Chapter 28

The morning got off to a fast start. As they left for the Jackson household, I told Bob he needed to be here at one for more fun and excitement.

            We had cow troubles to start the day. Something had spooked them in the night and they pushed a section of fence down; now they were in the bean field eating the soybean plants. It took an hour, both Gators and a bag of the pig feed with the molasses to coax them out of the bean field for us to round them up and fix the fence.

            In the hen house we found out what had spooked the cows, there were two partially eaten dead chickens. A varmint had a feast at our expense. It could have been a number of different varmints; fox, coyote, hawk, weasel, maybe even wolves as they were in the area now that the Department of Natural Resources had reintroduced them.

            It meant that from now on the chicken coop door was to be closed and latched every night and the shotgun and rifle were loaded and placed by the door.

            Dad loaded the Pete with another 1100 bushels of wheat for the mill and then he was going to haul two loads for Amos. I reminded Dad I needed James here at one. He winked at me in reply.

            I cleaned the pool and the house, especially our bedroom. Even though we had used the quilt for all the activity, there still was a noticeable odor of sex. I stripped the bed and placed clean bedding and a clean quilt for today’s fun.

            I cleaned all the dildos to get them ready for Linda. Then I went online to the adult shop where I ordered two more quart pump bottles of lube and a couple more interesting toys. I also ordered the largest jeweled butt plugs and plugs with fox tails I could find for the girls, they would make interesting pictures since they were into the erotic picture mode.

            I was using the laptop when I discovered that both Elsie and Carol had left their emails open. Being nosey, I looked at the Sent folder and to whom they had sent all the pictures to and then to the Inbox.

            There was a running conversation with a couple of their friends and plenty of picture trading. The party dresses were a big hit as was the shorts and then the lack of clothes. One of the friends she was communicating with was a sex party fiend herself, going into detail about her exploits and male conquests.

            She was envious about the size of the cocks the girls had access to have fun with. The girl wanted to know if she could come visit. Elsie told her it was unlikely due to space limitations.

            Elsie sent the party dress pictures to her old boyfriend, I assumed with a scathing email of what he could have had if he had learned to be a gentleman instead of trying to be a foul mouth leach, all hands and nothing else.

            Carol’s were no different and was involved in the three way email session and with a couple other girls. The discussions were around clothes, the lack of clothes and available cock.

            I now had sizable files of our play time and was reviewing some of them when I heard Linda drive up.

            ”My lawyer hired a private detective to check on Robert for a week to see what he is doing so we can build a good case. He is going to work up the divorce papers. We need to make plans to go get my things before the papers are delivered,” Linda said.

            ”Dad is taking the enclosed trailer to get it checked out today and new tires put on. Dad will pull the trailer behind the dually and we can follow behind in my truck. I can get my farm license changed over to a permanent license on Monday. If I don’t pass the test, you can drive my truck,” I said.

            ”We need to put together a list of things to take such as boxes from the office store, shipping tape and anything else we can think of to be ready,” I said.

            ”Are you ready for today?” I asked.

            ”Yes, I am still a little loose from yesterday, it’s a different feeling but a nice feeling like when you put your hand in there. It feels so good as it tingles when I walk and as reminder of the fun,” Linda said.

            ”Unless you change the plans today, you will experience your first double with anal sex so we need to stretch and loosen you up back there with dildos. You don’t need to go big, just to the seven,” I said.

            ”I hope James isn’t the one going in there,” Linda said.

            ”No, Bob is, he is becoming quite good at anal and the right size for a beginner, James will be in your pussy,” I said.

            ”Whew, that’s a relief!” Linda said.

            We both did a rectal clean out and lubed up with the lube shooter. Linda wanted to do oral on the dildos before we did the anal stretching. I put up the 6, 7, 7.5 and the 8 so she could practice oral. I was sure she intended to do oral on both before the intercourse started.

            Ten minutes later she was throating the 8 inch like a pro; her throat had shrunken very little from yesterday. Satisfied I lowered the dildos to her ass height and applied some lube onto them.

            She worked on each one ten minutes, getting really loose before moving on to the next one. She was just finishing on the 7.5 when the two boys came in. I sent them to shower and put on shorts. I cleaned up the dildos and put them away while Linda took a quick shower.

            Today I placed the black baby doll with garters, stockings and panties on the bed. Linda had just putting the rig on when I heard the boys waiting in the living room. I turned on the lights needed for the movie camera and the still camera and went to get the boys.

            ”It’s her first time with two men and she is expecting Bob to do the anal. Be gentle, treat her like the lady she is and make her happy,” I said.

            Linda was sitting on the end of the bed waiting for them. The boys didn’t disappoint with one on each side of her. They took turns hugging, kissing and feeling with the cover up and bra off, they each took a breast and a nipple and drove her wild.

            They had decided that each would make love to her while the other felt, fondled and kissed. They each had an orgasm with Linda twice. She sucked them back hard again and with James on his back dropped balls deep on him. After a couple strokes Bob took his place and slowly fed his cock into her ass. Once he had stroked a couple times they started the rhythm.      

            Twenty minutes later – they had been playing with slow and fast fucking before pounding her – Linda was having a major orgasm.

