Book 2 Chapter 59

“Are you through with your meeting?” Ching Lee asked, ”If not, finish it up.”

I forced myself not to smile; Ching Lee was growing more aggressive and stronger since Takeo was born. Before she always needed a little guidance then took things and ran with them. She did not need the guidance any more – now we needed to make sure we got out of her way.

”Frank, Jim and Harry, stay; the rest of you continue with your assignments,” Ching Lee said as they got up to leave.

”Frank, I was happy to see that you did not cave into the student union demands about changes to the guards at the parking lot entrances. I am disappointed to see that the university still has not made any attempt to install any kind of restrictive fencing along the front by the highway. That was one of the recommendations of last year’s audit and they agreed to it,” Ching Lee said.

Ching Lee had brought two maps – one was the college grounds as it was today and the other was last year’s map after the audit with the suggested changes marked on it.

Unfortunately there were a few that had not been started let alone completed. The college had agreed to do all of them.

I called Washington just in time to catch Bobby before she went home.

“Can you look up in the grant system to see what amount Oklahoma State applied for and was finally granted, the application date and the award date?” I asked.

“They requested four point nine million sixteen months ago under the Emergency Construction Terror Prevention Program. The House appropriations approved four point two million fourteen months ago.”

”There have been progress reports on the construction phase of four items in the request, those four were completed. There were no completion or compliance reports on the four remaining,” Bobby said.

”OK Bobbie, thanks, have a good evening,” I said.

Either way it was too late to push the issue now. I anticipated that any attack would happen in sixty days or less. The only thing pushing a rush on construction would do was telegraph that we were on to them – the last thing I wanted to do.

Tomorrow I would have Ben put the screws to the college. The grants had restrictions and regulations. They had to have specific projects listed and the cost of those projects with bids accompanying the request. The funding was not meant to be just a cash grant. There was a deadline on the construction with one grace period for weather or material shortage.

I needed to do that to protect both JBG and myself at the task force. If the media ever got wind that a college with JBG security was let slide on the grant requirements there would be hell to pay.

There were Representatives and Senators who wanted the grant program stopped, freeing up funds for pet projects. There were others that were still pissed that their favorite college didn’t get special treatment in the grants.

“Our visit is not social and our conversation is strictly confidential. This college is at the top of a list of potential terror targets gleamed from recent ISIS sources.”

”I expect an attack to be carried out against Oklahoma State this school year. I agree with Ching Lee that it is a disappointment that the college has neglected to complete the agreed upon measures. There is nothing we can do about that.”

”What we can do is gently step up security without tipping off the people that are watching and doing the planning,” I said.

”We don’t want to drive them away and underground with their planning. We don’t want them to suspect we are watching but that is exactly what we are going to do.”

”The EIT group is scouring all known communication links that the terrorist had and still use. We know this group is Middle Eastern or possibly African connected so all students from those areas are to be looked at.”

”What Robert, BJ and I need you to do is to tighten your surveillance of those individuals without being obvious. Use the card system to track them. Are they routine meeting on campus, off campus, in small groups or large groups? Be intelligent about it.”

”I know – it’s racial, regional and religious profiling but we have to find an edge that helps us find out what they are planning and when,” Ching Lee said.

”Ching Lee has asked HR for additional people to be sent here temporarily and I have agreed to that as soon as we get training completed. As you know we have a lot of irons in the fire right now so they will be trickling in as soon as they can,” Jenny said.

”Frank, Jim, Harry; we are going to split into three groups and you are to take us through every hall, building and the grounds. What we are looking for with extra eyes is soft spots in the security profile, where we need extra cameras or subtle changes we can put in place,” I said.

With that we started the walk, Jenny and I went with Frank, Vicky and Lorrie went with Jim and Ching Lee and Marcy went with Harry. Each of us had a pad, a pen and cell to take pictures if we wanted.

The walk took two hours with us ending back at the security office. Frank, Jenny and I had walked through the administration building and were told the Chancellor was in meetings and could not be disturbed.

I asked for an envelope from the secretary, placed one of my business cards in it and sealed it, “Give this to the Chancellor as he leaves for the day,” I said. I had written on it ‘Sorry I missed you.’

We had one last quick conversation with the three. “We will evaluate the information tomorrow and have a conference video call in the afternoon. You can expect more manpower and equipment ASAP,” I said to Frank.

Thirty minutes later we back at the MAAR. The four from the office had arrived and were getting oriented into what they needed do for the next few weeks.

My G5 was a thousand miles from Oklahoma when Chancellor Hemming called all apologetic, “I’m sorry I missed you. You should have told the secretary to interrupt the meeting,” he said.

“When I tell my secretaries I don’t want my meeting disturbed, even Lucifer is not getting by them – no matter how hot the pitchfork is,” I said.

“I will be back in a couple weeks. I will let you know when, by then we will have a lot to talk about. Ching Lee is going to order some changes in the security for your college,” I said.

“We have a contract,” he said.

”There are no issues with the contract; you can rest easy on that,” I said.

We talked and compared notes from the walk around the whole time we were in the air headed back to Morton. By the time we landed Ching Lee had several pages of recommendations for changes.

Tuesday, the six of us spent the morning with Tom in the EIT room going over the last three weeks of translated intercepts from Tiam just to make sure we had not missed something.

I directed Tom to put an increased effort on finding the other nine cells. I wanted to make sure we were not being fed a line of distraction.

At noon we had come to a group of temporary solutions. Now it was up to Ching Lee to implement them.
East Coast Security would be dispatched to install fifty new cameras in the locations we had picked and upgrade the displays in the office there.

Jenny was going to have HR go back over the applications of all the current men and ladies in training and those coming to see if any had advanced computer skills in the security area.

We had decided to activate the facial recognition program against the college wishes. All six of us made that decision because the consequences could be far reaching. Another thing that could upset the college was Ching Lee was going to send two of the new larger camera drones.

We were also going to deactivate all the IDs over a two week period and reissue them as a way to verify student ID.

These last few things would place a heavy work load on our people, even with the four more I was going to send.
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Book 2 Chapter 58

The weekend passed quickly, intertwined with questions, work and boys. I did get to spend several hours in the gym each day.

