Chapter 36

Sunday morning things got back to the regular schedule, breakfast and the trip to the market. Today there were 25 dozen eggs and I was glad we had pre cooked cakes and pies. I warmed them in the oven to allow the frosting to apply better.  Making the pastries went fast. Ellie was happy to see us there was already a line of people milling around waiting.

            There were dozen loads of laundry to do, what seemed like a hundred hand towels and large towels. All the quilts from the barn needed washing they were covered in lube and cum. While the girls were gathering them up I sprayed down the bunk room with chlorine and hosed it down twice and opened the windows to vent it out.

            Some of the bales of hay went into the hay rack for the cows and a couple more went into the rack for the two that were now penned up waiting for their turn at the locker plant.

            The girls threw more bales down from the loft so another edging could be planned on short notice. They were already talking about having another small one in a day or two.

            I started supper and called Linda to invite the Amos and Mrs. Jackson.  Sherman would cook steaks and I would do the baked potatoes and gravy and vegetables. The pies would be fresh from the oven. I had picked up two more baskets of golden delicious from Ellie’s stand yesterday and two baskets of peaches. Surprisingly the peach pastries were good sellers.

            While Carol, Elsie and I were cooking the other girls were doing wash and cleaning. They rounded up all the harness and dildo and put them in buckets of chlorine to soak after yesterdays marathon sex they needed it. They put them on one of the back bedrooms to be out of sight.

            Bob, James and Sherman were looking at the drying progress of all the field corn. The beans had worms than needed spraying on Monday or Tuesday. The airplane services would come do that- easier faster and no crop damage from sprayer wheels.

            Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and the quilts went back into the tubs and were carried back to the barn on one of the gators and placed in the bunk house. I would close the windows most of the way tonight.

            Made called and raved about the edging, the open orgy and cook out.

            ” I  wondered if we could use the barn for another edging of an late afternoon or evening mid week, say Wednesday by all the members of the swap group. After hearing about yesterday a lot of the group wants to come and play.”

            ” Normally we start at 6 and are  finished by nine. The studs in our group don’t have the stamina that your studs have so it may be a little longer,” Madge said.

             ”The barn is perfect venue with the hay for the stage and bunk house the way you set it up. It’s out of the way and in the country no nosey neighbors  to worry about,” Madge said.

            ” Our group is big twenty couples plus a several single women and girls and a couple more single well hung men. None as well hung as those two you have. You’re a group of lucky girls.  Normally about 10 to 15 couples show,” Madge said.

            ”Adding few more bales of hay to stage to make it bigger would be wonderful. I have some nice padded chairs I at the warehouse that are not selling that  I could have the delivery truck deliver for seating. And some portable lighting that I was going to throw away would work nice. Our group likes to film our play time together so it takes plenty of light. That won’t be a problem will it,” Madge said.

            ”I don’t think I  want any of my group will want to be on camera but I will ask them to be sure. However I’m sure they wouldn’t mind helping to put everyone in the mood before the camera rolls. You know how naked  or nearly naked little juggle and wiggle here and there puts men in the mood. They could be the camera persons, they have some experience with cameras,” I said.

            ”How about the three studs do you think they will play? May be mask for the girls might work. I saw no tattoos that could be used to identify any of them” Madge said.

            ”I’m sure the studs would,” I said.

            ”Would you act as MC for the edging,” Madge said.

            ”I can do that I think but I would need to leave early to make products for the market,” I said.

            ” We could do the edging first so you can leave to do that. Then have a break  and then to the open orgy,” Madge said.

            ”It is a barn so there can be no smoking it it,” I said.

            ” OK , I understand that,” Madge said.

            ”I will have one of the delivery trucks bring the lights and chairs out Monday afternoon when they get back from their regular run,” Madge said.

            ”Ok I will be expecting it,” I said.

”I better run all this by Sherman, twenty couples plus singles now that’s a group,” I thought.

            I thought about other things that could be used as props for the open orgy. We had not stacked two bales high Saturday but we easily could. I wondered how quick I could get a sex swing, there were plenty of places to hang one from the rafters.

            Then I thought about the adult book store in town they had a complete section devoted to all kinds of toys like that. I wondered if Tony Simkins would be working? I would stop by there on the way back from the market delivery.

            I talked with Sherman  while we were getting ready for bed about Madge’s request to use the barn and if he would be interested in being a stud for them. I asked about issues with taking video.

            ”All of you girls need to wear some kind of mask and some of those fake tattoos and we need to be sure the film does not end up on the internet. I don’t think that would be an issue with as many important people as there were in the group the last place they want any of that kind of play is on the internet,” Sherman said. 

            I knew I could get those kinds of things at the adult store. I started a list mask and then I thought why not more, stockings, garters, hose and corsets. I thought about the tattoos that Sherman had said but decided against them. The three city girls were going back to the city on Sunday. I was afraid they would not be completely worn away by the time they went back and cause issues.

            Another good cover up was make up and plenty of it, heavy dark black and red.  I only needed five of anything  girls I didn’t need any. The makeup we could get to the box store.

            The house was full of moans and groans until nearly midnight. Sherman and I made love again listening to James, Bob and the girls at each other.

            We were up early – all of us.  With the Carol and Elsie helping breakfast was cooked in record time. We were at the market in record time.

            Ellie was just setting up her stand with this morning’s picking from her garden. I found out her husband and hired man tended the garden pulling weeds and hoeing. It was her job to sell it at the market. They wanted nothing to do with all day standing around to wait on customers. Ellie gave me another bag of cash from yesterdays sales minus her commission.

            We helped set up her and our stands by her direction. Today there were thirty dozen of fresh eggs. We only had a few dozen to take home that were not sold yesterday. They would go into today’s cakes and pastries.

            We left there and went to the big box store. I explained to the girls why we were going there and what they needed to pick out in the makeup line.

            From there we went to the adult store. Tony’s car was the only one parked in the back. I knocked hard on the door a couple of times before he opened it.

            ”Does that fifty percent off offer still stand,” I said.

            ”Yeah sure,” he said.

            I got a cart and started down the aisle with all the girls following. Red and black garter belts, nylon stockings some red some black, open boob corsets, and nearly open. Crotch less panties and masks a total of ten. I wanted to make sure there were enough for the former Goth girls as well my group of players.

             I also chose several more big dildos and a couple of the horse ones for anyone that happened to be into that.  I needed a couple more harness for strap-on.  Two different kinds of sex swing. Shopping with the girls for those things were hilarious but we had everything we needed.         Even with  the fifty percent off he had a good sale.

            We were home by lunch just in time to watch the crop duster spraying the beans , banking and turning and just missing the treetops and power lines. Just in time to unload the chairs and portable lights that Madge had sent from the truck.

            Sherman, James and Bob  were in time for lunch. From there they were going to check out the lights that had been delivered to make sure they worked and there were enough outlets for them.

             Then they were going to figure out a way to hang the swings so they could be removed when they weren’t used, out of sight out of mind in case anyone not in the group came into the barn.

            Carol, Elsie and I started on supper and then on baking. I sent a text to the Cassandra about the party tomorrow night  to see if they were interested in participating.

            I went to gather today’s eggs and then back to the barn to check on the progress the men were making.  There were two chains securely bolted to the rafters. The sex swing had a hook that would go in a chain link and then straps to adjust the proper height for the man. They had done both the same way. One hook and the swing could be stored in a tub and then placed in the bunk room.

            Everything else was placed inconspicuously in places around the barn. All the chairs were in the bunk room. Sherman and James plugged in all the lights. They were certainly bright enough to film without any shadows from just about anywhere in the barn.

            Sherman was going to the hardware store to get more tarps to cover the floor an hay bales with.  I was going to stop tomorrow at the box store to see if they had some more heavy blankets to cover the tarps with.

            Madge wanted to know if my ovens were big enough to cook several pizzas. She was going to bring  dozen or so to eat after the final orgy. With the shelves in place I thought I could get four at a time in the oven.

            With everything ready I started the baking and working on supper. I was going to do pizza but with pizza tomorrow night I elected to do ham steaks with baked sweet potato and green beans.

            I had plenty of them, I had canned one hundred quarts and fifty each of peas and lima beans. Twenty dozen ears of sweet corn was also in the freezer. There were forty frozen roosters and soon there would be hundreds of pounds of beef and pork in the freezers. We would have enough home grown food to last the winter.

            I was going to stock up on paper goods and other supplies while I had the Madge wholesale connection.  I had finally counted the money from the market sales and had enough to stock up and pay for supplies without using the farm or my personal account .With the girls helping I would be done baking early tonight.  

            It was a night of wild sex, there was moaning and groaning from all the rooms including mine and that as after Sherman and I snuck out to the barn to try out one of the swings. It was a new experience and wild. Sleep came easy.

            Breakfast was fast Elsie, Carol and Samantha helped. The trip to the market went fast and then we stopped by the wholesale store and picked up the order I sent in last night. I paid cash for it. Madge came out to make small talk while the girls were loading it up.

            ”Is everything ready for tonight” Madge asked.

            ”Sure is. Do you want me to take the pizza now or are you going to bring them tonight?” I said.

            ”I will bring them tonight and pizza trays for them. But I will be a few minutes early to help you set up. AJ wants to check out the lighting and the cameras before everyone shows up. You can take several cases of drinks if you have room for them,” Madge said.

            “OK,” I said.

            At home we put the things on the racks in the pantry and started cooking the pies and cakes for tomorrow. The pastries we were going to do after the party.

            Madge, Al and a couple of young  girls and guys our age showed at five. The girls and guys I knew from school. Prim and proper I would have never believed they were part of the swinging group. Maybe that is why they were so prim and proper at school, they didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing outside of school.

            I sent my group of girls to clean out in case they were going to do anal and costume up for the video. I told them to use both bathrooms to speed things along.

            ”Bring out both pump bottles of lube and several boxes of tissues when you come to the barn,” I said.

            The pizzas were carried into the refrigerators to thaw out. I would slip in before the orgy started and place them on the counter to finish thawing.

            ”There are twelve couples with ten teenagers  signed up to come tonight,” Madge said.

            It was a good thing Sherman, Bob and James had set up twelve bales with tarps and blankets for the edging. That would be over forty to play. I would have to get a count on how many male and female players there were going to be.

            Lets see that should be twenty four females just guessing give or take on e or two I thought. That would use eight bales with three to a team the set up should be good.  

            The Goth girls showed up with another friend, I sent them into the house for costumes and to do a clean out.

            The rest of the club were here by six there were more than twelve couples – there were fifteen. There were fifteen girls and guys plus three more slightly older guys that I assumed were the studs Madge talked about. That was fifty seven with the former Goth girls showing up counting us – all the bales were going to be full.  I wondered why made had sent so many chairs , now I knew. She planned for the unexpected.

            At six I stood in front of the crowd and announced it was time for the rules starting with a general announcement about the bunk room- its facilities, and no smoking in the barn and that there were condoms  and lube on the table and on several  tables if anyone wanted or needed them.

            The girls dressed in costumes and mask are to allow you to film without restriction I only ask that you do not remove the mask and that we get several copies of all the film you take.

              Then I introduced myself and then stripped the men in my group followed and the masked introduced themselves. Madge and group followed and then the rest. The three studs were indeed studs but I didn’t think they were as big as James and Sherman but time would tell.

            I learned the girl with Winnie and the group was Lizzie Knox  daughter of the state senator Howard Knox.  Howard was the driving factor behind changes to the incest marriage laws. The irony was laughable.

             Lizzie was seventeen and was pierced- both nipples and clit and had several tattoos with written words in places that would not allow a small bikini to be worn in public.

            I explained the general rules for edging but made one change.

            ”So all us girls can enjoy the variety of available cocks when a girl cums she moves to the next team on her right. Whichever girl puts each male down will be declared a winner there will be several of you. I have  adult prizes you can chose from to take home with you,” I said.

            ”Remember when the guy cums you suck him back hard within five minutes so the game continues. If he can’t get hard he will be replaced with an alternate until everyone is fucked out or the 8 pm bell rings. At that time the open orgy will begin.” I said.

            ”For the orgy many of the girls will do anal and three sums, just ask to verify first” I said.

            ” Three girls to each man  Let the party begin, Males on your backs, girls lets wear them out,”

            ”What time do you want me to start cooking pizzas?” I asked Madge.

            ”About 745 and give everyone 30 minutes to eat and recover to begin the orgy at 830,” Madge said.

            ”OK I will go warm the oven at 730 and get them ready,” I said.

            ”But you will miss some of the play,” Madge said.

            ”That’s OK  I have two of the biggest studs here to myself 24/7 I won’t be missing anything,” I said.

            She just smiled, ”You are one lucky lady,” Madge said then she asked if I had done the two at a time.

            ”All three,” I said and then I smiled.

            After a few minutes there was almost a continuous cry of ‘I’m Cuming’ and changing of team members. Then the guys started cuming one after another. The three studs that came with Madge may have been hung but did not set any records with stamina.

            By 730 all the first group of men were standing and watching, many of the girls were doing the same needing a rest. There were no men that had not run the cycle in the bales.

            I went to the house and started the ovens. I had been wrong I could get eight of the pizzas in at a time on the three racks. I timed it so the first group was done at 8.  I cut each pizza into small slices in ten minutes 8 more would be ready.

            I heard Madge ring the bell at 8 announcing pizza was ready asking for volunteers to bring it to the barn. Hi-quality paper plates and plastic was on one of the tables. Towels were placed on the chairs for people to sit on.

            I stayed in the kitchen until the third group of 8 was finished and then went to the barn to eat a slice or two  and join in the first part of the orgy.

            The orgy was wild, cocks and cunts getting sucked or pounded everywhere I looked. I saw several of my girls being doubled. Madge was in the middle of a three sum and plugged tight at one look. Lizzie was taking three as was Samantha.

            Both swings were in constant use. More than one girl had her head hanging over one side of a bale and her pussy or ass filled on the other side. I saw two guys going at each other and several girls wearing strap-on on a guy or two and other girls.

            At 9 like someone yelled ‘police’ it was over. Limp cocks and dripping pussy’s were setting in chairs sipping soda and finishing off the left over pizza.  By ones and twos they hitting the showers and getting dressed.

            I told all my girls and the Goth girls I wanted to see them in the house before they left – after they had showered and dressed. I told them to go to the house to shower to speed things along.

            I asked Madge to make sure I got several copies of the videos that had been made. At times there were two cameras filming.

             Madge and a several others that I assumed were the club leaders came to me and asked if they could come back every two weeks until cold weather made the barn unusable for naked play.

            ”As long as you help set up and clean up yes,” I said.

            ”I take it you are satisfied with the way everything went?” I said.

            ”There was no way it could have been any better. I haven’t heard anyone complain,” one of the guys said.

            I placed the box of new adult toys on the table for the winners to chose from  as Madge made the call for them to come pick something out. She also announced that the next party would be held here in two weeks.

            The chairs were sprayed and wiped and placed in the bunk room storage, the blankets folded to be washed and the trash bags tied and carried to the dumpster, the tarps folded and piled up.

            With a couple sheets of plywood the hole to the loft could be closed off and this bottom section could be sprayed insulated so we could use it all winter by adding heat. But that was something I needed to run by Sherman before anything was said.

            Madge gave me five one hundred dollar bills to pay for the prizes and all the other things I had supplied.

            Everyone was quickly gone as Sherman, James, Bob and Linda went to the house.

             The girls were dressed and waiting in the living room.

            ”Is everyone happy with what happened here tonight, no one is upset, no hurt feelings,” I said.

            I was looking at Lizzie as I was talking and the other Goth girls.

            ”Yes I had fun, we had fun,” Winnie added with smiles and nods from the others.

            ”In two weeks there will be another one, you are invited,” I said.

            ”That long? Can we come back before then? Winnie said. I knew she was kidding they could come back any time they wanted.

            ”Yes and you know what happens here stays here and that goes for you too,” I said for Lizzie’s benefit.

            I has three hours  of baking pastries to do. With Carol and Elsie helping we did it in two.

            The Goth girls were in no hurry to go home they stayed and talked.

            On Saturday we had a small orgy with the Goth girls and then a going away party for Helen, Samantha and Celeste.

            They were very tan they had laid out all day Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday to darken the tan. They wanted to go back to the city that way.

            Sunday morning Linda carried them back to the city. There were tears lots of them. They wanted to stay and go to school here but parents said no. School started on Thursday for them and on Monday for us.

              I invited them back for Thanks giving week and then the Christmas thru New Years. But then there was Skype that resulted in live shows quite often.

            Things changed – corn shelling started, we video schooled in the mornings.  I hauled corn to the bins and mill in the afternoon while Sherman and James ran the combines. Bob learned how to use the grain wagon to unload corn into our bins to keep the combines running.

            Elsie was taught to run the big John Deere tractor and Bush Hog cutting corn stalks and more in the afternoons.

              Carol cooked supper and helped with the cakes and pastries while I drove trucks. After supper all three of us worked on cakes and pastries. We made the run to the market at 6 to be home in time for school.

            We were busy, happy and had sex everywhere and anywhere at the drop of the hat around the farm. The Goth girls were out a couple of times a week and stayed most weekends.

            There was a swingers party in the barn every two weeks. The lower floor was totally remodeled. First it was cleaned then more electric outlets installed to get rid of extension cords- a fire hazard. Then the dirt floor was removed and a heated concrete floor installed. Then it was epoxy coated for easy cleaning.            Then it was spray insulated, walls, ceiling and painted and then gas heat was installed.

            We turned on the floor heat several hours before the parties. With a flip of the thermostat for the gas heaters and in minutes it was warm enough to be naked. The doors were made weather tight.

            I was surprised when Sabrina came with them one weekend without the Goth. She lost her virginity in steps first to Bob, and then James and then to Sherman all on the first Saturday evening she came to stay and she loved it. She took all three of them again Sunday morning. After that she was always with the group and always horny.

            Linda was promoted at Seagraves to chief engineer. Her divorce was finalized. The house was finished while the soybeans were being cut. She spent as much time at our house as at home. Elsie, Carol and Linda cleaned the Jackson house from top to bottom every Saturday. 

            The Jackson’s  came to eat a big meal every Sunday. Carol loved cooking and showing off what she had learned.  She cooked meals several times a week for Linda to carry to them. Linda stopped by every night coming home from work. It was an excuse to pickup up pastries to carry to work.

            Elsie and Carol laid claim to James, Bob was always willing help out.

            The Jackson bought the next door farm to them. It was 800 acres, Amos semi- retired and turned the farming over to Bob. The purchase joined with his made the operation profitable enough to support  the big family they now were. Amos always wanted it to be the family farm . Now it was for sure.

            Sherman bought the farm next to us to the east it was 1200 acres. That gave us 2400 acres with  a thousand under irrigation. Our two families agree to farm together. It made it reasonable to buy the biggest equipment to meet seasonal rush.

             There were more huge grain bins added to the ones over to the Jackson farm and ours. It eliminated trips to the mill during the harvest rush. We could haul grain all winter long when there was little else to do. Two more Pete’s and grain trailers were bought and more driving lesson given.

            A year later Elsie and I graduated. Carol and Bob graduated the following year.  And then I was pregnant with my first, they were already calling me Mom and occasionally a playful rub on my growing belly and I liked it. We were all happy.

            The end.

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Chapter 35

The trio from the city got another week’s extension to their stay. I was thinking the moms and dads were happy for the peace and quiet or maybe they found a new partying style or maybe their love life. The calls lasted only minutes and there was no begging in the conversations.

            The corn would be ready in three weeks to start shelling. The stalks were turning brown and the ears would soon turn towards the ground. School on video would start a few days after.

            Summer was going quickly between the baking and the crazy sex. After the run to the market, a few minute talk with Ellie and a stop at the restaurant warehouse, I rode around on the Gator with Sherman, James and Bob. We rode in the pasture looking at the beef cattle.

            Two were going to be butchered before corn shelling. Amos was going to get half of one for his freezer and we were going to take the rest of that one and put in ours. We had several customers that bought the meat straight from the locker. The second steer was going to be sold to two of those customers with each getting a half, split down the middle from nose to tail.

            Those two cattle needed to be penned up and fed nothing but hay and ground feed. Sometimes all pasture grass tainted the meet meat with a grassy taste. Penning them up eliminated that problem.

            The same was happening to four of the hogs. They were no longer pigs. Sherman estimated they weighed two hundred pounds already. The ideal weight for slaughter on hogs was 220 pounds. In thirty days they would gain the 20 pounds needed.

            Then we would have plenty of our own hickory smoked bacon and hams, sausage, scrapple, tenderloin and pork roast. Amos was going to take select cuts from one of the hogs for now, but later on he wanted a whole hog. He was anticipating the house being done with Linda and the kids moving in. The next group of hogs that would be ready would be sold to customers.

            When I stopped at the supply store today Madge and I talked again about going to her swap party. It was obvious she wanted new and younger faces. I turned the tables on her and invited her and her husband, her girl friend with the inflated boobs and her husband to come play our edging game with us on Saturday; that was tomorrow.

            I explained the edging game to answer her question. Two more cocks would be nice giving Sherman, Bob, and James a little breather between pussies. We would have a cookout after the game to allow them to recuperate, before they had to drive back to town and social time. I explained the rules and that all cock and pussy be bare for our play.

            ”No problem with that,” Madge said.

            Madge’s girlfriend Wendy – who I had met at the box store – had the inflatable breasts implants. They were at least F – might even be G – and must have been air filled as high as they were on her chest.

            I couldn’t imagine them being jell or saline filled, it would take a super bra or a support crane to hold them up. The day I had seen her she was braless with big pointers aimed straight ahead in the air conditioning. The guys would love playing with them.

            I called the former Goth girls and asked if they could come play Saturday instead of today at 2. There would be new studs and two more females to add to the fun. New studs? They were excited to wait until tomorrow.

            It was a good thing we had postponed today’s play; James and Sherman ran into the house for the guns. There were coyotes in the pasture stalking the cows.

            We had a couple of varmint rifles for just that occasion. They were Remington 700’s 22-250 caliber with big fancy scopes. Five minutes later two coyotes were dead, a few seconds later two more were dead.

            The other two must have been young ones; they ran to the edge of the pasture and waited. Seconds later they were dead. In less than 10 minutes a six pack was dead.

            The damage was already done – the cattle were in the beans. It took all six of us the rest of the afternoon to coral the cattle and fix the fences. The vet was called to look at a couple of the cattle where the fence had cut them as they ran through.

            When the vet came he called the Agriculture Department because the coyotes were a protected species but fair game when they were attacking livestock – but it still had to be reported.

            While we were waiting on the federal agent from the Wildlife Department, we cleaned the bunk room in the barn since we were having so many guests on Saturday. The bunk room had only been used lightly and just needed cleaning. It had a hot water heater, shower stall, a flush, a urinal and sinks.

            It had been built not long after Mom had passed for hired help. A year later Sherman downsized his goals, let the hired help go and joined forces with Amos. It has been built fancy with tile, insulated, rodent tight and everything. The guys used it – and now that all the girls were here – they did too.

            I cleaned it every few days, carried the dirty towels to the house and washed them. I was also keeping the extra quilts in its storage cabinets. The attached room with the bunks was empty, the bunks long gone. There were rodent poison and traps all around the outside of the room.

            Today I sprayed the entire room with cleaner, hosed it down and then sprayed it with a light spray of chlorine and another rinse. The girls dusted and cleaned the cabinets, counters, sinks and the big mirrors.

