Chapter 33

I was back on the blanket when James and Bob came out to the pool. The visitors got quiet but Samantha, Helen and Celeste were ready to play in the barn. They were egging the guys on by talking dirty to them. I knew that what they were trying to do was to get both of them hard in front of Glinda and Cassandra. It was working.

            A few minutes later we were walking to the barn to set things up again, the blankets had been put away last night and the bales we had used were placed in the hay feeders this morning.

            Glinda and Cassandra agreed to be the time keepers for the game. I would play until Linda delivered the items from the box store, then I needed to start baking. Hopefully Linda would take my place in the game, unless the visitors wanted to play. The rules were explained again for Glinda and Cassandra’s benefit.

            I asked Glinda and Cassandra if they wanted to play or just watch.

            ”I think we would like to watch first, then decide,” Glinda said.

            The teams were chosen – this time it was Helen, Celeste and Samantha against Elsie, Carol and me.

            Samantha and Carol were going first so they sucked the guys hard and made them wet. I had brought the one minute egg timer from the house to simplify the time thing. When the bell dinged, the time was up.

            The rounds were longer because the guys were getting better at holding off at cuming. Knowing the game, the girls were changing faster, not giving the guys much of a break to cool off.

            It took twenty minutes before Bob was the first to cum in Helen. James was a couple minutes later in Carol. Both got them hard for the second round without any problem. Celeste came as soon as the round started and was eliminated on Bob. That left Helen and Samantha to get Bob to cum again to start the round or eliminate one of them for the long ride on Bob.

            Elsie, Carol and I were on James; none of us had cum. Elsie got James to cum again and barely beat the five minute time getting back hard. While Elsie was sucking James back, I took the opportunity to talk to Glinda and Cassandra.

            ”Do you like what you see?” I asked.

            ”Looks like you are having a good time and fun. Both of those cocks are bigger than the one Sabrina forced on us. All this has made me horny,” Cassandra said with Glinda agreeing.

            ”If you want to try Bob out I’ll move Celeste and Helen over to James and you can fill their spots. I need to step away in a few minutes for a bit – that would keep the groups equal,” I said.

            ”But we don’t know anything about pelvic muscles,” Glinda said.

            ”It will come to you quickly, just sit on it and rub your clit, your body will do the rest and milk his cock. Remember, you don’t want to cum – just get close; that’s why it’s called edging. It takes you to the edge and stop but try to get Bob off to move the game along,” I said.

            ”I don’t know about sucking him back hard afterwards if I make him cum, I’m not sure I can deal with the taste,” Glinda said.

            ”It’s an acquired taste, don’t hesitate – just go after it and learn to like it, it’s not that bad. All your future boyfriends will love you for doing it to go for a second time,” I said.

            I made the swap and watched as Glinda straddled Bob and slowly descended, then her hands went busy on her clit. I was expecting her to cum before the minute was up but she didn’t.

            ”The minute was up, just in time,” Glinda said.

            Cassandra was next to sit on it and Bob’s hands were busy. Cassandra had a nice rack; they were close to being as big as my Ds but her boobs were high, tight and looked hard. I wondered if daddy had paid for a boob job as was now the growing fad in high schools.

            There were two or three girls in the high school who had DDs put in – they looked awful and out of place on their body type. But their boyfriends loved them.

            They were too appealing for Bob to just look at; he came a second time in Cassandra. I wondered if she was going to try to suck Bob back hard or not. I saw her cross her fingers on one hand as the other closed on his cock.

            She went down on it and gagged a little but fought it off and began sucking and sliding up and down on his cock. I guess Bob liked looking at those knockers; he was hard in three minutes. Cassandra hi-fived Glinda with the success of getting Bob off and sucking him back.

            ”It didn’t taste that bad, not as bad as some of the concoctions Sabrina tried to get us to drink. I can do it again with no problem,” Cassandra said to Glinda.

            Samantha went to work on Bob again, and she came in thirty seconds, disqualifying her from the rest of the round. Cassandra or Glinda was going to get the long ride on Bob in any position she wanted.

