Chapter 27

At breakfast I told Bob to be here no later than 12:30 so he could get ready and we could have a few minutes to talk before he and Linda got together. Dad had it planned that he and James would be gone from noon on. They were going to pick up our ‘new to us but used’ combine and the corn and grain heads at one. James was going to follow Dad in the truck pulling the heads. Both were loaded on transport trailers to be able to move them from farm to farm.

            I kept Dad informed of all my exploits with Linda and the kids. We used the conversations to get in the mood for the second and third round of sex. The descriptions quickly got him rock hard, not that he needed any help. He had not seen any of the videos yet but had seen a few of the pictures.

            I cleaned all the pictures and videos off the cards so there would be plenty of room, plus I had several extras just in case. I had a big folder on the desktop by date and players of our sex exploits. I backed all of it on Discs just in case I had a computer failure.

            Then I made the room ready and gave thought to how the sex should play out without causing unnecessary tension. I placed the flimsy black baby doll with matching bra and frilly cover up on the bed for Linda to wear. I thought that would be better than her just sitting on the bed naked while waiting for Bob to come in.

            Bob arrived at 12:30 and we talked. I asked if he had a plan on how he was to approach Linda. We discussed a couple different things and how they would work. I wanted Linda to be relaxed and comfortable and pleased – not afraid and sorry. I heard Linda coming down the lane.

            ”Go shower and make sure there is no stubble either place. Put on a pair of shorts and I will call when Linda is ready for you,” I said.

            ”Seagraves offered me a job this morning. The pay is not as good as I would liked to have had but I think the benefit package will make up for the difference. I have a package to look over and a lot to think about in the next few days,” Linda said.

            ”I need to shower,” Linda added.

            ”OK, make sure everything is smooth. I left a baby doll outfit on the bed for you. Bob is upstairs getting ready. I will call him down when you are ready,” I said.

            I check out the camera equipment and lighting one more time while Linda was showering and then I helped her into the lacy baby doll. I tied the bow to the bra in a big bow with long ends that would be easy to find and open the delights it covered. I put a light trace of perfume on her neck.

            Linda said she was ready and decided to sit on the bed at the bottom. I went and called Bob to come in and then I went back to the video camera, turned it on and stood behind it.

            ”Linda, you are so beautiful. I want you so much. I have wanted you for so long,” Bob said as he walked to her.

            He put his arms around her, gave a light hug and then kissed the side of her neck before kissing her cheek and then a light kiss on the lips. Linda put her arms around Bob, pulled him tightly to her and returned the kiss and along with several more. She kissed his neck as well.

            ”I have wanted you but never had the courage to make the moves. I want to please you as much as you want to please me,” Linda said.

            She kissed him back. This time it was aggressive with tongue play. Bob moved his hands to her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to his groin. He was wanting her to feel his erection against her mound and his desire for her.

            Linda reached between them and felt the erection and its hardness. She moaned as she stroked his cock, pleased with its size. Bob began feeling her breasts, gently squeezing them and then the nipples through the thin fabrics she was wearing. He lifted the top off over her head and then pulled the string to release the bra.

            He gently worked and squeezed the nipples and breasts before bending his head to kiss them. I could easily see the nipples were already as hard as bullets. There was a rush of breath as Bob sucked one and then the other over and over again. He worked kisses to the valley between her breasts and then down her stomach and then to the top of her lace covered mound.

            He placed a kiss where her clit should have been. Then he took the panties and slowly pulled them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. Bob went back to her mound where he placed plenty of kisses before extending his tongue to swipe the tip across her clit.

            Linda gasp loudly as he did that, with her hands going quickly to his head to hold him there. Bob knew to continue and let his tongue work its magic on those sensitive lips and clit as she widened her legs a little. I could hear Linda breathing in gasps and exhaling through her teeth. There were whimpers and moans in between the gasps.

            Suddenly her eyes flew wide open, then looking at me and the camera, ”I’m cuming already – so easy and good! Oh god, I’m cuming,” Linda said

            Bob sensed when she was coming down from the orgasm and eased off the sensitive clit. His experience with Elsie, Carol and me was showing. He used his tee shirt to wipe her juices from his face and pulled the tee over his head.

