Chapter 32

I was up early at 5, first to check on eggs for the market while Dad checked on the other livestock. There were eight dozen today, filling three buckets. I carefully checked them and put them in egg crates that I had bought from Amazon. They came one gross to the case – at this rate I needed to order more right away.

            I had just finished when Carol came to the kitchen, asking what she needed to do to help with breakfast.

            ”Look in the refrigerator for two packs of the jumbo buttermilk biscuits. We can make sausage gravy, bacon, fried eggs and toast with orange juice,” I said.

            It was a good thing we were going to the box store again; this bunch was eating us out of house and home.

            I doubled the gravy instructions from the card while the biscuits were in the oven and then cooked the crumbled sausage. That would make breakfast at seven. Carol did the bacon again and I did the scrambled eggs. The fried eggs would have to wait until I knew how everyone wanted them cooked. The griddle was on the stove and the bread was waiting beside the toaster with the grape jam.

            Linda arrived in time to go wake up the sleepy heads while announcing breakfast. I noticed she set a place at the table for herself

            ”You are going to make Carol a cook yet,” Linda said.

            ”She is getting good at breakfast,” I said.

            Breakfast was a hit with the biscuits and sausage gravy. With breakfast over Bob was going over to help out Amos; Sherman and James were hauling more wheat.

            The girls, Linda and I were starting to load things for the market. I had fourteen dozen eggs, ten cakes, six pies and four dozen donuts of different kinds. Once I got the process started, donuts were easy as were the cakes and pies. Cleanup was almost as much trouble as making them.

            Sherman had made shelves to go in the big coolers I had bought. They had little legs on them. All I had to do was set a row of goodies on bottom, add a shelf and fill it and then add another shelf. The eggs were stacked in a cardboard box; Amazon supplied the plastic cake protectors. With everything loaded – including the foxtails with lube and miniskirts – we headed for town. There were four of us in the truck and three in Linda’s car as she followed.

            We arrived in plenty of time to give the display case another cleaning with disinfectant. It was cold work; the cooler was working great. Ellie Parsons was there and helped us put the cakes, pies, donuts and eggs in the display case. She also helped come up with final pricing

            Elsie had made banners for the case announcing ‘Grant’s Foxtail Farm’ fresh eggs and fresh made from scratch homemade pastries. We stayed around a couple hours selling a few things.

            Ellie shooed us away so we could make more for tomorrow. She would give me the money tomorrow, I would take what was left over home and replace it with more fresh things in the morning. I gave her my cell and house phone in case of problems.

            We went to the box store with the list. The first stop was the bathroom to install the foxtails. None of us – including Linda – wore any panties. In the handicap stall they held the cheeks spread as I lubed and installed the plug with the tail. We picked up our carts and went shopping with Linda staying back with small video camera recording from her positioned purse.

            There were lots of looks and no one said anything at first . We stayed together while filling the carts with things off the list. Twenty packs of bacon (we used a pack and a half every day), ten more of sausage patties, ten more of the sausage in one pound rolls. Twenty rolls of the buttermilk biscuits. All the cold foods went into one cart so it could be put into coolers.

            Then it was fifty pounds of flour and twenty more of a different kind, one hundred pounds of sugar, fifty pounds of confectioners’ sugar, ten pounds of brown sugar, baking powder, yeast and ten twelve packs of bathroom tissue. Ten people in a house go through a lot of bathroom tissue. Ten pounds of salt and a dozen cans of pepper and other seasonings rounded out the order.

            We were in an isle going over the list, double checking to make sure we had everything we wanted when several girls I knew from school came up. They were the Goth group and tagging along with them were several other girls that were wannabe members of the group where the parents had said no to the darkness.

             Dark black hair, way too much black makeup, black jewelry, black clothes – leather and vinyl – black purses. Black skirts and miniskirts so mini the black leather or vinyl underwear were clearly visible and long black coats. All of which had to be hot in this weather. They had crotch high black boots or lace up knee high black boots.

            ”Hi Mary, what’s with the tails?” Sabrina asked. Her real name was Heather Lockman; she now wanted to be called Sabrina after the TV teenage witch show.