            The federal agent was upset when he saw the dead coyotes. They were part of a release and tagging program; all were wearing tracking devices. They had been released over two hundred miles away a month ago. There was little he could do now – they were all dead – except remove the bodies for a scientific review and return the tracking devices.

            Egg production was picking up. Twenty four dozen had been collected today. Ellie would be happy. We started cooking immediately after the agent and vet left. Ellie was still saying she wanted more of the baked goods to sell – she would have plenty to sell tomorrow.

            Carol, Elsie, Samantha and I were all working on various things for the oven or for the cooker. We made ten dozen glazed donuts, ten dozen blueberry donuts, five dozen other donuts and dozens of filled pastries.

            The donuts were made assembly line fashion. Two working on the dough, one cutting and another placing them in the cooker and flipping them over. Then they went onto the cooling rack and finally the glaze and icings.

            Then there were the turnovers; apple, cherry, and lemon. We made 36 cakes of all different types and a dozen pies; apple, chocolate, lemon and a mincemeat that someone kept asking for.

            To make good mincemeat pie you have to add wine. We all had to sample a small glass. Then there were twenty four cakes. The girls were making the icing and all of us did tasting to make sure it was right. We were going to take both trucks tomorrow – we had to.

            We had just closed down the baking when Madge called. ”I know this is short notice but do you think you could accommodate four more women in tomorrow’s play. We girls played cards today and edging was put into the discussion. They are all in their early thirties, very pretty and interested,” Madge said.

            ”Are the two husbands still coming?” I said.

            ”Yes,” she said.

            ”OK then, it will still work, you read them the rules and how the play would go down and they will stay for the cookout. So it’s no problem,” I said.

            We were at the market at seven, it was already busy as Ellie and we filled the display case with the baked goods. It was filled to the limit – I now knew the amount I could bake to fill the case. Even after all the baking there were thirty six dozen eggs in the case.

            We stayed to help Ellie get past the early rush and it was a rush. Ellie kept a separate cash tray for my goods. In it was my money from yesterday’s sales – minus her percentage – secured by a rubber band with a scrap of paper with the amounts.

            I had not deposited any of the monies yet, just putting it in an old Maxwell House coffee can in the filing cabinet. It was one more thing I needed to do before we extended the lease on my site.

            We were back home at 11 – I suggested that all the girls do a close shave and a washout of both holes before 2 when our guest were to arrive. They had started when Winnie, Evanora, Glinda and Cassandra came. I gave them the same advice. Both bathrooms were busy.

            While they were doing that Sherman, James, Bob, and I set up the barn. There were going to be five men so we set up six bales covered with tarps and then quilts. The sixth was for the timer and the bottles of lube. I had a silicone gallon pump, KY liquid and jell, and anal ease for anyone if they wanted lube. I doubled anyone would use all of it; it would taste cruddy.

            We set up three of those 8 foot plastic folding tables for them to put their personal things on while the play was going on. I made one more check of the bunk room bathroom to make sure it looked and smelled clean.

            If all the women showed up there would be 17 women and 5 men in play. I asked Sherman what was going to happen after the game was over with a group like this. I knew he and Mom had done some swap meets.

            ”Usually after the initial party plans have been completed there is a short social pause for drinks and talk followed by an orgy. Sometimes they pair up with their partner and if the women have been eyeing a particular cock they want to try, they ask if it is available,” Sherman said.

            ”You have to have an open mind, women may want to make it with another women and sometimes a man will want to have another man. Three-some and four-some most always happen so the girls need to be made aware that may happen. I have talked with James and Bob about it. They have done some at the request of the girls so it will be a wait and see,” Sherman said.

            ”Another thing is kink, sometimes requested by some of the players. Lots of people would like to try lots of things. Lots of people would like to watch, even if they wouldn’t want to participate. The thing to remember is everyone has to agree beforehand,” Sherman said.

            ”Before the visitors arrive, let’s get everyone together and talk about it so things are not a surprise. Also, we need to bring out a cooler for soda, tea and lemon aid and plenty of towels,” I said.  

            There were already towels in the bunk room but not nearly enough for this group. When we went in they were done with the cleanouts and waiting in tee shirts and shorts. We had the conversation that Sherman and I talked about in the barn.

            They were understanding. Girl-girl was something we had been done before with all of them and often. Bob and James had played too. The guys wanted to see girl on girl and the girls wanted to see them on each other so an agreement was reached. We had done kink on our own, girl-girl was a kink, guy-guy was a kink, threesomes, fisting – both anal and vaginal – were kinks to some people. We had done all of that. Just not with an audience of 25 people.

            Bob and James said that although it wasn’t the preferred thing, they had done it for the girls and wasn’t that bad and they would do it if asked in the party atmosphere.

            That settled, they carried coolers, drinks, cups and more towels to the barn and in the bunkroom. We had just finished and Linda had just arrived. Everything was ready when the visitors showed up.

            At 2 on the nose four cars came down the driveway. Madge and her husband and Wendy and her husband got out of the first car. The other cars had the other four ladies and three of them had brought their teenage daughters. They were my age; they had been in my class last year. OH Crap! I knew them and they knew me and I was sure they knew Cassandra and the girls. Too late now.

            ”I hope you don’t mind the extra girls – they were in the last club swap and wanted to come to this. I didn’t find out until the last minute,” Madge said.

            ”A heads up would have been nice but it’s past that now. Everything is ready to play in the barn. Let’s go and we can make the introductions in there,” I said.

            ”OK, first things first! In the bunk room is the bathroom, with a shower, sinks, a toilet, and urinal. There are plenty of towels, cloths and soaps in the bathroom when it comes time to freshen up,” I said.

            ”There is no lock on the door, we all know why we are here and we are consenting adults to what is going to happen, if someone is using the facilities, no embarrassment if you go in and wait your turn or use the one beside them,” I said.

            ”There are drinks in the coolers,” I added.

            ”After we have finished – I mean all give out- I have hot dogs, hamburgers, and fixings for a cookout and socializing. Please stay and join in. I am sure we would like to know a lot more about each other,” I said.

            ”Let’s get past the introductions, break the ice and get started. First names only for now. I’m Mary,” I said as I took off the sports bra and shorts and put them on the table. I was standing naked.

            Elsie, Carol, Linda, Samantha, Helen, Celeste, Winnie, Cassandra, Evanora, Glenda Bob, Sherman, and James followed.

            ”I’m Madge, and this is my husband Albert – he likes to be called Al,” Madge said as they undressed. Madge had nipple piercings in average breasts. Al was average, although it was hard to tell until he was erect. He too was tan.

            ”I’m Wendy and this is my husband William – we call him Bill,” Wendy said as they undressed. Wendy was definitely a G cup. Bill was already heading towards an erection. He and Bob were close in size. Wendy and Bill were both well tanned.

            ”I’m Amy and this is my daughter Francis, she likes to be called Fran,” Amy said as they were undressing. Amy and Fran both had all over tans. Amy was light in the breast department – 34 B = Fran was a good C cup.

            ”I’m Sally and this is my daughter Beatrice. She likes Beebe,” Sally said. Both were 36 C by the looks and Beebe had a trash stamp tattoo on her lower back. Both were tanned as well.

            ”I’m Marsha and this is my daughter Grace,” Marsha said.

            ”Mom I can speak for myself. I’m glad to be here, it’s good to see you again Mary. I see you girls are completely shaved. I’m shaved from the top of the slit down. I hope that is OK? if not and you have a razor I will quickly take it off,” Grace said.

            ”I think we can live with it like that,” I said.

            ”I’m Amanda, Mandy for short, my daughter would have been here for sure but she is out of town,” Mandy said. Mandy was the oldest of the group, early 40’s I would have guessed. She had a little boob sag on what once was a proud set of 36’s and a tattoo of a heart and an arrow pointing towards her pussy ending at the top of the slit. In the heart was written ‘I love anal too’.

            ”OK! Now the rules for our edging game. Girls, if I forget anything set me straight,” I said.

            I went through the rules, explaining each step and the restrictions on what the ladies could do and limitations on what the men could do.

            ”We are going to change a little so that each of the ladies gets to sample all the goodies. When the man cums you get a break until all the men have cum and then each team moves one man to the right. When the men can’t get hard after the five minutes of oral, we will take a break,” I said.

            ”When the break is over its open play. Pick a stud or more, there are also dildos and harnesses on the table under the towel. I think I can speak for all of us girls – we all like anal, pussy and strap-on play. We did clean out before you came. If you visitors want anal I will help you clean during the break and get a shot of deep lube. Nothing breaks the mood more than an unexpected mess,” I said.

            ”Men, if you anal a willing partner, please take a quick shower, wash it and then rejoin the fun. There are condoms for any open play if you like,” I said.

            ”I wrote all your names and have them in this can.” I walked to Al shaking the can and mixing them up. ”Pull four names, they will be your starting team,” I said.

            ”One more thing – ‘Stop’ means stop right now and we will enforce it,” I said.

            “Line up. First lady in line suck him hard, get him wet. When all five are hard I will hit the timer and we can start.”

            The first round started off slow with the new ladies getting the hang of it. All the ladies had been through twice and were starting on the third when the men started cuming. Within a minute Al, Bill, Bob and James had cum. James had cum in Wendy; the big boobs were just too much. Al had cum in Winnie; the big clit got him.

            Bill had cum in Samantha, and Bob had cum in Mandy. We all heard Bob tell her wanted her ass in open play. Sherman was the only one left. Beebe and Grace were the next on him. I could tell one of them was going to get him off by his actions.

            So far none of the ladies had cum so all had stayed in play. Sherman erupted in Grace. I wondered if she was going to suck him back hard. It was not a problem, she couldn’t throat his cock but made up with enthusiasm with what she could. It was 4:30 before the men were finished. Women were cuming and had to sit out a round and were vocal in support of the other ladies.

            Al and Bill finished first and their teams went to the three that were left. Then Bob was finished. With all the women on James and Sherman, they were finished in minutes with all the vocal enthusiasm.

            It was break time, we all needed it! We had soft drinks and were talking like this was a normal party. I asked if everyone was happy. I found out all the women had cum once and some twice.

            Mandy asked if I would show her the cleanout we used, she and Bob were going start the orgy activities by doing anal for the group. In the bunk room she was cleaned out in minutes and then had a full dose in the rectum from the lube shooter. I ended up doing four more; Madge, Wendy, Grace and Beebe.

            We pushed all the bales together and added a few more, then covered them with tarps and quilts for a stage. We then placed covered bales for us to sit on and watch.

            Mandy asked if she could take video of their coupling.

            ”Ask Bob, he is your partner in crime,” I replied.

            Bob had no objection. I look at Linda – she nodded OK, but I knew her mind was on her clit. Amy had three fingers in her pussy and two squeezing that clit and Linda’s nipple between her teeth.

            ”Bob, are you sure you can do this with so many watching?” I asked.

            ”Once I touch her, she and her pleasure will be the only thing I will be thinking about,” Bob said.

            In the middle Mandy started by sucking Bob. He was hard in an instant. An extra shot of KY on his cock and while in the cowgirl position, she notched her ass hole on his cock, dropped to the balls and then went wild on his cock. She was stroking full length. She was bent over so Bob could suck on her breasts and then sitting so he could pinch and maul her breasts. She was lost in pleasure, Bob’s hand working her clit was driving her mad. She turned to reverse cow girl and leaned back on Bob.

            Mandy motioned to Beebe, standing behind us she had put on the Sherman dildo in one of the harnesses and was pulling the straps tight. Beebe had covered the dildo with lube and was on the hay stage in an instant. In one thrust half of it disappeared into Mandy’s pussy, the next thrust it was all in.

            This wasn’t the first time Beebe had used a strap-on. She was pile driving Mandy like she was a doll. Moments later Mandy screamed out her pleasure as her eyes went all white and she went limp.

            Bob was still hard – he had not cum – he was looking for another ass to fuck. He found a willing partner in Fran. She sat on his cock and Cassandra wearing the James strap-on filled the other hole in one shove.

            Sally had Sherman by the hand while pulling him to the stage. First she wanted doggy style and then her legs were behind her head as he pounded her into the hay.

            Samantha pulled my hand to follow her to the stage, she had Bill with her other hand ”Fist my ass, Bill is going to throat fuck me in a 69 and suck my clit.” The stage was a mass of bodies in all acts of copulation. While I was fisting her, someone was trying to fuck me. It was James by the size. He had using my breasts as handles to pile drive me.

            Everything after that was a blur for the next hour. Every time I looked around people were at it by twos and threes. The Goth girls were at each other with dildos. Then they were taking turns with Sherman and James doing double penetration. Bill and all were taking turns with the city girls. The strap-on were getting a workout with Madge, Sally, Amy and Mandy sharing with a real cock.

            Bob was taking turns with Fran, Beebe and Grace. I saw Marsha doubled by James and Sherman once. Slowly it came to an end by the exhaustion of both sexes.

            Everyone was smiling. Luckily there was enough hot water – with two at a time in the shower – and enough towels. Dressed again we went over to the house where we started the cook-out social hour. There was wild conversation and an agreement to come again in two weeks on Saturday.

            I had plenty of help cooking and cleaning up. All the guests wanted to help and talk. They wanted to film the next meeting – there needed to be a lot of talk about that.

            The Goth girls were eager to play again for Samantha, Helen and Celeste. It would be the last party for them; they were going home on Sunday after the next party.

Life was good everything was where I wanted it to be. The bakery was making money and I was getting all the sex I wanted and would be even after the city girls went back home with the new friends.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 34

After our run to the make the delivery to the market, we were home in time for the delivery from the restaurant supply warehouse. With all the help putting it away it only took a few minutes. Elsie and Bob were at the Jackson house. Linda was at Seagraves. So far she liked the job with the engineering group.

            Sherman was going to haul the rest of Amos’s wheat in the next couple days, then we needed to finish hauling most of ours. We needed to keep enough to make feed for the livestock until next summer’s harvest. Corn harvest was 45 days away at the most.

            We cleaned the house and had loads of laundry to do, mostly sheets and towels. Running around naked, short shorts, and barely there tops barely made a washer load for all of us together.

            The girls were tanning by the pool for a couple of hours when Carol, Helen and Samantha wanted to try being vaginally fisted. Elsie and Celeste wanted to try getting anally fisted. I placed all the toys in a bucket of light chlorine to deep sanitize them again. An hour later the chlorine was dumped and replaced with plain water twice to get rid any remaining chlorine.

            With the dildos on the wall again Samantha, Carol and Helen worked on all the mounted dildos to get stretched and loose on them. The change up this time was all three were going to attempt to be fisted at the same time. Celeste, Elsie and I were going to do the fisting.

            Tomorrow we would swap and they would try to fist us. I wanted to get past this kink as quickly as possible. The three city girls would know how it felt and how to do it to each other, if it was something they wanted to do back in the city. There was still anal fisting to do with the others yet to get them up to speed with it.

            After the James and Sherman dildos the vaginal fisting went faster than I thought. I figured it would take two-three attempts over two or three days for them to be successful, but I was wrong. It only took about fifteen minutes for the fist to be out of sight in the pussy of Samantha and 20 minutes for Carol and Helen. It was the same process as anal; two fingers, then three and then four. Lube and more lube, roll the wrist, push and ease up, push some more, roll some more.

            They were happy and smiling in little pain or discomfort; playing with their clits and nipples had helped. They wanted more.

            “How deep can you get? Can you turn the fist? Lift it up can I see it move in my abdomen? Stroke it while I rub my clit so I can see if I can cum with in there?”

            ”Oh my yes that feels good! Do more! OH I’m going to cum!” The questions went on and on.

            Finally they were finished – exhausted was more like it. I was glad. Glad they were happy, glad they had cum, and glad they had enough for one day. My shoulder hurt and my hand felt like it had been in an oven from the heat and lube.

            I sent them into the shower to do an extended washout with the wand. My fist had been in Samantha, I didn’t know a pussy was so deep. Maybe it was because of James and Sherman. Maybe female internal anatomy moved and adjusted to accommodate big cocks and then toys and fists.

            I was nearly as deep in Samantha’s pussy as I had been in her ass. Not quite but close and she loved it. We were a strange group of girls. We had just finished when Glinda called.

            ”May we come over tomorrow after you get home from the market? Winnie and Evanora want to come over too. Will the guys be there in the afternoon so we can do another edging game? They are excited to try,” Glinda said.

            “I’m sure the guys will be here later in the afternoon. It will give us time to tan by the pool and get intimately acquainted,” I said.

            The girls were excited that more were coming, more to play the game – the guys wouldn’t stand a chance. More girls to play with. Could we recruit another couple of guys somewhere for replacements?

            Elsie and Celeste did the anal washout and a full lube shooter. This time Helen and Samantha were doing the fisting while I operated the camera. Fifteen minutes later Helen and Samantha were both nearly to their elbow and the Elsie and Celeste were both crying out with their orgasms.

            With all that out of the way I started supper and baking – I was going to bake extra today so we would have more time to play tomorrow if needed.

            Sherman and James came home early. Sherman had run into Roscoe Barnes at the mill. Roscoe has bought 200 chicks the same time as we had from the AG store. They were producing too many eggs for his needs and he was willing to sell 150 of them.

            Sherman and James were going back to town to get metal layer nests and more chicken coops from the AG store. Tomorrow they would go pick up the full grown layers and bring them home. Even with more coops it was going to take at least two, possibly three trips with the pickup unless Sherman took the flat equipment trailer.

            If he did, I hoped he would remember to drive slower or we may have naked chickens running around the yard. All that wind would blow a lot of feathers off.

            The extra eggs would make Ellie happy because she was running out every day. One solution creates another problem that I settled with an order to the AG store and that was for 4 cases of egg crates to put the eggs in.

            Carol and Elsie both were helping cook today. The other girls were nearby lending a hand as needed and surprisingly asking questions about cooking. Of course there was plenty of talk about the fisting and all the girls coming tomorrow. They wanted to know if we could play more today when all the cooking was finished.

            Sherman and James were home with the layer nest. It took all of us helping to get them into the chicken house and mounted on the walls. Each nesting hole had to have straw placed in them and hand formed into a little nest for the hen to lay in. The hens would form the straw over several days to fit.

            There were now hens nest on all the walls in the chicken house with the exception of the entrance door and the two windows for air flow. They started a foot off the ground and went three feet high. There was a wide board so the hens could walk along and find an empty nest to lay her eggs in. There were inclined   boards to allow them to reach each level.

            More hanging feeders were hung – we used a coal bucket to fill them. A coal bucket has an oblong narrow snout to pour the contents out verses an oval as with a ten quart bucket or a 5 gallon bucket. The reason for the narrow snout was old fashion coal stoves used in chicken houses from decades ago only had an opening 8 inches wide to pour coal in.

            The coal stoves were long gone except in farm life museums, but the coal bucket lived on as it was useful for so many things. They worked well for the layer feed we made with the mix mill. More water troughs were hung. They were connected to the water system making them automatic.

             One indication that you needed more nests was when eggs started appearing out in the run area of the coop. That had started several days ago.

            I wondered how long it would be before they recovered from the shock of being moved and started laying again, then I wondered how many roosters would be in the group. We had killed all but a dozen roosters in our group. I didn’t see the need to keep many more. I hoped old Roscoe didn’t pull a fast one and send mostly roosters.

            Supper tonight was chicken and dumplings – one of our roosters to be exact. Green beans and peas from the garden along with biscuits and apple pie would finish the meal off. I had a three hole crock pot for the veggies and a separate pot for the chicken.

            With the baking in the final stages the girls took off to the bedrooms with a bottle of lube, several dildos and two strap on harnesses. They were going to play by themselves until the guys came home and that suited me just fine. I was amazed that with all the sex they were getting, they could even sit still in the kitchen chair.

            The guys came in an hour later and James and Bob disappeared into their rooms. A few minutes later the showers were running with moans and groans a little while later.

            I gave Sherman the rundown on tomorrow as I was baking while waiting on the chicken to finish cooking.

            ”Go get the chickens early and try to be done by at least noon, no later than 2. Glinda, Cassandra, Winnie, and Evanora were coming at 10 so we could check them out and tan a while and then give them an oral lesson on the dildos. If the vibes seemed OK they wanted to play the edging game at 3.”

            That would make 10 pussies on two cocks or 9 on three if Sherman played and I was time keeper. I was fine with that as long as I got my needs taken care of after the game.

            We made good time getting things to the market and were home well before 10. We heard Cassandra’s rice burner coming up the lane towards us in a cloud of dust. That was another thing that needed doing – grade the lane and add a heavy coat of stones.

            At the pool everyone piled on the quilts we had carried out for the occasion. Carol, Elsie, Samantha, Helen, Celeste, Glinda, Cassandra and I stripped off and tossed our clothes in a pile.

            Winnie and Evanora looked startled. I wondered if the visit today was voluntary or a pressured visit. The answer came quickly as they started undressing.

            ”All you girls are shaved there, we aren’t, we seem out of place – or is it out of style?” Winnie said.

            ”For gentle easy sex it does not matter. But for multiple partners and aggressive sex it is better shaved. Clean up is easier- just a quick wipe and it is fresh, looks better to make the men horny and you need a lot less lube. Trying to get stray pussy hair out of your teeth or mouth can kill the mood,” Carol said.

            ”OK, if you have a razor and lotion we will shave then,” Winnie said.

            ”I can do better than that. Oil up while I get the stuff and we can do it right here,” I said.

            I used the clippers first and then shaved Winnie first. She had a huge clit – the biggest one of all the girls. Her lips were small even though the shaving process had excited her.

            She was leaking a steady stream of natural lube making a dark spot at the crack of her ass on the quilt. Her clit was standing out of its hood, hard and pointed like a sensitive little cock.

            Just touching and moving so I didn’t nick it with the razor was getting pleasure reactions. It was easily over an inch and a half long and the size of my thumb. It would be interesting to see how long she lasted in each round – I bet she would be the first out.

            Evanora also had a different looking pussy than any of us. Her clit was tiny – barely a nub – but what was there was sensitive. It was the lips that were different. They were huge – both inner and outer meaty and hanging.

            I wondered how they got that way – surely it wasn’t natural. They would have been easily pierced if she wanted, even multiples would work. They were a job to shave without nicking them. She saw I was taking my time.

            ”I’m sorry they are so big,” she said.

            ”That’s OK, I bet they are really sensitive. Did you do something to get them that big?” I asked.

            ”I like to feel them stretched and pulled tight. I have clamps with weights I put on them and wear no panties. It just does something for me – a special feeling,” she said.

            ”I have seen pictures of ladies with lips like that where they have been pierced with big rings and weights on them. I thought it was just a porn thing,” I said.

            ”I saw them to and thought about that but I can’t get up the nerve to ask a piercer if they could do them. I was going to try to do it myself and chickened out. I have the sterile kit with needles to do it at home but the angle made it tough to get my hands right. I never thought about shaving but that may make it easier,” she said.

            ”I can imagine I would want a very experienced piercer to do that plus I think after care would be a problem. What do you have to numb it or is it a cold turkey thing?” I asked.

            ”I have seen both in videos, a spray and sometimes ice cubes. Or using nothing. I think that would hurt,” she said.

            I dropped the subject and didn’t say anything more about it. It would take a lot of courage to stick a pin through my lips. I didn’t have that much courage. The more I thought about it, I had never seen her shower in the gym classes at school. I guess the size of the lips was why.