            Standing again he pulled her close and aggressively kissed Linda with all the passion and need he could muster, his bare chest against her bare breasts. Linda went to her knees after the kiss had ended while pulling his shorts down. There was another gasp as his hard cock made its appearance.

            I saw her lick the drop of lube from the tip, plastered it with kisses and then she slowly started sucking it. First the knob disappeared into her mouth and she kept going, pulling off and then taking more. She didn’t stop until her nose was against him. She didn’t gag or cough and then she be began to give him a serious blow job. Shorts strokes and then full strokes, then off licking and sucking the knob.

            She kept up until Bob said, ”I’m going to cum soon.”

            She pulled off long enough to say,” I m ready, I want it, let me have it, I want to taste you.”

            She put her hands on his hips and picked up speed.

            ”Here it comes,” Bob said as he put his hands on her head and gave several fast strokes. He pulled off far enough so she could breathe. I could see his butt clench and his cock throb with each squirt.

            ”Oh, so good, so strong,” Bob said.

            I wondered what she thought of the taste. If she had been truthful, this would have been her first oral and with cum. If it bothered her, she didn’t show it.

            Bob pulled her to her feet and kissed her. She was surprised as his tongue sought hers and then she really got into the kisses. I guess she didn’t think he would want to taste his own cum. He helped her onto the bed and started over with kisses on her neck and then the breasts, sucking the nipples and moving to her mound. She spread her legs wide as he licked and sucked. I could tell he was tongue fucking her hole by her movements.

            He moved up into the Y and placed balls against her and then slowly backed off until the knob found the hole and changed directions. His cock was disappearing into her little by little. A flick of the hips and another inch went in and then back out. He repeated the moves again and again. Their eyes were locked on each other as he mashed her clit between them. He was as deep as he could get in this position.

            Linda pulled him down for kisses as he began stroking a mix of long and short ones and then circles against the clit. He varied between pounding and slow fucking. Linda was getting worked up to another orgasm – I had seen her have enough to recognize the change in her voice and body movements.

            Moments later she let out a squeal her legs locked around him.

            ”Fuck me harder, bang me, fill me with your cum. Make me yours, I want it. Oh, Oh I’m cuming – cum with me,” Linda said.

            Bob picked up pace and grunted, ”I’m cuming, it’s yours; I’m filling you,” as he slowed and pumped his seed against her cervix.

            ”I feel it – it’s so hot,” Linda said.

            They were kissing and panting and kissing again as the orgasms died. Bob started moving – I knew what he was going to do. He pushed her legs back. I wondered how flexible she was. He started slowly fucking her again and then picking up speed until the bed was shaking and bouncing. He was pounding her for everything he was worth. Five minutes into the pounding, Linda screamed she was cuming again.

            ”I’m going to fill you again,” Bob said.

            A few minutes later all motion stopped; the only sounds was heavy breathing as Bob released her legs to fall to the bed. Bob rolled so she was on top with his cock still in her. There were kisses and hugs as Bob rubbed her back and squeezed her ass cheeks. They were talking softly and in whispers, still kissing.

            ‘If they keep that up, Linda would soon find out how quick he could be ready to go again,’ I thought. It took both girls to wear him out to the point he couldn’t get a quick erection. Instead, they headed to the shower. I turned the camera on, aimed it in that direction and left it recording in case things heated back up in the shower.

            I went to the kitchen to fix three glasses of lemonade. If anyone had snuck into the kitchen they were likely to get raped. I was so horny I was dripping! I had resisted the urge to rub myself off several times to keep getting the good video.

            They came out of the room and Bob went back to the Amos farm. Linda wanted to talk.

            “Was the afternoon all you expected it to be?” I asked.

            ”Yes and much more. I think my son has had a very experienced teacher. He hit all the right buttons and fast – he is no amateur,” Linda said.

            ”You can borrow the room anytime you want. The hay barn works nice if you carry a blanket to put across the bales. Come to think of it, so does the feed house. Hmm, that might make some interesting videos. Do you still want James tomorrow at one?” I asked.

            ”Do you think I will be recovered by then?” Linda asked with a giggle afterwards.

            ”I don’t think there will be any problem there,” I said.

