Chapter 29

Wednesday I went to the office store and bought cases of the moving boxes, bubble wrap and shipping tape. While Dad and I were in town, my temporary farm license was upgraded to the standard license with the farm rider so I could still drive the grain trucks. When we got home we cleaned and swept the trailer out and checked the tire pressure in the dually and the trailer.

            I carried two coops of roosters to meet their fate at the locker plant. This morning there were four eggs in the layer boxes. I stopped at the Farmers Market to check into the process of selling eggs and possibly cakes, pies and cookies.

            The Farmers Market at this time of the year was full of vegetables and other items from the garden. I began to wonder if there was a demand for pastries and eggs. I was looking at a sizeable empty booth next to a small produce stand. The elderly lady who was running the produce stand came over and introduced herself as Ellie Parsons. The name didn’t ring any bells with me but Dad recognized her right off.

            She was curious if we were looking to put a vegetable stand next to hers. I explained that we had layers that just starting laying and I was contemplating a booth selling fresh eggs, cakes, pies and cookies. I asked if there was possibly any demand at this market for those items. I did not see any stands selling any of those items. There were plenty of customers for the fresh vegetables.

            The conversation took a turn at that point with her remembering that there was a booth years ago selling exactly those items and was always busy. The owner retired and moved to Florida, but no one took over the business.

            I explained that I was still in school with home schooling and could bake, but I couldn’t stay all day every day to be at the market. She volunteered to run our stand along with hers for a percentage of the sales.

            It was the only empty booth left that had display cases with electric hook up. One nice case was a cool box – as it was called. It would keep things cool but not frozen – just what was needed for what I wanted. Dad decided that we should go rent it to lock it down, if I was serious about selling those things. He reminded me that there was a lot of work involved in baking that amount of goodies.

            I wasn’t afraid of work; I had been doing a lot of it since I was ten. I was sure Elsie and Carol would help with some of it. But it did leave me with a lot to think about.

            We found the owner of the market and I explained what I wanted to do, but that it would take a couple of weeks to get everything set up. Dad paid two month’s rent for the booth to lock it down. It wasn’t that terribly expensive. That would carry into the school year, just enough time to test things out.

            While we were doing that, the family took Amos for his second treatment. It went much better than the first one did. He was back home at three and actually walking around outdoors with Linda and the kids. The contractor was back and there were discussions about either adding on to the addition or adding a three car garage with living quarters above it.

            They settled on a different idea altogether, the three car garage would be facing the lane with living quarters behind it and three bedrooms with walk in closets over the garage. The living area would have a kitchen and living-recreation room with a double door leading into the old part of the house. One of the rooms that had just been built would be turned into a big office for the family and Linda to be able to work from home.

            The other room would be turned into a two family wet room–laundry; a place to shower, change clothes and help keep farm dirt and mud out of the better parts of the house. There would be two washing machines and two driers with a sorting – folding table. December was the target completion date.   

            On Thursday Linda confirmed that the lawyer had her papers ready to deliver on Monday. The detective was going to call as soon as he witnessed the couple at the airport Friday. We would leave Friday morning and by Friday evening we would be parked in the driveway. If there were issues we would park in the large truck stop parking lot until things were clear. We were taking Linda’s car, the dually with the trailer and my truck.

            Thursday night turned into orgy night and the voyeur mood was dominate. Dad and I got into it on the couch. James, Bob and the girls soon lost interest in the movie they were watching. Quilts were placed on the floor and they took a spot and started making out – that led to aggressive pussy pounding raw sex. Dad and I finished first because we had started first. First I was on top of him, then he was on top and finally with my legs under my shoulders, he pounded my cervix.

            Not to be outdone, Carol and Elsie were getting the same treatment in the same order. Dad and I were done and in a cuddling mood when Carol and Elsie switched mating partners and went at it again. Dad whispered in my ear, ”Young studs are fun to watch; they never run out of energy.”