            ”Hi Sabrina, Elphaba, Hermione, Winnie, Glinda, Cassandra, Evanora,” I said. They were all names they had taken from TV shows that featured witches.

            ”Do you like them? We are starting a new group, ‘The Grants Meadow Foxes’. They are fox tails because we are sleek, sexy and foxy,” I said.

            ”Do you have a house to meet at?” Sabrina asked.

            ”Foxes don’t meet in a house, we meet in the barn,” I replied.

            ”What do you do in the ‘barn’ for meetings, is there a member initiation? Where do you get a tail?” she asked.

            ”You have to earn a tail and become a member by completing the initiation test in one test,”‘ I said.

            ”What’s the test?”Hermione said.

            ”It is a sexual skills and endurance test. First you have to master deep throating the dildos, then you have to master them in your pussy and ass. It usually takes a couple weeks of training sessions to master them. Once you master them the rest is easy as you move to real cocks. You have to deep throat and swallow the cum, take cum in your pussy and ass. We have well hung studs for that. Once you complete that you move to the edging game and have to win,” I said.

            ”What is the edging game,” Sabrina said.

            ”You compete against other girls against the clock on a stud. You try to make him cum in you without you cuming. If you cum you are disqualified for that round. When he cums in you – you have to suck him back hard for the round to continue,” Carol said.

            ”The last girl in the group not disqualified gets to ride him without the time limit until he cums and then suck him hard. Then a new round begins until the stud cannot get hard after five minutes of sucking. If you’re the one that puts him out for the count, you earn the foxtail and membership,” Carol said.

            ”You must demonstrate the mastery of the dildo, oral, vaginal and anal and then the cocks before the edging game at one meeting. It usually takes four hours. We have some real long endurance studs for the last parts,” Elsie said. ”You really have to like sex and a challenge,” Helen added.

            ”Can I see your tail? What is it attached to, your underwear?” Sabrina asked.

            There was no one else in the aisle. I hiked up the miniskirt, bent over and spread my cheeks in front of her.

            ”Wow, walking around with a plug in your butt, now that’s something!” Sabrina said.

            ”Yes it is, walking with it in provides continuous stimulation. Keeps you wet and slippery and even causes orgasms,” I said.

            ”Wow , I’m all for that,” Glinda said.

            ”You’re nuts,” Sabrina said.

            ”Have you looked in the mirror lately?” I said as we turned to walk away.

            ”Sabrina, are you still a virgin or just don’t like sex? That’s it – all that trash talk and you’re still pure as flowers,” Glinda said.

            We started shopping in the aisle. There was already fire in the face of Sabrina. The other girls of her Goth group were getting in on ragging Sabrina.

            Then the girls started to turn on each other, ”Hey wait a minute, just how many of us have had sex? Maybe Sabrina is not alone,” Glinda said. The conversation was hot and heavy as we walked out of hearing distance. I was almost sorry I had answered their questions.

            ”What a bunch of losers, they are just blind to life around them,” Samantha said.

            With a couple more items left to go in another aisle, two middle-aged ladies approached us, ”Like your tails. I think we have the same kind. Butt plug? We wear them to set the mood and as a conversation item for our parties. I would never have the courage to wear them in public.”

            ”Call me and we will meet you here wearing them the next time you come shopping like that. This has to be the ultimate rush if there ever was one. Maybe you girls would like to come to one of our parties but you must bring a few guys. Here, let me give my number. By the way, I’m Madge Cooper,” she said as she handed me the number and address.

            With the truck filled with our purchases I headed home with the girls. Linda and Carol were going back to the Farmers Market to see if anything had sold. I was ready for a disappointing report when they came home – I expected it to be weeks before there was any kind of sales.

            Elsie, Samantha, Helen and Celeste talked, laughed and joked all the way home. A lot of the conversation was about Sabrina and her Goth group. As we were loading the truck they came out of the store. They were still ragging on each other about their sexual exploits or lack of – to the chagrin of Sabrina.

            Glenda and Cassandra had walked over to Celeste and handed her a note while we were finishing up loading.

            ”Have Mary call us, Cassandra and I would like to talk a little more,” Glenda said. The note was a phone number and address and the best time to call. Celeste gave it to me as I started the truck.