            ”I’m think I’m going to accept the job offer at Seagraves. I tried to call Robert and talk with him several times while the process was being discussed. First there was no answer for days and then last night his girlfriend answered the phone – there was a party going on. From the sound of it they were at a strip club. She said he was busy,” Linda said.

            ”The marriage has turned lousy the last couple years and was bad several years before that. I was nothing more than a house-keeper for him. I will call my lawyer and have divorce papers delivered. He can either buy my half of the house or put it on the market and split the proceeds. We each have our own savings and checking accounts. There is a branch in town. Tomorrow morning I will have my funds changed to a new accounts that he won’t have access to. He can’t get to my retirement anyhow,” Linda said.

            ”Could we take your truck and the enclosed trailer and bring all my things here, hopefully while he is at work? If the six of us go it won’t take long to box and load everything up. The furniture is junk, let him keep it,” Linda said.

            ”I think it would be best to collect your things before the papers are delivered to him – like the day before. I will tell Dad to get the trailer cleaned out and the tires, lights and brakes checked out. I will call the box store to save us some boxes,” I said.

            ”Now I need to figure out how to deal with the kids and Dad, I still want to stay at the farm with him and need to build a small house – nothing fancy. I had intended to go back to the city – with the addition they would have each had a room. If I stay, we are one room short,” Linda said.

            ”There is your answer right there. Let the kids stay here just like we are doing. Get the contractors to add another couple of rooms and maybe a recreation room so the house is comfortable for everyone. You could also attach a big three car two story garage to the house. Make the upstairs two or three bedrooms, living room and kitchen, sort of like a mother-in-law’s guest house,” I said.

            “That will take what – three or four months – and that will be right at the peak of harvest, right when all the help is needed. Besides, we can continue to play often,” I said.

            ”Sounds good. Is James as experienced as Bob?” Linda said.


            ”You haven’t been checking the goods out, have you?” Linda asked. She was grinning when she said it.

            ”You mean something like an occasional sample?” I said with a wink.

            Linda left to go home. The timing was good; Dad and James drove in a few minutes later. James went to feed the livestock while Dad brought the mail into the house. I gave Dad a scorching toe curling kiss.

            ”I think someone is needy again,” Dad said.

            ”Yes and you are going to take care of it right now. Just pick the place and it’s on,” I said.

            We were still going at it in the bedroom with the door open when James and the three came in. We were noisy and there was soon an audience in the door way.

            ”Dad, if you need some help we are right here,” James said with a laugh.

            We were too busy and too close to a fantastic finish to answer.

            Supper was late but there was plenty of conversation. There had been a near miss with the combine because of drag racing teenagers with a police chase just outside of town.

            James was laughing about seeing two of the trouble makers from school handcuffed in front of the police car and tow trucks hauling their pride and joy hot rods to the impound yard.

            The girls were giving Bob a hard time about where he had disappeared to after lunch. He was keeping his foray into older pussy to himself for now.

             I came to his rescue by thanking him for helping me move things into the new pantry. I had done some the day before if they decided to look. In a couple days canning would be back on; the string beans would be ready. I could just hear the complaining when they were asked to snap beans while they were watching TV.

            Before bed I reminded James that I needed him to help me tomorrow at one with a wink at Dad. Dad and I made love again after I set the camera up on the side of the bed. Tonight it was the works with a slow start with hugs and kisses, plenty of feeling and fondling. My and nipples got the work over that drove my clit and pussy crazy. He wouldn’t touch it and he pushed my hands away when I tried.

            The trail of slow kisses and small hickeys to my mound almost drove me mad. I almost wanted to scream out, ‘please just suck it,’ but I said nothing while anticipating the pleasure when he got there. He spread my lips with his fingers for full access to my clit and then with his mouth just millimeters away – blew on the tip of my clit.

            I was gone – my first orgasm came like a freight train, consuming my soul and body. I screamed out my pleasure – it was a wonder the windows didn’t shatter. I thrust up at his mouth as he sucked my clit in and attacked it with the tip of his tongue.

            At that very instant two fingers went into my wet sopping pussy and two into my ass and were sawing in and out. My second orgasm never let the first ease off, just added to it. I screamed my pleasure again and passed out for a moment. There was clapping in the doorway when my vision focused in it.

            ”I don’t know what he did to her but you better figure it out because I want you to do the same thing to me,” Carol said looking directly at James.

