About Bjonesmylife

Bjjones is a fictional female character from a senile old man. I have read thousands of stories over the years and I wanted to do something different than the normal male with a harem that he abuses. BJ a war hero from the sand box. She must find her way into society. A rape victim herself with a passion for women and a big heart for other victims. it is with this heart and a desire to protect that she grows her own unique loving family of women. Together they build life on the Eastern shore of Maryland. If you are familiar with the area you may recognize some of the slightly changed names of places and things. Feel free to comment or submit questions. As I said I am an old man. This is my first story.

9 Responses to About Bjonesmylife

  1. Doug says:

    You have a good story going but whoever is editing your work seems to miss some spots that don’t make sense when reading. Most of the errors come from words used. You are braver than I am to try something like this.

    • jackballs57 says:

      I have no editor, I have tried several but they didn’t work out. So I am still in the learning process. I review each chapter several times and make corrections but I still miss quite a few. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • jackballs57 says:

        New Editor Since Dec 30 , 2013
        I have an editor that is helping me on the new chapters. As time permits he is editing the older chapters working towards chapter number 1. Currently chapter 50 and above have been edited.
        Thanks so to Alfmeister for all the editing help.

  2. bobabcd says:

    I have been enjoying this story from the beginning. Thank you.

  3. ray carfrey says:

    Thank you for your story I like it very much I look for new chapter every time I log on Keep on with the story

  4. More to come , thanks for the email. Jack

  5. Michael Wong says:

    After four hours of making the trip through the plane, speaking with everyone, I finally settled into my seat and read the notes Eric and Dick James had sent. There was nothing in them that I had not know about yesterday.

    Should be “known” instead of know in the last sentence.

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