Chapter 18

             Breakfast was on the table when the group came down. Carol and Elsie thanked us for putting a wand in their bathroom. I started to say something but didn’t.

            They had not been gone thirty minutes when Linda came back on the Gator asking to use the satellite network again.

            ”No problem, take whatever time you need,” I said.

            I went to the garden and picked the rest of the cucumbers I needed for today’s pickles. Then I prepared everything; cleaning, cutting and cooking. The dill pickles were in the jars cooling off at noon. Two days from now there would be another batch that I would can as bread and butter pickles.

            James was off with Dad after they finished caring for the livestock and then were going to check all the bean fields we had planted. The beans should be sprouting and breaking the ground. They were concerned about the last two hundred acres we had planted with our own beans, they said they would not be back until late in the afternoon.

            With the canned jars cooling I was done until time to fix supper. Supper was going to be meatloaf sandwiches with a couple veggies of some kind.

            I made a small sandwich for myself and a sandwich for Linda. I carried hers in and placed on the desk with a glass of ice tea and left. She was still in heavy discussion with someone on Zoom.

            While wearing shorts and a tee shirt, I cleaned the pool and checked chemicals. Then I spread the blanket and placed the towels and a glass of lemonade on the chair. I stripped and dove into the pool naked and swam laps for thirty minutes.

            I dried off and applied lotion and worked on my tan. I had just started on my second thirty minute front tanning when I heard the storm door open.

            Linda was carrying two glasses of lemonade while walking towards me. No need for a kneejerk response now.

            ”I hope you don’t mind if I join you for a bit. I have to go back online with the bosses at 4:30,” she said as she was looking me over and handed me the drink.

            ”Thanks for the drink,” I said.

            ”You could use some sun too. City life has you looking a little pale. The sun is warm and good for you, feel free to join me,” I said as I handed her the bottle of tanning lotion. I moved so I was only taking half the blanket. Then I laid back down and closed my eyes and continued to talk.

            ”Sounds like you run the business when the bosses can’t even give you a few days off without pestering you,” I said.

            ”We are working on some big projects that need a lot of input from a lot of people. I thought the people under me could step up to the plate but they are either coming up short or they don’t want to step on toes,” she said.

            I heard rustling of clothes and knew she was removing some.

            ”If you don’t mind, I may need to use your system for a while every day. If you want I will pay part of the bill. Just give me a number,” she said.

            ”It will get very little use until school starts so use it as much as you like and don’t worry about paying. It’s good to have female company,” I said.

            A while later my phone alarm went off. ”Time for me to turn,” I said.

            ”I should too,” she said.

            ”I will put lotion on your back side for you. I think I have enough on me,” I said as I reached for the bottle.

            ”That would be nice! I can’t get my back very well and may burn in a spot or two,” she said.

            I started at her neck and applied lotion. I made sure I covered every inch, her arms, the soles of her feet and I even did the cheeks and inside of her legs all the way to the crotch. When I tapped the inside of her legs she spread them to give me room. I noticed she was trimmed close but not shaved.

            I set the timer and lay on my front. We continued talking about a lot of things, including Amos and his treatments that were to begin day after tomorrow. I did ask if she was ready to say good bye to the city life and move back to the country.

            ”I wish I could. It was nice when we first moved there but not so much anymore. If we both could find reasonable jobs here and could sell our house, it might be worth it. I would like to get back and be closer to Dad and Mom,” she said.

            ”I forgot just how relaxed living in the country was. When I went to college I was excited to see the city and experience the changes and also get away from the hick country. All that is gone now. The city tension and stress I was carrying is gone. I’m glad to be home,” Linda said.

            We tanned while turning two more times before she had to go back to the office. I stayed in the sun turning every half hour. Linda came out and joined me again for another hour. This time she was more talkative. I learned she was a design engineer specializing in cost comparisons for manufacturing processes.

            I knew why she would have problems finding a job in the area if she were looking. There were no firms in the area that required that kind of specialty. The design engineer part might be useful to several firms in town. It was just a thought to be checked out later.