            I pulled Dad onto the bed and did as he had done to me; hugs, kisses with full tongue and a tongue battle because he liked them that way. I gave him a hickey near each nipple as he had done to me. I worked my way to his cock which was fully hard standing straight up. I could see the trail of pre-cum slowly going down the side of his cock.

            I turned enough so he could watch me getting between his legs. I started at the bottom and licked the first inch then sucked on his testicles for a while, then I went back to the trail for another inch. Every time my tongue touched his cock it throbbed and the trail replenished.

            I placed my hand around his cock and squeezed it lightly, then stroked my hand up. As I did that, I placed my mouth over the knob and sucked. I increased the speed of my hand then stopped and bobbed my head until the knob was at the back of my mouth and sucked.

            Then I removed my hand and angled my head and neck so I could take it to the balls. If I did it would be the first time without Dad’s hands on my head to apply a little force. We had been doing it that way for weeks and it was getting easier every time.

            We were staring at each other as his cock went further and further down my throat with each bob of my head. I was backing off so I could take good breaths and then gaining more depth. The distance was getting closer and closer; two inches, then one and a half inch, then an inch – with one hard push my noise was against his body. On the next bob I had my tongue out and licked his balls with my nose against him.

            I continued returning the oral pleasure that he had given to me.

            ”How can she do that. She has got to teach me how to do that,” Elsie said.

            ”Me too! I want to master that one as well,” Carol said.

            The conversation was interrupted by a groan from Dad, ”I’m cuming! Swallow it Mary, oh YES!”

            I didn’t have to swallow – it was deeper than I needed to swallow. I counted the first big pulses – one, two, three, four, five – and then I needed to pull off to breathe and was unable to count the little ones. I took his cock back deep again and closed my lips as tight as I could, then pulled off to milk the last drops. When only the knob was in my mouth I circled it with my tongue and swallowed then I licked it clean.

            I then crawled towards his mouth to kiss him but stopped to notch his still hard cock into my pussy hole and then pushed back, taking all of it. If I worked those muscles hard enough I would have a full erection to fuck hard in a minute or two. I wasn’t disappointed and was soon stroking now just for the fun of it. A few minutes later – with him twisting my nipples and me rubbing my clit – we came together.

            I woke up an hour later to go pee, still on top of him with his arms around me and my head on his shoulder. It was a good night for lovers.

            At breakfast, I took Dad off to the side to make sure James was here by 12:30.

            ”Won’t he be surprised. I will have him bring the tractor home from the Jackson farm and tell him to see you,” Dad said.

            I stripped the bed and replaced the bedding after last night and added another quilt with a layer of towels on it to protect the clean bedding. I was going to be spending time in the laundry room today for sure.

            I placed another new outfit on the bed from my latest Amazon order for Linda to wear. Red stockings, red garter belt and see through red form fitting panties and a red barely there bra that reduced her slight sag and red cover up that hid nothing. James loved red lingerie, I had learned from the girls.

            I had finished most of the laundry when Linda came in an hour early.

            ”I got to the bank just in time! Robert had tried to access my accounts but he had the wrong password, it’s all in a new account now. Can I use your system to check on other things to see what else he has done or tried to do?” Linda asked.

            ”Sure, go ahead – there is a new notepad by the computer if you need to make notes,” I said.

            I put clean cards into the cameras for today’s fun and rechecked everything in the bedroom. I had been up to date on transferring the cards to files and disc after the last few days and the next few I would be behind again big time.

            James was a few minutes early. We went to his bedroom so we could talk.

            ”Have you talked with Bob about yesterday afternoon?” I asked. I was sure they had talked and was sure the girls knew as well.

            ”Yes, I’m sure you knew the girls would get the truth from him. He said ‘it was great’ and wants to be with her again. He described the things they did in detail. I didn’t know he could be so loving,” James said.

            ”If you haven’t guessed it, she is wanting you to give her great sex today. I expect she is very nervous but she is full of anticipation. Use everything you have learned, from making her want you to having the great sex I know you can deliver.”

            ”I’m going to be in the room filming it but I will not participate. She is not ready for anal yet but it is possible in a few days. Go ahead and shower, put on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and I will call you when she is ready,” I said.

