Book 2 Chapter 65

It was Thursday when work started, after hours of sleep and overcoming jet lag. It would take hours to be filled in on everything we had missed.

The C5 had landed this morning. I had the crates unloaded and placed in the secure hanger for the time being.
There were four bays left in the basement next to the tunnel exit that were general storage; basically junk. We took an hour to sort through it and place the good stuff in one bay; the rest went into the dumpster.

Bob’s Construction was going to place a double layer of 3/4 plywood on the floor to protect it in three of the bays today. The plan was the forklift would place a crate in the elevator in the gym and the small electric forklift in the basement would carry the crate into the bay.

Dad’s old farm truck could bring six crates at a time. I still did not know how many the C5 had carried on the return trip.

Then we girls could unload the crate, stacking the bars on the floor. This way, we would be eliminating as many people knowing about the gold as possible. The crates would go back to Polokwane filled with freight for them.

Maybe I was over enthused but I thought the six of us should be able to empty two or three crates a night.
The important things were front and center. All the alphabet feds wanted a meeting with all of us and Curtis Warren in Washington on Monday. I wondered what the hell that was all about.

General Bashir had gone crazy, sending as many as fifty messages a day. I had been right that they were testing different communication methods to see if anyone would bite. Now loaded with false confidence that his systems were secure, he was communicating daily with the terrorist groups.

The Virginia massage parlor and strip joint that sent the threat about me was given new contact info. It was only a stroke of luck that the EIT group had been monitoring the site to catch the change. The code was sent in a one line code and link that was not repeated.

He was even assigning each site their own web address and direct codes on the IRG servers in the intelligence headquarters. His reasoning was if one site got hacked the others would be safe.

General Bashir even went as far as to load a new ‘Tools of Terrorism – How to kill Infidels with lone wolf attacks’; it was an IRG produced training video and guide book to homemade explosives and other usefully deadly things.

As soon as the feds decoded the messages it would give agencies everywhere something new to look for.

Bashir was being assertive and gambling; I needed to be cautious but not overly cautious.

Robert was back from his trip and wanted to hack the system to download everything in the IRG servers.

”I am afraid they will catch it and shut down their systems. I don’t want to lose our access,” I said.

”They have encouraged the sites to use the tools. I will hack one of the strip site computers, dog leg the link and then back hack into the IRG intelligence servers from it,” Robert said.

I nodded OK, ”Use one of the systems that cannot be connected to us,” I said.

Ching Lee and Andy had given Oklahoma State the shakedown, starting with the Chancellor. The sad news; General Bashir had forced the cell leader Sabir Mahmoud to pick a date for the attack. The last week of October was chosen.

The good news was Ching Lee and Andy left a soft opening for the cell to find and to exploit and they did. Sabir was giddy in describing what he had found in the communications with the General.

With Frank Hammonds on board, Andy designed a series of small changes to take place that would result in a pincer to contain their attack when they started, trap them in one area and prevent any retreat.

I was intrigued as Ching Lee and Andy explained it and showed the area on one of the grid maps they had made.
At 1300 a call was sent to my phone from the switchboard.

”Ambassador Jones, my name is Juan Pedro Garcia, I am the President of Mexican Petrol Company. Mexpo is the largest oil producer in Mexico in domestic production and has wells in the Gulf of Mexico.”

”Our President Gabriel Martinez suggested I contact you after talking with your Ambassador, George Marsh,” he said.

”I have met with President Martinez several times – a very nice man. What can I do for you?” I asked.

”Mexpo has two major pipelines; one from Corpus Christi Texas to our refinery in Tampico, the other from Tampico to the Pacific oil terminal of Puerto Vallarta.”

”We are losing twenty thousand US gallons a day to Tappers. There is one ten mile stretch near Reynosa that has been tapped ten thousand times in the last six months. There is another area near Guadalajara. The problem is in all areas of the lines.”

”We send teams to find and plug the taps and there are new ones as soon as the repair crew leave.”

”Now they are getting so brazen that they run off the repair crews and steal their equipment. We know it is the cartel and gangs doing this. They are using expensive equipment. We also know the police are being paid off because they do nothing or harass the repair crews,” he said.

”Can your security division help us in any way?” he asked.

”Since you suspect corrupt police, judges and other officials at the local level, it is going to be difficult to restore lawfulness without the blessing of senior government officials.”

”Before I say yes or no I need to look in to all kinds of things. If we take on the job we will be using everything at our disposal including aircraft, armored vehicles and possibly even heavy weapons.”

”I will also want the blessings not only of President Martinez but of Federal Prosecutor Inez and the High Court commissioners. I will make those calls tomorrow. Today I will have my security team leaders start looking at the logistics necessary for such an operation. Give me a couple days; I’m sure you know it could be expensive,” I said.

”I hear your dedication to the task and quality and effectiveness of your men are worth the cost,” he said. ”I will be waiting for your call.”

I looked at the Google maps of the area and then called Andy.

I explained the request and asked him to assign one of his team to evaluate the logistics and to develop a possible plan. ”Gangs and the Cartels are terrorists with a different language and with different methods and goals in mind,” I said.

It was time to play diplomat and politician again as I started looking through my contact list. First was to President Martinez – the talk lasted an hour and eliminated me making any more calls.

President Martinez scheduled a meeting for Wednesday in Mexico City with all the proper officials. It seems that Mexpo was an important player in Mexican business and Mexican exports. Juan Garcia was a huge contributor and personal friend to the President.

I guess I would find out just how important Mexpo was and just how much a friend to the President.

My next call was to Lorrie, ”Can you call your contact at Air Tractor to find out how long it would take us to get four more ground support 802s with mini guns and rocket mounts on each?” I asked.

Curtis Warren had received the couriered delivery of forms sent from the state department and other agencies first thing this morning and had attorneys working on them. Marcy and Jenny had been answering questions off and on all day for him to be able to fill in the blanks.

Curtis promised that he would have them finished for me to carry to Washington on Monday morning – even if his attorneys had to work on Saturday.

At our meeting – when the topic came up of the Mexico trip – Jenny, Andy and Marcy were going with me along with the security men. Actually the security men part was a solid idea given things in Mexico at the time.