            Linda came and we unloaded the things she had bought at the box store for me. She handed me a bag of money from Ellie.

            ”Ellie wants more tomorrow if you can do it. She said everything of yours was sold by lunch time,” Linda said.

            ‘‘She also said it was bringing more customers to her booth – she is really happy,” Linda said.

            I asked Linda to replace me in the barn to even the teams up while I started baking. The words had barely left my mouth and she was headed for the shower as I was putting away the delivery.

            I was finishing up the first group of cake batter and placing it in the oven when Sherman came home. After a hug and a kiss I sent him to the barn to replace the first stud that was out until the girls wanted to quit.

            The second batch of cakes were in the oven and nearly done when all the fucked out guys and girls came in for showers. There were smiles all around and conversations as the girls explained the fun. One would have thought Cassandra and Glinda had been part of the group for weeks.

            ”So you two had lots of fun?” I asked Cassandra and Glinda.

            ”Yes, a lot more than being Goth! I know a couple of the other girls who might like to join in when we tell them of the fun we had. We can come again, can’t we?” Cassandra asked.

            ”Yes, but you need to be discrete in what you tell and to whom. It is a private thing we do and not for public knowledge. Sort of what happens in the barn stays in the barn,” I said.

            ”We would never tell Sabrina or Elphaba – they are addicted deep into Goth – but Winnie and Evanora are like us – past ready to leave the group,” Cassandra said. ”I might see them tonight and quietly talk,” she added.

            ”OK,” I said.

            Carol and Linda stayed to help me bake and work on supper while the rest of the girls went back to sun by pool. James, Sherman and Bob went to feed the livestock and gather the eggs that had been laid today. I had two dozen left over from yesterday and breakfast this morning. I was using them for making cakes and pastries.

            Sherman and James brought the eggs gathered in three buckets. I wiped them down and placed them in egg cartons, then placed them in the cooler in the new pantry. There were twelve dozen and should be about half of that again tomorrow morning, I thought. If the egg, cake and pastries sales continue to grow we were going to be running out of eggs soon.

            I had a list on the tablet of items we were using tomorrow. Like it or not, I needed to call the restaurant supply house to see if I could get better prices. Better yet, I would stop by there tomorrow morning after leaving Ellie with the products for the day. 

            Sherman was going to cook steaks on the grill for supper so I would only lose one burner. The microwave could make sweet potatoes and a vegetable.     

            Carol started making the donut batter and getting everything ready for that while I started on the other pastries. We stopped to eat the steaks and take a break from cooking and then got right back at it.

            We were getting better; we were finished by 10, even with making more cakes, pastries and donuts. The pastries themselves were getting more complicated. We were now making a dozen different kinds of donuts and crème filled pastries. Tonight we had made 24 cakes and pies.

            Linda went to the Jackson’s and the rest of us cooled it in the living room. I asked Sherman if it made sense to increase the layers with the amount of eggs we were using for the bakery, as I thought of calling it.

            ”You have to remember that the Farmers Market traffic will slow down as the weather gets colder and there is no local fresh produce. In the winter the produce sold there comes from Florida, California and Mexico, same as the box store,” Sherman said.

            ”As good as the baked goods are selling, it may draw people to the market in cold weather. It’s one of those things where you just don’t know. We could get another hundred more hens and build more layer boxes, but if the eggs don’t sell – we eat a lot of chicken and dumplings,” Sherman said.

            The evening was filled with grunts and groans from the rooms. Sherman and I made slow and gentle love for a while, then went into the hard pounding that ended in the massive orgasms that we both liked.

            Snuggling in each other’s arms, we talked about a lot of things. I was reminded that I needed to take more farm pictures of the three from the city to send to the parents. They needed to decide what things they wanted to do in the last ten days they were here. Their stay had been extended to three weeks instead of two.