            ‘For an old stud, you are rising to the occasion,’ I thought as I felt his hardening cock snaking its way between my thighs. I spread my legs and let him enter me with us on our sides. We made slow and gentle love. Dad’s orgasm came first and his warm spend against my cervix was all I needed to put me over the top.

            We were up early at 5 with a quick and light breakfast and then checked the livestock. Today there were eight eggs to go with yesterdays. A trip to the box store was on tap to start getting supplies for cakes and pies. I wondered if I could buy from the commercial supplier and get a discount the same as a commercial bakery. Just one more thing to look into later.

            Five hundred miles is a long ride but taking three vehicles made it somewhat easier by not being crowed tightly together. The guys rode with Dad, Carol with me and Elsie with Linda.

            It was four in the afternoon when we saw the towers of the city. At five we were in the truck stop fueling up. The detective had called at two saying the couple were boarding the plane for Vegas.

            After refueling all the vehicles, we followed Linda to her house. I hadn’t seen any pictures of the house but was surprised at how average it was. There were houses around it, some better and some worse.

            Dad backed the trailer right up to the garage. There was enough room for us to park beside him. The next thing that happened was a tour of the house and marking the things Linda wanted.

            The things she wanted to take were marked with a strip of blue masking tape. With so many people packing this would save ten thousands questions and steps. Just go into a room and pack everything that had tape on it.

            We started packing immediately – everybody would pack and box tonight and everybody would load the packed stuff in the trailer tomorrow.

            It was decided that the girl’s dressers would be carried into the trailer without the drawers and then the drawers with clothes placed back in them while in the trailer. The same was done with Linda’s dressers. Clothes in closets were folded with hangars and all going in the bigger boxes and plastic tubs.

            With the seven of us boxing and packing, things went quickly. Another decision was made to carry as many of the boxes as possible to the garage, reducing the steps tomorrow. Then another change was made; the dressers were loaded into the trailer tonight covered with quilts to protect the finish. I had brought all the quilts we owned just for that purpose

            The beds would be first in the morning; after all, we needed something to sleep and fuck on tonight. There had been plenty of discrete grab ass going on – when they thought they could get away with it. I had even seen Linda sneak a crotch feel on James a couple of times and extra hugs.

            At eight we ordered pizza. We had talked about going out to one of the restaurants but decided time would be better spent packing. We had just sat down to eat when the doorbell rang.

            There were three girls friends; I recognized them immediately. They were the ones that Carol and Elsie had been emailing pictures back and forth to. It was plain that they had been invited and had come dressed to seduce; sports bras and cutoff jeans with plenty of cheeks hanging out.

            There was a friendly conversation among them and when the girls finished eating, the group of girls and boys went to the girls’ bedroom to continue packing. That was until there was an excited exclamation, ”It’s even bigger than in the pictures!”

            I had to stifle a giggle and a smile because I could just imagine what they were talking about after reading the girls’ emails to their friends. Linda smiled and then shook her head.

            ”I think I know what they are talking about,” Linda said turning pink from her blouse to hair.

            ”Dad, I think you might want to go help the guys out,” I said.

            ”What do you mean?” Dad asked.

            ”Ah – there are five girls and two studs, they don’t stand a chance or they won’t survive – we need them to work tomorrow. You can take care of at least one of the girls, possibly two,” I said.

            ”Now go,” I said.

            Linda was now red but laughing, ”Yes, go give the lads some help. I’ve heard about those three girls – they never get enough,” Linda said.

            ”Seriously?” Dad said.

            Both of us pointed, ”Go,” we said together.

            Dad went to the room and a few moments later he stepped to the door and threw his shirt at us.

            ”Oh my God! Three and a couple of big ones at that! We are going to have some fun now,” I recognized the voice and remembered her name as Celeste. She was the one who wanted to come for a visit.

            The three girls’ names were Celeste, Samantha and Helen. From the emails they were all cock hounds.

            Linda and I continued packing for a while then decided to be a mouse in the corner and watch.

