Chapter 25

The Jackson kids left after breakfast. Dad, James and I finished the last pick of cucumbers for pickles. The summer heat had gotten to the vines and killed the blossoms necessary to make cucumbers. They were dying; the sprinklers had put off the inevitable for a while.

            There was enough for one more batch that I was going to do this morning. Today’s run would make one hundred quart and pint mason jars of the three variety of pickles. I was going to send some to the Jackson’s the next time Grandma came over.

            Dad and James were going to take the Pete with a load of wheat to the mill and one of the six wheeler loads after that. We had forty thousand bushels of wheat to carry to the mill before corn harvest started the last of August. This afternoon they were going to look at used combines.

            Dad and I had talked about a second combine a few nights ago. The dealer had several used ones in stock and they wanted them gone if they could sell them. With low hours and in good shape, they would fit the ticket. As a bonus, they were the same make and size as the one we had, so the attachments were interchangeable.

            All farmers were the same as were most men; bigger, more power, faster. When one bought a new bigger combine, the dealer ended up selling two or three – it was the ‘Keep up with the Jones’ syndrome.

            I was cleaning up and putting things away when Linda came in. I had heard her drive up. That import car she drove had a sound all its own.

            ”I have been to Seagraves again. They finally decided they might be able to use my engineering skills. They are working on a contract and I have been helping them with some of the designs. It sounds like they may be leaning to an offer. I don’t have any hopes that the pay will be something that I could afford to take, though,” Linda said.

            Before she got past the living room she was naked.

            ”I hope you don’t mind if I shower. Deodorant seems to be causing me to itch for some reason. Have you got time to play? Then I want to talk,” Linda said.

            ”Yes, we have plenty of time to play. I will shower with you to get rid of the pickle smell. While we are at it, you can practice on the dildos again,” I said.

            I stuck the 6, 7, 7.5 and 8 on the wall high enough that we could stand. After the shower Linda asked if I would go first while sucking and throating them. It was no problem for me, I guess she needed a little reassurance.

             I gave her a tonsil searching scorching kiss and then I placed her hand on my throat to reassure her where each one would stop at. I took my time and slobbered plenty of saliva on the first one and licked the balls as nose hit the wall. I repeated the process on all four. Linda’s other hand stayed busy in her crotch.

            When I stepped away from the last one she took my place. She placed my hand to her throat and started with the 6 inch one. She handled it nicely as she did the 7 inch one.

            The 7.5 gave her trouble as it did the other day. She struggled, gagged, coughed and gagged some more, pulling off to swallow and clear her throat. I figured she was going to give up. But she didn’t.

            She went back at the 7.5 even more determined. This time she was working harder on her breathing to help with the gag and cough. Her hand went to her pussy and she started playing with her clit. Her nose hit the wall the same time she had the first orgasm. Her knees weakened but she stayed at the dildo – working it, still stretching her throat – before pulling off.

            ”I did it. One to go,” Linda said.

            She went to the 8 and started, first it was a third and then half and three quarters. She kept going. The hand in the crotch picked up speed. Linda reached for my hand and placed it back on her throat as she worked the dildo deeper.

            Just as her nose hit the wall there was a pop in her throat where my fingers were. It startled me. I had never experienced anything like that and it worried me. But she only hesitated for a couple seconds before moving to the off stroke and again there was a pop.

            Linda changed her rhythm, but was not pulling far enough off to breathe. She was stroking four or five off and on strokes before taking a quick breath; she was going to run herself out of oxygen if she kept it up.

            Porn directors used this tactic on new actresses who were not seasoned enough to have their agent or representative on the set. They were deep throated over and over again without being allowed to get enough air.

            When the actress tapped the thigh to tell the actor she needed to breathe, he stroked deep for several more strokes before pulling out. And then she got one breath instead of the three or four she needed before her throat was plugged again to repeat the scenario.

            Over a few minutes she would start to lose awareness; the eyes would dilate and then begin to roll back under the eyelids, she would be groggy, unresponsive and often thought to be under heavy drugs.

            It was in this state that unscrupulous directors would bring in the third and fourth actors for double and triple penetration scenes and rougher sex, all the time making sure she was oxygen starved by keeping big cocks in her throat. The term in porn world was ‘fucked dumb’.

            There was a popping noise at end deep stroke when her nose hit the wall. Her hand working on her clit was a blur it was moving so fast.  

            ”Oh God I’m cuming so hard!” Linda said in the few seconds she was off. A minute or so later she let out an agonizing scream on a breath stroke, ”I’m cuming again!”

            Linda was starting to turn blue when her knees gave way and she started to fall. Her legs were quivering like leaves in a windstorm. She fell away from the wall; luckily I was able catch her so she didn’t hurt herself. She still had the dildo balls deep in her mouth, it had pulled away from the wall.

            I reached for it to pull it out, but she beat me to it. With it out she was wheezing like a race house. In between the breaths she tried to talk.

            ”So strong, just so strong. Why can’t my husband get me off like this? Why can’t I get off like this when I masturbate?” Linda asked.

            ”Help me shower and let’s go lay in the sun. I’m too exhausted to play any more right now. I need to talk,” Linda said.

            ”Sure, then we will also get you some ice chips,” I said. Her voice was raspy and harsh. I now knew what the pop was. It was the knob of the dildo passing her larynx. I hoped there was no permanent damage and wondered why only with her.

            Out on the blanket and covered in suntan oil, Linda began talking.

            ”I’m having more erotic dreams, several every night. I must be masturbating heavily to them. At first I thought I was leaking pee but then I realized it was sticky and slippery. I am now sleeping on three towels to keep from messing up the bed,” Linda said.

            ”I dreaming of Bob’s cock after seeing it. I can’t believe how big it is, at least twice as big as his father. I am dreaming of sucking and fucking it and after seeing you doing anal with the dildos, I want to be ass fucked with it. I want a real cock to please me,” Linda said.

            ”I have dreamed of being ravished by more than one cock at a time, of being restrained where they could have their way with me. Another time I was forced to go man to man and please them and they pleased me. It was so wicked yet and so fun, so much pleasure in the dream,” Linda said.

            ”I dreamed they fucked me so much I couldn’t walk right for a day. I want it so bad. What’s happening to me?” Linda said.

            ”I think you are trying to do all the things you suppressed as a teen during your romance, expecting all those things to happen in the marriage and then ending up in a limited sex marriage. You are and have been sexually deprived – unsatisfied,” I said.

            ”You could be right. I was the good girl at school and then at college waiting for the right guy, expecting to live out my fantasy with him and I found the sex in the marriage was a disappointment. Now that I have found it – It’s like a book that I can’t put down; I want to finish it,” Linda said.

            Then the bombshell was dropped, ”I don’t want to go back to the city and Robert. I think he is seeing another woman. I received some texts that were questionable. I want more than I was getting at home or will ever get,” Linda said.

            ”Please don’t go bar hopping. Let me work on a couple things,” I said.

            ”I think you have led a sheltered life. Sex and sexual kink goes from A to Z these days; there are no given limits any more. The sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s has only grown. The only limits are the ones the individual sets,” I said.

            ”I know you are open to some kink, what are your limits?” I said.

            “I don’t know what you mean,” Linda responded.

            ”I’m pretty open minded myself, willing to try most anything once – especially if it is on my bucket list. One thing I am not doing is lying in the tub and let someone poop or pee on me – that one is a pretty firm limit. There are others as I am not into pain or bruises,” I said.

            ”OH! OK, I see – I’m with you on that one. I don’t have a bucket list, maybe I should think about doing that,” Linda said.

            ”You said you dreamed about Bob. Would you?” I asked.

            ”That’s incest,” Linda replied.

            ”It’s legal in this state as long as the parties are old enough to legally consent,” I said.

            ”Do you think he would, as old as I am. That’s a big difference in age,” Linda said.

            ”I will be honest with you. After he saw you naked by the pool he said you were ‘HOT, definitely a MILF,” I said.

            ”MILF?” Linda said.

            ”Mother I’d like to fuck,” I said.

            ”OH” Linda said.

            ”You still look good and they say all boys have fantasies about Mom. I will check him out, carefully tip-toeing around the issue discreetly. Remember, he was looking at you when the hard-on made its appearance,” I said.

            ”He was? I didn’t know that I was so stuck about his cock size and instantly so wet! I never noticed he was looking at me,” Linda said.

            ”How about the dream of being restrained and ravished? I know some guys from town that would be into that. They would want you blindfolded and ears plugged; totally anonymous so there no chance of losing college scholarships,” I said.

            ”That sounds interesting – I could go with anonymous. How does that work?” Linda said.

            ”It will take a few days to set it up and I would insist that the play take place here for the safety aspect,” I said.

            ”What about the kids?” Linda said.

            ”I would get Dad to take them to the box store in town and tell him needed to be gone for a while,” I said.

            ”How about James? What would you say if I wanted him or your Dad?” Linda asked.

            ”I’m sure they would be interested – they are men after all – but you better start working on the big dildos and practice on Bob,” I said.

            ”Why do you say that?” Linda said.

            ”Both James and Dad are well hung, way better than Bob. I doubt either one would have a problem ringing your bell if they were given the opportunity by the comments I have heard whispered.”

            We talked as we tanned for the next two hours. I was trying to pick her brain for every idea and sexual whim I could find. She may not have been horny but I was and ready for a stud as soon as they came home. Linda left not long after they did come home.

            When Elsie, Carol and Bob came in I was lying across the table with Dad pounding my pussy with my legs on his shoulders. My head was hanging over the other side with James fucking my throat.

            ”Hey, that’s not fair starting without us,” Carol said.

            The orgy lasted another hour with the new arrivals.

            I did more shopping at the Amazon adult site for sure. It took two hours to find what I was looking for. I ordered a blackout hood used in BDSM play – not knowing any sizes, I had to order a small, medium and a large. It covered the head and left the nose and mouth open and accessible with an adjustable strap that went under the chin and a draw string in the back to keep it tight. It was guaranteed to blackout all vision and block all hearing with the included ear plugs – as if anyone could believe a guarantee from an adult toy company.

            I also ordered a Zorro style blackout eye mask as a backup. And then several kinds of restraints, cuffs I already had so I ordered two waist belts – one has arm restraints to the side that could be moved to the front and the other at the center of the back.

            I wondered about a submission collar for Linda. I had read that with the right mindset that kind of commitment to bondage and discipline could be rewarding. But then so much stuff one reads is just crap.

            They weren’t very expensive so I ordered a couple different styles.

            Tomorrow was Tuesday – one more day to the city and getting married to Dad. From then on I needed to remember to call him Sherman anytime we were in public. Doing so would allow us to show more affection in public without raising eyebrows.

            We were up early. After breakfast the kids went to help Grandpa and Dad took another load of wheat to the mill while James tended the livestock. I cleaned the house and did the wash. I wished there was room for another dryer. The washer could do two loads while the dryer finished one. It really didn’t matter, in a few weeks the wash would be greatly reduced when the kids went full time back to Amos’s.

            I placed the wedding dress in a plastic clothes case with Dad’s suit. With the six of us going the clothes would have to be placed in the big cross box behind the cab that was designed for tools and equipment. There was plenty of room in it and it was still remarkably clean, but still everything needed to be in plastic.

            I made up a kit of things to take: Dad’s and my birth certificates and the wedding rings.  I was going to wear Mom’s and Dad’s still fit. I considered light make up and mild shade of lipstick.

            To be honest I was on pins and needles, expecting something to go wrong – you know the old saw ‘Anything that can go wrong will’.

            Linda came over in the afternoon, she wanted to try the dildos again and then tan. We used the same ones as yesterday. As yesterday, she had her hand in her crotch aggressively playing with her clit. She had an orgasm on the second one and another one on the fourth. The fourth was still a challenge but not much. It only took few minutes for her nose to be touching the wall.

            ”Are you still going to Metro with the kids tomorrow?” Linda asked.

            ”Yes! We will be gone most of the day on business,” I said.

            As we tanned, Linda talked about the dreams she had last night. They were getting more involved and realistic. It wasn’t a cougar or panther I had released – it was a full grown tiger and she was on the prowl.

            “Have you had a chance to talk to Bob yet?” Linda asked.

            ”I will tonight and I will work on the other when we get back,” I replied.

            ”My bosses in the city suspect I have been helping Seagraves Industries on the contract here instead of going through the main office. They are not thrilled but are happy that design issues are being resolved,” Linda said.

            ”They want me to come in on Monday to discuss a job offer. I have already told them I would be there,” Linda said.

            Dad and I had another discussion after supper about the wedding. We discussed telling James, Bob, Carol and Elsie the reason for the trip tomorrow. We decided to call them down and tell them tonight. Doing it that way may save a scene tomorrow.

            With them sitting in the living room and me and Dad standing with our arms around each other I began.

            ”You know we are going to Metro tomorrow but not what for. Dad and I plan to be married tomorrow before the state changes the laws making close family marriages illegal,” I said.

            ”This isn’t something off the cuff – we have been planning it for a while. The state has made it necessary to act sooner than we planned,” I said.

            ”We have arranged to get the license and have a small wedding tomorrow. You are my wedding party. James can give me away, Carol can bridesmaid and hold the rings, Elsie can be the photographer and Bob the best man,” I said.

            ”This is a big step. Are there any objections? If so, I want to hear them now, not tomorrow,” I said.

            ”Will this change anything?” Carol said.

            ”If you are asking about the sex arrangement, the answer is no. Sherman and I both want variety and multiple partners. I still have a big bucket list of things I want to try. The four of you will be a nice fit in our relationship,” I said.

            ”We still have the things you wanted to do before you move back to the Jackson house full time. We need to start to work on that on Thursday with more training to pick up the pace,” I said.

            ”We still need to keep the marriage a secret for a while,” I said.

            ”Are you going to have children?” James asked – a question I did not expect from him.

            ”Yes, but not any time soon, graduation from school is a priority and possibly college. Modern prenatal tests and monitoring has made having children from incest relationships safer,” I said.

            ”Are there any more questions, because that is all I wanted to say,” I said.

            ”Just one. Will I call you Mary or Mom?” James asked.

            ”Mary will be best for now,” I said.

            ”The rest of you can go. Bob, I have some questions for you,” I said.

            ”Please understand this conversation is just between you and me. Out at the pool you said your Mom was a MILF – do you still think that? Be honest,” I said.

            ”Yes, I think she is hot,” Bob said.

            ”Could you make love to her? Could you do the things with her that you do so well with Elsie, Carol and me?” I asked.

            ”I don’t know. She would be so much more experienced than me. With Carol and Elsie we were learning together. It might be really tough,” Bob said.

            ”Even though she has had three kids, she is not anywhere near as experienced as you think and as you are. She led a restricted youth and an even more suppressed sex in her marriage,” I said.

            ”Events here have awakened those hidden sexual desires. That desire has been in front of you several times. The short shorts, the naked sun tanning and the shaved pussy are all new to her. She wants more – she wants to do all those things, try new things,” I said.

            ”She wants you or thinks she does, but is not sure how to proceed. The sight of your hard cock the other day has her craving it. It is the biggest one she has ever seen – far bigger than your father. Their sex life is infrequent – almost nonexistent – and not very pleasing anymore,” I said.

            ”She still needs to cross the line in her mind that incest is OK. If she makes that decision, can you make love to her using everything you have learned?” I asked.

            ”I told you the first time with Elsie and Carol to make them a woman. Can you make Linda a complete woman, because right now sexually she is not? Could you take her hand and walk into that bedroom and make love to her?” I asked as I pointed to my bedroom.

            ”Think about it, let me know tomorrow. Please do not say anything to Elsie or Carol,” I said.

            Dad and I cuddled and talked and made love for hours while listening to the boys and girls before falling asleep.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 24

It was time to get started with the anal training with the girls – if they truly wanted to do the things they asked. Or, were they just horny in the heat of the moment the other night?

            I took both girls into the bedroom and asked them if they were serious in wanting to try anal and double and triple before they had to go back living full time at the Jackson house.