            I knew they wanted to go back with dark tans to impress their friends and I knew they wanted to do more sexual exploits and experimentation. Sherman suggested that we go back to the pond for a day for skinny dipping after we returned from delivering the goods to the market.

            I was awakened by the early morning sun coming through the window. I had forgotten to completely close the shades. There were no clouds in the sky and no rain was predicted. It was to rain all day tomorrow. Sherman and I dressed quietly and checked the livestock together, then gathered today’s fresh eggs.

            James and Sherman were going to be making more feed today along with a run to the mill to get more ingredients – powdered molasses, soybean meal, alfalfa meal and ground clam and oyster shells – to spread around in the run for the chickens. The calcium from the shells helped the hens have hard egg shells.

            The girls and I were going to make the delivery to the market and then I was stopping at the restaurant supply store to see what kind of deals I could make on baking supplies.

            We were surprised when we went back into the house. Carol and Elsie were making breakfast with the rest of the group gathering at the table. Bacon and pancakes were coming off the griddle with eggs and sausage out of the frying pans. I complemented them on their growing kitchen skills.

            One thing I would do today was teach them how to do beef and pork roast in crock pots for supper. They had been in the refrigerator thawing out for a couple days.

            Elsie and Bob went to the Jackson’s to help clean up today. The initial house addition was done. The contractors were starting on the addition and garage for Linda, Elsie, Carol and Bob’s permanent residence. That construction could be completed without the massive daily cleaning, giving the kids more time off during the day.

            Both trucks headed to town – me and the girls to the market and Sherman and the boys to the mill.

            Ellie was happy with all the things we took and helped us place them in the display case. She gave me another bag of cash from yesterday’s sales. I asked if she had already taken her percentage out – she had.

            At the restaurant supply store I talked with a nice gentleman about starting an account and about the discounts. I had the list of the things that I normally used and the quantities and prices I paid for them. He was nice but he was not giving me any break on the prices when the box store was cheaper on everything.

            He had taken the account application to the office while he was trying to pull the pricing over on me. I was getting ready to leave when none other than Madge Cooper came out with the application in her hand.

            ”I hear your bake goods at the market are selling really well,” Madge said.

            ”Yes, a lot better than I expected and lot faster,” I said.

            ”Your account had been approved. When you put together an order, we deliver out your way on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Madge said.

            ”Comparing the prices he just gave me, I can beat them at the box store – which I think is odd,” I said.

            ”Let me see the pricing he gave you,” she said as she reached for the sheet.

            ”These are walk-in prices, she gets trade level pricing at 35 percent off the walk-in sheet,” Madge said to the salesman.

            ”Let me get you the discount price sheet for you from my office. I will add you to the mailing list for our weekly online specials. Anything you order online before 5 on Monday and Wednesday will be delivered the next day. The website has everything we sell and is updated daily – including prices – so there won’t be any delivery price shock. Here is a printout of all the items we keep in stock for reference,” Madge said

            ”If you have time we can take a quick walk through the warehouse,” she added.

            We walked through the warehouse and she pointed out the things that she thought I might need in baking. They even had the boxes and things that I bought at the paper goods supply at an even better price. I made notes on the printout.

            Back at her office she gave me a business card. On the back of it was her home address and cell phone number.

            ”We have a swap party scheduled at my house in two weeks, clothes are left at the door to get the mood going. You and your friends are invited to join us. There are six couples that are regulars; all in their thirties or younger. The foxtails would be a great conversation starter,” she said.

            ”We do request that you bring at least some males with you. but single ladies are always welcome. We have plenty of toys to fill in any needy hole. You could explain that game I overheard you tell those Goth girls,” she said with a wink.

            The girls helped carry all the things I bought into the pantry and the things that needed to be frozen in the freezer and cold things in the refrigerator. Then I sent them out to work on their tans while I did an inventory and planned supper.

            Carol followed my instructions as she set up the roasts in the crock pots for supper. We planned out the pastries we were going to cook tonight. Then the conversation turned to sex. She reminded me that she and Samantha both wanted to try fisting, possibly vaginal fisting as well.