            As soon as Linda saw Dad’s cock, ”Now I know why you have the big dildos. I was suspicious when I saw one that matched James and now I know the big one matches your Dad.”

            ”Will he be part of the foursome you planned for me?” Linda asked.

            ”Yes and you will love it,” I replied.

            ”Like I said, I suspected. I knew why the kids wanted to stay and now that makes four of us,” Linda said.

            Celeste was trying her best to deep throat Dad without success.

            ”It can’t be done, it’s just too big,” Celeste said.

            ‘‘You’re just a wimp like the rest of us! Show her how to do it Mary,” Elsie said.

            I moved over to Dad as Celeste released his cock and ten strokes later my nose was pressed against him. Dad had been sucked and teased and was ready for some serious activity. The visuals had been helping, adding to the hype. James was with Carol – her feet high – and pounding her pussy without mercy.

            ”Ok, that’s all I need to see! It can be done, you have it nice and slippery. Let me see if I can take in my pussy,” Celeste said.

            “Don’t make him cum Celeste, just fuck it a little bit. Sam and I want to try it out to. We can take turns riding it,” Helen said.

            Carol was out of it she had cum so hard and James stopped fucking her, just pulling out and letting her legs down spread wide, admiring her gap.

            James roughly pulled Samantha to the floor and drove in his cock to the balls in one push.

            ”Easy there, tiger,” Sam replied after the huff of expelled air from her lungs.

            James listened and within minutes she was cuming loudly. James – with his love for the crab position – pushed her legs back to her shoulders. Sam must have been double-jointed as she placed her legs under her shoulders and crossed them with the feet under her head.

            With his arms supporting his weight next to her shoulders, she was helpless to anything except what he wanted. James pounded her pussy until she was screaming with a second orgasm.

            James still hadn’t cum yet. As he pulled out of her pussy, it was easy to see Sam was drenched in her own lube. Her butt hole was winking like a traffic light, clenching and relaxing with a little gap as her orgasm was fading. James stared in awe at it for a moment then place his cock head against it and pushed.

            Sam was startled and yelped a bit but then broke into a smile, ”Do it big boy, I am a virgin there for a real cock but I do like to play there.”

            Everybody was watching as James pushed and pulled feeding cock into her ass. Her eyes went big, her face scrunched up her forehead turned pink and then red from the pressure-pain. She was gritting her teeth. James pulled a lot out then placed a big glob of spit on his cock and rubbed it around, slowly pushed all of his cock in to her ass. He stopped and waited for her to adjust.

            ”It’s OK, start moving.” Her ass was tight and looked like it was stretched to the point of ripping, turning red and then white from the stretch.

            ”She has to be a pain slut,” I thought as I watched.

            James did short strokes for several minutes before adding longer strokes. With her legs like they were, her hands were free, one of them went to her clit where she pinched and pulled while occasionally slipping four fingers into her still loose pussy. The other hand was at her breasts, pinching and pulling on the nipples, grabbing a handful of their flesh.

            She was not using the pads of the finger to kneed and maul her breasts, she was curling the tips in and squeezing hard. The fingernails were leaving deep marks in the skin and a couple were showing drops of blood. Her nipples were blood red – she was pinching and pulling them so hard. Her clit was in no better shape than her nipples, glowing deep pink. I confirmed my suspicion.

            ”Fuck my ass – it hurts so bad, it feels so good. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you or I’ll rip your nuts off. Oh God yes, so good, feels so good. Fuck me, don’t stop. Harder now. Oh, oh I feel it, I’m going to cum soon, pound me, fill my ass with your come. OH – Oh I’m cuming, cum with me. Oh, cum, cuming cum with me,” Sam was grunting the words out.

            James picked up speed for a second, then grunted and slowed almost to a stop, then moving with the pulse of his squirts.

            ”I’m cuming in your ass, can you feel it?” James asked.

            ”Yes, I can feel it throbbing! It feels so different – so hot inside in a way,” Sam said.

