Chapter 32

I woke up early in Dad’s arms – he was still sound asleep. I slid out and went to shower after closing the bathroom door. When I finished, the house was still quiet.

            I went to the chicken house to see how many eggs I had to work with for breakfast. There were four dozen this morning. Many of the hens were beginning to produce. I used two buckets so I did not over-stack them, causing the lower ones in the bucket to be crushed.

            As I was walking back to the house with the buckets of eggs, Linda pulled to a stop by the walkway. She was on the way to work but stopped to find out how I made out with all the guests last night. Her real reason was to see if there were any donuts or donut holes left. She wanted some to take for her coffee break. There were a few – I guess they were a bigger hit than I thought.

            Today after breakfast Carol was going to help set up more of the baking things. I checked the new appliances delivered yesterday to see if they had failed during the night. If they were going to fail, it should be in the first few days of operation. Bob and Elsie were going over to Grandpa’s to work today.

            James and Sherman – Dad, I really needed to make up my mind the name I was going to use for Dad and stick with it – were going to do most of the things I normally helped do while we had the guests here.

            Those guest were already talking about playing the game tonight with Bob and Carol as extra players.

            I was surprised as Carol stepped right up to help cook breakfast, ”Tell me what I need to do to learn how to cook. With Mom it was always out of a box or a can; I really like the foods you cook,” Carol said.

            ”You didn’t have Home Economics or any kind of cooking classes in school?” I asked.

            ”No, they said those kinds of classes were sexist and dropped them from school,” Carol replied.

            ”Put on an apron in case you get hit with a spit of hot grease, let’s start with bacon and sausage. Breakfast is a relatively easy meal – for that we will use the big griddle for the amount we need to cook today,” I said.

            I showed her how I did bacon and explained how I cooked sausage patties. I explained that I could also take packaged sausage and cook it loose like hamburger to make sausage gravy.  We would pour it over hot biscuits – another favorite we could try tomorrow.

            While she was working and waiting on her griddle I had her mix pancake batter from the homemade mix I kept in a tightly closed gallon jar. I made it from the card in the recipe box and I usually made enough for several weeks.

            Carol mixed the liquid ingredients as I directed and then turned the bacon and sausage. It was time to cook the eggs and make pancakes. My enlarged family was gathering at the table as the food was coming off the stove.

            With breakfast over and the dishes in the washer, we planned the day. Elsie and Bob were going over to Amos. All the girls decided they were going to enjoy the pool today before it got really hot. I went out and made sure the chemicals were right for them then went back to the kitchen.

            I made three dozen more donuts and glazed them as before. Then I made a couple cakes; a chocolate one that I would put homemade chocolate icing on and a vanilla one that would get vanilla icing. While I had the oven going I made an apple pie and a lemon pie to go in the oven after the cakes came out. I had thirty minutes to kill before the cakes needed checking.

            I stripped off in the bedroom and grabbed a towel on the way out to the pool. I saw the girls tanning as I dove in. I did thirty laps figuring fifteen seconds in each direction. Then I climbed out and went back to the kitchen as I dried off.  I made the icing for the cakes and checked to see how they were progressing. I had timed it right; they were ready to come out and cool before being iced.

            I reset the temperature for the pies, waited for the ding that the oven was ready and then placed the pies in. I was placing the donuts and holes in a deep pan when Samantha came in for a drink. She asked if she could have a donut hole.

            ”Of course! You don’t have to ask, even though it polite to do so,” I said.

            ”The other night you said the anal was the first time for a real cock, are you ready to try a threesome with anal?” I asked.

            ”Have you done three?” Samantha asked.

            ”I have done a four-some; three cocks, sucking one, one in my pussy and one in my ass. It’s called being plugged tight,” I said.

            ”Wow. I like anal play even though it’s messy sometimes. I have a small finger size vibrator that I use a lot and sometimes the trusty brush handle that is shaped right. Using them and working my clit really gets me off. Yes, I would like to try taking two,” Samantha said.

            ”I can show you how to help with the mess. Just a clean-out makes it a lot more fun without the mess. It takes ten to fifteen minutes before you play there and lasts up to four hours, depending on your body. You should also use a lot more lube than was used the other night. James and Bob will help you with the three-some if you want. Both are very experienced at it. I have plenty of the right lube,” I said.

