck,” I said.

            ”OH” Linda said.

            ”You still look good and they say all boys have fantasies about Mom. I will check him out, carefully tip-toeing around the issue discreetly. Remember, he was looking at you when the hard-on made its appearance,” I said.

            ”He was? I didn’t know that I was so stuck about his cock size and instantly so wet! I never noticed he was looking at me,” Linda said.

            ”How about the dream of being restrained and ravished? I know some guys from town that would be into that. They would want you blindfolded and ears plugged; totally anonymous so there no chance of losing college scholarships,” I said.

            ”That sounds interesting – I could go with anonymous. How does that work?” Linda said.

            ”It will take a few days to set it up and I would insist that the play take place here for the safety aspect,” I said.

            ”What about the kids?” Linda said.

            ”I would get Dad to take them to the box store in town and tell him needed to be gone for a while,” I said.

            ”How about James? What would you say if I wanted him or your Dad?” Linda asked.

            ”I’m sure they would be interested – they are men after all – but you better start working on the big dildos and practice on Bob,” I said.

            ”Why do you say that?” Linda said.

            ”Both James and Dad are well hung, way better than Bob. I doubt either one would have a problem ringing your bell if they were given the opportunity by the comments I have heard whispered.”

            We talked as we tanned for the next two hours. I was trying to pick her brain for every idea and sexual whim I could find. She may not have been horny but I was and ready for a stud as soon as they came home. Linda left not long after they did come home.

            When Elsie, Carol and Bob came in I was lying across the table with Dad pounding my pussy with my legs on his shoulders. My head was hanging over the other side with James fucking my throat.

            ”Hey, that’s not fair starting without us,” Carol said.

            The orgy lasted another hour with the new arrivals.

            I did more shopping at the Amazon adult site for sure. It took two hours to find what I was looking for. I ordered a blackout hood used in BDSM play – not knowing any sizes, I had to order a small, medium and a large. It covered the head and left the nose and mouth open and accessible with an adjustable strap that went under the chin and a draw string in the back to keep it tight. It was guaranteed to blackout all vision and block all hearing with the included ear plugs – as if anyone could believe a guarantee from an adult toy company.

            I also ordered a Zorro style blackout eye mask as a backup. And then several kinds of restraints, cuffs I already had so I ordered two waist belts – one has arm restraints to the side that could be moved to the front and the other at the center of the back.

            I wondered about a submission collar for Linda. I had read that with the right mindset that kind of commitment to bondage and discipline could be rewarding. But then so much stuff one reads is just crap.

            They weren’t very expensive so I ordered a couple different styles.

            Tomorrow was Tuesday – one more day to the city and getting married to Dad. From then on I needed to remember to call him Sherman anytime we were in public. Doing so would allow us to show more affection in public without raising eyebrows.

            We were up early. After breakfast the kids went to help Grandpa and Dad took another load of wheat to the mill while James tended the livestock. I cleaned the house and did the wash. I wished there was room for another dryer. The washer could do two loads while the dryer finished one. It really didn’t matter, in a few weeks the wash would be greatly reduced when the kids went full time back to Amos’s.

            I placed the wedding dress in a plastic clothes case with Dad’s suit. With the six of us going the clothes would have to be placed in the big cross box behind the cab that was designed for tools and equipment. There was plenty of room in it and it was still remarkably clean, but still everything needed to be in plastic.

            I made up a kit of things to take: Dad’s and my birth certificates and the wedding rings.  I was going to wear Mom’s and Dad’s still fit. I considered light make up and mild shade of lipstick.

            To be honest I was on pins and needles, expecting something to go wrong – you know the old saw ‘Anything that can go wrong will’.

            Linda came over in the afternoon, she wanted to try the dildos again and then tan. We used the same ones as yesterday. As yesterday, she had her hand in her crotch aggressively playing with her clit. She had an orgasm on the second one and another one on the fourth. The fourth was still a challenge but not much. It only took few minutes for her nose to be touching the wall.

            ”Are you still going to Metro with the kids tomorrow?” Linda asked.