We had a great homemade dinner Sunday night. It was a beef roast that had been cooking in a crock pot all day with onions, seasonings and carrots.

When the items were removed, the broth was made into thick gravy to smother mashed potatoes and dip homemade fluffy rolls in. There was a salad for starters and hot apple pie finished it off. Even the finicky boys liked it.
The girls had been in on the conversations with Robert and Tom. At noon on Sunday Tom sent me a text that the information that I requested in my in box.

Over the weekend we decided that we would go to Oklahoma State on Monday, just to do a walk around. They had decided we were going to spend a lot more time together – whenever possible – during the week. The girls had named such future ventures as cross training.

Monday morning at 0700 we boarded the G5 with tickets to Oklahoma City International airport. First thing we were going to do was to do an audit on the MAAR auto rental site when we arrived. Marcy had handed off most of the field work of the audits to some of her administrators based on customer feedback cards.

There were some discrepancies between what customers were reporting and what the audits were saying. Marcy suspected that the audits were not surprise audits. This audit was a surprise – we had not told anyone where we were going. Lorrie had done the ticket ordering herself.

I had no real plans to go to Washington this week. The House and Senate members were still not satisfied and were now threatening to subpoena the task force members. If they did, I would go back to the special case court. I would not be part of that zoo this week.

It was 1030 when Marcy walked in the MAAR offices. Hellfire and damnation quickly followed, some of it behind closed doors that were nowhere thick enough. There were only two people working the counter when there should have been four or more for the early arriving planes.

Oklahoma City International was one of the larger US airports. The MAAR site there had been one of the busiest sites with a lot of employees. It was also one with the most competition. Every major auto rental agency had an outlet on the airport grounds or close by.

The site was a mess with so much traffic it required constant attention; it wasn’t getting nearly enough. While Marcy was reading the manager the riot act Ching Lee, Jenny, Vicky and I straightened up and waited on the line of customers.

It was no different than working the site at Morton Field – the computer program was the same, the customer numbers and express sign in was the same. It only took a few minutes to get on stride. The only question I had to ask one of the regulars was where the cars were parked for customer pickup.

With all the computers now fully manned, it only took a few minutes to get the lines whittled down.
The numbers were just down to a few when one of the men in line said, “You look familiar, like somebody I should know.”

“I get that a lot,” I said just to brush him off as I finished and gave him his car keys.

The lady behind him said, “I think you look like that lady on TV. In fact, I’m sure of it,” as she was pointing to the TV on the wall.

ZNN was interviewing Senators on the steps of Capitol Hill about last week’s hearings using my picture on a split screen.

“I had to get a better paying day job,” I said with a wink.

She was next in line, “How may I help you?” I asked.

“Do you have any cars available? My friend who was going to pick me up had car trouble,” she said.

“We have several – compact, subcompact, full size or SUV – how long did you want it for? Do you want the optional insurance?” I asked.

“I like the full size; I feel a lot safer in the big ones, just for one day. Paw said to make sure I got the insurance,” she replied.

“Full size it is. Drivers license, credit card, secondary ID, or passport if possible,” I said.
I quickly typed the information onto the form. And then waited while the computer processed, printed the form and credit card transaction.

Elle M. Clampett, age 26, Hoot Owls Holler, Spencer,W. Virginia 25276. She was modestly dressed; even so it could not hide she was a doll. I was willing to bet she did not get to sit too long at an old fashioned barn dance in the Holler.
The computer printed out the forms and I handed her a pen to sign them.

When she handed them back, “Would you sign an autograph for me, Paw and Granny would never believe I met someone important?” she asked.

I pulled a piece of paper out of the copier.

To Ellie Clampett.
We met briefly in Oklahoma City – God’s country – and had a pleasant conversation. Fight for freedom and demand your rights – don’t let anyone push you around. Stand proud because even with all its troubles, we still live in the best country in the world.’

Ambassador Roberta Jones, Chairperson of the Presidents Terrorist Task Force Over sight committee.
I took one of my federal business cards, marked out the phone number, attached it to the paper and handed it to her.

”When you get home attach your ticket to this – that will make it more meaningful later on,” I said.

She must have thanked me a dozen times before she left.

Marcy walked out of the closed office just as three employees came in carrying Mc-Gaffe cups from the fast food joint down the hall. We had been here thirty minutes; from the lines when we arrived they had been gone much longer than that. Their time cards had shown they were the second time slot employees.

The first three employees started at 0600, this group – the second slot of three – started at 0800 to be on hand when the rush started.

“The video shows they left at 0900 and there were lines then. They have been gone two hours on break,” Marcy said.

“I was going to put the manager on probation but with all things combined, I’m going to fire the four of them. I just called the office to send four MAAR employees here temporarily in the King Air. Two are from the Morton site and two administrative assistants from the office.

“I’m going to interview the assistant manager. Do you want to sit in on it?” Marcy asked.

“No, get Jenny – that way you will have HR involved. Awfully odd that the three seem to be able to walk over the manager like that. Something else much deeper is going on. Make sure you ask those questions in the interview.”

“While you are doing that I will interview the other three, asking the same questions and fire them,” I said.

The morning was long gone and it was after 1400 before we finally drove into the parking lot for the JBG security building. Security was active as I expected it would be and the way Ching Lee and Andy had designed.

There was limited access to the student and visitors parking and they were separate lots.

Ching Lee wanted to drive when we left the airport for the college. She had made the trip several times while setting up the contracts and the security. She drove up to the security at the gate and showed her card to the guard Ray Malone.

“Do not announce that we are here,” she said.

”Yes ma-am,” he replied.

Ching Lee drove to the security building where we parked.

Inside there was no one at the counter but we could hear talking. It was shift change – therefore information exchange – for the evening supervisors and crew.

We didn’t say anything, just quietly poured ourselves a cup of terrible weak coffee. I picked up the coffee pot and set it down hard.

“Just a moment, we will be right out,” someone said.

I motioned the girls to follow.

“How about we come in instead?”

”You call this crap coffee?” I said as I closed the door behind Jenny who was last in.

“Oh shit.”

“Jimmy, there are ladies present and you are right – Oh crap – what did we do for this kind of visit?” it was Frank Hammonds – the site director – who said it.