            Both said yes with some enthusiasm so that put my fears off a little.

            ”We need to get started with stretching those muscles down there. Let’s go to my bedroom and get started,” I said.

            ”First thing is to do a clean out of the lower portion of the bowel since we are not doing monster two foot long dildos and we can do this with a reasonably quick enema. A good clean experience will make you want to do more; a dirty messy outcome will take the fun out of it, but always remember that there are things that can happen that will sometimes leave a little mess. Soap and water takes care of all of it,” I said.

            ”Since you are not constipated, you don’t need to use soaps or cleansers – the kinds of things they sell in stores. If you use those too often, they can cause bowel problems,” I said.

            ”Luke warm water is all you need. You simply want to flush out any solids in the lower bowel where you are going to play,” I said.

            “You can use it as often as you want to play. Another thing to remember is that a clean-out will last several hours and more depending on your body. If you have just completed your daily movement it could last up to six hours. That part is a learning curve you will figure out as you play,” I said.

            ”Strip and let’s get started,” I added.

            I filled the enema bag and had them check the water for temperature.

            ”If it is to cold, there is a chance it will send you into shock. Not a good thing. If it is too hot it will scald the lining on the bowel – a very serious problem with long term consequences,” I said.

            I started with Elsie, telling her how to lube her anus and stem of the nozzle attachment and how to fill and purge when she felt full. I explained that it was not necessary to hold it in any length of time. If you hold it too long or try to overfill, the water will travel further up into the colon. If that happens you can get yourself into a long clean out process.

            ”Just fill and immediately purge; flush the toilet each time so you can easily tell when there is no material coming out – just water. Each time you fill slide the nozzle deeper. When it’s clear you are done – stay sitting on the toilet a while longer as there is usually one last bit of water to come out after a few minutes – that is released by the lining of the bowel,” I said.

            Elsie was finished cleaning out and Carol took her place; a few minutes later she was done. It took ten minutes for each of them; about what it took me. Out by the bed I placed all the butt plugs I had and allowed then to choose the one they wanted.

            ”This early in the process, there is little possibility that a jeweled butt plug could disappear out of sight up the rectum as it is going to be tight. Later on – after much play or sex and as you learn to relax those muscles – you will want to use butt plugs with a handle or a cord attached as a safety measure,” I said.

            I had all three sizes of speculums and some tools to retrieve a toy if necessary. Amazon adult has many unusual things without a description of what they actually are and used for. A kinky mind comes into play and fills in the blanks.

            They both chose the small butt plug – as I figured they would. I lubed them and the rectum up with KY using one then two fingers, with Elsie first bent over the bed. Just to get her a little more involved, ”Reach around and spread those cheeks,” I said.

            With Carol watching I pushed the tapered plug half way in twice to get things somewhat accustomed and then pushed in completely. Once the inch and a quarter mass went in, her muscles pulled it the rest of the way in. I wiped off the excess lube.

            Carol was next with Elsie watching – then I decided that Elsie should install Carol’s. I described what to do and how.

            ”You want me to put my fingers in there?” Elsie asked.

            ”Yes! It is somewhat clean, and soap and water will clean them up,” I replied.

            A couple minutes later Carol was plugged.

            ”I will tell you that you can still have sex with the plug in. It will feel tighter for both of you. Just have James and Bob go slow and give things time to adjust. Bob already knows but just remind him. He has fucked me with one in several days ago,” I said.

            ”Leave them in until you get ready for bed unless you want to try anal tonight with the small dildo. If you do, come back and I will help you get past the tough spots, but don’t wait too late,” I said.

            Playing with them had left me horny. I put all the toys and lube away. I took a shower and walked naked into the living room.

            ”It’s time for you to shower and come to bed with me,” I said while taking his hand and helping him up.

            I described what I had done to the girls while he was showering. When he came out, he was at full mast. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off. I had my nose against him while playing with his nuts as he pumped the first load into my belly.

            He sucked and fingered me off for my first orgasm. We made slow and gentle love for the second one. With the door open – it was never shut on an evening – we held each other and talked love, family, sex and children. I had kept him updated on the events with Linda.

            There was a light knock on the door frame; it was the girls and boys. They wanted to talk about the butt plugs and the dildo. What they really wanted – or I should say Carol – was to use the small dildo in her butt and give first Bob oral and then James and film it while she was doing it.

            ”You do know that I can put two dildos – one over the other – and you can fuck your pussy and ass at the same time doing oral. I think they call that, ‘ plugged tight’ like I was the other night. That is if you want to get really kinky on film,” I said.

            Dad was playing with my clit under the sheet while I was talking and his cock was hard against my leg.

            ”OK, that is the way I want to try it. Can I chose which dildo I want for my pussy?” she asked.

            ”Sure,” I answered.

            She chose the one the size of James for her pussy. There was only one bigger one in the drawer and the six inch was the one destined for her ass. I covered the six with a condom and filled the lube shooter with silicone lube. If she was going to ass fuck the dildo the entire time she was sucking Bob and James off, she would need it.

            Carol had been vocal while Dad and I were making love. Both guys had cum at least twice so they were going to be tough to get off the third time by oral unless the visual of the ass fuck was a big turn on. Although, the camera and video would be a distraction.

            With James and Elsie operating the cameras, I pulled the plug out and inserted the lube shooter and pushed the plunger as I withdrew it. I had timed it right, ending up with a small glob at the anus and a little to cover the dildo.

            I helped her start the big one in her pussy as she moved back on it and then the one at her ass hole when it was close enough.

            ”OK girl, they are both started. It’s up to you how you take them,” I said.

            She reached to Robert, pulled his hard cock to her lips and then about half in her mouth and started a rocking motion. On to nearly off and further on.

            I could tell by looking at her face that she was uncomfortable, but she wasn’t giving up. I also could tell as fast as she found a rhythm, it wasn’t the first time she had taken one from each end.

            She kept at the motions and a few minutes later her butt cheeks were slapping the wall. She had both of the dildos to the balls in her. She pushed Bob off for a second.

            ”I got them – they are both as deep as they will go. It feels great. I am loosening up nicely,” Carol said.

            Then she gripped Bob’s hips to get him in the position she wanted and got aggressive at cock sucking and massaging his balls. She was banging her nose against his pubic bone and the wall with her ass on the off stroke. Bob came with a groan, pumping his seeds deep into her mouth.

            He pulled out with James hard cock ready to take its place.

            ”Wait, I want to make a change. I’m so loose, can you swap out the top dildo for one a little bigger?” Carol asked.

            ”Sure! Keep moving while I get one. How much bigger do you want to go?” I asked.

            ”I’m pretty loose – two steps,” Carol said.

            I placed a condom and lube on it and wet the suction cup.

             ”OK, I’m ready – pull off,” I said.

            Elsie was filming from the other side as she did. I quickly made the swap and then lifted the pussy dildo into place and started her back on it. Carol struggled as I knew she would. It was longer and bigger – 7.5 long and 1.5 in diameter. The first one was 6 and 1.25.

            Determined, Carol was making progress – slow progress. I reached under and fingered and rubbed her clit to make things feel better. A few minutes later she reached for James cock. She had half the dildo in her ass and was moving onto it.

            I was watching the dildo to make sure no blood was appearing on it. I heard her gag and knew she had more than half of James’s cock in her throat; that was a far as she normally took it. The gag and cough had a side effect on the muscles in her rectum. Her ass cheeks were against the wall.

            Elsie’s eyes were as big as saucers, the video camera had been filming a close up when it happened that three inches disappeared all at once.

            ”Elsie, film her mouth. I bet she takes all of James in a minute or two,” I said.

            Sure enough – a minute or so later – after a deep breath, she put her hands on James’s hips and pulled, stopping with her nose against him. Bob and Elsie both were filming and would have perfect pictures and video of the moment. Carol had to move James off enough so she could stroke and breathe.

            I was still rubbing her clit when James announced he was cuming. He lunged forward, driving Carol’s ass cheeks against the wall and unloaded his cum the deepest ever in her throat. As that happened, Carol’s legs started trembling and her body shaking. Carol was coming with James, the big dildo in her pussy, the large dildo in her ass.

            As soon as James finished, he pulled away so she could breathe. He went to his knees, he then kissed and held her up. As she recovered, she pulled off those stuck on the wall. The big pussy dildo fell free to the floor. The ass dildo was still stuck in her ass. I gently pulled it out as she stood while dribbling lube on the shower floor. She was beat, exhausted and cock whipped.

            ”I did it, I did it. I finally sucked all of James to the balls. I got ass and pussy fucked at the same time, even if it was by the dildo. I can’t wait to do it again with three real cocks. My throat is sore! I guess that will take a while to get used to,” Elsie said while filled with excitement.

            ”Yes, sip on a glass of crushed ice,” I said.

            The sore throat didn’t slow down her talking any. She described how the dildo in her ass felt going in, how it loosened up and how good it felt after that.

            ”If I wasn’t so tired, I would have tried another bigger dildo,” Carol said.

            ”It is best to stretch gradually and not too big too fast,” I said.

            ”Do you want to shower now?” I asked.

            ”Yes, please,” Carol replied.

            We helped her out and I adjusted the water temperature. She had her arms around James.

            ”How did it feel when I sucked it all in? Did it excite you like it excited me? I had a little cum as my nose touched you,” Carol said.

            ”That’s what made me come when I felt you take it all. I can’t wait to have my cock buried in your ass. It will be so hot to see and feel,” James said.

            Then Elsie and I helped her shower and wash her hair with the guys watching. We dried her off and helped her to my bed to rest while I cleaned up everything.

            James and Bob stepped in the shower, washed up and dried off.

            I had been in a long session. Carol was going to be super sore tomorrow. Her throat would hurt and feel like a desert most of the day and her ass more than a day, I was sure.

            ”Well Elsie, when do you want to try?” I said.

            ”Tomorrow! I’ll wear the butt plug a while longer, maybe even a bigger one. If she can take it, so can I,” Elsie said.

            There was the sibling rivalry thing making an appearance, but that was OK. I wondered how many days it would be before Carol would be doing a pussy ass double penetration on her own with the two boys. Carol was quickly moving along.

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Proof read by Bob W.      

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Chapter 23

            An hour later Linda came out naked with a towel draped over her shoulder.

            ”It’s still hot in the house and I didn’t have a swim suit. I thought I would join the girls swimming,” she said.

            I joined Linda and we swam laps for an hour. I needed the exercise; it would help me fit into the wedding dress. The girls were laying on the blanket, drying off and sunning.

            I challenge them to a ten lap race that they accepted – even Linda joined in the fun. Grandma was going to be starter and determine the winner. Elsie beat by an arm’s length. But it was fun, exhausting with all the other swimming, but fun.

            We had finished breakfast and the girls had been gone an hour when Linda showed up to use the computer system. I was working on the desktop with the checkbook paying bills. We had finally gotten paid for all the wheat that had been carried to the mill.

            After checking the livestock, Dad was hauling a couple loads each day to the mill out of our grain bins.

            We were in between the farm rushes. Everything was planted and growing. The only thing to do now was to get ready for corn harvest, go over all the equipment and make sure it was ready to be run hard.

            One thing that I had done was have the ten thousand gallon diesel tank filled again. We had used seven thousand gallons cutting, planting and hauling wheat. We would use twice that shelling corn.

            So far the rains were on time and if they came like that all the way to harvest, we would have a bumper crop. Dad and I had even talked about teaching Elsie how to drive the farm trucks and Carol how to run the tractor with the bush hog cutting the corn stalks.

            One thing Dad and I had talked about was a second combine so James could operate it. If that happened, we surely would need Elsie and me both driving trucks and Bob would be busy with the grain wagon.

            When finished, I went to the bedroom and got cleaned out. I was going to place the dildos on the bathroom wall. With Linda here, maybe she could be convinced to use them on me with the harness.

            If I was going to help Elsie and Carol with their goals in the declining time they were staying at my house, I needed to speed things along.

            I stuck the dildos on the bathroom wall – I added two more than the last time. Two steps bigger – it would be a challenge if I made it. I would be happy with one. I set the video camera on the tripod and placed it as close as to the shower as I dared.

            I placed condoms on them – it just gave me peace of mind that they would be easier to clean – and lightly lubed each one. Then I filled the lube shooter and emptied it in my rectum. I started the camera on record.

            I backed onto the first one, spent five minutes working myself onto it, then stroking and moving until I had relaxed and had loosened up. The second one was easier and the third was the same.

            The fourth – I struggled a little to get it in, that was the one I had stopped at the last time I had played with the dildos.

            I was still working to get it in when there was a knock on the door.

            ”Mary, are you in here?” it was Linda.

            ”Are you alone?” I asked.

            ”Yes,” she replied.

            ”OK, you can come in then close the door, but please be open minded,” I said.

            ”Oh my, what are you doing? Are you trying to hurt yourself?” she asked.

            ”No, I am fine. I’m doing anal stretching. Someday I want to try anal sex and I need to learn how to relax those muscles. It is one of the things on my sexual bucket list. This will help,” I said.

            ”I had a girl friend in the city that raved about anal. She said that without anal it just wasn’t pleasing sex for her,” she said.

            ”There is no mess! How come, I thought it would be messy,” Linda said.

            ”I cleaned out before I started,” I said.

            ”Would you do me a favor?” I asked.

            ”Sure,” Linda said.

            ”Take the camera off the tripod and film me from above and below. Make a few of them close ups,” I said.

            ”OK I can do that,” Linda said.

            I kept working on number four, finally getting it all in. I stayed at it until I was completely relaxed and loose. I added a fresh glob of the lube on number five and moved to take it.

            I struggled hard to take it. I was really being stretched as I pushed back and then off a little.

            ”WOW! That is really stretching you,” Linda said.

            Number five was bigger around than number four and only a little longer. Number six was as big around as number five but an inch and a quarter longer. I stayed at number five a long time before I felt the plastic balls against my pussy. Finally I had loosened up and stretched and now was sliding easily on it.

            I told Linda how to fill the lube shooter and to hand it to me. I added a glob on number six, then I pulled off and filled my rectum again. It was a wonder it just didn’t run out onto the floor, I was still gaped. Then I quickly backed onto number six. I had been right, the six was close in size to the five. I felt some stretch but not much.

            What I did feel was the difference in length. It bottomed out before I hit the balls. I stroked and added pressure while ignoring the discomfort. I even tried changing positions on it.

            I straighten up some and was able to gain some more. And then with the gain, I slowly bent over again to see if I could hold the depth I gained. I did, so I repeated the sequence several more times.

            Once I straightened up, I felt my stomach while looking for the tip. I didn’t feel it but I did like the sensation of stroking on it while standing up. I still wasn’t against the balls yet, so I went back to the position that I had gained depth with. After several more minutes I was against the balls.

            I felt my stomach again while stroking. A couple of times I felt the tip moving against my hand, or at least I thought I did. I stroked for another ten minutes. I was loose and could move all around on it with little discomfort.

            ”I’m going to pull off. Take some video of the gape before it closes and then I am finished,” I said.

            ”That’s a big hole,” Linda said.

            ”Lube your hand up and see how much you can get in me – be quick about it,” I said.

            I heard the plunger on the lube bottle a couple times and then fingers started up my ass. First it was two then three than four on a flat hand. Then I could tell she had folded her thumb in and was trying for the knuckles. She kept turning her hand and pushing and turning.

            She placed her other hand around my hip and across my midriff so I couldn’t move away from the fist to gain leverage. I felt it slowly slipping in. Then there was a pop and it was in to the wrist.

            ”What do I do now,” she asked.

            ”Keep going! Describe to me what you feel, see how deep you can go. I’ll tell you to stop if I need to,” I said.

            She gained a couple more inches before I felt the need to stop.

            ”I guess the camera is too far away for you to get it,” I said.

            ”No, I can get and it is still on. Besides, you are going to follow anywhere my hand takes you,” she said with a laugh.

            ”Oh so true,” I said.

            ”Got it and filming,” she said.

            ”Stroke it a few times,” I said.

            ”You have loosened up some in there,” she said.

