Chapter 26

We were up at 6 with breakfast finished at seven. We were on the road a few minutes later in my truck. Dad had changed out the mileage limiting farm for regular tags. The truck could go anywhere now, even if I could not drive it.

            Dad was driving with me next to him and James next to me. Elsie, Carol and James were in the back seats. Metro was two hours away; it was a long ride with a couple of stops.

            We arrived at Motel 8 at 9:30. I had paid for the room for last night and tonight so we could get early access to change clothes. Dad checked in – I figured it would look better if he did it.

            We carried the clothes to the room and left the kids to get dressed while we went to the county court house to get the marriage license. We were a few minutes early; our appointment was at 10 and we were there at 9:50.

            We stood at the window while the clerk filled it out. We both had questions to answer while he reviewed our birth certificates and made copies of them.

            A few minutes later he handed all our paperwork back with the license on top.

            ”Been getting a lot of family marriages in the last few weeks – must be because of the possibility of the law changes,” the clerk said.

            Back at the hotel I took a quick shower. I put on a new thong then shimmied into Mom’s wedding dress. I moved and shifted my boobs into place. One thing about this dress; it showed a lot of cleavage and barely covering my nipples. Matching thigh-high’s and white shoes finished it out.

            I added Mom’s diamond necklace and earrings. The girls helped me put on a light makeup and light lipstick. Elsie took pictures and video. I gave the rings to Dad to put in his pocket. With the marriage license and our ID’s, we were off.

            We arrived at the low fuss wedding in time to get the run-through on how things would be done. They had a couple of people there who were going to use our camera and video recorder so Carol and Elsie could be in place.

            Dad was standing in his appointed place with Carol and Elsie to the right of the minister and Bob was standing to his left. With the wedding march playing, I slowly walked in with James escorting me.

            ”Dearly beloved friends and guest we are here today to join Mary and Sherman in holy matrimony. Who gives the bride away?” the minister said.

            ”I do,” James replied.

            The rest of the ceremony was like a blur until the questions at the end.

            “Do you Mary take Sherman to be your lawful wedded husband, for better or worse, to love and to cherish, to bear his children, until death do you part?”

            ”I do,” I said.

            ”Sherman, do you take Mary to be your lawful wedded wife for better or for worse, to love and cherish, to father her children until death do you part?”

            ”I do,” Dad said.

            ”Rings please,” he said. Carol gave him the rings.

            ”These rings are a symbol of a lifetime commitment, of enduring love and companionship,” he said.

            He placed the rings on the first knuckle of my finger and on Dad’s and then we pushed them on simultaneously until they were fully seated.

            ”I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,” he said.

            I thought Dad was swallow my tongue for a moment, followed by a hug that lifted me off the floor.

            I had to dry tears of joy and so did Elsie and Carol.

            We posed for pictures as husband and wife while hugging and kissing. Then there were more pictures with the girls and boys.

            They printed off a few pictures they had taken even though they were taking some with our own equipment for us to carry home. We would get a small photo album in a few days from them.

            With everybody paid and tipped we went back to the motel to change. The ride home was just too long to make in suits and fancy dresses.

            We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and headed home. At home Dad carried me across the threshold and into the bedroom. The official consummation would come later.

            Good clothes were put away, the wedding dress would go to the cleaners and into the cedar chest once more, the jewelry put away.

            Livestock needed to be checked, supper made and things were back to normal.

            After supper I showered and put on a baby doll outfit I had purchased at the box store and waited in the living room. It hid nothing, it said I am yours come fuck me and I am ready.

            There were whistles and catcalls from Bob, James, Elsie and Carol. Dad came out to get me and join in. He picked me up, carried me into the bedroom, stood me beside the bed and went back to close the door.

            ”You better be gentle, she is my mother after all,” James said. That brought laughs from everyone.

            Gentle sex it was. Dad made love to every part of my body starting with the tip of my nose and I returned every kiss, every hug. We both had two orgasms with a quick shower and washout. I fell asleep with arms around me.

            I woke up at midnight to go pee and we made love again. Slow and gentle, and then finished with another orgasm.

            We woke up at 6 and showered, only to end back in bed. Dad and I were still working on another orgasm when I heard frying pans on the stove. One of the girls decided they were going to fix breakfast.

            Pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage with orange juice were served on a tray by the four of them.

