Chapter 36

Sunday morning things got back to the regular schedule, breakfast and the trip to the market. Today there were 25 dozen eggs and I was glad we had pre cooked cakes and pies. I warmed them in the oven to allow the frosting to apply better.  Making the pastries went fast. Ellie was happy to see us there was already a line of people milling around waiting.

            There were dozen loads of laundry to do, what seemed like a hundred hand towels and large towels. All the quilts from the barn needed washing they were covered in lube and cum. While the girls were gathering them up I sprayed down the bunk room with chlorine and hosed it down twice and opened the windows to vent it out.

            Some of the bales of hay went into the hay rack for the cows and a couple more went into the rack for the two that were now penned up waiting for their turn at the locker plant.

            The girls threw more bales down from the loft so another edging could be planned on short notice. They were already talking about having another small one in a day or two.

            I started supper and called Linda to invite the Amos and Mrs. Jackson.  Sherman would cook steaks and I would do the baked potatoes and gravy and vegetables. The pies would be fresh from the oven. I had picked up two more baskets of golden delicious from Ellie’s stand yesterday and two baskets of peaches. Surprisingly the peach pastries were good sellers.

            While Carol, Elsie and I were cooking the other girls were doing wash and cleaning. They rounded up all the harness and dildo and put them in buckets of chlorine to soak after yesterdays marathon sex they needed it. They put them on one of the back bedrooms to be out of sight.

            Bob, James and Sherman were looking at the drying progress of all the field corn. The beans had worms than needed spraying on Monday or Tuesday. The airplane services would come do that- easier faster and no crop damage from sprayer wheels.

            Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and the quilts went back into the tubs and were carried back to the barn on one of the gators and placed in the bunk house. I would close the windows most of the way tonight.

            Made called and raved about the edging, the open orgy and cook out.

            ” I  wondered if we could use the barn for another edging of an late afternoon or evening mid week, say Wednesday by all the members of the swap group. After hearing about yesterday a lot of the group wants to come and play.”

            ” Normally we start at 6 and are  finished by nine. The studs in our group don’t have the stamina that your studs have so it may be a little longer,” Madge said.

             ”The barn is perfect venue with the hay for the stage and bunk house the way you set it up. It’s out of the way and in the country no nosey neighbors  to worry about,” Madge said.

            ” Our group is big twenty couples plus a several single women and girls and a couple more single well hung men. None as well hung as those two you have. You’re a group of lucky girls.  Normally about 10 to 15 couples show,” Madge said.

            ”Adding few more bales of hay to stage to make it bigger would be wonderful. I have some nice padded chairs I at the warehouse that are not selling that  I could have the delivery truck deliver for seating. And some portable lighting that I was going to throw away would work nice. Our group likes to film our play time together so it takes plenty of light. That won’t be a problem will it,” Madge said.

            ”I don’t think I  want any of my group will want to be on camera but I will ask them to be sure. However I’m sure they wouldn’t mind helping to put everyone in the mood before the camera rolls. You know how naked  or nearly naked little juggle and wiggle here and there puts men in the mood. They could be the camera persons, they have some experience with cameras,” I said.

            ”How about the three studs do you think they will play? May be mask for the girls might work. I saw no tattoos that could be used to identify any of them” Madge said.

            ”I’m sure the studs would,” I said.

            ”Would you act as MC for the edging,” Madge said.

            ”I can do that I think but I would need to leave early to make products for the market,” I said.

            ” We could do the edging first so you can leave to do that. Then have a break  and then to the open orgy,” Madge said.

            ”It is a barn so there can be no smoking it it,” I said.

            ” OK , I understand that,” Madge said.

            ”I will have one of the delivery trucks bring the lights and chairs out Monday afternoon when they get back from their regular run,” Madge said.

            ”Ok I will be expecting it,” I said.

”I better run all this by Sherman, twenty couples plus singles now that’s a group,” I thought.

            I thought about other things that could be used as props for the open orgy. We had not stacked two bales high Saturday but we easily could. I wondered how quick I could get a sex swing, there were plenty of places to hang one from the rafters.

