Book 2 Chapter 73

The weekend was great; we just put work out of the way. I did have to go over to the Horsey Hotel to answer questions a couple of times for Bob’s crews.

The days were getting shorter and occasionally there was a little touch of fall in the air. We began to tidy up a few things in preparation for the coming colder weather.

We spent time both Saturday and Sunday evening in the hot tub. Sunday afternoon we had another cookout for just close family. Then there was the playing with the boys. The building blocks had progressed to more complex games and tricycles were giving way to little bikes with training wheels.

Monday came quickly and became complicated. Andy was at the office early and we met with Milton and Charles. When the meeting was finished those two and the five supervisors over the on call people had work to do. Contact all of the on call employees was needed to find out if they wanted to continue the arrangement, then fax or email them the forms to update HR along with the new HR policies.

One of the questions was how many and which languages are you fluent in? How soon you could be ready to deploy if called and what was the location you would be departing from? There were a dozen more questions – all important – with France, Mexico and Oklahoma City on the horizon.

After that meeting I filled Andy in on the bid awards for the MRAPs and Humvees. He and I had the same thoughts – instead of bringing them here and then shipping them to Texas, just ship them to Texas and send mechanics to check them out.

This potential operation had pitfalls that Andy and I both knew something about. Where you send men and equipment you need to send repair equipment, spare parts, fuel supply trucks, kitchens, cooks, and mechanics.

Together we made a beginning list. Jack Winslow was the foreman of our repair shop that maintained all of the airport support equipment as well as the MAAR vehicles that were assigned to Morton. When Marcy had a question about repairs done at other sites or dealers, Jack was the go to man. He had also been discussed as being the top candidate to run the truck dealership repair shop if he wanted the job.

”Jack, I have a problem. I need to send a couple of your heavy equipment mechanics to Texas and Mexico in a few weeks. Be thinking about it and I will stop by and talk about the details sometime today,” I said.

Then there was spare parts for the MRAPs that we could need. I knew the military had a recommended spare parts list for everything they ever put in the field.

I called General Ingram to see if I could get a copy of the list for the MRAPs and Humvees. We had dozens of Humvees long enough that Jack should be able to develop a parts list on his own.

In the conversation I asked if there was any way we could get a loan of the most used parts during field operations for the MRAPs until we could get spare parts from the various manufactures. His answer was vague but was not no.

Marcy could get the two service trucks and fuel trucks. I wondered about a couple of food trucks to fill the gap until a mobile kitchen could be set up. Nothing was going to be ordered until contracts were finalized and we had all the authorizations from the Mexican government.

I met with Robert, Tom and the men they had assigned to check on all things Mexico. It lasted more than an hour. The Mexican cartel in the field did practically all their business on cell phones. Tom had found email traces by back tracking suspected cocaine traffickers. I suspected those emails were between middle and upper cartel leaders.
DHS and the DEA monitored all known suspects that frequented border area. We had access to but had never needed it before. It just didn’t fit into what we were doing at the time.

After lunch is when things got hectic. President Martinez and the AG started faxing the documents we were to sign on Wednesday for final review. We faxed them to Curtis Warren so his group could go over them as well and made several copies for us to hold.

Jenny was not even finished with the first group before she called me to come to her office. We read them together along with her and Vicky comparing the documents to our notes and then the long hand versions that been transcribed and signed as the preliminary agreement at the news conference.

There were changes – significant changes. The restriction on operating area was gone – in the original document we were limited to one half mile on either side of the pipeline. It was replaced with access to all government lands and any land that bordered any right of way authorized by the government for any oil producer or refiner.
The restriction limiting us just those two grass strips were gone. In its place was authorization to use any grass strip on Mexican state property and near any pipeline, not just the Mexpo pipeline.

The limit on personnel was gone replaced with ‘This agreement authorizes the use of any and all personnel without restriction that are prudent and necessary to complete the terms of this agreement’.

Another fax was a list from the Mexican federal prosecutor Inez. It was a ten page list of police departments, police chiefs, judges, magistrates and politicians who were on the cartel take and did their bidding. They were from North Colima on the west coast to Colima east and on to the coast at Poza Rica. It covered the northern third of Mexico.

Another page was an authorization for JBG security employees or any agent of JBG to be considered legal agents of Mexican Federal Police Force. It was needed to authorize JBG or agents of JBG to pursue any individual or group anywhere in Mexico in execution of the contracts and agreements.

Another page of interest verified the payment arrangements. Invoices were to be broken down between Mexpo and Mexico City. Invoices were to be submitted every fifteen days and paid fifteen days later.

I wondered why the changes? I wondered even more about the list from Inez. What the heck were they doing?
I had a map of Mexico on my desk. I looked at the places and as I looked, the puzzle started to take shape. The lines drawn out by AG Inez – with the exception of several cities – was rural and small towns. There were few judges and police mentioned on the list in those cities.

One of the clerks who had gone to the refreshment center for one of the specialty coffees they made called, ”BJ, turn the news on channel 17 – quick.”

Channel 17 was an international news station different than the others. It presented unbiased straight forward international news without the bull and was worldwide. Since the Pact agreement and Fort Polo it was one of the stations that was on the TVs. The news was presented by each continent broken down by region.
We in the office watched as the newscaster ended the North American segment and began the Central American segment starting with Mexico.

There were five more mass graves with more than twenty people in each discovered near Guadalajara, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and Senora. The reporter interviewed a government official who insisted the dead were the result of the cartel.

The government official was the spokesperson from Mr. Inez’s office. The Mexican government knew the cartel was growing, getting more violent, and trying to take more territory under its control. They were now pushing into the cities.

This was the same methods used by terrorist in any country you could name. They started in the rural areas with the same tactics. If there were elections, then intimidation and threats so their people got elected. If that didn’t work then beatings, violence, murder, arson, bombings, kidnappings, rape and threats of rape – whatever it took.

Slowly they gained one village, one community, one town, one district until they controlled one county then another until they had complete control. They would install their people into positions to demand bribes, payoffs of the police, courts and the prisons. One could name country after country in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where the plan was used.

Mexico still controlled the industry, manufacturing, exports and segments associated with that, but the tourist industry was in trouble. Murders and gang violence in the popular resorts was killing the golden goose.

Both were in jeopardy, shipments of manufactured goods leaving Mexico were now being used to transport drugs and people both into and out of Mexico. Tourist groups were being infiltrated with drug mules.
Good paying steady jobs made it hard for terrorists. It took unemployment, starvation and crime or lots of money to turn people and lose their faith in government.

Mexico was at this point – the cities were threatened and apparently soon to be under siege. The politicians and police on the edge of the cities were disappearing, turning up in mass graves.

Mexico was proud with their history, heritage and tradition, but they were in trouble and knew it. It had asked and received assistance in fighting the drug war, cooperation in tracking the money, and mutual information swaps with the US. But all that wasn’t enough when the police, politicians and courts were lost.

The only thing left was to ask for foreign help. The proud people of Mexico would never stand for foreign armies to appear. It surely could not ask Cuba, China or Russia for help; they were as bad as the cartel.

The only thing left was the independents – Black Bear and JBG security. Someone in the US government had told them Black Bear was done – they had contacted JBG before the court hearings, they knew what was going down.
The independents were now just JBG and we weren’t interested in nationalization, international expansion or securing minerals for decades. The only thing we were interested in was getting paid for our work.

The oil pipe line issues were to get the door opened and feel us out. Sure they had a problem that needed fixing and to get us in there and fix it we would.