            ”We figured you may need energy to get out of bed. Did you go to sleep at all?” Elsie asked.

            We took the empty trays and joined them at the table.

            ”Tonight you girls work with the dildos again. Carol, if you are up to it we may help you with doing a three-some. Dad in your pussy, Bob in your ass with James deep throating you,” I said then added, ”Elsie and I are camera girls.”

            ”OK, that sounds great,” Carol said.

            ”James, the discussion we had – do you have an answer or do you need more time?” I asked.

            ”No. I ‘m sure I can do it. I got an erection while thinking about it so I am sure, plus it was not the first time. She is hot,” James said.

            ”OK, I will try to set things up,” I said.

            Dad and James went to check the livestock and load the Pete to carry another load to the mill. Then they were going to stop by the dealers to see if the pick list of defects had been corrected on the used combine.

            Dad came in just before leaving for town. I gave him a smoldering kiss and hugs.

            ”I love you, be careful,” I said.

            Dad and James had only been gone 30 minutes when Linda drove in the yard.

            “Is it a good time to play?” Linda asked.

            ”Yes but I need to shower. What play did you want to do today?” I asked.

            ”The dildos again, adding the next larger to see if I have the courage,” Linda replied.

            ”OK, but why don’t we up the ante a little. Can you clean your lower bowel out and try the small dildo there?” I said.

            ”OK, least I can do is try,” Linda said.

            ”First order of business is the clean-out then,” I said.

             In the bathroom I explained the enema bag, its operation and function. I wasn’t sure if I needed to but with the modern times everything in that arena was a pill out of a bottle to loosen it up or plug it up. So I played safe and did it.

            While Linda was going through the process, I got the dildos out and washed them again. I got the 6, 7, 7.5, 8 and 8.5. I placed lube and a condom on the counter for the 6 that she would try to fit in her ass.

            When she was finished I cleaned-out as well then we both showered. I used the wand to remove the spend that Dad left this morning. I didn’t know if she was planning with oral on me but it may not be good for her to taste semen.

            I started first again, taking one after another to the latex balls. When I finished with the 8.5 Linda started. Linda gave up on the 8.5 with less than a half inch to go.

            ”You have done very well for just starting out. You will not have any trouble throating Bob. By the way, he is excited to have sex and be your lover,” I said.

            ”Do you want your first time to be a two-hole experience or a three hole one?” I said.

            ”I’m not sure. I have never done anal. Do you think Bob has?” I said.

            ”I’m sure of it,” I said.

            ”Since it will be your first time with him I would go for oral and normal sex and save the anal for the second or third time after you are more comfortable with each other. That will also allow you a little more time to learn to stretch and relax back there by using the dildos,” I said.

            ”So you think he will want me more than one time?” Linda asked.

            ”I am sure of it. Most young men are insatiable, he will be no different,” I said.

            ”Start with the small dildo and suck all of them again and then we will do the butt one,” I said as I went to get the lube shooter and lube.

            Linda went through all of them the same as the first time and still lacking that last half inch.

            I filled the lube shooter half way. With just the six inch I didn’t think the full dose was needed. Lubed up and with the dildo lubed, Linda bent over and backed up on the dildo as she had seen me do.

            ”Go easy, apply a little pressure, relax then pull off a little and back on and hold steady pressure against,” I said as I was holding in the proper position.

            ”Spread your legs a little,” I said as I reached in between them and started playing with her clit, trying to get her to relax.

            A few minutes later three inches were in and I was no longer needing to hold it in place, getting my hand out of the way.

            ”It’s in a lot! I can feel it stretching me. It feels like a good stretch,” Linda said.

            Then she was against the wall and excited, ”It’s a different feeling, I like it,” Linda said.

            ”I can tell it’s getting easier and looser- there is no pain like I thought there would be. Do you think I can move to the next size today?” Linda said.

            ”That’s up to you but it is best not to try to get too big too quickly,” I said.

            ”The next I have is just a little longer – half of an inch – and a little bigger in diameter – an 1/8 I think. I’ll get it ready. Keep moving and stroking to keep the hole loose,” I said.

            An eighth of an inch may not sound like much; the 6 inch was one inch in diameter or just a little over three inches if you put a tape around it. The inch and an eighth was almost four. That is a big stretch on a tiny hole that was not used to things going in (or out) of that size.