By the time we were finished Dad and Jake had the truck from Morton backed up to the loading dock and the forklift was warming up. With the eight of us working hard, two hours later the six crates were empty and on their way back to Morton. Tomorrow night we would finish up the rest.

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Book 2 Chapter 64

We were just getting ready to look at the progress at the radar site when I heard the tires of a large plane touching the runway. It was one of our C5s. Lorrie had said that the plane was leaving the Georgia plant late yesterday.

We watched it maneuver to the tarmac in front of the hangars. After the normal shut down process, the big door at the rear of the plane opened and men exited.

The C5 was carrying the six partially disassembled Air Tractor At802Us we had purchased for patrol duty. The wings had been removed and placed in special crates to prevent damage during the flight and to get them in the plane.

Along with the planes were all the maintenance jacks and equipment to put them back together. Jacks and equipment are worthless without aviation techs to use them.

On board the C5 were four techs from the Air Tractor factory and four from our aviation shop, along the four pilots who had been training at the factory.

A talk with the group informed us that it would take a week to assemble and test the six 802s. One thing that I knew they didn’t was that an Israeli C130 was delivering the armaments for the planes at noon.

Adriyel Dorin – the director of Mossad – and I had worked out an agreement for eight mini guns, seventy five Hellfire missiles and three hundred Hydra 70 rockets; enough for each of the pilots to test the planes and weapons systems out before all the techs left.

I had been able to buy the hardware mounts for the Hellfire, Hydra 70s and the mini guns from the manufacture without any special licenses or permits. I thought that was strange, given the nature of the equipment, but they were considered hard items and not weapons.

We went to look at the radar site and its installation. When the General finalized his request it was for ten acres. The Air Force was to supply the chain link fence; ten feet high with razor wire on top and the gating and controls to surround the entire ten acres.

The living quarters were to be built outside the fence inside the now access controlled airport. I was to supply the labor for the install at US union labor prices plus the normal add-on. There was a huge markup and – as expected – Marcy jumped at the contract.

As usual there was a Marcy SAP account for all materials and labor associated with USAF radar base Polokwane. The Air Force agreed in the contract to do vectoring for all arriving planes; one less headache for JBG to worry about.

The biggest glitch in the contract was the Air Force wanted the walls to be small arms and small explosive devices resistant. I wondered how that was going to be achievable in this environment. I also wondered if they knew something I didn’t or were just being unusually cautious.

I estimated that it would take two more C5 flights to get all the fence here and wondered if anyone had tried to purchase any in the big city three hundred miles away. It would have to be cheaper than the freight cost in a C5 or a c17.

But then with the war winding down in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan maybe the Air Force needed flight time to keep the pilots and crews busy and certified. It was not like the government needed to say something was worn out in order to ask for replacement funding.

Two of the footer and block crews were working on the foundation for the Air Force crew buildings. I estimated they would be finished by darkness then the framers could begin in a couple of days. The mortar joints that secured the blocks together needed time to dry and harden. Raymond implied the building would be ready in less than sixty days. Sixty days was within the Air Force General’s deadline.

We finally ended up at the mines, starting with the gold mine. Mr. Chetty knew we were coming. I had sent him a message when we were inbound.

“It is so good to see you. I am pleased that you take the time to respond to my messages personally. In the twelve years of Arab control not once did anyone in upper levels respond to any messages I sent,” he said.

”I am glad you have been able to bring the operation back so quickly. As you can see, my people are trying hard to keep my promises to you,” I replied.

With safety glasses and face shields on, we watched them place scoops of nuggets into the smelters to turn it into liquid. After several more steps it was poured into the 12.5 kilo molds. When we were here before, there had been six pots and electric furnaces waiting to be used. Today I counted twelve in use.

Mr. Chetty noticed I was counting, ”Even before the Arabs came, we never had enough electricity to run the six kilns at one time. Since the new plant we can and they work much faster and hotter. Before the kilns were working mostly at night. For the last week we have been going around the clock.”

A pair of molds were beside each kiln; when the gold was in the proper molten state it was poured into them. When filled they went onto the cooling racks. When they had cooled enough, the gold bars were removed and weighed.

A worker drilled or added gold with a torch to make the bars weigh 25 pounds. Then they were stamped with the mine mark, a SF for South Africa, the final weight and a serial number. We watched six gold bars every ten minutes make the trip from the kilns to the cooling racks.

The look on Marcy’s face was one of relief. The mine survey and the promises from Mr. Chetty and Mr. Jordaan were apparently true. There would be enough income to pay for this venture and allow for some profit.

We had spent millions in just a few weeks here. With the delivery of the six Air Tractors and the arms for them, we spent thirty million just today. JBG spent half a million in fuel and support for each round trip C5 flight.

“The carpenters made wooden crates from the instructions Raymond gave them. Each crate – when filled – weighs in at two thousand pounds plus the weight of the crate.”

”They also made the two special boxes you wanted to hold four bars each. I am waiting for your special instructions on what to do with them,” Mr. Chetty said.

”I need to make the trip to the diamond mine first, then I will explain,” I said.

Next up was the trip to the diamond mine office that everyone had called the shack. It was more than a shack; there were six small concrete cells with heavy locked doors.

Mr. Jordaan opened doors to show us the result of the digs they had started at the locations where they had hid the diamonds from the Arabs. On the shelves that lined the walls of each cell were cloth bags the size of a small bag of flour.
”Wow, I didn’t realize there would be this much so soon,” I said.

”Things happened a lot faster than I thought they would. In another few weeks we will be back to the full number of miners in the diamond mine. Are you able to carry all this back with you? It is too much to be kept here,” Mr. Jordaan said.

”Yes, one of our big planes is here, it can carry all the gold bars made so far and these diamonds back with them. I will have one of the shipping crates brought over for you to pack them in,” I said.

”I need two bags, each half full. Do you have a bag handy that we can split one of these into?” I asked.
We just stepped outside in time to hear a C130 landing. It was the IDF delivering the weapons we had agreed upon.
Back at the gold mine Mr. Chetty and I placed four gold bars and one half bag of uncut diamonds in each of the special boxes that had been made. Then we securely nailed and screwed the cover on it. With his help we loaded them on the back of the Humvee we were being driven around in.