            ”Try going a little deeper each time,” I said.

            I tried to feel my stomach to see if I could feel her hand.

            ”Pull your hand nearly out and go back all the way in and stroke me. Let me see how that feels.” I said.

            We did that for a few minutes. It was time to quit.

            ” Take more video if you can and slowly take it out,” I said.

            It took five minutes at least to take it out and it hurt a lot worse than going in. Finally it was out.

            ”There is an even bigger gape than before,” Linda said.

            I started squeezing to close it, working with the Kegel exercises. As I was doing them I pulled the condoms off and into the trash they went. I put some Dawn in the bathroom sink, placed the dildos in and filled it with hot water.

            Linda and I took a shower and I used the wand to wash my rectum out at full blast. Linda gave her hand a good scrubbing. There was lube running down both my legs that I had to soap like all hell to get rid of. That was the one thing I hated about the silicone based lube. It was a mess to clean up.

            We rested on the bed and I did Kegel exercises for thirty minutes, then took a break from them.

            Linda and I talked about her experience fisting me. She wasn’t terribly upset and expressed some interest about trying anal with the small dildo. Linda decided that she would help next time I wanted to do anal.

            We also came up with the idea that we should try the fisting with me on my back on the bed or table so we both could see any action in my stomach. It stood to reason that there should be movement visible in my abdomen with the fist and possibly the big dildos.

            I had three more sizes to go to be able to take James and then the last one to be able to take Dad. There were still challenges ahead. I did exercises every thirty minutes for the rest of the morning.

            Dad and James were home in time for lunch. After lunch they were going to make more feed for the pigs and chickens. That was an every two week job now. Pig was an understatement – they ate all the time and anything that got in the pen was fair game. They were growing just as fast.

            When the ground feed was finished they were going to the dealer and look at used combines. According to the salesman, they had several with low hours. There were too many in stock and the owners wanted them sold and off the lot.

            After lunch we did a 69 session, getting Linda off twice and me once. Then we went out to tan. We had turned the fourth time when we heard the Jackson Gator stop in front of the house.

            I wondered if Grandma was with them? A few minutes later Elsie, Carol and Bob came out naked and carrying two blankets. I expected a fire storm, but that didn’t happen.

            ”I suspected all of you were tanning together, and now there is confirmation. I guess it could be worse, but at least I know you will watch for each other,” Linda said.

            Blankets were spread and the girls applied lotion to each other and to Bob’s back. Bob was lying face down on the blanket. I was sure it was to hide an erection. Linda was watching closely. I wondered what would happen when it came turn over time.

            Turn over time came in a flash; it was the fastest thirty minutes ever. The girls turned and oiled each other and me. Then I oiled Linda. Bob was still on his stomach.

            When I finished Linda, I tapped his leg. ”Roll over young man,” I said. He was half staff and growing.

I started with his face and worked my way down his body, ignoring the fully erect cock. The only thing left was his cock and balls. Linda was watching intently. With a palm loaded with oil I oiled the balls and then the cock.

            When I finished I slapped his cock. ”Down boy,” I said.

            After his expression of pain, it deflated like a popped balloon. Linda’s expressions were priceless. First was the reaction to his pain and surprise that I had done that. And then she fought hard the urge to giggle or laugh.

            I went back, set the timer and lay on my back. I kept looking across the girls to read expressions from them and Linda.

            The next time the turn alarm went off, everyone decided they still had enough oil.

            With tomorrow being Saturday, there were just four more days to the wedding but everything was ready. I had reserved a motel room to change our clothes and told them we needed it to be ready for us to occupy at 10 AM. As soon as we got the kids in the room, Dad and I were going to get the license at the court house.

            I had researched places to do a small ceremony, but without all kinds of advanced arrangements, they were few. I did find one called the Wedding Chapel that agreed to do just a small wedding.

            That night after supper and showers, I explained to Bob about the slap. To make up for the slap, Bob and I joined up and I attempted to screw his brains out, starting with aggressive oral.

            I went full Amazon on him. He fucked me missionary, cow girl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, on the bed, on the floor and once with me sitting on him in the chair. Each time it deflated I sucked him back hard for one more time, until he could not get it up any more.

            Dad and James took care of the girls, swapping several times while I wore Bob’s ass out.

            Dad and I washed each other in the shower and I washed Bob’s cum out of me. Then Dad and I made love for the last orgasm for the night.  

            Sunday we loaded the Pete and both six wheelers to take to the mill on Monday. The rest of the day was laid back with rest and relaxation. Dad joined James and me tanning out by the pool.

            It was nearly seven when the Jackson grandkids joined us. They had a family cookout and spent the day under the shade tree with their Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 22

Is anyone here? Are we alone for a while?” she said.

            ”Yes, should be alone until the four or so,” I said.

            ”Good. I been to Seagraves Industries. Part of the work I have been doing was for a project for them. I decided to see them face to face and I also asked them about all the jobs they had posted just out of curiosity,” Linda said.

            I have to go back tomorrow to check in on the project. They are going to evaluate their needs for the engineering group and may come up with a offer for my skills,” Linda said.

            ”Can you play for a while?” she said.

            ”Yes,” I said with a wink and a smile.

            ”Good – let me get out of these duds. I had forgotten just how restricting all this was . I am about to suffocate and I need to shower to get rid of deodorant, it’s making me itch,” Linda said.

            ”OK lets shower together. I’ll get rid of the pickle odor,” I said.   

            It was a long shower when the touchy feel was added. We both used the wand to freshen up.

            With the quilt on the bed we started playing. A 69 was the first thing we did. Linda wanted to please me and I suggested that we please each other at the same time. An hour later and two orgasm’s each we declared a break. Just lying there resting we talked more. The conversation turned about her job, the city, her marriage and the kids- again.

            Linda had been unhappy inside and maintaining a positive attitude for the girls for a long time.

            At work her department that once had ten people in it and now was down to five. She was the most senior person. During the transition from ten to five there had been no pay raises and no overtime just flat pay yet they were expected to keep up. Pressure was always on or risk termination. With Bob Sr’s job problems she had stayed with to keep the job sometimes working sixty hours.

            Ten minutes later I was fastening the strap-on in place with a smaller dildo than we used yesterday attached to it. Linda wanted to start smaller and then increase size to the next bigger one.  When I was finished she was within inches of it looking at the condom I had intended to place on it. I wondered? I moved the dildo to her lips.

            ”Kiss it, lick it, suck on it. I am going to use it pleasure you. Make love to it like you want it to make love to you.” I said.

            ”I have never done that,” she said.

            Always a first time,” I said.

            She hesitantly kissed it and then opened her mouth and inserted the knob. I guess she thought it would taste or something. But it didn’t I had cleaned all the toys best as I could.

            ”That’s it let your tongue slide over it then swallow it. Take it deeper, that ‘s it. Go deeper I can help you but I rather you d it on your own,” I said.

            She kept going and hit the gag reflex.

            ”There is that pesky gag reflex. I will show you how to overcome that another time. Play with your pussy. That’s it. Rub it. Finger it. Does it feel good? I think it’s time to give you the pleasures you crave. Roll the condom on my cock,” I said.

            I opened the condom and handed it to her. When she had finished I helped her off the floor and kissed her. There was a tongue dual that she lost. As I kneaded her breasts and rolled the nipples she moaned and her knees started to weaken.

            I pushed her back on the bed and as her head hit the pillows my lips latched on to her clit and I sucked, licked the tip and pulled on it. She spread her legs wider then arched her groin up at my face. I moved up and rubbed the dildo against her clit. Linda moaned and whimpered.

            ”Please fuck me and don’t’ tease me any more – I need to feel it so bad,” she said. 

            I notched  to the entrance and pushed. I did not stop until our clits were touching. Then I began stroking, adding pressure, circles when deep and more pressure.   I pounded short stroked, long stroked.

            I was over her so I found her lips and kissed her. Propping myself up one are the other hand found her breasts and a nipple. I squeezed rolled and pinched that nipple.

            Linda went wild under me thrusting back violently a couple times. Her intensity was growing with her need. Her vocals changed pitch – she was that close. I wasn’t going to deny her any longer so I doubled my effort.

            ”Oh God I’m cuming,” Then she let out wail. Her legs went straight out like she was in a cramp then just as fast they were locked against me. She was trembling against my groin.

            ”Oh , oh, please don’t stop,” she said as her legs relaxed. I picked up the pace and pounded her as hard as I could. Her legs went back. I had perfect angle and leverage. I had one of her breasts in each hand and squeezed. I pushed so hard with the pounding  her body was sliding towards and against the head board there was no escape now- not that she wanted to.

            Her eyes were open and then closed, her mouth was open and then closed. There were moans and groans loud enough to wake the dead. And then, ” I want more and harder,” she said.

            ”Oh God, Oh God. So good I’m cuming again, again,” she said.

             There was a squeal and a convulsion and then she collapsed and passed out.  I pulled out and stepped off the bed. I grabbed the quilt and pulled it down so her neck could straighten out. The quilt was saturated.  Her breathing slowly returned to normal.

            I removed the harness and sat beside her on the bed and waited for her to return to earth.  When her eyes opened I kissed her.

            ”You are among the living. I believe you really enjoyed your trip. Are you OK?” I said.

            ”More than OK, I’m satisfied like never before. I’m happy,” she said. ”But what about you?”

            ”Twice,” I said.

            What do we do now?” she said.

            ” I give you a lesson on the gag reflex, then shower and then we go out to the pool to  work on tans and recuperate,” I said. 

            ” Sounds good to me,” Linda said.

            I placed the  four smallest of the dildos on the bathroom wall so I could stand and demonstrate. The 6, 7,  7.5 and 8  were the ones.

            ”You have to learn to ignore the gag reflex  just go past it and then you have to learn breathing technique at the same time. For now let’s work on the reflex that is the hardest one,” I said.

            ”Do you do oral on Robert,” I said.

            ”No he would not experiment or do oral one me so I did not do oral on him. It was by mutual agreement. My girl friends raved about getting oral. It was so frustrating that he would even try,” Linda said.

            ” Foreplay and oral is a part of the spice in a relationship if you use it right. In your case it might have been the piece that helped you with the tough orgasms. Some women need aggressive clitoral stimulation to orgasm;  getting fucked isn’t enough.

            ”Oral on your partner to orgasm takes care of that first quick fuck that most men want to do. In some men that’s all they want to do – wham bam, thank you ma’am. Finished. Done. That short attention span thing,” I said.  

            I kissed and licked the smallest one as I had told Linda to do earlier. I swallowed it until I hit my gag reflex and put my finger at my lips to market it.

            ”That deep is where I hit my gag reflex. I have played with toys and an occasional cock  enough that my gag reflex is minimal almost none existent. But if I just played that deep after a bit I would gag. I have learned to go by it to do what I want to do,” I said.

            I went back to the dildo and went to the balls and then went at like I was trying to get it to cum.  After a few minutes I stopped and moved to the next longer one and continued. 

            At the 7.5 I took her hand and placed on my throat as I swallowed it to the balls and made love to it so she could feel it sliding in my throat.

            ”Now it is your turn. For me I breathe in at the beginning of a stroke and stroke twice and exhale then stroke twice and inhale on the next,” I said.

            ”Don’t stop when you hit the reflex  change the angle so it will slide down your throat keep going it will feel strange but you will get the hang of it,” I said.

            It took a while almost thirty minutes with some gagging but she mastered the first two. She was pleased with herself.  I suggested we stop and go tan and do more later. I had changed my mind I was worried that taking the next two so soon would cause her throat to be sore and discourage her from continuing.

            At the pool I changed tactics some. The thought that she gaped so easily and again today left me wondering why. If she was getting as little sex as she said she should have been tight and the gap closed immediately. Instead of oiling her up immediately I started foreplay.

            With kisses hugs sucking,  breasts and nipple play I had her squirming on the blanket in minutes. When the play moved to her pussy I found her to be wet and slippery. We had just showered before we came out here.

            I sucked, licked, teased clit. I licked and tongue fucked her vagina – easily. I started with two fingers added a third as her orgasm hit. I never stopped even though she was flooding. With a stronger attack on her clit I added the fourth finger. I did half circles with my arm and wrist. I also flattened out my hand as wide as I could. I listened for signs of discomfort and there was none. She had her hands on my head holding my mouth to her clit as I sucked, licked and nibbled.

            I withdrew my hand enough to fold my thumb to palm and worked its way back in. I repeated the half circles that were easier this time with my thumb not hitting things like my chin and her thighs. With added pressure my knuckles were in a little.

            With more pressure I was in to my wrist. Linda went wild. I was struggling to breathe she was holding my head so tight as she was thrusting at my head. Her legs were locked behind my head holding me in place. I began a thrusting motion with my hand in her pussy adding speed and depth. In this position I was uncomfortable.

             She was cuming I could feel her pelvic muscles clamping and releasing on my hand. She was telling the world she was cuming so loud I could hear it with my ears covered by her clamping legs

            I was glad I kept my fingernails cut real short as long ones could have caused real damage as hard as I was thrusting. I could feel her cervix and rubbed my fingers around the crown of it. One by one I carefully folded my fingers into a fist inside of her and added three more inches to the stroke. Her legs relaxed then clamped even tighter.

            ”Oh God  I’m cuming again,” she said. Thirty seconds later she screamed a guttural scream that I even felt with my fist and totally collapsed her legs flopped down her hands fell away from my head. She lost the contents of her bladder  as I withdrew my hand.

            I expected to see blood on my hand but there was none. She was still breathing and every now and then her body would tremble with her legs shaking.  I was dripping in urine, not something I was fond of.

            I dropped into the pool on the deep end and swam under water to wash myself off. At the shallow end I stood bent over and washed my hair with the pool water. I dried off and lay beside Linda and waited for her to recover.

            Fifteen long minutes later she touched my arm then rolled on top of me penned my arms down. She kissed me trying to find my tonsils.

            ”What did you do to me?” she said.

            ”I’m not sure but it must have been good,” I said.

            ” I won’t be able to walk right for a week. Can we do it again tomorrow?” she said her eyes dancing.

            ”As often as you want,” I said.

            We both could hear the Jackson gator coming. ” Showers,” we both said.

            I closed the bedroom door behind us and we waited until the water got hot enough to step under. We washed each other and I used the wand to wash her pussy out.

            I pointed to the dildos still hanging on the tile wall. She did the first two like a pro and struggled with the third but did go all the way down on it. I rubbed her throat as she did.

            ”Good girl you’re getting the hang of it. Get a glass of crushed ice in the kitchen for the sore throat,” I said.

            We dried, dressed and she kissed me again. I dried the dildos and put them away.  

            ”There you are.  We see you have been tanning without us again, ” Carol said.

            ”What else was the panther doing? Hmm,” Elsie said.

            ”Pizza is supper tonight,” I said.

            There were two balls of dough left in the freezer. I would need to make more.  It would be a good time to put the apron on the girls and take pictures with them covered in flour.       

            That thought was reinforced when Elsie said,” The carpenters are not coming tomorrow. They are short on material and cannot get an inspection they need until the following day to continue on.” We can stay here tomorrow.

            ”Good tomorrow you can help me cook and help me can. If that is OK with Mom,” I said.

            ”That’s fine I going to go back to Seagraves Industries in the morning I thought of a couple more things they need to look at. Take pictures for me. I’m going to go spend some time with Dad and mom,” Linda said.

            Dad and James came home as Linda was leaving. It was perfect time to go get the girls dresses and Bob and James a suit and tie.

            I sent them to the showers, the girls to mine and the boys upstairs. I explained to Dad that he needed to take the boys and I would take the girls and please not to tell them why they needed them.

            We were back in two hours. I bought them matching dresses off the rack. Short but not too short. Cleavage exposed but not too much exposure. They were be great for what we wanted. Everything was ready six days to marriage.

            Dad and I talked more about getting married tonight. I guess we were checking each other about second thoughts. There were none. We made slow passionate love listening to the boys rocking the girls world. Thirty minutes later they had changed partners and were at it again.