            I stuck it to the bathroom wall, covered it with a condom and lube at the same height as the other one.

            ”It’s ready if you are, take it slow,” I said.

            Linda started the plumb in her loosened hole then pushed back, taking a third of it in one push as she groaned in what could have easily been mistaken for pain and not pleasure. She pulled off some and stroked a little before pushing back and taking over half.

            There was that groan again and it was definitely pleasure as she was stroking. A couple of strokes later her ass cheeks were hitting the wall and the latex balls banging against her clit so hard that I had to move my fingers out of the way.

            She must have stroked it for five minutes before going full off and back to the wall.

            ”Oh, it feels so good! Now I know why you like it. Oh yes – I wish I could get it deeper – yes just a little deeper. I think I may cum from this. It’s sliding in so easily I love it. Put the next bigger one up, I want to try it,” Linda said.

            The next one was the seven inch one and an inch and a half in diameter. I cleaned it from where we were doing oral on it, stuck it on the wall and then lubed it.

            I went and got the video camera, it was time to put her experience on film. I took film from above and below as she was stroking including wide view from the side and front, extending the front view and watching the expressions on her face.

            ”OK, the seven is ready if you are,” I said.

            This time I had the camera on her face as she pushed back on it. It was all pleasure and a few signs of discomfort. Again I filmed from above and below. The seven was puckering her ass going in and out.

            ”See if you can slowly straighten up,” I said.

            As she did I filmed from low and the front as she spread her legs and adjusted. Suddenly she thrust her hand to her clit and began fast motions.

            ”I’m cuming, oh God, I’m cuming, oh so good, so strong,” Linda said.

            I watched her abdomen tighten up and then her chest heave. Her legs started to tremble and shake. She bent forward a little with her hand a blur.

            ”Ohhhhh, God,” Linda said.

            I stood up in time to hold her as the orgasm slowly went away.

            ”I can’t wait for the real thing. I never dreamed it would feel like that,” Linda said.

            ”Bob for tomorrow afternoon – say about one – here and then James the following day. Then both at the same time the next day if you want – a double with anal,” I said.

            ”OK, I can do that,” Linda said.

            ”I hope you like to fuck with some light on so I can make a video of it,” I said.

            ”That’s no problem but why do you want video?” I said.

            ”It’s for you to put you in the mood for play later, you would be surprised at how well it works to relive the experience to get you ready to go again,” I said.

We tanned for two hours before Dad and James came back. Shortly after Linda left saying she would be here tomorrow at one for sure.

            Supper was light and we had just finished when the three anxiously came in, ”Are we still doing the three-some with Carol,” Elsie asked.

            ”Yes, Dad and James are in the showers now. As soon as they are finished, you can help prep Carol for her part in this foursome and Bob can hit the other shower. You and I are camera operators and we need to get the stage set,” I said.

            ”Carol, do you have a plan worked out in your mind?” I asked.

            ”I want Dad on his back in my pussy, Bob in my butt and I will suck on James if that is OK,” Carol said.

            ”Bed or couch?” I asked.              

            ”Let’s do the bed,” Carol replied.

            While Carol – with Elsie’s help – went through the clean-out process and her butt with lube, I filled the men in on the plan. The quilt went on the bed and I carried extra pole lamps into the room and placed them by the wall around the bed and then checked the lighting for the video camera. I had a good clear image anywhere around the bed, although the camera made some corrections by changing to the low light function.

            I needed to get some regular movie lights if I was going to do much filming in the bedroom. The question being – would they arrive before the kids went full time to the Jackson household?

            Carol came out and I asked her one more time on camera if she was sure she wanted to do this.

            ”Yes! Absolutely I’m ready,” Carol said.

            Dad suggested that Carol lay on the bed. They pleased each other orally to help put them in the mood and get Carol more excited. After a few minutes they moved to the edge of the bed with Dad’s head almost hanging off so Carol would be able to deep throat all of James. Carol slowly positioned herself on Dad’s cock, moaning as it was fully seated.

            Bob positioned himself behind Carol and slowly penetrated her rectum with his cock until he was balls deep. The three soon worked into a rhythm with Carol getting more vocal with every thrust.

”Yes harder, more, it feels so good, Oh God more, harder,” Carol said.

            James soon ended the vocals as he slid his cock into her mouth and then into her throat. It took him a few minutes to work out a rhythm with two sliding in and out of her pussy and ass.