”I guess you are going to find out fairly quickly,” I said as I laid the folder that I had brought onto the desk.

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Book 2 Chapter 57

I went to the White House first to meet with Troy and the President. I wanted to see if they had any special instructions I needed to follow. There were none.

Andrew and I met Curtis Warren on the steps of Congress. I was wearing the new heavy body armor at Andy’s insistence. If anyone was going to kill me, it would have to be with a head shot. There were dozens of security from the Secret Service and the capital police on the steps.

They were needed to keep media back. I wondered why the White House wanted me to climb the stairs. It was clear they wanted the airtime at my expense.

This morning’s appearance was to be Senator Black’s Senate Judiciary committee. This was not the first time that I had testified before congressional committees. It was one of the few times I was forced to do so under a subpoena.

Inside walking to the judiciary chamber to testify was like walking through a maze. There were Senators everywhere standing in the hall. Most were politicking for the home town papers, wanting handshakes or to be seen with me as their staff took pictures.

“Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

Just to piss them off, “So help me God – I do,” I said.

The questions began, “Ambassador Jones.”

“I am prohibited from answering any questions about the collection of intelligence in this case by the Federal Court of Special Cases of the District of Columbia,” I said.

“I cannot answer that question because I believe it falls under executive privilege,” I said.

Then they changed tactics to questions that only required yes or no, trying to trap me. It didn’t work.

Finally they gave up and went through the report and asked general questions related to the meat of the investigation. By lunch time they had run out of questions related to the planned Harrisburg terror attack. Then they started asking just general questions about where we stood on stopping terrorism.

For lunch we were asked to join a group of Senators in the congressional cafeteria. Lunch there was a five course meal on the government’s meal card. A nap would have been more appropriate than sitting for three more hours in the congressional hot seat. But that is where we headed.

It was at the lunch that I met Senator Ginger Brothers from Nevada. I had met her husband Sam in Polokwane. She was brassy and ballsy. She pulled a chair from another table and forced herself into the table and the conversation without invitation.

“I see you met my husband in South Africa flying around on the government’s dime,” she said.

“Actually I was flying on my own dime when I met Sam,” I said. Then I added, “All this extra time in Washington is costing the government a lot so I will be able to do a lot more flying,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked all surprised.

“My agreement calls for only sixteen hours or two days a week max – for anything over that the government pays ten thousand an hour plus expenses. You have got me here testifying all week,” I said jokingly.

She was all flabbergasted, stuttering and didn’t have a quick comeback.

“Don’t fret, that is only about one – tenth of what it cost for congressional salaries,” I said.

After a few minutes it was easy to see why Sam wanted to be as far away from Washington and her as he could get. I wondered how two so completely oppositely personalities could be married and not be in a continuous brawl. Distance was the only answer.

The congressional side was more of the same, just different people who thought they were important asking the same questions, getting the same answers.

“Four more days of this to go, what a waste,” I thought. But there was a reprieve. Friday morning both the Senate and House finally came to the conclusion that they weren’t going to learn anything new from me by any tactics they tried. The two subpoenas for Friday were withdrawn before we went into the chambers.

Curtis went back to his law practice with one hundred thousand of the government’s money for his time. Andrew and I went back to Section Twelve to catch up on all we had missed, or so I thought. Instead there was a party for us in the White House.

Troy called it a survivor’s party for lasting a week in the hot seats and not killing any of the Congressmen or pissing any of them off. “I know you had to be fighting the temptation,” Troy said.

I was home early enough to sit in on the whole meeting that was now done by division. Then there were the new divisions from Polokwane and Loures teams.

The report from the A team indicated Loures was progressing – in a month they would be ready for the full complement of men and ladies going there. Training would be ready to send the men and ladies there a couple weeks after that.

The B team was at the meeting to give a report. To speed conversations along, the Loures team was known as the A team and Polokwane group as the B team as a way to reduce confusion.

At Polokwane things were finally starting to move. The Cat construction dealer there was aggressive and hungry. The new Grove crane and two forklifts – one of those that the boom just kept extending – big enough to lift a fully loaded shipping container and one that was small enough to carry materials into the big rear door of the C5s were already there along with a medium size bulldozer and two excavators . The bulldozer was preparing spots for the generators, fuel tanks and other equipment to go.

The group of men who had stayed at Polokwane were some of those men that could do just about anything, including operating equipment. All it took was a little direction or a good operator’s manual.

There were piles of heavy timbers at the mines that were going to be used as the base to sit the generators on and for the fuel tanks. Apparently the Saudi’s forgot or could not cancel the contract on the timbers. There were enough for months – maybe year’s worth – piled up. Marcy had canceled the contract until the pile was substantially reduced.

The three generators were going to be delivered the middle of next week and placed on their permanent spot. We had decided on a smaller one to carry the load for the time being with automatic equipment to start the bigger ones and add them online as needed to save fuel.

The diesel tanks were coming on Monday and would be filled with fuel as soon as they were plumbed up on Tuesday. The Cat techs wanted fuel on site before they would hook them up and test run them.

Jake had contacted a high voltage utility contractor in South Africa that had agreed to make the hook-up and cut the SA power company power off. That was better than buying a bucket and line truck and flying trained men there to use them. The company had agreed to meet the Cat techs there and make the changes.

They were going to build a distribution yard so a high-voltage electrical fault in one area would not put the entire complex out of power.

Jake was going to send a group of ten heavy equipment operators to work on the electrical for two weeks to sort things and keep things moving.

The contractor had repaired two of the water wells and was waiting on his big well rig to drill the larger well for the water tower. That was to happen next week.

The water tower had been downsized. They were now going to install multiple one thousand gallon water bladder tanks plumbed in parallel. A water tower – if it happened – would come later. There was a minimum delay of two years after a contract was signed.

By the end of next week the mines could go to whatever production level needed as the employees came back. To my surprise they were coming back much sooner than I expected and more of them.

The complete mix plant and the complete crusher plant along with all equipment to put it in production were arriving in that two week window.

