Chapter 30

            It was 11 when we arrived home after stopping for lunch, several pee stops and fuel. We also had the sleeping arrangements to work out. But first, the livestock need looking in on. They needed water and food just like we did. Hungry and thirsty cows would break or jump fences when they were hungry. There was plenty of green soybeans and corn within sight of the corral.

            There was still hay in the feeder, the water trough was still full – all good signs the well was still working and the power to the pump was still on. They needed ground feed but that could wait until tomorrow. More needed to be ground – let the education of the city girls begin.

            All the women were going to stay here tonight, tomorrow we would sort out the real issues. Sleeping bags, blankets and the couch would serve for a few people tonight.

            Luckily there was enough hot water and towels for ten people. All of the girls decided they were going to share beds. As Celeste put it, ”I can snuggle really close and won’t take much room.” Celeste was going to sleep with James and Sam with Bob. Elsie and Carol were going to push the two beds together so Helen could join them.

            Linda was going to sleep on the couch. She showered in my bedroom and went to the couch. After Dad and I showered, I went and brought her to our bed while placing her on one side and I was on the other with Dad in the middle.

            ”Linda first – be gentle and give her the full treatment. I’m going to the kitchen for lemonade and to check on the group in the other bedrooms, then your cock is mine,” I whispered into his ear.

            I made sure I was quiet as I checked on the others. The smell of sex was everywhere! In James’s room Celeste was still riding him on top. In Bob’s bed Sam was getting slowly fucked; either they were just getting started or this was the second round.

            Elsie was wearing one of the strap-ons and Helen was getting a pussy pounding with it. Carol was underneath Helen, licking her pussy while getting hers licked by Helen and possibly one of the dildos getting used on her.

            I went to the kitchen for the drink I got out of bed for; I fixed three. I was nearing the door when I heard Linda and Dad both achieving orgasms. I waited until they finished and had separated before I went in with the drinks.

            Dad carried his into the bathroom for a quick shower and to revive a little for me. I relaxed on the bed talking to Linda. ”He does quite well with that big cock, doesn’t he,” I said.

            ”He does amazing things with it. And now you are going to have fun with it?” Linda said.

            ”Yes, that is the agreement we both made before we got married. We agreed to swap outside of the marriage as long as we both agreed on the partner and possibly share. We also agreed that the last orgasm of the day is to be with each other. It has worked out well,” I said.

            ”He is your husband? How? When?” Linda asked.

            ”Not long ago – we had to do it before the state law is changed and they are in the process of changing it,” I said.

            ”You’re not pregnant,” Linda said.

            ”No, not until I get out of school and possibly college. But yes, I want children,” I said.

            ”We can talk more tomorrow,” I said as Dad emerged from bathroom.

            I took off the baby doll, ”I love you with all my heart. I’m needy again,” I said as I kissed him with all the passion I could put into a kiss. Then I dropped to my knees and finished making his erection full mast.

            Dad placed me on the bed beside Linda and we made love. Slowly at first and then aggressively with passion, hard and filling my need twice to his once. I ended on top where we proclaimed our lasting love and affection. With my cheek nestled on his shoulder I drifted off to sleep. With my last look at Linda, she was smiling and seemed to accept our arrangement.

            At 6 the urge to pee signaled it was time to get up. Linda was still snoring beside us. We quietly showered and went outside to check the egg production. This morning there were two dozen. It was a good thing I was willing to bet a dozen would be used for breakfast today.

            With 10 to feed I would try my hand at being a short order breakfast cook. I would use up all the older eggs first. With the ones left over I would make cakes just for the fun of it.

            One of the things Dad and I talked about was now that Linda knew, there was no need to hide our affection. Mom’s wedding ring would now become part of my finger. Dad didn’t need to wear his except when we went out to public affairs.

            Wearing a wedding ring while working with machinery was dangerous. They got hung up and fingers ripped off in the process. Another thing, Dad now became Sherman.

            When we returned to the house Linda was up and had showered. She was sitting at the table drinking orange juice.