            ”What about Celeste and Helen, have they done anal or tried to?” I asked.

            ”Not that I know of, but since the other night they have asked several times if it was fun,” Samantha replied.

            ”I have some dildos to help stretch and train for anal if you or they are interested. I can show all of you the clean-out and how to use the dildos,” I said.

            Samantha took four more donut holes – one for each of them – and went back outside. I iced the cakes and carried them out to the new coolers in the pantry. The pies still had a few more minutes in the oven.

            When I went back to the kitchen Carol, Celeste, Helen and Samantha were standing there.

            ”You said you could teach us how to clean out for anal and you had toys to help. Carol says you’re good at helping doing things the right way,” Samantha said. I guess she was the spokesperson of the three when it came to anal. I thought Celeste was the group leader and instigator. I was wrong, maybe she was with trash talk but not action. Helen and Celeste were smiling and lightly nodding as I looked at them.

            ”We have several hours and it will take that long with the three of you. I will clean out first then Carol, since she had done it before and that will help refresh Carol’s memory,” I said.

            ”Fill the bag with lukewarm water, not hot or cold. This is just the right temperature. Stick your fingers in, check the temperature. Release the clamp, let the air and a little water out to warm the nozzle. Close the clamp and hang the bag high, lube your butt and the nozzle and then insert, take your – time don’t force it! When the nozzle is in all the way, hold it there and release the clamp with your other hand,” I said as I demonstrated on myself.

            ”Do not try to see how much you can take, we only need to clean out the lower bowel to the rectum. You do not want to force water into the upper parts or it will be messy all day. As soon as you feel a little pressure stop the flow with the clamp, pull the nozzle and push the material and water out. Normally use about a pint of water at a time,” I said.

            “Flush the toilet each time so you know when there is no material coming out, then lube the nozzle again and repeat. The third time add the longer nozzle and repeat. When there no material in what you push out, you are done.”

            ”In five minutes or so you may feel the need to push out a little more water, the bowel absorbs and releases some of it but you may or may not need to. Carol, you’re next and I will get out the toys and clean then,” I said.

            I only brought in the box with the dildos and cleaned them.

            ”Do any of you want a deep throat contest or just get on with the dirty stuff?” I said.

            ”No, let’s get started,” Samantha Said.

            I loaded the lube shooter and lubed Carol’s ass and then the rest of the girls.

            I stuck the dildos on all three walls of the shower at the height that we normally did. We girls were all close to the same height. I lubed each of them, smearing it completely around them with my hand.

            Carol started with the first one and worked on it until she had loosened up, explaining to the trio what she was doing and why. Then she moved on to the next one. Samantha backed onto the one Carol just vacated after I applied more lube and a dab to her butt.

            Carol moved to the next one and Samantha followed, Celeste decided she was next. Celeste struggles at first, barely moving.

            ”Spread your legs and play with your clit as you work it in,” I said.

            ”That helps and makes it feels better,” Celeste said.

            She was soon stroking with it, easily sliding it in and out of her butt.

            ”Girl, you need to slack off on the clit! You’re going to need some of that pleasure as you move to the bigger ones,” I said.

            They changed positions again. I wondered how far they would get. I had put all of them on the wall, including James and Dad as I called the two biggest ones. I was sure Carol could take James but would she try Dad?

            Helen moved on the small one, rubbing her clit as I had told Celeste. She was exhaling and whimpering, her cheeks hitting the wall really hard. Then I remembered that all of the dildos had balls. Helen was smacking her pussy with the balls plus her finger work on her clit.

            ”Damn! Helen is going to cum, soon cum soon, I have heard that sound before. Does it feel that good Helen?” Celeste asked.

            ”Are you girls ready to change soon? I want the next one,” Helen said.

            Carol moved to James and struggled but soon had it mastered and was smiling. I was sure in my mind that ass fucking was going on between the girls and boys because the guys were too good at getting the rhythm going not to be doing it often. That pretty much confirmed it.

            Helen pressured them again to change. None of them needed to be told to get a pump of lube for the next dildo.

            Carol was working her clit just before she pulled off. She lubed Dad and then her ass and backed on it very slowly, forcing herself on it before stroking and putting her fingers to work. She added her other hand to her nipples as she slowly was taking more.