We went directly to the airfield. The weapons were already being unloaded from the C130 and placed into the storage building by the forklift. We watched as they finished the unloading.

Ariel Dohan was the senior Mossad agent assigned to the delivery.

”Are you returning directly to Israel or making another stop?” I asked him.

”As soon as we are refueled, it is a direct flight back to Tel Aviv,” he replied.

”I have two crates and a letter I need delivered directly to Director Dorin as soon as you land. Are you able to handle that?”

”Yes, I can do that,” he said.

The two crates were brought to the C130 and secured while I wrote the letter.

”Director Dorin.
Bond 007 says diamonds and gold are makers and movers of all nations and I have been told a girl’s best friend. This should be close to the payment we agreed upon. Diamonds are Forever and Gold Finger still rules, but Octopussy was my favorite.

Send me a picture of you with the goods to verify you received them. Thank you for the shipment, we shall use them wisely.

Gold Finger lives on. BJ”

Less than an hour later the IDF C130 took off headed back to Israel. It was soon after that the C5 was empty of Air Tractor parts. They were being replaced with crates from the mines. The C5 would depart later today if the trucks showed up in time to resupply the fuel farm.

In a week some of the aircraft mechanics would need to catch a flight home. Two from our shop and all the tools were staying to maintain the growing JBG fleet.

In a few weeks a freighter was arriving at the coastal port with more Humvees and a couple MRAPs along with two more Blackhawks fresh from the military surplus auction and a quick trip through the rehab shop. The freighter had been leased and loaded out at the Baltimore marine terminal. Once they arrived I would have some extra confidence about security.

It was also carrying hundreds of tons of other supplies and equipment for Polokwane in shipping containers that would be used for long term storage.

We brought all the managers together for one last meeting before we left. It was a pat them on the back and question session.

”Everything seems to be working well. Is there anything we in Maryland can do to make it work better?”

It was an informed discussion that lasted an hour. C5 flights would be every two weeks – sooner if needed – to bring supplies, swap out security personnel and return with whatever bars and diamonds that were ready to be shipped. It was in this meeting that I informed them about the freighter coming in to Maputo.

”I will get you a manifest of everything on it and how it is loaded or packaged. I do know there are one hundred shipping containers that will have to be transported. There is a truck dealer there and Marcy has ordered a few truck with flatbed trailers.”

”We were also told there are contract haulers that will help. As soon as there is a confirmed docking date, one of the flights will bring extra security as drivers to help with getting everything here.” I said.

An hour later my G5 was headed to north east with a fuel stop in Morocco. The C5 was leaving several hours later and was having in flight refueling off the Madeira Islands.

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Book 2 Chapter 63

I spent an hour on VCATS with Tom. Then I made an MTAC call to Ben. The task force had been quiet all week. I wondered if the Feds had broken the codes – there was only one sure way to find out.

I was glad to hear the task force was making progress on the code changes – slow, but progress. I left it at that; no need at the moment for them to know any different.

But first there were things I wanted to know from others. I had opened the door to send armed personnel to a foreign country to conduct a military- police type operation under contract.

I fully expected Louis and President Bisset to figure out a way to do the raid themselves – or at least lower their pride a step and allow the pact countries to help carry out the raid. But I needed to have all the bases covered and my ass especially, just in case they want JBG to do the job for them.

I started with the Secretary of State Dick James. The conversation lasted an hour. It would take Curtis Warren several days just to do the paperwork for the State Department. Then there would be a closed hearing process before any approval. Slowly but surely JBG secrets were going to be put on paper and the freedom of information act would slowly reveal all.

The State Department was just the first agency I made contact with. Next on the list was the CIA and I placed a call to Frank Love. The CIA was one of the agencies that needed to give its approval. More forms and copies of the State Department application needed to go their way.

The DHS was next on the list; they would get copies as well and Eric would need to sign off on the application along with Marty Coeburn of the FBI.

Next was a callback to Ben Smith. The NSA would have a major role in approving the request. I did not even get to state my request with Ben; someone had already called him.

”Are you sure you want to get started in this line of international work? JBG supplying soldiers of fortune and mercenaries does not sound like your kind of business. You know you are going to be competing with the remnants of Black Bear Corp,” Ben said.

”I have no interest in running a mercenary unit, I just want my ass covered so no prosecutor comes out of the woodwork with some rule or law that we did not comply with and wants millions in fines.’‘

”While there are some things that Black Bear has and does that I would like to have, Black Bear can have all the mercenary work. They are being sued for wrongful deaths of their employees and collateral damage, just to name a few. I want no part of it,” I said.

”That’s interesting to know. Black Bear’s legal dilemma is on the fast track through the court system to closure. It has a lot of agencies on edge. The court is indicating they are going to revoke all their licenses and force them out of business while collecting their remaining assets to settle the suits. There is not much left asset wise as it is; the courts and lawyers have taken huge a toll.’‘

”They do a lot things that will be hard to replace – much of it off the record for several agencies and the DOD. Black Bear’s weakness was never sending enough people to correctly do the job. Their systematic planning assumed their men were ten feet tall and bullet proof. I will talk with some people and get you all the information I can,’‘ Ben said.

While I was doing that, Marcy, Jenny, Cindy, and Mary Ann had been busy talking with the office back at the gym. Ching Lee, Lorrie, Andy and two of her administrators made the flight to Oklahoma City this morning; they were just now landing. It had slipped my mind that while it was just afternoon where I was, it was 0600 in Oklahoma.

Andy’s team included the drones and the men to control them. They were staying for a few weeks. Ching Lee and Vicky were meeting with Chancellor Hemming at 1300.

”Let the fireworks begin,” I thought.

I knew there were going to be fireworks before everything Ching Lee wanted to do was implemented. The Chancellor was furious that all the ID’s were being canceled and redone – including his.

Then came the changes to all the camera systems with the addition of dozens more. Also upsetting him were the upcoming changes to rules for visitors to the campus.

Today there would be drones flying all over the college grounds gathering close-up video and data for baseline data streams. This was something the EIT group wanted. It was a new field they wanted to experiment with: inlay, overlay and 3D graphics.