            ”I’m cuming, I’m cuming, fuck me, harder, fuck me harder, cum with me. Fill my pussy, fill my ass, Oh god I’m cuming so hard, more I want more ,fuck me harder,” Linda said.

            Moments later she was filled with cum in both holes. Bob withdrew first leaving a trail of cum leaking from her ass. James held her until he just slid out as he shrunk. I had nice gap shots with plenty of leaking cum.

            Linda ended up between both of them while she recovered. They were whispering, kissing, feeling and fondling. Linda asked if they could do this again another day. Both told her they would gladly make love to her any time she wanted.

            The boys left to shower and do some things outside. I placed the dildos back on the shower wall. This time I added the two largest – one that was the size of James and Dad – to stretch my ass to accept them. I wanted James and Dad both to fuck my ass and pussy and soon.

            Linda watched and talked while I went about the task as if it was the most normal thing in the world. As I worked my ass onto the next to the largest, the realization hit her that it was the size of James. I saw the light come on in her eyes even though she said nothing. Ten minutes later I had loosened up enough to try the biggest one.

            It took some effort and some pain but I was on better than half way, as the pain eased I took more. In a few more minutes – about twenty – my ass was against the wall and waited to loosen up some more.

            I felt my stomach as I was moving and I could feel the dildo. I placed Linda’s hand so she could feel it. Then I gently straightened up to see if there was a visible bulge in my abdomen and there was. It went away when I pulled off and was back when I was balls deep again. Linda was amazed as she felt it moving.

            ”Would you fist me again? We talked about doing it on the bed so we could watch for movement,” I said.

`           ”Yes, I remember, sure,” Linda said.

            She gathered the lube bottle as I pulled off. I turned on the camera again and changed its position. Then I went to the bed, lay back near the edge and spread wide, holding my knees back. Linda lubed her hand and started with four fingers.

            Soon she had folded the thumb in and was working the widest part of her hand in. I felt pressure and a stretch then felt a pop and her hand was in! I felt her sliding her hand and arm into my ass. She pulled it out some and applied more lube before pushing more into me.

            She slowly closed her fingers to make a fist and then slid more into me. I was watching my abdomen move with her hand and so was she. She lifted the fist several inches and my stomach rose the same.

            ”Start a slow stroking,” I said as my fingers went to my clit.

            ”Try going deeper, more, OK – that’s deep enough, don’t go any deeper – now stroke it,” I said.

            ”A little faster,” I said.

            I increased the circles and pressure on my clit harder and faster. I slipped a couple fingers into my pussy then added two more. I could feel her arm sliding in and out through the pussy wall.

            ”I’m cuming, Oh I’m cuming so strong,” my pussy was clamping on my fingers and my ass was clamping on her arm and hand.

            After the orgasm was over Linda opened her fingers so her hand was smaller and slowly pulled it out.

            ”Wow you have the biggest gap I have seen,” Linda said.

            ”Watch it close up,” I said as I started doing exercises. A few minutes later she said it was almost gone.

            ”Next time we do this we need two more people – one for the video and one for the still camera,” Linda said.

            ”Yes, I think so too,” I said.

            ”When do you want three cocks? Pussy, ass and mouth,” I said.

            ”A couple days, I think,” Linda replied.

            That suited me fine; there were string and lima beans to can. The limas needed to be picked and shelled. That was happening this evening when it cooled off.

            Until then there were going to be pictures taken in the barn and feed house that the girls wanted. They wanted scantily clad and then naked girls and then they wanted the men involved.

            In a way it worried me of what they were going to do with the pictures. Elsie was of legal age in this state and Bob would be in a few weeks. Carol was another matter.

            Everybody showered and with camera in hand we went to the barn. I listened while they explained what they and Bob wanted. When I was in the pictures of the all-girl shots, one of the men was cameraman and so on.

            Elsie, Carol and Bob wanted dozens of poses. I let them direct to get what they wanted. We posed on bales of hay in thongs and bra, then the bras and thongs came off one at a time. The girls took of each other’s off, seductively, along with feels and tongues on nipples, kisses and tips of tongues touching and hands in the crotch.

            Both girls took mine off double feeling, double nipple play and kisses. If they were trying to make me hot they succeeded! I was sure they both felt my wetness.

            They put towels on the bales of hay for us to sit and play on and I was glad they did; hay is scratchy on tender places. They wanted poses with legs spread, cross leg, Indian style and on our knees with our butts to the camera.

            I had a thought and excused myself for a minute to go the toy box to get some of the late additions.

            Back in the barn I lubed up all three of the new fox tail large butt plugs and pushed one into each ass including mine. There was a whole new series of pictures again.

            After that Bob and James became involved. There were pictures taken with tongues touching cocks, then the plum covered by lips. The towels disappeared and bare knees were on the bales of hay doggy style for pictures of partial insertions then full insertions. There were pictures of my big hanging breasts and of the girls feeling them as I was gently fucked. Then it was their turn for the same treatment.

            Dad joined in the fun with the next set of pictures. The pictures were taken with the camera over Carol’s head with all three cocks together at her lips and then with all three cocks trying to spread her lips far enough to get part of the head in. It was not to be, but the guys had fun.