The cartel was going to go ballistic when the tapping revenue dried up followed by loss of territory and declining drug money. The loss of the grass strips was also going to hurt. They would retaliate in every way they knew how.

But today’s fax dump clearly indicated there was to be so much more and other questions. They had given us more than we had asked for protection wise against lawsuits and actions by the Mexican courts, basically excusing us of all possible infractions and legalities.

All this brought one more thing to light that JBG and the US needed. I dictated the rough ideas to Jenny so the experts could put it in legal language that was above my head. Then I wrote a personal note to President Martinez on the addition I wanted and why. In for a penny in for a pound – hell no this was for a whole ton.

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Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 2 Chapter 72

After talking more with my mates and looking at the next three months schedules, I was more relieved about turning the Horsey House into emergency office space.

There were no more large groups of new employees to be trained at Fort Smith for the three months. We did have several small groups of twenty men to finish out Vicky and Ching Lee’s security groups.

The brunt of the training was various police departments, including Harrisburg and several municipalities that had participated in the raid. Each session was two weeks. There were three month’s worth of those groups along with recurring training for the FBI, DHS and our own groups.

Those police departments always opted for five star motels in Washington and Annapolis for the nightlife. We would be able to get along OK without the rooms.

Another thing that was with Fort Adams, Fort Polo, and Fort Dean, the number of people coming here for recurrent training could be reduced dramatically. It was far cheaper and easier to add trainers as a permanent part of the staffing at those sites or fly them in for a month at a time and adding the equipment as part of the permanent fixture.

Another thing Andy and I needed to do was find a jumping off point close to the pipeline where it crossed the US border.
I wanted to have a basic plan in my head when I met with Andy about setting up the pipeline security plan. Andy was to plan the logistics and the manpower but I needed a plan to put all of it together.

The pipeline ran from Corpus Christi south-west a bit to miss Baffin Bay, then nearly parallel to Route 77 on the east side of it. It then continued south-east of Harlingen on its way to the border.

After it crossed the border it went south on the west side of Mexican Route 101, eventually crossing 101 north of San Fernando then straight south and hundreds of villages and towns that were the markets for the stolen gas. It was two hundred and fifty miles from the Texas border to the Mexico refinery at Tampico.

According to Mr. Garcia there had been no problems with tapping on the pipelines within fifty miles of the refinery. There were so many pipelines and so much pipeline activity the tappers wouldn’t risk it. That meant that we had two hundred miles in Mexico to patrol with around one hundred miles that were hot spots on the north-south pipeline.

The first air strip we needed to take control of was one half mile from the pipeline and two miles north of Valle Hermoso. The EIT group had pulled the night radar data from the Doppler radar located at Brownsville Texas for the last two weeks.

It had been easy for the EIT guys to do get the data; the FAA made the data available to law enforcement. I had the access because of the State Department.

What the data showed from the Doppler was that there were small airplane flights every night – sometimes four and five a night. Satellite data that I could look at showed that there were a number of vehicles meeting the airplanes.

By the infrared scans those cars were there before the planes landed and did not leave until after the planes left. My thought was that the headlights were to light up the runway.

Some went north to the Brownsville entry point and through. Others went north-west to the border and stopped. There people and materials started walking north. Some to be met by more people and ATVs or four wheel drive vehicles.

Drugs for sure but who were the people? They were important enough to be flown in to make it illegally across the border with cartel help or had paid a hefty price. Worse yet, were they part of the human trafficking that cartel supplied girls to the brothels scattered across the US? It seemed that every week there was a news story about another big bust in some city.

No matter how hard authorities tried they could never seem to put a dent in the oldest profession known to mankind.

I wondered why DHS and the border patrol was not seeing or stopping this. It was so obvious. But then I was not sitting in a room with hundreds of monitors to watch for hours. Your mind had to get numb after looking at that stuff week after week.

By the Google map the gravel grass runway was four thousand feet long, at least two hundred and fifty feet wide, cut out in a forest. It was unusually long and wide for an illicit strip that should have stood out like a sore thumb on anybody’s satellite pictures or U2 surveillance photographs. I knew there were those kinds of pictures of every square inch of Mexico.

But then its primary use was at night and there were no beacons or fixed runway lights for you to stay on the center line. Using car headlights was dicey and landing lights on small planes was even worse because they were terribly unreliable. Vibration was a killer of lights on piston engines and jet prop aircraft. Our shop was always replacing them, even on the jets that were nearly vibration free.

Then there was the second air strip one hundred miles further south – almost an exact copy of the first – and just as close to the pipeline. I wondered why? Then it came to me.

These strips were originally made by the pipeline companies during the construction of the line. Did the military use them in the Great War to protect the pipelines from sabotage? That’s why they were both so close to the pipeline. I would bet there were old roads to the pipeline right of ways. The cartel was just taking advantage of the past.

The cartel was taking more than gas from the pipeline. They were using the pipeline right of way as a roadway into the US. The right of way was always cut and cleared every couple of years. This was done to give inspectors and repair crews access. That was one reason that the right of way had well used vehicle paths on it.

I was willing to bet the company that did the clearing was cartel owned or run. That would give them legitimate access to the pipeline and the tappers; no need to interrupt their operations or hide anything.

But why did the cartel need to use both landing strips and all the rest of them for that matter? Redundancy of their delivery system? Doubtful. An emergency strip? I doubted that they were concerned about pilots or cheap planes. In fact the satellite showed plane wreckage at both ends of the runways.

Dueling cartel factions was a better bet.

I went back to the map of lower Texas – we needed a staging area for the heavy vehicles we were taking down the pipeline right of way. As close to the border as we could get it and – because of the Rio Grande – close to a bridge.

After looking at the map I decided I needed a break, plus it was soon time for us to meet. I needed to make one more call and that was to General Ingram. I had not heard a word on the giant list of equipment I had purchased to buy from the surplus auction site.

”Good afternoon General, are there any hot spots that need some water dumped on them today?” I asked.

”Luckily nothing today. What can I do for you?” he asked.

”I need an update on the surplus list; things are happening fast. If the bids have been rejected, I need to put other plans together,” I said.

”The list has been approved. There should have been an email sent today. The MRAPs are not going to cost you anything but the shipping and that’s going to cost you a lot. They are the early versions – they have been replaced with several updated models.

”The Army and Marines have approved a completely different vehicle they are buying. It would cost more to demilitarize and scrap them than we would get in return. The MRAPs are in Texas, the Humvees are in North Carolina.

”The C130s are in Arizona getting the mothballs removed. They are going to have to go through complete inspections and upgrades before you can use them. I would expect it will take months for that to happen,” the General said.

”Is there anything else you might be interested in?” he asked.

”Hellfire missiles, Hydra 70 rockets, some 500 pounders and contact fuses,” I replied.

”I cannot help you with those. I take it you have things getting ready to happen in Mexico but aren’t those weapon a little overkill?” he asked.

”Shock and Awe to send them running for cover. With no military training they will hopefully keep running. By the time they get organized I intend for it to be too late to do anything except watch from a distance,” I said.

”And if not, collateral damage is a likely outcome,” he said.

”Anything is possible,” I said as I hung up and went to meet the girls. It was Friday and we were going to call an early meeting and spend time with the boys.

The meeting was normal with a few exceptions, we would need to be in the office tomorrow and Sunday. The group of former Black Bear employees were bringing computer records to start installing on our systems.

