Chapter 34

After our run to the make the delivery to the market, we were home in time for the delivery from the restaurant supply warehouse. With all the help putting it away it only took a few minutes. Elsie and Bob were at the Jackson house. Linda was at Seagraves. So far she liked the job with the engineering group.

            Sherman was going to haul the rest of Amos’s wheat in the next couple days, then we needed to finish hauling most of ours. We needed to keep enough to make feed for the livestock until next summer’s harvest. Corn harvest was 45 days away at the most.

            We cleaned the house and had loads of laundry to do, mostly sheets and towels. Running around naked, short shorts, and barely there tops barely made a washer load for all of us together.

            The girls were tanning by the pool for a couple of hours when Carol, Helen and Samantha wanted to try being vaginally fisted. Elsie and Celeste wanted to try getting anally fisted. I placed all the toys in a bucket of light chlorine to deep sanitize them again. An hour later the chlorine was dumped and replaced with plain water twice to get rid any remaining chlorine.

            With the dildos on the wall again Samantha, Carol and Helen worked on all the mounted dildos to get stretched and loose on them. The change up this time was all three were going to attempt to be fisted at the same time. Celeste, Elsie and I were going to do the fisting.

            Tomorrow we would swap and they would try to fist us. I wanted to get past this kink as quickly as possible. The three city girls would know how it felt and how to do it to each other, if it was something they wanted to do back in the city. There was still anal fisting to do with the others yet to get them up to speed with it.

            After the James and Sherman dildos the vaginal fisting went faster than I thought. I figured it would take two-three attempts over two or three days for them to be successful, but I was wrong. It only took about fifteen minutes for the fist to be out of sight in the pussy of Samantha and 20 minutes for Carol and Helen. It was the same process as anal; two fingers, then three and then four. Lube and more lube, roll the wrist, push and ease up, push some more, roll some more.

            They were happy and smiling in little pain or discomfort; playing with their clits and nipples had helped. They wanted more.

            “How deep can you get? Can you turn the fist? Lift it up can I see it move in my abdomen? Stroke it while I rub my clit so I can see if I can cum with in there?”

            ”Oh my yes that feels good! Do more! OH I’m going to cum!” The questions went on and on.

            Finally they were finished – exhausted was more like it. I was glad. Glad they were happy, glad they had cum, and glad they had enough for one day. My shoulder hurt and my hand felt like it had been in an oven from the heat and lube.

            I sent them into the shower to do an extended washout with the wand. My fist had been in Samantha, I didn’t know a pussy was so deep. Maybe it was because of James and Sherman. Maybe female internal anatomy moved and adjusted to accommodate big cocks and then toys and fists.

            I was nearly as deep in Samantha’s pussy as I had been in her ass. Not quite but close and she loved it. We were a strange group of girls. We had just finished when Glinda called.

            ”May we come over tomorrow after you get home from the market? Winnie and Evanora want to come over too. Will the guys be there in the afternoon so we can do another edging game? They are excited to try,” Glinda said.

            “I’m sure the guys will be here later in the afternoon. It will give us time to tan by the pool and get intimately acquainted,” I said.

            The girls were excited that more were coming, more to play the game – the guys wouldn’t stand a chance. More girls to play with. Could we recruit another couple of guys somewhere for replacements?

            Elsie and Celeste did the anal washout and a full lube shooter. This time Helen and Samantha were doing the fisting while I operated the camera. Fifteen minutes later Helen and Samantha were both nearly to their elbow and the Elsie and Celeste were both crying out with their orgasms.

            With all that out of the way I started supper and baking – I was going to bake extra today so we would have more time to play tomorrow if needed.

            Sherman and James came home early. Sherman had run into Roscoe Barnes at the mill. Roscoe has bought 200 chicks the same time as we had from the AG store. They were producing too many eggs for his needs and he was willing to sell 150 of them.