The new drones were going to fly grid patterns using their onboard computer and map every inch of the campus in extreme detail. When one drone signaled the controller that its hard drives were nearing capacity, the other drone would take over the grid and continue while the data was downloaded and check for clarity and accuracy.

At 1500 Ching Lee had scheduled a meeting with the Chancellor and a select few administrators and was going to drop the hammer on them. I suspected that it would happen well before the planned 1500.

We closed down the all the communications. We were just three hours into a ten hour flight; it would be midnight when we arrived. We had debated on staying in the motel, only to find out it was full up during the flight. That left one of the big tents or sleep in the plane.

We elected to sleep in the fancy reclining seats of the plane to finish out the night rather than trying to get situated in a tent that late at night. Andy and men could hit the tents if they wanted or join us. Andy and his men bunked in the tent that had been reserved for security, leaving the plane to us girls.

At 0600 I started cooking coffee on the kitchen’s small stove. A few minutes later everyone was up. The racket outside informed us that area was awake and coming alive with activity.

As soon as I opened the door and lowered the steps, two vehicles were headed my way along with an aircraft tug to move the plane to a better position on the tarmac.

One of the vehicles was driven by Ray Underhill.

”Hello bosses, I didn’t think I would see you so soon but I’m glad you came. There lots of things happening around here! I have been making a lot of decisions and drafted some help along the way. I want to make sure I am going in the directions you want,” he said.

”First thing though is the hotel has finished cleaning a couple rooms vacated by early departures and you can use them to shower and freshen up. I also told them you would be in for breakfast and coffee. After that we have a lot to show you and talk about,’‘ Ray added.

The long hot shower felt good – almost as good as the coffee that was prepared by someone who had been in the service – toe curling strong, the way I liked it.
After the showers and breakfast there was the meeting to start the explanation of what was going on.

”Mr. Jordaan – the diamond mine manager – and Mr. Chetty – the gold mine manager – sent notices to some people they knew that we were looking for miners and skilled construction trade craftsman with the hotel as the contact. The phones have been ringing so much I sent one of the security guys to help take calls at the switchboard.’‘

”Word of mouth was as effective as the notices. Skilled craftsman are calling and showing up – several dozen a day. There are so many that the big disaster tents are filled. The newcomers are living in their cars and small tents that they brought on the south-west side.’‘

”We have already installed sewer and water to the parking area and built bath and shower buildings to make sure there were no sanitation disasters there.’‘

”We have ten ten-man block and mortar crews doing footer and block work and also as many electricians, plumbers, dry wall installers and finishers, framers, painters and roofers. There are so many that I am having trouble keeping enough materials here.’‘

”The Air Force delivered a C5 load of supplies for the radar station yesterday – primarily chain link fencing and equipment for the Air force offices and crew quarters they want built. They left blueprints of what they wanted built. By the way, they are very happy with the location we chose for the radar site.’‘

‘‘I have several crews putting up the fencing today.’‘

”They are sending another C5 tomorrow with more equipment and a big jet fuel truck to help us out. They were not happy being refueled with the 2000 gallon at a time truck we have. They are also sending a detachment of men to begin hooking up the radar and tents for them to live in until we get the building they want built.’‘

”I have ordered more equipment to keep everyone working. I ordered more jet A tanks for the fuel farm and several more man lifts.’‘ The conversation lasted a few more minutes with Marcy asking a lot of very pointed questions.

When we finished there were three vehicles waiting outside the motel to carry us around. The first stop was to the southwest to see the many small tents; there were even cars with canvas perched off the top and on poles for shade and cover.

We stopped at one of the bathhouses the crew had built for ladies. I was happy to see Raymond had correctly described them. Each had showers on one end, a laundry mat in the middle and the other end was toilets. This one had a dozen shower stalls with privacy curtains, a dozen washers and driers and a dozen toilets with doors.

I would like to be a mouse in the corner when the bill for the thousands of rolls of bathroom tissue this place was going to use hit her computer screen, even though the current arrangement was temporary. It was explained to all newcomers that things furnished now for free would not be when final housing for them was finished.

There were piles of clean towels and washcloths stacked on shelving with notices that no towels or cloths were to leave the building. There were large hampers for them. I wondered who did the washing and folding of them but soon learned that some of the wives of the construction people were as eager to work and earn as the men.

There was a maintenance area attached to buildings; in it were rows of electric hot water tanks. There were six of these buildings; three for men and three for women.

The tour continued to the new power station. One of the 1000KW units was running quiet and smooth. We looked over the fuel tanks; I was happy to see they were adequately anchored, secured and braced with easy to see level gauges.

The monitoring and ordering of fuel had been assigned to the people who were in charge of the aviation fuel farm; a proper decision to let one person be responsible for all. The tour continued.

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Book 2 Chapter 62

The lunch turned into a working lunch with more progress being made than had been made in the morning session. The progress carried over through the afternoon session.

We finished at 1600 for the day with the hard issues done. The next joint meeting would be in a month. JBG had plenty of work to do in Europe for several months.

As usual there was another fancy dinner and social event planned for the evening. All of us attended and had a great time with the social activities and dancing after.

It’s funny how lovely ladies draw so much attention and jealousy from wives. Cindy and Mary Ann both took advantage of the gym with the tanning salon freebies and it showed; they danced a lot of dances with lots of different men. Jenny, Marcy and I danced more with our escorts and just an occasional dance with others. I was sure that more than one of the married guests were going to get a stern talking to behind closed doors.

Louis Boucher was one of the men who asked me to dance. Off to the side and out of close proximity he told me that he and President Bisset would be at Loures at 1000 after the final round of meetings that the leaders were going to have in the morning.

I had intended to fly back to the states so we could accompany Ching Lee to Oklahoma State. We would have to cancel going along. I knew she could handle it without any problem. I would send Andy to reinforce her orders and stifle any opposition to them from anyone in the security.

With that change in plans I decided we would go back to Polokwane and check on the progress first hand. I was sure Marcy wanted to see where all the money was going – and there was a lot of it – and how much was being wasted.