            Samantha was doing the same as she was taking James. Celeste was on the seven and a half – equal to Bob. Carol and Samantha had both ass cheeks touching the wall and they were enjoying it with the fingers of both hands busy.

            Carol cried out and had a loud and strong orgasm. I wondered if it was clit or anal induced cum. Her movements came to a halt and then she pulled off. Samantha quickly lubed Dad and guided it into her ass. Carol was watching, leaning against the wall while recovering from her orgasm.

            Celeste was slowly working her butt onto the Bob dildo. I wondered if I was going sex crazy naming the dildos for the cocks they matched.

            Samantha had her orgasm before her ass touched the wall. ”Oh god I’m cuming and cuming. Oh – Oh and more Oh so good.” And then she slowed to almost stop and was moving very slowly. After watching, I knew what she was doing – she was extending the throes of her orgasm.

            Her abdomen would tense up and her face would distort from the orgasm. As soon as it eased, she moved on the dildo again with several hard strokes as her fingers worked on her clit and nipples. When the orgasm returned full strength she would slow again. She kept doing it over and over again as her ass touched the wall, her stomach clearly showed the bulge from the tip of the dildo.

            I was standing close while watching as her hand left her nipples and pulled me to her and to her mouth. With her hand on the back of my head she was trying to find my tonsils. I returned the kiss and my hands went to her nipples. I squeezed them and pinched them. The harder I was on them, the more she moaned into my mouth, the more aggressively she stroked on the dildo and the fingers on the clit.

            I had seen long orgasms before, but none that lasted as long as this one. The rest of the girls had cum or were cuming. Those that had were staring at Samantha.

            ”Wow! And Samantha said she didn’t really like girl – girl things! That’s been blown all to hell. What a scene, I wish I had been recording,” Celeste said.

            Samantha stopped all movement and stopped the kiss, ”Hold me, help me off the dildo. My knees are trembling, that was the best ever,” as her arms went around me.

            As the knob of the dildo came out Samantha lost control of her bladder. I could feel the spray on my legs.

            ”Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that,” Samantha said.

            ”It’s OK, happens a lot as the angle of the dildo changes coming out and puts pressure on the bladder. Nothing soap and water won’t take care of,” I said.

            I held her a few minutes while rubbing her back as her breathing returned to normal.

            After a few moments, ”You did all the teaching but you haven’t cum,” Celeste said with two of the other girls chiming in.

            I whispered into Samantha’s ear, ”Just how kinky are you with anal – how far are you willing to go, how much are you willing to try?” I asked.

            ”After today anything goes at least once, I think,” Samantha said.

            We separated and I looked at her hands and fingers.

            ”On my dresser is a pair of nail clippers and a file. Cut your nails close and file them, make sure there are no sharp edges or points while I get everything set up,” I said.

            ”Carol, put a new card in the camera and a fully charged battery. Then put the tripod off to the center a little at the foot of my bed. You may have to film free hand. Celeste and Helen, help me get the bed ready,” I said.

            On the bed went two quilts with them hanging to the floor and one more doubled on the floor. The pillows were stacked near middle way. In the shower I used the hand shower spray to wash off Samantha’s urine and the floor of the shower.

            ”Samantha, how are you coming along?” I asked.

            ”Almost done – nice and smooth, no sharpness or points,” Samantha replied.

            ”Good, we are almost ready,” I said.

            I lubed the four biggest dildos.

            ”All done,” Samantha said.

            “OK, here is what I want done. I’m going to use the dildos to get loosened up then I’m going to get on the bed. Celeste and Helen, I want you to help hold my legs back so I can relax, play with my breasts and nipples to help.”

            ”Samantha, I want you to finger my ass. Start with two fingers like this, add three and then four. Roll your hand side to side easily, not aggressively. When you feel it loosen up pull your hand out some and close your thumb in like this. Keep pushing with steady pressure, roll your hand and keep pushing,” I said.

            ”Carol, make sure you get good video. I will tell you as we go if anything needs changing,” I said as I went to the bathroom.

            I worked at the dildos until I was loose and moved to the next one. A four girl audience didn’t help. James was no problem, but with Dad I struggled a little bit, although my ass cheeks were soon bouncing off the wall.