Vicky informed us the freighter was arriving a week early in Maputo. The C5 would need to be sent the end of next week with the help to get the freight from the docks to Fort Polo; it would also carry needed supplies. The plane would bring back more freight from the mines.

Everything was ready for the freight the freighter was bringing. On another note, only one 802 was necessary to conduct surveillance of the entire property at a time. A pattern was established and as one 802 completed the pattern the other would take off and begin, if anything interesting was seen.

The men that were in training had removed all the furniture from the first floor of the Horsey Hotel. The second floor would be done on Monday. They would have Tuesday and Wednesday off and leave for Fort Polo on the C5 on Thursday and be back in time for the Mexican or French adventures, or maybe both.

Bobs Construction was knocking down a couple of non-load bearing walls and repairing the drywall on Saturday to expand several offices for Andy’s group. The painting would be done on Monday.

Andy and his family did not get back from Fort Dean until well after dark. It seems that two of the Air Boats had been returned by the FBI. Our new employees there quickly had a change of opinion of Andy and the JBG men and were coming to their senses.

Two of the team leaders – as their previous command had been structured – took Andy, his family and the flight crew for a fast air boat jaunt through the bayou and marshes. They ended up at a swanky Cajun bar and seafood restaurant at a bend in the river at Cameron. It was not that far away from the property by taking the bayou and deep water swamp.

They apparently had an excellent Cajun meal and a really good time.
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Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 2 Chapter 71

The lunch crowd was heavy so we elected to wait a few minutes to let it clear out. The wait allowed them to fill me in on the events of this morning and there had been several.

”I sent two pilots to Air Tractor this morning. Air Tractor has two ground support 802s that a foreign government had ordered. They only made the initial payments and haven’t made any more. Then they started the process of trying to negotiate a lower price and threatened to cancel the order. The aircraft are ready to be picked up.

”Air Tractor canceled the sale for them late yesterday and kept the initial payment based on the contract. They called me this morning telling me we could take possession immediately so I sent the pilots. The 802 has some bells and whistles that the ones we had ordered do not have,” Lorrie said.

”They will fly the 802s to Fort Dean on Tuesday after completing the training and fixing everything on the bug list,” Lorrie said.

”We found temporary office space in the old Narrows Mall; the one that has been closed up so long. It needs a lot to make it what we need but Bobs Construction can start in a few days. The downside is that it will take several months before it is all office worthy,” Lorrie said.

”There is no high-speed internet there; it was closed up before it got popular on the island. Robert wants fiber optic out there,” Marcy said.

”Shouldn’t be a problem, I will call the C’ville power company office and talk to the manager to get approval to attachment to their poles. One of the independents can install the cable after that,” I said.

We were going to Mexico City next Wednesday then stop back at Fort Dean on the return trip.

”Andy should have some deliveries today. I bought twenty pickups from the local dealer there for MAAR. I did the same thing with six John Deere Gators and six ATVs from the Kawasaki dealer. That should help him out a lot with everything that was missing,” Marcy said.

”Tomorrow the B&B accounting group is backing up all the servers and bringing it here. For time being it will be on a standalone system until we get all we need transferred to our systems.”

“That won’t take long because I am starting the accounting for that business as a new venture in our system with codes in SAP starting as of yesterday. ” Marcy said.

”Their Human Resources is doing the same thing; they are bringing all the HR files here – again standalone – and unfortunately it has to be manually entered into our system. They did not collect anywhere near as much info as we do. Plus they used an in-house developed system that is not compatible with anything.”

”Every one of our employees has company email – less than fifty percent of theirs do. That process will begin with the active employees. We have to verify all the direct deposit information and put it in our systems for payroll,” Jenny said.

Jamie called to say she was through with Charles and Milton. I sent one of my security men to pick them up and bring them here to join us for lunch.

There was a long conversation coming about the chain of command, supervisors, responsible persons and contact methods for the former Black Bear organization. We needed to work them into our operation as fast as possible while maintaining control of the men and active contracts.

All Black Bear’s employees had been notified on Thursday for the change in ownership and that their assignments were still active and their pay and pay schedule unchanged. On the down side they were also notified that all contracts were being upgraded and additional training and requirements may be placed in effect, along with second and third language requirements.

Charles, Milton and we talked in depth about the two thousand on-call employees. I was intending to use several hundred of them at Paris and that many or more in Mexico. The six thousand base employees of the former Black Bear were working on fixed contracts, the same as our security employees.

I learned from the two there were five supervisors who were responsible for the call up, special training, and deployment of those on -call employees.

The need to get the on-call employees checked out and in a format and position so we could use, trust them and depend on them answering the call was paramount.

Then there was Andy’s need for office space to set up his chain of command structure; all that forced us to do something we did not want to do.

We were going to convert the Horsey Hotel to immediate office space. Each room was set up with two beds and two small dressers. The mattresses and box springs were at least three years old – time for them to go to the dump anyhow. The dressers and bed frames could go into one of those rental storage units.

Each room could have two nice sized office cubicles and file cabinets with a small refrigerator, microwave, a sink and a private bathroom. I could see a pecking order to get an office over there.

Andy would have the first office in the door and his own clerk; if necessary, a wall would be knocked out putting two rooms together. By doing that Andy would be able to have a private office with a door and a meeting table. It would be the only real executive office in the building.

Baltimore office supply could supply and set up cubicles chairs and file cabinets in as many rooms as we needed.

All of us started making the necessary calls, with Marcy calling the office supply company. She used them all the time.

Lorrie called the dumpster company for dumpsters and the storage company for several large units. I called Robert about the necessary computer equipment and setting it up ASAP.

Robert called a company he dealt with and ordered all the computers, monitors and printers needed to make things work. All the rooms already had hard wired internet. Robert was going to add wireless to help with laptops.

Half of the men that had been in training were now already deployed, some to the Pact countries and the others to Fort Polo. The ones that were left were in limbo as of now, eventually ending up at the Pact countries. Their training was finished next week. If the trainers would sign off on them early, they would finish the week out helping on the office conversion by carrying the bed frames to storage.

Now with Mexico, France and Oklahoma City all coming together at one time, everything was going to be a rush.

Andy texted and wanted a VCATS call. We went into Lorrie’s office to do that leaving B&B to finish their lunch.

”First I want to thank you for the vehicles. We needed them desperately. The FBI was back a few minutes ago and arrested a couple more men on unrelated charges to the theft ring. I will text Jenny the information so they can be fired.”

”The next thing is that the access road coming from the main highway is horrible. There are potholes big enough to lose a wheelbarrow in and we don’t have anything here to fix them with,” Andy said.

”Andy, call around for road contractors. Find one that can grind, level and widen the road. Then have them blacktop it twenty feet wide and center-line it. Torque them up to get it done as soon as possible; offer a bonus for immediate action. There is going to be a lot of vehicle traffic very soon. Do temporary repairs to the potholes if necessary.”

”I want an archway over the main entrance to the compounds identifying it as Fort Dean. Split the road past the archway and put a guard house and tire busters on both lanes.”

”You know how it should look. I want us to be proud of the place, not ashamed of it when everything is settled. You have no budget limitations to get it done. If you have doubts about the price of something, just call,” I said.

”When you have time, check out the fuel farm for the condition of the jet A tanks. I have found a supplier after you check the tanks. There are two Air Tractors arriving there Wednesday, possible more in a few weeks,” Lorrie said.

”We are signing the contracts with the Mexican government on Wednesday; we will stop and pick you up on the way,” I said.