            At 7 we were eating breakfast. With the girls assisting they helped cook sausage, pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Orange juice was the concentrated kind – just thaw, open, and mix with water.

            I was making mental notes as I went along with the added freezers and bigger pantry I could keep a month or more food ahead. Paper products I could buy in quantity for better pricing now that I had a place to store things. With the computer I could make a printed list of the things we used and had on hand to create easy shopping list.

            The girls wanted to bake cakes, cookies and pies to take over to Grandma Jackson. I had no problem with that at all. I suggested that they make two of each one for here and one to give Grandma.

            With the canning in progress and the ovens going it was going to be HOT in the kitchen.  I stripped standing in just my thong and pulled the top strap of the too small apron over my head and adjusted it so that it just covered the dark ring of my nipples. Then I lifted the apron some and tied the side strings tight at the top of my hips.

            By pulling the apron like that it puckered the upper portion so cool air could get at my breasts. It also lifted the bottom up so the apron was like a mini skirt and being too small it left the back completely open. Both my ass cheeks were fully exposed. With  the fan blowing air would plenty of access to me.

            They looked at me with a questioned look.

            ”It’s going to get really hot in here,” I said. I handed each of the girls a too-small apron,  they were all I had and as a joke the two chef’s hats I had.  When they were finished dressing in the apron by copying how I had adjusted the apron and hats. I took several pictures to send to Linda later.              

            First was to get the water boiling with the jars submerged to sterilize them and the ingredients and pickles cooking.  I made them do all the work and took pictures.

            With that going on and the wait they made pizza dough to put in the freezer. I watched them knead, roll, pound the mix roll it over and repeat with flour flying. I took more pictures and video. By the time they were finished both has flour hand prints on bare ass cheeks and on their faces. It must be human nature that when you needed to wipe your hands  the butt cheeks was the spot.

            With the pizza dough  finished  we started on cakes and pies. There was a debate on if they wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake with white frosting.

            ”That’s an easy answer girls, do one of each then cut them in half mate them together,” I said. A little while later in the oven the two cakes went. More pictures and video for Linda.

            It was time for the next and final steps in the pickle process. The jars were filled with pickles, placed in the cooker to seal them, and then allowed to cool. It would take days to get the pickle juice odor out of the kitchen from the little mishaps created by inexperience.

            The cakes came out and onto the cooling rack. More pictures with smiles and flour – covered asses.

            Then we worked on pies and cookies.  Apple and chocolate pies went into the oven.  The girls were working on cookie batter and, of course, there was another debate.

            The winner was oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip and walnut cookies. I would definitely need to resupply after this.

            It was while all the thick cookie batter mixing was going on all that heavy stirring that led to bouncy boobs and bouncy ass cheeks that the silence was broken.

            ”I always hated a hot kitchen but I never thought of that,” it was Grandma.

            ”I didn’t think of making cookies as exercise but I can see where it might be with all that bouncy  action going on,” Linda said. Both were laughing.

            They had snuck quietly I had seen them out of the corner of my eye when they came in. They had been in about ten minutes quietly watching from the living room.

            We had a good laugh but the girls kept learning, paper – on the cookie sheets and spray on another. A tablespoon of cookie dough for this kind of cookie. For the other kind it had to be rolled into a little ball and placed on the cookie sheet. Set the timer and work on the next cookie sheets while waiting for the cookies to get slightly brown. The double oven with different temp controls was a life saver.

            When they finished the dough it was time for frosting. Luckily I had the canned stuff for the white.  But the chocolate was going to be home made.

            I read the directions off the card as they did it. I let them mix it by hand and add the chocolate to taste.

            Grandma and Linda were the tasters for the final icing mix. All the cookies were done and on the wire rack cooling, the ovens were off and the dozen pickle jars were on the rack cooling.

            ”Take some cookies over to Linda and Grandma and let them taste your handy work. Then go get cleaned up,” I said as I was taking the last pictures.

            ”I am going to get in the pool and cool off Carol said.

            ”Put the apron in the hamper and grab a towel as you go by and jump in. I will be out later,” I said.

            They didn’t need to be told twice as they left quickly.

            I picked up a sample of the cookies to taste while I talked with the elders waiting for a scolding about the cooking attire.

            ”These cookies are good they did a great job following instructions,” I said.

            ”Is that apple pie I smell? Grand ma said.

            ”Yes and it is still warm and I have some vanilla ice cream. Would you like to  do a taste test?” I said.

            ”I thought you would never ask,” Linda said.

            I cut two pieces and added a big scoop of ice cream and watched them eat while I finished my cookies.

            ”Decadent  just decadent to be that good,” Grandma said.

            ”That settles it, I’m helping make the next pies, with the short apron and bare assed it might be fun,” Linda said. We all broke out laughing.

            ”I need to use the computer system for a while, do you want me to take you home or do you want to stay Mom?” Linda said.

            ”I’ll stay a while and sit by the pool with the girls then they can take me home when I get ready,” Grandma said.

            ”Half of this is yours to take home when you do go,” I said.

            My apron joined the others in the hamper, with my towel, the blanket and lotion we joined the girls who were still swimming laps.

            I joined grandma in a chair watching the girls.

            ”To be young again and that carefree. It does my heart to good watch and see them. I have missed so much of them growing up,” Grandma said.

            ”I’m going to hate to see them go,” she said.

            ”Maybe things will work out and they can stay much longer than you think,” I said.

            ”I can only hope,” she said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 21

At the store we each took a cart. Linda had called Grandma and asked if there was anything she needed. She had a short list that we could fill even by shopping together.

            We had not been in the store ten minutes when I ran in to friends from school.

            ”Hi Mary, we hear you are going to video school this year. I wish I could. There is just so much messy stuff going on I don’t even want to go in the building any more. Did you hear that Wanda Smithers got knocked up?” Sam asked.

            ”They said she went to a party: drugs, booze – the works. Drugged and drunk, she agreed to pull a train, not realizing what they meant until after she got separated from her date. She thought it was a line of coke they were talking about. They don’t know who the father is until it is born for DNA testing,” what a shame.

            ”Well that is one good reason not to go to parties unless you go as a group and watch out for each other. With the designer drugs today, even then it is risky,” I said.

            ”This is my cousin Linda from the city,” I said.

            ”Linda, this is Samantha and Billy Joe,” I said.

            ”Linda, I like your shorts! I wish mine fit me that good. Mary’s look good to. Mary, do all the girls in your family have bodies made for short shorts? I bet you get asked for dates all the time, you lucky girl. Mary gets asked out all the time and turns them down cold,” Billy Joe said.

            ”Maybe I just kiss and don’t tell,” I said.

            ”Naw, you wouldn’t get away with it. Those boys would be bragging, telling everybody they got close to those headlights you walk around with,” Samantha said.

            ”There is your answer right there. Leave the ones with loose lips and big mouths alone,” I said.

            ”Have they got a list of the players that put it to Wanda when she couldn’t refuse?” I asked.

            ”Yeah, even got video, one of the boys took it and passed it around. You know how dumb they are. They even tried to clean her up and redress her so she wouldn’t know or remember,” she said.

            ”Cops confiscated all the video but there are still copies making the rounds,” she said.

            ”Send me the list of names if you can. I want to see how many guys I predicted would be stupid were stupid,” I said.

            ”See you later – we need to get shopping,” I said.

            ”Wanda was the stuck up type. Big flirt and tease. I wouldn’t doubt it was a set up for her, shame. Can you imagine not knowing who or how many until the cops made you watch the video or played it in a court room full of people?” I asked.

            ”That would be really bad,” Linda said.

            We finished our list.

            ”Is this where you got the shorts?” she said.

            ”Yes, follow me,” I said as I led her to the clothing section.

            She asked the size of what she had on. She then picked out four designs that she liked.

            ”What size do you think my girls are?” she asked.

            ”The same,” I answered.

            She picked out more and then went on an even bigger shopping spree. She picked out an assortment sports bras, wide and narrow and then thongs. In another section she picked out two packs of lady razors, two cans shaving gel, condoms and two bottles of the liquid lube I used.

            ”No need of using all yours playing with me,” she said with a smile.

            We went to my house first; I had frozen things and she didn’t. The Jacksons’s other Gator was sitting next to the one Linda came in this morning.

            The girls were out by the pool. I made a quick trip to make sure there were no boys with them. There weren’t. Linda helped me bring in my groceries and her bags of clothes. She was helping me put them away when the girls came in.

            Linda – her back to them, in double pony tails, short shorts and cutoff tee – didn’t register.

            ”Where is Mom? I thought she was here,” Elsie said.

            ”Mom is right here. Did you get everything done for Grandma?” Linda said to stunned faces as she turned.

            The cutoff tee showed half of the minimal sports bra. She had been placing things on the upper shelf and it was hung up on the top of the bra. The short shorts showed bare where there had been hair and possibly the beginning folds of a slit if you looked close enough.

            ”You didn’t answer my question young ladies,” Linda said.

            ”Yeah, everything,” Elsie answered.

            ”Mary, what happened? Did Aliens from space abduct Mom or something?” Carol asked.

            ”It was or something,” I said.

            The dining room table was cleared and the bags dumped. Linda pulled four pair of shorts, four pair of the thongs, two small and two of the wider sports bras, one can of the jell, one pack of the razors, one of the lube and one box of the condoms off to the side.

            ”These are mine. Divide the rest equally, then try them on right over there. I want to see what they look like on you,” she said as she pointed.

            She waited as they stripped and did a fashion show.

            ”Carol, you are showing under boob. Pull the boob up so there is none of that,” Linda said.

            ”What do you think Mary,” Linda said.

            ”I think you did a good job guessing sizes. They look good,” I said.

            ”Girls, you can wear them here and when you re out with Mary, but NOT over at Grandma’s house. Do you understand?” she said. She added the can of jell, razors, one bottle of lube and one box of condoms over to the girls pile.

            ”Yes Mom, perfectly clear,” Elsie and Carol said.

            There were surprised expressions and open mouths as what had just happened. Linda had just given them permission to be sexually active. The shaving gel and razors were one thing, but the bottle of lube and condoms were a green light.

            ”Go put them in your room. Mary said you each have a place to put them,” Linda said.

            After they left, she handed me the box of condoms and the other bottle of lube, ”Maybe we can play again tomorrow,” she said.

            ”Anytime,” I replied.

            ”Next week midweek, Dad and I have to go to Metro for the day, can the three of them go with us? It will take most of the day,” I said.

            ”Sure,” Linda said.

            We put Linda’s things and her clothes in the Gator and then she changed back into the things she had on this morning. I placed my stuff in the hamper.

            Out of sight of the girls she kissed me, ”It was new to me but I enjoyed every minute. I can’t wait to be with you again,” she said.

            After she left, both girls were in front of me. ”OK; spill – what did you do to Mom?” they both demanded.

            ”I tried to release a cougar but I think the biggest panther alive slipped out the gate first,” I said.

            To change the subject “Did you girls bring good dresses and did Bob bring a suit and tie when you came from the city?” I asked.

            ”No, we didn’t think we would be going to any where fancy. Why?” Elsie asked.

            ”We have a trip planned on Wednesday that requires better than shorts. I will take you in to town to get them. She approved you going but please do not say anything else to her about it. It would be best if it slipped her mind,” I said.

            I was working on supper when the men came home. There was an immediate excited huddle in the living room with the girls and Bob about their mother.

            ”What? I don’t believe you,” Bob said then added, ”NO way.”

            I took Dad to the office, ”Wednesday is the day we are getting married. I told Linda we wanted to take the kids to Metro that day but not what for. She approved them going,” I said.

            “I am going to try on the wedding dress tonight. Either way, we need to take them to get dresses and a suit. They have none with them,” I said.

            ”I hope you are excited as I am,” I said.

            ”You know I am,” Dad said as he picked me up off the floor and plastered me with kisses and hugs.

            ”Good because I am super horny. I need the first one hard and fast. Maybe you should rest a bit; it will be that kind of night,” I said.

            ”How about we try out the furniture and you have Elsie take pictures for that album you want,” Dad said with a wink.

            ”Kinky idea. I like it. Can I expand on what I want in pics for the album? I’m thinking a threesome or foursome,” I said.

            ”You want to go real kinky – sounds interesting,” Dad said.

            Supper was filled with multiple discussions. Dad talked about the beans we had planted. The last two hundred acres planted with our own beans looked as good as the commercial seeds. The only question was, would they produce as good as the commercial? It would take four months to find out.

            If they were obviously bad they could be cut for hay – a terrible prospect. Cows did not like soybean hay because of the tough bean stalk, even if it was cut and run through a hay crimper to crush the stalk so they would dry faster. They would only eat it to keep from starving. They would eat it better if it was sprayed with liquid molasses.

            Besides that, what would we do with that much hay? The other possibility was to disc it up and get in two hundred acres of early wheat. None of those were enticing; Dad liked to rotate crops as much as possible.

            With the dishes in the dishwasher I did a wash out and then a shower. I then removed Mom’s wedding dress from the cedar chest in the closet.

            It looked brand new – which it should have for being worn just once and dry-cleaned. I pulled it on without bra and panties. I struggled and wiggled and gently pulled my boobs and butt. Finally it was in place. I walked to full length mirror and almost cried. With a change in hair and a little lipstick, I was my mother – a perfect match to the wedding photo on the wall.

            I very carefully folded the dress and put it away.

            In the living room I told Elsie, James, Bob, Carol and Dad to go shower and then come back to the living room. I made things ready to play.

            I put another new SD card in the camera, putting the one with Linda in the hiding place until I had a chance to make a folder with them and put on a thumb drive. The new video camera was loaded, charged and ready to go.

            The blankets were placed on the couch and floor in places I wanted and on the big table to try different things. Setup was going to be tricky.

            When Dad had finished showering, I sent him out and used the lube shooter to place silicone where it needed to be placed, just in case it went that way.

            The group was waiting for me. I handed to video camera to Elsie, ”Read the quick use section. You are the video gal. Carol you are the still pictures girl,” as I handed her the camera. “I don’t want anyone elses face in the video or pictures but mine and Dad’s for now. I want plenty of pictures and video,” I said.

            ”Because Elsie is recording with sound, no talking except for the lovers – for the lack of a better term. Elsie, if you need something to have us reposition to get the best angle, stop recording and say cut, stop or wait so we can make the changes.”

            “Carol can take pictures as she sees things that look like fun or are interesting. Grunts, groans, slurps and I’m cuming are OK,” I said.

            ”James and Bob, you are going to be involved along the way so don’t be edging,” I said.

            ”Dad and I will start first and then add James and Bob. Dad, you are going to have to respond to things I say in a sexual way,” I said.

            Are you ready Elsie, Carol?” I asked.

            ‘‘Yes,” they said.

            I positioned Dad where I wanted him.

            ”OK, start filming,” I said.

            ”Hi lover. I have been waiting for you,” I said.

            ”I see and you are horny and needing me to take care of you,” Dad said.

            ”Yes, very horny and very needy,” I said.

            I moved to him and started kissing, hugging and stroking his now hard cock. I kissed my way to his cock. I sucked his cock going deeper and deeper until I had it all down my throat, my nose against his body.

            I heard Elsie, ”Damn!” then Carol going ”Shush!”

            I continued the slow blow job all the way off to all in slow and then fast while controlling my breathing. I was enjoying feeling him getting close to cuming. I knew he was close when he put his hands on my head.

            ”Honey, I’m going to cum,” Dad said.

            I pulled off to short stroke so I could get my lungs full. I nodded a signal – I had agreed weeks ago to let him know I was ready. He shoved deep and face fucked me with long strokes. Twenty strokes later he pulled me tight and held.

            ”Here it cum’s, swallow all of it honey. Oh, yes,” Dad said.          

            Elsie had the camera so close I could see it with my in the corner of my eye. Dad’s cock was pumping and I was swallowing straight to my stomach. I tapped the side of his legs telling him I needed air. I pulled off slowly my lips tight around his cock to milk every drop.

            I was breathing through my nose as soon as it was possible. I turned first to Carol so she could get a couple good pictures and then to Elsie and pulled clear of his cock.