            ”OK girls I’m ready – take your places.”

            I slid back onto the bed as Celeste was on my left and Helen was on my right. Samantha was on her knees between my now spread and held back legs, lubing her hand and fingers with the slippery lube. Carol was over her shoulder with the camera focused on my ass.

            ”You know, I have not done anything like this,” Samantha said.

            ”After today you can say you have and you will join the group of the experienced few that have,” I said.

            I felt two fingers slide in, then three, then four. Samantha rotated her hand right and then left – or was it left and then right? Samantha pulled out and started back in. I felt the knuckles stretching me a little more. I reach down and started on my clit.

            I had to remind Helen and Celeste to play with my nipples. I finally told them to suck on the nipples. It felt like Samantha’s hand was in a little more. I reached down to feel and was disappointed that the knuckles were still outside.

            ”Add a little more pressure and rotate your hand,” I said.

            I had to grab a handful of quilt on that bit of stretch. Celeste and Helen were doing their best to watch and not really giving my breasts the attention I wanted. I worked both arms around and squeezed a breasts in each hand hard.

            Samantha increased the pressure, I felt my ass stretch and then the pressure eased off and the knuckles quickly slid past my anal sphincter.

            ”It went in to my wrist, I can’t believe it!” Samantha said.

            ”Keep going in until I tell you to stop and reduce the amount of rotation a bit,” I said.

            ”Pull it out until I tell you to stop,” I said.

            ”Stop,” I said. I stopped her when the knuckles were at the sphincter.

            ”Add some more lube to your arm then push it back in,” I said

            ”More, go deeper and then add some strokes,” I said.

            I could feel her fingers deep in me. I wish there had been a mirror overhead so I could watch, but I would have to wait for the video.

            I felt the fingers hit bottom, or what I thought was bottom.

            ”Stop for a few seconds then try to go in further,” I said.

            ”OK, push harder, OK, that’s it,” I said.

            ”Pull your hand out, more, more, more. Stop and try to close your fingers into a fist one at a time,” I said.

            I could feel the movement of each finger as she did it.

            ”Add more lube – plenty of it to your arm and further towards the elbow,” I said.

            “Push it back in, further, keep going. OK stop. Try to move your fist upwards, Carol focus the camera on my abdomen to see of it moves. Keep going until I tell you to stop. More, higher. OK stop,” I said as I watched the bulge in my abdomen appear.

            ”With it like that, flex your hand left and right,” I said.

            ”Wow, look at that!” Samantha said with the others agreeing.

            I was impressed as they were. I could easily see the bulge moving with her wrist. They had a better vantage point than I did.

            ”OK, pull it out some and slow stroke, out further, stop. Now in, more, stop. Stroke it that deep. A little faster, more, a little faster, and a little harder. Pull it out a little further, a little more out,” I said.

            Samantha was shaking me a little on the bed. It was feeling good – even better – as I started rubbing and pressing on my clit.

            ”A little further out each time, harder,” I said.

            She was starting to put real pressure on my sphincter. My orgasm started deep. It was definitely an anal orgasm. I wished I had a cock in my pussy to try for joint ass/pussy orgasm. That was something to try if I could talk James into helping with it.

            My orgasm went from little ripples to volcanic eruptions in seconds. My legs tried to go straighten and go flat surprising both Celeste and Helen. They recovered in time to hold them.

            ”I’m cuming, hard, OH, Oh cuming!” I started to lose my vision but it quickly returned. My fingers were still strumming my clit, Samantha was still stroking my ass.

            ”Slow down and then stop, I think that’s enough,” I said.

            ”Straighten your fingers out and then pull your arm out.” When she got the bigger part of her hand to the sphincter I tied to relax as much as possible. Samantha kept pulling and it slowly worked its way out.

            ”Get the gap Carol,” I said.

            Her hand popped out, I felt so empty as the girls let go of my legs so I could put them down.

            ”Wow, what a gap, I am zooming in on it,” Carol said.

            ”You better hurry because my muscles are trying to close it,” I said.

            All four of them were looking closely at it as I did the first exercise and held it for ten seconds and then I repeated it. I would be doing exercises for the rest of the night, off and on.

            ”Wow, that’s impressive!” Celeste said with Helen and Samantha agreeing.