”Andy, I know you are busy but be thinking about who you want as your subordinates in your command structure – they will report to you and who you want as your office staff here. We are setting up offices in the Horsey Hotel,” I said.

”Do you need to come home for the weekend? I can send one of the jets for you and have you back on Monday morning. You were sent there with little notice,” Lorrie said.

”That would be nice, the daughter’s sixteenth birthday is Sunday. There was a big party planned,” Andy replied.

”What did you get her for a birthday present?” Marcy asked.

”The wife got her some things she wanted,” Andy replied.

”Why don’t you have your wife meet you when you get here? Let her pick out one of the new armored Suburbans and give your daughter the Volvo your wife is driving. The Volvo has a good safety record, unless you want your daughter in armor,” Jenny said.

”With the publicity of your new position and things that are going to be happening over the next few months, a few more precautions may not hurt,” I said.

”I’ll talk it over with her; I have to call her in a few minutes. She sent a text – something about the checking account,” Andy said.

”She probably is confused about your pay raise; we made it retroactive to the first of the month,” Marcy said.

”OK, that would do it. I have to run and find a road contractor,” Andy said as he closed the call.
I had an idea and dialed Andy’s wife.

”Sheila, how are you doing today? This is BJ,” I said.

”I’m doing good, on the way home to meet the kids, They got off early from school today so I took part of the afternoon off to be with them. Everything is OK isn’t it? Is unusual for you to call,” she asked.

”If anything was truly wrong I would be waiting in your driveway,” I said.

”What have you got going on for the rest of the afternoon and early evening?” I asked.

”Just spending time with Sandy and William,” Sheila said.

”I understand you’re having a birthday party for Sandy on Sunday,” I said.

”Yes. Andy is going to miss another one and the sixteenth is kind of a special one,” Shelia said.

”I am sending one of our jets to Louisiana to pick Andy up and bring him home for the weekend. Why don’t you and the kids fly down on the plane and surprise him?” I asked.

”That sounds like a great idea, neither of the kids have flown. I wondered what I was going to do to keep them busy and interested. Do we need to bring anything?” she said.

”No, just yourselves will do. Get to Morton as soon as you can,” I said.

Mental note, text Andy in an hour and tell him to meet the plane himself, ‘special’ packages on board.

Lorrie was calling the pilot lounge, giving the pilot instructions to get the flight ready to go and a flight attendant with a fresh galley box. Lorrie was sending N297A – my G5 it was always fueled and ready to go.
Max Grover was going to be the pilot and Toby Nash the copilot.

A galley box was stainless steel; very well insulated, eighteen inches wide, two feet deep, three feet high. It had a cold section in the bottom that would keep ice and cold food cold 12 hours, including beer – just the way I liked it. So cold it would have ice chips when I opened it.

The top section would keep hot food hot for 12 hours simply by plugging the box into the jet’s AC inverter powered by the APU. They were expensive but on a long flight they were more than worth it. I like coffee hot and various foods.

Unless there were special requests, there was a list of standard items in the galley; pretzels, chips, peanuts, soda, cupcakes and the like, even fresh Krispy .

The galley box carried cold cuts, hot dogs, cooked hamburgers and – when I flew – there were always salads and cheese-steak sub, minus the tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Those items were separate in Ziploc bags in the cold section of the box. The flight attendant or I put them on the sub when I was ready to eat to keep the steak roll from getting soggy.

The Morton restaurant made up the food that went into the box.

The flight attendant for this flight was Lea Tippins. Lea was a card, the kids would have a ball after her sing song required preflight safety, seat belt, oxygen mask and flotation device announcement. It would have you laughing the whole time.

Lea was one of the most requested flight attendants for the business flights.

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Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 2 Chapter 70

After the little ones were in bed we talked about the space problem. There were a few solutions; one was to turn the Horsey House into office space – the down side was to lose all those rooms and have to use the local motels again.

Another was to convert the covered parking garage into office space and make an open air parking lot. It could take months to get the environmental permits for that plus the rest of the property would have to be made into an environmental containment pond – also known as a mosquito incubator. West Nile virus and two or three other mosquito borne diseases had been found in containment ponds in the area this summer.

There was another possibility; Marcy and Lorrie would team up with Jenna and check out tomorrow.
After all the stress of the last few days, the hot tub worked miracles – that and a few wine coolers and buds.
We were up early and it seemed like so was everyone else. The EIT group bombarded my phone with a dozen texts. There were messages in my email to call Louis Boucher before the end of the day.

The MTAC screen had barely warmed up before I was being paged by Ben.

”Three more subpoenas were delivered to the committee yesterday afternoon after the court announcement; one more from the Senate and two from the House. The committees are teed off that Black Bear no longer exists so the new target is you – to get the information they want,” Ben said.

”Are the subpoenas addressed to me as chairperson of the over sight committee or me personally, and when are the dates?” I asked.

”Addressed to you; the dates are next week,” he said.

”I am not going to be at the White House to pick them up before the dates so I view them as undelivered. As you can imagine, I have become extremely busy. I have appointments and meetings in Mexico, France, South Africa and Louisiana, just to name a few. On top of that I’m planning a meeting at the island with no name that offers numbered bank accounts to select people. I want some answers from them or there shall be bodies for someone to clean up when I leave. I have no time for Congress’s BS for the next few weeks,” I said.

I called Marty Coeburn, ”What did your agents find out at Louisiana yesterday?” I asked.

”Four people that worked for Black were involved and arrested along with several brokers. It may take a while to get all the stolen property back,” Marty said.

”Send me the names so they can terminated. Andy and one hundred men in the two CRJ 200s left an hour ago to straighten that place out. Other things are going to be happening all weekend down there. For your information, Pelican Marsh is now named Fort Dean after Ed Dean – my bodyguard who was killed in the Golan attack,” I said.

”Good move – doing away with all old things connected to Black Bear; put them in the history books and move on,” Marty said.

”BJ, pick up the com line,” came over the PA system.

”Black and Bear are here,” the receptionist said.

”Send them to Jenny,” I replied.

Jenny was going to run them through as a new employee, starting by filling out new employee forms, then fingerprints that Roberts’s group would run though the systems, full-face profile for ID cards and facial recognition, retina scan and finally a DNA sample for the file. Finally they would be brought down to me in the command center.

Robert was next with updates; first was Oklahoma City. General Bashir was continuing his daily communiqué with them asking all kinds of questions and offering suggestions. Bashir also chose a different date than Sabir Mahmoud. Oct 26 was the new date. The date carried some kind of special meaning to Bashir or his bosses.

The next update was on the Mexican Petroleum. Robert had assigned someone at Andy’s request to do research on the pipelines and problems there. Along with that was monitoring communications channels. As we suspected, the cartel was handling the sales of most of the stolen petro and collecting royalties from independents they allowed to tap the lines.

No wonder the cartel was not worried if twenty five percent of the cocaine they shipped was seized by the American authorities. The number was always exaggerated to street level sales. You know a good PR campaign at its best when you see one.

Hell, everyone with a brain knew that everybody that touched the junk quadrupled their money. That was why the drug business was so lucrative. Throw the lawyers into the mix; there was money for everybody.

With the petro tapping, the cartel was making fifty thousand a day – way more than the manufacturing cost of the drugs that were being seized. They were happy to see the news reports of seizures; it was only a little money.

They knew as I did, it was just a feel good ego trip for politicians, the same politicians that the lawyers were donating millions to.

Robert promised that in a week or so they would have enough data to narrow down the area where most of the calls and orders were coming from.