            Sherman and James were going back to town to get metal layer nests and more chicken coops from the AG store. Tomorrow they would go pick up the full grown layers and bring them home. Even with more coops it was going to take at least two, possibly three trips with the pickup unless Sherman took the flat equipment trailer.

            If he did, I hoped he would remember to drive slower or we may have naked chickens running around the yard. All that wind would blow a lot of feathers off.

            The extra eggs would make Ellie happy because she was running out every day. One solution creates another problem that I settled with an order to the AG store and that was for 4 cases of egg crates to put the eggs in.

            Carol and Elsie both were helping cook today. The other girls were nearby lending a hand as needed and surprisingly asking questions about cooking. Of course there was plenty of talk about the fisting and all the girls coming tomorrow. They wanted to know if we could play more today when all the cooking was finished.

            Sherman and James were home with the layer nest. It took all of us helping to get them into the chicken house and mounted on the walls. Each nesting hole had to have straw placed in them and hand formed into a little nest for the hen to lay in. The hens would form the straw over several days to fit.

            There were now hens nest on all the walls in the chicken house with the exception of the entrance door and the two windows for air flow. They started a foot off the ground and went three feet high. There was a wide board so the hens could walk along and find an empty nest to lay her eggs in. There were inclined   boards to allow them to reach each level.

            More hanging feeders were hung – we used a coal bucket to fill them. A coal bucket has an oblong narrow snout to pour the contents out verses an oval as with a ten quart bucket or a 5 gallon bucket. The reason for the narrow snout was old fashion coal stoves used in chicken houses from decades ago only had an opening 8 inches wide to pour coal in.

            The coal stoves were long gone except in farm life museums, but the coal bucket lived on as it was useful for so many things. They worked well for the layer feed we made with the mix mill. More water troughs were hung. They were connected to the water system making them automatic.

             One indication that you needed more nests was when eggs started appearing out in the run area of the coop. That had started several days ago.

            I wondered how long it would be before they recovered from the shock of being moved and started laying again, then I wondered how many roosters would be in the group. We had killed all but a dozen roosters in our group. I didn’t see the need to keep many more. I hoped old Roscoe didn’t pull a fast one and send mostly roosters.

            Supper tonight was chicken and dumplings – one of our roosters to be exact. Green beans and peas from the garden along with biscuits and apple pie would finish the meal off. I had a three hole crock pot for the veggies and a separate pot for the chicken.

            With the baking in the final stages the girls took off to the bedrooms with a bottle of lube, several dildos and two strap on harnesses. They were going to play by themselves until the guys came home and that suited me just fine. I was amazed that with all the sex they were getting, they could even sit still in the kitchen chair.

            The guys came in an hour later and James and Bob disappeared into their rooms. A few minutes later the showers were running with moans and groans a little while later.

            I gave Sherman the rundown on tomorrow as I was baking while waiting on the chicken to finish cooking.

            ”Go get the chickens early and try to be done by at least noon, no later than 2. Glinda, Cassandra, Winnie, and Evanora were coming at 10 so we could check them out and tan a while and then give them an oral lesson on the dildos. If the vibes seemed OK they wanted to play the edging game at 3.”

            That would make 10 pussies on two cocks or 9 on three if Sherman played and I was time keeper. I was fine with that as long as I got my needs taken care of after the game.

            We made good time getting things to the market and were home well before 10. We heard Cassandra’s rice burner coming up the lane towards us in a cloud of dust. That was another thing that needed doing – grade the lane and add a heavy coat of stones.

            At the pool everyone piled on the quilts we had carried out for the occasion. Carol, Elsie, Samantha, Helen, Celeste, Glinda, Cassandra and I stripped off and tossed our clothes in a pile.

            Winnie and Evanora looked startled. I wondered if the visit today was voluntary or a pressured visit. The answer came quickly as they started undressing.

            ”All you girls are shaved there, we aren’t, we seem out of place – or is it out of style?” Winnie said.