            ”Yes! We will be gone most of the day on business,” I said.

            As we tanned, Linda talked about the dreams she had last night. They were getting more involved and realistic. It wasn’t a cougar or panther I had released – it was a full grown tiger and she was on the prowl.

            “Have you had a chance to talk to Bob yet?” Linda asked.

            ”I will tonight and I will work on the other when we get back,” I replied.

            ”My bosses in the city suspect I have been helping Seagraves Industries on the contract here instead of going through the main office. They are not thrilled but are happy that design issues are being resolved,” Linda said.

            ”They want me to come in on Monday to discuss a job offer. I have already told them I would be there,” Linda said.

            Dad and I had another discussion after supper about the wedding. We discussed telling James, Bob, Carol and Elsie the reason for the trip tomorrow. We decided to call them down and tell them tonight. Doing it that way may save a scene tomorrow.

            With them sitting in the living room and me and Dad standing with our arms around each other I began.

            ”You know we are going to Metro tomorrow but not what for. Dad and I plan to be married tomorrow before the state changes the laws making close family marriages illegal,” I said.

            ”This isn’t something off the cuff – we have been planning it for a while. The state has made it necessary to act sooner than we planned,” I said.

            ”We have arranged to get the license and have a small wedding tomorrow. You are my wedding party. James can give me away, Carol can bridesmaid and hold the rings, Elsie can be the photographer and Bob the best man,” I said.

            ”This is a big step. Are there any objections? If so, I want to hear them now, not tomorrow,” I said.

            ”Will this change anything?” Carol said.

            ”If you are asking about the sex arrangement, the answer is no. Sherman and I both want variety and multiple partners. I still have a big bucket list of things I want to try. The four of you will be a nice fit in our relationship,” I said.

            ”We still have the things you wanted to do before you move back to the Jackson house full time. We need to start to work on that on Thursday with more training to pick up the pace,” I said.

            ”We still need to keep the marriage a secret for a while,” I said.

            ”Are you going to have children?” James asked – a question I did not expect from him.

            ”Yes, but not any time soon, graduation from school is a priority and possibly college. Modern prenatal tests and monitoring has made having children from incest relationships safer,” I said.

            ”Are there any more questions, because that is all I wanted to say,” I said.

            ”Just one. Will I call you Mary or Mom?” James asked.

            ”Mary will be best for now,” I said.

            ”The rest of you can go. Bob, I have some questions for you,” I said.

            ”Please understand this conversation is just between you and me. Out at the pool you said your Mom was a MILF – do you still think that? Be honest,” I said.

            ”Yes, I think she is hot,” Bob said.

            ”Could you make love to her? Could you do the things with her that you do so well with Elsie, Carol and me?” I asked.

            ”I don’t know. She would be so much more experienced than me. With Carol and Elsie we were learning together. It might be really tough,” Bob said.

            ”Even though she has had three kids, she is not anywhere near as experienced as you think and as you are. She led a restricted youth and an even more suppressed sex in her marriage,” I said.

            ”Events here have awakened those hidden sexual desires. That desire has been in front of you several times. The short shorts, the naked sun tanning and the shaved pussy are all new to her. She wants more – she wants to do all those things, try new things,” I said.

            ”She wants you or thinks she does, but is not sure how to proceed. The sight of your hard cock the other day has her craving it. It is the biggest one she has ever seen – far bigger than your father. Their sex life is infrequent – almost nonexistent – and not very pleasing anymore,” I said.

            ”She still needs to cross the line in her mind that incest is OK. If she makes that decision, can you make love to her using everything you have learned?” I asked.

            ”I told you the first time with Elsie and Carol to make them a woman. Can you make Linda a complete woman, because right now sexually she is not? Could you take her hand and walk into that bedroom and make love to her?” I asked as I pointed to my bedroom.

            ”Think about it, let me know tomorrow. Please do not say anything to Elsie or Carol,” I said.

            Dad and I cuddled and talked and made love for hours while listening to the boys and girls before falling asleep.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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