The next update was on France. General Bashir had ordered the cell in France to begin planning for multiple lone wolf attacks in France, also on the 26th. To top it off, he wanted them nationwide – not just in Paris.

That meant that the wolfs would have to be dispatched several days before the 26 to get them in place for nationwide attacks. Time was beginning to run out for Louis to get his people to make a decision. Time was needed for logistics and planning.

It was two in the afternoon in France when I initiated the call to Louis. I had just opened the conversation when there was a knock on the door and Cindy announced that Black and Bear were with her.

I motioned the two to sit off to the side and changed the conversation over to French.

”The powers have decided that they want JBG to carry out the raids. I am to work with your teams to get them the heavy troop carriers and other logistics as they need,” Louis said.

”We shall begin advance planning and keep you in the loop. For your information, this has to be done before Oct 23 and there will need to be increased surveillance before then,” I said.

”I take it your intel is picking up chatter,” Louis said.

”That is correct, the 26 th has some kind of special meaning that we don’t know the significance of yet. They are also planning a mass causality attack in the United States on that day,” I said.

Just as I closed the call, Mexico’s President Martinez paged on VCATS; that conversation I had in Spanish.
”Good morning President Martinez, I’m glad to hear from you. How can I help you?” I asked.

”I like this system of communication you have chosen; it adds so much more to the conversation. What I had called about is we are going to have all the documents prepared sooner than expected. They will be ready for signatures on Wednesday, if you are able to come and sign them,” he said.

”Yes we can do that. Is 10:00 a good time?” I asked. His response ended the call.

It was now time to talk to Charles Black and Milton Bear.

”I see you have survived the first few hours of the JBG experience. This is one of the levels that your ID cards will not give you access to, at least for a while. There are others.”

”This is the command center that gets mentioned in the news from time to time. From here we have communications with all JBG security groups worldwide, including the college security groups.”

”The small screens to the left are security cameras of the 35 colleges that we supply security to. College security reports to Ching Lee. There are four major malls that we also supply security to and they also report to Ching Lee.”
”All the other screens are of our Embassy security teams. There are one hundred and eighty embassies we supply security for. Embassy security reports primarily to Vicky.”

”All security personnel in the past have trained at Fort Smith for both divisions. That is changing; the European and Middle East groups will be training at Fort Adams in Loures Portugal, our European training and command center.”

”The Africa training and command center is at Fort Polo near Polokwane.”

”Your former training and command center – Pelican Marsh – has been renamed to Fort Dean. It will be our Southern command and training center, giving us options for the south-west and Central America.”

”We have active operations going on in three different locations as we speak,” I said.

”Let’s go for a ride,” I said as I called security to meet us at the front door.
We went to the gun club first.

”Give James your ID cards,” I said to the pair.

”James, issue them the JBG Glock, holster of their choice, four thirteen round loaded clips, a box each of forty cal ammo and a handgun lock box,” I said.

“Ten four boss,” James replied.

”The Glock is to be on your body or in the lock box 24/7, with no exceptions,” I said.

After they were equipped, I carried them to the gun club indoor handgun range. I placed an upper torso silhouette on the system and stopped at thirty feet.

I emptied the thirteen round clip in rapid fire and punched the button for it to return. All thirteen were hits; seven in the heart and lungs, mouth, nose and eyes; the rest in the forehead.

Jamie Weston was standing watching. ”Jamie, teach them how to shoot, call me in an hour when you are finished so I can finish today’s tour,” I said.

I went back to Morton and to meet with the girls for lunch. Marcy had texted me earlier.

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Book 2 Chapter 69

Thursday morning at 0800 we were standing at the door to Federal Court House. We had a 0815 meeting with all the Feds at this time, before meeting in full court with Black and Bear in attendance. Curtis Warren was with us again for this session.

Marty Coeburn informed us that the FBI with DHS was at ‘Pelican Marsh’ – the Black Bear southern training camp in Louisiana – in full force at daybreak. Federal Judge Patton had ordered the full inventory that was carried out by the FBI just seven days before our stopover Wednesday.

FBI officials out of the Louisiana office had sworn to the inventory then and in a late night call Wednesday. The judge was upset. That was a matter between the people there, the FBI and the judge. The courts – by doing the inventory – had technically taken possession of the equipment and someone had stolen federal property.

What mattered to us was it was not there now, therefore doubt was thrown over the complete inventory status.

I doubted that equipment located in foreign countries and under use for contract obligations and the safety of field personnel had been compromised. But we could challenge Pelican Marsh and the Mclean site inventory.

Black Bear’s international headquarters was in McLean VA. We were going there after the hearing – if it went in our favor as we expected.

For most of an hour we put our case before the Feds who were going to meet with the judge at 0900 to tidy up loose ends with the judge before the final hearing and rulings. I gave them blown up pictures of the Pelican site equipment or the lack of.

When that was done Black and Bear and JBG would be brought into court for the reading of the charges, change of pleas, agreements and final arguments. The court would break while the three judges considered the case and then finalized the ruling.

We waited in the meeting room until 1130 with no word from the judge’s chambers. The bailiff entered at that and informed us we could go to lunch, that the court would convene at 1300.

For the three and a half hours that we had been waiting, we had gone over just about all the contracts looking for traps so we did not fall into them in the court.

Lunch was at the fancy restaurant not far from the court. We had been there so many times that we were almost regulars. It only took a couple minutes for them to find us a large table.

There were plenty of VIPs throughout the large restaurant and nearly as many news people trying to eavesdrop. We ate light – just soup and salad – and did our best to avoid the cell phone cameras.

Outside the media was waiting for the Senate, House members and administration people who lunched there.

They were busy interviewing the Secretary of Agriculture on changes coming to food assistance programs and other grants.

We were by and walking away when they realized they had been distracted and missed the opportunity to interview us. As they yelled I just waved and kept walking.

With all of us including Black and Bear with their attorneys present, the court was called to order.

Federal prosecutor Herbert Howard informed Judge Patton that a tentative agreement had been reached with all the parties. The six parties in the wrongful death suits had agreed to settle and close the suit for five million each.

Black and Bear had agreed to plead guilty to a list of crimes and infractions that led to those deaths. They pled guilty to fraud and misrepresentation of performance steps in contracts with the federal agencies, the DOD, CIA and NSA; this was a reduced set of charges.

They pled guilty to income tax evasion, failure to pay employee withholdings, both social security and FICA taxes.

”Black and Bear have agree to the termination of all contracts with the US government effective at the close of this hearing. Those contracts will be awarded to JBG today.”

”They have agreed to sign over the remaining terms of the remaining foreign contracts to JBG. JBG has agreed to fulfill the terms of those contracts with our foreign security partners.”

”JBG will assume all employees of Black Bear, pending security investigations and background checks. All assets of Black Bear will be transferred to JBG for a value to be determined by a new inventory evaluation not to exceed one hundred million dollars. JBG shall contribute an additional one hundred million to the escrow account.”

”This sum shall be held in escrow to satisfy outstanding debts to the federal and foreign governments with the remainder returned to Black and Bear at the completion of the sentence.”

”Because of complicated security arrangements, classified agreements and their cooperation in this transition to JBG and required continuing cooperation, we recommend the sentencing structure and terms as have been discussed,” Mr. Howard said.

”The court orders Black Bear Inc dissolved at the end of this hearing and all agreements implemented as stated. I order Charles Black and Milton Bear to one year of supervised employment at JBG to assist in transition of federal contracts plus five years of probation in addition to all previous agreements with this court,” Judge Patton said.