            ”Breakfast this morning will consist of fresh eggs – fried or scrambled – sausage, bacon, scrapple or fried ham, home fries and toast,” I said to Linda. ”Go wake the bunch up and tell them to shower. I don’t want to smell any stinky used pussy or cocks at the table. Breakfast will be served at 8 and any not eaten at 830 will be thrown out to the hogs. It’s time to get the day started; there are a lot of things to do.”

            ”Yes, Mom, I agree,” Linda said as she was laughing.

            A minute or so later she was banging on the doors, scaring them half to death. She gave them my instructions to the letter. Linda said, ”If you are not at the table at 8 it’s the fly swatter and no breakfast. Get out of bed and hit the showers; we have a busy day,” she added a few things of her own.

            ”We’re going to have to open the windows and air this place out. I have never been to a whorehouse but I bet they can’t smell as bad as back there,” Linda said but she was laughing shaking her head.

            ”Yes and wash all the sheets,” I said.

            With Dad’s help I got out the cookware I had been cleaning to make things for the market and started breakfast. The big commercial stove was going to get its first big workout. All eight burners had a pan, pot or skillet on them. The microwave was thawing out thickly sliced ham.

            It was a good thing I had started stocking food ahead in the new pantry and the freezers; it was coming in handy today.

            I asked Linda to set the big dining room table. Without Dad and Linda’s help I would have made a poor short notice short order cook. Things were coming off the stove as the kids were showing up. There were some leftovers but few as Dad, Linda and I made our plates.

            I had an egg over hard, a couple strips of bacon, scrapple, a slice of lightly fried ham, home fries and toast with butter and grape jam. I was hungry. Fast food supper had not lasted very long with all the work we had done.

            The pots and pans were clean and in the sink strainer or dry and the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher. We all sat at the table trying to hash out sleeping arrangements for the next two weeks.

            Celeste, Sam and Helen were not bashful – they were happy with the way things were and wanted no changes. Bob, Elsie and Carol agreed with them. They had come up with their own arrangement of musical beds. James and Bob were going to do the same as the girls and move their beds together to give a little more room to the occupants, which I was sure would include two girls.

            Linda was still going to stay at Amos’s house and Carol, Elsie and Bob were still going over to help part time. I didn’t like the arrangement but was trapped in it.

            Linda’s things – for now – were going to stay in the trailer until our house guests were gone, then we would sort it out. There was plenty of things to be done. I reminded them that they had promised farm pictures to their families and how important it was that it happened. We needed to stage them so that things looked appropriate. Elsie and Carol were both going to help me bake goods for the farmers market.

            Bob and James were going to be pussy whipped long before the two weeks was over.

            ”Sherman will only be available to them for play on a very limited basis, now that he was spoken for,” Linda said.

            ”What do you mean?” Carol said.

            ”You three all know that not only are they father and daughter, they are husband and wife. All of us in this room have extremely high sex drives and like to share, but Mary comes first when it comes to Sherman. If you want Sherman to participate in a sex play event, you need to work through both of them.” Linda said.

            ”Who knows, they may want to make a three-some of four-some or more. In fact, I would bet on it. It only takes a few seconds to make sure everyone is good with whatever it is that comes to mind,” Linda said.

            ”Robert and I never went to any wife swap meets but I have read up on them and sex play always is consensual among all the partners by asking. It has to be that way here since there are six women and only three fine studs,” Linda said.

            What she didn’t say was that Dad, Linda and I agreed that the young folks should play together most of the time. We also agreed that until the three guests left, we three would play together as much as possible.

            I sent Dad and all the kids outside so the dangers of farm life could be explained to the newcomers and they could have a tour. In a couple more hours I would be out to stage the first set of pictures for the parents.

            Linda and I stayed in the house while putting away dishes. It was her suggestion. I knew she wanted to talk and talk we did. She was really pumping me about being married to Dad. She asked what we had to do, how we did it, how long it took and why we did it now.

            We were sitting at the table and talked for an hour.

            ”You have to promise me you won’t hold anything against anyone you see in the pictures I’m going to show you,” I said.

            Linda thought a few seconds. ”That’s fair and reasonable. OK,” Linda replied.

            I went into the office and in the locked file cabinet took out both wedding albums. One was put together by the chapel and one I had put together with the pictures from my camera. Elsie and Carol had taken some and the chapel hands had taken others.

