Book 2 Chapter 101

Andy and crew were planning the next active part of the operation as well as keeping an eye on the Bull.

The plan for the march west on the pipeline from Tampico to Puerto Vallarta was eighty percent complete with the new base sites planned and in the works. Another five hundred of the on call group were already at Fort Dean, working off their armchair fat and beer elbows.

With the Bull apparently coming back, Andy moved more men and specialized equipment into the area to be able to take advantage when he showed.

Andy asked me, ‘‘How badly do you want the Bull?”

The Doc had interrogated the two men that were transporting the two girls across the border. They were paid twenty five hundred dollars apiece to kidnap and deliver them to a San Antonio client by the Bull. They were selling them to their friends along the way. They made the trip every month with two new girls.

Yeah, I wanted the Bull. He and those two were going to be the first to face the security zone justice system. I had it all planned out. I would appoint a three man tribunal to read the evidence against all accused and pass verdict.

Then my appointed appellate judge would review the charges, verdict and sentence (there was only one sentence) and I could override his decision.

At 0600 the next morning the trap door on the gallows would open, carrying out the sentence. A crematorium was being built not far from the gallows; I didn’t want anyone to hurt their back by carrying a body too far.

I had no compassion for traffickers – drug or human – they would all swing. There would be no repeat offenders and no crying do-gooders begging for leniency. No three squares, TV or lawyers.

”I want him – but I don’t want to lose any men unnecessarily, so have a good plan,” I said dumping it in his lap.

Part of the equipment was more Air Tractor 802s. Since Melinda and Hanna’s reports and coverage, Air Tractor has suddenly become very aggressive as a supplier and very cooperative.

They had sent techs to inspect the air frames and turbines once already and then scheduled another visit. Their salesman called Robbie or Lorrie nearly every other day, asking just how things were working out and what we needed, how they could help.

Andy had questioned that towards the middle phase of the project we might be light on air cover. The planes worked better than the Blackhawk for general survey missions.

They were quieter and arrived faster without the telltale thump-thump of rotor blades. When you heard the turbine, they were already over you. The big plus was they didn’t need the detailed inspections every time they returned from flying. The Air Tractor could be refueled, rearmed with a fresh pilot and fly for several days. We had done it.

Lorrie agreed and Air Tractor pulled a dozen air frames from the crop duster line and sent them to the military conversion line. It was the same air frame with reinforcements and armament mounts added. Robbie would be taking delivery about the time they were needed and about the time the ones we had needed major inspections.

Charles and Milton spent the rest of the week in the Middle East. They flew home on Sunday. On Monday I had a meeting with Andy, the command group and with Charles and Milton.

Based on the contracts and promises we would have three patrol craft from the German company, three from the Israeli company and four from Texas ship building in forty five days.

The two already completed and the other four would make up a freighter load out of the Marine Terminal at Beaumont Texas. It would transit the ocean and the ships would unloaded at the Israeli seaport of Haifa.

The three from Germany would be sent via barge to Haifa, meeting up with the three from the Israeli manufacturer. The twelve would go through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea, then through the Arabian Strait to the Strait of Hormuz as a group. They would be armed out before they left Israel.

All this should happen in a forty five to sixty day time frame.

I ordered Charles and Milton to go back to the Middle East after we had rated the sites one thru four, based on the amount of work needed to make them fully operational. They understood that one site needed to be ready for the patrol craft in forty five days with no exceptions.

”I want work going on at all four sites and you two are in charge of it. Andy will assign you to someone in his command structure. You are to report regular updates and request anything that you need,” I said.

“Is this going to violate the court orders on what we are allowed to do?” Charles asked.

”No, it specifically falls into one of the gray areas we had the attorneys place into the agreement. You are not directly supervising security employees. You are site management and development,” I said.

A nod and a knowing smile said all that needed to be said.

The update from Bobs Construction was interesting. The two six hundred by thirty foot slabs were down and they were working on the slabs for the kitchen, court and office part that joined the two slabs together.

It had taken all the concrete from four Brownsville concrete plants for two days. It had taken a bonus of twenty dollars a yard on seven hundred yards to get that kind of cooperation on short notice.

They were now pouring concrete into the forms every day. On Monday they would start setting them up and tying them together with the pre-form wall sections. The delivery of the center truss sections would start on Wednesday.

Block and brick crews from Brownsville and Matamoros were laying the block for the front sections of the building and the crematorium, although they did not know what they were building.

I left the rest to Andy to take a private call from the White House. It was an awareness call from the President and Secretary of State – the Vice President was ill and needed reduced duties. There were important conferences taking place in Belgium.

”With all the media hype and accolades after your OPEC deal, would you accompany Dick James to Belgium?” the President asked.

”There is always plenty to do but I can delegate it to someone. If you want me to go I will,” I said.

I called the girls to tell them and make sure they were OK with it. I expected them to be and they were, just as long as they did not have to go. They were as tired of flying as I was.

I spent three days in Belgium with Dick James and was able to sit in on several trade negations and a NATO funding discussion. Then there was the discussion about troop allocations by member countries.

I was surprised that I was not asked to leave in any of the general discussions and in closed door discussions with Dick James and the group, I was asked for my opinion and input.

From Belgium we did a stopover in the UK for Secretary James to meet his British counterpart for more talks about upcoming joint military training exercises. Again I was not asked to leave and I knew that most of the topics were top secret.

I had only been back on the island for two days when Andy called.

”The Bull is back and has set up a routine. He has used it for three days straight. I intend to order the raid this afternoon when he returns and that has been 1600 on the dot. He walks the inside the compound looking at what his workers have done and does orders for the next day, I guess,” Andy said.

I got out the satellite schedule from the DOD and CIA; the compound would be visible to the camera from 1530 to 1700 when the angle would become too extreme.

I would need to be in the White House to see it. The command links for that satellite were that secret. It would have to be ordered by General Ingram or the President himself.

I called the President for approval and left for Washington with Vicky and Ching Lee.

At 1515 we were in the situation viewing room while the operator got it on line, up and on the screen. I expected an audience and it came, Frank Love, General Ingram, Bob Smith, the President, Troy and Dick James. Troy brought popcorn – being a smart ass.

At 1530 on the nose, the caravan of red vehicles made their way down the winding road to the compound. At 1545 four 802s descended on the compound. All four corner towers were destroyed and burning by rockets. The front gate and towers were taken out by Hellfire missiles.

The 802s swept the outside of the compound with the mini guns and then a sweep on the inside to take the fire out of anyone left.

The Bull was in the yard with nowhere to run. He decided he was going to run for the compound main door, only to see it evaporate in a cloud of fire and smoke from a Russian RPG. He went to his knees with his hands in the air.