            ”Yes I know. If you are sure, we can start after everyone tans a while. It may take you several attempts over several days to be successful,” I said.

            The conversation had finished and they were out back by the pool when Sherman and the boys came back. They were unloading the bags in the feed house so I carried a pitcher of lemonade and glasses.

            I filled Sherman in on the restaurant supply and then on the invitation by Madge Cooper to attend her party in two weeks.

            ”Let’s talk about it before we make any decisions,” Sherman said.

            They were going to load another load of Amos’ wheat in the Pete and then were going to haul more in the next day or two. The price had gone up enough that Amos was wanting to sell all he had so they would able to store corn in the grain bins.

            After they left, it was a good time for Carol and Samantha to try the first attempt at being fisted. All five of them wanted to do the clean out so they did as I was putting the dildos on the shower wall.

            It was no surprise as all of them started with the small one and worked their way to the James and Sherman dildos. I set up the camera and placed the quilts on the bed and floor. I moved the pillows to the middle of the bed. It was a lot easier on the one doing the fisting to be able have their knees on the floor. That allowed easier movement with the arm, shoulder and elbow.

            Carol said she wanted to be first and took position with Helen and Celeste holding her legs back. As soon as her legs went back I knew for sure there was regular anal going on in the bedroom. Instead of tightening back up from the dildo, she had a small gap.

            Samantha was going to try to fist her now that she had a little experience. She started by putting plenty of lube on her hand and fingers and up to her wrist. Then one finger, two, three and then half circles. I had the camera focused in for close-up. Three fingers became four and more circles.

             Then the thumb was folded in and more pressure was applied. Carol was uncomfortable and asked her to slow down a little. Depth was being gained and the knuckles were now out of sight – they still had not gone past the sphincter but were close. Another quarter of an inch went in then a half and then the fist slid in to her wrist as if it was sucked in.

            ”That was rough but it feels a lot better now. Move it around a little and try slow strokes,” Carol said.

            ”We need to lube more of her arm first,” I said moving the lube bottle closer to her.

            ”Start working on her nipples and rubbing her clit. Believe me, it helps a lot,” I said.

            Samantha was two thirds of the way to her elbow before Carol said to stop. Samantha started slow, stroking and working her hand inside her rectum with the actions clearly visible on Carol’s tummy.

            ”It’s so warm in there, almost hot. I’m going to try to close my fingers into a fist,” Samantha said.

            ”It’s a true 98 degrees,” I said.

            ”Ok, I will tell you if you need to stop,” Carol said.

            ”There is one, there’s another, there is the third, that’s the last. The fist is complete – now let me see how much stroke I can do,” Samantha said.

            ”Ok,” Carol said.

            ”I’m pulling out, I can see my wrist,” Samantha said.

            ”Stop, don’t pull any further than that, now see how deep you can go – slowly,” Carol said.

            ”Ok, stop there for a while, stroke it slow and easy,” Carol said.

            Carol pushed Helen’s hand away from her clit and replaced with her own and then started making deliberate patterns, occasionally gripping it between her fingers and pulling before continuing the pattern.

            ”Try going a little deeper,” Carol said.

            ”OK, that’s deep enough, add a little speed – not much. I’m close to cuming,” Carol said.

            ”Yeah, oh, yeah, oh-oh close so close. Yes cuming – cuming,” Carol said as her hand sped up. Then stopped with a gasp and a squeal and then she was totally limp.

            ”Wow, that was some orgasm. Take your hand out while I am relaxed,” Carol said.

            ”Remember to open your fingers first but keep your thumb folded in,” I said.

            Samantha worked her hand slowly out. As the knuckles came out, the rest of the hand slid out easily, leaving one big gap that all the girls were commenting about. Some were envious – other not so much.

            I explained how to use the anal muscles to close the gap and to hold those muscles for fifteen seconds at a time in sets of three and to repeat every five for the next couple hours. 

            Samantha was next; the gap had not dulled her enthusiasm to try. I suggested that Celeste or Helen do the honors.