            I placed the one from the chapel in front of her; she opened it to the first page. ‘The wedding of Sherman and Mary Grant’ in pictures.

            She slowly flipped through all the pictures without saying a word until the end.

            ”Those stinkers. They knew all the time and never said a word! It’s the first secret they ever kept more than an hour,” Linda said.

            ”They arrived just at the right time to be part of the wedding party, otherwise just the three of us planned to go it alone,” I said.

            ”So when James called you Mom the other day he was kidding, but almost let the cat out of the bag,” Linda said.

            ”He thought it would get under my skin and it doesn’t bother me,” I said.

            ”I called you that joking this morning, I’m so sorry,” Linda said.

            ”It’s OK, it actually sounded good. I had told James to call me Mary because he asked which I wanted and we had not decided how to handle everything publicly. I may change that but I guess I should wait until I have little ones of my own,” I said.

            ”With this brood you have got staying here you deserve to be called Mom because they will turn your hair gray,” Linda said.

            She looked at the other album and I explained that the dress and wedding ring were my Mom’s. I was proud that I fit into the dress without alterations.

            We had just finished and the albums put away and were working on a very big grocery list when the group came back in .

            ”Mary is going to town for grocery shopping, I want Elsie and you three to go with her and help. I think I heard that James, Bob and Sherman were going to make chicken, hog and cow feed. They don’t need five girls around for a distraction on the very first day. It can be a dangerous job,” Linda said.

            ”I’m going over to Mom and Dad’s, Carol can come with me to do what’s needed over there and to see how they are doing. I have to go to work at Seagraves tomorrow and will come back over here later to use Mary’s computer system to get ready for tomorrow,” Linda added.

            ”If Amos and Mrs. Jackson need anything, call me,” I said.

            ”Is there anything that you girls need to put on the list like toiletries or birth control?” I said.

            ”IUDs all around,” Celeste said. I guess she was the spokesperson.

            ”Leaving in ten minutes, get ready to go!” I said.

            When they came down, they were in short shorts and halter tops. I stopped at the appliance store and looked at big refrigerators. I was going to need a couple of big ones to keep cakes and pies in. They would have to fit through the 48 inch door to the new pantry.

            They were expensive as hell but I thought I would need them. They did not have them in stock but got a daily delivery from the warehouse in the city. They would be here in the afternoon tomorrow and be delivered to the farm before the end of the day. I also bought one upright freezer.

            Both of them had ice makers. I could bag the ice from them and put in the freezers then have plenty to put in coolers to get things to the Farmers Market.

            At the box store we took five carts. I tore the list into five pieces and gave each of them a pencil to mark off what they put into the cart. I wrote detailed shopping lists because I never knew if Sherman or James would be helping. Another thing I did in the final write was to put things by aisle in the store.

            Meats were all together, paper products , canned goods, laundry and so on. I hated to walk the store several times just to get what I needed. I tripled my purchase of everything and added box cakes, pie crust, flour, sugar and all the things I needed for baking times four.

            The five carts were very full and it took six to get it all back in the carts after the register. It was over a thousand dollars! I was definitely calling a commercial wholesale food company to see about discounts and deliveries. I would be glad when the beef and pigs went to the locker.

            It took the same amount of time to get five carts as it did to get two with all of us shopping. I had coolers in truck for the cold stuff and had enough room and time to pick up the chickens from the locker. I knew what we would be eating on my home menu for the next few weeks – quick big meals.

            It took two of us an hour to stack everything away in the pantry and freezers, even with the girls bringing the bags and coolers in. Tonight the fare was going to be salad and spaghetti with meatballs in a meat sauce and Texas toast – like it or not. I had bought plenty of ingredients.

            I called Linda and told her what we were having for supper and to bring Amos and Grandma when she came, if they were interested. With a bag of meatballs on the counter to thaw out, I went outside to find our visitors. It was time to take pictures and sent them to their folks in the city.

            I found them outside. That reminded me, I still had sheets to wash before the night was out so beds could be made tonight.

            Sherman, James and Bob were grinding the last batch of feed for the cows. As usual with making the feed, dust was billowing in the air. I took pictures with them watching the operation as different grains were added, sampling the feed before and after the powered molasses was added and of course – the aroma test.