            Elsie and Carol came quietly out of the house carrying another blanket. The contractors had run out of materials and finished early today. They had cleaned up and finished early and were going to take advantage of the afternoon sun.

            They spread out the blanket, stripped, oiled up and lay beside Linda. I was waiting for something to be said and it was, ”I wondered if it if you two had a total tan. Now I know for sure. I brings back memories of living on the farm. I had a total tan as soon as it was warm enough to lay out. Mom fussed a little but she didn’t strictly forbid it, so I did it.” 

            ”Is Bob’s tan a total one too – and I guess I should add James into the mix?” she asked.

            ”They work on it from time to time but their farmers tan will always be dominate,” I said.

            ”Lots of things have changed in fifteen years. I would have never thought about shaving down there. I just kept it clipped close,” Linda said. Then as an afterthought, ”I wonder how Robert would feel about smooth.”

            I couldn’t comment on what I thought Robert Sr. would think but I bet he would like it if she tried it.

            ”Are you canning tomorrow? I’m thinking about going to the school tomorrow afternoon. I would like you to go with me. The following day is Dad’s treatment and we are all going with him,” Linda said.

            ”No, no canning tomorrow. It takes two days of pickings to get enough to can, so I can go with you tomorrow,” I said.

            ”Next week will be a lot of canning and freezing. The first lot of string beans and limas will be ready. Did Grandma plant a garden this year? I don’t remember seeing one and haven’t heard any talk of one,” I said.

            ”No, they didn’t. Grandma was wishing she had planted one if she had known the kids were coming,” Linda said.

            ”Before you go home we’ll get a basket and you can take some things for Grandma. There are cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes ready now. Next week limas, string beans and peas,” I said.

            ”Later on there will be sweet corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin. Grandma can get all she wants,” I added.

            ”Let me ask you this. Would you teach the girls how to can? I remember helping my mother and Grandma can things from the garden years ago. I still think about helping grandma. They may never use it but at least they would know how and what’s involved. I may even come over and help to refresh my memory,” Linda said.

            ”Mom and Dad’s house is just torn up too much to try anything like that now,” Linda added.

            ”You can come help anytime you like. I would be tickled to have them help and learn,” I said.

            ”Maybe we can learn to bake cookies, cakes and pies. Grandma says from time to time she wishes she had a slice of homemade pie or cake for dessert,” Elsie said.

            I knew how to bake pies that were delicious and I could do OK with cakes.

            ”OK, we can work on the pies tomorrow after we get back from the trip to school. We can stop by the big box and pick up all the ingredients we need,” I said.

            I didn’t say anything but I was going to try my hand at making home spaghetti sauce this year and possibly pizza sauce. The tomatoes were producing baskets full already.

            We tanned for two more hours before the sun started down. The men came home making more racket as we were dressing. Linda and the kids left. They were coming back in an hour.

            Dad, James and Bob had bought another load of hay today from a farmer on the other side of town. It would be needed during the winter for the cattle. The hay barn needed to be filled before winter. It was close; one or two more loads would finish it.

            Supper was easy. I sliced the meat loaf and warmed it while I was mashing potatoes. A can of peas and a can of string beans in the microwave finished out the meal. We all liked meat loaf; it was a regular on our list of foods that I made. I had made a list of the foods we liked for the last few years. There was no need to make things that no one liked. It just made things simpler for me.

            I had one of Mom’s cookbooks – actually several of them – plus the card index she kept. It was time to start experimenting with the cookbook and index cards. Besides, for a while I had two eager food tasters who were gullible.

            When the girls came back they were excited as usual. They had talked with Linda more about home schooling with us and were more than ready to go to the school after lunch.

            The evening was quiet although Carol was letting us know she still had not lost interest in the male species yet and it was still fun to play with them.

            Dad and I had fun while we listened to Carol. We tried to imagine what was happening to her while we were involved in each other. I wondered if I should suggest that she try a three-some with one in her mouth to quiet her down every once and a while.