            Then I thought about the adult book store in town they had a complete section devoted to all kinds of toys like that. I wondered if Tony Simkins would be working? I would stop by there on the way back from the market delivery.

            I talked with Sherman  while we were getting ready for bed about Madge’s request to use the barn and if he would be interested in being a stud for them. I asked about issues with taking video.

            ”All of you girls need to wear some kind of mask and some of those fake tattoos and we need to be sure the film does not end up on the internet. I don’t think that would be an issue with as many important people as there were in the group the last place they want any of that kind of play is on the internet,” Sherman said. 

            I knew I could get those kinds of things at the adult store. I started a list mask and then I thought why not more, stockings, garters, hose and corsets. I thought about the tattoos that Sherman had said but decided against them. The three city girls were going back to the city on Sunday. I was afraid they would not be completely worn away by the time they went back and cause issues.

            Another good cover up was make up and plenty of it, heavy dark black and red.  I only needed five of anything  girls I didn’t need any. The makeup we could get to the box store.

            The house was full of moans and groans until nearly midnight. Sherman and I made love again listening to James, Bob and the girls at each other.

            We were up early – all of us.  With the Carol and Elsie helping breakfast was cooked in record time. We were at the market in record time.

            Ellie was just setting up her stand with this morning’s picking from her garden. I found out her husband and hired man tended the garden pulling weeds and hoeing. It was her job to sell it at the market. They wanted nothing to do with all day standing around to wait on customers. Ellie gave me another bag of cash from yesterdays sales minus her commission.

            We helped set up her and our stands by her direction. Today there were thirty dozen of fresh eggs. We only had a few dozen to take home that were not sold yesterday. They would go into today’s cakes and pastries.

            We left there and went to the big box store. I explained to the girls why we were going there and what they needed to pick out in the makeup line.

            From there we went to the adult store. Tony’s car was the only one parked in the back. I knocked hard on the door a couple of times before he opened it.

            ”Does that fifty percent off offer still stand,” I said.

            ”Yeah sure,” he said.

            I got a cart and started down the aisle with all the girls following. Red and black garter belts, nylon stockings some red some black, open boob corsets, and nearly open. Crotch less panties and masks a total of ten. I wanted to make sure there were enough for the former Goth girls as well my group of players.

             I also chose several more big dildos and a couple of the horse ones for anyone that happened to be into that.  I needed a couple more harness for strap-on.  Two different kinds of sex swing. Shopping with the girls for those things were hilarious but we had everything we needed.         Even with  the fifty percent off he had a good sale.

            We were home by lunch just in time to watch the crop duster spraying the beans , banking and turning and just missing the treetops and power lines. Just in time to unload the chairs and portable lights that Madge had sent from the truck.

            Sherman, James and Bob  were in time for lunch. From there they were going to check out the lights that had been delivered to make sure they worked and there were enough outlets for them.

             Then they were going to figure out a way to hang the swings so they could be removed when they weren’t used, out of sight out of mind in case anyone not in the group came into the barn.

            Carol, Elsie and I started on supper and then on baking. I sent a text to the Cassandra about the party tomorrow night  to see if they were interested in participating.

            I went to gather today’s eggs and then back to the barn to check on the progress the men were making.  There were two chains securely bolted to the rafters. The sex swing had a hook that would go in a chain link and then straps to adjust the proper height for the man. They had done both the same way. One hook and the swing could be stored in a tub and then placed in the bunk room.

            Everything else was placed inconspicuously in places around the barn. All the chairs were in the bunk room. Sherman and James plugged in all the lights. They were certainly bright enough to film without any shadows from just about anywhere in the barn.

            Sherman was going to the hardware store to get more tarps to cover the floor an hay bales with.  I was going to stop tomorrow at the box store to see if they had some more heavy blankets to cover the tarps with.

            Madge wanted to know if my ovens were big enough to cook several pizzas. She was going to bring  dozen or so to eat after the final orgy. With the shelves in place I thought I could get four at a time in the oven.