            ”You’re going back to the city soon and if you like being fisted then one of your partners in crime should know how to do it and become at least a little experienced for you,” I said.

            ”Which one of you wants to do it,” I said.

            ”I will, my hands are a little smaller and I keep my nails cut close anyhow,” Celeste said.

            ”Samantha, hit the four biggest dildo again. Celeste, wash your hands really well and use the fingernail brush,” I said.

            I checked how much space was left on the video card. We had used only about half of it. There was enough room left to record Samantha’s fisting.

            Samantha was back on the bed ready after spending plenty of time on the Sherman dildo. Carol and Elsie were to help hold her legs back. Holding the legs back meant so much to the energy level. Legs and thighs were heavy and I know I soon got tired and the muscles quivering, usually calling for an end to a session long before I was ready.

            Helen lubed her hand and arm with plenty of lube and then started her fingers in. Samantha still had a nice relaxed gap from the dildo. Within a minute Helen had her fingers to the knuckles. After folding the thumb into the palm the knuckles were gone seconds later and then the wrist was all that was visible of Helens hand.

            Samantha was rubbing her own clit, edging I assumed by the pattern she was using. Helen continued to add more arm, sliding in and out of Samantha’s ass. I was surprised at how deep Helen was getting and she still had not closed her fingers.           

            ”I’m going to pull out some, close my fingers and then see if I can move your belly like you did in Carol,” Helen said.

            After closing her fingers Helen raise her fist and we watched it move all around in Samantha’s abdomen. I moved the camera in closer to get good video. Then I closed in on Samantha’s face that was radiant with a pleased look. I asked her how it felt.

            ”Different but in a good way. I wish I had a cock in my pussy to see how that would feel,” she said.

            ”I think it would be too much to try a dildo in there today at the same time, but I’m sure we can talk one of the studs into helping soon,” I said.

            ”Tomorrow I want to try fisting my pussy when the rest of you do,” Samantha said.

            While we were talking with the camera on her face Helen had been adding more arm into her ass. That arm was to her elbow and then the elbow was out of sight before Samantha told her to stop and add slow strokes.

            ”Pull it out and then that deep, OK,” Samantha said.

            We watched her hand bulge her stomach and listen as she exhaled every time Helen was deep, putting pressure on her diaphragm and lungs. Samantha’s fingers changed to a determined pattern and Samantha whimpered and then came in a flood of liquids from her pussy. She went totally limp.

            ”Pull it out. I’m wiped out, I need to rest,” Samantha said.

            I filmed Helen withdrawing her arm and then the hand and then the big gap as Samantha started exercises to close it up. We cleaned all the toys, arms and hands. Samantha and Carol showered first and then the rest of us. I put away the camera.

            Carol and I started baking and working on supper. Tonight’s fair was going to be sweet corn, hamburgers and baked beans, something easy and quick. I sent the girls out to collect today’s egg production.

            Linda was bringing home the money from Ellie and any different baked goods she wanted.

            By starting early we were finished early and it helped that we were getting better organized at it. The group orgies were in the barn. For some reason it had become the favorite play place outside. For one thing, there was plenty of room, one could be watched or watch to add to the excitement. Also others could join in.

            The quilts picked up straw but the solution was a tarp and then the quilts. We had the bales lined up in a row. Tonight Elsie, Samantha and I got doubled for a few minutes, one in our pussy and another cock in our throats. We were lying side by side. Bob and James simply went down the row.

            Carol added a new kink to the fun. After Bob and James moved to the next one, Carol mounted us with the James strap-on and Sherman throat fucked us as we fingered our clits to the finish. James and Bob held off cuming to the last girl and Sherman and Carol finished off each other for the last round in the barn fun.

            Sherman was going to add more soft lighting in the barn and a couple of those plastic tubs to keep quilts close at hand while keeping the varmints out of them between washings. Life was good.

            There were grunts and groans of pleasure later in the house. All had quieted down by midnight.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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