            I stood up and kissed him with a cum flavor. ”Thank you, I wanted that so much,” I said.

            ”It’s your turn to be pleased now,” Dad said.

            Dad started kissing me, my lips and neck, sucking on my nipples before a long lick at my slit.

            He put me in the big lounge chair, pushed my legs back and wide. I put my arms through them and held them. He attacked my vulva and clit with a mission in mind. Ten minutes later I was announcing my way through my first orgasm of the night.

            I gave the cut sign, ”I need to pee and to get a drink,” I said.

            Dad followed me to the bathroom where after the tinkle we set up the next play.

            Back in the living room, James and the girls would soon be pounding groins if I had not interrupted them.

            ”Soon boys, you will be part of the play,” I said.

            Dad was already back to life but I sucked his cock for the camera. He picked me up and lay me on a blanket on the new table with my legs back and slid his cock in, then fucked me to another mind-blowing vocal orgasm for the camera.

            With his cock still in me, we moved to sitting on the edge of the table. He slow fucked me that way while playing with my breasts, sucking and kissing as I came down from the orgasm. Laying me back down, he pulled out so the cameras could film the gape close up and they did.

            He cut the cameras and asked me what I wanted to do next. I told him and then asked if it was alright. He smiled and nodded.

            With all three in a half moon, I started sucking. I knew it would only take a few moments for Bob and James to cum. I was not wrong and both were vocal as they were told to be. Alternating between them I kept Dad hard and revived the two boys. I knew they would come back quickly and they did.

            We moved the pillows around on the couch and with some doing, James was on his back. I straddled him and had his cock as deep as I could get it in my pussy. Robert worked his cock up my ass. It was not as easy as it looked on the porn videos and pictures.

            ”Boys, you have got to work out a rhythm so get with it and figure it out,” I said.   

            It took ten minutes to get figured out with the girls laughing like crazy. When they had I moved my upper torso off to the side and pulled Dad to my mouth, I said ”I want all three of you to cum in me,” before I swallowed his cock.

            Thirty minutes later with a sore pussy, ass and throat, they had done just that. I was sure I was done for the night but that was proved wrong later. The cameras got another gape shop, this time my ass. I lifted off James and they got another. It was going to take a lot of exercises to close back up. Big cocks had been in my pussy for three hours.

            While sitting on towels on the couch, Elsie connected the camera to the TV and we watched and heard the action.

            Bob and James had lived the school boy fantasy a few days ago and tonight I got my fantasy – three holes filled with the men I cared about. I had worried about the double penetration but it turned out to be easy. Now I was looking forward to doing it with James and Dad with the big cocks filling my holes.

            I was sure I was going to be disappointed as they would be, when the Jackson house was completed and they went back there full time.

            I now had four cards to make pictures from plus some nice video for a home movie and we were just getting started. A lot of things needed to happen in the three weeks left before they went back to Grandpa’s.

            ”Will you allow us to make videos and take pictures of us fucking? I would like to have those things with James and your Dad for keepsakes. We may never get to do these things again with friends we really like and men that are hung,” Carol said.

            ”You took three cocks, I can’t believe it. I got to try it at least once!” Elsie said.

            ”Me too, at least once. Will you help us?” Carol asked.

            ”We have three weeks to make that happen. You have to realize that pictures and videos can be very damaging later in life,” I said.

            We cleaned everything up. I took the cards out of the cameras and put them away. The girls and guys disappeared quickly. First the shower was running and then the serenade from the girls.

            Dad and I both showered and I rinsed out. We made slow and gentle love, rewarding each other with one more orgasm for the night. We woke up at six still cuddled in each other’s arms.

            I made breakfast for the group before they headed to the Jackson house.

            I set up for canning pickles today again today. Hot sun and dry conditions had slowed growth. After I finish picking, I turned on the sprinklers for the garden.

            By eleven I was done. Dad and James were setting up the final metal racks in the new pantry; the rest of the order had finally come in. When they finished, they left in the dually.

            ”We are going to check out Amos’ beans to see if they all came up. By the way, we are going to have to grind more feed tomorrow. The pigs are devouring it and growing. And then we are going over to farmer Browns. He is wanting to sell some of his land and equipment,” Dad said.

            I checked the two new freezers just because. They were both cold as they should be.

            I started transferring all this year’s canning to the new pantry with a basket. I was putting the oldest canned things to the front to be used first.

            Linda showed just after 1230, dressed to the nines.

Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 20

It was late when the Linda dropped the kids off. She had already taken Amos and Grandma home. The treatment had not gone well at all and Amos was in rough shape. They had held him in recovery as long as they could waiting to see if he needed to be admitted before deciding to send him home.

            I was helping Dad and James frame up the wall for the new pantry in the garage when they came home. With it full of junk the place looked small. Now one bay looked huge. It was going to be a real nice pantry there would be room for two nice chest freezers, the racks I wanted, and extra storage.

            We would need them since we were going to have our own hogs to kill. There could be up to four hundred pounds of pork from two grown pigs.

            Then all the roosters could be killed and frozen. Only a few were needed for the hens to lay eggs. There would be no need to feed them. Once they were big enough they would be in the freezer and not eating ground feed. I made a fabulous chicken and dumplings and mouth watering fried chicken.

            Add to that we could have our own beef butchered in town at the locker. Each one would give five hundred pounds of burgers, steaks and roast to go in the freezers.

            The electrician was going to come the day after tomorrow to put in the electric outlets and change up the lights. We also needed an electric heater on a thermostat so things did not freeze if it got real cold. We worked late to get it framed up.

            We disconnected the electric garage door opener and then removed it and the track and bolted the door down permanently. Then we framed up a wall next to it.

            Elsie, Carol, Bob and James showered and went to bed soon after we quit. Dad and I were listened to the vocals while we enjoyed each other. After we were done we talked about marriage again.

            We decided that next week we would go the next town that was a two hour drive and get married that day in a little private ceremony. The state was making progress in changing the laws on incest marriages. There was no blood test needed so we were good on that. We could stop at the courthouse for the license and the justice of the peace to do the ceremony.

            We discussed if we wanted to take Carol, Elsie, Bob and James for witness or not. It was food for thought. Mom’s wedding dress was still in the cedar chest. Tomorrow I would try it on for fit. If not I would wear the best dress I had.

            We talked about a honeymoon. No we could not risk it for the time being. We would save that for later.

            The girls went home immediately after breakfast to help grandpa. Dad went over a few minutes after to see if Amos needed anything and how he was doing. Thirty minutes later Linda came over asking to use the internet.

            ”Sure no problem,” I said.

            I went to the garden picking more cucumbers and checking on the other vegetables. Tomorrow I would be canning pickles again.  I needed to run another load of jars through the dishwasher again and check on enough canning spices and supplies.

            With the cards from Mom’s recipe box I made a list of supplies I needed to complete pickle, beans and beets. Last year I had quit at three canning and let the rest rot on the vine except for a few for home made salads. Now the surplus could be fed to the pigs. There was not much they would not eat.

            This year I was going to can a lot more and send some of it to the Jackson house to make up for grandma  not having a garden or being able to can any of her own things.

            When I finished I put on a bikini and left a note on the table for Linda that I was out by the pool. I carried the blanket and tanning lotion out to the pool. I ditched the bikini on the towel and cleaned the filters, checked the chemicals and added water that was necessary every couple days in this weather.

            With the pool finished I oiled up set the timer and lay out. I had turned three times when Linda came out.  I was laying face down at first looking away from her. When she spoke I turned my head towards her and opened my eyes.

            ”I’m glad that is over with for today. Some days I think they play dumb just to get to video,” she said.

            The timer went off for me to turn again while she was talking.

            ”Wow you have a nice tan,” she said.

            ”Join me if you have time,” I said.

            ”OK. I have the rest of the afternoon,” she said.

            I noticed she was now bare. As she started to apply tanning oil.

            ”Lay back I’ll apply the lotion to give you even coverage all over,” I said.

            ”OK I would appreciate that,” she said.

            I started with her face and did her front side including her breasts that at one time must have been right and high for her build but now have a little sag. I tapped the inside of her leg to spread them so I could oil sensitive parts.

            I could have sworn I heard a soft moan as my oil slick hand covered her vulva to coat it with oil. I also noticed it was definitely slick wet.

             I set the timer and lay back I still had plenty of oil on me not that I needed much as dark as my tan was getting. My face, nipples and vulva I still gave a new coat I didn’t want risk burning those parts.

            ”I had an erotic dream last night. The first one I have had in years. I thought that age was taking its toll on that part of me about like my sex life in the last year or so. I wrote it off to all the stress with work and with the problems with the girls,” she said.

            ”When I got up this morning I shaved my pussy. I decided I wanted try something new and different. In the dream I did things – wanted things I have never considered before. In my dream they were fun and I loved them,” she said.

            ”I dreamed had a threesome and It was fun. I never had that kind of dream before. Then I dreamed I was with another women. I have never ever dreamed about that before.  It must have been good. I woke up at the end of an orgasm and the bed was wet,” she said.

            Without thinking, ”I have had a couple of threesomes and been with another  girl. With the right guys it was pleasures that I will remember forever. There is something special and different being with a woman.”

            ” I don’t know if it the softness of the skin, or the lightness of the touch. May be because we know our own bodies so well and what we like and may be all women can read another so well. With men it is almost like you have to lead them – tell them what you like and want them to do and how to do it,” I said. 

            ”Yes you may be on to something there. I didn’t have an orgasm with Robert for months. He tried hard, maybe to hard but it just didn’t work. I had to jill to get off even as he was in me. Sometimes he just gave up and held me while I finished myself,” she said.

            I wondered why she was confiding in me this way. Was she testing me? Trying to see if I would spill any beans?  Was she hunting for something? What? Did she see me as much older than I was?

            It got quiet until the timer went off and we turned. I oiled her back side and excused myself to go in the house.  I put all the dildo and the strap-on in a bag with a couple condoms and lube and slid it under the bed.

            I stopped and looked out the door before I went out. Linda was on her back one hand in her crotch the other was working on her breast.

            I wondered what to do? She had started all conversations about sex,  about her marital relationship with Robert not once but several times.

            I went out as quietly as I could and knelt beside her on the blanket. Her eyes slowly opened. She was beyond caring trying hard to cum on her fingers.

            I lean over and kissed her and moved my hand to hers and then under hers. At first she resisted the kiss then gave into it. The tips of our tongues found each other and began playing tentatively at first then with a terrible desperate need.

            My fingers found her clit, first light touches doing circles that I liked then straddled it with two fingers.  I slid the fingers past the clit and into the slippery pleasure canal and added a third finger. I applied pressure with my palm to the very erect clit as my fingers stroked the palm manipulated, massaged and added heat and then fingers went back to the clit.

            I moved from her lips to the nipple with my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could and pulled back until it popped free. Then I rolled it between the fingers of my free hand pinching and pulling. I went back to her lips and kissed again.

            Linda suddenly arched her hips and cried out , ”I’m cuming,” then she tried to suck my tongue from my mouth before collapsing moaning. Linda relaxed the pressure on her legs and I was able to remove my drenched hand and dried it on the blanket.

            Linda was looking at me all dreamy eyed and then like she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

            ”We can do better than this,” I said.

            I stood and reached out and helped her up and then led her to the house. In the wall closet I pulled out a old quilt that was now a play on quilt. In dads room I threw the quilt on the bed after I locked the door behind us. It was a good thing that I had given the room a good straightening and clean up this morning.

            I stretched under the bed and pulled out the bag of toys and dumped them on the bed.

            ”I thought this was your Dad’s room,” Linda said.

            ”It is, can you think of a better place to hide something than under your Dad’s bed.  No one is going to look under except the cleaning lady and that is me looking for dust bunnies,” I said.

            ”Good point,” she said.

            I picked up the harness, ”which one do you want me to use?” I asked as I placed them by size in a row.

            ”I don’t know,” she said.

            ”How big is Robert,” I asked.

            ”This one I think,” she said.

            ”You wanted to try different,” I said as I picked one two sizes bigger and an inch or so longer and snapped it into the harness.          

            She  moved to the bed and I guess expected me to just shove it on. Instead I moved tight against her and rested it on her abdomen.  I picked up her hand and placed it at the end of the knob.

            ”I’m going to go that deep in you, remember how deep each you feel me against your clit,” I said.

            I bent down and started kissing her again. I started with the side of her neck, then her face and below her ear. I left a trail of wetness as my lips found hers.  Our tongues dueled. I sucked hers into my mouth  and nibbled on the tip and then pushed mine into her throat until we were both panting.

            I squeezed both breasts and sucked on the nipples and placed kisses all over them and sucked on several places on them. At the bottom of each breasts where they would not be seen with their slight sag I places a small hickey. She had both hands on my head holding my mouth in place as I did.

            When I finished both I kissed a trail to her clit. As soon as I sucked it into my mouth  she lifted thrusting repeatedly at my suction and tongue.

            ”I’m cuming oh , oh cuming,” that finished as a whisper.

            I straightened up and she watched as I rolled the condom on the toy and applied liquid lube.

            Linda’s stare never left my eyes as I notched the toy at her entrance and applied pressure sliding it into her. I added and withdrew watching her eyes and expressions. I had bottomed out clit to clit when her expression and eyes told me she had never been so full.

            I bent over and started kissing her and started stroking.  For someone who said she had trouble cuming, she came quickly and loudly. After locking her legs behind me, holding me deep and tight against her clit, I did circles.  When she relaxed her legs I moved them back and followed her torso locking her legs in place with my arms while I stroked slow and picked up speed.

            I was pounding her hard , deep and fast when she came again. This time it was a little huff and then ,”Oh God,”  then her eyes that never left mine turned full white and she went limp.

            I stayed on top of resting on my elbows as I recuperated catching my breath from the exercise marathon. Swinging a dick is hard work and it’s no wonder my men were always  huffing and puffing when we finished fucking.

            I felt her move and I move to kiss her again. Those eyes that had been staring were now bright and dancing and those lips in a smile.

            ”Three times in one session never before, four times in an afternoon. This is what I have missing all my life,” She said.

            I lifted a little and took her hand and placed it back on her abdomen at the spot she had touched before . There was a single freckle there that I used as a reference.

            ”Remember this spot. Next time we will use one that reaches here and try for four,” I said as I smiled and slid her fingers an inch further towards her breast.

            I backed away pulling the dildo out of her. The gape didn’t close staying the size of the dildo. I wondered if that was the result of childbearing.

            The camera was still on the dresser where Elsie had used it the other day. The SD card Elsie had used was hidden away. There was a new blank one in it. She was still spread wide and her eyes were closed. I took several pictures of the gape even a couple close ups.

            I gave the clit a kiss and a lick, ”come on you smell like sex, we need to shower. We wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea,” I said adding a wink and a smile.

            I led her to the shower and turned the water on including the wand.

            ”I’ll join you in a minute,” I said.

            The condom went into the trash, the strap-on back into the bag the camera back on the dresser. She wanted change so I placed one of the better thongs and a pair of the short shorts  and a small sports bra that would be challenged to be called a bra  with a cut off tee on the bed for her.

            I joined her in the shower, ” hands on the wall,” I said as I pointed.

            With a fluffy soap ball and soft clothe I washed her back from the neck to the ankles including between the cheeks. I turned her around and did the same to her front. Spending an moment on her breast and the V. There were two nice hickeys one on the bottom side of each breast almost hidden by the slight sag.

            I checked the temperature on the wand then slowly inserted it into the still loose tunnel of pleasure. Then I stroked it a few times increasing the water flow.

            ”I wondered what you were going to do with that,” She said as she leaned against the wall and spread a little wider.

            ”It has multiple uses this is just one,” I said. 

            I did a quick wash and then we dried.

            ”My clothes are still out by the pool,” She said.

            ”Today is the day of change for you. You said you wanted something different. The new you while you are here. You can put the old clothes back on before you go back to Dads if you like,” I said. 