            ”I want to try that before we leave to go back to the city,” Samantha said.

            ”You’re going to have to get in line,” Carol said. ”I’m next.”

            We had an hour to clean up and put away the dildos. I had an idea as the washed and dried dildos went into the box.

            ”Go shower, two upstairs, two here and then come back – and make it fast,” I said.

            I went first in the shower and then the other two. While they were in there I pulled out the box of other toys I had ordered. I had ordered a bunch when Linda started to play with me.

            I had ordered medium fox tail butt plugs. They came in two different styles; one that the tail was formed around a bendable core, the other was just a free floating tail that simply hung down by gravity. I bought six of the last one, not knowing how long they would last and besides that, they came in a six pack. I thought that that they would add spice to play sometime.

            I even had a wild hair that we could wear them with a mini skirt to the box store just to see if we could start a new fad.

            They were a medium plug with a long small shank that would allow the sphincter to close to hold it in. They had them with a rubber stretchy material in the form of a thong to help hold them. I didn’t think that would feel good on the clit. I covered the box waiting for the girls.

            ”OK, line up beside the bed – eyes closed – bend over and reach back and spread those cheeks and don’t say anything,” I said.

            A dab of lube on the butt and a smear on the plug and then I pushed each one of them in, including one for myself.

            ”OK, take a look, we are foxes now,” I said.

            We had a good laugh and there were lots of pictures taken. If Linda showed up after work I was going to plug her as well. I put out the idea about wearing them to the box store with a mini skirt just for kicks.

            To my surprise they wanted to do it tomorrow. We decided on long tee shirts for now as we waited on James and Bob to get home. The girls wanted to play the edging game again. If I played that would be six and we could do the teams against each other – if Linda showed up I would be the timer and fluff on Sherman.

            We made cakes and pies to take to the market tomorrow and would take eggs. Today’s pick was six dozen. All of yesterday’s eggs went into the cakes. I made sure the eggs were clean this morning before I put them in egg crates. If tomorrow was as productive as today, that would be twelve dozen in the display case.

            The Farmers Market would be a good cover for going to town. After putting things in the case we could go to the box store, remove our thongs and pop in the fox tail plugs in the bathroom. Then, we could do some shopping and see what the reaction was.

            The girls said they were five hundred miles away from home, no one was going to know them, but for me, not so. But since we were a group no one would care.      

            We had just finished the cakes and pastries when James and Sherman came home in the Pete. A few minutes later Bob and Elsie came home from Amos and Grandma’s.

            I sent Bob, James and Elsie to shower while I explained to Sherman that the girls wanted to do the edging game again and about the foxtails.

            ”I have a great video! I think we can watch tonight when we go to bed,” I said.

            ”Some play time today?” Dad said.

            ”Yes and it’s going to lead to more,” I said.

            Sherman said he would check the animals and then shower in case we needed a relief cock as a fill in. He was laughing as he said it.         

            ”When the guys tucker out, we can use you until the girls get tired. By the way, I want an adjustable remote control ceiling mirror over our bed,” I said.

            He walked away shaking his head.

            Twenty minutes later Linda was in the shower. She declined the foxtail today but said she would go with us tomorrow. She would wear one and carry the small camera to record reactions while doing her best to keep a straight face.

            I put a clean blanket on three bales of hay that were side by side with a couple feet between them. I placed the one minute timer and lube bottle on the one in the middle. By the time I was finished everyone was there. I explained the rules for Linda and Carol and to refresh the memories of the others and Bob on what he could and could not do.

            Instead of doing all the coin flipping, I had written the numbers one to three on three papers and placed then on the bale of hay.

            ”Two teams with three players each. Carol, Elsie pick your team,” I said. Elsie chose Samantha and Mom. That left Celeste and Helen with Carol.

            “Team Carol, go to the bale and pick a piece of paper for the play order.” Celeste was going first, Carol second and then Helen. The other team was Linda, Samantha, then Elsie, in that order. Linda begged off so she could watch and make sure she knew what to do.

            ”Strip while I am getting the men ready,” I said.

            With James on his back I sucked him hard and then went to Bob and did the same.

            ”Ready girls – go,” I said as I hit the timer and waited.