            I applied plenty of lotion onto her privates and especially on the lips. Getting them sunburned would be bad and terribly painful. With everyone tanning, the talk quickly turned to sex. The girls asked Winnie and Evanora dozens of questions and they asked questions back.

            Evanora was really interested in the talk about fisting and the big dildos. She even blushed pink about the vaginal fisting. I wondered if there was more to the large pussy lips than her just stretching them.

            We finished tanning and went inside to my room where I mounted the dildos on the wall. Each of us went through from the smallest to the largest throating them. Winnie stalled on the Bob dildo. She tried repeatedly to get James and Sherman into her throat without success.

            ”Nothing to worry about, a real cock those sizes is a lot more flexible and forgiving. You will do fine!” I said.

            Evanora handled James just fine – taking it to the root – but stalled on the Sherman.

            Then we turned around and did the same with our pussies; smallest to the largest. Winnie stalled at the James but Evanora took both of them to the hilt and was smiles while she was doing it. I knew for sure there was more to the story than just her stretching the lips, they weren’t the only thing being stretched.

            Sherman, James and Bob were back with the last coops of chickens. I sent the three of them to the showers to get the chicken house smell off them and told them to come to the barn when they were finished. We setup new bales and covered them with quilts, this time adding a couple extra.

            With the men on the bales I explained the rules to the newcomers. They were to be the last in the rotation so they could watch and get the idea.

            We experienced girls breezed through the first round. By the time the newcomers had their turn they were ready for a cock to fill their dripping hole. By luck Winnie was on the team with Bob and had no problem dropping down on it. Her big excited clit was even larger – if that was possible – and she was aggressively fingering it. She groaned as the minute was up, not wanting to climb off.

            Evanora grabbed those hanging lips and spread them and then after notching at her hole, dropped to the balls on Sherman’s cock. She wiggled trying to get it a little deeper. She slid two fingers between those lips trying to find that little clit.

            Even before she reached for her clit I saw Sherman’s face wince all up. It was obvious Evanora had some strong pussy muscles. Every time she squeezed I could see it in both their faces; a trace of discomfort in Sherman’s and a smile from her at his reaction.

            I really wondered who was doing what to her and how long had it been going on. To get that kind of muscles there could only have come from advance training – possibly BDSM – and wondered if she was a willing partner when it started.

            Sherman held off cuming through the first round. None of the guys had. Samantha started the second round and he unloaded his cum in her as soon as she dropped.

            ”Just ten more seconds and that load would have been mine,” Evanora said.

            James unloaded in Carol and Bob unloaded in Winnie – the big clit was too much for him to look at and not cum. I was prepared to replace Winnie in getting Bob back hard. It was unnecessary. She started with light licks – tasting it out – and then serious sucking.

            Bob was back hard in three minutes. Bob was feeling up her breasts as she was sucking. Winnie also had nice big nipples that were rock hard. Winnie must have liked them played with; she was moaning on his cock as it was rising.

            The girls made three cycles before the men were cuming again. This time Sherman unloaded into Evanora, James into Helen and Bob into Celeste. Evanora had no problem sucking on Sherman, immediately slurping it to the root and stayed at it until she could not throat it all. The girl was hiding a lot.

            The next cycle lasted a long time with five girls cuming and out of the cycle Evanora got the long ride on Sherman. She was not an amateur at riding cocks either. He had just come two minutes ago – this would be good ride for both of them.

            It was another half an hour before the men were unable to rise to the occasion. Bob was the first one out and the team on him split up between James and Sherman. Neither lasted long after that. All the girls had cum several times and had fun along the way. Glenda, Cassandra, Evanora, Samantha and Helen all got long rides.

            All the visitors were happy – extremely happy – and wanted to come back tomorrow. I left that up to the men – they were the ones that had to maintain erections. Tomorrow at two it was. I did get telephone numbers from all the visitors. I wanted to talk to Evanora at length. I asked her to bring the piercing kit she had if it wouldn’t cause any problems. I wanted to read the materials.

            Carol, Elsie and I needed to get back to baking. I asked the city girls to take several buckets and go collect the eggs. I was interested if any of the new hens were producing yet. Sherman and James had brought home 150 hens – no roosters. The roosters were going to be overworked as badly as the men of the house if this bunch of girls didn’t give them a break.

            The new hens must have been happy because Samantha, Celeste and Helen brought in fifteen dozen eggs – that was 6 dozen more than yesterday’s daylight production. The biggest production was overnight; tomorrow morning would tell the tale.

            The first run of tomorrow’s pastries and donuts were on the cooling racks when Linda stopped by from Seagraves. I swore she could smell pastries from the highway. She asked if she could take some home to her parents. She took a dozen – I knew some were going to work for a snack or possibly breakfast.

            The house was quieter tonight. There were still moans and cries of passion but there was no heavy thumping on the walls or the floor.

            ”If any more girls show up, you are going to have to find more studs,” Sherman said.

            ”I agree but you are still better than the young studs,” I said.

            Just then he slammed balls deep into me, causing me to exhale to emphasize he was still better than the young studs. And then he took me gently and we quit at one orgasm each.

            With my legs locking him in and with my arms around him, I was waiting for him to soften and slip out. Instead we drifted off to sleep. I loved the feeling of taking something so strong, hard and powerful and feeling it just shrink away. It was an achievement of something I had done for him, me and us together.

            Everything was going just as I planned, as much sex as I wanted and in two years to be pregnant and building my family.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 33

I was back on the blanket when James and Bob came out to the pool. The visitors got quiet but Samantha, Helen and Celeste were ready to play in the barn. They were egging the guys on by talking dirty to them. I knew that what they were trying to do was to get both of them hard in front of Glinda and Cassandra. It was working.

            A few minutes later we were walking to the barn to set things up again, the blankets had been put away last night and the bales we had used were placed in the hay feeders this morning.

            Glinda and Cassandra agreed to be the time keepers for the game. I would play until Linda delivered the items from the box store, then I needed to start baking. Hopefully Linda would take my place in the game, unless the visitors wanted to play. The rules were explained again for Glinda and Cassandra’s benefit.

            I asked Glinda and Cassandra if they wanted to play or just watch.

            ”I think we would like to watch first, then decide,” Glinda said.

            The teams were chosen – this time it was Helen, Celeste and Samantha against Elsie, Carol and me.

            Samantha and Carol were going first so they sucked the guys hard and made them wet. I had brought the one minute egg timer from the house to simplify the time thing. When the bell dinged, the time was up.

            The rounds were longer because the guys were getting better at holding off at cuming. Knowing the game, the girls were changing faster, not giving the guys much of a break to cool off.

            It took twenty minutes before Bob was the first to cum in Helen. James was a couple minutes later in Carol. Both got them hard for the second round without any problem. Celeste came as soon as the round started and was eliminated on Bob. That left Helen and Samantha to get Bob to cum again to start the round or eliminate one of them for the long ride on Bob.

            Elsie, Carol and I were on James; none of us had cum. Elsie got James to cum again and barely beat the five minute time getting back hard. While Elsie was sucking James back, I took the opportunity to talk to Glinda and Cassandra.

            ”Do you like what you see?” I asked.

            ”Looks like you are having a good time and fun. Both of those cocks are bigger than the one Sabrina forced on us. All this has made me horny,” Cassandra said with Glinda agreeing.

            ”If you want to try Bob out I’ll move Celeste and Helen over to James and you can fill their spots. I need to step away in a few minutes for a bit – that would keep the groups equal,” I said.

            ”But we don’t know anything about pelvic muscles,” Glinda said.

            ”It will come to you quickly, just sit on it and rub your clit, your body will do the rest and milk his cock. Remember, you don’t want to cum – just get close; that’s why it’s called edging. It takes you to the edge and stop but try to get Bob off to move the game along,” I said.

            ”I don’t know about sucking him back hard afterwards if I make him cum, I’m not sure I can deal with the taste,” Glinda said.

            ”It’s an acquired taste, don’t hesitate – just go after it and learn to like it, it’s not that bad. All your future boyfriends will love you for doing it to go for a second time,” I said.

            I made the swap and watched as Glinda straddled Bob and slowly descended, then her hands went busy on her clit. I was expecting her to cum before the minute was up but she didn’t.

            ”The minute was up, just in time,” Glinda said.

            Cassandra was next to sit on it and Bob’s hands were busy. Cassandra had a nice rack; they were close to being as big as my Ds but her boobs were high, tight and looked hard. I wondered if daddy had paid for a boob job as was now the growing fad in high schools.

            There were two or three girls in the high school who had DDs put in – they looked awful and out of place on their body type. But their boyfriends loved them.

            They were too appealing for Bob to just look at; he came a second time in Cassandra. I wondered if she was going to try to suck Bob back hard or not. I saw her cross her fingers on one hand as the other closed on his cock.

            She went down on it and gagged a little but fought it off and began sucking and sliding up and down on his cock. I guess Bob liked looking at those knockers; he was hard in three minutes. Cassandra hi-fived Glinda with the success of getting Bob off and sucking him back.

            ”It didn’t taste that bad, not as bad as some of the concoctions Sabrina tried to get us to drink. I can do it again with no problem,” Cassandra said to Glinda.

            Samantha went to work on Bob again, and she came in thirty seconds, disqualifying her from the rest of the round. Cassandra or Glinda was going to get the long ride on Bob in any position she wanted.

            Linda came and we unloaded the things she had bought at the box store for me. She handed me a bag of money from Ellie.

            ”Ellie wants more tomorrow if you can do it. She said everything of yours was sold by lunch time,” Linda said.

            ‘‘She also said it was bringing more customers to her booth – she is really happy,” Linda said.

            I asked Linda to replace me in the barn to even the teams up while I started baking. The words had barely left my mouth and she was headed for the shower as I was putting away the delivery.

            I was finishing up the first group of cake batter and placing it in the oven when Sherman came home. After a hug and a kiss I sent him to the barn to replace the first stud that was out until the girls wanted to quit.

            The second batch of cakes were in the oven and nearly done when all the fucked out guys and girls came in for showers. There were smiles all around and conversations as the girls explained the fun. One would have thought Cassandra and Glinda had been part of the group for weeks.

            ”So you two had lots of fun?” I asked Cassandra and Glinda.

            ”Yes, a lot more than being Goth! I know a couple of the other girls who might like to join in when we tell them of the fun we had. We can come again, can’t we?” Cassandra asked.

            ”Yes, but you need to be discrete in what you tell and to whom. It is a private thing we do and not for public knowledge. Sort of what happens in the barn stays in the barn,” I said.

            ”We would never tell Sabrina or Elphaba – they are addicted deep into Goth – but Winnie and Evanora are like us – past ready to leave the group,” Cassandra said. ”I might see them tonight and quietly talk,” she added.

            ”OK,” I said.

            Carol and Linda stayed to help me bake and work on supper while the rest of the girls went back to sun by pool. James, Sherman and Bob went to feed the livestock and gather the eggs that had been laid today. I had two dozen left over from yesterday and breakfast this morning. I was using them for making cakes and pastries.

            Sherman and James brought the eggs gathered in three buckets. I wiped them down and placed them in egg cartons, then placed them in the cooler in the new pantry. There were twelve dozen and should be about half of that again tomorrow morning, I thought. If the egg, cake and pastries sales continue to grow we were going to be running out of eggs soon.

            I had a list on the tablet of items we were using tomorrow. Like it or not, I needed to call the restaurant supply house to see if I could get better prices. Better yet, I would stop by there tomorrow morning after leaving Ellie with the products for the day. 

            Sherman was going to cook steaks on the grill for supper so I would only lose one burner. The microwave could make sweet potatoes and a vegetable.     

            Carol started making the donut batter and getting everything ready for that while I started on the other pastries. We stopped to eat the steaks and take a break from cooking and then got right back at it.

            We were getting better; we were finished by 10, even with making more cakes, pastries and donuts. The pastries themselves were getting more complicated. We were now making a dozen different kinds of donuts and crème filled pastries. Tonight we had made 24 cakes and pies.

            Linda went to the Jackson’s and the rest of us cooled it in the living room. I asked Sherman if it made sense to increase the layers with the amount of eggs we were using for the bakery, as I thought of calling it.

            ”You have to remember that the Farmers Market traffic will slow down as the weather gets colder and there is no local fresh produce. In the winter the produce sold there comes from Florida, California and Mexico, same as the box store,” Sherman said.

            ”As good as the baked goods are selling, it may draw people to the market in cold weather. It’s one of those things where you just don’t know. We could get another hundred more hens and build more layer boxes, but if the eggs don’t sell – we eat a lot of chicken and dumplings,” Sherman said.

            The evening was filled with grunts and groans from the rooms. Sherman and I made slow and gentle love for a while, then went into the hard pounding that ended in the massive orgasms that we both liked.

            Snuggling in each other’s arms, we talked about a lot of things. I was reminded that I needed to take more farm pictures of the three from the city to send to the parents. They needed to decide what things they wanted to do in the last ten days they were here. Their stay had been extended to three weeks instead of two.

            I knew they wanted to go back with dark tans to impress their friends and I knew they wanted to do more sexual exploits and experimentation. Sherman suggested that we go back to the pond for a day for skinny dipping after we returned from delivering the goods to the market.

            I was awakened by the early morning sun coming through the window. I had forgotten to completely close the shades. There were no clouds in the sky and no rain was predicted. It was to rain all day tomorrow. Sherman and I dressed quietly and checked the livestock together, then gathered today’s fresh eggs.

            James and Sherman were going to be making more feed today along with a run to the mill to get more ingredients – powdered molasses, soybean meal, alfalfa meal and ground clam and oyster shells – to spread around in the run for the chickens. The calcium from the shells helped the hens have hard egg shells.

            The girls and I were going to make the delivery to the market and then I was stopping at the restaurant supply store to see what kind of deals I could make on baking supplies.

            We were surprised when we went back into the house. Carol and Elsie were making breakfast with the rest of the group gathering at the table. Bacon and pancakes were coming off the griddle with eggs and sausage out of the frying pans. I complemented them on their growing kitchen skills.

            One thing I would do today was teach them how to do beef and pork roast in crock pots for supper. They had been in the refrigerator thawing out for a couple days.

            Elsie and Bob went to the Jackson’s to help clean up today. The initial house addition was done. The contractors were starting on the addition and garage for Linda, Elsie, Carol and Bob’s permanent residence. That construction could be completed without the massive daily cleaning, giving the kids more time off during the day.

            Both trucks headed to town – me and the girls to the market and Sherman and the boys to the mill.

            Ellie was happy with all the things we took and helped us place them in the display case. She gave me another bag of cash from yesterday’s sales. I asked if she had already taken her percentage out – she had.

            At the restaurant supply store I talked with a nice gentleman about starting an account and about the discounts. I had the list of the things that I normally used and the quantities and prices I paid for them. He was nice but he was not giving me any break on the prices when the box store was cheaper on everything.

            He had taken the account application to the office while he was trying to pull the pricing over on me. I was getting ready to leave when none other than Madge Cooper came out with the application in her hand.

            ”I hear your bake goods at the market are selling really well,” Madge said.

            ”Yes, a lot better than I expected and lot faster,” I said.

            ”Your account had been approved. When you put together an order, we deliver out your way on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Madge said.

            ”Comparing the prices he just gave me, I can beat them at the box store – which I think is odd,” I said.

            ”Let me see the pricing he gave you,” she said as she reached for the sheet.

            ”These are walk-in prices, she gets trade level pricing at 35 percent off the walk-in sheet,” Madge said to the salesman.

            ”Let me get you the discount price sheet for you from my office. I will add you to the mailing list for our weekly online specials. Anything you order online before 5 on Monday and Wednesday will be delivered the next day. The website has everything we sell and is updated daily – including prices – so there won’t be any delivery price shock. Here is a printout of all the items we keep in stock for reference,” Madge said

            ”If you have time we can take a quick walk through the warehouse,” she added.

            We walked through the warehouse and she pointed out the things that she thought I might need in baking. They even had the boxes and things that I bought at the paper goods supply at an even better price. I made notes on the printout.

            Back at her office she gave me a business card. On the back of it was her home address and cell phone number.

            ”We have a swap party scheduled at my house in two weeks, clothes are left at the door to get the mood going. You and your friends are invited to join us. There are six couples that are regulars; all in their thirties or younger. The foxtails would be a great conversation starter,” she said.

            ”We do request that you bring at least some males with you. but single ladies are always welcome. We have plenty of toys to fill in any needy hole. You could explain that game I overheard you tell those Goth girls,” she said with a wink.

            The girls helped carry all the things I bought into the pantry and the things that needed to be frozen in the freezer and cold things in the refrigerator. Then I sent them out to work on their tans while I did an inventory and planned supper.

            Carol followed my instructions as she set up the roasts in the crock pots for supper. We planned out the pastries we were going to cook tonight. Then the conversation turned to sex. She reminded me that she and Samantha both wanted to try fisting, possibly vaginal fisting as well.

            ”Yes I know. If you are sure, we can start after everyone tans a while. It may take you several attempts over several days to be successful,” I said.

            The conversation had finished and they were out back by the pool when Sherman and the boys came back. They were unloading the bags in the feed house so I carried a pitcher of lemonade and glasses.

            I filled Sherman in on the restaurant supply and then on the invitation by Madge Cooper to attend her party in two weeks.

            ”Let’s talk about it before we make any decisions,” Sherman said.

            They were going to load another load of Amos’ wheat in the Pete and then were going to haul more in the next day or two. The price had gone up enough that Amos was wanting to sell all he had so they would able to store corn in the grain bins.

            After they left, it was a good time for Carol and Samantha to try the first attempt at being fisted. All five of them wanted to do the clean out so they did as I was putting the dildos on the shower wall.

            It was no surprise as all of them started with the small one and worked their way to the James and Sherman dildos. I set up the camera and placed the quilts on the bed and floor. I moved the pillows to the middle of the bed. It was a lot easier on the one doing the fisting to be able have their knees on the floor. That allowed easier movement with the arm, shoulder and elbow.

            Carol said she wanted to be first and took position with Helen and Celeste holding her legs back. As soon as her legs went back I knew for sure there was regular anal going on in the bedroom. Instead of tightening back up from the dildo, she had a small gap.

            Samantha was going to try to fist her now that she had a little experience. She started by putting plenty of lube on her hand and fingers and up to her wrist. Then one finger, two, three and then half circles. I had the camera focused in for close-up. Three fingers became four and more circles.

             Then the thumb was folded in and more pressure was applied. Carol was uncomfortable and asked her to slow down a little. Depth was being gained and the knuckles were now out of sight – they still had not gone past the sphincter but were close. Another quarter of an inch went in then a half and then the fist slid in to her wrist as if it was sucked in.

            ”That was rough but it feels a lot better now. Move it around a little and try slow strokes,” Carol said.

            ”We need to lube more of her arm first,” I said moving the lube bottle closer to her.

            ”Start working on her nipples and rubbing her clit. Believe me, it helps a lot,” I said.

            Samantha was two thirds of the way to her elbow before Carol said to stop. Samantha started slow, stroking and working her hand inside her rectum with the actions clearly visible on Carol’s tummy.

            ”It’s so warm in there, almost hot. I’m going to try to close my fingers into a fist,” Samantha said.

            ”It’s a true 98 degrees,” I said.

            ”Ok, I will tell you if you need to stop,” Carol said.

            ”There is one, there’s another, there is the third, that’s the last. The fist is complete – now let me see how much stroke I can do,” Samantha said.

            ”Ok,” Carol said.

            ”I’m pulling out, I can see my wrist,” Samantha said.

            ”Stop, don’t pull any further than that, now see how deep you can go – slowly,” Carol said.

            ”Ok, stop there for a while, stroke it slow and easy,” Carol said.

            Carol pushed Helen’s hand away from her clit and replaced with her own and then started making deliberate patterns, occasionally gripping it between her fingers and pulling before continuing the pattern.

            ”Try going a little deeper,” Carol said.

            ”OK, that’s deep enough, add a little speed – not much. I’m close to cuming,” Carol said.

            ”Yeah, oh, yeah, oh-oh close so close. Yes cuming – cuming,” Carol said as her hand sped up. Then stopped with a gasp and a squeal and then she was totally limp.

            ”Wow, that was some orgasm. Take your hand out while I am relaxed,” Carol said.

            ”Remember to open your fingers first but keep your thumb folded in,” I said.

            Samantha worked her hand slowly out. As the knuckles came out, the rest of the hand slid out easily, leaving one big gap that all the girls were commenting about. Some were envious – other not so much.

            I explained how to use the anal muscles to close the gap and to hold those muscles for fifteen seconds at a time in sets of three and to repeat every five for the next couple hours. 

            Samantha was next; the gap had not dulled her enthusiasm to try. I suggested that Celeste or Helen do the honors.

            ”You’re going back to the city soon and if you like being fisted then one of your partners in crime should know how to do it and become at least a little experienced for you,” I said.

            ”Which one of you wants to do it,” I said.

            ”I will, my hands are a little smaller and I keep my nails cut close anyhow,” Celeste said.

            ”Samantha, hit the four biggest dildo again. Celeste, wash your hands really well and use the fingernail brush,” I said.

            I checked how much space was left on the video card. We had used only about half of it. There was enough room left to record Samantha’s fisting.

            Samantha was back on the bed ready after spending plenty of time on the Sherman dildo. Carol and Elsie were to help hold her legs back. Holding the legs back meant so much to the energy level. Legs and thighs were heavy and I know I soon got tired and the muscles quivering, usually calling for an end to a session long before I was ready.

            Helen lubed her hand and arm with plenty of lube and then started her fingers in. Samantha still had a nice relaxed gap from the dildo. Within a minute Helen had her fingers to the knuckles. After folding the thumb into the palm the knuckles were gone seconds later and then the wrist was all that was visible of Helens hand.

            Samantha was rubbing her own clit, edging I assumed by the pattern she was using. Helen continued to add more arm, sliding in and out of Samantha’s ass. I was surprised at how deep Helen was getting and she still had not closed her fingers.           

            ”I’m going to pull out some, close my fingers and then see if I can move your belly like you did in Carol,” Helen said.

            After closing her fingers Helen raise her fist and we watched it move all around in Samantha’s abdomen. I moved the camera in closer to get good video. Then I closed in on Samantha’s face that was radiant with a pleased look. I asked her how it felt.

            ”Different but in a good way. I wish I had a cock in my pussy to see how that would feel,” she said.

            ”I think it would be too much to try a dildo in there today at the same time, but I’m sure we can talk one of the studs into helping soon,” I said.

            ”Tomorrow I want to try fisting my pussy when the rest of you do,” Samantha said.

            While we were talking with the camera on her face Helen had been adding more arm into her ass. That arm was to her elbow and then the elbow was out of sight before Samantha told her to stop and add slow strokes.

            ”Pull it out and then that deep, OK,” Samantha said.

            We watched her hand bulge her stomach and listen as she exhaled every time Helen was deep, putting pressure on her diaphragm and lungs. Samantha’s fingers changed to a determined pattern and Samantha whimpered and then came in a flood of liquids from her pussy. She went totally limp.

            ”Pull it out. I’m wiped out, I need to rest,” Samantha said.

            I filmed Helen withdrawing her arm and then the hand and then the big gap as Samantha started exercises to close it up. We cleaned all the toys, arms and hands. Samantha and Carol showered first and then the rest of us. I put away the camera.