The Air Force was delivering part of the Doppler radar to Morton for us to deliver to Polokwane. We had decided that we would fill out the load with large military surplus tents for some of the people to stay in until the shanty town was rebuilt and also include canned food.

With everything moving forward, I started towards the house through the tunnel. I wanted to stop off and see Robert before he went home and to see him off. He was taking three weeks of badly needed and deserved vacation. One of our G5s was carrying him and his family to Seattle where they were going on a two week Alaskan cruise.

Tom Folsom was filling in for Robert while he was gone. Both of them went through this week’s communiqués from Tiam who was still the poster for General Bashir.

There were the general broadcasts and then there were several directed to the cell in Oklahoma. Their plans were still in the early stages. But they were talking – giving up little things as they did. I thought it was funny that now- on every communiqué – were instructions to stay pure to the cause and to avoid the curse of vile women and drink.

Oklahoma State started its fall semester last week. They started their classes two weeks before Labor Day like many other colleges with big football programs.

Ching Lee had everything that was our college security agreement with Oklahoma State printed out for us to look at as a group. Marcy, Jenny, and Ching Lee had negotiated those contracts. At the time they were made I was too deeply involved in terrorism to be involved.

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Book 2 Chapter 56

“What’s going on?” Anne asked.

I showed her the phone. The congressional people suddenly found some reason to be hanging around.

“Anne, when the other Suburbans get here, you and Andrew are to split up and each take one back to the White House. There is no need of you two being collateral damage if there is an attempt on me. I will ride by myself,” I said.

The court clerk handed me six copies of the judge’s order; typed, written and signed as he spoke it in court. I was reading it when Senator Black stepped beside me.

“Are they after you again?” he asked.

“Chatter is making rounds on terrorist channels. You never know what will happen. It may be nothing but you cannot take chances. Either way it would be best to keep some distance from me in public for a while,” I said.

Agents in tactical gear walked in carrying my heavy armor. ‘It was just too hot to wear this too long,’ I thought as I put it on.

The trip back to the White House was quick and quiet. That meant if the threat was real, it would happen on the way home again.

Anne, Andrew and I met with the President’s inner circle and went over the Harrisburg report one page at a time. I answered a lot of questions and a lot more on the recommendations.

Anne and Andrew were leaving at 0800 for Harrisburg; their meeting was scheduled at 1000.

The press conference and release of the report was also at 1000. Department heads and the congressional committee heads were to receive their copies at 0900.

Andy sent four Suburbans with six of the new graduates from training. They would be leaving in a few days for Europe but today they were in body armor with MP5s slung across their shoulders and fingers on the trigger guard.

The press at the gate knew something was different than this morning. They shot right to the fence and started yelling questions. I didn’t even bother to wave as I was hustled into the SUV.

The ride home was fast. I watched ZNN for their latest take on things. After I left, the White House had released a statement that the final report on Harrisburg was at 1000. They were building up hype for today’s news run. It was politics as usual in the Washington merry go round.

We arrived home without incident, nothing unusual at all. It was a relief but at the same time concerning. Were they trying different communication methods to see if we had broken the codes and were able monitor them?

I headed straight to Robert’s office to find out what was going on. Robert had left for the day but there were several reports in my box and the duty man explained how they had come across the chatter.

It came from a telephone and then a text conversation between the escort group handlers near the Norfolk Navy yard. The time on the call logs indicated the text happened at noon. I wondered how Robert got the active phone conversation.

This would be something new if the EIT group had come up with a way to randomly monitor phones. I knew the NSA had the capabilities but they were not sharing the tech.

One thing that I was certain of is that the terrorists were embarking on a systematic testing of all their communications. They were then waiting to see our reaction to determine if that line of communication had been breached.

I left Robert strict orders that unless there was reliable, indisputable evidence that an attack on the family was imminent, we were to respond in no way publicly.

It was a short meeting with a quick read over things at Polokwane. There was a spreadsheet with material, equipment orders and delivery dates. That list was growing by dozens of lines daily.

Someone had sprinkled outdoor fever dust on my mates. They all wanted to go the gun range and then visit Fort Smith.

I knew what the Fort Smith visit was all about; Jenny let the cat out of the bag. RJ and JJ had been pestering all day to go there. The girls had promised them that I would take them when I got home.

I should have been upset, but it had been a while since I had taken a close look at the fort in a while. It was getting used hard and I wondered how everything was holding up and if repairs were needed.

But first was the gun range even with the two boys, just to see how they would react to the noise. They were still years away from doing any actual shooting. Eventually they would be taught with gun safety being the first and I would insist they show and demonstrate that.

We had practiced that for a while, unless our Glocks were in a holster on our body they were in a locked drawer or the gun safe. The very first safe I had bought and placed in the closet was still the one we were using at home.
The boys behaved well although it was a challenge to get them to wear double hearing protection – the foam ones and the clam shell style over top of them.

We spent over an hour at Fort Smith looking at most things. I was happy that Andy’s group was seeing that everything was kept up. The boys picked up more souvenirs.

Because I was looking at things and places where they normally wouldn’t go, the boys stayed with my every step. Of course the questions never stopped. No wonder my mates wanted them to go with me. Vicky had brought them the other day. They had worn her out with questions and running from one place to the other.

The ride to Washington was as quiet as I expected. A government plane carried Anne and Andrew plus a couple helpers from Andrews Air Force base to Harrisburg International.

I stood with the President, Troy and the Justice Department officials as the spin was put on the Harrisburg investigation. Most of the questions were directed at me for my little caper. The reporters were furious that I would answer no questions about that part of the investigation and all the blackouts on the first few pages.

Anne and Andrew were back long before I went home. Their meeting had gone quite well, especially with the recommendations for multiple agency large scale training exercises. There was to be more cross training between SWAT groups and proper access to excess military equipment, armored HumVees and MRAP light weapons along with extra training on reinforced structures and above all, improved tactics training for large scale operations.

Traffic was a fiasco because of the normal ‘get to the beach’ driving for the weekend. School and colleges would be starting soon, putting pressure to get the family vacations finished. To make matters worse the weatherman had promised sunny, muggy and hot; normal August weather.

