Chapter 35

The trio from the city got another week’s extension to their stay. I was thinking the moms and dads were happy for the peace and quiet or maybe they found a new partying style or maybe their love life. The calls lasted only minutes and there was no begging in the conversations.

            The corn would be ready in three weeks to start shelling. The stalks were turning brown and the ears would soon turn towards the ground. School on video would start a few days after.

            Summer was going quickly between the baking and the crazy sex. After the run to the market, a few minute talk with Ellie and a stop at the restaurant warehouse, I rode around on the Gator with Sherman, James and Bob. We rode in the pasture looking at the beef cattle.

            Two were going to be butchered before corn shelling. Amos was going to get half of one for his freezer and we were going to take the rest of that one and put in ours. We had several customers that bought the meat straight from the locker. The second steer was going to be sold to two of those customers with each getting a half, split down the middle from nose to tail.

            Those two cattle needed to be penned up and fed nothing but hay and ground feed. Sometimes all pasture grass tainted the meet meat with a grassy taste. Penning them up eliminated that problem.

            The same was happening to four of the hogs. They were no longer pigs. Sherman estimated they weighed two hundred pounds already. The ideal weight for slaughter on hogs was 220 pounds. In thirty days they would gain the 20 pounds needed.

            Then we would have plenty of our own hickory smoked bacon and hams, sausage, scrapple, tenderloin and pork roast. Amos was going to take select cuts from one of the hogs for now, but later on he wanted a whole hog. He was anticipating the house being done with Linda and the kids moving in. The next group of hogs that would be ready would be sold to customers.

            When I stopped at the supply store today Madge and I talked again about going to her swap party. It was obvious she wanted new and younger faces. I turned the tables on her and invited her and her husband, her girl friend with the inflated boobs and her husband to come play our edging game with us on Saturday; that was tomorrow.

            I explained the edging game to answer her question. Two more cocks would be nice giving Sherman, Bob, and James a little breather between pussies. We would have a cookout after the game to allow them to recuperate, before they had to drive back to town and social time. I explained the rules and that all cock and pussy be bare for our play.

            ”No problem with that,” Madge said.

            Madge’s girlfriend Wendy – who I had met at the box store – had the inflatable breasts implants. They were at least F – might even be G – and must have been air filled as high as they were on her chest.

            I couldn’t imagine them being jell or saline filled, it would take a super bra or a support crane to hold them up. The day I had seen her she was braless with big pointers aimed straight ahead in the air conditioning. The guys would love playing with them.

            I called the former Goth girls and asked if they could come play Saturday instead of today at 2. There would be new studs and two more females to add to the fun. New studs? They were excited to wait until tomorrow.

            It was a good thing we had postponed today’s play; James and Sherman ran into the house for the guns. There were coyotes in the pasture stalking the cows.

            We had a couple of varmint rifles for just that occasion. They were Remington 700’s 22-250 caliber with big fancy scopes. Five minutes later two coyotes were dead, a few seconds later two more were dead.

            The other two must have been young ones; they ran to the edge of the pasture and waited. Seconds later they were dead. In less than 10 minutes a six pack was dead.

            The damage was already done – the cattle were in the beans. It took all six of us the rest of the afternoon to coral the cattle and fix the fences. The vet was called to look at a couple of the cattle where the fence had cut them as they ran through.

            When the vet came he called the Agriculture Department because the coyotes were a protected species but fair game when they were attacking livestock – but it still had to be reported.

            While we were waiting on the federal agent from the Wildlife Department, we cleaned the bunk room in the barn since we were having so many guests on Saturday. The bunk room had only been used lightly and just needed cleaning. It had a hot water heater, shower stall, a flush, a urinal and sinks.

            It had been built not long after Mom had passed for hired help. A year later Sherman downsized his goals, let the hired help go and joined forces with Amos. It has been built fancy with tile, insulated, rodent tight and everything. The guys used it – and now that all the girls were here – they did too.

            I cleaned it every few days, carried the dirty towels to the house and washed them. I was also keeping the extra quilts in its storage cabinets. The attached room with the bunks was empty, the bunks long gone. There were rodent poison and traps all around the outside of the room.

            Today I sprayed the entire room with cleaner, hosed it down and then sprayed it with a light spray of chlorine and another rinse. The girls dusted and cleaned the cabinets, counters, sinks and the big mirrors.

            The federal agent was upset when he saw the dead coyotes. They were part of a release and tagging program; all were wearing tracking devices. They had been released over two hundred miles away a month ago. There was little he could do now – they were all dead – except remove the bodies for a scientific review and return the tracking devices.