Two Blackhawks had been dropping men outside the entrance gate. Four Humvees were hauling freight down the dirt lane towards the compound.

A few minutes later with all of us still watching the action, Andy sent a text, ”Got him and his number two.”

”Take possession of all the drugs and money as per our discussion. If there are other treasures in there, I will get the Mexican’s chief of police Inez to go get it. Get the Bull out of there. Let me know what is there ASAP,” I sent.

I handed that phone to Vicky to carry on that conversation if there was more.

With the other phone I made another call on speaker.

”Thimble Shoals National Bank, this is Amy. How may I help you?” she said.

”Amy, this is Roberta Jones director nine, is anyone still in Pirates Bank?” I asked.

”Yes. Director Adamson is still there. I will transfer you,” she said.

”Director Adamson, Roberta Jones. Have you got time to check a numbered account for me? Account number 16057968 Bruno Hernandez?” I asked.

”What would you like to know?” he asked.

”Balance and transactions in the last few days?” I said.

”Balance is nine billion eight hundred million, no transactions,” he said. The drug business at that level was apparently very profitable.

”Lock it down and seize the funds. Minus the customary banking fees and holds, put the rest in a certified check to the Mexico National Treasury. Send it to my address, I will hand deliver it,” I said.

”What shall I put as the reason for the seizure?” he asked.

”Both parties and all kin are deceased – criminal activity fueled account,” I said.

”Check will go out tomorrow,” he said.

Bank fees and holds were ten percent of the account, to go in the directors’ fund for disbursement at the end of the year.

”Just that easy?” Frank asked.

”As long as you have the right credentials,” I said.

The Blackhawks were leaving, so were a couple of the Humvees. The Mexican Federal Police were thirty minutes away. Ching Lee had called Inez, he was only too happy to send agents to collect anything left and apparently there was a lot of very valuable things.

The Bull was a collector of exotic antiques, gold and art. Who would have known? Inez was going to have one heck of a news conference and bragging rights for his reelection campaign.

Another Central American drug kingpin down, four more to go.

We talked with the group about the field operation for another thirty minutes. I was happy with the way the operation was carried out. General Ingram must have been too.

We ran the tape from the beginning several times, stopping so he could count aircraft and the numbers of my men. Then there was a discussion with his confidential aides. I needed to pat Andy on the back for operational planning.

”Your reputation for carrying a big stick and using it aggressively worked quite nicely with this operation,” the General said with agreement from the others.

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Book 2 Chapter 100

We dressed very conservatively – non-descript high end pantsuits, flat black shoes with minor heels, no makeup and hair pulled back into pony tails. Also, we each carried a scarf. I knew the rules for this part of the world – there was no need to make waves.

The five OPEC ministers we were to meet were in a group meeting at 0800 dealing with OPEC business. Our meeting with them was at 1100.

After arriving we were shown to a large elegant elaborately decorated room to wait. Majestic curved tables with chairs were positioned and we were shown where we were to sit. I read the official instructions and conduct for guests for this meeting.

A pecking order had been established as to the seating order. I was to the front of the curve, to my right were Charles, Milton and the attorneys. To my left were my girls. Behind all of us was my security detail.

We were to be notified when the leaders were coming down the hall so we could be at the table. They were to assemble behind a table on the other side where they would hold a private conference and once they were ready, they would walk around the table and approach us to begin an informal conversation before announcing they were ready to conduct business.

It was at this point I stopped and stared at the instructions. We were to offer gifts as a token of friendship and trust to each of the ministers. No one had said to bring any gifts and there certainly was no time to go find any.

I cornered Charles, Milton and the attorneys about the discrepancy. After much searching, they found out they had been given a rough draft and not the final draft for the conduct of this meeting.

To conduct the meeting without the gift offering would be considered an insult to the royal Ministers, Emirs and King of Saudi Arabia who was the primary signatory. To insult them could be catastrophic.

It was then I remembered the rolls of gold coins from yesterday’s meeting. They were still in my portable office that was being held by one of my bodyguards.

I went to the case and removed one roll and the promotional sheets I had been given while Charles, Milton and the attorneys were in a panic.

”Will these do?” as I opened the roll and the coins rattled onto the table, getting everyone’s attention.

”Absolutely!” the attorney said as he handed me the coin back that had made the rounds to the right. The girls had one, looking at one had made the rounds to the left.

When I looked up the King and leaders were in front of their table staring at the coins in front of me.

I guess gold coins pique interest, even when you have the most wealth there is in the world.

The King of Saudi Arabia walked to the table – still staring closely – followed by the others.

I stood and started to hand him a coin. An aide stepped to block my hand, only to be waved off by the King as he took the coin.

”I have not seen one of these before. I have the twenty dollar gold piece,” he said as he looked at the coin intently. First turning it in his fingers feeling the engravings and the stamping marks, then at the fine polished look.

”They are a new issue and are not to be released to the public until next month. These are the first from the mint – they call them director proofs. We inspected and approved them at the director meeting yesterday.”

”You are the first non-bank officials that I know of to have one as a gift from JBG for friendship, trust and hopefully, a long business relationship,” I said as I gave one to each of the leaders, trying to remember the lines from the instructions.

”I accept your gift of friendship and trust. We have many mutual interests and many mutual friends as well as enemies,” he said.

Then the King broke decades of tradition; he reached out and shook my hand as did the others. Cameras rolling, room lit by camera flashes. The gasps from the Arab media were enough to be a distraction.

”We know your reputation, your valor and your determination. I understand you are called Lioness. Lioness may not be sufficient to describe your skills of the hunt and conquest,” he said.

The rest of the signings went smooth and fast; again, final handshakes and again, more traditions broken. Usually in pictures with the leaders, the guests were always facing them. There were pictures this time with us standing with them and shaking hands with their advisors and key people.

The final papers were the advance payment for logistics and site setups and the first three years of a ten year contract. I handed Marcy the royal check for seven hundred and fifty million dollars. She could breathe easier now.
Another news conference for the Arab world and one for the US viewing area and politics.

An hour later we were back on the business jet faxing forms, copies and contracts to the ship builders. We watched the Arab media go through convulsions over the change of tradition on the TV and its implications in years to come before we flew east. Israel was to be first, then Germany.

The media was out in full force at the Hamburg International Airport. They picked up the N numbers of the plane from the videos of us departing Dubai, we were being followed.

The media was against the fence calling and yelling. I sent the security team over and the girls and I followed.
I answered questions for fifteen minutes before the boat manufacturer walked across the tarmac with all the contracts. The business table and office section worked out perfectly.

I was happy with that; I didn’t need to be followed by a caravan of paparazzi around Germany. An hour later we were headed home. I was beginning to like the business jet over the G5.