            ”Smells like pancake syrup,” Sam said.

            Then we went to the chicken coop where I took different pictures with girls surrounded by chickens as they were spreading ground corn from a bucket. That is one way to get chickens to come to you. They are inquisitive by nature. At first the city girls were scared as the chickens flocked and ran to them, but it soon wore off.

             With a bucket in hand I had them gather the fresh eggs that had been laid since this morning’s gathering.

            ”Do you notice anything about the eggs?” I asked.

            ”No,” Sam replied.

            ”Hold them carefully and some will still be warm,” I said. ”You can use that as a caption on the picture when you send it,” I said.

            From there we went to the cattle yard where ground feed was being put in a feed trough for the cows. It had to be done seven days a week or they would let you know it. They were growing fast with the feed for a boost over the pasture grass and hay.

            I moved close to the trough and rubbed one of the head of the cows. I held a handful of feed for the cow to lick from my hand. The cow repeated the licking from the girls. The cows were eager to eat, afraid they would miss a mouthful and if I moved slow and easy I could pat one. I coached the girls into doing the same thing for the camera – that resulted in more pictures for the parents.

            From there we went to the hog pen with a bucket of whole corn where the process was repeated. With hogs you have to be careful; they can hurt you quickly while fighting over food, so it was dumped over the fence. I took more good shots.

            From there it was to the hay barn for an explanation about hay, why we used it and when with pictures of them sitting on the hay.

            James had finished with Dad and joined in the conversation.

            ”James is going to help me demonstrate how farm girls also use hay, other than for the livestock,” I said.

            I threw a blanket over one bale of hay.

            I dropped my shorts and thong, laid on the hay with my feet on the ground and gave James the come hither finger. He knew what I wanted immediately and dropped his pants and went to his knees.

            ”One bale is just the right height for this,” I said as he fed me his cock.

            ”That feels just about the right height, but stop a minute James and let me make a change,” I said.

            I place the second bale on the first with the blanket and climbed back up as James moved in as I spread my legs for him.

            ”Two bales are the right height with your lover standing,” I said as James was slow stroking.

            ”You can also do it this way,” I said as James helped me place my legs against his shoulders.

            ”And then there is this way,” I said as James moved behind me with me bent over the two bales while stroking me.

            ”And there is this way – it’s the right height,” I said back on one bale – on my knees – with James back in me. One more change James.

            ”And finally this way,” I said as I put James on the bale and rode him for cowgirl a minute. Then I stopped and pulled off. ”Thanks James, end of demonstration.”

            ”Wait a minute, you’re not going to leave me like this are you?” James asked.

            ”No, stay there but give me a minute,” I said.

            I put my shorts back on and took out a quarter, ”OK girls, line up.”

            ”Call it in the air,” I said

            I flipped it for Elsie – she had heads – then it was Sam’s turn and it came up tails. Then Helen was tails, then Celeste and it was tails again.

            ”Elsie is out for a minute,” I said.

            I flipped for the three remaining. Then Helen was out. And again and then Celeste was out. Sam was the last one left.

            ”You are going to play an edging game,” I said.

            ”Sam gets first round, one minute, then Celeste gets one minute, then Helen gets one minute and then Elsie. If James has not cum, start over in the same order. Whoever James cums in has to suck his cock back hard so he can finish all four of you and then you start over- same order. When you can’t get him erect any more, the game is over. The girl that finished him is the winner,” I said.

            ”The idea of the game is to get James to cum often and so much he can’t get hard, by using just your pussy muscles. If you cum, you are eliminated until the next round. The last girl that hasn’t cum after the other three are eliminated gets to ride him to the finish, then the game starts over,” I said.

            ”James will try to eliminate you to so he can get that long hard ride and cum. James can play with nipples and breasts with his hands only while you are riding him. James, no thrusting, you must lie still and let their muscles do all the work,” I said.

            ”No playing with yourself waiting for your turn. You can verbally encourage the girl riding James to come, dirty talk may help get her off. You have to play with your clit for the one minute you are riding James. It helps those muscles get active but remember you don’t want to cum so you get the long ride but you want James to cum again and again to move the game alone,” I said. ”It’s the girls working together against the guy,” I said.