            Egg production was picking up. Twenty four dozen had been collected today. Ellie would be happy. We started cooking immediately after the agent and vet left. Ellie was still saying she wanted more of the baked goods to sell – she would have plenty to sell tomorrow.

            Carol, Elsie, Samantha and I were all working on various things for the oven or for the cooker. We made ten dozen glazed donuts, ten dozen blueberry donuts, five dozen other donuts and dozens of filled pastries.

            The donuts were made assembly line fashion. Two working on the dough, one cutting and another placing them in the cooker and flipping them over. Then they went onto the cooling rack and finally the glaze and icings.

            Then there were the turnovers; apple, cherry, and lemon. We made 36 cakes of all different types and a dozen pies; apple, chocolate, lemon and a mincemeat that someone kept asking for.

            To make good mincemeat pie you have to add wine. We all had to sample a small glass. Then there were twenty four cakes. The girls were making the icing and all of us did tasting to make sure it was right. We were going to take both trucks tomorrow – we had to.

            We had just closed down the baking when Madge called. ”I know this is short notice but do you think you could accommodate four more women in tomorrow’s play. We girls played cards today and edging was put into the discussion. They are all in their early thirties, very pretty and interested,” Madge said.

            ”Are the two husbands still coming?” I said.

            ”Yes,” she said.

            ”OK then, it will still work, you read them the rules and how the play would go down and they will stay for the cookout. So it’s no problem,” I said.

            We were at the market at seven, it was already busy as Ellie and we filled the display case with the baked goods. It was filled to the limit – I now knew the amount I could bake to fill the case. Even after all the baking there were thirty six dozen eggs in the case.

            We stayed to help Ellie get past the early rush and it was a rush. Ellie kept a separate cash tray for my goods. In it was my money from yesterday’s sales – minus her percentage – secured by a rubber band with a scrap of paper with the amounts.

            I had not deposited any of the monies yet, just putting it in an old Maxwell House coffee can in the filing cabinet. It was one more thing I needed to do before we extended the lease on my site.

            We were back home at 11 – I suggested that all the girls do a close shave and a washout of both holes before 2 when our guest were to arrive. They had started when Winnie, Evanora, Glinda and Cassandra came. I gave them the same advice. Both bathrooms were busy.

            While they were doing that Sherman, James, Bob, and I set up the barn. There were going to be five men so we set up six bales covered with tarps and then quilts. The sixth was for the timer and the bottles of lube. I had a silicone gallon pump, KY liquid and jell, and anal ease for anyone if they wanted lube. I doubled anyone would use all of it; it would taste cruddy.

            We set up three of those 8 foot plastic folding tables for them to put their personal things on while the play was going on. I made one more check of the bunk room bathroom to make sure it looked and smelled clean.

            If all the women showed up there would be 17 women and 5 men in play. I asked Sherman what was going to happen after the game was over with a group like this. I knew he and Mom had done some swap meets.

            ”Usually after the initial party plans have been completed there is a short social pause for drinks and talk followed by an orgy. Sometimes they pair up with their partner and if the women have been eyeing a particular cock they want to try, they ask if it is available,” Sherman said.

            ”You have to have an open mind, women may want to make it with another women and sometimes a man will want to have another man. Three-some and four-some most always happen so the girls need to be made aware that may happen. I have talked with James and Bob about it. They have done some at the request of the girls so it will be a wait and see,” Sherman said.

            ”Another thing is kink, sometimes requested by some of the players. Lots of people would like to try lots of things. Lots of people would like to watch, even if they wouldn’t want to participate. The thing to remember is everyone has to agree beforehand,” Sherman said.

            ”Before the visitors arrive, let’s get everyone together and talk about it so things are not a surprise. Also, we need to bring out a cooler for soda, tea and lemon aid and plenty of towels,” I said.  

            There were already towels in the bunk room but not nearly enough for this group. When we went in they were done with the cleanouts and waiting in tee shirts and shorts. We had the conversation that Sherman and I talked about in the barn.

            They were understanding. Girl-girl was something we had been done before with all of them and often. Bob and James had played too. The guys wanted to see girl on girl and the girls wanted to see them on each other so an agreement was reached. We had done kink on our own, girl-girl was a kink, guy-guy was a kink, threesomes, fisting – both anal and vaginal – were kinks to some people. We had done all of that. Just not with an audience of 25 people.

            Bob and James said that although it wasn’t the preferred thing, they had done it for the girls and wasn’t that bad and they would do it if asked in the party atmosphere.