            Carol and I started baking and working on supper. Tonight’s fair was going to be sweet corn, hamburgers and baked beans, something easy and quick. I sent the girls out to collect today’s egg production.

            Linda was bringing home the money from Ellie and any different baked goods she wanted.

            By starting early we were finished early and it helped that we were getting better organized at it. The group orgies were in the barn. For some reason it had become the favorite play place outside. For one thing, there was plenty of room, one could be watched or watch to add to the excitement. Also others could join in.

            The quilts picked up straw but the solution was a tarp and then the quilts. We had the bales lined up in a row. Tonight Elsie, Samantha and I got doubled for a few minutes, one in our pussy and another cock in our throats. We were lying side by side. Bob and James simply went down the row.

            Carol added a new kink to the fun. After Bob and James moved to the next one, Carol mounted us with the James strap-on and Sherman throat fucked us as we fingered our clits to the finish. James and Bob held off cuming to the last girl and Sherman and Carol finished off each other for the last round in the barn fun.

            Sherman was going to add more soft lighting in the barn and a couple of those plastic tubs to keep quilts close at hand while keeping the varmints out of them between washings. Life was good.

            There were grunts and groans of pleasure later in the house. All had quieted down by midnight.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 32

I was up early at 5, first to check on eggs for the market while Dad checked on the other livestock. There were eight dozen today, filling three buckets. I carefully checked them and put them in egg crates that I had bought from Amazon. They came one gross to the case – at this rate I needed to order more right away.

            I had just finished when Carol came to the kitchen, asking what she needed to do to help with breakfast.

            ”Look in the refrigerator for two packs of the jumbo buttermilk biscuits. We can make sausage gravy, bacon, fried eggs and toast with orange juice,” I said.

            It was a good thing we were going to the box store again; this bunch was eating us out of house and home.

            I doubled the gravy instructions from the card while the biscuits were in the oven and then cooked the crumbled sausage. That would make breakfast at seven. Carol did the bacon again and I did the scrambled eggs. The fried eggs would have to wait until I knew how everyone wanted them cooked. The griddle was on the stove and the bread was waiting beside the toaster with the grape jam.

            Linda arrived in time to go wake up the sleepy heads while announcing breakfast. I noticed she set a place at the table for herself

            ”You are going to make Carol a cook yet,” Linda said.

            ”She is getting good at breakfast,” I said.

            Breakfast was a hit with the biscuits and sausage gravy. With breakfast over Bob was going over to help out Amos; Sherman and James were hauling more wheat.

            The girls, Linda and I were starting to load things for the market. I had fourteen dozen eggs, ten cakes, six pies and four dozen donuts of different kinds. Once I got the process started, donuts were easy as were the cakes and pies. Cleanup was almost as much trouble as making them.

            Sherman had made shelves to go in the big coolers I had bought. They had little legs on them. All I had to do was set a row of goodies on bottom, add a shelf and fill it and then add another shelf. The eggs were stacked in a cardboard box; Amazon supplied the plastic cake protectors. With everything loaded – including the foxtails with lube and miniskirts – we headed for town. There were four of us in the truck and three in Linda’s car as she followed.

            We arrived in plenty of time to give the display case another cleaning with disinfectant. It was cold work; the cooler was working great. Ellie Parsons was there and helped us put the cakes, pies, donuts and eggs in the display case. She also helped come up with final pricing

            Elsie had made banners for the case announcing ‘Grant’s Foxtail Farm’ fresh eggs and fresh made from scratch homemade pastries. We stayed around a couple hours selling a few things.

            Ellie shooed us away so we could make more for tomorrow. She would give me the money tomorrow, I would take what was left over home and replace it with more fresh things in the morning. I gave her my cell and house phone in case of problems.

            We went to the box store with the list. The first stop was the bathroom to install the foxtails. None of us – including Linda – wore any panties. In the handicap stall they held the cheeks spread as I lubed and installed the plug with the tail. We picked up our carts and went shopping with Linda staying back with small video camera recording from her positioned purse.

            There were lots of looks and no one said anything at first . We stayed together while filling the carts with things off the list. Twenty packs of bacon (we used a pack and a half every day), ten more of sausage patties, ten more of the sausage in one pound rolls. Twenty rolls of the buttermilk biscuits. All the cold foods went into one cart so it could be put into coolers.

            Then it was fifty pounds of flour and twenty more of a different kind, one hundred pounds of sugar, fifty pounds of confectioners’ sugar, ten pounds of brown sugar, baking powder, yeast and ten twelve packs of bathroom tissue. Ten people in a house go through a lot of bathroom tissue. Ten pounds of salt and a dozen cans of pepper and other seasonings rounded out the order.

            We were in an isle going over the list, double checking to make sure we had everything we wanted when several girls I knew from school came up. They were the Goth group and tagging along with them were several other girls that were wannabe members of the group where the parents had said no to the darkness.

             Dark black hair, way too much black makeup, black jewelry, black clothes – leather and vinyl – black purses. Black skirts and miniskirts so mini the black leather or vinyl underwear were clearly visible and long black coats. All of which had to be hot in this weather. They had crotch high black boots or lace up knee high black boots.

            ”Hi Mary, what’s with the tails?” Sabrina asked. Her real name was Heather Lockman; she now wanted to be called Sabrina after the TV teenage witch show.

            ”Hi Sabrina, Elphaba, Hermione, Winnie, Glinda, Cassandra, Evanora,” I said. They were all names they had taken from TV shows that featured witches.

            ”Do you like them? We are starting a new group, ‘The Grants Meadow Foxes’. They are fox tails because we are sleek, sexy and foxy,” I said.

            ”Do you have a house to meet at?” Sabrina asked.

            ”Foxes don’t meet in a house, we meet in the barn,” I replied.

            ”What do you do in the ‘barn’ for meetings, is there a member initiation? Where do you get a tail?” she asked.

            ”You have to earn a tail and become a member by completing the initiation test in one test,”‘ I said.

            ”What’s the test?”Hermione said.

            ”It is a sexual skills and endurance test. First you have to master deep throating the dildos, then you have to master them in your pussy and ass. It usually takes a couple weeks of training sessions to master them. Once you master them the rest is easy as you move to real cocks. You have to deep throat and swallow the cum, take cum in your pussy and ass. We have well hung studs for that. Once you complete that you move to the edging game and have to win,” I said.

            ”What is the edging game,” Sabrina said.

            ”You compete against other girls against the clock on a stud. You try to make him cum in you without you cuming. If you cum you are disqualified for that round. When he cums in you – you have to suck him back hard for the round to continue,” Carol said.

            ”The last girl in the group not disqualified gets to ride him without the time limit until he cums and then suck him hard. Then a new round begins until the stud cannot get hard after five minutes of sucking. If you’re the one that puts him out for the count, you earn the foxtail and membership,” Carol said.

            ”You must demonstrate the mastery of the dildo, oral, vaginal and anal and then the cocks before the edging game at one meeting. It usually takes four hours. We have some real long endurance studs for the last parts,” Elsie said. ”You really have to like sex and a challenge,” Helen added.

            ”Can I see your tail? What is it attached to, your underwear?” Sabrina asked.

            There was no one else in the aisle. I hiked up the miniskirt, bent over and spread my cheeks in front of her.

            ”Wow, walking around with a plug in your butt, now that’s something!” Sabrina said.

            ”Yes it is, walking with it in provides continuous stimulation. Keeps you wet and slippery and even causes orgasms,” I said.

            ”Wow , I’m all for that,” Glinda said.

            ”You’re nuts,” Sabrina said.

            ”Have you looked in the mirror lately?” I said as we turned to walk away.

            ”Sabrina, are you still a virgin or just don’t like sex? That’s it – all that trash talk and you’re still pure as flowers,” Glinda said.

            We started shopping in the aisle. There was already fire in the face of Sabrina. The other girls of her Goth group were getting in on ragging Sabrina.

            Then the girls started to turn on each other, ”Hey wait a minute, just how many of us have had sex? Maybe Sabrina is not alone,” Glinda said. The conversation was hot and heavy as we walked out of hearing distance. I was almost sorry I had answered their questions.

            ”What a bunch of losers, they are just blind to life around them,” Samantha said.

            With a couple more items left to go in another aisle, two middle-aged ladies approached us, ”Like your tails. I think we have the same kind. Butt plug? We wear them to set the mood and as a conversation item for our parties. I would never have the courage to wear them in public.”

            ”Call me and we will meet you here wearing them the next time you come shopping like that. This has to be the ultimate rush if there ever was one. Maybe you girls would like to come to one of our parties but you must bring a few guys. Here, let me give my number. By the way, I’m Madge Cooper,” she said as she handed me the number and address.

            With the truck filled with our purchases I headed home with the girls. Linda and Carol were going back to the Farmers Market to see if anything had sold. I was ready for a disappointing report when they came home – I expected it to be weeks before there was any kind of sales.

            Elsie, Samantha, Helen and Celeste talked, laughed and joked all the way home. A lot of the conversation was about Sabrina and her Goth group. As we were loading the truck they came out of the store. They were still ragging on each other about their sexual exploits or lack of – to the chagrin of Sabrina.

            Glenda and Cassandra had walked over to Celeste and handed her a note while we were finishing up loading.

            ”Have Mary call us, Cassandra and I would like to talk a little more,” Glenda said. The note was a phone number and address and the best time to call. Celeste gave it to me as I started the truck.

            We had just finished putting the groceries in the freezers, refrigerators and shelves in the pantry. The girls were still wearing the butt plugs when Linda and Carol came home.

            Linda handed me a bag with money. ”Ellie took her percentage – here is the rest. Everything was sold, including all the eggs. Ellie says to bring more tomorrow as Saturday is usually the biggest day,” Linda said.

            I guess I knew what I was going to be doing tonight.

            ”Did you two wear the foxtails to the market?” I asked as I noticed they were still wearing them.

            ”Yes, we forgot we were wearing them. Everyone thought they were cute, that they were just a prop to go with the ‘Grant’s Foxtail Farms’ Bake stand. No one asked anything about them,” Linda answered.

            Linda left to check on Amos and Grandma. I started making supper – it was going to be grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and sweet corn from our garden. Sherman came home in time shuck the corn and then took over the grilling so I could get the water boiling to cook the corn, melt the butter and heat some baked beans to go with it. All that made supper go quickly and needed little clean up.

            After cleaning and disinfecting the counter and getting clean dishes, I started cooking cakes, pies and pastries for tomorrow. Carol was in the kitchen with me helping by getting the cake pans ready and making the dough for the donuts.

            I was mixing the batter for the cakes in the commercial mixer that was my mothers. The recipe made two cakes. I multiplied it to make ten vanilla and then a second batch to be chocolate. I wondered if by making big batches they would lose some of the flavor. I would take one cake for the group to sample when they were done.

            I had the things to make a variety of icings. While the cakes were going in and out of the oven I worked on pastries. Several were in the recipe box and I downloaded several more from the net that looked interesting.

            Carol slipped away for a minute and came back naked under the apron. ”I was getting hot,” Carol said.

            Carol made the donut batter and started getting the pan and oil ready for them. While working we discussed the glaze for the donuts. Carol decided on regular chocolate and vanilla glaze and both with sprinkles. It was the same flavors I had chosen. The kitchen was going to be busy for the next four hours or more, even with the two of us in there.

            It took five hours to bake everything. It was 11 when we finished putting the last of the cakes and pastries in the refrigerators. The taste test was good. Over half of the vanilla test cake was gone and a few pastries were also tasted.

            There were the normal grunts and cries of passion from the kids and Sherman and I made gentle love. I was tired and fell immediately asleep after the shower and wand washout.

            Linda stopped by again on her way to Seagraves. I sent her a text that there were fresh pastries if she wanted to take a few with her to work for snacks.

            ”You made all these last night?” Linda asked.

            ”Carol stayed with me until they were finished,” I said.

            ”That is another side of her I have not seen before,” Linda said.

            The egg count this morning was fifteen dozen. Twelve dozen were going with us to the market. Another dozen had been part of breakfast. The rest would be for baking tonight.

            We loaded up the truck again with all the goodies for the stand. All the girls were going. Carol insisted we put in the foxtail butt plugs again. It would be a good time to talk with them so I had called Cassandra and Glinda meet us there.

            Ellie was delighted to help us fill the display case, her stand was already fully stocked, neat and appealing . By the time we had finished there had already been several customers. We were finished when Cassandra and Glinda came and found us – I almost didn’t know them without the Goth getup.

            ”So this is why you bought all that stuff from the box store. You spend your free time in the kitchen. Some of those things really look good,” Glinda said.

            ”Would you like to try an apple turnover? Made with golden delicious apples, with just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon with a flaky crust and glazed,” I said.

            A middle aged man who was at Elle’s stand and had just boxed up his purchases said, ”I’ll take one of those.” He bought a cold soda from the ice chest at Ellie’s stand and stood off to the side and ate it, then finishing the drink.

            ”If you have a box I will take six,” he said.

            ”We have a paper bag. I can double bag them,” Ellie said.

            ”That’ll work,” he said.

            ”I’ll have one of those lemon pastries on the top shelf,” Glinda said.

            I gave her and Cassandra each one and a paper towel for a napkin. 

            ”Ellie, is there was anything that I needed to bring, do I need to get small boxes for the pastries and more bags? There is no need to use your things. I can stop by the commercial paper warehouse and get them today,” I said.

            ”Yes, I think some small boxes made from the material like pizza boxes would be ideal for the pastries and some larger for the cakes would be helpful. Just tell them what you want them for – they will know what you need,” Ellie said.

            ”Ok. I will see what they have,” I said.

            We walked out to the truck in the parking lot and began the talk with Cassandra and Glinda. They talked a lot about the Goth scene and how it was cool at the beginning and now was boring. “Sabrina is getting deeper and deeper into the cult side of Goth and that is not for us. Our parents don’t see a future with it and neither do we anymore,” Cassandra said.

            ”So you are looking for something else to do while you are searching for what you really want to be involved in,” I said.

            ”Something like that, we just need to be away from the Goth thing and Sabrina for a while, Glinda said.

            ”Honestly, we would like to spend some time with you and your group of girls, maybe just watch and learn. Cassandra and I are not virgins – there is no need to lie about it. Sabrina said we had to lose it to be part of her group, what’s done is done. She made us lose it in front of her, she even chose the male from her Goth connections. To make matters worse, she wanted to brand or tattoo the guys name on our privates,” Glinda said.

            ”The other girls raised cane about the branding or tattoo, afraid the same thing would be done to them,” Glinda said.

            ”Sounds like she was trying to include or introduce BDSM into her little group,” I said.

            ”After I go get some things for Ellie, we are going home and relax some today around the pool. We have worked and played hard the last few days and I have to cook more this afternoon and tonight. Come on out and relax with us. If you want to join in any play that happens, that’s fine, if you just want to watch that’s fine too,” I said.

            “We should be home in an hour and a half.” I gave then the address and directions and my phone number.

            ”OK, we will be there,” Cassandra said.

            At the paper goods store I had to buy cases of each type of box and I bought a dispenser and masking tape to tape up the boxes after the items were put in.

            We carried them back to Ellie and then assembled a few so they would be ready to use. Ellie only wanted twenty five of each – there simply wasn’t any place to store the case lots. I could bring some each day. If Ellie ran out she could use her paper bags and call. I asked her to keep a list of requested items. If there was enough demand I would try to make them.

            One of the first things I did when we got home was go collect today’s eggs. With the hens laying so many, we really needed more laying nests and that meant a bigger hen house.

            An hour later we were putting blankets and recliners out by the pool, filled the cooler with soda pop and lemonade. We were all naked and applying suntan lotion when I heard Cassandra drive up. She had one of those small rice burner cars with a loud chainsaw muffler. I threw on a long tee and went to open the gate for them to come into the yard.

            ”Wow! When you said relax you meant it. You all have great total tans. We brought swim suits but I see we don’t need them. I don’t think we brought any lotion,” Glinda said.

            ”We have plenty, I will even apply it if you like,” I said.

            Oiled up and on blankets the talk was about sex, men and boys. My group could certainly enlighten them on both; all of us were well experienced now. And they did. Before they were finished talking everyone was horny, including me.

            Samantha asked if I thought the guys would play the edging game when they came home.

            ” I am sure the two young studs will,” I said.

            I took a call from Ellie and went in the house to write down the things she thought I should bring tomorrow. The eggs had sold out by noon, the pastries by 11. We discussed how many more I needed to bake and take there tomorrow along with more cakes and pies.

            I could only get eight cakes at a time in the oven so I would have to make two batches. The same with the pies. The pastries went from four dozen to eight dozen and then there was cookies to be added; sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chip and walnut if I had any. I was going to be baking all night.

            I went to the pantry naked to write down a list of ingredients I needed. I would have to send Sherman or see if Linda could stop on her way home. By luck Linda called to see if we needed anything before she came home. I read her the list and asked her to stop by the market to check the display case and to talk with Ellie about any changes for tomorrow.

            When I finished the conversation James and Bob were standing in the kitchen, pouring themselves a glass of lemonade.

            ”The girls want to know if you are up for another edging game in a few minutes? There are two visitors out by the pool – they are off limits, they may watch but you are not to touch them unless they initiate any contact. Hit the shower and come out to the pool naked – you both are sweaty and stink. Make it a quick shower,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 32

I woke up early in Dad’s arms – he was still sound asleep. I slid out and went to shower after closing the bathroom door. When I finished, the house was still quiet.

            I went to the chicken house to see how many eggs I had to work with for breakfast. There were four dozen this morning. Many of the hens were beginning to produce. I used two buckets so I did not over-stack them, causing the lower ones in the bucket to be crushed.

            As I was walking back to the house with the buckets of eggs, Linda pulled to a stop by the walkway. She was on the way to work but stopped to find out how I made out with all the guests last night. Her real reason was to see if there were any donuts or donut holes left. She wanted some to take for her coffee break. There were a few – I guess they were a bigger hit than I thought.

            Today after breakfast Carol was going to help set up more of the baking things. I checked the new appliances delivered yesterday to see if they had failed during the night. If they were going to fail, it should be in the first few days of operation. Bob and Elsie were going over to Grandpa’s to work today.

            James and Sherman – Dad, I really needed to make up my mind the name I was going to use for Dad and stick with it – were going to do most of the things I normally helped do while we had the guests here.

            Those guest were already talking about playing the game tonight with Bob and Carol as extra players.

            I was surprised as Carol stepped right up to help cook breakfast, ”Tell me what I need to do to learn how to cook. With Mom it was always out of a box or a can; I really like the foods you cook,” Carol said.

            ”You didn’t have Home Economics or any kind of cooking classes in school?” I asked.

            ”No, they said those kinds of classes were sexist and dropped them from school,” Carol replied.

            ”Put on an apron in case you get hit with a spit of hot grease, let’s start with bacon and sausage. Breakfast is a relatively easy meal – for that we will use the big griddle for the amount we need to cook today,” I said.

            I showed her how I did bacon and explained how I cooked sausage patties. I explained that I could also take packaged sausage and cook it loose like hamburger to make sausage gravy.  We would pour it over hot biscuits – another favorite we could try tomorrow.

            While she was working and waiting on her griddle I had her mix pancake batter from the homemade mix I kept in a tightly closed gallon jar. I made it from the card in the recipe box and I usually made enough for several weeks.

            Carol mixed the liquid ingredients as I directed and then turned the bacon and sausage. It was time to cook the eggs and make pancakes. My enlarged family was gathering at the table as the food was coming off the stove.

            With breakfast over and the dishes in the washer, we planned the day. Elsie and Bob were going over to Amos. All the girls decided they were going to enjoy the pool today before it got really hot. I went out and made sure the chemicals were right for them then went back to the kitchen.

            I made three dozen more donuts and glazed them as before. Then I made a couple cakes; a chocolate one that I would put homemade chocolate icing on and a vanilla one that would get vanilla icing. While I had the oven going I made an apple pie and a lemon pie to go in the oven after the cakes came out. I had thirty minutes to kill before the cakes needed checking.

            I stripped off in the bedroom and grabbed a towel on the way out to the pool. I saw the girls tanning as I dove in. I did thirty laps figuring fifteen seconds in each direction. Then I climbed out and went back to the kitchen as I dried off.  I made the icing for the cakes and checked to see how they were progressing. I had timed it right; they were ready to come out and cool before being iced.

            I reset the temperature for the pies, waited for the ding that the oven was ready and then placed the pies in. I was placing the donuts and holes in a deep pan when Samantha came in for a drink. She asked if she could have a donut hole.

            ”Of course! You don’t have to ask, even though it polite to do so,” I said.

            ”The other night you said the anal was the first time for a real cock, are you ready to try a threesome with anal?” I asked.

            ”Have you done three?” Samantha asked.

            ”I have done a four-some; three cocks, sucking one, one in my pussy and one in my ass. It’s called being plugged tight,” I said.

            ”Wow. I like anal play even though it’s messy sometimes. I have a small finger size vibrator that I use a lot and sometimes the trusty brush handle that is shaped right. Using them and working my clit really gets me off. Yes, I would like to try taking two,” Samantha said.

            ”I can show you how to help with the mess. Just a clean-out makes it a lot more fun without the mess. It takes ten to fifteen minutes before you play there and lasts up to four hours, depending on your body. You should also use a lot more lube than was used the other night. James and Bob will help you with the three-some if you want. Both are very experienced at it. I have plenty of the right lube,” I said.

            ”What about Celeste and Helen, have they done anal or tried to?” I asked.

            ”Not that I know of, but since the other night they have asked several times if it was fun,” Samantha replied.

            ”I have some dildos to help stretch and train for anal if you or they are interested. I can show all of you the clean-out and how to use the dildos,” I said.

            Samantha took four more donut holes – one for each of them – and went back outside. I iced the cakes and carried them out to the new coolers in the pantry. The pies still had a few more minutes in the oven.

            When I went back to the kitchen Carol, Celeste, Helen and Samantha were standing there.

            ”You said you could teach us how to clean out for anal and you had toys to help. Carol says you’re good at helping doing things the right way,” Samantha said. I guess she was the spokesperson of the three when it came to anal. I thought Celeste was the group leader and instigator. I was wrong, maybe she was with trash talk but not action. Helen and Celeste were smiling and lightly nodding as I looked at them.

            ”We have several hours and it will take that long with the three of you. I will clean out first then Carol, since she had done it before and that will help refresh Carol’s memory,” I said.

            ”Fill the bag with lukewarm water, not hot or cold. This is just the right temperature. Stick your fingers in, check the temperature. Release the clamp, let the air and a little water out to warm the nozzle. Close the clamp and hang the bag high, lube your butt and the nozzle and then insert, take your – time don’t force it! When the nozzle is in all the way, hold it there and release the clamp with your other hand,” I said as I demonstrated on myself.

            ”Do not try to see how much you can take, we only need to clean out the lower bowel to the rectum. You do not want to force water into the upper parts or it will be messy all day. As soon as you feel a little pressure stop the flow with the clamp, pull the nozzle and push the material and water out. Normally use about a pint of water at a time,” I said.

            “Flush the toilet each time so you know when there is no material coming out, then lube the nozzle again and repeat. The third time add the longer nozzle and repeat. When there no material in what you push out, you are done.”

            ”In five minutes or so you may feel the need to push out a little more water, the bowel absorbs and releases some of it but you may or may not need to. Carol, you’re next and I will get out the toys and clean then,” I said.