            With two hot pussys and just two cocks I doubted if they would be interested. I was sure they were playing off each other’s vocals all evening.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 17

The kids left at 7:30 for the Jackson house. I cleaned up and checked the bedrooms again, made the boys beds and collected the used condoms from trash cans. If Linda had not checked out the bedrooms by now, I doubted she was going to – but I still needed to cover all the bases.

            At 8 I had the Pete idling to warming up so I could take the last load of wheat from the field to the mill. I was just getting ready to climb into the cab when the Jackson Gator drove in with Linda by herself.

            ”The kids said you were going to carry in the last load of wheat this morning. I was hoping I could ride along,” she said.

            I figured she wanted to talk without ears close by. It was no problem. I noticed she was dressed in shorts and a midriff baring shirt that showed she had not seen the sun anytime lately.

            ”Sure, you are welcome to ride along any time,” I said.

            I waited until she had the seat belt on and then explained how to adjust the air seat for her weight and ride. Not enough air and the seat would bottom out with a spine jarring stop and with too much air she would have no cushion at all.

            We talked about lots of things as we rode along. I made it a leisurely ride; there was no hurry today. The conversation changed over to her relationship with husband Robert.

            There had been troubles since Robert lost his job. Surviving the year had been tough on their relationship as well as the family finances and it still had not fully mended. I wondered why I was being confided in with that information. She was more than twice my age with totally different life experiences. Maybe she just needed to talk.

            I learned she was two years older than Dad. She had intended to come back to the farm after college and find a local job. Then she met Robert and fell in love. Robert hated the boondocks rural way of life so city life it was. She felt she had sacrificed too much of her dreams to be with Robert and the city life.

            At first she enjoyed the fast pace living but the problems seemed to mount every year. First it was finding a suitable house in a good location they could afford. Then along came the job loss and then the problems with Carol and now they were getting worse.

            I had the feeling that if they had known about Amos’s health problems several months ago, along with Carol’s problem there would have been a very different construction project at the farm.

            When we returned to the yard, the pigs were being unloaded into the pen. They were squealing and running around like a bunch of drunkards. It was a good thing that Dad and James had lined the interior of the fence post with lumber; they would have run through the wire.

            Either they were upset with their new pens, the loss of their mother, or were just upset with the new surroundings.

            Amos and the grandkids were there watching the commotion. Dad had called Amos when the truck arrived. Amos wanted to see the pigs.

            The water trough was filled with water from the hose and would need to done several times a day. A few found the feed trough and stopped to eat, causing others to become interested and stop running.

            Then the real fights began. The pigs were apparently from different brood sows. A new pecking order had to be established. It was the same with all herd animal. Cows, buffalo, elk, deer, sheep and goats – all determined a leader, usually a male that fought to be the stud of the herd and choose his harem.

            All the males had been castrated so there was no fighting for a harem. Castrated males grew bigger, faster, and were usually less aggressive in the pen.

            In our case with pigs it was to determine who was going to eat from the trough first. As it filled up, those low on the pecking order were violently pushed away to be last to eat or drink what was left in the trough. With limited food, those low on the pecking order would be slow to gain weight and in some cases became runts to be destroyed. There was also a possibility to pen them separately and give them more protein and vitamins for a boost.

            Full feed troughs eliminated that problem in our case. When the first had their fill and went to rest there was always plenty left for the rest of the brood.

            The pecking order would take several days to work out and be contested from time to time as was normally the case in the animal world.

            Farmers Supply delivered the Leghorn chicks while we were watching the pigs. There were two things wrong with that from the beginning. Elsie and Carol fell in love with the chicks as soon as they were put in the brooder pen. They each had several – holding them, cuddling them and petting their soft fuzz that would eventually be replaced by feathers.

            The brooder pen was a wire pen to keep them confined under a medium heat lamp and near the water supply and little feeders. They came with a special feed that we needed to use for the first month.