            That settled, they carried coolers, drinks, cups and more towels to the barn and in the bunkroom. We had just finished and Linda had just arrived. Everything was ready when the visitors showed up.

            At 2 on the nose four cars came down the driveway. Madge and her husband and Wendy and her husband got out of the first car. The other cars had the other four ladies and three of them had brought their teenage daughters. They were my age; they had been in my class last year. OH Crap! I knew them and they knew me and I was sure they knew Cassandra and the girls. Too late now.

            ”I hope you don’t mind the extra girls – they were in the last club swap and wanted to come to this. I didn’t find out until the last minute,” Madge said.

            ”A heads up would have been nice but it’s past that now. Everything is ready to play in the barn. Let’s go and we can make the introductions in there,” I said.

            ”OK, first things first! In the bunk room is the bathroom, with a shower, sinks, a toilet, and urinal. There are plenty of towels, cloths and soaps in the bathroom when it comes time to freshen up,” I said.

            ”There is no lock on the door, we all know why we are here and we are consenting adults to what is going to happen, if someone is using the facilities, no embarrassment if you go in and wait your turn or use the one beside them,” I said.

            ”There are drinks in the coolers,” I added.

            ”After we have finished – I mean all give out- I have hot dogs, hamburgers, and fixings for a cookout and socializing. Please stay and join in. I am sure we would like to know a lot more about each other,” I said.

            ”Let’s get past the introductions, break the ice and get started. First names only for now. I’m Mary,” I said as I took off the sports bra and shorts and put them on the table. I was standing naked.

            Elsie, Carol, Linda, Samantha, Helen, Celeste, Winnie, Cassandra, Evanora, Glenda Bob, Sherman, and James followed.

            ”I’m Madge, and this is my husband Albert – he likes to be called Al,” Madge said as they undressed. Madge had nipple piercings in average breasts. Al was average, although it was hard to tell until he was erect. He too was tan.

            ”I’m Wendy and this is my husband William – we call him Bill,” Wendy said as they undressed. Wendy was definitely a G cup. Bill was already heading towards an erection. He and Bob were close in size. Wendy and Bill were both well tanned.

            ”I’m Amy and this is my daughter Francis, she likes to be called Fran,” Amy said as they were undressing. Amy and Fran both had all over tans. Amy was light in the breast department – 34 B = Fran was a good C cup.

            ”I’m Sally and this is my daughter Beatrice. She likes Beebe,” Sally said. Both were 36 C by the looks and Beebe had a trash stamp tattoo on her lower back. Both were tanned as well.

            ”I’m Marsha and this is my daughter Grace,” Marsha said.

            ”Mom I can speak for myself. I’m glad to be here, it’s good to see you again Mary. I see you girls are completely shaved. I’m shaved from the top of the slit down. I hope that is OK? if not and you have a razor I will quickly take it off,” Grace said.

            ”I think we can live with it like that,” I said.

            ”I’m Amanda, Mandy for short, my daughter would have been here for sure but she is out of town,” Mandy said. Mandy was the oldest of the group, early 40’s I would have guessed. She had a little boob sag on what once was a proud set of 36’s and a tattoo of a heart and an arrow pointing towards her pussy ending at the top of the slit. In the heart was written ‘I love anal too’.

            ”OK! Now the rules for our edging game. Girls, if I forget anything set me straight,” I said.

            I went through the rules, explaining each step and the restrictions on what the ladies could do and limitations on what the men could do.

            ”We are going to change a little so that each of the ladies gets to sample all the goodies. When the man cums you get a break until all the men have cum and then each team moves one man to the right. When the men can’t get hard after the five minutes of oral, we will take a break,” I said.

            ”When the break is over its open play. Pick a stud or more, there are also dildos and harnesses on the table under the towel. I think I can speak for all of us girls – we all like anal, pussy and strap-on play. We did clean out before you came. If you visitors want anal I will help you clean during the break and get a shot of deep lube. Nothing breaks the mood more than an unexpected mess,” I said.

            ”Men, if you anal a willing partner, please take a quick shower, wash it and then rejoin the fun. There are condoms for any open play if you like,” I said.

            ”I wrote all your names and have them in this can.” I walked to Al shaking the can and mixing them up. ”Pull four names, they will be your starting team,” I said.

            ”One more thing – ‘Stop’ means stop right now and we will enforce it,” I said.

            “Line up. First lady in line suck him hard, get him wet. When all five are hard I will hit the timer and we can start.”

            The first round started off slow with the new ladies getting the hang of it. All the ladies had been through twice and were starting on the third when the men started cuming. Within a minute Al, Bill, Bob and James had cum. James had cum in Wendy; the big boobs were just too much. Al had cum in Winnie; the big clit got him.