            James started to pull out.

            ”No, wait, I want to feel it as it softens,” Sam said.

            She didn’t know what I and the girls did. In a hot hole with a little muscle action, James would regain his hard-on long before he was even partially soft. She would be in for another ride. I wondered where James got into anal? I would bet Carol or Elsie was involved, or maybe both; they didn’t seemed too surprised or bothered that he was pounding their friend up the ass.

            James had poked me there a couple times but I always moved him to my pussy. I just didn’t think I was ready for big cock anal yet. I guess it was time to find out at home. But I definitely wanted a clean out first. All this pointed to my first fisting by Linda with the girls as camera persons and then let James fuck me there.

            Two hours later the group was fucked out. Dad was in the shower, I was surprised when Linda asked if she could go join him.

            I just laughed and said, ”You are on your own!”

            Fifteen minutes later I heard the bed springs getting a workout from the master bedroom. Linda was vocal enough that it captured the girls’ attention.

            ”Mom wouldn’t do that, would she?” Elsie asked.

            ”Where do you think we got our horny genes from?” Carol asked.

            Sam, Helen and Celeste asked if they could stay the night and help with the packing tomorrow. I easily had an idea of what they wanted to get packed tomorrow morning.

            They all went to different areas to call home to see if they could stay. There were some sad tales about their friend leaving tomorrow and wanting to spend one last night with her.

            We packed everything but the beds – we would be on the road by ten at the latest.

There was more grunting and groaning and the slapping together of flesh about midnight. Linda and I shared the master bed and Dad. Linda rode him on top for what seemed like forever. Then it was quiet.

            Sometime during the night there must have been a whispered planning session going on. We drove to the fast food joint for takeout breakfast at 7. Celeste, Helen and Sam were on the phone talking with the parents, begging, pleading and more. All the conversations were about the same.

            It was Mom or Dad or both, ”They have invited us to come and stay at the farm for two weeks. It’s a real farm with cows, chickens pigs and corn fields. There is a pool and a fresh water pond for swimming. Just think of all we will learn about real farm life.”

            ”There is a big farmhouse with enough rooms for all of us. It will be a very different experience than staying in the city. There is no crime, booze or drugs, no bums to hit on us. Linda will bring us home at the end of two weeks,” they said.

            ”They have satellite internet; we can Skype every night if you want. We will send you lots of pictures.”

            ‘‘Please, pretty please. I promise to mind Linda and help with the chores. As soon as we get back to the house I will have Linda call to confirm everything as she is in the other car.” All three calls were the same – well rehearsed.

            “You do realize it’s all not going to be fun and games. There will be a lot of extra work to do and you three are going to have to help,” I said.

            Back at the house there was a pow-wow as Linda and Dad were asked or told about the arrangement. Dad just shook his head and laughed. Linda – on the other hand – took some convincing but finally gave in to the begging, pleading and long faces with fake tears. ”It’s only two weeks!”

            Linda talked with the parents. The girls went home to pack a light suitcase with shorts, tops, bras, panties, bikinis that I doubted would be worn and personal care things plus any meds. Linda would go by and pick them up to put the parents at ease.

            Even with all that we were on the road by 1030. With all those extra hands, loading the trailer went fast – almost too fast. Linda made one last trip through the house to see if there was anything she had forgotten or decided to take. The last thing that happened was signing copies of the divorce papers. They were left on the table along with dozens of photographs of the two lovers and a note.

            ”My lawyer will contact you with child support demands within the limits required by the state. SIGN THE DAMN PAPERS, don’t make me come back or it will be the worst day of your life. Enjoy your little bitch – I hear she gets tired of the same cock pretty fast and moves on, especially after the money runs out,” the note said.

            “Only contact me through my lawyer.”

            The ride home was interesting; it was going to be an even more interesting two weeks. Cock hounds might be an understatement. I was afraid we were going to regret allowing the three to come.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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