            With everything ready I started the baking and working on supper. I was going to do pizza but with pizza tomorrow night I elected to do ham steaks with baked sweet potato and green beans.

            I had plenty of them, I had canned one hundred quarts and fifty each of peas and lima beans. Twenty dozen ears of sweet corn was also in the freezer. There were forty frozen roosters and soon there would be hundreds of pounds of beef and pork in the freezers. We would have enough home grown food to last the winter.

            I was going to stock up on paper goods and other supplies while I had the Madge wholesale connection.  I had finally counted the money from the market sales and had enough to stock up and pay for supplies without using the farm or my personal account .With the girls helping I would be done baking early tonight.  

            It was a night of wild sex, there was moaning and groaning from all the rooms including mine and that as after Sherman and I snuck out to the barn to try out one of the swings. It was a new experience and wild. Sleep came easy.

            Breakfast was fast Elsie, Carol and Samantha helped. The trip to the market went fast and then we stopped by the wholesale store and picked up the order I sent in last night. I paid cash for it. Madge came out to make small talk while the girls were loading it up.

            ”Is everything ready for tonight” Madge asked.

            ”Sure is. Do you want me to take the pizza now or are you going to bring them tonight?” I said.

            ”I will bring them tonight and pizza trays for them. But I will be a few minutes early to help you set up. AJ wants to check out the lighting and the cameras before everyone shows up. You can take several cases of drinks if you have room for them,” Madge said.

            “OK,” I said.

            At home we put the things on the racks in the pantry and started cooking the pies and cakes for tomorrow. The pastries we were going to do after the party.

            Madge, Al and a couple of young  girls and guys our age showed at five. The girls and guys I knew from school. Prim and proper I would have never believed they were part of the swinging group. Maybe that is why they were so prim and proper at school, they didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing outside of school.

            I sent my group of girls to clean out in case they were going to do anal and costume up for the video. I told them to use both bathrooms to speed things along.

            ”Bring out both pump bottles of lube and several boxes of tissues when you come to the barn,” I said.

            The pizzas were carried into the refrigerators to thaw out. I would slip in before the orgy started and place them on the counter to finish thawing.

            ”There are twelve couples with ten teenagers  signed up to come tonight,” Madge said.

            It was a good thing Sherman, Bob and James had set up twelve bales with tarps and blankets for the edging. That would be over forty to play. I would have to get a count on how many male and female players there were going to be.

            Lets see that should be twenty four females just guessing give or take on e or two I thought. That would use eight bales with three to a team the set up should be good.  

            The Goth girls showed up with another friend, I sent them into the house for costumes and to do a clean out.

            The rest of the club were here by six there were more than twelve couples – there were fifteen. There were fifteen girls and guys plus three more slightly older guys that I assumed were the studs Madge talked about. That was fifty seven with the former Goth girls showing up counting us – all the bales were going to be full.  I wondered why made had sent so many chairs , now I knew. She planned for the unexpected.

            At six I stood in front of the crowd and announced it was time for the rules starting with a general announcement about the bunk room- its facilities, and no smoking in the barn and that there were condoms  and lube on the table and on several  tables if anyone wanted or needed them.

            The girls dressed in costumes and mask are to allow you to film without restriction I only ask that you do not remove the mask and that we get several copies of all the film you take.

              Then I introduced myself and then stripped the men in my group followed and the masked introduced themselves. Madge and group followed and then the rest. The three studs were indeed studs but I didn’t think they were as big as James and Sherman but time would tell.

            I learned the girl with Winnie and the group was Lizzie Knox  daughter of the state senator Howard Knox.  Howard was the driving factor behind changes to the incest marriage laws. The irony was laughable.

             Lizzie was seventeen and was pierced- both nipples and clit and had several tattoos with written words in places that would not allow a small bikini to be worn in public.

            I explained the general rules for edging but made one change.