            I only brought in the box with the dildos and cleaned them.

            ”Do any of you want a deep throat contest or just get on with the dirty stuff?” I said.

            ”No, let’s get started,” Samantha Said.

            I loaded the lube shooter and lubed Carol’s ass and then the rest of the girls.

            I stuck the dildos on all three walls of the shower at the height that we normally did. We girls were all close to the same height. I lubed each of them, smearing it completely around them with my hand.

            Carol started with the first one and worked on it until she had loosened up, explaining to the trio what she was doing and why. Then she moved on to the next one. Samantha backed onto the one Carol just vacated after I applied more lube and a dab to her butt.

            Carol moved to the next one and Samantha followed, Celeste decided she was next. Celeste struggles at first, barely moving.

            ”Spread your legs and play with your clit as you work it in,” I said.

            ”That helps and makes it feels better,” Celeste said.

            She was soon stroking with it, easily sliding it in and out of her butt.

            ”Girl, you need to slack off on the clit! You’re going to need some of that pleasure as you move to the bigger ones,” I said.

            They changed positions again. I wondered how far they would get. I had put all of them on the wall, including James and Dad as I called the two biggest ones. I was sure Carol could take James but would she try Dad?

            Helen moved on the small one, rubbing her clit as I had told Celeste. She was exhaling and whimpering, her cheeks hitting the wall really hard. Then I remembered that all of the dildos had balls. Helen was smacking her pussy with the balls plus her finger work on her clit.

            ”Damn! Helen is going to cum, soon cum soon, I have heard that sound before. Does it feel that good Helen?” Celeste asked.

            ”Are you girls ready to change soon? I want the next one,” Helen said.

            Carol moved to James and struggled but soon had it mastered and was smiling. I was sure in my mind that ass fucking was going on between the girls and boys because the guys were too good at getting the rhythm going not to be doing it often. That pretty much confirmed it.

            Helen pressured them again to change. None of them needed to be told to get a pump of lube for the next dildo.

            Carol was working her clit just before she pulled off. She lubed Dad and then her ass and backed on it very slowly, forcing herself on it before stroking and putting her fingers to work. She added her other hand to her nipples as she slowly was taking more.

            Samantha was doing the same as she was taking James. Celeste was on the seven and a half – equal to Bob. Carol and Samantha had both ass cheeks touching the wall and they were enjoying it with the fingers of both hands busy.

            Carol cried out and had a loud and strong orgasm. I wondered if it was clit or anal induced cum. Her movements came to a halt and then she pulled off. Samantha quickly lubed Dad and guided it into her ass. Carol was watching, leaning against the wall while recovering from her orgasm.

            Celeste was slowly working her butt onto the Bob dildo. I wondered if I was going sex crazy naming the dildos for the cocks they matched.

            Samantha had her orgasm before her ass touched the wall. ”Oh god I’m cuming and cuming. Oh – Oh and more Oh so good.” And then she slowed to almost stop and was moving very slowly. After watching, I knew what she was doing – she was extending the throes of her orgasm.

            Her abdomen would tense up and her face would distort from the orgasm. As soon as it eased, she moved on the dildo again with several hard strokes as her fingers worked on her clit and nipples. When the orgasm returned full strength she would slow again. She kept doing it over and over again as her ass touched the wall, her stomach clearly showed the bulge from the tip of the dildo.

            I was standing close while watching as her hand left her nipples and pulled me to her and to her mouth. With her hand on the back of my head she was trying to find my tonsils. I returned the kiss and my hands went to her nipples. I squeezed them and pinched them. The harder I was on them, the more she moaned into my mouth, the more aggressively she stroked on the dildo and the fingers on the clit.

            I had seen long orgasms before, but none that lasted as long as this one. The rest of the girls had cum or were cuming. Those that had were staring at Samantha.

            ”Wow! And Samantha said she didn’t really like girl – girl things! That’s been blown all to hell. What a scene, I wish I had been recording,” Celeste said.

            Samantha stopped all movement and stopped the kiss, ”Hold me, help me off the dildo. My knees are trembling, that was the best ever,” as her arms went around me.

            As the knob of the dildo came out Samantha lost control of her bladder. I could feel the spray on my legs.

            ”Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that,” Samantha said.

            ”It’s OK, happens a lot as the angle of the dildo changes coming out and puts pressure on the bladder. Nothing soap and water won’t take care of,” I said.

            I held her a few minutes while rubbing her back as her breathing returned to normal.

            After a few moments, ”You did all the teaching but you haven’t cum,” Celeste said with two of the other girls chiming in.

            I whispered into Samantha’s ear, ”Just how kinky are you with anal – how far are you willing to go, how much are you willing to try?” I asked.

            ”After today anything goes at least once, I think,” Samantha said.

            We separated and I looked at her hands and fingers.

            ”On my dresser is a pair of nail clippers and a file. Cut your nails close and file them, make sure there are no sharp edges or points while I get everything set up,” I said.

            ”Carol, put a new card in the camera and a fully charged battery. Then put the tripod off to the center a little at the foot of my bed. You may have to film free hand. Celeste and Helen, help me get the bed ready,” I said.

            On the bed went two quilts with them hanging to the floor and one more doubled on the floor. The pillows were stacked near middle way. In the shower I used the hand shower spray to wash off Samantha’s urine and the floor of the shower.

            ”Samantha, how are you coming along?” I asked.

            ”Almost done – nice and smooth, no sharpness or points,” Samantha replied.

            ”Good, we are almost ready,” I said.

            I lubed the four biggest dildos.

            ”All done,” Samantha said.

            “OK, here is what I want done. I’m going to use the dildos to get loosened up then I’m going to get on the bed. Celeste and Helen, I want you to help hold my legs back so I can relax, play with my breasts and nipples to help.”

            ”Samantha, I want you to finger my ass. Start with two fingers like this, add three and then four. Roll your hand side to side easily, not aggressively. When you feel it loosen up pull your hand out some and close your thumb in like this. Keep pushing with steady pressure, roll your hand and keep pushing,” I said.

            ”Carol, make sure you get good video. I will tell you as we go if anything needs changing,” I said as I went to the bathroom.

            I worked at the dildos until I was loose and moved to the next one. A four girl audience didn’t help. James was no problem, but with Dad I struggled a little bit, although my ass cheeks were soon bouncing off the wall.

            ”OK girls I’m ready – take your places.”

            I slid back onto the bed as Celeste was on my left and Helen was on my right. Samantha was on her knees between my now spread and held back legs, lubing her hand and fingers with the slippery lube. Carol was over her shoulder with the camera focused on my ass.

            ”You know, I have not done anything like this,” Samantha said.

            ”After today you can say you have and you will join the group of the experienced few that have,” I said.

            I felt two fingers slide in, then three, then four. Samantha rotated her hand right and then left – or was it left and then right? Samantha pulled out and started back in. I felt the knuckles stretching me a little more. I reach down and started on my clit.

            I had to remind Helen and Celeste to play with my nipples. I finally told them to suck on the nipples. It felt like Samantha’s hand was in a little more. I reached down to feel and was disappointed that the knuckles were still outside.

            ”Add a little more pressure and rotate your hand,” I said.

            I had to grab a handful of quilt on that bit of stretch. Celeste and Helen were doing their best to watch and not really giving my breasts the attention I wanted. I worked both arms around and squeezed a breasts in each hand hard.

            Samantha increased the pressure, I felt my ass stretch and then the pressure eased off and the knuckles quickly slid past my anal sphincter.

            ”It went in to my wrist, I can’t believe it!” Samantha said.

            ”Keep going in until I tell you to stop and reduce the amount of rotation a bit,” I said.

            ”Pull it out until I tell you to stop,” I said.

            ”Stop,” I said. I stopped her when the knuckles were at the sphincter.

            ”Add some more lube to your arm then push it back in,” I said

            ”More, go deeper and then add some strokes,” I said.

            I could feel her fingers deep in me. I wish there had been a mirror overhead so I could watch, but I would have to wait for the video.

            I felt the fingers hit bottom, or what I thought was bottom.

            ”Stop for a few seconds then try to go in further,” I said.

            ”OK, push harder, OK, that’s it,” I said.

            ”Pull your hand out, more, more, more. Stop and try to close your fingers into a fist one at a time,” I said.

            I could feel the movement of each finger as she did it.

            ”Add more lube – plenty of it to your arm and further towards the elbow,” I said.

            “Push it back in, further, keep going. OK stop. Try to move your fist upwards, Carol focus the camera on my abdomen to see of it moves. Keep going until I tell you to stop. More, higher. OK stop,” I said as I watched the bulge in my abdomen appear.

            ”With it like that, flex your hand left and right,” I said.

            ”Wow, look at that!” Samantha said with the others agreeing.

            I was impressed as they were. I could easily see the bulge moving with her wrist. They had a better vantage point than I did.

            ”OK, pull it out some and slow stroke, out further, stop. Now in, more, stop. Stroke it that deep. A little faster, more, a little faster, and a little harder. Pull it out a little further, a little more out,” I said.

            Samantha was shaking me a little on the bed. It was feeling good – even better – as I started rubbing and pressing on my clit.

            ”A little further out each time, harder,” I said.

            She was starting to put real pressure on my sphincter. My orgasm started deep. It was definitely an anal orgasm. I wished I had a cock in my pussy to try for joint ass/pussy orgasm. That was something to try if I could talk James into helping with it.

            My orgasm went from little ripples to volcanic eruptions in seconds. My legs tried to go straighten and go flat surprising both Celeste and Helen. They recovered in time to hold them.

            ”I’m cuming, hard, OH, Oh cuming!” I started to lose my vision but it quickly returned. My fingers were still strumming my clit, Samantha was still stroking my ass.

            ”Slow down and then stop, I think that’s enough,” I said.

            ”Straighten your fingers out and then pull your arm out.” When she got the bigger part of her hand to the sphincter I tied to relax as much as possible. Samantha kept pulling and it slowly worked its way out.

            ”Get the gap Carol,” I said.

            Her hand popped out, I felt so empty as the girls let go of my legs so I could put them down.

            ”Wow, what a gap, I am zooming in on it,” Carol said.

            ”You better hurry because my muscles are trying to close it,” I said.

            All four of them were looking closely at it as I did the first exercise and held it for ten seconds and then I repeated it. I would be doing exercises for the rest of the night, off and on.

            ”Wow, that’s impressive!” Celeste said with Helen and Samantha agreeing.

            ”I want to try that before we leave to go back to the city,” Samantha said.

            ”You’re going to have to get in line,” Carol said. ”I’m next.”

            We had an hour to clean up and put away the dildos. I had an idea as the washed and dried dildos went into the box.

            ”Go shower, two upstairs, two here and then come back – and make it fast,” I said.

            I went first in the shower and then the other two. While they were in there I pulled out the box of other toys I had ordered. I had ordered a bunch when Linda started to play with me.

            I had ordered medium fox tail butt plugs. They came in two different styles; one that the tail was formed around a bendable core, the other was just a free floating tail that simply hung down by gravity. I bought six of the last one, not knowing how long they would last and besides that, they came in a six pack. I thought that that they would add spice to play sometime.

            I even had a wild hair that we could wear them with a mini skirt to the box store just to see if we could start a new fad.

            They were a medium plug with a long small shank that would allow the sphincter to close to hold it in. They had them with a rubber stretchy material in the form of a thong to help hold them. I didn’t think that would feel good on the clit. I covered the box waiting for the girls.

            ”OK, line up beside the bed – eyes closed – bend over and reach back and spread those cheeks and don’t say anything,” I said.

            A dab of lube on the butt and a smear on the plug and then I pushed each one of them in, including one for myself.

            ”OK, take a look, we are foxes now,” I said.

            We had a good laugh and there were lots of pictures taken. If Linda showed up after work I was going to plug her as well. I put out the idea about wearing them to the box store with a mini skirt just for kicks.

            To my surprise they wanted to do it tomorrow. We decided on long tee shirts for now as we waited on James and Bob to get home. The girls wanted to play the edging game again. If I played that would be six and we could do the teams against each other – if Linda showed up I would be the timer and fluff on Sherman.

            We made cakes and pies to take to the market tomorrow and would take eggs. Today’s pick was six dozen. All of yesterday’s eggs went into the cakes. I made sure the eggs were clean this morning before I put them in egg crates. If tomorrow was as productive as today, that would be twelve dozen in the display case.

            The Farmers Market would be a good cover for going to town. After putting things in the case we could go to the box store, remove our thongs and pop in the fox tail plugs in the bathroom. Then, we could do some shopping and see what the reaction was.

            The girls said they were five hundred miles away from home, no one was going to know them, but for me, not so. But since we were a group no one would care.      

            We had just finished the cakes and pastries when James and Sherman came home in the Pete. A few minutes later Bob and Elsie came home from Amos and Grandma’s.

            I sent Bob, James and Elsie to shower while I explained to Sherman that the girls wanted to do the edging game again and about the foxtails.

            ”I have a great video! I think we can watch tonight when we go to bed,” I said.

            ”Some play time today?” Dad said.

            ”Yes and it’s going to lead to more,” I said.

            Sherman said he would check the animals and then shower in case we needed a relief cock as a fill in. He was laughing as he said it.         

            ”When the guys tucker out, we can use you until the girls get tired. By the way, I want an adjustable remote control ceiling mirror over our bed,” I said.

            He walked away shaking his head.

            Twenty minutes later Linda was in the shower. She declined the foxtail today but said she would go with us tomorrow. She would wear one and carry the small camera to record reactions while doing her best to keep a straight face.

            I put a clean blanket on three bales of hay that were side by side with a couple feet between them. I placed the one minute timer and lube bottle on the one in the middle. By the time I was finished everyone was there. I explained the rules for Linda and Carol and to refresh the memories of the others and Bob on what he could and could not do.

            Instead of doing all the coin flipping, I had written the numbers one to three on three papers and placed then on the bale of hay.

            ”Two teams with three players each. Carol, Elsie pick your team,” I said. Elsie chose Samantha and Mom. That left Celeste and Helen with Carol.

            “Team Carol, go to the bale and pick a piece of paper for the play order.” Celeste was going first, Carol second and then Helen. The other team was Linda, Samantha, then Elsie, in that order. Linda begged off so she could watch and make sure she knew what to do.

            ”Strip while I am getting the men ready,” I said.

            With James on his back I sucked him hard and then went to Bob and did the same.

            ”Ready girls – go,” I said as I hit the timer and waited.

            Celeste mounted James and Samantha mounted Bob. The girls fingers were flying on clits and the men were rough on the breasts. The bell dinged – the minute was up. The players changed quickly and then I hit the bell. The girls remembered they could get vocal and started encouraging their team member to get the guy to come.

            They went through the rotation three times before the Elsie came loudly and was eliminated for the rest of the round. That meant Linda and Samantha one off and one on. I was betting Linda would cum next – not having an orgasm today and stating she was horny. I was wrong – Bob squirted inside Linda – the first to shoot cum.

            Linda quickly sucked his cock to the root as I set the timer on my phone to five minutes. She had him back in three for Samantha to mount when the time started again and all three were in the rotation again.

            The other team was a little different because all three of them had cum today on the dildos and those dildos helped tone the pelvic floor muscles a little more. Those girls had decided to ignore James’s hands as much as possible to concentrate on working the pelvic muscles.

            James lasted two more cycles before he shot off in Helen. She had him back in three minutes, hard enough for Carol to mount. It took thirty minutes for Bob to be finished, unable to rise again. He had cum twice – the third time in Samantha.

            Sherman was standing behind me when Bob failed to rise he placed his hard cock on my shoulder.

            ”The relief cock is ready to go,” he said. The action had stopped with the bell.

            I turned and slobbered on it to make it wet. ”Your tiger,” I said.

            Linda was next in the rotation on Sherman. She was standing – straddling – waiting for the bell. She had this game figured out. As soon as the bell rung she impaled herself to the root in one drop. She squeezed Sherman’s cock so hard I seen his eyes open more. She put her fingers to work on her clit lightly, not using the motions she likes.

            She was just trying to egg Sherman on. Sherman must have been edging behind me; the expressions on his face told me he was trying hard not to cum. Elsie was back on at the bell trying her best and then Samantha; both tried hard to get Sherman off. Linda was up again, then repeated the drop to the root.

            The squeeze was too much as Sherman announced he was cuming. Linda waited until he had stopped cuming, then giving a fist pump as she pulled off. With the cock deflating, she took it to the root while sucking hard to get it back.

            I sucked on Bob while Linda got Dad hard. I got on my knees and directed Bob to slow fuck me as I hit the bell for the game to continue.

            The game went four more rounds with Sherman cuming in Elsie, then Linda and then Elsie. Both came while leaving Samantha for the long ride, the first of the game.

            I saw Samantha hit the lube bottle and dab her ass. I knew what she was going to do. She straddled Sherman, swabbed his cock and then notched it into her ass and dropped, taking half of it. She lifted and dropped again, this time to the root and then got serious about ass fucking, bouncing up and down.

            Sherman pulled her down to kiss her but the real reason was so he could control the action. He began to fast fuck her ass from below, balls flopping, skin slapping – she was along for the ride.

            Samantha came first with a huff, a moan and a little scream and then Sherman announced he was cuming, slowing to a stop with the last pulses of cum in her ass. She tried to lift off but he put his arms around her to hold her there.

            ”No you don’t, stay on me until my cock falls out of your ass. You have a good ass and good control of those muscles,” Sherman said.

                        I told Bob to fuck my ass to the finish. The game was over. All the pussies should be plenty sore and so should some asses. I carried the timer back to the house. We used a lot of hot water and soap for the next hour.

            Pizza was the fare for supper tonight. With the ten of us I did four- one cheese, one meat ball and onion, one pepperoni and one ground sausage.

            I noticed all the girls were sitting carefully.

            Linda kissed me as she was leaving after eating with us, ”I had fun! I will be over in the morning to go with you to the market.”

            Sherman and I showered and went to bed. We watch the video of Samantha fisting my ass. Sherman stopped and watched the stomach bulge sequence several times before allowing it to finish.

            He was rock hard again and I was wet. We slow fucked for a long time; we had both cum several times today, me more than him. My mind may have wanted a quick orgasm to finish out the day with my husband but my body wasn’t having any part of it.

             He fucked me soft and gentle and then hard. Then I rode him trying to find the right spot that would light me off. Finally with my legs back for the second time he pounded me until my clit could refuse no more. We came together – he was holding out so we could cum together. Everyone in the house should have heard my cries of pleasure.

            ”Show me where you want the mirror tomorrow morning,” he said as we snuggled together.

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Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 30

            It was 11 when we arrived home after stopping for lunch, several pee stops and fuel. We also had the sleeping arrangements to work out. But first, the livestock need looking in on. They needed water and food just like we did. Hungry and thirsty cows would break or jump fences when they were hungry. There was plenty of green soybeans and corn within sight of the corral.

            There was still hay in the feeder, the water trough was still full – all good signs the well was still working and the power to the pump was still on. They needed ground feed but that could wait until tomorrow. More needed to be ground – let the education of the city girls begin.

            All the women were going to stay here tonight, tomorrow we would sort out the real issues. Sleeping bags, blankets and the couch would serve for a few people tonight.

            Luckily there was enough hot water and towels for ten people. All of the girls decided they were going to share beds. As Celeste put it, ”I can snuggle really close and won’t take much room.” Celeste was going to sleep with James and Sam with Bob. Elsie and Carol were going to push the two beds together so Helen could join them.

            Linda was going to sleep on the couch. She showered in my bedroom and went to the couch. After Dad and I showered, I went and brought her to our bed while placing her on one side and I was on the other with Dad in the middle.

            ”Linda first – be gentle and give her the full treatment. I’m going to the kitchen for lemonade and to check on the group in the other bedrooms, then your cock is mine,” I whispered into his ear.

            I made sure I was quiet as I checked on the others. The smell of sex was everywhere! In James’s room Celeste was still riding him on top. In Bob’s bed Sam was getting slowly fucked; either they were just getting started or this was the second round.

            Elsie was wearing one of the strap-ons and Helen was getting a pussy pounding with it. Carol was underneath Helen, licking her pussy while getting hers licked by Helen and possibly one of the dildos getting used on her.

            I went to the kitchen for the drink I got out of bed for; I fixed three. I was nearing the door when I heard Linda and Dad both achieving orgasms. I waited until they finished and had separated before I went in with the drinks.

            Dad carried his into the bathroom for a quick shower and to revive a little for me. I relaxed on the bed talking to Linda. ”He does quite well with that big cock, doesn’t he,” I said.

            ”He does amazing things with it. And now you are going to have fun with it?” Linda said.

            ”Yes, that is the agreement we both made before we got married. We agreed to swap outside of the marriage as long as we both agreed on the partner and possibly share. We also agreed that the last orgasm of the day is to be with each other. It has worked out well,” I said.

            ”He is your husband? How? When?” Linda asked.

            ”Not long ago – we had to do it before the state law is changed and they are in the process of changing it,” I said.

            ”You’re not pregnant,” Linda said.

            ”No, not until I get out of school and possibly college. But yes, I want children,” I said.

            ”We can talk more tomorrow,” I said as Dad emerged from bathroom.

            I took off the baby doll, ”I love you with all my heart. I’m needy again,” I said as I kissed him with all the passion I could put into a kiss. Then I dropped to my knees and finished making his erection full mast.

            Dad placed me on the bed beside Linda and we made love. Slowly at first and then aggressively with passion, hard and filling my need twice to his once. I ended on top where we proclaimed our lasting love and affection. With my cheek nestled on his shoulder I drifted off to sleep. With my last look at Linda, she was smiling and seemed to accept our arrangement.

            At 6 the urge to pee signaled it was time to get up. Linda was still snoring beside us. We quietly showered and went outside to check the egg production. This morning there were two dozen. It was a good thing I was willing to bet a dozen would be used for breakfast today.

            With 10 to feed I would try my hand at being a short order breakfast cook. I would use up all the older eggs first. With the ones left over I would make cakes just for the fun of it.

            One of the things Dad and I talked about was now that Linda knew, there was no need to hide our affection. Mom’s wedding ring would now become part of my finger. Dad didn’t need to wear his except when we went out to public affairs.

            Wearing a wedding ring while working with machinery was dangerous. They got hung up and fingers ripped off in the process. Another thing, Dad now became Sherman.

            When we returned to the house Linda was up and had showered. She was sitting at the table drinking orange juice.

            ”Breakfast this morning will consist of fresh eggs – fried or scrambled – sausage, bacon, scrapple or fried ham, home fries and toast,” I said to Linda. ”Go wake the bunch up and tell them to shower. I don’t want to smell any stinky used pussy or cocks at the table. Breakfast will be served at 8 and any not eaten at 830 will be thrown out to the hogs. It’s time to get the day started; there are a lot of things to do.”

            ”Yes, Mom, I agree,” Linda said as she was laughing.

            A minute or so later she was banging on the doors, scaring them half to death. She gave them my instructions to the letter. Linda said, ”If you are not at the table at 8 it’s the fly swatter and no breakfast. Get out of bed and hit the showers; we have a busy day,” she added a few things of her own.

            ”We’re going to have to open the windows and air this place out. I have never been to a whorehouse but I bet they can’t smell as bad as back there,” Linda said but she was laughing shaking her head.

            ”Yes and wash all the sheets,” I said.