            I handed her the thong and helped get it in place at the top of her ass crack. Then the short shorts. They barely covered anything, there was plenty of cheeks hanging out. Well it was what they were designed to show. I tucked the thong down her ass crack so it would it would not be showing.

            Then came the bra. With it nearly in place I reached in and adjusted the boobs lifting them up so none was showing out the bottom and plenty at top.  The areola was barely covered.        I started to hand her the tee and dropped it back on the bed.

            I went into the bathroom and found a brush and two ties. I brushed her hair that was nearly dry. She colored her hair and it had been recently done . I split it onto two parts and pulled each into a school girl pony tail and finished with a comb.  

            I stepped back to look at her. To be thirty seven she looked good, the legs and stomach was still tight, no hanging flesh on the arms. Her ass cheeks were still tight. Other than the breast sag one would never suspect she had three kids. At some point in the past she had spent time in a gym or some home exercise program.

            ”You look absolutely gorgeous, like you are twenty five again,” I said.

            I took the camera and started taking pictures, posing her in every conceivable position – some were very risqué.  

            I dressed with the clothes I had placed on the bed for me: short shorts, a sports bra,  and a shirt I could tie under my big boobs. We went to the pool to bring in the blanket and the clothes. The blanket went in the washer to get rid of any tanning oil. Linda asked if I had a bag to put her clothes in.

            ”I need to go to the box store for some things would you like to go along,” I asked.

            She looked down at how she was dressed and paused.

            ”You’re not going to chicken out are you. You are away from home no one is going to know you. You are free to express yourself – let the cougar out.   You can put the tee on if you want a little cover up,” I said.

            ”OK,” she said. The cut off tee was a couple inches below the bra.

            I grabbed the list and off we went in my truck.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 19

            After breakfast Dad, James and I spent a couple hours weeding the garden and planting another row of late sweet corn. Once the early corn was ready we could have fresh sweet corn until cold weather. I could freeze some and can some that way having some for all winter meals.

             I asked Dad about cleaning out the garage and making some of it into a second pantry.  He agreed that we should. He and James would start working on  it in a day or two. I also asked about adding another freezer in it. If we had to many things in one freezer and it went bad without us knowing it we could lose a lot of food.

            I went with them to look at the pigs and chicks. They weren’t little any more and were growing fast. The fine fuzz was turning into little feathers and they were eating feed like crazy. We filled the feeders for both the pigs and chicks  We were going to have to make feed sometime this week.

            I changed clothes and got ready to go with Linda and the kids as soon as they arrived.  She arrived an hour early and needed to Skype with her office. It turned into a two hour session. Linda was angry when she came out. Muttering something about worthless assistants.

            We all went to town in her SUV. She drove like we were in a city in other words like a maniac. Five miles from town the sheriff pulled us over- for speeding Linda was driving sixty four in a fifty.

            I knew Deputy Clinton Harper. His Dad owned a farm about five miles from us. He was a Barney Fife clone and got flustered at anything that smile d and wore a skirt.

            He rode horses with his girlfriend along the hedge row that separated many properties in the area. They often picnicked at the fresh water pond at the back of our property where we skinny dipped.

            I unbuttoned the top three buttons on my blouse and adjusted it to show some cleavage I was sitting by the door so he would have a good view.

            ”Hello Deputy Harper, how are you doing today?” I said.

He turned as I expected he would to respond as expected tunnel vision took over.

            ”Hi Mary I’m surprised to see you riding in a vehicle like this I saw you driving a great looking farm truck,” he said.

            ”Yes it is a nice truck. This SUV belongs to Mr. Jackson’s daughter. Her kids are staying at my house while Mr. Jackson gets treatments. We are on our way to school to get them enrolled in the video home schooling program so they can stay and help Mr. Jackson this fall and winter.” I said.

            ”Miss. Linda is not use to country driving yet and under a lot of stress but were working on it so kind of go easy on her,” I said.

            He had moved closer to the door  to get a good look at the cleavage and the legs of Carol and Elsie.

            He moved to the driver’s door,”  I’m going to let you off with a verbal warning this time but If I clock you speeding again I will have to write you a two hundred dollar ticket with points,” he said.

            ”May be you can meet Debbie and me back at the pond for a picnic sometime before summer is out,” he said.

            ”I would like that,” I said.

            We pulled off and headed on to town.

            ”Speed limit please. He will follow back and clock you for a while,” I said.

            ”Oh you have had run ins with him before?” Linda said.

            ”No – he likes to brag to his girl friend and I eavesdrop when he talks about how he does things on the job,” I said.

            ”OK and thanks,” Linda said.

            We spent three hours at school in meetings with guidance counselors and principals. Lots of things had change since I had registered. Many more classes were going to be offered now than when I registered.

            I was satisfied with what I had chosen so I was not going to change them.

Elsie, Carol and Bob chose the needed classes and with luck they were all in the morning. It would fit the needs of the Jackson’s  to a tee and us.

            Out in the SUV ” Linda turned and look at us all. I am happy that you are wanting to help and stay with Dad. I wish I could stay as well.  I have a suspicion of why you are so happy and so interested in staying. You are old enough to make those decisions on your own,” Linda said.

            ”You are still my children and still my responsibility until you are twenty one. If your GRADES DROP you will be back in the city so fast you will suffer whiplash,” Linda said.

            ”We understand and our grades will not drop, you can bet on it,” Elsie said.

            ”Good – we understand each other then. Let’s go get some lunch and then we can go home,” Linda said. 

            Lunch was good and whatever had torqued up Linda was gone as quickly as it had come on. We had a sit down meal in the restaurant that Dad and I went to a few weeks ago.

            On the way home we drove through the manufacturing  part of town basically because Linda made a wrong turn.

            Our town had many small business and several large manufacurers that did contract work for the state and government.  One of them was Seagraves Industries.

            ”I know them, they do sub contract work for the company I work for and we do contract work and analysis for them. They must have two offices because this is not the address we communicate with,” Linda said out loud.

            Out side there was a help wanted sign ”We need good dedicated quality employees for all areas. Machinist, draftsmen, engineers, quality control,” the sign read. Linda stopped and read all the signs on the front of the building. She also commented on the fact that the employee parking lot was full of cars and trucks.

            Linda dropped me off at the house. ”Elsie, Carol and Bob will be over later after we clean up after the carpenters,” she said.

            Dad and James were working in the shop. They were building more hay racks to put in the cow shed. It was an open shed with one side open to the pasture. It gave the herd someplace to get out of the weather in the winter.

            There were hay racks that bales of hay were put in for them to eat and now Dad was adding a feed trough to put ground feed now that we had a way to make feed.  Adding the ground  feed should make for healthier fatter beef ready for the market earlier in the spring.

            Weight gain stagnated in the cold winter months especially in snow when they really had to forage pasture grass.  We always fed them hay so they would survive. Now the plan was push for them to continue to put on weight all winter.

            I fixed supper, we had the rest of the meat loaf with vegetables and hot rolls.

            The bank statement for the month had arrived and checks for the rest of the wheat we had sold. I spent time after supper entering the information and verifying the check book balances. I also updated my grocery list.

            Dad and James were going to clean out the garage tomorrow after helping me pick more cucumbers for pickles. I was going to can tomorrow. I was going to can bread and butter pickles this time. The next batch would be sweet pickles in a couple more days.

            The day after tomorrow I was back hauling wheat to the mill. I would  make twenty trips to the mill in the next few weeks to empty out one grain bin that we would need for corn in the fall. Putting wheat in the bin had been a temporary fix during wheat cutting for not enough trucks.

            The trio arrived shortly after we finished supper happy as usual. They were excited to be staying until school was out. That was a change first it had been until spring. They had to be ready to go early in the morning as Linda was coming at 7 to pick them up. They were taking Amos for his first treatment. I set the alarm for six so I would have time to make them breakfast.

             The four disappeared and the showers started immediately. When the showers quit Dad and I went to ours. Carol and Elsie both were already singing to the moon.

            The guys must be learning and growing in stamina – the singing went on for an hour.  Dad was slowly pumping in me listening to the serenade. The pitch changes and comments brought chuckles from both of us. A few minutes later my feet were back and Dad was full stroking taking us both to the finish line. I got there first and moments later my cervix was bathed in his warm spend.

            The doubled up pillows between the bed post had worked wonderfully. I locked my legs holding him in place we both loved the afterglow that way. We hugged and kissed and enjoyed the feelings.  We whispered and talked it was an extension of the intimate time we enjoyed.

             ”I want to have one of the girls take pictures of us making love from beginning to end and to make videos. I want pictures with your cum leaking out of me and down my anus. I  want pictures of us making love in every room and every building on the farm and on every piece of equipment. One day I want pictures of your cock deep in my butt,” I said.

            ”You do have your mothers kinky ideas when it comes to sex. I’m game for anything you want to do or try. You will have to order a new video camera the one we had was long ago junk. Get a good one.” Dad said.

            ” I want to wear Mom’s wedding ring and be out with you. I will have to call you Sherman in public so there are no issues but that will have to wait until Linda leaves. The girls will accept it easily and won’t care. We need to get married before they change the laws,” I said.

            ” Yes I want that to,” Dad said as he slipped from me.

            I had a doubled up towel under me. A towel was part of the routine; I lubricated and Dad flooded me with so much cum I leaked a lot afterwards. Using a towel had reduced the number of bed changes a lot.

            At six I was up cooking breakfast Linda was on time at seven sharp. All of us wished Amos good luck with his first treatment. We told all of them it if they needed anything we would be there for them.

            Dad and James went to pick cucumbers while I got everything ready for canning. By noon the two dozen pickle jars were on the cooling on the rack. While I was canning Dad and James cleaned out the garage. Years or temporary storage in there had become a permanent place for accumulated junk. It all went into the dumpster.

            After lunch they were going to the lumber company to get lumber and drywall to make me a second pantry and a place for a second chest type freezer they could hold so much more. I told Dad to get a door wide enough that we could get things in and out easily.

            We would lose one bay of the three car garage but it would be worth it. I envisioned at least two rows of those metal grated storage racks plus lining one side.

            While they were gone to town  I used the enema bag and cleaned out. In used the lube shooter filled with synthetic lube and placed it in my rectum. I chose four starting with the smallest of the suction cup dildos and stuck them on the tiled wall of the shower.

             My plan was to do this a couple times a week dropping off the smallest one and adding the next size larger for gradual stretching.

 I placed condoms on them not knowing how the silicone lube would react to whatever they were made of.

            I started with the smallest one and eased my back on it gently giving myself time to stretch then I started slowly stroking . It took fifteen minutes to get comfortable on it. Then I moved to the next larger one and so on. After the first one it went faster.

            I guess once the muscles relaxed it was easy to stretch a little more each time. I had an orgasm on the second one and a leg trembling orgasm on the fourth one.  When I finished with the last one I inserted a butt plug nearly the same size. I pulled on a pair of underwear that was two sizes two small and tight to make sure it stayed in place.

            I was going to leave it in a couple hours and then do exercises to close back up. I cleaned everything up. I had learned a lot about my body while playing. I went back to Amazon and ordered more toys with what I learned. I also ordered an expensive video camera kit.

            I still had it in when Dad and James came home. I helped them unload lumber and dry wall. It gave me no discomfort and did not try to pop out when I strained picking up material.

            When we finished I went into the house and labeled the now cool jars and placed them in the pantry.  Then I took out the plug and did exercises to tighten up things down there. In the next day or two Bob was going to experiment with my ass again even though he did not know it yet.           

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 18

             Breakfast was on the table when the group came down. Carol and Elsie thanked us for putting a wand in their bathroom. I started to say something but didn’t.

            They had not been gone thirty minutes when Linda came back on the Gator asking to use the satellite network again.

            ”No problem, take whatever time you need,” I said.

            I went to the garden and picked the rest of the cucumbers I needed for today’s pickles. Then I prepared everything; cleaning, cutting and cooking. The dill pickles were in the jars cooling off at noon. Two days from now there would be another batch that I would can as bread and butter pickles.

            James was off with Dad after they finished caring for the livestock and then were going to check all the bean fields we had planted. The beans should be sprouting and breaking the ground. They were concerned about the last two hundred acres we had planted with our own beans, they said they would not be back until late in the afternoon.

            With the canned jars cooling I was done until time to fix supper. Supper was going to be meatloaf sandwiches with a couple veggies of some kind.

            I made a small sandwich for myself and a sandwich for Linda. I carried hers in and placed on the desk with a glass of ice tea and left. She was still in heavy discussion with someone on Zoom.

            While wearing shorts and a tee shirt, I cleaned the pool and checked chemicals. Then I spread the blanket and placed the towels and a glass of lemonade on the chair. I stripped and dove into the pool naked and swam laps for thirty minutes.

            I dried off and applied lotion and worked on my tan. I had just started on my second thirty minute front tanning when I heard the storm door open.

            Linda was carrying two glasses of lemonade while walking towards me. No need for a kneejerk response now.

            ”I hope you don’t mind if I join you for a bit. I have to go back online with the bosses at 4:30,” she said as she was looking me over and handed me the drink.

            ”Thanks for the drink,” I said.

            ”You could use some sun too. City life has you looking a little pale. The sun is warm and good for you, feel free to join me,” I said as I handed her the bottle of tanning lotion. I moved so I was only taking half the blanket. Then I laid back down and closed my eyes and continued to talk.

            ”Sounds like you run the business when the bosses can’t even give you a few days off without pestering you,” I said.

            ”We are working on some big projects that need a lot of input from a lot of people. I thought the people under me could step up to the plate but they are either coming up short or they don’t want to step on toes,” she said.

            I heard rustling of clothes and knew she was removing some.

            ”If you don’t mind, I may need to use your system for a while every day. If you want I will pay part of the bill. Just give me a number,” she said.

            ”It will get very little use until school starts so use it as much as you like and don’t worry about paying. It’s good to have female company,” I said.

            A while later my phone alarm went off. ”Time for me to turn,” I said.

            ”I should too,” she said.

            ”I will put lotion on your back side for you. I think I have enough on me,” I said as I reached for the bottle.

            ”That would be nice! I can’t get my back very well and may burn in a spot or two,” she said.

            I started at her neck and applied lotion. I made sure I covered every inch, her arms, the soles of her feet and I even did the cheeks and inside of her legs all the way to the crotch. When I tapped the inside of her legs she spread them to give me room. I noticed she was trimmed close but not shaved.

            I set the timer and lay on my front. We continued talking about a lot of things, including Amos and his treatments that were to begin day after tomorrow. I did ask if she was ready to say good bye to the city life and move back to the country.

            ”I wish I could. It was nice when we first moved there but not so much anymore. If we both could find reasonable jobs here and could sell our house, it might be worth it. I would like to get back and be closer to Dad and Mom,” she said.

            ”I forgot just how relaxed living in the country was. When I went to college I was excited to see the city and experience the changes and also get away from the hick country. All that is gone now. The city tension and stress I was carrying is gone. I’m glad to be home,” Linda said.

            We tanned while turning two more times before she had to go back to the office. I stayed in the sun turning every half hour. Linda came out and joined me again for another hour. This time she was more talkative. I learned she was a design engineer specializing in cost comparisons for manufacturing processes.

            I knew why she would have problems finding a job in the area if she were looking. There were no firms in the area that required that kind of specialty. The design engineer part might be useful to several firms in town. It was just a thought to be checked out later.

            Elsie and Carol came quietly out of the house carrying another blanket. The contractors had run out of materials and finished early today. They had cleaned up and finished early and were going to take advantage of the afternoon sun.

            They spread out the blanket, stripped, oiled up and lay beside Linda. I was waiting for something to be said and it was, ”I wondered if it if you two had a total tan. Now I know for sure. I brings back memories of living on the farm. I had a total tan as soon as it was warm enough to lay out. Mom fussed a little but she didn’t strictly forbid it, so I did it.” 

            ”Is Bob’s tan a total one too – and I guess I should add James into the mix?” she asked.

            ”They work on it from time to time but their farmers tan will always be dominate,” I said.