We watched ZNN on the way home. They were still running fillers and updates on Mexico. The pundits were dissecting the events in Dubai and Mexico and wondering what the hell JBG was doing and where we were going.

This contract and the press conference had broken the news of our coastal patrol division. There had been maps of the potential base sites and the Strait of Hormuz. The pundits were speculating in overtime.

The long trip allowed us to make more decisions; one was to make a fixed firm offer for the closed shopping center again, this time with a ten day to closing schedule and a slight price reduction. They could take it or leave this time, but they needed to be in or out quick.

It would be the new forensics lab for the drug data and other things. It would take aggressive conversion to make it secure and dozens of vaults to store the stuff in. Doc Burns’ medical group sent their needs to a lab in Baltimore. I wanted to be able to walk in and look at data or raise hell with someone.

One major problem was a contractor. Most of Bobs Construction was in Mexico and would be there for several months. I wondered if his second team was up to the task? Only one way to find out.

Andy called from Fort Dean when we were over the Atlantic. We had been watching the Bull’s compound several different ways. A CIA satellite flew over every three hours and of that three hours, we had a window view of the compound for ninety minutes – if the controllers ordered the cameras locked on that location.

There was no need for a lock, I just needed a series of pictures to look for changes at first. As the days went by it was apparent that the compound was being fortified.

Andy added to the CIA information by having a team of former Special Forces maneuver through the terrain and set up a camp for the sole purpose of keeping our large drone – at five thousand feet – watching both morning and night.

The security wall was a square with towers at each corner like an old Spanish fort. There were sand bags added on top and around the base of the towers.

The restricted access gate was in the front of the compound and had more sandbags at the ends.

There had been no sign of the Bull for a week, only construction. On day eight Robert’s equipment picked up a series of calls from Guatemala to the compound. The calls increased for several days. They at first fell into the general housekeeping calls, wanting to know about the progress on work on the compound.

On day twelve the number of armed men doubled around the compound and a regular patrol around the interior and exterior began. The Bull was soon coming home.

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Book 2 Chapter 99

In the G5 headed for Thimble Shoals I decided to handle all the calls at once. I sent Troy a text, ”MTAC 10 minutes.”

Before I turned the screen on Jenny, Vicky, and I had a serious talk about what had just happened in Mexico.

”We have small children who we are going to leave everything we have worked for to continue. The drug problem grows every day. The dealers are staking out their territory, even in our small town. In fifteen years – unless something is done – the dealers are going to be standing on your doorstep waiting for our kids. I want to fight them now, not let them get that powerful.”

”I know I may have went overboard with energy but it was the perfect opening, the perfect time, the perfect audience,” I said.

The screen went live and we were looking at the President and his full staff.

”Never a dull day when you are on the move. I don’t know whether you made more friends or more enemies but you sure got people talking. Harry’s wishing you were here,” the President said.

”Calls are already coming in – other Central American countries are asking about a regional conference and possibly an expanded regional anti-drug operations task force. They haven’t been open to suggestions like that before, now they are the ones doing the suggesting.”

”I know you had a lot of reasons. What were they?” Secretary of State Dick asked.

”First was to keep Iran out of the news,” I said.

”Well, you have done that for sure,” Troy said.

”I wanted to send a message to the drug kingpins that I was coming after them. They have been warned; they are fair game now,” I said.

”I would say you did that. Evidentially you have someone in mind,” the Vice President said.

”One for sure and Robert’s expanded group has identified four more possibilities,” I said.

”Is Mexico OK with this change in your policy?” Troy asked.

”Mexican President Martinez had signed off on the principal points before I made the announcement. I have to work on a negotiating team to iron out the finer points. Do you have any good international negotiators you want to lose? The bad ones I don’t want at all,” I said.

”Why would I want to give the good ones to you?” the President said.

”Just checking on your mental stability today is all. I knew the answer but had to ask,” I said.

”What is this about database and genetic testing? We haven’t been doing anything like that. Have we?” Eric asked as if confused.

”You aren’t? Why not? I thought it was standard procedure,” I said.

”We don’t have the lab resources for one thing. The FBI has the only lab for certified work at a federal level and they are overwhelmed with state requests and everything else,” FBI director Marty Coeburn said.

”Since I opened that can of worms, if I started a lab capable of doing that and other testing – how do we get other police agencies nationwide to send certified samples of all drugs seized to JBG for testing? Then would Justice be willing to pony some operating funds along the way for cooperation and access to the data?” I asked.

”Justice Department could order it. Do you know just how many samples you are talking about?” Eric said.

”I’m sure it is somewhere between two and ten,” I said with a laugh.

”You do it and we will find some funding. I will have the legal team work on the directives,” the AG said.

I needed to talk to the doc; he would know where to find personnel and the equipment in a rush. Then there was the question of where to put it?

Sometimes I wondered if my mouth ran faster than my brain.

”Are you on your way back to Morton?” Troy asked.

”No. Thimble Shoals National Bank for a meeting,” I said.

”Why would you be going there with their reputation?” Troy said.

”Thimble Shoals National Bank markets the output of our mining and minerals division and has the best reputation in the world for doing so,” I said.

”Oh, I thought you were going to the other bank there,” Troy replied being smart.

”I can go there, it is just across the street. Do you want me to make a deposit in your numbered account while I am there?” I asked.

”No, I don’t have an account there. Don’t start that rumor!” Troy said.

”Well, Tuesday then?” the President said.

”No, Tuesday I am in Dubai signing the ship escort contracts with the five OPEC countries. Then there is Germany and Israel on the way back to sign contracts for the fast attack ships,” I said.

”Oh, Representative Waco wants to see you to apologize. She is still in the hospital – something about cracks in her jaw bones and a feeding tube,” Troy said.

”Tell her to send a Hallmark,” I said.

We were landing at TSI International as the conversation ended. Ten minutes later I was in the meeting room with the other nine directors, looking at the first stamping of the new gold coin I had suggested for the casinos and international trade.

It was 2 inches in diameter, .187 thousandths thick – a full three sixteenth’s of an inch. They each weighed 6.5 ounces with five ounces of the gold coming from the Polokwane gold mine. The face was the same as the Thimble Shoals twenty dollar gold coin; the founder and first leader of Thimble Shoals. The reverse was the same as the twenty gold; sunrise on the island’s east coast. Stamped on the face was ’10,000 dollars US’. The international dollar set the monetary value of the islands exchange.

The casinos were filled with high rollers mega-money people from around the world. They would sit at the blackjack table and blow 100 grand in minutes. Then they would move to another and game all night. Some players lost a million in a night, I knew because I saw the figures on the reports. Of course they won some just to keep them coming back.

The casino shows and freebies helped along with exotic foods and mind blowing expensive wines and liquors from around the world. Then there was the staff – a guest could have maids, waiters and a personal chef assigned strictly to them.