            Little chicks had a very limited mobility for the first few days and could easily wander a few feet from food, water and heat. They would soon die with no mother hen to keep them together, warm and safe.

            The second thing was Dad had ordered two hundred; he must have done it without thinking. If half were hens – a good average – and they laid one egg each a day, that was eight dozen eggs a day. What the heck were we going to do with them? A single dozen eggs lasted a week in the kitchen.

            ”Grandma, when they start laying eggs I hope you want plenty of them,” I said.

            ”You know the farmers market in town used to have fresh eggs but quit because no one had chickens that laid eggs in the area any more. You might be able to sell some there,” Grandma said.

            ”You do know that for every day they are not refrigerated, they lose a week of shelf life,” Grandma said.

            ”I will have to remember that,” I replied.

            ”You know you we could always teach Elsie and Carol to bake cakes and cookies to sell at that market with that nice kitchen you have. That could use up a couple dozen a day,” Grandma said.

            ”I thought something was different about the stove you have as big as it is. I realized last night that it is a commercial stove. You could cook six cakes and pans of cookies at the same time,” she said.

            ”I want to be here when you teach them. I want pictures of them in aprons and covered in flour dust,” Linda said – that brought a laugh from us.

            Grandma didn’t know it but in the back of the pantry there was a commercial mixer and several other commercial appliances that I put there five years ago because I didn’t think I would ever need them. I wanted the open counter space and it gave me less to keep clean. I wondered what Mom used them for?

            I was too small to be paying much attention to what happened in the kitchen, along with the long hours at school and homework.

            I wondered if Mom did baking and sold it at the farmers market for spending money. That may explain why we had chickens once upon a time and why they left when Mom passed.

            Cookies and cakes weren’t that hard to bake. I had done them for the holidays the last couple of years. All I did was to follow directions on the mix packages.

            ”May I use your internet to zoom with my work? They have some questions I need to solve,” Linda said.

            ”Sure,” I answered.

            Linda sent Carol to the Jackson house to get her laptop and brief case. I still did not know for sure what Linda did for a living. I would ask the girls tonight; I was curious.

            When Carol came back I showed Linda how to get on our system and the router password. I closed the office door and started on supper. Tonight I was going to make a meatloaf with all the fixings; it would be something different.

            Carol was still here so I put her in an apron and used the recipe card from the recipe box that had been Mom’s and – I suspect by some of the writing – my grandma’s. With Carol helping using the card we made two nice pan-sized meat loaves. On one I made the tangy topping and on the other I covered with a layer of bacon.

            With the oven pre-heated they both went into the oven at the same time and would be done at the same time.

            It was close to lunch time so I sent Carol to find the group to ask which of the options they wanted; grilled ham and cheese, steak sandwich, or cold cut subs. I had the ingredients to make all of them.

            I made two steak sandwiches, four grilled ham and cheese and two cold cut subs. I sent Carol into the office with a note asking Linda what she wanted for lunch and how soon she wanted it. All the crew was sitting at the table eating.

            ”Nearly done, but wait until I finish – grilled ham and cheese,” Linda’s note said.

            All of us were finished and the men had gone back to work while Grandma stayed with me and the girls. The meat loaves were cooling on a stand when Linda came out of the office.

            ”Wow, I didn’t expect to be that long. Wow that smells good. Meatloaf – haven’t had that in a while,” she said.

            ”You are right- big files didn’t bother your system at all; they went through quickly. I tried to use the hot spot I have and that was a joke yesterday,” she said.

            ”You have to get close to town to get reasonable cell reception for that,” I said as I made her lunch.

            I asked Grandma Jackson if she wanted one or half of each of the meat loaves to take home with her.

            Meat loaf is like a universal all around item. You can eat it as a meal with all the fixings and vegetables or you can have it as hot or cold sandwiches and add baked beans or other sides. It will keep for three days in the refrigerator wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic.

            ”Can I take half of each? That would solve that old question of what’s for supper and what’s for lunch tomorrow,” she said.