            ”So all us girls can enjoy the variety of available cocks when a girl cums she moves to the next team on her right. Whichever girl puts each male down will be declared a winner there will be several of you. I have  adult prizes you can chose from to take home with you,” I said.

            ”Remember when the guy cums you suck him back hard within five minutes so the game continues. If he can’t get hard he will be replaced with an alternate until everyone is fucked out or the 8 pm bell rings. At that time the open orgy will begin.” I said.

            ”For the orgy many of the girls will do anal and three sums, just ask to verify first” I said.

            ” Three girls to each man  Let the party begin, Males on your backs, girls lets wear them out,”

            ”What time do you want me to start cooking pizzas?” I asked Madge.

            ”About 745 and give everyone 30 minutes to eat and recover to begin the orgy at 830,” Madge said.

            ”OK I will go warm the oven at 730 and get them ready,” I said.

            ”But you will miss some of the play,” Madge said.

            ”That’s OK  I have two of the biggest studs here to myself 24/7 I won’t be missing anything,” I said.

            She just smiled, ”You are one lucky lady,” Madge said then she asked if I had done the two at a time.

            ”All three,” I said and then I smiled.

            After a few minutes there was almost a continuous cry of ‘I’m Cuming’ and changing of team members. Then the guys started cuming one after another. The three studs that came with Madge may have been hung but did not set any records with stamina.

            By 730 all the first group of men were standing and watching, many of the girls were doing the same needing a rest. There were no men that had not run the cycle in the bales.

            I went to the house and started the ovens. I had been wrong I could get eight of the pizzas in at a time on the three racks. I timed it so the first group was done at 8.  I cut each pizza into small slices in ten minutes 8 more would be ready.

            I heard Madge ring the bell at 8 announcing pizza was ready asking for volunteers to bring it to the barn. Hi-quality paper plates and plastic was on one of the tables. Towels were placed on the chairs for people to sit on.

            I stayed in the kitchen until the third group of 8 was finished and then went to the barn to eat a slice or two  and join in the first part of the orgy.

            The orgy was wild, cocks and cunts getting sucked or pounded everywhere I looked. I saw several of my girls being doubled. Madge was in the middle of a three sum and plugged tight at one look. Lizzie was taking three as was Samantha.

            Both swings were in constant use. More than one girl had her head hanging over one side of a bale and her pussy or ass filled on the other side. I saw two guys going at each other and several girls wearing strap-on on a guy or two and other girls.

            At 9 like someone yelled ‘police’ it was over. Limp cocks and dripping pussy’s were setting in chairs sipping soda and finishing off the left over pizza.  By ones and twos they hitting the showers and getting dressed.

            I told all my girls and the Goth girls I wanted to see them in the house before they left – after they had showered and dressed. I told them to go to the house to shower to speed things along.

            I asked Madge to make sure I got several copies of the videos that had been made. At times there were two cameras filming.

             Madge and a several others that I assumed were the club leaders came to me and asked if they could come back every two weeks until cold weather made the barn unusable for naked play.

            ”As long as you help set up and clean up yes,” I said.

            ”I take it you are satisfied with the way everything went?” I said.

            ”There was no way it could have been any better. I haven’t heard anyone complain,” one of the guys said.

            I placed the box of new adult toys on the table for the winners to chose from  as Madge made the call for them to come pick something out. She also announced that the next party would be held here in two weeks.

            The chairs were sprayed and wiped and placed in the bunk room storage, the blankets folded to be washed and the trash bags tied and carried to the dumpster, the tarps folded and piled up.

            With a couple sheets of plywood the hole to the loft could be closed off and this bottom section could be sprayed insulated so we could use it all winter by adding heat. But that was something I needed to run by Sherman before anything was said.

            Madge gave me five one hundred dollar bills to pay for the prizes and all the other things I had supplied.

            Everyone was quickly gone as Sherman, James, Bob and Linda went to the house.

             The girls were dressed and waiting in the living room.

            ”Is everyone happy with what happened here tonight, no one is upset, no hurt feelings,” I said.