            ”Lots of things have changed in fifteen years. I would have never thought about shaving down there. I just kept it clipped close,” Linda said. Then as an afterthought, ”I wonder how Robert would feel about smooth.”

            I couldn’t comment on what I thought Robert Sr. would think but I bet he would like it if she tried it.

            ”Are you canning tomorrow? I’m thinking about going to the school tomorrow afternoon. I would like you to go with me. The following day is Dad’s treatment and we are all going with him,” Linda said.

            ”No, no canning tomorrow. It takes two days of pickings to get enough to can, so I can go with you tomorrow,” I said.

            ”Next week will be a lot of canning and freezing. The first lot of string beans and limas will be ready. Did Grandma plant a garden this year? I don’t remember seeing one and haven’t heard any talk of one,” I said.

            ”No, they didn’t. Grandma was wishing she had planted one if she had known the kids were coming,” Linda said.

            ”Before you go home we’ll get a basket and you can take some things for Grandma. There are cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes ready now. Next week limas, string beans and peas,” I said.

            ”Later on there will be sweet corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin. Grandma can get all she wants,” I added.

            ”Let me ask you this. Would you teach the girls how to can? I remember helping my mother and Grandma can things from the garden years ago. I still think about helping grandma. They may never use it but at least they would know how and what’s involved. I may even come over and help to refresh my memory,” Linda said.

            ”Mom and Dad’s house is just torn up too much to try anything like that now,” Linda added.

            ”You can come help anytime you like. I would be tickled to have them help and learn,” I said.

            ”Maybe we can learn to bake cookies, cakes and pies. Grandma says from time to time she wishes she had a slice of homemade pie or cake for dessert,” Elsie said.

            I knew how to bake pies that were delicious and I could do OK with cakes.

            ”OK, we can work on the pies tomorrow after we get back from the trip to school. We can stop by the big box and pick up all the ingredients we need,” I said.

            I didn’t say anything but I was going to try my hand at making home spaghetti sauce this year and possibly pizza sauce. The tomatoes were producing baskets full already.

            We tanned for two more hours before the sun started down. The men came home making more racket as we were dressing. Linda and the kids left. They were coming back in an hour.

            Dad, James and Bob had bought another load of hay today from a farmer on the other side of town. It would be needed during the winter for the cattle. The hay barn needed to be filled before winter. It was close; one or two more loads would finish it.

            Supper was easy. I sliced the meat loaf and warmed it while I was mashing potatoes. A can of peas and a can of string beans in the microwave finished out the meal. We all liked meat loaf; it was a regular on our list of foods that I made. I had made a list of the foods we liked for the last few years. There was no need to make things that no one liked. It just made things simpler for me.

            I had one of Mom’s cookbooks – actually several of them – plus the card index she kept. It was time to start experimenting with the cookbook and index cards. Besides, for a while I had two eager food tasters who were gullible.

            When the girls came back they were excited as usual. They had talked with Linda more about home schooling with us and were more than ready to go to the school after lunch.

            The evening was quiet although Carol was letting us know she still had not lost interest in the male species yet and it was still fun to play with them.

            Dad and I had fun while we listened to Carol. We tried to imagine what was happening to her while we were involved in each other. I wondered if I should suggest that she try a three-some with one in her mouth to quiet her down every once and a while.

            With two hot pussys and just two cocks I doubted if they would be interested. I was sure they were playing off each other’s vocals all evening.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 17

The kids left at 7:30 for the Jackson house. I cleaned up and checked the bedrooms again, made the boys beds and collected the used condoms from trash cans. If Linda had not checked out the bedrooms by now, I doubted she was going to – but I still needed to cover all the bases.

            At 8 I had the Pete idling to warming up so I could take the last load of wheat from the field to the mill. I was just getting ready to climb into the cab when the Jackson Gator drove in with Linda by herself.

            ”The kids said you were going to carry in the last load of wheat this morning. I was hoping I could ride along,” she said.

            I figured she wanted to talk without ears close by. It was no problem. I noticed she was dressed in shorts and a midriff baring shirt that showed she had not seen the sun anytime lately.

            ”Sure, you are welcome to ride along any time,” I said.

            I waited until she had the seat belt on and then explained how to adjust the air seat for her weight and ride. Not enough air and the seat would bottom out with a spine jarring stop and with too much air she would have no cushion at all.

            We talked about lots of things as we rode along. I made it a leisurely ride; there was no hurry today. The conversation changed over to her relationship with husband Robert.

            There had been troubles since Robert lost his job. Surviving the year had been tough on their relationship as well as the family finances and it still had not fully mended. I wondered why I was being confided in with that information. She was more than twice my age with totally different life experiences. Maybe she just needed to talk.

            I learned she was two years older than Dad. She had intended to come back to the farm after college and find a local job. Then she met Robert and fell in love. Robert hated the boondocks rural way of life so city life it was. She felt she had sacrificed too much of her dreams to be with Robert and the city life.

            At first she enjoyed the fast pace living but the problems seemed to mount every year. First it was finding a suitable house in a good location they could afford. Then along came the job loss and then the problems with Carol and now they were getting worse.

            I had the feeling that if they had known about Amos’s health problems several months ago, along with Carol’s problem there would have been a very different construction project at the farm.

            When we returned to the yard, the pigs were being unloaded into the pen. They were squealing and running around like a bunch of drunkards. It was a good thing that Dad and James had lined the interior of the fence post with lumber; they would have run through the wire.

            Either they were upset with their new pens, the loss of their mother, or were just upset with the new surroundings.

            Amos and the grandkids were there watching the commotion. Dad had called Amos when the truck arrived. Amos wanted to see the pigs.

            The water trough was filled with water from the hose and would need to done several times a day. A few found the feed trough and stopped to eat, causing others to become interested and stop running.

            Then the real fights began. The pigs were apparently from different brood sows. A new pecking order had to be established. It was the same with all herd animal. Cows, buffalo, elk, deer, sheep and goats – all determined a leader, usually a male that fought to be the stud of the herd and choose his harem.

            All the males had been castrated so there was no fighting for a harem. Castrated males grew bigger, faster, and were usually less aggressive in the pen.

            In our case with pigs it was to determine who was going to eat from the trough first. As it filled up, those low on the pecking order were violently pushed away to be last to eat or drink what was left in the trough. With limited food, those low on the pecking order would be slow to gain weight and in some cases became runts to be destroyed. There was also a possibility to pen them separately and give them more protein and vitamins for a boost.

            Full feed troughs eliminated that problem in our case. When the first had their fill and went to rest there was always plenty left for the rest of the brood.

            The pecking order would take several days to work out and be contested from time to time as was normally the case in the animal world.

            Farmers Supply delivered the Leghorn chicks while we were watching the pigs. There were two things wrong with that from the beginning. Elsie and Carol fell in love with the chicks as soon as they were put in the brooder pen. They each had several – holding them, cuddling them and petting their soft fuzz that would eventually be replaced by feathers.

            The brooder pen was a wire pen to keep them confined under a medium heat lamp and near the water supply and little feeders. They came with a special feed that we needed to use for the first month.

            Little chicks had a very limited mobility for the first few days and could easily wander a few feet from food, water and heat. They would soon die with no mother hen to keep them together, warm and safe.

            The second thing was Dad had ordered two hundred; he must have done it without thinking. If half were hens – a good average – and they laid one egg each a day, that was eight dozen eggs a day. What the heck were we going to do with them? A single dozen eggs lasted a week in the kitchen.

            ”Grandma, when they start laying eggs I hope you want plenty of them,” I said.

            ”You know the farmers market in town used to have fresh eggs but quit because no one had chickens that laid eggs in the area any more. You might be able to sell some there,” Grandma said.

            ”You do know that for every day they are not refrigerated, they lose a week of shelf life,” Grandma said.

            ”I will have to remember that,” I replied.

            ”You know you we could always teach Elsie and Carol to bake cakes and cookies to sell at that market with that nice kitchen you have. That could use up a couple dozen a day,” Grandma said.

            ”I thought something was different about the stove you have as big as it is. I realized last night that it is a commercial stove. You could cook six cakes and pans of cookies at the same time,” she said.

            ”I want to be here when you teach them. I want pictures of them in aprons and covered in flour dust,” Linda said – that brought a laugh from us.

            Grandma didn’t know it but in the back of the pantry there was a commercial mixer and several other commercial appliances that I put there five years ago because I didn’t think I would ever need them. I wanted the open counter space and it gave me less to keep clean. I wondered what Mom used them for?

            I was too small to be paying much attention to what happened in the kitchen, along with the long hours at school and homework.

            I wondered if Mom did baking and sold it at the farmers market for spending money. That may explain why we had chickens once upon a time and why they left when Mom passed.

            Cookies and cakes weren’t that hard to bake. I had done them for the holidays the last couple of years. All I did was to follow directions on the mix packages.

            ”May I use your internet to zoom with my work? They have some questions I need to solve,” Linda said.

            ”Sure,” I answered.

            Linda sent Carol to the Jackson house to get her laptop and brief case. I still did not know for sure what Linda did for a living. I would ask the girls tonight; I was curious.

            When Carol came back I showed Linda how to get on our system and the router password. I closed the office door and started on supper. Tonight I was going to make a meatloaf with all the fixings; it would be something different.

            Carol was still here so I put her in an apron and used the recipe card from the recipe box that had been Mom’s and – I suspect by some of the writing – my grandma’s. With Carol helping using the card we made two nice pan-sized meat loaves. On one I made the tangy topping and on the other I covered with a layer of bacon.

            With the oven pre-heated they both went into the oven at the same time and would be done at the same time.

            It was close to lunch time so I sent Carol to find the group to ask which of the options they wanted; grilled ham and cheese, steak sandwich, or cold cut subs. I had the ingredients to make all of them.

            I made two steak sandwiches, four grilled ham and cheese and two cold cut subs. I sent Carol into the office with a note asking Linda what she wanted for lunch and how soon she wanted it. All the crew was sitting at the table eating.

            ”Nearly done, but wait until I finish – grilled ham and cheese,” Linda’s note said.

            All of us were finished and the men had gone back to work while Grandma stayed with me and the girls. The meat loaves were cooling on a stand when Linda came out of the office.

            ”Wow, I didn’t expect to be that long. Wow that smells good. Meatloaf – haven’t had that in a while,” she said.

            ”You are right- big files didn’t bother your system at all; they went through quickly. I tried to use the hot spot I have and that was a joke yesterday,” she said.

            ”You have to get close to town to get reasonable cell reception for that,” I said as I made her lunch.

            I asked Grandma Jackson if she wanted one or half of each of the meat loaves to take home with her.

            Meat loaf is like a universal all around item. You can eat it as a meal with all the fixings and vegetables or you can have it as hot or cold sandwiches and add baked beans or other sides. It will keep for three days in the refrigerator wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic.

            ”Can I take half of each? That would solve that old question of what’s for supper and what’s for lunch tomorrow,” she said.

            The Jackson’s went home to clean after the carpenters and do things at the house. The girls and Bob would come back later.

            The field work had slacked down now for us. There would be spraying to do on the beans and corn. The biggest thing to do now was tend to the animals. The pasture fences needed cutting and the animals fed daily with good feed and fresh water.

            I checked the garden. I could start tomorrow making pickles for a few days. I had done it last year because it made me angry to see so many cucumbers go bad on the vine after working so hard to keep the weeds and grass out of the garden.

            Not only did I do pickles but I froze string beans, lima beans and canned both for a comparison. I froze and canned sweet corn and canned beets.

            Dad and James both helped in the garden with planting, weeding and harvesting, but the rest was up to me.

            For this afternoon James and Dad were both cutting the pastures. I had free time. I used the enema bag to clean out and chose the smallest jeweled butt plug of the toys. This time I lubed it with the silicone based lubed and inserted it. It was going to take a little time to get used to it. I intended to wear it at least until supper, unless it started to get to uncomfortable.

            Three hours later I was putting the meat loaf with mashed potatoes and peas on the table. I still had the butt plug in – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

            I had spent time reading again the instructions to be able to relax the anal muscles for anal play and the exercises necessary to keep it tight afterwards. I had a long way to be able to stretch to take James and Dad down there.

            It was nearly nine when the girls and Bob came over. It didn’t take them long to disappear to the bedrooms.

             I had been in the store room sorting out the canning items and ingredients to see if I needed anything before I started. By the recipe box I had all of the ingredients I needed to can the first batch of pickles. I would have enough to can five quarts with tomorrows picking. First was bread and butter pickles and the next batch would be dill pickles.

            Dad and I went to bed and made love and basked in the afterglow while holding each other and talking. We started slow and built on it from there with hugs, kisses, feeling and fondling. We finished with my feet back by my shoulders as he pounded me into a mind blowing orgasm.

            The pillows had fallen away from the bedpost. The drum beat on the wall telegraphed what we were doing.

            As Dad grunted and deposited his spend against my cervix, the silence was broken. Carol, Bob, James and Elsie were standing at the door.

            ”That certainly looked like that was fun. Next time maybe we will join in,” Carol said.

            ”James, I think I can go one more time,” Carol said as she used his cock as a leash while walking towards the bedroom.

            ”I think we all can,” Elsie said as she and Bob followed.

            After breakfast – with invoices in hand – Dad went to town to the farm store where we had bought the soybean seed. They owed us a refund for the two hundred units that we did not get. Dad had already called them several times.

            The first time was to verify that we were not going to be getting the seed or replacement seed from another source. The rest were to inquire on the refund for the seeds. For two weeks there had not been an answer. It didn’t set well with Dad that we had to pay for the seed beans six months in advance and had already signed a contract and paid a down payment on wheat seed we were going to plant in November, but couldn’t get a refund or an answer as to when.

            James and I were left to our own resources. The animals had been fed and watered, the fences had been checked yesterday.

             I found James in the equipment shed. I dropped my shorts and bent over to show him the butt plug I was going to wear until noon. It was one size bigger than the one I wore for a while yesterday.

            The small one kept me excited and wet the whole time I was wearing it. A couple of times I came close to rubbing one off. Every time I moved, it moved things that made me feel good in my pussy. It was a lot easier to get out than I thought it would be. I did Kegel exercises for fifteen minutes afterwards to keep everything tight.

            I had only had this one in thirty minutes and was slippery wet already. Then I had a thought – what would it feel like if I were to have James fuck me with it in? Dad had fingers in my ass and pussy that felt really different and good.

            ”James, take a break and come with me for a few minutes,” I said.

            James followed me to his bedroom after I picked up a couple towels for the bed. I was naked in seconds and he was just a couple later. I went to my knees and finished sucking him hard. It took a lot longer than I remembered to get him hard.

            Elsie and Carol not only were wearing him out, they were desensitizing his sexual desires and libido, so it was taking a lot longer to get hard erections. When we started several weeks ago, he would have been rock hard at a touch. Now I was putting a lot of effort to get it to happen. But with lots of sucking and saliva, it did happen.

            ”James, I want you to fuck me with the butt plug in. Take it slow and easy – I want to feel what it’s like and I want you to tell me what you feel.” I laid on the bed with my legs spread and watched as his cock spread my petals and started in.

            From the beginning – as soon as he slid in – I could feel the difference. The plug was forcing his cock upwards putting more pressure on my bladder, clit and G-spot. The biology books say the nerves of the clit descend inward to the G-spot then split into a Y and circle the vagina, ending in the tissue that separates the rectum and the vagina. As James slid deeper I could feel the pressure on every nerve.

            One thing was for sure, before doing this again I needed to make sure my bladder was completely empty. James kept going until he was balls deep and then he flicked his hips as he started to apply pressure to my clit.

            My first orgasm hit and hit hard! I involuntarily squeezed my pussy so hard that James’s eyes went wide open, ”Hey, ease off,” he said. But I had no control over it.

            ”What do you feel? What is it like?” I asked.

            ”It made you very tight, it feels like my cock is against a rock. Is it hurting you?” he asked.

            ”No! Go ahead and start moving and pick up the tempo,” I said.