            The Jackson’s went home to clean after the carpenters and do things at the house. The girls and Bob would come back later.

            The field work had slacked down now for us. There would be spraying to do on the beans and corn. The biggest thing to do now was tend to the animals. The pasture fences needed cutting and the animals fed daily with good feed and fresh water.

            I checked the garden. I could start tomorrow making pickles for a few days. I had done it last year because it made me angry to see so many cucumbers go bad on the vine after working so hard to keep the weeds and grass out of the garden.

            Not only did I do pickles but I froze string beans, lima beans and canned both for a comparison. I froze and canned sweet corn and canned beets.

            Dad and James both helped in the garden with planting, weeding and harvesting, but the rest was up to me.

            For this afternoon James and Dad were both cutting the pastures. I had free time. I used the enema bag to clean out and chose the smallest jeweled butt plug of the toys. This time I lubed it with the silicone based lubed and inserted it. It was going to take a little time to get used to it. I intended to wear it at least until supper, unless it started to get to uncomfortable.

            Three hours later I was putting the meat loaf with mashed potatoes and peas on the table. I still had the butt plug in – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

            I had spent time reading again the instructions to be able to relax the anal muscles for anal play and the exercises necessary to keep it tight afterwards. I had a long way to be able to stretch to take James and Dad down there.

            It was nearly nine when the girls and Bob came over. It didn’t take them long to disappear to the bedrooms.

             I had been in the store room sorting out the canning items and ingredients to see if I needed anything before I started. By the recipe box I had all of the ingredients I needed to can the first batch of pickles. I would have enough to can five quarts with tomorrows picking. First was bread and butter pickles and the next batch would be dill pickles.

            Dad and I went to bed and made love and basked in the afterglow while holding each other and talking. We started slow and built on it from there with hugs, kisses, feeling and fondling. We finished with my feet back by my shoulders as he pounded me into a mind blowing orgasm.

            The pillows had fallen away from the bedpost. The drum beat on the wall telegraphed what we were doing.

            As Dad grunted and deposited his spend against my cervix, the silence was broken. Carol, Bob, James and Elsie were standing at the door.

            ”That certainly looked like that was fun. Next time maybe we will join in,” Carol said.

            ”James, I think I can go one more time,” Carol said as she used his cock as a leash while walking towards the bedroom.

            ”I think we all can,” Elsie said as she and Bob followed.

            After breakfast – with invoices in hand – Dad went to town to the farm store where we had bought the soybean seed. They owed us a refund for the two hundred units that we did not get. Dad had already called them several times.

            The first time was to verify that we were not going to be getting the seed or replacement seed from another source. The rest were to inquire on the refund for the seeds. For two weeks there had not been an answer. It didn’t set well with Dad that we had to pay for the seed beans six months in advance and had already signed a contract and paid a down payment on wheat seed we were going to plant in November, but couldn’t get a refund or an answer as to when.

            James and I were left to our own resources. The animals had been fed and watered, the fences had been checked yesterday.

             I found James in the equipment shed. I dropped my shorts and bent over to show him the butt plug I was going to wear until noon. It was one size bigger than the one I wore for a while yesterday.

            The small one kept me excited and wet the whole time I was wearing it. A couple of times I came close to rubbing one off. Every time I moved, it moved things that made me feel good in my pussy. It was a lot easier to get out than I thought it would be. I did Kegel exercises for fifteen minutes afterwards to keep everything tight.

            I had only had this one in thirty minutes and was slippery wet already. Then I had a thought – what would it feel like if I were to have James fuck me with it in? Dad had fingers in my ass and pussy that felt really different and good.

            ”James, take a break and come with me for a few minutes,” I said.

            James followed me to his bedroom after I picked up a couple towels for the bed. I was naked in seconds and he was just a couple later. I went to my knees and finished sucking him hard. It took a lot longer than I remembered to get him hard.