With breakfast finished at 0800 and the orders for our jet to be ready to leave when we finished, we were waiting for the two of them to arrive.

Marcy, Jenny and Mary Ann were following up on other developments with the crew quarters and bunk buildings. The construction was ahead of schedule and the site would be completed in two weeks or less.

While they were doing that I finished up the presentation for Louis and Bisset. They arrived at 1000 on the nose. I took them to one of the meeting rooms along with my portable office and the papers I had brought.

“Louis, President Bisset, do the names Fatin Bashir or Butros Tayfur mean anything to either of you?” I asked.

“No, should they?” Louis asked as President Bisset was shaking his head.

This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

“Fatin Bashir is the brother of Major General Adeem Mohamed Bashir who was promoted to commander of the Iranian Republican Guard intelligence unit after I killed General Kedar. The Iranian Republican Guard intelligence unit controls all of the terrorist cells sponsored by the Iranian government in Europe, Africa, North and South America – which I am sure you know.”

”Fatin Bashir was sent by Kedar to the ‘Grande Mosque de Paris’ to assist the Iranian Republican Guard intelligence spies that are there just two days after the Pact announcement. Kedar was furious that his spies had failed to know anything about the pact.”

”Butros Tayfur was sent to the joint ISIS training center in the district of Chapelle-Pajol. My intelligence on the training center says that it utilizes two full city blocks in one of your no-go Muslim only areas.”

”He was sent there at the same time as Fatin to assist in the training of one hundred individuals being trained in intelligence gathering and sabotage to work in areas near US military bases. His assignment also was to continue and expand the spying in France and elsewhere.”

“Those training center participants are a mix of individuals from every terrorist group in the Middle East and Africa. They spend their time, learn their specialty trade and return to wreak havoc wherever they are sent.”

”If my intelligence is right, since the recent decline in ISIS strength in Syria and Iraq they have increased the training of individuals for lone wolf attacks.”

”Attacks at home in the heartland have a far superior effect on moral and fear than watching the six o’clock news of events in some far off land. There has been so much of it and so commonplace that the public has become hardened to those images.”

”Now with radical elements in Russia, China, Pakistan and India getting involved, terrorists are able to get passports and visas that have been filtered and very clean allowing those individuals to move around more freely. The one hundred sent to the US all possessed French student and work visas. They were approved by your government,” I said and waited for a response.

”You are correct that there are several areas of Paris that are problematic. We did not know there was a training center there. We have encountered resistance – extreme resistance – to police to the point that we don’t go there without a request from them. Honestly those areas are off limits to the police,” Louis said.

”The last attempt at restoring traditional law there was a failure. At the sign of any police the streets are quickly blocked to prevent entry and the cars surrounded by angry rioters,” Louis said.

”Yes, I have the aerial video. We use it in some of our training on how not to conduct large scale raids,” I said.

Louis just looked at me and said, ”How not to conduct large scale raids? I didn’t know there was any video.”

”Not enough officers. Not enough riot gear. Not enough heavy equipment to move obstacles out of the way. There comes a point that you have to expect collateral damage and ignore it and press on with overwhelming force,” I said.

”You are at the point that you have to make multiple agonizing decisions. The center has to be closed down, they can no longer be left alone and everyone in it has to be dead or arrested and isolated forever. I’m sure that you know that.”

”They are sending mass murders around the world, not just inside France. It’s only a matter of time before they light up your streets with lone wolf mass killings.”

”The leaders of the pact have got to come to agreement on a location for a maximum security prison for terrorists. I broached the subject yesterday and it was quickly brushed aside for other important business.”

”You do not want to house these extremist with general prison populations, you are only multiplying the extremist tenfold by doing that. General population prisoners are bored, gullible and easily indoctrinated,” I said.

”One of the problems is that they infiltrated the National Police and the National Gendarmerie to the point that carrying out large scale raids like the one to shut down the camp will be impossible. They will know we are coming at the earliest planning levels,” Louis said.

”Well you do have a few options that you did not have before. None will be politically easy.”

”The Pact could plan, organize and carry out the raid without using any French police until the final stages – as in traffic control after the raid started. However, I sense a lot of mistrust with the members at this point in the organization. It may be too soon to try such an advanced step.”

”The other option is to have the JBG Special Operations Team come in and do the raid under the auspices as contract French law enforcement officers. In no way can we have relatives with collateral damage or survivors of aggressive tactics showing up in US courts seeking monetary awards. So there will be contracts, legal letters of agreement and understanding and so on,” I said.

”Do you have enough men in the Special Operations team to carry out an assignment of that size – it could take several hundred?” Louis asked.

”The men are no problem, just all the little pieces to make it all work,” I said.

”We have to discuss it with all the ministers to see what action we will take,” Prime Minister Bisset said.

”You have some time to work it out but not much. Just be careful who you talk to,” I said. ”And let me know as soon as possible.”

A few minutes later we were on our way to the airport to continue our trip to Polokwane. It would be near midnight when we arrived. Things had been happening all morning everywhere. I was going to be busy on the flight.

The first was a VCATS to Tom for updates. To my dismay there had been a flurry of posts from Tiam to cells in the US with confirmation demands.

The three cells along the Mexican border were told to expect an influx of travelers in six weeks. Travel orders would be sent before their arrival.

I wondered the reason why an influx in six weeks then I realized four to five weeks was the time that it took freighters to make the trip from the Persian Gulf around Cape Horn to docks in central America. Then add a week to make the trip through Mexico.

ISIS, The Taliban and others were doing a mass exodus from Syria, some of them to our borders.

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Book 2 Chapter 61

At 0800 we were in the cafeteria eating breakfast with the few men who were finishing up. Breakfast was two groups – those that were getting ready to start the day and those who were ending their day. For the first ones, breakfast was at 0500 to 0600; they had to be at their duty post at 0700, giving them a few minutes for the last cup of coffee and to hit the head. Loures was being run like a military base with BJ and JBG modifications.

Since there were three shifts of security guards and operations, breakfast was basically served all day long. The 0500 was buffet style. It only took a few minutes for the cook to make up pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, scrapple and such for the other shifts which were much smaller.