These gold coins were to be used for the high-roller big stakes games. They were also to be marketed in the gold sales and mineral exchange office after an ad campaign announcing their availability to every brokerage house, investment institution and banking institution in Europe and America.

I wanted thousands for retirement gifts and special Christmas gifts instead of the plated tin cup or walnut plaque. At a retirement dinner everyone knew what to expect – another worthless plaque to be dusted. Many opted not to have a retirement dinner; these would change that. I would get them over time but first the casino and marketing would need to fill orders.

I guess the rest of the directors anticipated my reaction. Glossy promo handout sheets had been printed. Each of the directors were given five rolls with ten coins to a roll for handouts to influential friends. I placed mine and Marcy’s in my portable office.

The next few minutes were spent in discussion and agreements about the gold delivery from JBG and how and when we were to be paid for it. One more link to make Marcy’s accountants and the IRS happy and less gold for us to stack in the basement – a welcome break I was sure.

On the G5 headed home, there was time for just a few hours to rest on the way. At home, a shower and a change of clothes. At midnight the new business jet was carrying all of us to Dubai for the OPEC meeting to meet Kings and leaders to sign the security documents.

Black, Bear and our international attorneys were already there dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on international documents. The fourth site had been located in Mirbat, Oman. It was a former British coastal facility with repair ability for Indian ocean patrols in the Great War. As with the British and all things in the eighties, they pulled up stakes and ran. It came cheap and that worried me. Who knew what the hell it needed? Probably a lot more than I wanted to put into it.

We landed just after daybreak in Dubai then we were carried to the Dubai Hilton – five thousand a night, good thing we were only staying one day and using the three rooms to freshen up. There are no places for poor travelers in Dubai unless you like the smell of a garbage scow.

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Book 2 Chapter 98

Friday was home. I needed home – all of us girls needed home. Of course there were office responsibilities that needed to be taken care of, then there were the emails – hundreds – related to business. Hundreds were related to the Loco Waco mess, most of them were threatening. It made no difference and wasn’t going to change anything.

We went to the gym, all of us did. It felt good to be able to work out. That had been hit or miss for the last couple weeks. I spent three hours in the gym including thirty minutes in the hot tub and another thirty on the massage table letting Amy Crossman work me over. I needed working over; my muscles were sore all over my body.

Amy rarely did massages herself anymore; there were six men and ladies who stayed busy all the time. Several were into sports massage for the many athletes that regularly came to the gym.

Friday afternoon I went to the jail at Fort Smith to see the elite prisoners most likely to live – short of starting a Middle East war – and the five who would soon die.

After several long discussions in Persian I told the elites their fate depended on the UN meeting in four weeks; until then they were my guests. The fire was gone out of their temperament. The few weeks in a cell had simmered them down.

The last thing I did was to give each of them the last two days of the Tehran daily paper and the Pakistan paper. While I was in my meetings yesterday I sent Dave Ortel – one of my new security guards – to the huge international news stand not far from the White House to get the papers.

Saturday started with a series of updates from Bob’s engineers in Mexico and Andy’s men. Andy was home and had already spent time in his office.

Then it was family day. The boys needed my attention. I carried them to the nearly deserted Fort Smith. We walked the compound and looked at all kinds of things. We left with their pockets full of shell casings and spent bullets from the target range. It had become a game to see who collected the most. I enjoyed watching them count them out in neat stacks and counting the stacks. They were growing faster than I could keep up with. I needed to spend time with Takeo and Sara. Time well spent with the kids – and all the frustrations of the week were gone.

The best part of the feeling was I would not need to go to Washington for at least another week.

I was looking forward to going to Thimble Shoals Pirates Bank on Monday. I wanted to see if the Bull had any money stashed there. In fact I was looking for any Central Americans with large sums deposited there.

On Monday Jenny, Vicky and Ching Lee made the trip to Mexico City with me. It was a media frenzy that I did not expect. I wondered why the Mexican government had taken such a vested interest in Mexpo’s plights that the President of Mexico would in Tampico for what was a progress report.

Not only was President Martinez there, so was Federal prosecutor Inez along with Mexpo’s Garcia.
A twenty minute huddle assigned the pecking order. Presidents go first and peon me last was my theory. It would be an interesting news conference for sure without some data for them to use, and as far as I knew they had none. I soon found out that I was to supply it.

I quickly wrote out a list of things they could talk about – Mexpo’s Garcia and Martinez sorted through and chose things they wanted. They chose the political and economic side of the notes. The number of taps closed, the increased revenue in taxes and fees collected already. There was also increased confidence from the locals in their safety.

The number of dead found on the highway from gangs and the cartel in the area had diminished substantially from just a week ago. Maybe we had the worst of the worst behind the concertina wire. Another thing that told me; the cartel had either moved operations south and west or was just laying low to see where things were going. It was time to devote some attention to Bull.

Federal Prosecutor Inez jumped on the police officers we had arrested and the number of prisoners captured. He jumped even harder on the human trafficking, wanting every detail, even the minor ones. Details like the names of two captured, what we did with the girls and what was going to happen to the men.

All that left me nothing, but I was not disappointed at that.

I listened while experienced Mexican politicians as smooth and savvy as any politicians anywhere gave their news conference. I thought I was home clear until they made the mistake of opening up for questions.

”There was a news conference in Washington last week displaying drugs and money captured by JBG in Mexico. Why were those taken to the US for a news conference?” a reporter asked.

I watched as the slickness disappeared and that lost look was cast my way.

”Let me answer that for you,” I said as I stepped to the podium.

”First, all things captured in the security zone and the pipeline right ways become the property of JBG by extension of the contract.”

”Second, JBG is working with the US Drug Enforcement Agency and other international drug enforcement agencies including countries I cannot mention. They are working to develop a world wide database of illegal drugs.”

”With new and very advanced DNA tests and a host of other new advanced tests, we are hoping to catalog the location of manufacture and other revealing information, possibly down to the chemist’s DNA that mixed the chemicals together. As in all things technical with chemistry and DNA, it looked impossible at the beginning but we are making progress.”

”All that fancy equipment is not transportable. With so many samples captured, we sent the lot to the experts. They are responsible for the destruction after testing, eliminating any questions.”
”The Washington news conference was to display in a good light the cooperation between Mexico, the US and the JBG partnership,” I said.

As I turned and stepped away from the podium, eyes and smiles acknowledge that I had said the right things.

”Where are the prisoners being held? In the US, Mexico or JBG?” was asked. A question I was sure came from the cartel.