            With Dad’s help I got out the cookware I had been cleaning to make things for the market and started breakfast. The big commercial stove was going to get its first big workout. All eight burners had a pan, pot or skillet on them. The microwave was thawing out thickly sliced ham.

            It was a good thing I had started stocking food ahead in the new pantry and the freezers; it was coming in handy today.

            I asked Linda to set the big dining room table. Without Dad and Linda’s help I would have made a poor short notice short order cook. Things were coming off the stove as the kids were showing up. There were some leftovers but few as Dad, Linda and I made our plates.

            I had an egg over hard, a couple strips of bacon, scrapple, a slice of lightly fried ham, home fries and toast with butter and grape jam. I was hungry. Fast food supper had not lasted very long with all the work we had done.

            The pots and pans were clean and in the sink strainer or dry and the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher. We all sat at the table trying to hash out sleeping arrangements for the next two weeks.

            Celeste, Sam and Helen were not bashful – they were happy with the way things were and wanted no changes. Bob, Elsie and Carol agreed with them. They had come up with their own arrangement of musical beds. James and Bob were going to do the same as the girls and move their beds together to give a little more room to the occupants, which I was sure would include two girls.

            Linda was still going to stay at Amos’s house and Carol, Elsie and Bob were still going over to help part time. I didn’t like the arrangement but was trapped in it.

            Linda’s things – for now – were going to stay in the trailer until our house guests were gone, then we would sort it out. There was plenty of things to be done. I reminded them that they had promised farm pictures to their families and how important it was that it happened. We needed to stage them so that things looked appropriate. Elsie and Carol were both going to help me bake goods for the farmers market.

            Bob and James were going to be pussy whipped long before the two weeks was over.

            ”Sherman will only be available to them for play on a very limited basis, now that he was spoken for,” Linda said.

            ”What do you mean?” Carol said.

            ”You three all know that not only are they father and daughter, they are husband and wife. All of us in this room have extremely high sex drives and like to share, but Mary comes first when it comes to Sherman. If you want Sherman to participate in a sex play event, you need to work through both of them.” Linda said.

            ”Who knows, they may want to make a three-some of four-some or more. In fact, I would bet on it. It only takes a few seconds to make sure everyone is good with whatever it is that comes to mind,” Linda said.

            ”Robert and I never went to any wife swap meets but I have read up on them and sex play always is consensual among all the partners by asking. It has to be that way here since there are six women and only three fine studs,” Linda said.

            What she didn’t say was that Dad, Linda and I agreed that the young folks should play together most of the time. We also agreed that until the three guests left, we three would play together as much as possible.

            I sent Dad and all the kids outside so the dangers of farm life could be explained to the newcomers and they could have a tour. In a couple more hours I would be out to stage the first set of pictures for the parents.

            Linda and I stayed in the house while putting away dishes. It was her suggestion. I knew she wanted to talk and talk we did. She was really pumping me about being married to Dad. She asked what we had to do, how we did it, how long it took and why we did it now.

            We were sitting at the table and talked for an hour.

            ”You have to promise me you won’t hold anything against anyone you see in the pictures I’m going to show you,” I said.

            Linda thought a few seconds. ”That’s fair and reasonable. OK,” Linda replied.

            I went into the office and in the locked file cabinet took out both wedding albums. One was put together by the chapel and one I had put together with the pictures from my camera. Elsie and Carol had taken some and the chapel hands had taken others.

            I placed the one from the chapel in front of her; she opened it to the first page. ‘The wedding of Sherman and Mary Grant’ in pictures.

            She slowly flipped through all the pictures without saying a word until the end.

            ”Those stinkers. They knew all the time and never said a word! It’s the first secret they ever kept more than an hour,” Linda said.

            ”They arrived just at the right time to be part of the wedding party, otherwise just the three of us planned to go it alone,” I said.

            ”So when James called you Mom the other day he was kidding, but almost let the cat out of the bag,” Linda said.

            ”He thought it would get under my skin and it doesn’t bother me,” I said.

            ”I called you that joking this morning, I’m so sorry,” Linda said.

            ”It’s OK, it actually sounded good. I had told James to call me Mary because he asked which I wanted and we had not decided how to handle everything publicly. I may change that but I guess I should wait until I have little ones of my own,” I said.

            ”With this brood you have got staying here you deserve to be called Mom because they will turn your hair gray,” Linda said.

            She looked at the other album and I explained that the dress and wedding ring were my Mom’s. I was proud that I fit into the dress without alterations.

            We had just finished and the albums put away and were working on a very big grocery list when the group came back in .

            ”Mary is going to town for grocery shopping, I want Elsie and you three to go with her and help. I think I heard that James, Bob and Sherman were going to make chicken, hog and cow feed. They don’t need five girls around for a distraction on the very first day. It can be a dangerous job,” Linda said.

            ”I’m going over to Mom and Dad’s, Carol can come with me to do what’s needed over there and to see how they are doing. I have to go to work at Seagraves tomorrow and will come back over here later to use Mary’s computer system to get ready for tomorrow,” Linda added.

            ”If Amos and Mrs. Jackson need anything, call me,” I said.

            ”Is there anything that you girls need to put on the list like toiletries or birth control?” I said.

            ”IUDs all around,” Celeste said. I guess she was the spokesperson.

            ”Leaving in ten minutes, get ready to go!” I said.

            When they came down, they were in short shorts and halter tops. I stopped at the appliance store and looked at big refrigerators. I was going to need a couple of big ones to keep cakes and pies in. They would have to fit through the 48 inch door to the new pantry.

            They were expensive as hell but I thought I would need them. They did not have them in stock but got a daily delivery from the warehouse in the city. They would be here in the afternoon tomorrow and be delivered to the farm before the end of the day. I also bought one upright freezer.

            Both of them had ice makers. I could bag the ice from them and put in the freezers then have plenty to put in coolers to get things to the Farmers Market.

            At the box store we took five carts. I tore the list into five pieces and gave each of them a pencil to mark off what they put into the cart. I wrote detailed shopping lists because I never knew if Sherman or James would be helping. Another thing I did in the final write was to put things by aisle in the store.

            Meats were all together, paper products , canned goods, laundry and so on. I hated to walk the store several times just to get what I needed. I tripled my purchase of everything and added box cakes, pie crust, flour, sugar and all the things I needed for baking times four.

            The five carts were very full and it took six to get it all back in the carts after the register. It was over a thousand dollars! I was definitely calling a commercial wholesale food company to see about discounts and deliveries. I would be glad when the beef and pigs went to the locker.

            It took the same amount of time to get five carts as it did to get two with all of us shopping. I had coolers in truck for the cold stuff and had enough room and time to pick up the chickens from the locker. I knew what we would be eating on my home menu for the next few weeks – quick big meals.

            It took two of us an hour to stack everything away in the pantry and freezers, even with the girls bringing the bags and coolers in. Tonight the fare was going to be salad and spaghetti with meatballs in a meat sauce and Texas toast – like it or not. I had bought plenty of ingredients.

            I called Linda and told her what we were having for supper and to bring Amos and Grandma when she came, if they were interested. With a bag of meatballs on the counter to thaw out, I went outside to find our visitors. It was time to take pictures and sent them to their folks in the city.

            I found them outside. That reminded me, I still had sheets to wash before the night was out so beds could be made tonight.

            Sherman, James and Bob were grinding the last batch of feed for the cows. As usual with making the feed, dust was billowing in the air. I took pictures with them watching the operation as different grains were added, sampling the feed before and after the powered molasses was added and of course – the aroma test.

            ”Smells like pancake syrup,” Sam said.

            Then we went to the chicken coop where I took different pictures with girls surrounded by chickens as they were spreading ground corn from a bucket. That is one way to get chickens to come to you. They are inquisitive by nature. At first the city girls were scared as the chickens flocked and ran to them, but it soon wore off.

             With a bucket in hand I had them gather the fresh eggs that had been laid since this morning’s gathering.

            ”Do you notice anything about the eggs?” I asked.

            ”No,” Sam replied.

            ”Hold them carefully and some will still be warm,” I said. ”You can use that as a caption on the picture when you send it,” I said.

            From there we went to the cattle yard where ground feed was being put in a feed trough for the cows. It had to be done seven days a week or they would let you know it. They were growing fast with the feed for a boost over the pasture grass and hay.

            I moved close to the trough and rubbed one of the head of the cows. I held a handful of feed for the cow to lick from my hand. The cow repeated the licking from the girls. The cows were eager to eat, afraid they would miss a mouthful and if I moved slow and easy I could pat one. I coached the girls into doing the same thing for the camera – that resulted in more pictures for the parents.

            From there we went to the hog pen with a bucket of whole corn where the process was repeated. With hogs you have to be careful; they can hurt you quickly while fighting over food, so it was dumped over the fence. I took more good shots.

            From there it was to the hay barn for an explanation about hay, why we used it and when with pictures of them sitting on the hay.

            James had finished with Dad and joined in the conversation.

            ”James is going to help me demonstrate how farm girls also use hay, other than for the livestock,” I said.

            I threw a blanket over one bale of hay.

            I dropped my shorts and thong, laid on the hay with my feet on the ground and gave James the come hither finger. He knew what I wanted immediately and dropped his pants and went to his knees.

            ”One bale is just the right height for this,” I said as he fed me his cock.

            ”That feels just about the right height, but stop a minute James and let me make a change,” I said.

            I place the second bale on the first with the blanket and climbed back up as James moved in as I spread my legs for him.

            ”Two bales are the right height with your lover standing,” I said as James was slow stroking.

            ”You can also do it this way,” I said as James helped me place my legs against his shoulders.

            ”And then there is this way,” I said as James moved behind me with me bent over the two bales while stroking me.

            ”And there is this way – it’s the right height,” I said back on one bale – on my knees – with James back in me. One more change James.

            ”And finally this way,” I said as I put James on the bale and rode him for cowgirl a minute. Then I stopped and pulled off. ”Thanks James, end of demonstration.”

            ”Wait a minute, you’re not going to leave me like this are you?” James asked.

            ”No, stay there but give me a minute,” I said.

            I put my shorts back on and took out a quarter, ”OK girls, line up.”

            ”Call it in the air,” I said

            I flipped it for Elsie – she had heads – then it was Sam’s turn and it came up tails. Then Helen was tails, then Celeste and it was tails again.

            ”Elsie is out for a minute,” I said.

            I flipped for the three remaining. Then Helen was out. And again and then Celeste was out. Sam was the last one left.

            ”You are going to play an edging game,” I said.

            ”Sam gets first round, one minute, then Celeste gets one minute, then Helen gets one minute and then Elsie. If James has not cum, start over in the same order. Whoever James cums in has to suck his cock back hard so he can finish all four of you and then you start over- same order. When you can’t get him erect any more, the game is over. The girl that finished him is the winner,” I said.

            ”The idea of the game is to get James to cum often and so much he can’t get hard, by using just your pussy muscles. If you cum, you are eliminated until the next round. The last girl that hasn’t cum after the other three are eliminated gets to ride him to the finish, then the game starts over,” I said.

            ”James will try to eliminate you to so he can get that long hard ride and cum. James can play with nipples and breasts with his hands only while you are riding him. James, no thrusting, you must lie still and let their muscles do all the work,” I said.

            ”No playing with yourself waiting for your turn. You can verbally encourage the girl riding James to come, dirty talk may help get her off. You have to play with your clit for the one minute you are riding James. It helps those muscles get active but remember you don’t want to cum so you get the long ride but you want James to cum again and again to move the game alone,” I said. ”It’s the girls working together against the guy,” I said.

            ”Remember, every time he cums it’s going to take longer for the next one. You are going to get to do a lot of fucking near the end,” I said.

            ”This is strength building for the pelvic floor muscles. Building better muscles there will give you control of your man. It’s a trick the pros use to get the customer done and gone. You can use it against your boyfriend and tell him what a worthless fuck he is for being a quick shot. Few young men are prepared for that kind of muscle action,” I said.

            ”If James cannot get hard after five minutes of sucking, you are the winner,” I said.

            ”Use the timer on Elsie’s phone. Strip off so James can get at those nipples and breasts Get going or James will wither and you will get none,” I said.

            ”Tomorrow we will add a variation to the game and another variation the following day,” I said.

            ”I am going to start supper. When you come in you can tell me who was the winner that put him down for the count,” I said.

            As I left the girls were stripping and Sam was straddling James. Dad was outside the door watching.

            ”You know that’s just plain cruel,” Dad said.

            ”To whom – him or them? It will just keep them busy and out of trouble for a while,” I said. “I need a quickie before Linda and the folks come, do you want to join me on a bale of hay, or in the house?” I asked.

            Ten minutes later I was putting the last load of sheets into the dryer with a cloth in my shorts so I wouldn’t show spots or have cum running down my leg. Dad was on the couch watching the farm report and I was waiting on the water and the oven to heat up. Toasted garlic bread would go good with the spaghetti. Linda called to say they would be here in twenty minutes.

            Fifteen minutes later the group came in. ”I won!” Sam said.

            ”Good, you don’t have the help clean up after supper,” I said.

            ”Do you like the game and want to play again? Are the muscles sore? If not, you weren’t working them hard enough,” I said.

            ”Yes it was fun,” all four chimed in.

            ”How come you haven’t taught us that game before,” Elsie said.

            ”The more girls the better, you get a better workout, more completion between the players, the longer delay between turns lets you cool off some and puts a lot more pressure on the cock. It can be a very long game if you want it to be – with the right cock,” I said.

            ”It is a good way to humble a man who thinks he is a stud and with time will make a quick shooter into one,” I said.

            ”We can add Carol, Linda and me to the mix and another stud or two as you get those muscles strong. We can really make it a challenging play by making teams, team against team,” I said.

            ”Going to the barn can conjure up all kinds of interesting thoughts from now on,” I said with a wink.

            I loaded the pictures off the camera to a folder on the desktop. After supper they could pick the pictures they wanted and send them to their folks in an email.

            I placed the commercial mixer on the other counter with the deep fryer and dug out the recipe box. I was going to make pastries to go with breakfast, as soon as I was done eating.

            Supper was grand; the salad made with things mostly from our garden was a hit. The spaghetti, meatballs and sauce was delicious. We all ate our fill. The conversation was hilarious as the three girls quietly helped clean up, wash and dry supper dishes that would not fit in the dishwasher.

            ”You will have to try harder tomorrow to win, make those muscles sore and strong,” I whispered. They just smiled and nodded.

            Going by the recipe, all the ingredients went into the mixer with the dough paddle on it. While it was working the other ingredients went into the bowl to make the glaze. The recipe was for six donuts, but I added enough to make twenty four and did the same with the glaze recipe.

            After the dough was ready, I split it in half and added a cup of blueberries to one. I rolled it to the proper thickness and used the donut cutter. With the hot oil I was making donuts. The holes went in oil too. When I finished, even the last pieces of dough went in.

            It was work keeping up with the cooker and glazing. I glazed all of them twice and added sprinkles to some of them. Next time I would add icing to a few as well. This was a test run for the Farmers Market.

            Thirty minutes later I served a plate of donuts to everyone for a taste test. Everyone agreed they were good enough to sell.

            The hens’ egg production would decide how soon I started.

            Before they left, Linda pulled me aside, ”What kind of game am I supposed to play with the girls day after tomorrow when I am off?” Linda said.

            ”An edging game, it will be fun, you will just have to wait and see and get the rules explained,” I said.

            The day ended with grunts and groans and other cries of ecstasy from the house. I had Dad all to myself and made the best of it – twice – before falling asleep.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 29

Wednesday I went to the office store and bought cases of the moving boxes, bubble wrap and shipping tape. While Dad and I were in town, my temporary farm license was upgraded to the standard license with the farm rider so I could still drive the grain trucks. When we got home we cleaned and swept the trailer out and checked the tire pressure in the dually and the trailer.

            I carried two coops of roosters to meet their fate at the locker plant. This morning there were four eggs in the layer boxes. I stopped at the Farmers Market to check into the process of selling eggs and possibly cakes, pies and cookies.

            The Farmers Market at this time of the year was full of vegetables and other items from the garden. I began to wonder if there was a demand for pastries and eggs. I was looking at a sizeable empty booth next to a small produce stand. The elderly lady who was running the produce stand came over and introduced herself as Ellie Parsons. The name didn’t ring any bells with me but Dad recognized her right off.

            She was curious if we were looking to put a vegetable stand next to hers. I explained that we had layers that just starting laying and I was contemplating a booth selling fresh eggs, cakes, pies and cookies. I asked if there was possibly any demand at this market for those items. I did not see any stands selling any of those items. There were plenty of customers for the fresh vegetables.

            The conversation took a turn at that point with her remembering that there was a booth years ago selling exactly those items and was always busy. The owner retired and moved to Florida, but no one took over the business.

            I explained that I was still in school with home schooling and could bake, but I couldn’t stay all day every day to be at the market. She volunteered to run our stand along with hers for a percentage of the sales.

            It was the only empty booth left that had display cases with electric hook up. One nice case was a cool box – as it was called. It would keep things cool but not frozen – just what was needed for what I wanted. Dad decided that we should go rent it to lock it down, if I was serious about selling those things. He reminded me that there was a lot of work involved in baking that amount of goodies.

            I wasn’t afraid of work; I had been doing a lot of it since I was ten. I was sure Elsie and Carol would help with some of it. But it did leave me with a lot to think about.

            We found the owner of the market and I explained what I wanted to do, but that it would take a couple of weeks to get everything set up. Dad paid two month’s rent for the booth to lock it down. It wasn’t that terribly expensive. That would carry into the school year, just enough time to test things out.

            While we were doing that, the family took Amos for his second treatment. It went much better than the first one did. He was back home at three and actually walking around outdoors with Linda and the kids. The contractor was back and there were discussions about either adding on to the addition or adding a three car garage with living quarters above it.

            They settled on a different idea altogether, the three car garage would be facing the lane with living quarters behind it and three bedrooms with walk in closets over the garage. The living area would have a kitchen and living-recreation room with a double door leading into the old part of the house. One of the rooms that had just been built would be turned into a big office for the family and Linda to be able to work from home.

            The other room would be turned into a two family wet room–laundry; a place to shower, change clothes and help keep farm dirt and mud out of the better parts of the house. There would be two washing machines and two driers with a sorting – folding table. December was the target completion date.   

            On Thursday Linda confirmed that the lawyer had her papers ready to deliver on Monday. The detective was going to call as soon as he witnessed the couple at the airport Friday. We would leave Friday morning and by Friday evening we would be parked in the driveway. If there were issues we would park in the large truck stop parking lot until things were clear. We were taking Linda’s car, the dually with the trailer and my truck.

            Thursday night turned into orgy night and the voyeur mood was dominate. Dad and I got into it on the couch. James, Bob and the girls soon lost interest in the movie they were watching. Quilts were placed on the floor and they took a spot and started making out – that led to aggressive pussy pounding raw sex. Dad and I finished first because we had started first. First I was on top of him, then he was on top and finally with my legs under my shoulders, he pounded my cervix.

            Not to be outdone, Carol and Elsie were getting the same treatment in the same order. Dad and I were done and in a cuddling mood when Carol and Elsie switched mating partners and went at it again. Dad whispered in my ear, ”Young studs are fun to watch; they never run out of energy.”

            ‘For an old stud, you are rising to the occasion,’ I thought as I felt his hardening cock snaking its way between my thighs. I spread my legs and let him enter me with us on our sides. We made slow and gentle love. Dad’s orgasm came first and his warm spend against my cervix was all I needed to put me over the top.

            We were up early at 5 with a quick and light breakfast and then checked the livestock. Today there were eight eggs to go with yesterdays. A trip to the box store was on tap to start getting supplies for cakes and pies. I wondered if I could buy from the commercial supplier and get a discount the same as a commercial bakery. Just one more thing to look into later.

            Five hundred miles is a long ride but taking three vehicles made it somewhat easier by not being crowed tightly together. The guys rode with Dad, Carol with me and Elsie with Linda.

            It was four in the afternoon when we saw the towers of the city. At five we were in the truck stop fueling up. The detective had called at two saying the couple were boarding the plane for Vegas.

            After refueling all the vehicles, we followed Linda to her house. I hadn’t seen any pictures of the house but was surprised at how average it was. There were houses around it, some better and some worse.

            Dad backed the trailer right up to the garage. There was enough room for us to park beside him. The next thing that happened was a tour of the house and marking the things Linda wanted.

            The things she wanted to take were marked with a strip of blue masking tape. With so many people packing this would save ten thousands questions and steps. Just go into a room and pack everything that had tape on it.

            We started packing immediately – everybody would pack and box tonight and everybody would load the packed stuff in the trailer tomorrow.

            It was decided that the girl’s dressers would be carried into the trailer without the drawers and then the drawers with clothes placed back in them while in the trailer. The same was done with Linda’s dressers. Clothes in closets were folded with hangars and all going in the bigger boxes and plastic tubs.

            With the seven of us boxing and packing, things went quickly. Another decision was made to carry as many of the boxes as possible to the garage, reducing the steps tomorrow. Then another change was made; the dressers were loaded into the trailer tonight covered with quilts to protect the finish. I had brought all the quilts we owned just for that purpose

            The beds would be first in the morning; after all, we needed something to sleep and fuck on tonight. There had been plenty of discrete grab ass going on – when they thought they could get away with it. I had even seen Linda sneak a crotch feel on James a couple of times and extra hugs.

            At eight we ordered pizza. We had talked about going out to one of the restaurants but decided time would be better spent packing. We had just sat down to eat when the doorbell rang.

            There were three girls friends; I recognized them immediately. They were the ones that Carol and Elsie had been emailing pictures back and forth to. It was plain that they had been invited and had come dressed to seduce; sports bras and cutoff jeans with plenty of cheeks hanging out.

            There was a friendly conversation among them and when the girls finished eating, the group of girls and boys went to the girls’ bedroom to continue packing. That was until there was an excited exclamation, ”It’s even bigger than in the pictures!”

            I had to stifle a giggle and a smile because I could just imagine what they were talking about after reading the girls’ emails to their friends. Linda smiled and then shook her head.

            ”I think I know what they are talking about,” Linda said turning pink from her blouse to hair.

            ”Dad, I think you might want to go help the guys out,” I said.

            ”What do you mean?” Dad asked.

            ”Ah – there are five girls and two studs, they don’t stand a chance or they won’t survive – we need them to work tomorrow. You can take care of at least one of the girls, possibly two,” I said.

            ”Now go,” I said.

            Linda was now red but laughing, ”Yes, go give the lads some help. I’ve heard about those three girls – they never get enough,” Linda said.

            ”Seriously?” Dad said.

            Both of us pointed, ”Go,” we said together.

            Dad went to the room and a few moments later he stepped to the door and threw his shirt at us.

            ”Oh my God! Three and a couple of big ones at that! We are going to have some fun now,” I recognized the voice and remembered her name as Celeste. She was the one who wanted to come for a visit.

            The three girls’ names were Celeste, Samantha and Helen. From the emails they were all cock hounds.

            Linda and I continued packing for a while then decided to be a mouse in the corner and watch.

            As soon as Linda saw Dad’s cock, ”Now I know why you have the big dildos. I was suspicious when I saw one that matched James and now I know the big one matches your Dad.”

            ”Will he be part of the foursome you planned for me?” Linda asked.

            ”Yes and you will love it,” I replied.

            ”Like I said, I suspected. I knew why the kids wanted to stay and now that makes four of us,” Linda said.