The weekend went fast. Saturday was family work time – something that had gotten put off the last few weeks with the rush. We made up for it on Saturday. The house was cleaned from basement to the attic. We carted two truckloads of old clothes, trash, magazines and worn out furniture to the dumpster behind the office.

We had spent money everywhere else on everything for months. It was time to start upgrading where we lived. The girls were going to look for new carpet for the downstairs and upstairs. One of the heat pumps had been repaired twice this summer. We made the decision to replace it with something new and more efficient before winter.

The dredging of the creek behind the house was done with all the shoreline work and the dock completed. We could start looking for a nice sized boat for us to use next year. It was just too late to get one to use this year.
We had a small cookout for just family – my mates and the kids, mom, Dad, Jason, Lisa, Jake and Mindy – on Sunday afternoon. Food, beer and doing just nothing hit the spot.

You never get away without thinking of work just a little or I didn’t. I wondered about Oklahoma State. We supplied their security. Were there any holes in it that needed plugged?

But for now it was still more family time. First was the hot tub and then with the boys in bed, we all retired to the living room for more intimate time and play. It was midnight when we were all too tired to continue. The only thing left was to all of us hitting the showers and smuggling up with our mate.

Morning came way too fast. Sitting in the hot seat was not going to make it any better. The ride again was uneventful and fast.
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Book 2 Chapter 55

After breakfast I put on the best black ladies business suit I had and even applied a little makeup and perfume – something I almost never did.

I carried the only complete paper record of the broken code communiqué we had captured between Tiam and Jaed. Those that Robert had deciphered and I carried to the task force meetings, I collected after they made their way around the table.

The FBI, CIA, DHS and national intelligence all were supposed to be doing their own code breaking. I had no control over them – well maybe I did some but they always seemed to be days late with whatever they did.

The subpoenas were for me – not the agencies – and that only made me think that the congressional people thought I was an easier target. Time would tell. Plus several of the committees that had subpoenaed me had a reputation for leaks to the media.

I was in Section Twelve at 0800 with Anne, Andy, Bob and Troy and explained what was going down today. Troy wanted to know why I had not gone through the normal court process to squash the subpoenas.

“Every time those congressional people come out of the courthouse they will have to have their time in front of the camera, dropping hints and tidbits and trying to cover it with double talk to get more time. Intelligent people and speculating news people will blow the cover away in a matter of time.”

“This court will put an end to all that; it will be a new experience for them,” I said.

I handed Troy two of the Harrisburg reports, “I may have to enter one of these as part of the materials at court. Have the President look it over. When I get back I will go over it with you. Andrew and Anne are going to PA tomorrow to present it and its recommendations to all the participants of the raid tomorrow at 1100,” I said.

A pair of secret service agents drove us to Judiciary Square. Inside the lobby Curtis Warren was waiting. In a private room to the side Anne, Andrew and I went through the papers we had brought one by one.

Then we went through the Harrisburg report. The reason being the first few pages continued the little white lie with a time line with more redacted black ink than visible white paper.

There were dates for the calls to the tip line; the interview session was all blacked out. The placement of the FBI ladies in the establishment and fake reports from those ladies – right up to the last day – were blacked out as well. Everywhere there should have been a name, place or other information that could lead to a real person was blacked out.

“OK, you were certainly consistent. You are going to testify the why and how and the national security need and why it must be kept top secret. You have documents to prove it was successful,” Curtis said.

“You can expect to be aggressively cross examined by the judge. You did bring enough reports for the defendants to review in the discovery process and for the judges to follow along?” Curtis asked.

“Yes on the reports but there is only one copy of the transcripts from the intercepts,” I replied.
The bailiff knocked on the door and told us we could go into the courtroom. They were ready for our hearing; the court would be called to order in ten minutes.

Our cell phones were collected as were any other devices. We went through the scanners and x-ray stations. The Senators, Representatives and their aides were behind us.

I guess they thought they could bring the flunkies with them. They were terribly upset when they were told only the persons named on the subpoenas were allowed; all other persons had to exit the building.

The floor above and below the courtroom had been cleared and closed off to all visitors; only court personnel allowed.

We had to stand when the judges came in. ‘Be seated.’ The bailiff read the docket.

“The Federal Terrorism Court Special case of the United States will come to order. The honorable James Patton is presiding. Case number 18-409 Jones verses the US Congress. All testimony, evidence and rulings in this hearing are Classified under the rules of special court and punishable by a minimum of ten years in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary,” the bailiff said.

There are no deluxe prison cells there I thought to myself.

All of us had to sign secrecy agreements.

“Your honor, the plaintive seeks to have the two subpoena duces tecum overruled under national security interest,” Mr. Warren said.

Curtis gave a lengthy opening statement followed by Holcomb Black for the senate judiciary committee, Albert Palms for the house judiciary committee and finally, Rico Barns for the house domestic affairs committee.

Anne, Andrew and I listened for an hour to legal motions, challenges, objections, previous rulings and legal precedents and so on.

“The Senate and House both have a constitutional responsibility to oversee and demand accountability from federal agencies, even those that have been given special powers to deal with emergencies for the executive branch. The terrorist task force is no exception when criminal activities may have happened.”

“The use of federal agents in nefarious – possible illegal – activities by the task force cannot be overlooked,” Senator Black said.

“Your Honor, the purpose of this hearing is to stop testimony that could and would become public that could do tremendous damage to the security of the United States and the international fight against terrorism by Ambassador Jones.”

“Ambassador Jones is prepared to enter into evidence top secret information that will remove all doubt about the reasons for her actions and the necessity for no disclosure,” Curtis added.

“Your Honor, there can be no evidence that eliminates the responsibility of Congressional over site and the public’s right to know what their government is doing,” Senator Black said.

“Mr. Warren you may call your witness and present your case,” Judge Patton said.

“I call Roberta Jones,” Mr. Warren said.

“State your full name,” the court clerk said.

“Roberta Josephine Jones,” I said.

“Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” the court clerk said.

“I do,” I replied.

“The Harrisburg terrorist cell was well trained – its leaders were trained by the IRG with ISIS connections. The cell was controlled by the Iranian Republican Guard intelligence unit first with General Fayeez Mohammad. After his death General Abdalrahman Kedar was named its leader.”