With that the court was over. Now began the diplomatic maneuvers between Black and Bear and JBG to make the transition of six thousand employees to JBG go smoothly from the one hundred or so countries they were in.

The first order after introductions – it was the first time we had actually met them – was a press release and news conference with the federal prosecutor on the steps of the courthouse. The CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS all quickly disappeared, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

We quickly worded a news release and that was sent to all JBG employees via email. Ching Lee had Maggie Hayes – the new face of JBG’s public relations department – make a news video announcing the acquisition on our website.

Maggie was smart, quick to react, photogenic, had a voice that was controlled and soothing and an 11 on the 10 scale and was dressed that way every day. She had been doing the all the public ads for the rentals, aviation and all other media for the last three months.

We walked out with the prosecutor and listened as he told the world about the various terms of the settlement with the US and foreign governments and answered questions.

We lucked out; the media hammered the prosecutor- he tired quickly of the pointless questions and ended the news conference without the media getting to ask us any questions. Maybe it was by design.

Charles Black turned to me, ”I guess we are working for you now, when do you want us to start and where?”
”1001 Summers Road on the Island 0800 tomorrow, you do understand all the restrictions placed on you and your former employees?” I said.

”Yes. Everything has to go through your offices,” he replied.

We left Washington for McLean Virginia and to tell the employees there the bad news. Even though it was less than ten miles it took thirty minutes to get to Black Bear’s building located on Baylor Circle.

It was a big five story building in one of the most expensive sections of McLean. I recognized the names of major weapons manufactures and the largest lobbyist firms in Washington. I knew right then why the lease cost was a thousand dollars a square foot per month and we were not going to be paying it.

We were met at the door by a security guard who let us in and directed us to the site manager, Bruce Marvel.

”We knew you would eventually be here but did not expect you today,” he said.

”Just as well; deliver the bad news early and get it over with. Do you have a meeting room that will hold everyone?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

”Have everyone there in ten minutes,” I said as we followed him to his office. His office was more elaborate than any of ours. This was going to be a very disappointed gentleman when he saw what his new office would be.

There were plenty of long faces as clerks and secretaries made their way into the meeting room.

I introduced myself and the girls, with each of them explaining what parts of the company they were responsible for. I then started with the news I was sure they did not want to hear.

”I’m sure you all know by now that as of this afternoon JBG now owns Black Bear. You should be aware there will be many changes coming to your jobs. Some of those changes you may welcome, many of them you will not.”

”The federal court canceled the lease on this building. Everything has to be out in thirty days. All operations and functions done here will be moved to our offices on the eastern shore.”

”All employees of this office have jobs waiting there with no cut in pay, although there may be limited exceptions to that. When open enrollment begins you will be changed over to the JBG benefits plan, if not earlier. Your seniority will carry over towards the retirement plan and vacations.”

”For those of you not wishing to make the transition, a severance package will be offered. For those of you who wish to stay with JBG but do not want the trek every day to the shore, a relocation allotment will be available. Jenny will have Human Resources complete those packets and put together in a few days.”

”JBG has a financing agreement with Mid West Bank that allows JBG employees to qualify for discounted mortgage loans. That rate is currently three percent fixed for a thirty year loan. Marcy’s clerks can fill in the details and have the applications.”

“We do not offer a work at home policy except for long term illness, recovery or special circumstances.”

”You are an eight thousand employee strong international company joining a seventeen thousand employee international company. I am sure the transition will have its share of bumps.”

”We welcome you as new employees and look forward to your being part of our corporate family. Much more information on all of this will be made available in the next few days and weeks,” I said.

”This week’s paycheck is the last to be drawn on Black Bear accounts. That means there is a lot of work that has to be done combining the human resources and accounting departments of two companies and making sure everyone gets paychecks in the right accounts and on time. I’m equally sure that our timekeeping system is different – something else that you will have to learn quickly.”

“That work starts tomorrow, with B&B on the two week pay cycle. Overtime will be paid and weekend work may be necessary for both groups of HR employees. All work will be done at the island offices. Motel rooms will be available if you wish not to travel,” Jenny said.

We avoided all but the important calls on the trip home and for the evening. The voice mailbox was full of messages from news sites all wanting something.

We all needed peace, quiet and reflection on what we had done. Then there were discussions on what we needed to do to come up with office space for two hundred more people along with Andy’s new group that he was putting together. And above all, it was play time on the floor with our little ones and answering all those questions that always ended with ”Why?”

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Book 2 Chapter 68

The first order was VCATS to the office; it was a split screen with Vicky going first. I had Andy come sit in the front with us and listen.

”There are many things to tell you, so I will just hit the high points. The legal team say two of the contracts are not money makers, but are losing money every day. The odd thing is there are electronic deposits made to that island bank we stopped at on the way back from the first trip to Africa to six different numbered accounts. The deposits are made every thirty days.”

”By the way Andy – congratulations on the promotion,” the girls all said together. I had introduced Andy at the news conference with his new title.

”When Robert finishes up what his group is working on, he will look at it. His group has already found many questionable emails and texts between Black & Bear and six congressional people. I know you don’t believe in coincidences, neither do we. There is some very interesting reading.”

”The rest of the contracts – when they are renewed with the increases – will be OK. Lexi had found hundreds of double entries of charges against various accounts that need to be looked at. Lexi thinks there was a lot of money laundering going on.”

“Jenny’s group of lawyers looked in depth at the foreign contracts. They were well written and with strict requirements on both sides in both bonuses and penalties,” Vicky said.

Lorrie had all the updates on the property. ”There were no liens recorded on either and the owner was listed as a Delaware corporation with a Washington DC phone number that was in those reserved for government,” she said.

”The property tax on the Montana site was twelve cents an acre, with the property description as ranch and range land. The property tax on the fifteen thousand acres of swamp and bayou was sixty thousand dollars. I guess crawdads, gators, muskrat, and water moccasins added value,” she added with a laugh.

I wondered how the land was deemed private property. In Maryland it was the high tide mark – was Louisiana the same? It must be different there with the deeds listing the property as bayou.

It was here that Andy asked where we were going to get all the extra men for this contract, the France raid, the Pact plus potential South Africa problems.

It was then that we gave Andy a detailed explanation of our takeover of Black Bear, their manpower use and on call reserves.

Max announced over the intercom we were in landing mode at the Louisiana site.

The plane made a couple circles around the facility before landing. Max let the G5 coast to the end of the runway and then the turn on the big circle and taxied back to the terminal area.

Andy and the guards were the first ones out as two old jeeps came out to the plane. We had just stepped onto the tarmac.

Some rough looking man – apparently in charge – exited the jeeps with the others.

”Who are you, what are you doing here and by whose permission did you land?”

”I can answer those questions for you. I am Roberta Jones, Ambassador Jones to some people; President of Jones Business Groups. As of tomorrow I am your new boss, which includes approving your paychecks. That also includes ownership of this property so I authorized the landing. I am here to inspect this site.”

”I was always told first impressions were important. So far I’m not impressed. Let’s start the inspection with the office and command facility and then the rest,” I said.

Marcy was taking pictures of everything in every direction.

The office was a disaster, just plain filthy and trashy. No organization, no one in command here that gives a damn. That would soon change.

What should have been a command headquarters and executive offices were empty of anything of value. Computer screens, terminals and consoles were all gone, nothing but cables and outlines in the dust marking were they once had been.