            Celeste was trying her best to deep throat Dad without success.

            ”It can’t be done, it’s just too big,” Celeste said.

            ‘‘You’re just a wimp like the rest of us! Show her how to do it Mary,” Elsie said.

            I moved over to Dad as Celeste released his cock and ten strokes later my nose was pressed against him. Dad had been sucked and teased and was ready for some serious activity. The visuals had been helping, adding to the hype. James was with Carol – her feet high – and pounding her pussy without mercy.

            ”Ok, that’s all I need to see! It can be done, you have it nice and slippery. Let me see if I can take in my pussy,” Celeste said.

            “Don’t make him cum Celeste, just fuck it a little bit. Sam and I want to try it out to. We can take turns riding it,” Helen said.

            Carol was out of it she had cum so hard and James stopped fucking her, just pulling out and letting her legs down spread wide, admiring her gap.

            James roughly pulled Samantha to the floor and drove in his cock to the balls in one push.

            ”Easy there, tiger,” Sam replied after the huff of expelled air from her lungs.

            James listened and within minutes she was cuming loudly. James – with his love for the crab position – pushed her legs back to her shoulders. Sam must have been double-jointed as she placed her legs under her shoulders and crossed them with the feet under her head.

            With his arms supporting his weight next to her shoulders, she was helpless to anything except what he wanted. James pounded her pussy until she was screaming with a second orgasm.

            James still hadn’t cum yet. As he pulled out of her pussy, it was easy to see Sam was drenched in her own lube. Her butt hole was winking like a traffic light, clenching and relaxing with a little gap as her orgasm was fading. James stared in awe at it for a moment then place his cock head against it and pushed.

            Sam was startled and yelped a bit but then broke into a smile, ”Do it big boy, I am a virgin there for a real cock but I do like to play there.”

            Everybody was watching as James pushed and pulled feeding cock into her ass. Her eyes went big, her face scrunched up her forehead turned pink and then red from the pressure-pain. She was gritting her teeth. James pulled a lot out then placed a big glob of spit on his cock and rubbed it around, slowly pushed all of his cock in to her ass. He stopped and waited for her to adjust.

            ”It’s OK, start moving.” Her ass was tight and looked like it was stretched to the point of ripping, turning red and then white from the stretch.

            ”She has to be a pain slut,” I thought as I watched.

            James did short strokes for several minutes before adding longer strokes. With her legs like they were, her hands were free, one of them went to her clit where she pinched and pulled while occasionally slipping four fingers into her still loose pussy. The other hand was at her breasts, pinching and pulling on the nipples, grabbing a handful of their flesh.

            She was not using the pads of the finger to kneed and maul her breasts, she was curling the tips in and squeezing hard. The fingernails were leaving deep marks in the skin and a couple were showing drops of blood. Her nipples were blood red – she was pinching and pulling them so hard. Her clit was in no better shape than her nipples, glowing deep pink. I confirmed my suspicion.

            ”Fuck my ass – it hurts so bad, it feels so good. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you or I’ll rip your nuts off. Oh God yes, so good, feels so good. Fuck me, don’t stop. Harder now. Oh, oh I feel it, I’m going to cum soon, pound me, fill my ass with your come. OH – Oh I’m cuming, cum with me. Oh, cum, cuming cum with me,” Sam was grunting the words out.

            James picked up speed for a second, then grunted and slowed almost to a stop, then moving with the pulse of his squirts.

            ”I’m cuming in your ass, can you feel it?” James asked.

            ”Yes, I can feel it throbbing! It feels so different – so hot inside in a way,” Sam said.

            James started to pull out.

            ”No, wait, I want to feel it as it softens,” Sam said.

            She didn’t know what I and the girls did. In a hot hole with a little muscle action, James would regain his hard-on long before he was even partially soft. She would be in for another ride. I wondered where James got into anal? I would bet Carol or Elsie was involved, or maybe both; they didn’t seemed too surprised or bothered that he was pounding their friend up the ass.

            James had poked me there a couple times but I always moved him to my pussy. I just didn’t think I was ready for big cock anal yet. I guess it was time to find out at home. But I definitely wanted a clean out first. All this pointed to my first fisting by Linda with the girls as camera persons and then let James fuck me there.

            Two hours later the group was fucked out. Dad was in the shower, I was surprised when Linda asked if she could go join him.

            I just laughed and said, ”You are on your own!”

            Fifteen minutes later I heard the bed springs getting a workout from the master bedroom. Linda was vocal enough that it captured the girls’ attention.

            ”Mom wouldn’t do that, would she?” Elsie asked.

            ”Where do you think we got our horny genes from?” Carol asked.

            Sam, Helen and Celeste asked if they could stay the night and help with the packing tomorrow. I easily had an idea of what they wanted to get packed tomorrow morning.

            They all went to different areas to call home to see if they could stay. There were some sad tales about their friend leaving tomorrow and wanting to spend one last night with her.

            We packed everything but the beds – we would be on the road by ten at the latest.

There was more grunting and groaning and the slapping together of flesh about midnight. Linda and I shared the master bed and Dad. Linda rode him on top for what seemed like forever. Then it was quiet.

            Sometime during the night there must have been a whispered planning session going on. We drove to the fast food joint for takeout breakfast at 7. Celeste, Helen and Sam were on the phone talking with the parents, begging, pleading and more. All the conversations were about the same.

            It was Mom or Dad or both, ”They have invited us to come and stay at the farm for two weeks. It’s a real farm with cows, chickens pigs and corn fields. There is a pool and a fresh water pond for swimming. Just think of all we will learn about real farm life.”

            ”There is a big farmhouse with enough rooms for all of us. It will be a very different experience than staying in the city. There is no crime, booze or drugs, no bums to hit on us. Linda will bring us home at the end of two weeks,” they said.

            ”They have satellite internet; we can Skype every night if you want. We will send you lots of pictures.”

            ‘‘Please, pretty please. I promise to mind Linda and help with the chores. As soon as we get back to the house I will have Linda call to confirm everything as she is in the other car.” All three calls were the same – well rehearsed.

            “You do realize it’s all not going to be fun and games. There will be a lot of extra work to do and you three are going to have to help,” I said.

            Back at the house there was a pow-wow as Linda and Dad were asked or told about the arrangement. Dad just shook his head and laughed. Linda – on the other hand – took some convincing but finally gave in to the begging, pleading and long faces with fake tears. ”It’s only two weeks!”

            Linda talked with the parents. The girls went home to pack a light suitcase with shorts, tops, bras, panties, bikinis that I doubted would be worn and personal care things plus any meds. Linda would go by and pick them up to put the parents at ease.

            Even with all that we were on the road by 1030. With all those extra hands, loading the trailer went fast – almost too fast. Linda made one last trip through the house to see if there was anything she had forgotten or decided to take. The last thing that happened was signing copies of the divorce papers. They were left on the table along with dozens of photographs of the two lovers and a note.

            ”My lawyer will contact you with child support demands within the limits required by the state. SIGN THE DAMN PAPERS, don’t make me come back or it will be the worst day of your life. Enjoy your little bitch – I hear she gets tired of the same cock pretty fast and moves on, especially after the money runs out,” the note said.

            “Only contact me through my lawyer.”

            The ride home was interesting; it was going to be an even more interesting two weeks. Cock hounds might be an understatement. I was afraid we were going to regret allowing the three to come.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 28

The morning got off to a fast start. As they left for the Jackson household, I told Bob he needed to be here at one for more fun and excitement.

            We had cow troubles to start the day. Something had spooked them in the night and they pushed a section of fence down; now they were in the bean field eating the soybean plants. It took an hour, both Gators and a bag of the pig feed with the molasses to coax them out of the bean field for us to round them up and fix the fence.

            In the hen house we found out what had spooked the cows, there were two partially eaten dead chickens. A varmint had a feast at our expense. It could have been a number of different varmints; fox, coyote, hawk, weasel, maybe even wolves as they were in the area now that the Department of Natural Resources had reintroduced them.

            It meant that from now on the chicken coop door was to be closed and latched every night and the shotgun and rifle were loaded and placed by the door.

            Dad loaded the Pete with another 1100 bushels of wheat for the mill and then he was going to haul two loads for Amos. I reminded Dad I needed James here at one. He winked at me in reply.

            I cleaned the pool and the house, especially our bedroom. Even though we had used the quilt for all the activity, there still was a noticeable odor of sex. I stripped the bed and placed clean bedding and a clean quilt for today’s fun.

            I cleaned all the dildos to get them ready for Linda. Then I went online to the adult shop where I ordered two more quart pump bottles of lube and a couple more interesting toys. I also ordered the largest jeweled butt plugs and plugs with fox tails I could find for the girls, they would make interesting pictures since they were into the erotic picture mode.

            I was using the laptop when I discovered that both Elsie and Carol had left their emails open. Being nosey, I looked at the Sent folder and to whom they had sent all the pictures to and then to the Inbox.

            There was a running conversation with a couple of their friends and plenty of picture trading. The party dresses were a big hit as was the shorts and then the lack of clothes. One of the friends she was communicating with was a sex party fiend herself, going into detail about her exploits and male conquests.

            She was envious about the size of the cocks the girls had access to have fun with. The girl wanted to know if she could come visit. Elsie told her it was unlikely due to space limitations.

            Elsie sent the party dress pictures to her old boyfriend, I assumed with a scathing email of what he could have had if he had learned to be a gentleman instead of trying to be a foul mouth leach, all hands and nothing else.

            Carol’s were no different and was involved in the three way email session and with a couple other girls. The discussions were around clothes, the lack of clothes and available cock.

            I now had sizable files of our play time and was reviewing some of them when I heard Linda drive up.

            ”My lawyer hired a private detective to check on Robert for a week to see what he is doing so we can build a good case. He is going to work up the divorce papers. We need to make plans to go get my things before the papers are delivered,” Linda said.

            ”Dad is taking the enclosed trailer to get it checked out today and new tires put on. Dad will pull the trailer behind the dually and we can follow behind in my truck. I can get my farm license changed over to a permanent license on Monday. If I don’t pass the test, you can drive my truck,” I said.

            ”We need to put together a list of things to take such as boxes from the office store, shipping tape and anything else we can think of to be ready,” I said.

            ”Are you ready for today?” I asked.

            ”Yes, I am still a little loose from yesterday, it’s a different feeling but a nice feeling like when you put your hand in there. It feels so good as it tingles when I walk and as reminder of the fun,” Linda said.

            ”Unless you change the plans today, you will experience your first double with anal sex so we need to stretch and loosen you up back there with dildos. You don’t need to go big, just to the seven,” I said.

            ”I hope James isn’t the one going in there,” Linda said.

            ”No, Bob is, he is becoming quite good at anal and the right size for a beginner, James will be in your pussy,” I said.

            ”Whew, that’s a relief!” Linda said.

            We both did a rectal clean out and lubed up with the lube shooter. Linda wanted to do oral on the dildos before we did the anal stretching. I put up the 6, 7, 7.5 and the 8 so she could practice oral. I was sure she intended to do oral on both before the intercourse started.

            Ten minutes later she was throating the 8 inch like a pro; her throat had shrunken very little from yesterday. Satisfied I lowered the dildos to her ass height and applied some lube onto them.

            She worked on each one ten minutes, getting really loose before moving on to the next one. She was just finishing on the 7.5 when the two boys came in. I sent them to shower and put on shorts. I cleaned up the dildos and put them away while Linda took a quick shower.

            Today I placed the black baby doll with garters, stockings and panties on the bed. Linda had just putting the rig on when I heard the boys waiting in the living room. I turned on the lights needed for the movie camera and the still camera and went to get the boys.

            ”It’s her first time with two men and she is expecting Bob to do the anal. Be gentle, treat her like the lady she is and make her happy,” I said.

            Linda was sitting on the end of the bed waiting for them. The boys didn’t disappoint with one on each side of her. They took turns hugging, kissing and feeling with the cover up and bra off, they each took a breast and a nipple and drove her wild.

            They had decided that each would make love to her while the other felt, fondled and kissed. They each had an orgasm with Linda twice. She sucked them back hard again and with James on his back dropped balls deep on him. After a couple strokes Bob took his place and slowly fed his cock into her ass. Once he had stroked a couple times they started the rhythm.      

            Twenty minutes later – they had been playing with slow and fast fucking before pounding her – Linda was having a major orgasm.

            ”I’m cuming, I’m cuming, fuck me, harder, fuck me harder, cum with me. Fill my pussy, fill my ass, Oh god I’m cuming so hard, more I want more ,fuck me harder,” Linda said.

            Moments later she was filled with cum in both holes. Bob withdrew first leaving a trail of cum leaking from her ass. James held her until he just slid out as he shrunk. I had nice gap shots with plenty of leaking cum.

            Linda ended up between both of them while she recovered. They were whispering, kissing, feeling and fondling. Linda asked if they could do this again another day. Both told her they would gladly make love to her any time she wanted.

            The boys left to shower and do some things outside. I placed the dildos back on the shower wall. This time I added the two largest – one that was the size of James and Dad – to stretch my ass to accept them. I wanted James and Dad both to fuck my ass and pussy and soon.

            Linda watched and talked while I went about the task as if it was the most normal thing in the world. As I worked my ass onto the next to the largest, the realization hit her that it was the size of James. I saw the light come on in her eyes even though she said nothing. Ten minutes later I had loosened up enough to try the biggest one.

            It took some effort and some pain but I was on better than half way, as the pain eased I took more. In a few more minutes – about twenty – my ass was against the wall and waited to loosen up some more.

            I felt my stomach as I was moving and I could feel the dildo. I placed Linda’s hand so she could feel it. Then I gently straightened up to see if there was a visible bulge in my abdomen and there was. It went away when I pulled off and was back when I was balls deep again. Linda was amazed as she felt it moving.

            ”Would you fist me again? We talked about doing it on the bed so we could watch for movement,” I said.

`           ”Yes, I remember, sure,” Linda said.

            She gathered the lube bottle as I pulled off. I turned on the camera again and changed its position. Then I went to the bed, lay back near the edge and spread wide, holding my knees back. Linda lubed her hand and started with four fingers.

            Soon she had folded the thumb in and was working the widest part of her hand in. I felt pressure and a stretch then felt a pop and her hand was in! I felt her sliding her hand and arm into my ass. She pulled it out some and applied more lube before pushing more into me.

            She slowly closed her fingers to make a fist and then slid more into me. I was watching my abdomen move with her hand and so was she. She lifted the fist several inches and my stomach rose the same.

            ”Start a slow stroking,” I said as my fingers went to my clit.

            ”Try going deeper, more, OK – that’s deep enough, don’t go any deeper – now stroke it,” I said.

            ”A little faster,” I said.

            I increased the circles and pressure on my clit harder and faster. I slipped a couple fingers into my pussy then added two more. I could feel her arm sliding in and out through the pussy wall.

            ”I’m cuming, Oh I’m cuming so strong,” my pussy was clamping on my fingers and my ass was clamping on her arm and hand.

            After the orgasm was over Linda opened her fingers so her hand was smaller and slowly pulled it out.

            ”Wow you have the biggest gap I have seen,” Linda said.

            ”Watch it close up,” I said as I started doing exercises. A few minutes later she said it was almost gone.

            ”Next time we do this we need two more people – one for the video and one for the still camera,” Linda said.

            ”Yes, I think so too,” I said.

            ”When do you want three cocks? Pussy, ass and mouth,” I said.

            ”A couple days, I think,” Linda replied.

            That suited me fine; there were string and lima beans to can. The limas needed to be picked and shelled. That was happening this evening when it cooled off.

            Until then there were going to be pictures taken in the barn and feed house that the girls wanted. They wanted scantily clad and then naked girls and then they wanted the men involved.

            In a way it worried me of what they were going to do with the pictures. Elsie was of legal age in this state and Bob would be in a few weeks. Carol was another matter.

            Everybody showered and with camera in hand we went to the barn. I listened while they explained what they and Bob wanted. When I was in the pictures of the all-girl shots, one of the men was cameraman and so on.

            Elsie, Carol and Bob wanted dozens of poses. I let them direct to get what they wanted. We posed on bales of hay in thongs and bra, then the bras and thongs came off one at a time. The girls took of each other’s off, seductively, along with feels and tongues on nipples, kisses and tips of tongues touching and hands in the crotch.

            Both girls took mine off double feeling, double nipple play and kisses. If they were trying to make me hot they succeeded! I was sure they both felt my wetness.

            They put towels on the bales of hay for us to sit and play on and I was glad they did; hay is scratchy on tender places. They wanted poses with legs spread, cross leg, Indian style and on our knees with our butts to the camera.

            I had a thought and excused myself for a minute to go the toy box to get some of the late additions.

            Back in the barn I lubed up all three of the new fox tail large butt plugs and pushed one into each ass including mine. There was a whole new series of pictures again.

            After that Bob and James became involved. There were pictures taken with tongues touching cocks, then the plum covered by lips. The towels disappeared and bare knees were on the bales of hay doggy style for pictures of partial insertions then full insertions. There were pictures of my big hanging breasts and of the girls feeling them as I was gently fucked. Then it was their turn for the same treatment.

            Dad joined in the fun with the next set of pictures. The pictures were taken with the camera over Carol’s head with all three cocks together at her lips and then with all three cocks trying to spread her lips far enough to get part of the head in. It was not to be, but the guys had fun.

            The action increased with Dad on the bale of hay with Carol, balls deep in her pussy. Bob was that deep in her ass and James was feeding her his cock while Bob was holding her head up by her hair – it was her idea.

            I wondered if Carol was going to let the guys cum but Elsie replaced Carol in the middle after a few minutes. A few minutes later they wanted me in the middle. I was dripping so I quickly agreed.

            Then they wanted to try athletic positions – as I called them. The first was legs and feet wrapped around the male body, a position I never had the courage to try. There were some great shots of that from below. Bob had an idea and entered her ass from behind making her a sandwich, again something I had only seen in porn pictures.

            The guys decided they weren’t going to let her down until they filled her with cum. The process of them getting the rhythm started was hilarious but they soon had it. Carol was screaming for the barn roof – there was something about that position which was hitting all the right spots.

            Her body weight hanging on James’s cock had forced a lot of pressure onto her clit and the angle was forcing his cock against her G spot. Bob’s cock with the angle put even more pressure on the G spot. By the time the guys came, Carol was a limp rag doll barely hanging on, her arms were simply hanging down more than they were up.

            Bob pulled out first and James was able to hold her long enough to place her on two bales of stacked hay. James still hadn’t fully deflated. He pushed her legs back to her breasts and started slow fucking her again. As soon as he was fully hard, he pounded her like a battering ram.

            I hated to think what her back was going to look like – there was no towel on the hay. The change to the bales was so quick that a towel was forgotten. Carol was in and out of being with us.

             I was not surprised when Dad went to her head and started sliding his cock into her mouth and throat. Dad was thoughtful enough to allow her to breathe but was soon missing counts as he was trying to put his balls on her nose in that position.

            Dad finally succeeded; he was as deep in her throat as he was ever going to go. His balls were sitting on her upper lip. Dad announced he was cuming and then finished the last stroke and pulled out so she could breathe, with the last pulse squirting onto her chin.

            We were all exhausted and very well fucked. That ended the barn activities for tonight. All three of us girls walked to the house with cum leaking down our legs. It would take a relaxing shower and rest before any more sex was done tonight.

            I was wrong; there would be little rest, the three men had been following us to the house. When I held the door for everyone, the three men were already gaining back their erections and semi-hard. Watching butt cheeks in action was definitely a stimulus.

            Elsie and Carol went with James and Bob; Dad joined me in the shower. Our last orgasms were with each other and we both slept soundly in each other’s arms.

            Dad and James were hauling Amos’s wheat to the mill starting today. Amos was getting another treatment tomorrow. I looked at the livestock today so Dad and James could get an early start. There was an egg in one of the laying nests and it was warm. I didn’t think they were old enough to be laying yet but nature runs on its own schedule.

            Now it was something else to check on every morning. It also meant that the feed needed changing by adding a bit ground limestone – calcium needed to be added to the chicken feed to help the hens have stable egg shells. That also meant that the chicken feed needed to be made separately now. The beef cows and hogs did not need the calcium addition to their feed.

            It also meant it was time to start killing roosters and put them in the freezer. Grandma said she would help if I wanted her to. I was thinking of just taking them into town to the locker and letting them deal with it. They would kill them, de-feather them, gut them, give the carcass multiple rinsing and fast freeze them for a dollar fifty a bird. It sounded like a bargain to me. Tuesday was normal chicken processing day.

             First thing was to catch a couple and check their weight; they needed to weigh close to five pounds live weight to make roasters. That usually happened at 10 to 12 weeks old and they were getting close. They did look fat.

            Linda arrived at 10, dressed to the nines again and all bubbly.

            ”Seagraves upped their offer and the benefits; I accepted the job. I have to go in three days a week and full time in three weeks. Lots of things have to happen. The detective has plenty of dirt on Robert. He took his girlfriend to Vegas for the weekend. Lots of incriminating pictures and video. He booked a return trip next weekend, leaving Friday and coming back Sunday night,” Linda said.

            ”The lawyer will be ready to have the papers delivered after he returns from the weekend trip. I would like to go get my things while he is gone,” Linda said.

            ”OK, when Dad gets back we will set everything up. We can be there Friday after his flight leaves, stay in your house Friday night to start packing and then stay Saturday night if necessary,” I said.

            ”Are you going to leave the things in the trailer for a while or put them in a storage building?” I asked.

            ”My things I will move into Dad’s since I will be staying there and the kids things into the new rooms for storage. We are planning another addition if the designers can come up with a workable plan. We are meeting with them tomorrow afternoon. Mom has decided that she wants the kitchen remodeled and more modern with four more people living in the house,” Linda said.

            ”The kids being able to stay here during all that is a god send and so helpful. Are you sure you won’t mind? What does your Dad say about them staying, is he OK with it?” Linda asked.

            ”Dad is OK with it, he and Amos have been friends and helping each other farm for years. There is no problem there at all,” I replied.

            “The four-some we discussed – is it still possible? When can you set it up? Going back to work is going to complicate things with my play time,” Linda said.

            ”Just pick a day and time and let me know a day or two ahead of time,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 27

At breakfast I told Bob to be here no later than 12:30 so he could get ready and we could have a few minutes to talk before he and Linda got together. Dad had it planned that he and James would be gone from noon on. They were going to pick up our ‘new to us but used’ combine and the corn and grain heads at one. James was going to follow Dad in the truck pulling the heads. Both were loaded on transport trailers to be able to move them from farm to farm.

            I kept Dad informed of all my exploits with Linda and the kids. We used the conversations to get in the mood for the second and third round of sex. The descriptions quickly got him rock hard, not that he needed any help. He had not seen any of the videos yet but had seen a few of the pictures.

            I cleaned all the pictures and videos off the cards so there would be plenty of room, plus I had several extras just in case. I had a big folder on the desktop by date and players of our sex exploits. I backed all of it on Discs just in case I had a computer failure.

            Then I made the room ready and gave thought to how the sex should play out without causing unnecessary tension. I placed the flimsy black baby doll with matching bra and frilly cover up on the bed for Linda to wear. I thought that would be better than her just sitting on the bed naked while waiting for Bob to come in.

            Bob arrived at 12:30 and we talked. I asked if he had a plan on how he was to approach Linda. We discussed a couple different things and how they would work. I wanted Linda to be relaxed and comfortable and pleased – not afraid and sorry. I heard Linda coming down the lane.