            Celeste mounted James and Samantha mounted Bob. The girls fingers were flying on clits and the men were rough on the breasts. The bell dinged – the minute was up. The players changed quickly and then I hit the bell. The girls remembered they could get vocal and started encouraging their team member to get the guy to come.

            They went through the rotation three times before the Elsie came loudly and was eliminated for the rest of the round. That meant Linda and Samantha one off and one on. I was betting Linda would cum next – not having an orgasm today and stating she was horny. I was wrong – Bob squirted inside Linda – the first to shoot cum.

            Linda quickly sucked his cock to the root as I set the timer on my phone to five minutes. She had him back in three for Samantha to mount when the time started again and all three were in the rotation again.

            The other team was a little different because all three of them had cum today on the dildos and those dildos helped tone the pelvic floor muscles a little more. Those girls had decided to ignore James’s hands as much as possible to concentrate on working the pelvic muscles.

            James lasted two more cycles before he shot off in Helen. She had him back in three minutes, hard enough for Carol to mount. It took thirty minutes for Bob to be finished, unable to rise again. He had cum twice – the third time in Samantha.

            Sherman was standing behind me when Bob failed to rise he placed his hard cock on my shoulder.

            ”The relief cock is ready to go,” he said. The action had stopped with the bell.

            I turned and slobbered on it to make it wet. ”Your tiger,” I said.

            Linda was next in the rotation on Sherman. She was standing – straddling – waiting for the bell. She had this game figured out. As soon as the bell rung she impaled herself to the root in one drop. She squeezed Sherman’s cock so hard I seen his eyes open more. She put her fingers to work on her clit lightly, not using the motions she likes.

            She was just trying to egg Sherman on. Sherman must have been edging behind me; the expressions on his face told me he was trying hard not to cum. Elsie was back on at the bell trying her best and then Samantha; both tried hard to get Sherman off. Linda was up again, then repeated the drop to the root.

            The squeeze was too much as Sherman announced he was cuming. Linda waited until he had stopped cuming, then giving a fist pump as she pulled off. With the cock deflating, she took it to the root while sucking hard to get it back.

            I sucked on Bob while Linda got Dad hard. I got on my knees and directed Bob to slow fuck me as I hit the bell for the game to continue.

            The game went four more rounds with Sherman cuming in Elsie, then Linda and then Elsie. Both came while leaving Samantha for the long ride, the first of the game.

            I saw Samantha hit the lube bottle and dab her ass. I knew what she was going to do. She straddled Sherman, swabbed his cock and then notched it into her ass and dropped, taking half of it. She lifted and dropped again, this time to the root and then got serious about ass fucking, bouncing up and down.

            Sherman pulled her down to kiss her but the real reason was so he could control the action. He began to fast fuck her ass from below, balls flopping, skin slapping – she was along for the ride.

            Samantha came first with a huff, a moan and a little scream and then Sherman announced he was cuming, slowing to a stop with the last pulses of cum in her ass. She tried to lift off but he put his arms around her to hold her there.

            ”No you don’t, stay on me until my cock falls out of your ass. You have a good ass and good control of those muscles,” Sherman said.

                        I told Bob to fuck my ass to the finish. The game was over. All the pussies should be plenty sore and so should some asses. I carried the timer back to the house. We used a lot of hot water and soap for the next hour.

            Pizza was the fare for supper tonight. With the ten of us I did four- one cheese, one meat ball and onion, one pepperoni and one ground sausage.

            I noticed all the girls were sitting carefully.

            Linda kissed me as she was leaving after eating with us, ”I had fun! I will be over in the morning to go with you to the market.”

            Sherman and I showered and went to bed. We watch the video of Samantha fisting my ass. Sherman stopped and watched the stomach bulge sequence several times before allowing it to finish.

            He was rock hard again and I was wet. We slow fucked for a long time; we had both cum several times today, me more than him. My mind may have wanted a quick orgasm to finish out the day with my husband but my body wasn’t having any part of it.

             He fucked me soft and gentle and then hard. Then I rode him trying to find the right spot that would light me off. Finally with my legs back for the second time he pounded me until my clit could refuse no more. We came together – he was holding out so we could cum together. Everyone in the house should have heard my cries of pleasure.

            ”Show me where you want the mirror tomorrow morning,” he said as we snuggled together.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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