            A few minutes later he was thrusting aggressively into me. I was on the verge of another big orgasm; the pressure on the nerves was unbelievable. My pussy was making lube like crazy – I could feel it leaking between my ass cheeks. I was glad I had put extra towels underneath me.

            Minutes later we were both cuming. He pushed my legs back, putting even more pressure on things. I was seeing stars as we came together. We were both panting like we had run a marathon.

            When he slid out I pulled the towels up to dry my pussy off and got out of bed.

            He went to his shower as I picked up my things and the towels, then went to my bedroom. I questioned if I could fuck with the plug in and what it would feel like. I could and it felt different and great. Now I had more questions than ever.

            How long would a clean out last before things got messy? The small strap-on felt good. Bob had felt OK in my butt after there was some stretch. Today’s plug was a little bit bigger around than Bob’s cock while not nearly as deep.

            I decided to experiment. In my bathroom I sat on the throne and peed a flood. In the bottom drawer I picked a dildo that looked as big as the plug, the lube shooter and the pump bottle of lube. The dildo was eight inches long, longer than Bob but a lot shorter than James and Dad.

            I removed the plug and inspected it for material. There was none and it had no odor. I filled the lube shooter, stuck it deep and pushed the plunger as I withdrew it from my butt, leaving a blob at my anus. I thought about positions and figured that bent over was the best to try first. I picked the height I thought was right. I backed up to the dildo and realized it was too low.

            I raised it four inches and tried again. The knob started in but stopped and wouldn’t go any further. OK, the plug expanded me then allowed the anus to close – up made sense, it had a big bulb and a narrow shank designed to help hold it in. I needed to stretch all of it.

            I got the pump from the box.  It expanded almost to a balloon shape, the box claimed. It was soft and limber – a real mess to get in my ass, but I did. I held it in place and pumped the bulb until I was in real pain. Then I released some air and waited a few minutes. When the pain eased off I pumped some more.

            My ass was so filled I had to duck walk back to the shower wall where the dildo still hung. I backed up to it, released all the air, pulled out the device and backed onto the dildo. It started in so I kept backing, stopping to begin strokes. I used my hands on the opposite wall to push back, forcing the dildo in and my legs to move it out.

            I could feel that I was stretched inside – it was borderline uncomfortable – but I kept pushing back and pulling off. Once it went all the way off. Finally my cheeks were against the cold wall, the latex balls against my pussy. I slowly straightened – could I with it buried that deep in my ass? Yes I could. It was another different feeling and it put pressure on my bladder again.

            I tried stroking while standing straight up. It was hard but I could do it. I bent over and leaned off then used my hands to push back. It was getting easier all the time. I felt my abdomen to see if I could feel the dildo in there – at times I thought I could feel the tip.

            I stood up again and felt again. I just wasn’t sure. I tried changing up things. I moved my ass in circles, then up and down changing where it was hitting inside me. It was getting loose, I reached back and checked for blood – there was none – just plenty of lube working its way out.

            I wished I had stuck the next larger dildo on the wall beside it, I bet I could get it in now. I wished Elsie was here to take pictures but that could wait until another day. I had been doing ass play for over an hour. It was time to quit, clean up and start supper.

            I turned on the shower, washed off the toys and then adjusted the wand to first clean out my pussy from James and then in my rectum to wash out all the lube that was still in there. I was still stretched and it was easy to wash out. I gave the wand a good soaping and cleaning since I used it on my pussy.

            I dried off, lay on the bed and did the first fifteen minutes of Kegel exercises. I would do four more sets – one each hour before bed. I would skip anal play tomorrow and then resume the next day.

            Supper was ready when Dad came home from town. He had a check for the lost seed. I wondered if we would be able to buy any more there in the fall.

            In bed we made love again – slow and then fast and hard. All of it felt different but enjoyable. I had stuffed bigger pillows between the bedpost and the wall and pushed the bed back hard against the wall as well.

            Carol let us know what they were doing even with the door closed.

            Edit by Alfmeister                                              

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 16

 I had a handful of papers printed from an e-mail from the school in response to an informational request.

            ”Dad, I got this from the school about video home schooling for the next year. Using the request system on the student website, I asked if it was possible for both James and me and if the required classes would be available for the morning,” I said.

            We looked over the classes that they said were available for me first and I discussed the ones I wanted to take that could be completed before noon. I would have a full slate of classes from 8 to noon. It would work for me to be able to help with the farming this fall.

            Dad looked over them and agreed with the list. ”Does this mean you want to start working on a little one this fall?” he asked.

            ”As much as I would like to, ‘no’ because I am afraid it would cause problems with Linda and the kids as soon as she found out and they would be back to the city in a flash. I do not want to risk that. You are right that we should wait until after I finish school,” I said.

            ”That was what I was hoping you would say,” Dad said.

            ”I will show James what classes are open for him tomorrow,” I said.

            I showered and met Dad naked in bed where we made love with slow gentle caring and enjoying each other. We practiced with my shoulders on pillows again, head down for a straight shot down my throat. I was working on throat, breathing control and use of my tongue and I was getting much better. I was pleased when I felt the pulses of his orgasm with my mouth and his cock as deep in my throat as it would go.

            When we changed positions so he could please me, we could hear Carol going at it again.

            With my head on pillows so I could watch, Dad made oral love to me from toe curling kisses to sucking on my breasts. He had me climbing the mountain of pleasure twice while expertly tending to my pussy. The last time he had three fingers in my pussy and two as deep as they would go in my ass. At times he would be rubbing the fingers together separated only by the membrane separating the two orifices.

            To close out the fun my legs were on his shoulders as he pounded – made me into the woman I wanted to be for him and me.

            We did manage to stagger into the shower together and wash each other. We were too exhausted to think about another round.

            I woke up at 6 staring into his eyes. He had lain quietly, waiting on me to wake and holding me in his arms.

            ”I love you. Good morning,” was sealed with a kiss.

            At 6:30 I was working on breakfast as Elsie, Carol and James arrived at the table. Pancakes buttered and Mrs. Butterworth, fried eggs for James and Dad, poached eggs for us three girls and sausage with toast satisfied all of us.

            ”Well, how was the bedding arrangement?” I asked.

            ”Perfect,” Elsie said with a wink. Carol was all smiles while nodding in agreement.

            The girls left immediately to go to the Jackson house to see their mom and to get the day started there. The carpenters usually started at eight.

            I went to the bedrooms and made James’s bed after checking it for spots, the girls had made their own. I checked the trash cans for evidence if Linda arrived and wanted to check out the sleeping arrangements.

            There were two used condoms in James’s trash can. James had been busy last night. If he had Carol twice, he most likely had Elsie twice. I removed the trash bag and tied it. I would throw it in the kitchen bag to go in the dumpster.

            I removed the condoms and lube from the night stands and placed them in the bottom drawer of the dresser under clothes in case Linda decided to be the nosey type.

            We left for the last fifty acres of wheat left in the field. The nurse tank to fill the tractors and combine with fuel was behind Dad’s dually.

            The Pete would be filled one more time but not driven to the mill today. The rush today was to finish cutting and get the seed beans in the ground. I could drive the Pete to the mill on Monday.

            By 2 we were finished with most of the equipment in the sheds. We had one more job to do today and that was to experiment with the portable mix mill; the pigs were coming Monday.

            They would weigh twenty pounds and were weaned from the sow’s milk. We had to have ground feed ready for them. The feeders were ready but empty. We had not even tried the mix mill to see if it even worked – this was kind of late in the game.

            We hooked it up behind the one hundred horsepower tractor. At the corn bin we augured in five hundred pounds of corn. By luck the onboard scale worked, then we moved to the wheat bin and ground two hundred pounds of wheat. Dust from the grinding operation was blowing into the air like a cloud with some of it getting on us – the wind was blowing the wrong way.

            Then we moved it to the feed house and put in two hundred pounds of soybean meal, one hundred pounds of alfalfa meal and fifty pounds of powered molasses. The molasses was to make the feed more attractive to the taste buds of the pigs and to offset the neutral taste of the wheat. We let the thing run for ten minutes to mix everything together.

            There was a chute on the back of it with a slide door so one could sample the mix and with the lid closed, bag the mix. It was where we had poured in the powered molasses. Dad opened the door to let the feed mix run out into the auger that went back into the mixer. It made sure that all the powered molasses was in the feed and not lying in the bottom of that auger.

            Dad, James and I then stuck a hand into the stream of ground feed and pulled out a handful. I could see the ground corn, soy meal, partial wheat kernels and alfalfa. Smelling it you could distinguish the alfalfa and molasses. From what little I knew it looked and smelled good. If the pigs ate, it was definitely good.

            It was during this process that the Jackson Gator drove up to us with Elsie, Carol, Bob, Linda, Amos and Grandma. Bob was riding in the back to make room in the seat for Grandma.

            Amos must have been having a better day. He stuck his hand into the stream of feed and did the same thing that we did, looked at it and smelled it.

            ”Looks like a good mix Sherman, I think they will eat that with no problem. How did you come up with the recipe?” he asked.

            ”Mary got it off the internet from the University of Nebraska; one for pigs and another for fattening them up. She also got one for chicken feed and another for a feed supplement for the cattle,” Dad said.

            ‘‘If you are planning on selling any after they are ready for market, I would be interested in buying one or two,” Amos said.

            ”I am planning on selling about half of them. I will let you know when they are ready. I’m sure we can work something out,” Dad said.

            Elsie and Carol smelled a handful then threw it back. James shut down the tractor so we could talk with the Jackson’s. The girls introduced me to Linda. We talked a while

            ”Are you sure you are my kids won’t be any problem staying here for a couple weeks?” Linda asked.

            ”No problem at all. Everything is ready for them; I have it covered,” I said.

            Grandma had joined the conversation as we continued talking.

            ”Grandma, all of you are invited to come over at 6 tomorrow for dinner. I have had some work done in the kitchen since you were here last and I want to show it off,” I said with a wink.

            ”I am thinking salad, pork and beef, gravy, biscuits, candied sweep potatoes and mashed white potatoes. What kind of vegetables would you like?” I asked.

            ”Anything you choose is fine. We will be here. The last time the food was so good I would never turn down an invitation,” Grandma said.

            ”You don’t think I could get sneak peek at the kitchen? I might want something done with mine while all the carpenters are there working,” Grandma said.

            ”Sure, let’s go look and see what you think,” I said.

            We women walked to the house and I held the door for Grandma. Grandma immediately noticed the flooring, new carpet and then the counter top with back board. She loved the grand dining room table and chair set as did Linda.

            We had a nice talk – part of it about video home schooling. I was surprised that Linda had started the questions the first time we met. I was at least expecting a grace period and a slow approach to the subject.

            In the office we went over the information I had from the school with all the requirements and equipment needed to connect and broadcast through the school’s system.

            Linda was really interested in the subjects I had chosen and why. They were not easy subjects. Another long talk ensued. We were in the office an hour talking about the school. She asked if our satellite internet was big enough to handle five computers for virtual schooling.

            ”Dad bought it and knowing nothing about computer needs, you can guess what he bought. You know a man – faster, bigger and more power- he bought the biggest small business package they had. I would bet it could run dozens of computers,” I said.

            ”That’s good to know! In a few days I’ll go to the school and see what can be worked out with them. I brought copies of their school records. What Elsie, Carol and Bob do not know is that in the last two weeks there has been serious violence within the summer school programs at the schools they would be going to this school year,” she said.

            ”I am not very happy about being away from them for a year but Dad and Mom need their help and I don’t want them at the schools they would have to go to. Staying here may be the best answer for all. Being able to Skype any time we want makes it a little better,” Linda said.

            ”Robert and I have talked a lot about this in the last few days and decided if the school thing is workable, they are going to stay. They are the happiest we have seen them in a while. The tans they are sporting look great; I might have to work on one while I am here,” she said.

             “If it is not then I will check to see if the schools at home have a similar arrangement. But given the issues with Carol being bullied and harassed, I would rather they stay here and no one know where they are,” she said.

            Carol and Elsie were standing behind Linda and sported big smiles and crossed fingers.

            ”I will go into school with you if you want company,” I said.

            ”I might take you up on that,” Linda said.

            A little while later they were gone. We filled the pig feeders, then James and Dad put the equipment away. I worked on the grocery list and was going to the box store to fill it.

            I was gone over two hours to the box store but I had everything I needed for the next two weeks including extra breakfast foods for the kids. I figured they would be eating with us for breakfast most days. I also got extra suntan lotion and condoms.

            The girls came in as we were eating – happy as usual. They helped me put away the last of the groceries after dinner plates were cleared away and in the dishwasher.

            I started the roast and pork cooking for tomorrow’s big dinner. I had the girls do it with me watching. I used the biggest Crockpot I had. I would let it cook for several hours tonight and finish it tomorrow.

            Elsie and Carol were worried about continuing to work on the total tan.

            ”Well, you can tan on a late afternoon, if you get here in time before the sun goes down. If your Mom wants to come and tan, all that means is girls only – no men. I still intend to total tan every chance I get,” I said.

            ”Is she extremely old fashioned or modernly liberated?” I asked.

            ”I don’t know – she floats both ways – but she has given us both a pretty thorough talk about our bodies, boys and what they want to do with girls and the results. She did leave out the part about how much pleasure sex could be,” Elsie said with a smile.

            ”Does she wear a one piece or two piece swim suit?” I said.

            ”Two piece – a bikini – but a modest one,” Carol said.

            ”All girls go through their mother’s dressers and closets. Did you find anything interesting, like the things I found in my mother’s? Did you find party dresses, miniskirts, lacy lingerie – anything that would make one think she had a sexy playful side?” I asked.

            ”Some negligees and miniskirts – she used to wear a lot of them – but not lately,” Elsie said.

            ”As one gets older they sort of go out of style unless one is rich and still trying to stay in the partying social pages,” I said.

            ”Only thing we can do – wait and see what happens. We just need to make sure that there are no boys around when we are sun bathing for a while,” I said.

            One of the things that USPS delivered in the day’s mail was the wash-out wand I had ordered. I asked Dad and James to install it tomorrow morning.

            Tonight was orderly; James and Bob took care of the two girls. I had Dad all to myself. We made love – slow and gentle – and basked in the afterglow while holding each other.

            I woke up with Dad spooned tight to me, his arms around me cupping my breasts. His morning erection nestled between my legs against my pussy and past it. He was lightly snoring, still asleep.

            At seven I was cooking breakfast for the temporary family of six. I wondered if it was a sign of what my family would look like in the future. I could easily view me having three children. For some reason it seemed like a good number.

            I put the Crockpot’s on the counter to cook all day after checking the water level in them. The meat would be well done when it was time. Dad and James took the necessary tools to the bathroom and installed the wand for the girls.

            Dad and James went to the chicken house to finish getting it ready for chicks. They were coming on Monday, three days early.

            I was going to clean the pool and suntan before I had to get in the middle of fixing things for supper. I put all the ingredients on the counter to make sure I had everything I needed.

            The pool cleaning went quickly, there had been enough swimming this week to help keep things agitated so the filters did their job. I oiled up and spent the morning in the sun while turning every thirty minutes.

            At one I put away the tanning things and went into the house. I checked the pots to see how they were progressing. Everything looked good. I set the table with all the new plates, silverware and glasses.

            After the restaurant episode and having a glass or wine with Dad, he had bought several bottles for special occasions; in my mind this was a special occasion. I put wine glasses in the refrigerator to cool them and when the guests arrived I would fill them with the chilled wine.

            The Jackson’s arrived at 5. Elsie and Carol made themselves busy helping me finish up the dinner. Everything was ready on time. The wine toast to ‘friends and family’ went over quite well. I refilled the glasses one more time for the adults.

            The supper went well – an hour and a half later I was closing the door on the dishwasher and the bigger pots and pans were drip drying in the sink. I asked Grandma Jackson if she wanted any of the leftovers to make sandwiches or meals tomorrow. I let her take all of it so she would not have to cook lunch or supper if she wanted.

            The girls stayed and soon disappeared with the boys. A little while later Carol was letting us know what they were doing.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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