            ”Go shower and make sure there is no stubble either place. Put on a pair of shorts and I will call when Linda is ready for you,” I said.

            ”Seagraves offered me a job this morning. The pay is not as good as I would liked to have had but I think the benefit package will make up for the difference. I have a package to look over and a lot to think about in the next few days,” Linda said.

            ”I need to shower,” Linda added.

            ”OK, make sure everything is smooth. I left a baby doll outfit on the bed for you. Bob is upstairs getting ready. I will call him down when you are ready,” I said.

            I check out the camera equipment and lighting one more time while Linda was showering and then I helped her into the lacy baby doll. I tied the bow to the bra in a big bow with long ends that would be easy to find and open the delights it covered. I put a light trace of perfume on her neck.

            Linda said she was ready and decided to sit on the bed at the bottom. I went and called Bob to come in and then I went back to the video camera, turned it on and stood behind it.

            ”Linda, you are so beautiful. I want you so much. I have wanted you for so long,” Bob said as he walked to her.

            He put his arms around her, gave a light hug and then kissed the side of her neck before kissing her cheek and then a light kiss on the lips. Linda put her arms around Bob, pulled him tightly to her and returned the kiss and along with several more. She kissed his neck as well.

            ”I have wanted you but never had the courage to make the moves. I want to please you as much as you want to please me,” Linda said.

            She kissed him back. This time it was aggressive with tongue play. Bob moved his hands to her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to his groin. He was wanting her to feel his erection against her mound and his desire for her.

            Linda reached between them and felt the erection and its hardness. She moaned as she stroked his cock, pleased with its size. Bob began feeling her breasts, gently squeezing them and then the nipples through the thin fabrics she was wearing. He lifted the top off over her head and then pulled the string to release the bra.

            He gently worked and squeezed the nipples and breasts before bending his head to kiss them. I could easily see the nipples were already as hard as bullets. There was a rush of breath as Bob sucked one and then the other over and over again. He worked kisses to the valley between her breasts and then down her stomach and then to the top of her lace covered mound.

            He placed a kiss where her clit should have been. Then he took the panties and slowly pulled them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. Bob went back to her mound where he placed plenty of kisses before extending his tongue to swipe the tip across her clit.

            Linda gasp loudly as he did that, with her hands going quickly to his head to hold him there. Bob knew to continue and let his tongue work its magic on those sensitive lips and clit as she widened her legs a little. I could hear Linda breathing in gasps and exhaling through her teeth. There were whimpers and moans in between the gasps.

            Suddenly her eyes flew wide open, then looking at me and the camera, ”I’m cuming already – so easy and good! Oh god, I’m cuming,” Linda said

            Bob sensed when she was coming down from the orgasm and eased off the sensitive clit. His experience with Elsie, Carol and me was showing. He used his tee shirt to wipe her juices from his face and pulled the tee over his head.

            Standing again he pulled her close and aggressively kissed Linda with all the passion and need he could muster, his bare chest against her bare breasts. Linda went to her knees after the kiss had ended while pulling his shorts down. There was another gasp as his hard cock made its appearance.

            I saw her lick the drop of lube from the tip, plastered it with kisses and then she slowly started sucking it. First the knob disappeared into her mouth and she kept going, pulling off and then taking more. She didn’t stop until her nose was against him. She didn’t gag or cough and then she be began to give him a serious blow job. Shorts strokes and then full strokes, then off licking and sucking the knob.

            She kept up until Bob said, ”I’m going to cum soon.”

            She pulled off long enough to say,” I m ready, I want it, let me have it, I want to taste you.”

            She put her hands on his hips and picked up speed.

            ”Here it comes,” Bob said as he put his hands on her head and gave several fast strokes. He pulled off far enough so she could breathe. I could see his butt clench and his cock throb with each squirt.

            ”Oh, so good, so strong,” Bob said.

            I wondered what she thought of the taste. If she had been truthful, this would have been her first oral and with cum. If it bothered her, she didn’t show it.

            Bob pulled her to her feet and kissed her. She was surprised as his tongue sought hers and then she really got into the kisses. I guess she didn’t think he would want to taste his own cum. He helped her onto the bed and started over with kisses on her neck and then the breasts, sucking the nipples and moving to her mound. She spread her legs wide as he licked and sucked. I could tell he was tongue fucking her hole by her movements.

            He moved up into the Y and placed balls against her and then slowly backed off until the knob found the hole and changed directions. His cock was disappearing into her little by little. A flick of the hips and another inch went in and then back out. He repeated the moves again and again. Their eyes were locked on each other as he mashed her clit between them. He was as deep as he could get in this position.

            Linda pulled him down for kisses as he began stroking a mix of long and short ones and then circles against the clit. He varied between pounding and slow fucking. Linda was getting worked up to another orgasm – I had seen her have enough to recognize the change in her voice and body movements.

            Moments later she let out a squeal her legs locked around him.

            ”Fuck me harder, bang me, fill me with your cum. Make me yours, I want it. Oh, Oh I’m cuming – cum with me,” Linda said.

            Bob picked up pace and grunted, ”I’m cuming, it’s yours; I’m filling you,” as he slowed and pumped his seed against her cervix.

            ”I feel it – it’s so hot,” Linda said.

            They were kissing and panting and kissing again as the orgasms died. Bob started moving – I knew what he was going to do. He pushed her legs back. I wondered how flexible she was. He started slowly fucking her again and then picking up speed until the bed was shaking and bouncing. He was pounding her for everything he was worth. Five minutes into the pounding, Linda screamed she was cuming again.

            ”I’m going to fill you again,” Bob said.

            A few minutes later all motion stopped; the only sounds was heavy breathing as Bob released her legs to fall to the bed. Bob rolled so she was on top with his cock still in her. There were kisses and hugs as Bob rubbed her back and squeezed her ass cheeks. They were talking softly and in whispers, still kissing.

            ‘If they keep that up, Linda would soon find out how quick he could be ready to go again,’ I thought. It took both girls to wear him out to the point he couldn’t get a quick erection. Instead, they headed to the shower. I turned the camera on, aimed it in that direction and left it recording in case things heated back up in the shower.

            I went to the kitchen to fix three glasses of lemonade. If anyone had snuck into the kitchen they were likely to get raped. I was so horny I was dripping! I had resisted the urge to rub myself off several times to keep getting the good video.

            They came out of the room and Bob went back to the Amos farm. Linda wanted to talk.

            “Was the afternoon all you expected it to be?” I asked.

            ”Yes and much more. I think my son has had a very experienced teacher. He hit all the right buttons and fast – he is no amateur,” Linda said.

            ”You can borrow the room anytime you want. The hay barn works nice if you carry a blanket to put across the bales. Come to think of it, so does the feed house. Hmm, that might make some interesting videos. Do you still want James tomorrow at one?” I asked.

            ”Do you think I will be recovered by then?” Linda asked with a giggle afterwards.

            ”I don’t think there will be any problem there,” I said.

            ”I’m think I’m going to accept the job offer at Seagraves. I tried to call Robert and talk with him several times while the process was being discussed. First there was no answer for days and then last night his girlfriend answered the phone – there was a party going on. From the sound of it they were at a strip club. She said he was busy,” Linda said.

            ”The marriage has turned lousy the last couple years and was bad several years before that. I was nothing more than a house-keeper for him. I will call my lawyer and have divorce papers delivered. He can either buy my half of the house or put it on the market and split the proceeds. We each have our own savings and checking accounts. There is a branch in town. Tomorrow morning I will have my funds changed to a new accounts that he won’t have access to. He can’t get to my retirement anyhow,” Linda said.

            ”Could we take your truck and the enclosed trailer and bring all my things here, hopefully while he is at work? If the six of us go it won’t take long to box and load everything up. The furniture is junk, let him keep it,” Linda said.

            ”I think it would be best to collect your things before the papers are delivered to him – like the day before. I will tell Dad to get the trailer cleaned out and the tires, lights and brakes checked out. I will call the box store to save us some boxes,” I said.

            ”Now I need to figure out how to deal with the kids and Dad, I still want to stay at the farm with him and need to build a small house – nothing fancy. I had intended to go back to the city – with the addition they would have each had a room. If I stay, we are one room short,” Linda said.

            ”There is your answer right there. Let the kids stay here just like we are doing. Get the contractors to add another couple of rooms and maybe a recreation room so the house is comfortable for everyone. You could also attach a big three car two story garage to the house. Make the upstairs two or three bedrooms, living room and kitchen, sort of like a mother-in-law’s guest house,” I said.

            “That will take what – three or four months – and that will be right at the peak of harvest, right when all the help is needed. Besides, we can continue to play often,” I said.

            ”Sounds good. Is James as experienced as Bob?” Linda said.


            ”You haven’t been checking the goods out, have you?” Linda asked. She was grinning when she said it.

            ”You mean something like an occasional sample?” I said with a wink.

            Linda left to go home. The timing was good; Dad and James drove in a few minutes later. James went to feed the livestock while Dad brought the mail into the house. I gave Dad a scorching toe curling kiss.

            ”I think someone is needy again,” Dad said.

            ”Yes and you are going to take care of it right now. Just pick the place and it’s on,” I said.

            We were still going at it in the bedroom with the door open when James and the three came in. We were noisy and there was soon an audience in the door way.

            ”Dad, if you need some help we are right here,” James said with a laugh.

            We were too busy and too close to a fantastic finish to answer.

            Supper was late but there was plenty of conversation. There had been a near miss with the combine because of drag racing teenagers with a police chase just outside of town.

            James was laughing about seeing two of the trouble makers from school handcuffed in front of the police car and tow trucks hauling their pride and joy hot rods to the impound yard.

            The girls were giving Bob a hard time about where he had disappeared to after lunch. He was keeping his foray into older pussy to himself for now.

             I came to his rescue by thanking him for helping me move things into the new pantry. I had done some the day before if they decided to look. In a couple days canning would be back on; the string beans would be ready. I could just hear the complaining when they were asked to snap beans while they were watching TV.

            Before bed I reminded James that I needed him to help me tomorrow at one with a wink at Dad. Dad and I made love again after I set the camera up on the side of the bed. Tonight it was the works with a slow start with hugs and kisses, plenty of feeling and fondling. My and nipples got the work over that drove my clit and pussy crazy. He wouldn’t touch it and he pushed my hands away when I tried.

            The trail of slow kisses and small hickeys to my mound almost drove me mad. I almost wanted to scream out, ‘please just suck it,’ but I said nothing while anticipating the pleasure when he got there. He spread my lips with his fingers for full access to my clit and then with his mouth just millimeters away – blew on the tip of my clit.

            I was gone – my first orgasm came like a freight train, consuming my soul and body. I screamed out my pleasure – it was a wonder the windows didn’t shatter. I thrust up at his mouth as he sucked my clit in and attacked it with the tip of his tongue.

            At that very instant two fingers went into my wet sopping pussy and two into my ass and were sawing in and out. My second orgasm never let the first ease off, just added to it. I screamed my pleasure again and passed out for a moment. There was clapping in the doorway when my vision focused in it.

            ”I don’t know what he did to her but you better figure it out because I want you to do the same thing to me,” Carol said looking directly at James.

            I pulled Dad onto the bed and did as he had done to me; hugs, kisses with full tongue and a tongue battle because he liked them that way. I gave him a hickey near each nipple as he had done to me. I worked my way to his cock which was fully hard standing straight up. I could see the trail of pre-cum slowly going down the side of his cock.

            I turned enough so he could watch me getting between his legs. I started at the bottom and licked the first inch then sucked on his testicles for a while, then I went back to the trail for another inch. Every time my tongue touched his cock it throbbed and the trail replenished.

            I placed my hand around his cock and squeezed it lightly, then stroked my hand up. As I did that, I placed my mouth over the knob and sucked. I increased the speed of my hand then stopped and bobbed my head until the knob was at the back of my mouth and sucked.

            Then I removed my hand and angled my head and neck so I could take it to the balls. If I did it would be the first time without Dad’s hands on my head to apply a little force. We had been doing it that way for weeks and it was getting easier every time.

            We were staring at each other as his cock went further and further down my throat with each bob of my head. I was backing off so I could take good breaths and then gaining more depth. The distance was getting closer and closer; two inches, then one and a half inch, then an inch – with one hard push my noise was against his body. On the next bob I had my tongue out and licked his balls with my nose against him.

            I continued returning the oral pleasure that he had given to me.

            ”How can she do that. She has got to teach me how to do that,” Elsie said.

            ”Me too! I want to master that one as well,” Carol said.

            The conversation was interrupted by a groan from Dad, ”I’m cuming! Swallow it Mary, oh YES!”

            I didn’t have to swallow – it was deeper than I needed to swallow. I counted the first big pulses – one, two, three, four, five – and then I needed to pull off to breathe and was unable to count the little ones. I took his cock back deep again and closed my lips as tight as I could, then pulled off to milk the last drops. When only the knob was in my mouth I circled it with my tongue and swallowed then I licked it clean.

            I then crawled towards his mouth to kiss him but stopped to notch his still hard cock into my pussy hole and then pushed back, taking all of it. If I worked those muscles hard enough I would have a full erection to fuck hard in a minute or two. I wasn’t disappointed and was soon stroking now just for the fun of it. A few minutes later – with him twisting my nipples and me rubbing my clit – we came together.

            I woke up an hour later to go pee, still on top of him with his arms around me and my head on his shoulder. It was a good night for lovers.

            At breakfast, I took Dad off to the side to make sure James was here by 12:30.

            ”Won’t he be surprised. I will have him bring the tractor home from the Jackson farm and tell him to see you,” Dad said.

            I stripped the bed and replaced the bedding after last night and added another quilt with a layer of towels on it to protect the clean bedding. I was going to be spending time in the laundry room today for sure.

            I placed another new outfit on the bed from my latest Amazon order for Linda to wear. Red stockings, red garter belt and see through red form fitting panties and a red barely there bra that reduced her slight sag and red cover up that hid nothing. James loved red lingerie, I had learned from the girls.

            I had finished most of the laundry when Linda came in an hour early.

            ”I got to the bank just in time! Robert had tried to access my accounts but he had the wrong password, it’s all in a new account now. Can I use your system to check on other things to see what else he has done or tried to do?” Linda asked.

            ”Sure, go ahead – there is a new notepad by the computer if you need to make notes,” I said.

            I put clean cards into the cameras for today’s fun and rechecked everything in the bedroom. I had been up to date on transferring the cards to files and disc after the last few days and the next few I would be behind again big time.

            James was a few minutes early. We went to his bedroom so we could talk.

            ”Have you talked with Bob about yesterday afternoon?” I asked. I was sure they had talked and was sure the girls knew as well.

            ”Yes, I’m sure you knew the girls would get the truth from him. He said ‘it was great’ and wants to be with her again. He described the things they did in detail. I didn’t know he could be so loving,” James said.

            ”If you haven’t guessed it, she is wanting you to give her great sex today. I expect she is very nervous but she is full of anticipation. Use everything you have learned, from making her want you to having the great sex I know you can deliver.”

            ”I’m going to be in the room filming it but I will not participate. She is not ready for anal yet but it is possible in a few days. Go ahead and shower, put on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and I will call you when she is ready,” I said.

            Linda was just finishing on the computer when I stepped into the office. ”James will be ready in a few minutes. Take a quick shower and wash out and I will help you dress again,” I said.

            I had to tell her that the panties went on last after the stockings and garter to make easy access to the fun parts without taking off everything. With her hair in a pigtails and a dash of perfume she was ready. I had her pose in multiple seductive positions. She was hot looking or as Bob would say ‘One hot momma’.

            She was sitting on the end of the bed when I called James to come in.

            He stopped as the door closed. ”Beautiful and gorgeous do not even begin to describe how fantastic you look,” James said.

            She stood as he walked over to her. ”Someone must have told you red was my favorite color. I’m in love already,” James said.

            He pulled her close, ”My favorite perfume and pony tails. I love the look,” followed by a gentle hug that she returned. The romance started with kisses. James surprised me by kissing her below the ear. Linda melted into his arms with an intake of air and a moan of pleasure. It must have been the secret passion spot I had heard about on some women.

            The passion intensified immediately from heavy kisses to open mouth full tongue kisses. I could swear she was dripping through her panties. There were hugs that should have broken bones. James managed to get his hand between them to her breasts and nipples. Another intake of air followed as the gap between them opened and he brought his hands to both breasts.

            The cover up fell discarded to the floor as she grabbed the bottom of the bra and lifted it up, freeing her breasts that were immediately covered with kisses and hands. James went from one nipple to the other suck and nibbling. He went back to her mouth and the tongue war began. James removed his tee, wanting to feel the warmth of those breasts against him.

            Another trail of kisses from the neck to between the breasts and he started heading lower. Linda didn’t wait for him to pull her panties down; she did it. James plastered her mound with kisses before he swiped deep with his tongue, resulting in an unmistakable moan and more.

            He helped her out of the panties before moving her back to sit on the bed and spreading her legs. He kissed up and down the slit before sucking her swollen clit into his mouth and letting the tip of his tongue work on it. Linda was already bouncing on the bed. A few moments later the sounds of her orgasm started and grew to a crescendo. As she came down from the pleasure high, James moved up to kiss her after wiping her juices from his face on the quilt.

            Linda’s hand went to the bulge in James’s shorts and stopped, ”OH my, he is a big one! I don’t know if I can take all of that.” Together they removed his shorts. Linda gave James’s cock several strokes and placed her lips around the knob and sucked while stroking it.

            Linda was slowly taking more of it. I took the video camera and moved it in between James feet so I could get great video of Linda throating James for the first time. It took some time but Linda soon had her chin on his pubic bone in this position. If there was a way to say she was pleased with herself by upper facial expressions, it was evident with the movement of the forehead and eyebrows.

            Then Linda went to work on it – half off to breathe, head bobs to the bone. Once she even put her hand to her throat to show how deep in her throat it was. A minute later James was thrusting his hips at her – his need to come to deliver his seed was urgent. Linda sensed it and intensified her effort and was soon rewarded.

            ”I’m cuming, here it comes,” James said to warn her if she didn’t want to swallow. Linda went to the bone as the camera recorded the rise of his testicles and the pulses in the root of his cock that was visible.

            Linda lifted off with the last large pulse to breathe and then one more time to the root and then fully off, milking the last drops.

            ”Wow! I liked doing that, I could feel the power of his orgasm in my throat. Mary, a real cock is easier than the dildos but I am sure you know that. How soon can we do that again?” Linda asked.

            ”Often – but right now I want to fuck your brains out, suck on it some more and help it get hard again,” James said.

            It only took a few licks and then James mounted Linda missionary style. A few minutes later Linda had her second orgasm that started with whimpers and gasps and ending with a sound like freight train. James barely slowed as he pushed her legs back and pounded her into the bed.

            Ten minutes later they both came, James with a grunt and then with a roar and Linda puffing. James let her legs down and cuddled her. He was gentleman enough to hold her softly, talking about how much he loved to be with her and wanted to see her again. He wanted to make love with her again as they both came down from the orgasm high.

            Linda was holding his now much shrunken cock in her hand, admiring its size. I didn’t bother to turn the video camera off. Unless he was truly fucked out, he would recover quickly.

            Linda was not finished yet, she moved James to his back and moved to suck his cock again. I guess she was wanting to taste their mixed juices, soon his cock was hardening in her throat again. Linda stopped sucking and straddled him, notching the knob at the entrance to her still gaped pussy and pushed back on it until she had it all.

            Having cum so many times, James was an endurance machine. It was fifteen minutes of hard fucking before they both came again. They were both finished when James left to go to his room and shower. Linda was on her side nearly asleep. I helped her up and into the shower, washed her and her hair and then used the wand to clean her out.

            Then I helped her dress and walked her out to the couch; it was almost four thirty. Bob and the girls would be here any time and so would Dad. A cup of coffee and we were talking.

            ”Do you still want Bob and James tomorrow or do you want to rest a day or two?” I asked.

            ”Yes, I want them both,” Linda replied.

            ”If you are not doing anything in the morning, come over and we will work on anal stretching for mastering all the possibilities of your dreams,” I said.

            ”OK, I will be here,” Linda said as she was leaving.

            Linda had been gone 20 minutes when the kids arrived.

            ”Can we go out to the pool and you take some skinny dipping shots of us? Maybe James and your Dad would be in them too,” Elsie said.

            ”Then can I model those two party dresses you have? All my friends from the city are texting me about all the parties they are having. I want to one up them and show them how much fun and freedom we are having here without them,” Elsie said.

            ”Well, that’s up to you and you need to remember – pictures can come back to haunt you,” I said.

            ”Let’s go take the party dress pictures first, they should be home by the time we finish,” I said.

            Elsie and Carol had grown since they had been here. Maybe it was the constant mauling their breasts were getting every night or the high state of arousal from all the attention they were getting. Her tits were not as large as mine, so there was some adjusting to do. There were enough straps in various places to make the dress fit.

            The first one was the super short one that showed more than ample cleavage. She was a little taller than I was and there was very little dress below her pussy lips. I must have taken twenty pictures in all poses and her pussy was showing in a few of them – the same was true of her breasts and exposed nipples.

            The next dress was the one with the holes for the nipples to be visible that were covered by a light cover up. That took a lot of adjusting. I finally ended up twisting and pinching her nipples and pulling them out of the holes for best effect. I quickly took several pictures – first with the cover-up off then on and a couple more with her holding it open.

            The process was repeated with Carol wearing both dresses. Dad and James came home in the middle of all this and – after an explanation – they agreed to participate.

            I suggested short shorts and the small sports bra, then without the bra and finally naked sitting on a blanket by the pool with wine glasses to set the scene. I was going to join them in this group of pictures.

            When that group of pictures was finished I took pictures of the naked men standing by the girls while they were sitting on the blanket and pictures and of me with Bob and the men in various states of arousal.

            I thought we were finished with the pictures when Elsie said, ”Take some more of us – action shots.”

            ”Take some of me too,” Carol said.

            Elsie had her hand around Dad’s cock, fully focused on it as it grew to full staff. Then she went from the base to the tip with her tongue, and then started sucking. Before long she was as deep as it was going in her mouth. Then she mounted it and when it was fully in her, she turned and said, ”This gesture isn’t directed at you but please take the picture.”

            Elsie turned her head as far as possible and held up the middle finger at the camera. She was definitely going to one up one of her old friends.

            ”Let me finish what I started and then you can take a couple more as I lift off,” Elsie said.

            I took pictures of Carol and James that were almost a copy of what Elsie and Dad had done. I had just finished with the poses that Carol wanted when Elsie and Dad let us know they were cuming. I moved between Dad’s legs as Elsie lifted off and took pictures of the cum coated cock and Elsie’s gap and the glob of cum as it rolled out and dropped onto Dad.

            ”Let me have the card and I will download them,” Elsie said with Carol agreeing. That was fine by me, I been filming fucking all day long and so far hadn’t even got my pussy licked. To say I was horny was an understatement – climbing the walls was more like it.

            I pulled Bob to the blanket, ”Get with it boy, treat me right,” I said.

            We were both coming in ten minutes, I would liked to have gone longer but the built-up desire was too much and supplied the release I needed for now.

            Dad and I made up for the quickie after supper with several powerful orgasms each. Exhausted and relaxed sleep came easily in Dad’s arms.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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