”JBG has several maximum prisons, one at Fort Smith, another at Fort Polo, a third at Fort Dean and a fourth at Fort Adams training complexes. We are currently building two three hundred cell maximum security prisons in the security zone. Construction started on Friday. Many of the components were made prefab for fast assembly. We fully expect to be in part of the first cell block section of prison ‘Matador’ in less than thirty days. The actual location of prisoners is classified for security reasons,” I said. This time I stayed at the podium.

” Any more questions for me?” I asked.

“Has JBG resurrected the war on drugs?” one asked.

”As I said in the other previous news conferences, the mission here is multi-pronged. Secure the pipelines, stop the pilferage, then stopping the human trafficking in both directions across the border and also stop gang and drug cross traffic across the border. The neutral zone will play an important part in that as time will show,” I said.

”As far as the myth that the fight against illegal drugs was over, that was started by some with no intestinal fortitude to make the decisions necessary to win it and people just threw up their hands in desperation. The war continues, different players, different places, and different weapons.”

”There is an old saying; the Navy withdraws from the battle to refuel, the Army retreats to wait for reinforcements, the Air Force is in the hangar because of cloud cover, the Coast Guard because they were never invited to the arena until it was too late.”

“JBG is a Marine run operation. We don’t need to withdraw to refuel; we brought it with us.”

”We don’t need to retreat to wait for reinforcements. They were ordered to join the battalions on the very first day with flexible assignments. My men are not going to die for the same ground twice.”

”Low cloud cover won’t keep our air support in the hangars because we have no hangars in the field. Our planes are in the field close to the men and are airborne in minutes. Our pilots love to get low and dirty backing up the men on the ground, flushing out the terrorists – by whatever name political pundits give them – to put them out of business. I have seen the grass stains on the propellers and I know how they got there.”

”The Coast Guard has been in the fight since the beginning, getting ten second blips of credit through a biased media.”

“Coast Guard – in a couple of months that fast boat overtaking you is not going to be a drug runner, it’s going to be a JBG fast attack coastal patrol boat armed for bear and coyotes.”

”I intend to put the drug runners using the oceans to skirt the security zone to do their business onto the bottom of the ocean, along with the drugs, boats and crews. I have no sympathy or compassion for any of them or what they do.”

”They are terrorists. It’s a mindset – it’s not a drug war – it’s a war on terrorism with a new players – new fighters – new rules – the cartel terrorists.”

”I intend to work harder to get the international community to shut down your drug operations, seize your homes and hidden wealth and declare nations looking the other way be declared supporters of terrorism and ask for international sanctions.”

”It’s time we ended the silent attacks on our communities, states and nations. We are the Americans – North, Central and South – but we are all part of the Americas. This is the first bold step,” I said.

I wondered many feet I had stomped on way past the toes. Both my phones were already vibrating on my hip.

I turned to look at blank faces of the politicians. ”Are you in? Are you ready?” The blank faces went to broad smiles and handshakes. Flash bulbs flashed rapid fire.

I was sure I had sent the message I wanted. But I was going to send another very soon.

As soon as I could research and verify The Bull was still using his compound, it was going to be raided Hollywood style ‘Shock and Awe’. But then Robert’s group had found four more in Mexico. Time to advance the pieces on the game board.

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Book 2 Chapter 97

Harry came through the hall in a rush, ”I have a press room full of reporters screaming for you and answers.”

Crap already. After a sigh, ”I need to finish with the doctor. Then I need to review the phone video again and look at what the media is running. Then I will be there to rescue you. We may have to run the full version that my people took to get at the full truth. Set up the equipment so I can do that. Go feed them some sugar coated cow manure until then,” I said.

The President stayed while the house doc looked at my hands and evaluated.

”No broken skin. You must have some really tough skin. All I need to do is clean them with professional grade hand sanitizer and you will be OK,” the doc said.

Only thing that said was that her lips took all the impact. My knuckles would be bruised and that was all. Waco would be enjoying liquids for a few days and no spitting.

”Do I tell them I still have a job or am I suspended pending whatever?” I asked.

”I’m going out there with you. I wouldn’t miss this for the world so I can tell them that bit of information,” the President said.

Some aide brought up the ZNN and other network reports. They were all running an abbreviated scene; basically me hitting her. I figured it would be that way with her being the media darling – she could do no wrong.

No problem! I had two versions from two cell phones at different angles.

I didn’t even knock, just walked onto the stage to the podium with Harry. The President followed and stood off to the side. An aide was loading the video onto the control for the big screen.

”I got this Harry, take a break. It’s been a rather slow news day it seems. But I hear you have some questions for me.”

”Why did you assault Rep. Waco?”

”She assaulted me and I responded,” I said.

”That’s not the way we see it. It looks like you just cold cocked her out,” a reporter responded.

”I see it differently and I do see that your station is running a short version of the incident, not the whole video. But I have the whole thing and will run it now for you,” I said.

”Harry, are you ready?” I asked.

”Yes ma-am,” Harry said.

The video started just before the ‘good afternoon’ and ended as we walked away.

”I think that should clear up any questions that you should have. Most children are taught at an early age that spitting on someone is disgusting and not very nice. It is usually corrected by verbal discipline the first time and if it is repeated a reddened butt that requires standing for a while.”

”In this day and time with so many things transmitted by saliva and blood, it can get very serious quickly. Rep. Waco refused my offer of a meeting for later and physically assaulted me be grabbing my arm and turning me around to yell and scream at me. She then had the audacity to spit on me. I don’t put up with that from anybody unless they are in diapers and have cute little dimples,” I said.

”Why did you hit her twice?” someone asked.

”I was taught if you are going to throw them to do a three jab combo. Right left right and it is my natural reaction from training. The second right was on the way and stopped when my security grabbed my arm and told me Waco was out. Help was on the way so we left,” I said.

”Her camp says they are filing criminal charges against you. How do you respond to that?” another reported asked.

”I already have filed federal charges against her and a subpoena for a blood test for transmittable diseases,” I said.

”I guess the courts will settle that issue,” I added.

“Mr. President, are you going to suspend Ambassador Jones until a review is completed?” a reporter asked.

”We just reviewed the incident and see no reason to suspend Ambassador Jones. I am satisfied with her explanation and actions that the video supports. The issue is closed. If you want to be treated like a lady act like a lady. If you want act like a thug you are likely to get treated like a thug,” the President said.

I went home to face the music there and updates. Things had been happening there, at Mexico and Paris.
But the girls were first. I expected a lashing but it didn’t come.

Marcy said the only thing out of all of them, ”Ziva should have let the third punch land.”

First up was a VCATS to Andy after I sent him today’s video clip with the notation ‘for your pleasure’.

”I see you have been active as usual. I assume you are OK from the video.”

”The men patrolled thirty more miles of pipeline today. Today we are splitting up the two camps into a third camp.