“I pulled a partial dark web address with a partial password from General Mohammed’s body – our experts did the rest,” I said. Another little white lie.

“Prior to getting into the dark web we knew nothing about the activities of the Harrisburg group. It was just recently we learned there are also ten other Iranian controlled groups from that link.”

“What I am saying is we have broken the current secret code that the IRG is using to communicate with the terror cells in the United States.”

“There were no leaks from within the cell. All the information was from the broken codes. We knew that with the Harrisburg raid the code would be changed and we would lose our ability to identify and track the other cells.”

“We were desperate for a way to convince General Kedar he had a leak from the cell and not a code problem. I didn’t think of it until I was on the podium – what better way than the old vices. I just had to make it outlandish enough that the media would take it and run worldwide and do a convincing job.”

“There were no strippers, no strip joints and no FBI agents working there. The media did their thing. General Kedar fell for it. That is why I am asking to have the subpoenas dropped. Any hint or thought that the codes have been compromised or the cover story is false would be a disaster in the fight on terrorism. One that may lead to mass causalities,” I said.

“You removed materials from the General’s body? Just how did you manage that?” Senator Black asked.

“General Mohammad was with the Hezbollah group that attacked my convoy on the Golan – we think as an advisor. You shoot at me – I shoot back. I put a three shot group in his chest and a round between his eyes for good measure,” I said, another little stretch on the truth but I did kill him, just not that way.

“What evidence do you have that the Iranians fell for it?” Senator Black asked.

“They told us so. Mr. Warren, may I have the book please?” I said.

“What book is that?” the judge asked.

“We feel the unencrypted communiqués are so secret and so sensitive there is only one copy and this is it, “I said.

I flipped to the pages and found the two communiqués the day after the raid and removed them.

“Here are the two that indicate he fell for the story,” I said as I handed Judge Patton the two pages where Kedar was railing about his people falling for the oldest vices and demanding purity.

Judge Patton read the two papers then called the Senators and their lawyers and Congressman Palms to the bench to read the two papers.

“Your honor, all this is irrelevant and immaterial. Ambassador Jones killed General Kedar. Surely the codes are useless now,” Senator Black said.

“Your honor, the codes are still active. General Kedar ordered the attack on me in the Golan Heights; he tried it again and I defended myself. We have reason to believe General Kedar was planning dirty bomb attacks as soon as the materials became available from their nuclear program.”

“General Kedar is no stranger to mass murder. During the Iraq and Iran war he ordered dozens of villages and small towns eliminated; even the newly born. I have no doubt he would order dirty bombs used,” I said.

“We simply cannot cause premature failure of the codes by giving them any indication that we know of them.”
“Where is the next target,” Judge Patton asked.

“Kadar’s replacement Major General Adeem Mohamed Bashir has smaller goals. The cell in Oklahoma has been ordered to plan an attack on Oklahoma State University in the fall,” I said.

“The court will take a ten minute recess before I rule on this case,” Judge Patton said.

“Your honor, before you do that there is one more item I would like to bring to your attention. The day of the attack I ordered an investigation because of the number of officers killed and injured. That report has been completed and will be released tomorrow, if the President approves. The first few pages continue the cover story,” I said.

Andrew handed the judge and then the congressional people a copy.

I waited for questions before the judge ordered the recess and went to his chambers. There were none.

The ten minutes seemed like an hour before the judge came back.

“The subpoena duces tecum are overruled and are null and void. I am hesitant to void all the subpoenas although that may be the best way. But it would interfere with the duties of Congress.”

“Therefore the court orders you – Ambassador Jones – are not to answer any questions related to the intelligence gathering leading to the Harrisburg raid. The court will issue an order to that effect.”

“I remind everyone of the secrecy statements you signed. This court will administer only the harshest penalties under the law for violating those oaths,” Judge Patton said.

Andrew collected the reports and I had the communiqués. The bailiff returned our phones. A text alarm went off as soon as I turned the phone on. The message was from Robert. “Picking up chatter – there may be an attack against you today. More as we get it – is not from our normal sources.”

“Andrew, we have a problem. Find the two Secret Service agents and tell them to call the office. We need two more Suburbans and extra agents in body armor with auto weapons and bring my heavy armor from the coat closet,” I said.

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Book 2 Chapter 54

Book 2 Chapter 54
Wednesday morning I went to Washington even though I said I was not going until Thursday. I had two things that were a top priority. Anne had texted me to contact her by MTAC. When I did she informed me that the investigative report – the final draft of Harrisburg – was complete, just waiting for my approval.

I had reviewed the first drafts online while we were traveling giving approvals and recommending changes. Now it was getting one final review before going to the secure government printers. They were holding a spot on the print schedule for it at 1100 today. Together we both were happy with the final review.

Anne made four copies of the original, one for Andrew, one for me, one for herself and the one for the printers. I wanted each of us to have an original for insurance. I sent Anne with two Secret Service agents to deliver the report to the printers.

I spent the next few minutes putting together the rest of the documents for my next meeting.

With two Secret Service agents in tow I met Curtis Warren at a classy restaurant for lunch – my treat.

After lunch we went to his office across from Judiciary Square where I laid out Harrisburg from the beginning and ending with my little white lie.

Why Curtis Warren? First he was a family friend and one of our many corporate attorneys. When something needed to go to court his law firm handled it for us. He was a former Federal Judge who was twice asked to accept a nomination to the Supreme Court.

Prior to his retirement he was one of the three federal judges who developed and wrote the guidelines for the secret terrorism Federal court and served as its chief judge for two years. Judge Warren was only one of a handful of judges able to argue cases before the court.

After listening to my tale and reading the subpoenas he laid out the steps that we had to follow.

“I am going to ask for an emergency hearing for either Thursday or Friday – depending on the courts schedule – to squash the subpoenas. I agree presenting the evidence even to Congressional intelligence committees poses a grave danger to our national security. They simply have too many leaks,” he said.

The wheels of a secret process were put in full motion, picking up speed before I even left.

“You will have to appear at the hearing with the evidence and testify for your position and against the Congressional and Senatorial attorneys as will the chairpersons of those committees,” he said.