            I was looking at Lizzie as I was talking and the other Goth girls.

            ”Yes I had fun, we had fun,” Winnie added with smiles and nods from the others.

            ”In two weeks there will be another one, you are invited,” I said.

            ”That long? Can we come back before then? Winnie said. I knew she was kidding they could come back any time they wanted.

            ”Yes and you know what happens here stays here and that goes for you too,” I said for Lizzie’s benefit.

            I has three hours  of baking pastries to do. With Carol and Elsie helping we did it in two.

            The Goth girls were in no hurry to go home they stayed and talked.

            On Saturday we had a small orgy with the Goth girls and then a going away party for Helen, Samantha and Celeste.

            They were very tan they had laid out all day Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday to darken the tan. They wanted to go back to the city that way.

            Sunday morning Linda carried them back to the city. There were tears lots of them. They wanted to stay and go to school here but parents said no. School started on Thursday for them and on Monday for us.

              I invited them back for Thanks giving week and then the Christmas thru New Years. But then there was Skype that resulted in live shows quite often.

            Things changed – corn shelling started, we video schooled in the mornings.  I hauled corn to the bins and mill in the afternoon while Sherman and James ran the combines. Bob learned how to use the grain wagon to unload corn into our bins to keep the combines running.

            Elsie was taught to run the big John Deere tractor and Bush Hog cutting corn stalks and more in the afternoons.

              Carol cooked supper and helped with the cakes and pastries while I drove trucks. After supper all three of us worked on cakes and pastries. We made the run to the market at 6 to be home in time for school.

            We were busy, happy and had sex everywhere and anywhere at the drop of the hat around the farm. The Goth girls were out a couple of times a week and stayed most weekends.

            There was a swingers party in the barn every two weeks. The lower floor was totally remodeled. First it was cleaned then more electric outlets installed to get rid of extension cords- a fire hazard. Then the dirt floor was removed and a heated concrete floor installed. Then it was epoxy coated for easy cleaning.            Then it was spray insulated, walls, ceiling and painted and then gas heat was installed.

            We turned on the floor heat several hours before the parties. With a flip of the thermostat for the gas heaters and in minutes it was warm enough to be naked. The doors were made weather tight.

            I was surprised when Sabrina came with them one weekend without the Goth. She lost her virginity in steps first to Bob, and then James and then to Sherman all on the first Saturday evening she came to stay and she loved it. She took all three of them again Sunday morning. After that she was always with the group and always horny.

            Linda was promoted at Seagraves to chief engineer. Her divorce was finalized. The house was finished while the soybeans were being cut. She spent as much time at our house as at home. Elsie, Carol and Linda cleaned the Jackson house from top to bottom every Saturday. 

            The Jackson’s  came to eat a big meal every Sunday. Carol loved cooking and showing off what she had learned.  She cooked meals several times a week for Linda to carry to them. Linda stopped by every night coming home from work. It was an excuse to pickup up pastries to carry to work.

            Elsie and Carol laid claim to James, Bob was always willing help out.

            The Jackson bought the next door farm to them. It was 800 acres, Amos semi- retired and turned the farming over to Bob. The purchase joined with his made the operation profitable enough to support  the big family they now were. Amos always wanted it to be the family farm . Now it was for sure.

            Sherman bought the farm next to us to the east it was 1200 acres. That gave us 2400 acres with  a thousand under irrigation. Our two families agree to farm together. It made it reasonable to buy the biggest equipment to meet seasonal rush.

             There were more huge grain bins added to the ones over to the Jackson farm and ours. It eliminated trips to the mill during the harvest rush. We could haul grain all winter long when there was little else to do. Two more Pete’s and grain trailers were bought and more driving lesson given.

            A year later Elsie and I graduated. Carol and Bob graduated the following year.  And then I was pregnant with my first, they were already calling me Mom and occasionally a playful rub on my growing belly and I liked it. We were all happy.

            The end.

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  1. Paul Brown says:

    The story was well written and easy to read. Good description of the people involved. Light fun story

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