            The action increased with Dad on the bale of hay with Carol, balls deep in her pussy. Bob was that deep in her ass and James was feeding her his cock while Bob was holding her head up by her hair – it was her idea.

            I wondered if Carol was going to let the guys cum but Elsie replaced Carol in the middle after a few minutes. A few minutes later they wanted me in the middle. I was dripping so I quickly agreed.

            Then they wanted to try athletic positions – as I called them. The first was legs and feet wrapped around the male body, a position I never had the courage to try. There were some great shots of that from below. Bob had an idea and entered her ass from behind making her a sandwich, again something I had only seen in porn pictures.

            The guys decided they weren’t going to let her down until they filled her with cum. The process of them getting the rhythm started was hilarious but they soon had it. Carol was screaming for the barn roof – there was something about that position which was hitting all the right spots.

            Her body weight hanging on James’s cock had forced a lot of pressure onto her clit and the angle was forcing his cock against her G spot. Bob’s cock with the angle put even more pressure on the G spot. By the time the guys came, Carol was a limp rag doll barely hanging on, her arms were simply hanging down more than they were up.

            Bob pulled out first and James was able to hold her long enough to place her on two bales of stacked hay. James still hadn’t fully deflated. He pushed her legs back to her breasts and started slow fucking her again. As soon as he was fully hard, he pounded her like a battering ram.

            I hated to think what her back was going to look like – there was no towel on the hay. The change to the bales was so quick that a towel was forgotten. Carol was in and out of being with us.

             I was not surprised when Dad went to her head and started sliding his cock into her mouth and throat. Dad was thoughtful enough to allow her to breathe but was soon missing counts as he was trying to put his balls on her nose in that position.

            Dad finally succeeded; he was as deep in her throat as he was ever going to go. His balls were sitting on her upper lip. Dad announced he was cuming and then finished the last stroke and pulled out so she could breathe, with the last pulse squirting onto her chin.

            We were all exhausted and very well fucked. That ended the barn activities for tonight. All three of us girls walked to the house with cum leaking down our legs. It would take a relaxing shower and rest before any more sex was done tonight.

            I was wrong; there would be little rest, the three men had been following us to the house. When I held the door for everyone, the three men were already gaining back their erections and semi-hard. Watching butt cheeks in action was definitely a stimulus.

            Elsie and Carol went with James and Bob; Dad joined me in the shower. Our last orgasms were with each other and we both slept soundly in each other’s arms.

            Dad and James were hauling Amos’s wheat to the mill starting today. Amos was getting another treatment tomorrow. I looked at the livestock today so Dad and James could get an early start. There was an egg in one of the laying nests and it was warm. I didn’t think they were old enough to be laying yet but nature runs on its own schedule.

            Now it was something else to check on every morning. It also meant that the feed needed changing by adding a bit ground limestone – calcium needed to be added to the chicken feed to help the hens have stable egg shells. That also meant that the chicken feed needed to be made separately now. The beef cows and hogs did not need the calcium addition to their feed.

            It also meant it was time to start killing roosters and put them in the freezer. Grandma said she would help if I wanted her to. I was thinking of just taking them into town to the locker and letting them deal with it. They would kill them, de-feather them, gut them, give the carcass multiple rinsing and fast freeze them for a dollar fifty a bird. It sounded like a bargain to me. Tuesday was normal chicken processing day.

             First thing was to catch a couple and check their weight; they needed to weigh close to five pounds live weight to make roasters. That usually happened at 10 to 12 weeks old and they were getting close. They did look fat.

            Linda arrived at 10, dressed to the nines again and all bubbly.

            ”Seagraves upped their offer and the benefits; I accepted the job. I have to go in three days a week and full time in three weeks. Lots of things have to happen. The detective has plenty of dirt on Robert. He took his girlfriend to Vegas for the weekend. Lots of incriminating pictures and video. He booked a return trip next weekend, leaving Friday and coming back Sunday night,” Linda said.

            ”The lawyer will be ready to have the papers delivered after he returns from the weekend trip. I would like to go get my things while he is gone,” Linda said.

            ”OK, when Dad gets back we will set everything up. We can be there Friday after his flight leaves, stay in your house Friday night to start packing and then stay Saturday night if necessary,” I said.

            ”Are you going to leave the things in the trailer for a while or put them in a storage building?” I asked.

            ”My things I will move into Dad’s since I will be staying there and the kids things into the new rooms for storage. We are planning another addition if the designers can come up with a workable plan. We are meeting with them tomorrow afternoon. Mom has decided that she wants the kitchen remodeled and more modern with four more people living in the house,” Linda said.

            ”The kids being able to stay here during all that is a god send and so helpful. Are you sure you won’t mind? What does your Dad say about them staying, is he OK with it?” Linda asked.

            ”Dad is OK with it, he and Amos have been friends and helping each other farm for years. There is no problem there at all,” I replied.

            “The four-some we discussed – is it still possible? When can you set it up? Going back to work is going to complicate things with my play time,” Linda said.

            ”Just pick a day and time and let me know a day or two ahead of time,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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