”We have notified the contact at Mexpo of three hundred and forty eight more taps. All of them were small, look like individual taps. Their repair crews are not up to us yet but they are making progress.

The mass of growth covering the pipeline where the two inch taps were is gone. We finished ripping it out today. The planes can get a view of the entire line as far as we have been.”

”We will be at the end of this line completing part A on Saturday. Other than routine patrols I’m giving the men Sunday off to rest up before we start into the security zone and Pipeline B.”

”You can schedule the news conference you wanted with Pedro Garcia on Monday.”

”We did get one more drug trafficker and two human traffickers. The girls were tied up, gagged and had been beaten and used. The arrest and subsequent preliminary questioning of the thugs wasn’t too gentle. A couple of the ladies are handling the girls. The Catholic Church in Tampico has agreed to take them and get them back to their parents, they’re on their way in an MRAP now,” Andy said.

”You are tagging then identifying the prisoners as we discussed? The traffickers I want for special interrogation.”

”I expected no less,” Andy replied.

”By the way, Bob’s engineering team is landing in Brownsville today. Vehicles and security have been set up by Homer Clermont out of the Texas site. I figured you had plenty to do so I stepped on your toes a little.”

”The construction teams arrive on Monday to get started.”

”All the forms for the precast walls are done. When you get back we will go over the drawings for the prison for any last minute ideas,” I said.

”Bob’s people have been given strict orders to not drink the Mexican water and to only travel in groups with security and no Mexican hotels, brothels or bars.”

”On another point, Texas Steel is still building and equipping more sleeping buses and Marcy is finding another group of meals on wheels trailers to go there in case you need them. They seem to be working well, so you will have the ability of another complete camp setup without disassembling the ones you have.”

“There was more money seized than we initially thought and Mexpo and Mexico has paid Marcy for the initial payments.”

”Andy, one of the G5s is on standby at Brownsville International if you or your team need to come to the home office or Fort Dean for a day or two,” I said.

”That’s great, thanks! I would like to spend a couple days in the office. I need to follow up on Charles and Milton. They seem awfully excited about the coastal contracts and I think they are liking the positions you have trusted them with,” Andy said.

”We are flying to Dubai on Tuesday to sign the contracts. Then everything else gets signed on Wednesday in Israel and Germany.”

”They didn’t get to where they were by being dumb, just a bad decision or two and the wrong people,” I said.

We spent two hours stacking more gold bars in the basement vault Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Jake and Dad helped all three nights. Being gone so much we were running behind. It would take more next week to get caught up again after all the traveling.

There would be two C5 shipments next month; one trip was delivering more food for the refugee camp then flying on to Fort Polo. The second trip was delivering essentials to Fort Polo to finish out the Air Force’s radar station. The testing phase was finished and a few things that needed tweaking were on the flight.

Another call that I had to handle was from Thimble Shoals bank, the design work was done on the new coin and I was requested to stop by and evaluate the first stamping with the board on Monday after the Mexico press conference.

I was going to spend most of another week in the air and in motel rooms.

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Book 2 Chapter 96

This posting is a day early. Please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

The reunion home with the kids was special and heartwarming. They were growing like we were feeding them fertilizer. They were as glad to see us as we were them.

We spent a couple hours in the office going over Black and Bear’s Middle East trip. They had three possible locations for bases for the fast boats. Two of them had small dry docks and fueling equipment. The other one would need work – nothing new for anything we did anymore, it seemed.

In the end it would still take another port. Three would make too much distance to travel in an emergency in the shipping lane. They went back to the Middle East to secure the fourth base.

We decided on the Seafood Inn for an early supper. Cold beer, crab cakes, and steak fitted my mood to a tee. With it being steak and seafood night all the old friends were there. Duke Justice, Clarence Hallworthy – two of the county commissioners – and Elmo Cartwright.

Elmo was not only editor, he was now part owner of the now bi-weekly local paper. Elmo was seated with Hanna with his notepad. I was sure there was going to be a column about Hanna’s experiences in the next issue.

I had our waitress take a round of drinks to their tables just to be friendly. I was going over to speak but their food came and our waitress delivered our appetizers.

They came over to speak as they were leaving. It was a short but quick conversation.

At 0800 we were in a convoy closing in on Washington. One of the Suburban’s was filled with the bags of cash collected in Mexico. Eric and the director wanted to display the cash for the news conference along with all the drugs. Bigger bucks with the drugs equal bigger news bang.

The DEA agents had picked up the last of the collected drugs as soon as our planes landed. I had assurances that the money belonged to JBG.

The news conference was to be at 0900. With the flash bulbs keeping the room lit up, we stood on the stage with Eric, DEA director Hamler, and the Mexican Ambassador Ramirez. I started the news conference with a statement.

”The evidence is presented before you on these tables about what genuine cooperation can do to solve the problems between countries when the true interest of the people come first. What you see is ten thousand pounds of illegal drugs, cocaine, heroin, Fentanyl and several kinds of prescription look alike pills. Also note the millions of dollars. JBG is proud to have a small but active part in stopping this drug traffic.”

”All of these drugs were destined for our cities to feed habits and the coffers of the cartel. Together we partners took their money, their product and their men. All this displayed was gotten in just three days,” I said.
Politics just plain pure politics. Every now and then I made it work.

I turned the news conference over to the Ambassador who was beaming. He spoke for ten minutes. Eric smiled and gave me a knowing nod; he was well aware of the challenges.

Eric and Director Hamler spoke at length, patting everyone on the back.

Hanna and Melinda were both in the front row, both getting questioned intensely before the conference started.

Just before Eric closed the news conference down I asked ”Melinda, have your teeth stopped vibrating from that helicopter ride yet?”

”They have, but I’m not sure about my stomach yet. That was some ride,” she said before laughing and the rest of the reporters laughed with her.

”You and Hanna keep your go bag packed and that passport up to date; you may need them soon,” I said. I did that just to rile up the press corps, reminding them there would be no lottery.

The money was bagged back up and went back to the office with the girls and a security escort. I talked another fifteen minutes with Eric and the Ambassador.

Then I went to see the President for a quick meeting before I went to the Senate. Troy was in the room with the President.

”Mr. President, have you given any more thought to the document you are holding in your desk?” I asked.

”Yes we have, with no decision. How about we release a statement that your term is up at the end of the year and we will reevaluate your position on the oversight committee that time.”

”That will keep everyone guessing and give us some more time,” Troy said.

”Now let’s talk about important things. Iran has been granted a full UN assembly to level charges and threats against you for the assault on Iranian citizens in France. That is in three weeks; it was pushed back a week from their original request. How are you going to respond?” the President asked.

”Depends on how Mexico plays out in that time and issues growing in France that I cannot discuss right now,” I said.