It was 1530 before the agents and I walked in the rear door of the White House complex. I ignored the media that was by the fence. I went to Section Twelve to pick up the first of the properly bound and dated official report of the investigation.

I was going to read it one more time before a news conference tomorrow to make sure the printers had not made any changes. On the President’s approval it would be made public. Copies would be handed out to senators, representatives and agency heads as position dictated.

I was just walking to the elevator when General Ingram stepped out.

“Here is the information you wanted. 120/240/480 single or three phase and they can work with 50 or 60 cycles. They have inverters and converters to make it work,” he said.

“How soon are you going to get the units down there and how soon do you want them operational?” I asked.

“I will have them trucked to Morton and you can finish out the load for a C5. I think they said it would take three flights to get it all there if you load it right. I’m sure you are going to have lots of things needing to go back and forth. It will take about three weeks to get it checked out and to Morton,” the General said.

“By the way, the rest of the Joint Chiefs saw the video – when you get time they would like the narrative to go with it,” he said with a grin.

It was a three Suburban convoy home; we were still short handed and would be for a while. This group in training was already assigned and none were to guard me. I wouldn’t stand for it. I had far more important things for them to do than follow me around.

I walked into the office to a packed house. The big meeting table was covered in heavy white paper. On the paper were satellite pictures of the Polokwane property.

Standing around there were a host of people; some I knew, some I did not. There was Bob Short from Bob’s Construction plus two of his design engineers. Irving Gunther was there – Irving was a retired engineer from the local utility. Irving had helped in designing the service for the truck stop and the Pig Iron marine terminal.

Nesbit Pringle was the owner of the water and sewage engineering group Q-town used.

On several easels there were goals for each step of the project; water, sewer, power, hangars, runway extension, fuel farm, the shanty town and how to deal with it and its replacement.

On the maps were drinking cups with sticky notes on them to identify locations and objects. They were easily moved around as changes were needed.

I handed the power requirements to Irving for the radar installation.

“This finishes the electrical system, I recommend two Cat 1000kw generators synced together with three phase 7200 volts out of the generators. That will eliminate the need for a power plant transformer and switch yard. We will need just the normal distribution transformers at the houses and plants. That will save a bunch of money and time.”

“South African Power is using Polokwane as load shedding based on your description. When the power demand overloads their system they open the switch and shut it off. Once the plant is up and running, you can cut their lines; the two generators will handle the new town, mines and everything you want to do there. By having two generators you will have redundancy as long as the issue is not fuel supply,” he said.

‘The airport needs to have major changes. We think we should plan those changes and lay out the work accordingly. There needs to be a taxiway so the new hangars need to be placed accordingly,” Lorrie said as she showed me the penciled in taxiway, hangars and runway extension.

I nodded in agreement.

“I think this site is the best place for the radar; it is a mile from the runway but the elevation is three hundred feet high and a half mile off the center line of the runway. The radar will have an unobstructed view above the hotel and everything,” Lorrie said. Again I nodded.

“I’m sure that when they built the runway and motel that the contractor brought in a portable mix plant. There is no redi-mix plant for two hundred miles; just too far to truck that amount of concrete for that kind of project.”

“I would just buy one because you are looking at a long term project here. I would place a portable crusher at the abandoned mine and truck the finished aggregate to the plant; that is a trip of less than thirty miles,” Jake said.
“So what are the priorities?” I asked.

“Water; find a contractor and get the wells fixed and drill a big well and a water tower. Without plenty of water nothing works,” Bob said.

“Next the electric – get the generators there and the equipment setup and in place. We need fuel tanks for at least forty thousand gallons of diesel for the plant, equipment and a supplier. Without those two things nothing is going to work for long.”

“Cat has dealers there and I’m sure they can supply the generators and equipment you need. They are closed there now but we will get the wish list completed tonight and I will call them tomorrow. There is a dealer two hundred miles away from the site,” Irving said.

Irving Gunther, Nesbit Pringle, and a coordinator from Bob’s Construction – along with Jake when available – were going to be the team on this end of the project. For the next two hours lists were made with priorities and a time line.

Marcy found them an office space and set up the IDs for them. Robert set their computer systems on a separate internet service from the local cable company for security reasons. They were coming to work at 0400 to be on a closer schedule with Raymond Underhill in Polokwane. Bob’s man would be here at 0800.

Tomorrow things would begin in double time for Polokwane.

I was just getting ready to go to the gym with the girls when my cell phone rang; it was Curtis Warren.

“Wear your best pant suit, preferably black with a white blouse and jacket tomorrow. We have a court appearance at 1000. The subpoenas were served to the senator and house committee chairpersons after you left Washington. Make sure you bring everything that will support your case,” he said.

There was no meeting tonight; we were meeting out. The only thing other than Polokwane that was discussed was Lorrie stating that the FAA added both BBJ’s to our commercial flight authorization. The pilots and attendants slots were filled and were volunteer. The 2016 was leaving on Monday for the month long business trip.

An hour in the hot tub with the girls and time on the floor playing building blocks with the boys finished out the night. I worried little about tomorrow – it is what it is.

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Book 2 Chapter 53

It took three hours to finish the paperwork, FAA papers and international transactions forms. The pilots grilled the Boeing people for those three hours over every specialty item built or added to these planes.

Even after the delays with the time zone changes, the wheels touched the Morton concrete at 2000 Saturday evening. I was expecting a nice quiet homecoming, but I was wrong.

The text messages must have been flying as fast as we were. It looked like every JBG pilot and flight attendant that didn’t have anything else to do was here. Jake, Mindy, Dad and Mom, Jason – I could understand to pick up Lisa. As if that wasn’t enough, Hanna and Melinda were there with one cameraman. I wondered about that arrangement.

Another group that was waiting was surprising and I wondered how they knew I was returning home. They were Troy, Frank Love, Eric Roberson, Ben Smith, Marty Coeburn and General Ingram. After a thought I knew they had simply looked at FlightAware. They simply looked at planes with Morton Field as the destination and the estimated arrival times.

The one issue with the 737 was that it took a stairs to exit the plane. There were none attached to the door. We had several of them now; one was the stairs truck and the other two were smaller tow able with a little Duetz diesel in them for power. Military surplus was our source. The pilots must have called for them.