I suspected our greeters had been helping themselves either own their own or possibly for Black and Bear.
The rest of the tour was not any better.

There were three hundred men in various barracks and ”quote” in training – if training was watching TV and playing cards. There were barracks for at least a thousand men. The barracks were in good shape.

The mess facility could sit four hundred at a time. I asked how much food was on hand for the training groups that would be coming.

”We have a week’s supply of canned goods, enough frozen pork and beef for three or four days,” the cook said.

I looked into walk-in freezers and coolers, they were operating and were cold at least.

”Where are the food deliveries ordered from?” I asked.

The cook wrote down three suppliers and what was ordered from each of them.

”Write me up an inventory of what you currently have and what your normal order quantities are. This place is going to be active again – for a while at least – and fax it to my office,” I said as I handed him a business card with the numbers.

There were two dozen special quarters for visiting VIPs. Those would be occupied starting Thursday. Everything needed to be cleaned.

That too was going to change very quickly. I had full intentions to make this place the jumping off point for Mexican operations and staging until the dirt airfields could be secured. Then most of the operations would be moved there.

We were told that most of the boats were inoperative, even though I could see heat rising from the engine compartments on a couple of them. Several cigarette speed boats that should have been at the docks, were not there.

There were decent repair shops with tools that should belong to us now.

The conversation was interrupted by a page to call Ben on MTAC. I had postponed the inevitable long enough as I accepted the page.

”Hello Ben, how are things in Washington today?” I asked rather coolly.

”Up to an hour ago quiet – not any more thanks to you, but first things first.”

“Have you made any decisions about the court session tomorrow, if I may ask?” Ben asked.

”We are still investigating working towards a final answer. Its 80% that we will go with the acquisition, the remaining 20% are points that we will want to discuss with the court and possibly negotiate better terms and conditions. Is that the answer you wanted to hear?” I said.

”I need to know when the inventory of the Black Bear was done? We just left the Louisiana site and it has been stripped of a lot of things. Either the employees are helping themselves or the inventory was fraudulent. That will be a major stumbling block tomorrow. You may want to send an FBI team there today with the inventory and find out what is going on,” I said.

‘‘It’s a lot better than no and I’m sure everyone will be pleased to hear it,” Ben replied.

“Now what the hell is this thing with the Mexican government?” Ben asked.

”Our agreement is with Mexpo Oil with the blessings of the Mexican government and the federal judicial system, giving JBG legal protection and operating license along with airspace operating authorization,” I replied.

”I knew you had an angle – the news conference opened some eyes and sore wounds. The chairman of the foreign relations Senate committee just released a statement that you will be invited or served a subpoena to testify about today’s agreement,” Ben said.

”That will be just the beginning; there won’t be enough fans to blow the shit smell out of Congress in a few weeks,” I said.

We flew to towards Morton; the longer we flew the madder I became.

”Tomorrow at the hearing I want to know who did the inventory for the court and when,” I said.

”Andy, I hate to use you as a clerk but I want some things done tomorrow while we are in court. Work with Cindy and her clerks and anyone else you need. I want a cleaning company or several cleaning companies found that can send as many people as possible to clean the seventeen VIP buildings on Friday from top to bottom. If anyone or anyone is in there, have their belongings moved to the general barracks.”

”The group that is in training at Fort Smith is nearly finished. Pick a hundred of the trainers and men who are the biggest, meanest and orneriest you can find. Get with Lorrie; I want them all flown there Friday morning to take control of the situation. Make damn sure they are armed and in JBG uniforms and let them know they may be there a while. Most of them will be staying in the barracks.”

”There is to be no more TV and playing cards during the daytime and none until that place is cleaned up spotless. Then find out just how physically fit they are Monday morning – put them through the paces.”

”Marcy will transfer all the pictures she took of the command and control center. Take them to the EIT group so they can set up a new communications center. I want it operating from there ASAP.”

”Get me a list of prospective candidates to be commander of that place. That commander will report to you for the time being while the transition is taking place.”

”Have EIT get with East Coast Security to get a camera system in place and add it to our command center link.”
”Lastly, we are going to change the name of that damn place,” I said.

Andy and the girls nodded in agreement.

It was five hundred miles from Cameron County Louisiana to the first dirt strip across the Mexican border, one mile from the pipeline. It would take one fuel stop for the Black Hawks and air tractors to make the trip.

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Book 2 Chapter 67

Lunch was in a fancy Washington restaurant in a private room, a working lunch discussing events of the morning. Discussions that were going to be heated when we got home, I was sure. While the presentation was informational this morning, a zillion questions needed to be answered that were going to affect all JBG divisions.

It was going to take a vision to even see how the pieces would fit. Could we grow that much at one time and survive? The underlying question was – why was the Federal intelligence group pushing so hard for JBG to take over Black Bear? A question that would take weeks to be fully answered.

What I couldn’t say at the time to the girls was that with things going the way they were going, the ability to rapidly reassign manpower may be important.

Back at the office we decided to assemble teams to dissect all the boxes of information the trio had allowed us to leave Washington with.

Lexi and several more from our tax department started going over the operating books, financial records and bank accounts. Not only of Black Bear but Black and Bear’s personal accounts. Robert’s group hacked their personal accounts from their banks.

All of the contracts were copied and divided up among the legal department to evaluate the potential revenue and requirements.

Lorrie assigned two from her real estate unit to investigate the property. I wanted to know for sure that it was as free and clear as the CIA said it was. I also wanted to know just how big those tax payments were and if there was any proposed local regulations that would affect the properties – especially the one in Louisiana.

I had the EIT group attack the electronic communications that Black Bear used including their e-mail systems, storage and whatever Robert could find on their texts among the top ten management people.

I wondered why the CIA was involved in holding property for Black Bear. Was it leverage? Was it to keep prying eyes away when things started to go south? Had there been men, supplies, equipment – even foreign operatives trained there? I would bet it was all of the above. A very good surprise inspection and tour was on tap.

CIA owned property and other federal properties always have plenty of signage warning of dire consequences for trespassing.

I knew our C130s and C5s had picked up materials for shipping classified Central American OPS at several secret locations and I would bet this was one.

Was the location and whatever was carried on there so important to the CIA that they needed to keep control of the property as Black Bear was sinking? Was it a way to give them loans to keep them afloat as long as they could?

Congress was on a warpath and had been for days – the new buzzword was accountability so everything and every agency was under the thumb. The CIA should have been exempt from that kind of scrutiny. In fact, the CIA was the only federal agency that could seize funds from foreign banks of Americans for a variety of international crimes.

But still I had questions. There were several influential congressman and women that thought they were higher than God. Senator Ruth Gavin from Missouri on the Intelligence Oversight Committee, Senator Hope Emerson – same committee – and Senator Gilbert Howell from California, he was on the Senate Appropriations Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee. They were the ones wearing war paint and firing up the others after Black Bear.

I wondered why they were still pushing so hard for continued Congressional investigations into Black Bear after the secret court had taken control and closed off so much. They were on the news channels every day with some kind of new wild-assed statement or accusation. Then the media pushed the meme based on anonymous sources. Now they were trying to go after individuals lightly connected to Black Bear.

We approved unlimited overtime for all those working with us and ordered the time honored staple for long evenings – pizzas and subs from the Morton restaurant and the refreshment center downstairs. Ching Lee, Lorrie and Jenny went home to take care of the little ones.

The process continued on Tuesday and into the night. I added more people to look at everything Wednesday since Jenny, Andy, Marcy and I would be gone to Mexico City.