            ”For gentle easy sex it does not matter. But for multiple partners and aggressive sex it is better shaved. Clean up is easier- just a quick wipe and it is fresh, looks better to make the men horny and you need a lot less lube. Trying to get stray pussy hair out of your teeth or mouth can kill the mood,” Carol said.

            ”OK, if you have a razor and lotion we will shave then,” Winnie said.

            ”I can do better than that. Oil up while I get the stuff and we can do it right here,” I said.

            I used the clippers first and then shaved Winnie first. She had a huge clit – the biggest one of all the girls. Her lips were small even though the shaving process had excited her.

            She was leaking a steady stream of natural lube making a dark spot at the crack of her ass on the quilt. Her clit was standing out of its hood, hard and pointed like a sensitive little cock.

            Just touching and moving so I didn’t nick it with the razor was getting pleasure reactions. It was easily over an inch and a half long and the size of my thumb. It would be interesting to see how long she lasted in each round – I bet she would be the first out.

            Evanora also had a different looking pussy than any of us. Her clit was tiny – barely a nub – but what was there was sensitive. It was the lips that were different. They were huge – both inner and outer meaty and hanging.

            I wondered how they got that way – surely it wasn’t natural. They would have been easily pierced if she wanted, even multiples would work. They were a job to shave without nicking them. She saw I was taking my time.

            ”I’m sorry they are so big,” she said.

            ”That’s OK, I bet they are really sensitive. Did you do something to get them that big?” I asked.

            ”I like to feel them stretched and pulled tight. I have clamps with weights I put on them and wear no panties. It just does something for me – a special feeling,” she said.

            ”I have seen pictures of ladies with lips like that where they have been pierced with big rings and weights on them. I thought it was just a porn thing,” I said.

            ”I saw them to and thought about that but I can’t get up the nerve to ask a piercer if they could do them. I was going to try to do it myself and chickened out. I have the sterile kit with needles to do it at home but the angle made it tough to get my hands right. I never thought about shaving but that may make it easier,” she said.

            ”I can imagine I would want a very experienced piercer to do that plus I think after care would be a problem. What do you have to numb it or is it a cold turkey thing?” I asked.

            ”I have seen both in videos, a spray and sometimes ice cubes. Or using nothing. I think that would hurt,” she said.

            I dropped the subject and didn’t say anything more about it. It would take a lot of courage to stick a pin through my lips. I didn’t have that much courage. The more I thought about it, I had never seen her shower in the gym classes at school. I guess the size of the lips was why.

            I applied plenty of lotion onto her privates and especially on the lips. Getting them sunburned would be bad and terribly painful. With everyone tanning, the talk quickly turned to sex. The girls asked Winnie and Evanora dozens of questions and they asked questions back.

            Evanora was really interested in the talk about fisting and the big dildos. She even blushed pink about the vaginal fisting. I wondered if there was more to the large pussy lips than her just stretching them.

            We finished tanning and went inside to my room where I mounted the dildos on the wall. Each of us went through from the smallest to the largest throating them. Winnie stalled on the Bob dildo. She tried repeatedly to get James and Sherman into her throat without success.

            ”Nothing to worry about, a real cock those sizes is a lot more flexible and forgiving. You will do fine!” I said.

            Evanora handled James just fine – taking it to the root – but stalled on the Sherman.

            Then we turned around and did the same with our pussies; smallest to the largest. Winnie stalled at the James but Evanora took both of them to the hilt and was smiles while she was doing it. I knew for sure there was more to the story than just her stretching the lips, they weren’t the only thing being stretched.

            Sherman, James and Bob were back with the last coops of chickens. I sent the three of them to the showers to get the chicken house smell off them and told them to come to the barn when they were finished. We setup new bales and covered them with quilts, this time adding a couple extra.

            With the men on the bales I explained the rules to the newcomers. They were to be the last in the rotation so they could watch and get the idea.