”However, I intend to be there to respond. They have no real ability to censure or penalize me, Katy bar the door. I intend to fully unload and disclose their actions with proof from captured documents. It will be interesting to see who the officials are,” I said.

”You are right on that. We have not received the list from Iran requesting permission to visit,” Troy said.

”I will be back after the Senate comedy before I go home,” I said.

I was fifteen minutes late – just to piss them off – and it did. I listened to a few more minutes of verbal abuse before I stood up to leave, ”If that is all the questions, I have a flight to catch after a visit to the White House to get another verbal spanking,” I said.

That was all it took to get down to business. Fifty percent of the questions I didn’t answer- couldn’t because of international secrecy rules. They knew I couldn’t but they wanted the media time.

When they questioned a lot of things about France, even more about Mexico, I told them we needed to go to a closed door session if they wanted any discussion about those topics. Even then many of their questions may not be answered.

After answering what was little more than public knowledge, it was time to put the shoe on the other foot. I was going to try to put off return visits every time a new JBG announcement was released.

”Since this is the intelligence committee and you are supposed to know everything, what do you know about the new JBG super max prison being built?” I said.

”What prison?” the chairman almost yelled.

I floored them with, ”JBG is building a three hundred bed maximum security prison five miles from Matamoras in the security zone. The construction is scheduled to begin on Monday. We may possibly need another in the Arizona-California area once the security zone is fully implemented. Movements on the Mexican arrangement is happening a lot faster than we estimated. We have a lot more prisoners in our possession than we anticipated,” I said.

A heated discussion followed. Then it was time for the next bomb.

”What do you know about the formation of the JBG Navy?” I asked.

”WHAT navy?” the chairman responded, jumping to his feet.

”JBG will sign contracts on Tuesday with our nations OPEC trading partners to supply up to one hundred heavily armed boats with rockets, antiaircraft and ship to ship missiles, equipped with heavy machine guns and advanced radar. They will be fast response – fifty knots plus escort ships including all crews with four bases of operations.”

”The assignment covers the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean area near the Somalia and Yemen areas where the pirate hijackings and seizures are escalating.”

”The contract covers oilers, supply ships, repair facilities and an aviation detachment. It is a very lucrative ten year contract that carries a lot of risk – a risk that we at JBG are willing to take and overcome.”
”We estimate that the employee numbers will be excess of one thousand people.”

”Just to head you off, the State Department and CIA have signed off on the contracts and approved the weapons sales to JBG. Those weapons contracts are awaiting signatures as soon as those are signed on Tuesday, putting the arrangement into effect.”

”For an intelligence committee you sure seem to be in the dark all the time,” I said.

”Senators, it has been a wonderful informative day but I must run,” I said as I stood and left. Mouths were open and eyes fixated, just stunned. And these people were intelligence people! Just wow, I thought; I can pull the hood over these people any time.

I met my security team in the hall and walked down the capitol steps towards the White House. It was a good cool clear day with the whisperings of fall in the air. Cool but not cool enough for a jacket. I expected everyone to be in Congress or following Congressional testimony.

Who should be walking down the street coming towards me? None other than Juanita Waco and her entourage, cell phone cameras at work and media persons fawning over her latest comments and rants.

There was too much traffic to cross to the other side of the street, not that I would have done that anyhow. I told my security team in Russian that if anything happened to keep her security escort restrained and out of it and please have somebody film it.

As I met her entourage we narrowed to single file, ”Good afternoon,” I said as I continued walking.

”I want to talk to you,” she said.

”I’m late for a meeting at the White House. I can meet you after that,” I said.

”No, you are going to talk to me NOW,” she yelled.

As I started to try to walk away she grabbed my arm and pulled me around, ”How dare you walk away from me. You are going to listen to me right now!” She went into a tirade about France and Mexico. She demand JBG stop the illegal actions in Mexico. “My constituents were complaining that their Mexican relatives are frightened and fearing for their lives,” she said.

”JBG’s actions are legal and there is no stopping them. Good things are happening down there,” I said.
The tirade continued, finally she said, ”You are not listening to me; you are disrespecting me and my position. I totally disrespect you. I spit on you in disgust.”

She did it hit me on the chin with a big wad on my blouse. As I wiped it off my chin I grew into a rage. My right fist struck her in her pearly whites so hard it snapped her head back like a boxers punch. My left arched over and downward, mashing her nose to where her bottom lip should have been.

Another right was on its way to her throat only to be grabbed by Ziva, ”No need, she won’t feel it; she is out,” Ziva said.

Ziva was right; with her people behind her so tight she could not fall back, they now watched her crumple into a pile at their feet. Her teeth were falling out and blood was dripping on her clothes.

There was yelling and screaming that had the capitol police running across the lawn.

With help coming we stepped around the group and continued on our way.

The door to the White House had barely closed before it was breaking news on the TV.

”Ambassador Jones attacks Rep. Waco in front of the capitol building. Video coming in a moment,” the reporter said.

I went down to Section Twelve. There I ordered our in-house federal prosecutor to file charges against Juanita Waco for assault against a federal official and issue a subpoena requiring a complete blood test for communicable diseases that could be transmitted by saliva or blood for the record. I would beat her to the punch – no pun there – because she would certainly do the same thing and fast.

In today’s environment, blood and spitting were serious business. I should have walked away but wasn’t going to give her ego or status a boost or the impression I was afraid of her.

I took the elevator back up to the main floor to be met by Troy. He was holding an ice pack.

”Do you need this?” he asked.

”Yes and some alcohol pads to clean any possible cuts after I wash my hands,” I said.

”The White House doctor is on his way to check you out,” Troy replied.

”I hope you have your own video. You know what the media is going to do with that, you will be in a class with child killers,” Troy said.

I asked those with me if they had taken video as I asked. Two had and we transferred both to the flat screen and the entire White House staff watched.

”You held back for quite a while, some people will rejoice and some will be, well you know,” Troy said.
The President just stood shaking his head, ”This could be a mess.”

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Book 2 Chapter 95

They were sitting off to the side. I knew there was no need to try the conversation in English; even if they understood, they would play ignorant – so Spanish it was.

”Where are you delivering the petrol to?” I asked.

Quiet, nothing. I kicked him in the groin as hard as I could. He screamed and doubled over in agony. He would be that way for a while. I hated to do that – I would have preferred that he talked – but I needed to set the stage that I wasn’t putting up with bullshit and that I meant business. Above all, that they meant nothing to me – expendable.

I moved over to the next one, before I could ask, ”Las Norias, I make the trip twice a day when gas is running. Some days it’s diesel,” he said.

”Who gets the money you collect?” I asked.

He started to hesitate until I stepped in front of him.