            Linda was just finishing on the computer when I stepped into the office. ”James will be ready in a few minutes. Take a quick shower and wash out and I will help you dress again,” I said.

            I had to tell her that the panties went on last after the stockings and garter to make easy access to the fun parts without taking off everything. With her hair in a pigtails and a dash of perfume she was ready. I had her pose in multiple seductive positions. She was hot looking or as Bob would say ‘One hot momma’.

            She was sitting on the end of the bed when I called James to come in.

            He stopped as the door closed. ”Beautiful and gorgeous do not even begin to describe how fantastic you look,” James said.

            She stood as he walked over to her. ”Someone must have told you red was my favorite color. I’m in love already,” James said.

            He pulled her close, ”My favorite perfume and pony tails. I love the look,” followed by a gentle hug that she returned. The romance started with kisses. James surprised me by kissing her below the ear. Linda melted into his arms with an intake of air and a moan of pleasure. It must have been the secret passion spot I had heard about on some women.

            The passion intensified immediately from heavy kisses to open mouth full tongue kisses. I could swear she was dripping through her panties. There were hugs that should have broken bones. James managed to get his hand between them to her breasts and nipples. Another intake of air followed as the gap between them opened and he brought his hands to both breasts.

            The cover up fell discarded to the floor as she grabbed the bottom of the bra and lifted it up, freeing her breasts that were immediately covered with kisses and hands. James went from one nipple to the other suck and nibbling. He went back to her mouth and the tongue war began. James removed his tee, wanting to feel the warmth of those breasts against him.

            Another trail of kisses from the neck to between the breasts and he started heading lower. Linda didn’t wait for him to pull her panties down; she did it. James plastered her mound with kisses before he swiped deep with his tongue, resulting in an unmistakable moan and more.

            He helped her out of the panties before moving her back to sit on the bed and spreading her legs. He kissed up and down the slit before sucking her swollen clit into his mouth and letting the tip of his tongue work on it. Linda was already bouncing on the bed. A few moments later the sounds of her orgasm started and grew to a crescendo. As she came down from the pleasure high, James moved up to kiss her after wiping her juices from his face on the quilt.

            Linda’s hand went to the bulge in James’s shorts and stopped, ”OH my, he is a big one! I don’t know if I can take all of that.” Together they removed his shorts. Linda gave James’s cock several strokes and placed her lips around the knob and sucked while stroking it.

            Linda was slowly taking more of it. I took the video camera and moved it in between James feet so I could get great video of Linda throating James for the first time. It took some time but Linda soon had her chin on his pubic bone in this position. If there was a way to say she was pleased with herself by upper facial expressions, it was evident with the movement of the forehead and eyebrows.

            Then Linda went to work on it – half off to breathe, head bobs to the bone. Once she even put her hand to her throat to show how deep in her throat it was. A minute later James was thrusting his hips at her – his need to come to deliver his seed was urgent. Linda sensed it and intensified her effort and was soon rewarded.

            ”I’m cuming, here it comes,” James said to warn her if she didn’t want to swallow. Linda went to the bone as the camera recorded the rise of his testicles and the pulses in the root of his cock that was visible.

            Linda lifted off with the last large pulse to breathe and then one more time to the root and then fully off, milking the last drops.

            ”Wow! I liked doing that, I could feel the power of his orgasm in my throat. Mary, a real cock is easier than the dildos but I am sure you know that. How soon can we do that again?” Linda asked.

            ”Often – but right now I want to fuck your brains out, suck on it some more and help it get hard again,” James said.

            It only took a few licks and then James mounted Linda missionary style. A few minutes later Linda had her second orgasm that started with whimpers and gasps and ending with a sound like freight train. James barely slowed as he pushed her legs back and pounded her into the bed.

            Ten minutes later they both came, James with a grunt and then with a roar and Linda puffing. James let her legs down and cuddled her. He was gentleman enough to hold her softly, talking about how much he loved to be with her and wanted to see her again. He wanted to make love with her again as they both came down from the orgasm high.

            Linda was holding his now much shrunken cock in her hand, admiring its size. I didn’t bother to turn the video camera off. Unless he was truly fucked out, he would recover quickly.