Like me, most men wanted the first meal of the day to be breakfast no matter what time of day that was. I just couldn’t seem to enjoy having a full steak dinner as breakfast – because of the time – then hitting an aggressive day or field routine face on. I know it was odd but I had ideas about a lot of things.

After breakfast we went to the command center and began our day. The five hour difference meant that we could hold video conversations with the embassy security teams in Europe, Asia and Africa. Vicky and I did that while Marcy looked over the office data from home and made financial decisions.

At noon I received a 911 text from Tom.

”Today’s broadcast has drastically changed, they are including several sets of numbers and very little else, also the broadcast is sent every hour,” he said.

“They are getting ready to change the posting web sites, possibly the codes as well. Have they requested that the cells acknowledge? ” I replied.

”No,” Tom said.

In our questioning of General Fayeez Mohammad under the Doc’s guidance and before I killed him, he gave up all the backup sites and codes that all the cells had. Those lists were in my office safe – four thousand miles away.

”Ching Lee will down in a minute,” I replied. I hung up on Tom and called Ching Lee.

”Ching Lee, open my safe. In there on the center shelf is the folder with answers from the interrogation of General Mohammed. Near the back of the folder is the list of the emergency backup web sites and access codes he gave us – I think you were there. Carry that sheet down to Tom. We think they are changing the things today,” I said.

I called Tom back with more instructions, ”Tom – Ching Lee is on her way down with some things that may help. Don’t share any of this with the Washington group. Tell them we are working on it but have no answers at the time, if they call.”

We spent a few hours on VCATS communicating with Raymond Underhill. Things were moving. The generators were being delivered today and put in place.

The fuel tanks had been delivered Friday and with the help of the security men, were set in place. The fuel company had connected them together with valves, hoses and pipe, checked for leaks and then filled them with fuel.

Tomorrow the generator people were to meet with our private utility people to hook up the generators and adjust them. Then they were going to cut the South Africa Utilities wire feeding Polokwane and install switch gear with locks in case things changed and we needed to hook up again.

The old generator had been running more than fifty percent of the time since we bought the property. It had started burning five gallons of oil a day; its life was at an end. The new ones were going into service just in the nick of time.

Marcy, Jenny and I finished the day out in the small gym and recreation area. It was 2000 hours when Tom called back with updates on the intelligence problem.

“The website we had been eavesdropping on went dead at 1400. You were right; one of the numbers they were repeating was in your papers and led us to the one they are now using. They are transmitting lots of new information and orders,” Tom said.

”Washington has called; they are at a loss. I have done and will continue to do as you instructed. As we finish up today I will send it to you in an encrypted file with everything they have broadcast on the new sites. How do you want it, little or big black book?” he asked.

”Be safe and send it big book,” I replied.

Marcy, Jenny and I spent two hours on the computer with the big black book codes, unraveling the flood of messages that Tiam had sent out.

All cells had been required to acknowledge they had received instructions on the new site. More micro management from the IRG; some agencies never learn. The more messages sent the more likely someone will find them – like me. Several new sites that were previously unknown also made the acknowledgment.

After Tom put it through the programs, the IP addresses were found to be from the strip joints near the military bases where the ISIS / Iranian spies were sent. All the joints had assumed cell status.

They were going active on the new sites and ordered to send routine activity reports and gathered intelligence weekly. Until now there had been few broadcasts from those sites, usually just acknowledgments to Tiam when requested.

A major escalation in intelligence gathering was afoot from the Iranian Republican Guard intelligence unit and the remains of ISIS that had gone in hiding for the next Caliphate attempt.

We were up early and had breakfast with the 0500 group. We were bombarded with questions. One of the first was could there be some arrangement made to get good old fashioned American foods from time to time.

The normal Portuguese breakfast foods available locally left a lot to be desired when one was used to ham and eggs scrapple and sausage with pancakes. Especially if one was going to train hard and needed two to three thousand calories a day.

“There is a solution. Put together a primary list of foods you cannot get here and based on space available, we will add those things to the freight flights coming in this direction,” I said.

”Biff can add a couple more large walk-in freezers to handle the extra,” I added.

On Tuesday the meeting started at 0900 and was a blender from the introductions – Prime Ministers and top security chiefs. It took an hour before cool heads prevailed. None of the crap was about anything productive, all of was power playing ‘mine needs to be bigger than yours’ – just because.

It was 1000 before we actually got down to talking about glitches and solutions. One of the glitches was the number of agents coming to Fort Smith and the cost of getting them there.

I was glad I Marcy had came along. While all the discussions were going on she was working in her laptop and emailing Lorrie. They were working on a plan.

The next question was how soon better cooperation between the Pact countries could be implemented.

“The JBG command center for the agreement is up and running as we speak at our Loures site. The remote sites have been completed in four countries. The other five are in various stages of construction and testing. I expect they will be done by the end of the month.”

”JBG is in the process of assigning the agreed upon manpower to each of those sites and completing the necessary training. I am returning to the Loures command center to make an important video call to our Maryland office and have lunch there. If any of you would like a tour of the center and site, you are welcome to join me there for lunch or after,” I said.

There was no such thing as a short order cook in France; to call them anything but a chef was an insult that may get you a lap full of food or no food at all. In reality ours was a short order; the meals were buffet style with the menu changing some every day.

With the number of people there and the numbers coming. anything else would be an impossibility. It would be mass stupidity to expect them to hit the local restaurants for food three times a day. Plus, there was no way for security to deal with dozens of food deliveries at meal times.

We ironed out more issues until the meeting broke for lunch. Marcy, Jenny, Mary Ann and I had lunch with the nine leaders and their heads of security.

I had been intending on eating lunch at Loures and wanted to find out what posts had been made this morning. Instead we lunched with the group who were going to Loures after the fancy catered lunch.

It was during the lunch break that I gave Louis Boucher a note. “Sometime before you leave to go back to France I need to have a top secret meeting at Loures with you and President Bisset if he wants to join in – if you trust him with your life and career,” I had written.

Louis looked at the note and nodded.

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Book 2 Chapter 60

Tuesday quickly became Wednesday and then Thursday, almost as fast as a blink of an eye. Thursday I spent the morning with Vicky reviewing embassy issues. Thursday afternoon I was back with Ching Lee reviewing the progress at Oklahoma State. A few things had been done this week but by end of next week a lot of things will happen.