”Bruno Hernandez ends up with the money. He likes to be called ‘The Bull’. A runner meets us in Las Norias each night to collect the money and deliver the next day’s drugs for this area to the drug runners for Bull’s enterprises,” he said.

“What time and where does that happen?” I asked.

“Six at the cantina on the north side of town,” he replied.

”Where do they come from to get to Las Norias?” I asked.

”From the south – Los Tres Palos,” he said.

”How many vehicles do they come in?” I asked.

”Four most of the time. He likes red,” he said.

”Which truck is yours?” I asked.

He pointed to the tanker.

”Where can the Bull be found?” I asked.

”We have been told he has a villa outside Ciudad Mante.”

Larry Thor had been standing by me while I was questioning the four men. He had walked away while I was questioning the last one. Satisfied, I went to find Larry before we went back to Apple 1.

I found him with the 802 pilots and several of his captains pouring over a map.

”We are twenty miles from Las Norias, by tomorrow evening the pipeline inspection crews will have passed there. I know you are out to take everything you can for the drug lords. The 802s can fly high patrolling the road from Las Norias to Los Tres Palos.”

”When they spot the group of red vehicles leaving Las Norias they can call for us to send the Blackhawks. When the Blackhawks are close the 802s can drop down and disable them. The Hawk men can finish them off and pick them clean.”

”Should be quite a haul of money and drugs; sounds like a resupply and pickup the days proceeds. That should put the icing on the cake after all the proceeds we collected in the last couple days,” Larry said.

”Show me on the maps; if you think it’s doable and successfully, let’s go for it. I want to cut them off at the knees every chance we get,” I said.

After the group finished with all the plans, I gave approval. Backup Blackhawks from Apple 1 were on the way with men to take control of the road.

”I’ll go with the Blackhawk group,” I said.

”No! Not only no but NO from the commander in the field. You pay us to do these things. The Hawks will meet you at Baker 2 on their way back for you to sort out the mission and whatever else and handle the political fallout. You should be there in the MRAP about the time the Hawks get there. It’s ten minutes on the ground, no more,” Larry said.

He was right – I didn’t need to be there – so I let it drop.

The two 802s from Apple 1 were moved to Baker2 just in case any problems arose.

The day was all but gone by the time the MRAP carried us back to Baker 2. The girls and I listened to the action on the aviation radio.

It was thirty minutes later when the Blackhawks landed at Baker 2. There had been six vehicles, not the expected four. It made no matter; one strafing run by the 802 put an end to the vehicles and everyone that was in them.

The haul was another thousand kilos of cocaine, heroin and pills and bags of cash. From the dying statements this run was to be the last in the area until new routes and new methods could be developed.

That was why this run was so large with the drug flights over in the area and the fuel revenue diminishing daily, Bull was pushing the limits to deliver to customers and also satisfy his boss and the supplier.

Eric and Frank had already left by the time we had returned Baker 2. I called Eric again and we discussed the issue of the new drugs haul. We decided that we would hold a news conference at the Washington DEA offices displaying all the drugs and money collected so far in the operation on Thursday morning before I testified.

All the girls were going. I had reserved seats on my side of the table for them to sit behind Curtis Warren and me.

We were heading back to Washington tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I had a meeting with the leaders of Matamoros. I had decided to build the first prison 5 miles west-north-west from Matamoros.

Lorrie was working on the purchase – in between following me around all day – with a Realtor from Matamoros. The deal was nearly complete, providing all the pieces came together. Those pieces came down to water, sewer, electric and permits. Permitting was a minor issue; the site was outside the city limits by three miles. Outside of established city limits in the Mexican state of Tamualipas, building was a free rein with little or no regulation.
Tomorrow morning’s meeting was to negotiate for the utilities. Sewer and electric were the important things. We could sink a well if it became necessary.

I told Melinda we were leaving at noon so she could finish up any station business. I would see Hanna at Apple 1 in an hour to tell her the same.

Three Blackhawks carried us back to Apple 1. We arrived in time for a late supper and to join Andy in a command review meeting over today’s developments.

10 Mexpo repair crews had made thirty miles of progress in sealing and then welding all the taps we had found in that section.

The pipeline inspection on the first contract would be finished in a week, ten days at the most; much faster than the four to six weeks we initially thought. Andy was splitting up Apple 1 and Baker 2 and forming a third group ‘Cannon 3’ to move the process further down the pipeline.

Andy was also calling the reserves that were at Fort Dean to fill voids as the moves took place. He suggested we work on more buses.

Andy and I both thought there would be some kind of retaliatory attacks as soon as the cartel power structure could get together and plan.

We had taken over four tons of drugs and who knows how much money from them in just two days, mostly by their own stupidity or bad communications. Anyone would have thought that after the first plane loss things would have been brought to a halt.

We had done enough that they were shutting down operations – at least temporarily – in the area.
There were no attempted flights into either of the captured runways Tuesday night. Overall it was a quiet night.

We were just about ready to leave Apple 1 when the police showed up. I had expected them long before now.

Police Chief Hector Ramos appeared with a couple of uniformed officers.

”I have been getting complaints that you are harassing the hard working citizens and detaining some. You have been given no authority to detain anyone. Are those the citizens you are detaining?” Hector asked.

”They are the individuals we have arrested with substantial amounts of drugs in their possession. They are being held until they can be sent to a maximum security prison. A tribunal will try them after which the penalty will be applied,” I said.

”No! That is not what is happening. I am taking custody of the prisoners and taking them to my jail,” Hector said.

Jenny handed me the report from Prosecutor Inez pointing to Hector’s name in the list with a flag. Hector and his whole department was listed as on the take.

In Russian I alerted my men to surround the three and to arrest them.

”Hector, we have a problem. I have a list from Federal Prosecutor Inez of corrupt local law enforcement that are reported to be taking bribes or working for the cartel. Your name and officers are on this list. I have instructions to arrest you and seize all assets of your office in the name of the Republic of Mexico,” I said.

After a brief struggle, Hector and his three men were in a separate fence. A call to Inez and the Federal police were on the way from Mexico City to pick the three up. Larry Thor and Andy were going to handle the issue.

The six of us and our security left for Apple 1 for supper and to spend the night. We had a 0800 meeting with the officials of Matamoras.

We were on time for the meeting; the officials were an hour late.

It was noon when the wheels left the runway for Morton. I got to watch Jenny, Lorrie and Marcy work their negotiating skills. It was a tough sell but we had a contract and the permits necessary from the city of Matamoras.

The only hitch was we had to use local contractors to run the pipes and electric to the site. That was not a problem because the cost was going to be a lot less than using Bobs Construction.

One last piece of business was conducted in a meeting room in the general aviation terminal. We settled on the land for the prison; the pieces for that part of the project were complete. The rest was up to Bobs Construction, a call I made as soon as we were airborne.

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