            We had just finished putting the groceries in the freezers, refrigerators and shelves in the pantry. The girls were still wearing the butt plugs when Linda and Carol came home.

            Linda handed me a bag with money. ”Ellie took her percentage – here is the rest. Everything was sold, including all the eggs. Ellie says to bring more tomorrow as Saturday is usually the biggest day,” Linda said.

            I guess I knew what I was going to be doing tonight.

            ”Did you two wear the foxtails to the market?” I asked as I noticed they were still wearing them.

            ”Yes, we forgot we were wearing them. Everyone thought they were cute, that they were just a prop to go with the ‘Grant’s Foxtail Farms’ Bake stand. No one asked anything about them,” Linda answered.

            Linda left to check on Amos and Grandma. I started making supper – it was going to be grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and sweet corn from our garden. Sherman came home in time shuck the corn and then took over the grilling so I could get the water boiling to cook the corn, melt the butter and heat some baked beans to go with it. All that made supper go quickly and needed little clean up.

            After cleaning and disinfecting the counter and getting clean dishes, I started cooking cakes, pies and pastries for tomorrow. Carol was in the kitchen with me helping by getting the cake pans ready and making the dough for the donuts.

            I was mixing the batter for the cakes in the commercial mixer that was my mothers. The recipe made two cakes. I multiplied it to make ten vanilla and then a second batch to be chocolate. I wondered if by making big batches they would lose some of the flavor. I would take one cake for the group to sample when they were done.

            I had the things to make a variety of icings. While the cakes were going in and out of the oven I worked on pastries. Several were in the recipe box and I downloaded several more from the net that looked interesting.

            Carol slipped away for a minute and came back naked under the apron. ”I was getting hot,” Carol said.

            Carol made the donut batter and started getting the pan and oil ready for them. While working we discussed the glaze for the donuts. Carol decided on regular chocolate and vanilla glaze and both with sprinkles. It was the same flavors I had chosen. The kitchen was going to be busy for the next four hours or more, even with the two of us in there.

            It took five hours to bake everything. It was 11 when we finished putting the last of the cakes and pastries in the refrigerators. The taste test was good. Over half of the vanilla test cake was gone and a few pastries were also tasted.

            There were the normal grunts and cries of passion from the kids and Sherman and I made gentle love. I was tired and fell immediately asleep after the shower and wand washout.

            Linda stopped by again on her way to Seagraves. I sent her a text that there were fresh pastries if she wanted to take a few with her to work for snacks.

            ”You made all these last night?” Linda asked.

            ”Carol stayed with me until they were finished,” I said.

            ”That is another side of her I have not seen before,” Linda said.

            The egg count this morning was fifteen dozen. Twelve dozen were going with us to the market. Another dozen had been part of breakfast. The rest would be for baking tonight.

            We loaded up the truck again with all the goodies for the stand. All the girls were going. Carol insisted we put in the foxtail butt plugs again. It would be a good time to talk with them so I had called Cassandra and Glinda meet us there.

            Ellie was delighted to help us fill the display case, her stand was already fully stocked, neat and appealing . By the time we had finished there had already been several customers. We were finished when Cassandra and Glinda came and found us – I almost didn’t know them without the Goth getup.

            ”So this is why you bought all that stuff from the box store. You spend your free time in the kitchen. Some of those things really look good,” Glinda said.

            ”Would you like to try an apple turnover? Made with golden delicious apples, with just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon with a flaky crust and glazed,” I said.

            A middle aged man who was at Elle’s stand and had just boxed up his purchases said, ”I’ll take one of those.” He bought a cold soda from the ice chest at Ellie’s stand and stood off to the side and ate it, then finishing the drink.

            ”If you have a box I will take six,” he said.

            ”We have a paper bag. I can double bag them,” Ellie said.

            ”That’ll work,” he said.

            ”I’ll have one of those lemon pastries on the top shelf,” Glinda said.

            I gave her and Cassandra each one and a paper towel for a napkin. 

            ”Ellie, is there was anything that I needed to bring, do I need to get small boxes for the pastries and more bags? There is no need to use your things. I can stop by the commercial paper warehouse and get them today,” I said.