Jenny had identified ten individuals who had advanced computer skills, either from the military or federal agencies. Yes, we were now getting applicants from federal agencies.

There were several from the DHS and the FBI. When questioned why they were leaving, ”Sick of politics interfering with investigations and preferential treatment for certain groups.” Some things never change I thought.

Ching Lee, Vicky and I were planning on flying back to the college next Thursday. The new people chosen were getting a crash course on facial scanners and the college security program. One of Andy’s drone operators was going there to operate the drone.

The two new drones were bigger and had better cameras. The controllers for them were a two joystick control box. The cameras could be operated one hundred and eighty degrees when the drone was set to hover in a fixed position with one joystick.

Another good thing was there were over a dozen different styles and types of cameras already programmed into its controller. Cameras could be mixed and used at the same time; long range, wide angle, infrared, night vision and a laser pointed homing camera.

The laser homing was a great addition; just put the dot on the object and the drone positioned itself to follow and keep the object in center of the view, all the while still maintaining altitude automatically. With the newest advances in batteries it could maintain station for several hours.

Still there were a lot of things that needed to come together before next Thursday.

Friday I spent the early morning with VCATS with Biff in a conversation that made my decision to fly to Portugal Sunday night. I was planning to leave Monday night for a joint PACT meeting but there were several issues I needed to address first.

Friday afternoon it was spent on VCATS again with Raymond Underhill at Polokwane. The next few weeks were going to be busy there. The first of the three C5 flights carrying the DOD radar was to leave early Monday morning. The flight had been finished out with several of those big tents used in hurricane recovery, along with food, army cots and blankets.

Raymond had been thinking ahead for all the manpower that was to arrive. He had found a sewage truck and two portable bath trailers; one was shower stalls and the other was hopper stalls and porta-potties. They were 300 miles away and JBG paid plenty to get them trucked to Polokwane.

The sewage truck could empty all of them. The sad part was the only thing we could do with it was spread it out in a field several miles away from the town for now. A better method of dealing with sewage was coming. At least it would be better than dung pits at the end of each street.

Manure was manure; all over Asia and in other parts of the world human crap was used for manure to improve crop output. In America we call it sludge; at least we treated it before in was injected into the ground on farm land.
I had read that New York and Massachusetts had a state approved process to dry it out and use it for mulch around your house. I could just imagine the smell after days of damp and wet weather and then stepping in it.
I wondered if the water from the plant could be used as irrigation; maybe we could grow something useful on a few of those desolate acres after manure had improved the soil.

The flight was also carrying twenty men from J&J construction. Raymond had worked to get a majority of the equipment on site. Jake’s men were going to put it in place and test run it, possibly use some of it. Also going were twenty more for the security team.

A second C5 was leaving Tuesday morning with more of the same and 200 cases of MREs (meals ready to eat); not military surplus but fresh from the supplier. This was not going to be a picnic and they were told so up front.

I called all the mates on a conference call to see who was going with me with the change of plans. Jenny still needed to go because of contract changes and additions.

They decided that Marcy and Cindy – if she wanted an out of the office experience and one clerk to take notes – would accompany me on this trip.

At our meeting one more issue was addressed. On all of our help wanted ads they had – for a long time – specified that we required at least two languages or more. We also gave temporary grace to those who promised to learn a second language prior to the end of the probationary period. If they didn’t, they would be terminated.

We were having difficulties with it. We had provided self guided language programs on the company computers. It helped some but not enough. It was decided that we would hire language teachers in the eight languages we specified.
They would work in conjunction with the computer programs and be part of the regular recurring training program. They could even conduct class using the VCATS system when space was available. All we had to do was find eight foreign language teachers willing to travel.

Cindy and Mary Ann were excited to go to Portugal. Neither was married but both had long time boyfriends. It seemed like today’s generation has no interest in marriage. I had no interest in marriage for different reasons, the largest reason; I simply did not need a man to be my better half. I had my mates and we had married each other in a private ceremony amongst us, even if that marriage would not be recognized anywhere. They understood all my female quirks and I theirs, we were happy and we loved each other. Now we had four little ones to carry on after we were gone. What more could you ask for?

Jenny and Ching Lee drove Cindy and Mary Ann to Annapolis to the fancy dress shop. I didn’t know what kind of high-end clothes they had but I was sure they didn’t have any elaborate ‘top of the line’ evening dresses. Every time I went to Europe I ended up at an affair that required the very best. I expected this trip to be the no different.

Saturday we watched the Morton crew unload the trucks with the first shipment of radar parts. The load masters carefully moved the loads back and forth the get the center of gravity of the load in the right place.

The load had to be balanced so that as the fifty thousand gallons of fuel burned off, the plane would not become nose or tail heavy. Either one of those would cause the plane to become harder to control and maybe crash. It was something that was done on every flight that carried freight – on all planes.

On passenger planes it was not so complicated. The passenger seating solved some of the problem and placing baggage from one end to the other in the cargo bay settled the rest. With weighing the baggage and average passenger weights it all worked out in the end.

We packed Sunday morning after breakfast; fancy dresses, jewelry and the likes, just to be prepared. The afternoon was family time, getting ready for the goodbyes that were coming.

I had to explain to JJ and RJ why they could not go this time.

“Mommy is going to be busy. Pop-pop and grand pop have a lot for you to do while we are gone,” I told them. After hugs and kisses they ran to be with the family.

Marcy, Cindy, Mary Ann, Shannon, Gordon, Sid Ortel, Ziva, Abra, Farah, Jenny and I boarded my G5 for the trip. We were sharing the trip with as much freight as the plane would carry for the Loures site. The wheels left the concrete at 2000 hours. With flying time and time zone changes, we would arrive at 0600 Monday morning.

We were staying in two of renovated private resident houses at the new Loures site. Since they were for adult guests, one of the changes we had made was more rooms were made into bedrooms. The den was removed and turned into a bedroom. All the bedrooms had two twin beds. More savings for Marcy.