            Bill had cum in Samantha, and Bob had cum in Mandy. We all heard Bob tell her wanted her ass in open play. Sherman was the only one left. Beebe and Grace were the next on him. I could tell one of them was going to get him off by his actions.

            So far none of the ladies had cum so all had stayed in play. Sherman erupted in Grace. I wondered if she was going to suck him back hard. It was not a problem, she couldn’t throat his cock but made up with enthusiasm with what she could. It was 4:30 before the men were finished. Women were cuming and had to sit out a round and were vocal in support of the other ladies.

            Al and Bill finished first and their teams went to the three that were left. Then Bob was finished. With all the women on James and Sherman, they were finished in minutes with all the vocal enthusiasm.

            It was break time, we all needed it! We had soft drinks and were talking like this was a normal party. I asked if everyone was happy. I found out all the women had cum once and some twice.

            Mandy asked if I would show her the cleanout we used, she and Bob were going start the orgy activities by doing anal for the group. In the bunk room she was cleaned out in minutes and then had a full dose in the rectum from the lube shooter. I ended up doing four more; Madge, Wendy, Grace and Beebe.

            We pushed all the bales together and added a few more, then covered them with tarps and quilts for a stage. We then placed covered bales for us to sit on and watch.

            Mandy asked if she could take video of their coupling.

            ”Ask Bob, he is your partner in crime,” I replied.

            Bob had no objection. I look at Linda – she nodded OK, but I knew her mind was on her clit. Amy had three fingers in her pussy and two squeezing that clit and Linda’s nipple between her teeth.

            ”Bob, are you sure you can do this with so many watching?” I asked.

            ”Once I touch her, she and her pleasure will be the only thing I will be thinking about,” Bob said.

            In the middle Mandy started by sucking Bob. He was hard in an instant. An extra shot of KY on his cock and while in the cowgirl position, she notched her ass hole on his cock, dropped to the balls and then went wild on his cock. She was stroking full length. She was bent over so Bob could suck on her breasts and then sitting so he could pinch and maul her breasts. She was lost in pleasure, Bob’s hand working her clit was driving her mad. She turned to reverse cow girl and leaned back on Bob.

            Mandy motioned to Beebe, standing behind us she had put on the Sherman dildo in one of the harnesses and was pulling the straps tight. Beebe had covered the dildo with lube and was on the hay stage in an instant. In one thrust half of it disappeared into Mandy’s pussy, the next thrust it was all in.

            This wasn’t the first time Beebe had used a strap-on. She was pile driving Mandy like she was a doll. Moments later Mandy screamed out her pleasure as her eyes went all white and she went limp.

            Bob was still hard – he had not cum – he was looking for another ass to fuck. He found a willing partner in Fran. She sat on his cock and Cassandra wearing the James strap-on filled the other hole in one shove.

            Sally had Sherman by the hand while pulling him to the stage. First she wanted doggy style and then her legs were behind her head as he pounded her into the hay.

            Samantha pulled my hand to follow her to the stage, she had Bill with her other hand ”Fist my ass, Bill is going to throat fuck me in a 69 and suck my clit.” The stage was a mass of bodies in all acts of copulation. While I was fisting her, someone was trying to fuck me. It was James by the size. He had using my breasts as handles to pile drive me.

            Everything after that was a blur for the next hour. Every time I looked around people were at it by twos and threes. The Goth girls were at each other with dildos. Then they were taking turns with Sherman and James doing double penetration. Bill and all were taking turns with the city girls. The strap-on were getting a workout with Madge, Sally, Amy and Mandy sharing with a real cock.

            Bob was taking turns with Fran, Beebe and Grace. I saw Marsha doubled by James and Sherman once. Slowly it came to an end by the exhaustion of both sexes.

            Everyone was smiling. Luckily there was enough hot water – with two at a time in the shower – and enough towels. Dressed again we went over to the house where we started the cook-out social hour. There was wild conversation and an agreement to come again in two weeks on Saturday.

            I had plenty of help cooking and cleaning up. All the guests wanted to help and talk. They wanted to film the next meeting – there needed to be a lot of talk about that.

            The Goth girls were eager to play again for Samantha, Helen and Celeste. It would be the last party for them; they were going home on Sunday after the next party.

Life was good everything was where I wanted it to be. The bakery was making money and I was getting all the sex I wanted and would be even after the city girls went back home with the new friends.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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    Very enjoyable chapter. Looking forward to the next one.

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