            We experienced girls breezed through the first round. By the time the newcomers had their turn they were ready for a cock to fill their dripping hole. By luck Winnie was on the team with Bob and had no problem dropping down on it. Her big excited clit was even larger – if that was possible – and she was aggressively fingering it. She groaned as the minute was up, not wanting to climb off.

            Evanora grabbed those hanging lips and spread them and then after notching at her hole, dropped to the balls on Sherman’s cock. She wiggled trying to get it a little deeper. She slid two fingers between those lips trying to find that little clit.

            Even before she reached for her clit I saw Sherman’s face wince all up. It was obvious Evanora had some strong pussy muscles. Every time she squeezed I could see it in both their faces; a trace of discomfort in Sherman’s and a smile from her at his reaction.

            I really wondered who was doing what to her and how long had it been going on. To get that kind of muscles there could only have come from advance training – possibly BDSM – and wondered if she was a willing partner when it started.

            Sherman held off cuming through the first round. None of the guys had. Samantha started the second round and he unloaded his cum in her as soon as she dropped.

            ”Just ten more seconds and that load would have been mine,” Evanora said.

            James unloaded in Carol and Bob unloaded in Winnie – the big clit was too much for him to look at and not cum. I was prepared to replace Winnie in getting Bob back hard. It was unnecessary. She started with light licks – tasting it out – and then serious sucking.

            Bob was back hard in three minutes. Bob was feeling up her breasts as she was sucking. Winnie also had nice big nipples that were rock hard. Winnie must have liked them played with; she was moaning on his cock as it was rising.

            The girls made three cycles before the men were cuming again. This time Sherman unloaded into Evanora, James into Helen and Bob into Celeste. Evanora had no problem sucking on Sherman, immediately slurping it to the root and stayed at it until she could not throat it all. The girl was hiding a lot.

            The next cycle lasted a long time with five girls cuming and out of the cycle Evanora got the long ride on Sherman. She was not an amateur at riding cocks either. He had just come two minutes ago – this would be good ride for both of them.

            It was another half an hour before the men were unable to rise to the occasion. Bob was the first one out and the team on him split up between James and Sherman. Neither lasted long after that. All the girls had cum several times and had fun along the way. Glenda, Cassandra, Evanora, Samantha and Helen all got long rides.

            All the visitors were happy – extremely happy – and wanted to come back tomorrow. I left that up to the men – they were the ones that had to maintain erections. Tomorrow at two it was. I did get telephone numbers from all the visitors. I wanted to talk to Evanora at length. I asked her to bring the piercing kit she had if it wouldn’t cause any problems. I wanted to read the materials.

            Carol, Elsie and I needed to get back to baking. I asked the city girls to take several buckets and go collect the eggs. I was interested if any of the new hens were producing yet. Sherman and James had brought home 150 hens – no roosters. The roosters were going to be overworked as badly as the men of the house if this bunch of girls didn’t give them a break.

            The new hens must have been happy because Samantha, Celeste and Helen brought in fifteen dozen eggs – that was 6 dozen more than yesterday’s daylight production. The biggest production was overnight; tomorrow morning would tell the tale.

            The first run of tomorrow’s pastries and donuts were on the cooling racks when Linda stopped by from Seagraves. I swore she could smell pastries from the highway. She asked if she could take some home to her parents. She took a dozen – I knew some were going to work for a snack or possibly breakfast.

            The house was quieter tonight. There were still moans and cries of passion but there was no heavy thumping on the walls or the floor.

            ”If any more girls show up, you are going to have to find more studs,” Sherman said.

            ”I agree but you are still better than the young studs,” I said.

            Just then he slammed balls deep into me, causing me to exhale to emphasize he was still better than the young studs. And then he took me gently and we quit at one orgasm each.

            With my legs locking him in and with my arms around him, I was waiting for him to soften and slip out. Instead we drifted off to sleep. I loved the feeling of taking something so strong, hard and powerful and feeling it just shrink away. It was an achievement of something I had done for him, me and us together.

            Everything was going just as I planned, as much sex as I wanted and in two years to be pregnant and building my family.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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