With Loures basically up and running, things were a lot smoother. We could do two meals in the cafeteria – no running to and from a motel. That also meant MTAC, VCATS and the command center were just a few feet away.

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Book 2 Chapter 59

“Are you through with your meeting?” Ching Lee asked, ”If not, finish it up.”

I forced myself not to smile; Ching Lee was growing more aggressive and stronger since Takeo was born. Before she always needed a little guidance then took things and ran with them. She did not need the guidance any more – now we needed to make sure we got out of her way.

”Frank, Jim and Harry, stay; the rest of you continue with your assignments,” Ching Lee said as they got up to leave.

”Frank, I was happy to see that you did not cave into the student union demands about changes to the guards at the parking lot entrances. I am disappointed to see that the university still has not made any attempt to install any kind of restrictive fencing along the front by the highway. That was one of the recommendations of last year’s audit and they agreed to it,” Ching Lee said.

Ching Lee had brought two maps – one was the college grounds as it was today and the other was last year’s map after the audit with the suggested changes marked on it.

Unfortunately there were a few that had not been started let alone completed. The college had agreed to do all of them.

I called Washington just in time to catch Bobby before she went home.

“Can you look up in the grant system to see what amount Oklahoma State applied for and was finally granted, the application date and the award date?” I asked.

“They requested four point nine million sixteen months ago under the Emergency Construction Terror Prevention Program. The House appropriations approved four point two million fourteen months ago.”

”There have been progress reports on the construction phase of four items in the request, those four were completed. There were no completion or compliance reports on the four remaining,” Bobby said.

”OK Bobbie, thanks, have a good evening,” I said.

Either way it was too late to push the issue now. I anticipated that any attack would happen in sixty days or less. The only thing pushing a rush on construction would do was telegraph that we were on to them – the last thing I wanted to do.

Tomorrow I would have Ben put the screws to the college. The grants had restrictions and regulations. They had to have specific projects listed and the cost of those projects with bids accompanying the request. The funding was not meant to be just a cash grant. There was a deadline on the construction with one grace period for weather or material shortage.

I needed to do that to protect both JBG and myself at the task force. If the media ever got wind that a college with JBG security was let slide on the grant requirements there would be hell to pay.

There were Representatives and Senators who wanted the grant program stopped, freeing up funds for pet projects. There were others that were still pissed that their favorite college didn’t get special treatment in the grants.

“Our visit is not social and our conversation is strictly confidential. This college is at the top of a list of potential terror targets gleamed from recent ISIS sources.”

”I expect an attack to be carried out against Oklahoma State this school year. I agree with Ching Lee that it is a disappointment that the college has neglected to complete the agreed upon measures. There is nothing we can do about that.”

”What we can do is gently step up security without tipping off the people that are watching and doing the planning,” I said.

”We don’t want to drive them away and underground with their planning. We don’t want them to suspect we are watching but that is exactly what we are going to do.”

”The EIT group is scouring all known communication links that the terrorist had and still use. We know this group is Middle Eastern or possibly African connected so all students from those areas are to be looked at.”

”What Robert, BJ and I need you to do is to tighten your surveillance of those individuals without being obvious. Use the card system to track them. Are they routine meeting on campus, off campus, in small groups or large groups? Be intelligent about it.”

”I know – it’s racial, regional and religious profiling but we have to find an edge that helps us find out what they are planning and when,” Ching Lee said.

”Ching Lee has asked HR for additional people to be sent here temporarily and I have agreed to that as soon as we get training completed. As you know we have a lot of irons in the fire right now so they will be trickling in as soon as they can,” Jenny said.

”Frank, Jim, Harry; we are going to split into three groups and you are to take us through every hall, building and the grounds. What we are looking for with extra eyes is soft spots in the security profile, where we need extra cameras or subtle changes we can put in place,” I said.

With that we started the walk, Jenny and I went with Frank, Vicky and Lorrie went with Jim and Ching Lee and Marcy went with Harry. Each of us had a pad, a pen and cell to take pictures if we wanted.

The walk took two hours with us ending back at the security office. Frank, Jenny and I had walked through the administration building and were told the Chancellor was in meetings and could not be disturbed.

I asked for an envelope from the secretary, placed one of my business cards in it and sealed it, “Give this to the Chancellor as he leaves for the day,” I said. I had written on it ‘Sorry I missed you.’

We had one last quick conversation with the three. “We will evaluate the information tomorrow and have a conference video call in the afternoon. You can expect more manpower and equipment ASAP,” I said to Frank.

Thirty minutes later we back at the MAAR. The four from the office had arrived and were getting oriented into what they needed do for the next few weeks.

My G5 was a thousand miles from Oklahoma when Chancellor Hemming called all apologetic, “I’m sorry I missed you. You should have told the secretary to interrupt the meeting,” he said.

“When I tell my secretaries I don’t want my meeting disturbed, even Lucifer is not getting by them – no matter how hot the pitchfork is,” I said.

“I will be back in a couple weeks. I will let you know when, by then we will have a lot to talk about. Ching Lee is going to order some changes in the security for your college,” I said.

“We have a contract,” he said.

”There are no issues with the contract; you can rest easy on that,” I said.

We talked and compared notes from the walk around the whole time we were in the air headed back to Morton. By the time we landed Ching Lee had several pages of recommendations for changes.

Tuesday, the six of us spent the morning with Tom in the EIT room going over the last three weeks of translated intercepts from Tiam just to make sure we had not missed something.

I directed Tom to put an increased effort on finding the other nine cells. I wanted to make sure we were not being fed a line of distraction.

At noon we had come to a group of temporary solutions. Now it was up to Ching Lee to implement them.
East Coast Security would be dispatched to install fifty new cameras in the locations we had picked and upgrade the displays in the office there.

Jenny was going to have HR go back over the applications of all the current men and ladies in training and those coming to see if any had advanced computer skills in the security area.

We had decided to activate the facial recognition program against the college wishes. All six of us made that decision because the consequences could be far reaching. Another thing that could upset the college was Ching Lee was going to send two of the new larger camera drones.

We were also going to deactivate all the IDs over a two week period and reissue them as a way to verify student ID.

These last few things would place a heavy work load on our people, even with the four more I was going to send.
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