            ”Remember, every time he cums it’s going to take longer for the next one. You are going to get to do a lot of fucking near the end,” I said.

            ”This is strength building for the pelvic floor muscles. Building better muscles there will give you control of your man. It’s a trick the pros use to get the customer done and gone. You can use it against your boyfriend and tell him what a worthless fuck he is for being a quick shot. Few young men are prepared for that kind of muscle action,” I said.

            ”If James cannot get hard after five minutes of sucking, you are the winner,” I said.

            ”Use the timer on Elsie’s phone. Strip off so James can get at those nipples and breasts Get going or James will wither and you will get none,” I said.

            ”Tomorrow we will add a variation to the game and another variation the following day,” I said.

            ”I am going to start supper. When you come in you can tell me who was the winner that put him down for the count,” I said.

            As I left the girls were stripping and Sam was straddling James. Dad was outside the door watching.

            ”You know that’s just plain cruel,” Dad said.

            ”To whom – him or them? It will just keep them busy and out of trouble for a while,” I said. “I need a quickie before Linda and the folks come, do you want to join me on a bale of hay, or in the house?” I asked.

            Ten minutes later I was putting the last load of sheets into the dryer with a cloth in my shorts so I wouldn’t show spots or have cum running down my leg. Dad was on the couch watching the farm report and I was waiting on the water and the oven to heat up. Toasted garlic bread would go good with the spaghetti. Linda called to say they would be here in twenty minutes.

            Fifteen minutes later the group came in. ”I won!” Sam said.

            ”Good, you don’t have the help clean up after supper,” I said.

            ”Do you like the game and want to play again? Are the muscles sore? If not, you weren’t working them hard enough,” I said.

            ”Yes it was fun,” all four chimed in.

            ”How come you haven’t taught us that game before,” Elsie said.

            ”The more girls the better, you get a better workout, more completion between the players, the longer delay between turns lets you cool off some and puts a lot more pressure on the cock. It can be a very long game if you want it to be – with the right cock,” I said.

            ”It is a good way to humble a man who thinks he is a stud and with time will make a quick shooter into one,” I said.

            ”We can add Carol, Linda and me to the mix and another stud or two as you get those muscles strong. We can really make it a challenging play by making teams, team against team,” I said.

            ”Going to the barn can conjure up all kinds of interesting thoughts from now on,” I said with a wink.

            I loaded the pictures off the camera to a folder on the desktop. After supper they could pick the pictures they wanted and send them to their folks in an email.

            I placed the commercial mixer on the other counter with the deep fryer and dug out the recipe box. I was going to make pastries to go with breakfast, as soon as I was done eating.

            Supper was grand; the salad made with things mostly from our garden was a hit. The spaghetti, meatballs and sauce was delicious. We all ate our fill. The conversation was hilarious as the three girls quietly helped clean up, wash and dry supper dishes that would not fit in the dishwasher.

            ”You will have to try harder tomorrow to win, make those muscles sore and strong,” I whispered. They just smiled and nodded.

            Going by the recipe, all the ingredients went into the mixer with the dough paddle on it. While it was working the other ingredients went into the bowl to make the glaze. The recipe was for six donuts, but I added enough to make twenty four and did the same with the glaze recipe.

            After the dough was ready, I split it in half and added a cup of blueberries to one. I rolled it to the proper thickness and used the donut cutter. With the hot oil I was making donuts. The holes went in oil too. When I finished, even the last pieces of dough went in.

            It was work keeping up with the cooker and glazing. I glazed all of them twice and added sprinkles to some of them. Next time I would add icing to a few as well. This was a test run for the Farmers Market.

            Thirty minutes later I served a plate of donuts to everyone for a taste test. Everyone agreed they were good enough to sell.

            The hens’ egg production would decide how soon I started.

            Before they left, Linda pulled me aside, ”What kind of game am I supposed to play with the girls day after tomorrow when I am off?” Linda said.

            ”An edging game, it will be fun, you will just have to wait and see and get the rules explained,” I said.

            The day ended with grunts and groans and other cries of ecstasy from the house. I had Dad all to myself and made the best of it – twice – before falling asleep.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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