            Linda was not finished yet, she moved James to his back and moved to suck his cock again. I guess she was wanting to taste their mixed juices, soon his cock was hardening in her throat again. Linda stopped sucking and straddled him, notching the knob at the entrance to her still gaped pussy and pushed back on it until she had it all.

            Having cum so many times, James was an endurance machine. It was fifteen minutes of hard fucking before they both came again. They were both finished when James left to go to his room and shower. Linda was on her side nearly asleep. I helped her up and into the shower, washed her and her hair and then used the wand to clean her out.

            Then I helped her dress and walked her out to the couch; it was almost four thirty. Bob and the girls would be here any time and so would Dad. A cup of coffee and we were talking.

            ”Do you still want Bob and James tomorrow or do you want to rest a day or two?” I asked.

            ”Yes, I want them both,” Linda replied.

            ”If you are not doing anything in the morning, come over and we will work on anal stretching for mastering all the possibilities of your dreams,” I said.

            ”OK, I will be here,” Linda said as she was leaving.

            Linda had been gone 20 minutes when the kids arrived.

            ”Can we go out to the pool and you take some skinny dipping shots of us? Maybe James and your Dad would be in them too,” Elsie said.

            ”Then can I model those two party dresses you have? All my friends from the city are texting me about all the parties they are having. I want to one up them and show them how much fun and freedom we are having here without them,” Elsie said.

            ”Well, that’s up to you and you need to remember – pictures can come back to haunt you,” I said.

            ”Let’s go take the party dress pictures first, they should be home by the time we finish,” I said.

            Elsie and Carol had grown since they had been here. Maybe it was the constant mauling their breasts were getting every night or the high state of arousal from all the attention they were getting. Her tits were not as large as mine, so there was some adjusting to do. There were enough straps in various places to make the dress fit.

            The first one was the super short one that showed more than ample cleavage. She was a little taller than I was and there was very little dress below her pussy lips. I must have taken twenty pictures in all poses and her pussy was showing in a few of them – the same was true of her breasts and exposed nipples.

            The next dress was the one with the holes for the nipples to be visible that were covered by a light cover up. That took a lot of adjusting. I finally ended up twisting and pinching her nipples and pulling them out of the holes for best effect. I quickly took several pictures – first with the cover-up off then on and a couple more with her holding it open.

            The process was repeated with Carol wearing both dresses. Dad and James came home in the middle of all this and – after an explanation – they agreed to participate.

            I suggested short shorts and the small sports bra, then without the bra and finally naked sitting on a blanket by the pool with wine glasses to set the scene. I was going to join them in this group of pictures.

            When that group of pictures was finished I took pictures of the naked men standing by the girls while they were sitting on the blanket and pictures and of me with Bob and the men in various states of arousal.

            I thought we were finished with the pictures when Elsie said, ”Take some more of us – action shots.”

            ”Take some of me too,” Carol said.

            Elsie had her hand around Dad’s cock, fully focused on it as it grew to full staff. Then she went from the base to the tip with her tongue, and then started sucking. Before long she was as deep as it was going in her mouth. Then she mounted it and when it was fully in her, she turned and said, ”This gesture isn’t directed at you but please take the picture.”

            Elsie turned her head as far as possible and held up the middle finger at the camera. She was definitely going to one up one of her old friends.

            ”Let me finish what I started and then you can take a couple more as I lift off,” Elsie said.

            I took pictures of Carol and James that were almost a copy of what Elsie and Dad had done. I had just finished with the poses that Carol wanted when Elsie and Dad let us know they were cuming. I moved between Dad’s legs as Elsie lifted off and took pictures of the cum coated cock and Elsie’s gap and the glob of cum as it rolled out and dropped onto Dad.

            ”Let me have the card and I will download them,” Elsie said with Carol agreeing. That was fine by me, I been filming fucking all day long and so far hadn’t even got my pussy licked. To say I was horny was an understatement – climbing the walls was more like it.

            I pulled Bob to the blanket, ”Get with it boy, treat me right,” I said.

            We were both coming in ten minutes, I would liked to have gone longer but the built-up desire was too much and supplied the release I needed for now.

            Dad and I made up for the quickie after supper with several powerful orgasms each. Exhausted and relaxed sleep came easily in Dad’s arms.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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