            ”Yes, I think some small boxes made from the material like pizza boxes would be ideal for the pastries and some larger for the cakes would be helpful. Just tell them what you want them for – they will know what you need,” Ellie said.

            ”Ok. I will see what they have,” I said.

            We walked out to the truck in the parking lot and began the talk with Cassandra and Glinda. They talked a lot about the Goth scene and how it was cool at the beginning and now was boring. “Sabrina is getting deeper and deeper into the cult side of Goth and that is not for us. Our parents don’t see a future with it and neither do we anymore,” Cassandra said.

            ”So you are looking for something else to do while you are searching for what you really want to be involved in,” I said.

            ”Something like that, we just need to be away from the Goth thing and Sabrina for a while, Glinda said.

            ”Honestly, we would like to spend some time with you and your group of girls, maybe just watch and learn. Cassandra and I are not virgins – there is no need to lie about it. Sabrina said we had to lose it to be part of her group, what’s done is done. She made us lose it in front of her, she even chose the male from her Goth connections. To make matters worse, she wanted to brand or tattoo the guys name on our privates,” Glinda said.

            ”The other girls raised cane about the branding or tattoo, afraid the same thing would be done to them,” Glinda said.

            ”Sounds like she was trying to include or introduce BDSM into her little group,” I said.

            ”After I go get some things for Ellie, we are going home and relax some today around the pool. We have worked and played hard the last few days and I have to cook more this afternoon and tonight. Come on out and relax with us. If you want to join in any play that happens, that’s fine, if you just want to watch that’s fine too,” I said.

            “We should be home in an hour and a half.” I gave then the address and directions and my phone number.

            ”OK, we will be there,” Cassandra said.

            At the paper goods store I had to buy cases of each type of box and I bought a dispenser and masking tape to tape up the boxes after the items were put in.

            We carried them back to Ellie and then assembled a few so they would be ready to use. Ellie only wanted twenty five of each – there simply wasn’t any place to store the case lots. I could bring some each day. If Ellie ran out she could use her paper bags and call. I asked her to keep a list of requested items. If there was enough demand I would try to make them.

            One of the first things I did when we got home was go collect today’s eggs. With the hens laying so many, we really needed more laying nests and that meant a bigger hen house.

            An hour later we were putting blankets and recliners out by the pool, filled the cooler with soda pop and lemonade. We were all naked and applying suntan lotion when I heard Cassandra drive up. She had one of those small rice burner cars with a loud chainsaw muffler. I threw on a long tee and went to open the gate for them to come into the yard.

            ”Wow! When you said relax you meant it. You all have great total tans. We brought swim suits but I see we don’t need them. I don’t think we brought any lotion,” Glinda said.

            ”We have plenty, I will even apply it if you like,” I said.

            Oiled up and on blankets the talk was about sex, men and boys. My group could certainly enlighten them on both; all of us were well experienced now. And they did. Before they were finished talking everyone was horny, including me.

            Samantha asked if I thought the guys would play the edging game when they came home.

            ” I am sure the two young studs will,” I said.

            I took a call from Ellie and went in the house to write down the things she thought I should bring tomorrow. The eggs had sold out by noon, the pastries by 11. We discussed how many more I needed to bake and take there tomorrow along with more cakes and pies.

            I could only get eight cakes at a time in the oven so I would have to make two batches. The same with the pies. The pastries went from four dozen to eight dozen and then there was cookies to be added; sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chip and walnut if I had any. I was going to be baking all night.

            I went to the pantry naked to write down a list of ingredients I needed. I would have to send Sherman or see if Linda could stop on her way home. By luck Linda called to see if we needed anything before she came home. I read her the list and asked her to stop by the market to check the display case and to talk with Ellie about any changes for tomorrow.

            When I finished the conversation James and Bob were standing in the kitchen, pouring themselves a glass of lemonade.

            ”The girls want to know if you are up for another edging game in a few minutes? There are two visitors out by the pool – they are off limits, they may watch but you are not to touch them unless they initiate any contact. Hit the shower and come out to the pool naked – you both are sweaty and stink. Make it a quick shower,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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