My meeting with President Martinez started at 1000. I expected a long day.

It was two thousand miles from Morton; just a little over four hours. We boarded the plane at 0500. There were the four of us going plus six security men. A presidential security team was picking us up at the international airport. I informed President Martinez that we would all be armed.

The flight was a working flight – still working on the Black Bear proposal. People in the office had worked late and many had come in early. We had implied it was a special project.

The flight went faster than expected and we arrived at Mexico City International Airport (MEX) at 0930.

Before I left the plane I gave Max Grover and Toby Nash – my pilot and copilot – the coordinates and the aerial picture I had for Black Bear’s Louisiana training complex.

”I want to do a flyover and then land if it is at all possible and it is to be a surprise. I think some of our CIA pilots have made flights in and out of there; you may want to call them to see if there are any special instructions that apply,” I said.

The limos carried us to Los Pinos, the president’s official residence. There was the usual niceties and media orgy on the steps, the round of usual handshakes. I was surprised that Juan Pedro Garcia was with the official group.
I surprised Andy by calling him to accompany us inside and to the meeting. He had been standing off to the side with the men as he usually did, keeping a watchful eye over things.

Inside the official greetings were repeated with further explanations of what each of our responsibilities were. I introduced Andy as the new Senior Vice President of Special Operations and Logistics.

”If I want to go kick down the gates of Hell, Andy assigns the men and logistics to follow me,” I said.
Jenny and Marcy raised an eyebrow but quickly understood where I was going and nodded. They knew that unless something earth-shattering came up, the Black Bear was a done thing. A management team to run it would be the only option.

The first session lasted until 1230 when lunch was announced. It too turned into a working lunch.

The after lunch session was when all the tough parts started.

”Why hasn’t the federal law enforcement agency been able to stop the tapping of the pipelines?” I asked AG Inez.

”We have made repeated raids and arrested many but as with things in your country when no witnesses come forward, there is no one to testify against them or else there is kidnapping judges and police. The process ends in their favor.”

”The cartel and gangs are treated like royalty in prisons by other prisoners and guards are afraid for their lives.”

”They eventually get to the guards through threats to their families or just kill them.”

”Senora, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua Coahuila and Nuevo Leon all have terrible problems with gangs, organized crime and the cartels. Drugs, human trafficking, kidnappings, murder, robbing – the list goes on. We make arrests and shut it down and days later it is back again,” Inez said.

”You have to find the people at the top that are pulling the strings. There are always little people desperate to improve and willing to take the risk for the money,” I said.

”Yes, and they are paying the price in the turf wars as you call them. In the last few months it seems we find mass graves weekly,” Inez replied.

‘‘It’s such a shame because Mexico – so diverse and rich in history, culture and architecture – is being destroyed by so few. There are beautiful beaches on both coasts with so many opportunities, just to be exploited by criminals. The attacks on the tourist will soon destroy the industry,” I said.

”That brings us back to the root of this meeting; the request was for JBG to help put an end to the illegal tapping of the pipelines starting in the two areas. JBG can do that but the collateral damage may be more that you can tolerate. I am not going to put my men in a place where they are restricted and end up being just targets to be murdered or kidnapped.”

”And we won’t go in tepid.”

”What you are dealing with here is terrorism. The organized gangs and cartels are doing the same thing that ISIS and every other terrorist group has done in Africa, the Middle East and now East Asia. They are getting stronger and more violent while expanding their operations.”

”With the police and court system overwhelmed and under their influence, they have no fear. The only difference is the location and the language that they speak,” I said.

”Mr. Garcia, does Mexpo own the property the pipelines are sitting on or do you simply have a right of way over the property?” I asked.

”Mexpo owns 75 meters with the pipe sitting on the center line,” he replied.

”That’s roughly thirty seven meters or one hundred and twenty five feet on each side of the pipeline,” I said.
”Are there or have there been no trespassing sign placed on the property?” I asked.

”Oh yes, many times, they just get stolen and sold for scrap,” Mr. Garcia said.

”There are no buildings permitted on the pipeline property other than gated valve and transfer stations owned by Mexpo?” I asked.

”That is correct,” he replied.

”Satellite shows differently – there are multiple areas where there are tents or buildings built right up to and in a case or two over the pipeline. There is clear evidence that vehicles are backing up near the pipeline to fill drums in other areas,” I said.

”Mr. Inez, would Mexpo be within its rights by Mexican law to remove any buildings, tents, debris, automobiles and trash on its pipeline property with little or no notice?” I asked.

”Oh yes,” he replied.

”For JBG to begin such a project we would need written approval from the government to operate in Mexico as a security force. A certificate of authority to operate armed aviation units in Mexican airspace. A certificate of authority from your justice department and courts giving JBG and all employees complete autonomy, authority and immunity for any and all actions related to the security and safety of the pipeline and Mexpo property,” Jenny said.

“We would also need a firm contract with Mexpo for services rendered, payable bi-weekly. Our rate per man is seven fifty per day per man plus aviation add-on,” Marcy said.

”That more than I expected,” Mr. Garcia said.

”Our Middle East contracts are one thousand per man,” Marcy replied.

”That rate includes everything; food, logistics, transportation, housing, temporary bases, even laundry,” Andy said.

”I anticipate a high number initially to secure the pipeline and establish order – possibly three hundred for forty five days and then a draw-down possibly as low as one hundred per pipeline; even lower with the use of drones and other aviation for daily surveillance,” Andy said.

”You’re looking at five hundred miles of pipeline even though there are only two trouble spots; once they realize those spots are closed to them they will try others. The whole pipeline will need to be scouted every few days. Along the way we will capture a few and intelligence will lead us to the leaders,” Andy said.

”Part of that number will be to man and secure base camps along the pipeline routes. According to Google there are several landing strips that I believe are drug pickups that JBG will take over for our aviation operations. I expect the cartel to get violent quickly with loss of the gas revenue and the landing strips,” I said.
”Do you plan to attack the problem on both pipelines at the same time?” Mr. Garcia asked.

”No. the east pipeline first then the western one a couple weeks later, while they are in shock,” Andy said.
”You said you were losing 20,000 gallons daily and increasing, at three dollars a gallon retail that is a lot of revenue lost for Mexpo and the tax coffers of Mexico. The cartel will be taking a big hit as well in its black market operation. Once the black market is shut down legitimate fuel sales will go up,” I said.

”This is a lot to digest,” Mr. Garcia said.

”The government of Mexico will assist Mexpo in covering the cost for security operation. We will call it a Joint Pipeline Security Operation. After the explosion on the Texam pipeline a few months ago from tapping, it will give the necessary cover. That and the connection to terrorism,” President Martinez said.

”It will take about two weeks to get the authorities and approvals from the government offices you desire,” Mr. Martinez and Inez agreed on.

A follow up meeting to sign all the joint documents with the government and Mexpo was scheduled for two weeks, then implementation of the operation in three weeks.

Then we had a joint news conference with President Martinez and JBG.

Announced was that a security agreement had been reached between JBG and the Mexican government with Mexpo to protect its pipelines. The security force was limited to one thousand security men on the initial agreement. Any more than that would require Ad Inez’s approval. I wondered where that number came from?

All the big western media was there, I guess news conferences were scarce in Mexico City.

My cell phone was vibrating continuously while I was making an obviously political speech. Shock effect was already happening to the northeast.

An hour later we were in the departure line to take off and my phone was still vibrating. I had important things to deal with at the office before dealing with the Washington circles.

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