They were towed close to the plane and then the operator could move it into position at a snail’s pace under its own hydraulic power. Those two were waiting with carpets on the top platform and throw carpets on the tarmac to keep mud out of any plane.

Another helpful thing that came with the plane were runners to place on the carpet to keep it clean in bad weather. We thoughtfully placed them where they were supposed to be, where I was sure there would be traffic.

It was 2200 before I walked in the door at home. The feds had wanted to have a quick talk before they left. They wanted to know when I planned to return to DC for my turn in the barrel and wanted a blow by blow of how the General’s death was planned and executed.

I put the trip off until Thursday. I had a lot of work to do for JBG; in fact, all of us girls did.

Thirty minutes in the hot tub and I slept like a baby – all of us did. Breakfast was on the table before JJ and RJ came down half dressed. They wanted to know where we were going today.

I spent the day with Robert going over the details captured from the intercepts for the last three weeks. There were interesting bits in them; some bad, some worse and some just brought more unanswered questions.

The good was the link was still active although there was a reduction for a couple days in posts from the IRG after General Kedar died. The official post had been reduced but broadcast from cells in the US and the world had an up spike.

First there had been tributes to his valor and leadership. But there had been a delay in Iran releasing any details about his death until after the state funeral. There had been some leaks courtesy of what little internet that got around the Mullah’s attempts to block outside news.

The day after his funeral the truth started to get through, although somewhat watered down for a different outcome. He was portrayed as dying fighting for the honor of his country.

The third day after the funeral the full bootleg clip of the fight and his death started going through Iran like wildfire. The official version was quickly muddied about the way in which he died.

There was anger from Iranians in all directions. They were angry at the Mullah’s that had built up their General’s last fight into something that it was not. Then they were mad that someone from the United States was involved. Then they were really pissed that it was just one woman who had killed him. There were challenges to claims of the strength of the Iranian soldiers when a woman had so easily killed the ‘hero general’ without using weapons.

There were demonstrations against the US and calls for my head. The Mullahs called for calm and began a systematic campaign on the state news to deliver explanations.

The overall official explanation was the General was under the influence of heavy painkillers for his back problems. Those painkillers had slowed his responses and affected his ability to defend himself and possible led to the decision to instigate the fight.

Of course there was no autopsy to confirm or deny anything because it was against their religion.

In a few days the anger died away after the Mullahs called for calm and a new commitment to them. There was always the new domestic issue to redirect the attention of the public. This time it was the extension of gas rationing and an expansion into diesel.

The demonstrations directed at the US were why the State Department had officially been quiet. The official statement was that I was to be called by the State Department for a review and questioning and also a possible discharge.

That review was to happen Thursday, the day I told Troy I would go back to DC. It was the headline news story on ZNN this morning.

Another memo came from the IRG was that Major General Adeem Mohamed Bashir had been named to head the IRG intelligence unit. That explained why a folder from Ben-David was in my file box.

The name stuck out like a red flag – Bashir was the last name of the Iranian agent working in the mosque in Paris. I was betting he was a close relative.

It was disappointingly small – there was little information on him. His military record that was available was nothing spectacular. It looked like he had been in intelligence for most of his career and never served in the field – another desk jockey Iranian style. The only thing that caught my eye was that he was seen at the Kremlin KBG offices a couple years ago.

Another memo after his takeover informed the cells there was going to be changes in the command structure and personnel in all foreign cells after the failures at Harrisburg.

The good news was what we thought was a code book in Jaed’s pile of evidence was indeed just that. It had been hand delivered one page at a time by couriers from Canada. The last page was delivered the day before the attack on the barn. The courier had died in the barn.

The courier had delivered contact information for the other cells in the US that Jaed was to use to pass along orders to those cells. The last page had several different emergency communications methods to reach the IRG intelligence group, if normal methods became breached.

The General was in the process of reducing exposure on the dark web. The more you sent, the more the chances of getting caught and leaks. I assumed the same process worldwide would continue with the new commander.

I went to our meeting early where Vicky spent an hour updating information on the training center at Loures, Portugal. The concrete pad had been completed and now the four helicopters were in our own hanger allowing Marcy to cancel that lease.

Three of the individual family houses had been completed and were furnished. One barracks style house would be finished in two weeks another two weeks after that. In a month all of our men would be out of the motel rooms.

While we were playing in Europe and South America HR had been busying doing their thing. The current group at Fort Smith would be completed in two weeks. Many had already chosen where they wanted assignment.

Then there were others, “Send me somewhere – anywhere – I’m ready to go to work,” then to work they were going.

The next two hundred men and ladies were to start arriving the day after the completion of the current class.

A manpower evaluation would be underway soon to determine if a next class was necessary and the size.

Tuesday morning Vicky and I were back with Robert dissecting last night’s flurry of postings from the new general. We were half way through when we decided Ching Lee needed to be here listening to the translations.

After multiple translations, General Bashir was downsizing – starting over it seemed like. Maybe he needed a confidence builder for himself or his masters.

Bashir was going back to where they had success – attacking colleges; the college he had chosen was one where JBG was the security contractor. Bashir was looking to put two feathers in his cap; one for a mass casualty attack, another for getting back at me through JBG.

The college they were looking at was Oklahoma State College. The orders from the General were to begin planning an attack on the college.

After lunch, we girls had another long meeting with Jake. We needed someone to keep us pointed in the right direction with rebuilding the Polokwane company town. There was just so much to do there.

Jake suggested and we agreed to start a group to oversee the general details and develop a plan with a vision of what we wanted to see when the project was completed.

The biggest obstacle was we were dealing with an area where most of the general population was still living in the 18th century; dung holes, latrines, chamber pots – even in the company town. It hadn’t even progressed to the level of personal outhouses yet.

In some instances water was still carried in clay pots slung over the shoulder. A description of the daily diet would be sickening to most of us.

The plan was to move them ahead a hundred years to the levels of productivity and security we wanted.
We were starting first with reliable electricity. The generator had been running all day again; that made four times in the last week.

I sent General Ingram a text, “Find out what kind of electrical service you need for your radar. The service there is fifty cycle. I need to know tomorrow.”
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