            Elsie and I swapped sides and then front and back taking pictures and video. I had good video of her throat bulging and the occasional tear running down her cheek. On the other end, I had great video of her filled pussy and ass. Even though Bob was not as big as Dad, Carol’s ass was nicely stretched.

            None of the players seemed in a hurry to cum, Dad had been stroking her pussy leisurely for over thirty minutes. The men in my sex life had developed remarkable stamina; they were getting so much pussy. Bob was the first to announce that he was cuming with James next.

            When they were finished Dad rolled over putting Carol on the bottom. With her legs pushed back to her shoulders, Dad pounded her into a screaming orgasm. James’s big cock down her throat for so long had not mellowed out the vocal cords at all. It would be a fantastic video to make everyone want a second round at an orgy. I had plenty of pictures to go with the video.

            ”I want to clean out and try the dildos again! When I finish, I want to have Dad in my pussy and Bob in my butt, and James in my mouth just like Carol did!” Elsie said.

            There was that sibling rivalry thing bearing its head again. The first day we met, it seemed as Elsie was the bold one – the first to strip off and run into the pond after me. But now it seemed that Elsie was following after Carol with everything. Carol was the one wanting to do try the new things and we had only done a few of the things she wanted to try, some of them I was worried about. To top that off, she was wanting to be a voyeur.

            Fifteen minutes later while the guys were showering, Elsie was backing up on the first of the dildos the 6, 6.5. 7 and 7.5. This was the second time Elsie had the four of them in the last few days. She stretched easily to accommodate the first three and took all of the forth in a couple minutes.

            All the men were back and watching her on the dildos, already fully hard. Elsie was going to get a much longer ride than Carol. The edge was gone after the first round with Carol and now would be an endurance fuck. Not really good for Elsie getting a cock in her ass.

            Dad, Elsie and Bob climbed on the bed. It took Elsie several minutes to get adjusted to Dad’s cock in her pussy. As many times as she had fucked James and Dad I would have thought she could have just dropped on it. Bob worked his cock easily into her ass after just getting off the dildos.

            With Dad and Bob having done this DP thing now several times, they had a rhythm going in no time. James stepped to her head – and as she opened her mouth – fed her his cock.

            Carol and I took more pictures and video. This time Carol was a narrator. I was going to say something but didn’t, because having just using those three cocks she had some insight on what Elsie was feeling. Both were anal virgins to real cocks until an hour ago.

            ”With her mouth plugged, watch the expressions on her forehead and her eyebrows,” Carol said.

            I had been too busy with the camera watching cocks slide in and out of holes to notice little things. I was sure they would be on the video and would pick them up after running the video several times. It was like watching an old movie over and over again – each time I picked up something I missed. Porn movies were even worse, the film had been cut and dubbed over so many times.

            Some of the sex scenes were not even with the same actress or actors. Moles and freckles were a giveaway and tattoos made it even easier.

            I went back to filming James fucking Elsie’s face. He was picking up speed with his nuts hitting her chin. James had done that enough with the three of us girls that he had the pause to allow us to breathe down to a science.

             Elsie’s face and eyes were telling a story. Her eyes would bug wide open when the guys plugging her bottom would hit the same deep spot at the same time. There were also tears in those eyes at times.

            Suddenly Elsie pushed Bob away,” I’m cuming, Oh fuck I’m coming so hard,” Elsie said. When the orgasm dimmed, Dad and Bob both said they were going to cum and Elsie pulled James back into her throat.

            I moved with the video cam to capture Dad and Bob in the throes of orgasm. Bob had moved up so I was able to recorded both throbbing cocks and cum trails as they wilted and fell out while leaving gaping holes. James was next and we were able to see a nice cum trail on Elsie’s lips and tongue as it licked the last drops off James’s knob.

            ”How many times did you cum?” Carol asked Elsie.

            ”Three; two of them were super strong. This is going to take some getting used to but I want to do this again and soon.”

            The three of them hit the showers again while I was putting away all the equipment and cleaning up and shutting everything down for the night. I was horny as all get out but I wondered if Dad would be too tuckered out for me.

            I should not have worried. After a bit of rest and Power Aide, we made passionate love in every position we had tried before. We both came together with my legs back and my pussy pounded into a mind blowing orgasm.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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