            Elsie and Carol not only were wearing him out, they were desensitizing his sexual desires and libido, so it was taking a lot longer to get hard erections. When we started several weeks ago, he would have been rock hard at a touch. Now I was putting a lot of effort to get it to happen. But with lots of sucking and saliva, it did happen.

            ”James, I want you to fuck me with the butt plug in. Take it slow and easy – I want to feel what it’s like and I want you to tell me what you feel.” I laid on the bed with my legs spread and watched as his cock spread my petals and started in.

            From the beginning – as soon as he slid in – I could feel the difference. The plug was forcing his cock upwards putting more pressure on my bladder, clit and G-spot. The biology books say the nerves of the clit descend inward to the G-spot then split into a Y and circle the vagina, ending in the tissue that separates the rectum and the vagina. As James slid deeper I could feel the pressure on every nerve.

            One thing was for sure, before doing this again I needed to make sure my bladder was completely empty. James kept going until he was balls deep and then he flicked his hips as he started to apply pressure to my clit.

            My first orgasm hit and hit hard! I involuntarily squeezed my pussy so hard that James’s eyes went wide open, ”Hey, ease off,” he said. But I had no control over it.

            ”What do you feel? What is it like?” I asked.

            ”It made you very tight, it feels like my cock is against a rock. Is it hurting you?” he asked.

            ”No! Go ahead and start moving and pick up the tempo,” I said.

            A few minutes later he was thrusting aggressively into me. I was on the verge of another big orgasm; the pressure on the nerves was unbelievable. My pussy was making lube like crazy – I could feel it leaking between my ass cheeks. I was glad I had put extra towels underneath me.

            Minutes later we were both cuming. He pushed my legs back, putting even more pressure on things. I was seeing stars as we came together. We were both panting like we had run a marathon.

            When he slid out I pulled the towels up to dry my pussy off and got out of bed.

            He went to his shower as I picked up my things and the towels, then went to my bedroom. I questioned if I could fuck with the plug in and what it would feel like. I could and it felt different and great. Now I had more questions than ever.

            How long would a clean out last before things got messy? The small strap-on felt good. Bob had felt OK in my butt after there was some stretch. Today’s plug was a little bit bigger around than Bob’s cock while not nearly as deep.

            I decided to experiment. In my bathroom I sat on the throne and peed a flood. In the bottom drawer I picked a dildo that looked as big as the plug, the lube shooter and the pump bottle of lube. The dildo was eight inches long, longer than Bob but a lot shorter than James and Dad.

            I removed the plug and inspected it for material. There was none and it had no odor. I filled the lube shooter, stuck it deep and pushed the plunger as I withdrew it from my butt, leaving a blob at my anus. I thought about positions and figured that bent over was the best to try first. I picked the height I thought was right. I backed up to the dildo and realized it was too low.

            I raised it four inches and tried again. The knob started in but stopped and wouldn’t go any further. OK, the plug expanded me then allowed the anus to close – up made sense, it had a big bulb and a narrow shank designed to help hold it in. I needed to stretch all of it.

            I got the pump from the box.  It expanded almost to a balloon shape, the box claimed. It was soft and limber – a real mess to get in my ass, but I did. I held it in place and pumped the bulb until I was in real pain. Then I released some air and waited a few minutes. When the pain eased off I pumped some more.

            My ass was so filled I had to duck walk back to the shower wall where the dildo still hung. I backed up to it, released all the air, pulled out the device and backed onto the dildo. It started in so I kept backing, stopping to begin strokes. I used my hands on the opposite wall to push back, forcing the dildo in and my legs to move it out.

            I could feel that I was stretched inside – it was borderline uncomfortable – but I kept pushing back and pulling off. Once it went all the way off. Finally my cheeks were against the cold wall, the latex balls against my pussy. I slowly straightened – could I with it buried that deep in my ass? Yes I could. It was another different feeling and it put pressure on my bladder again.

            I tried stroking while standing straight up. It was hard but I could do it. I bent over and leaned off then used my hands to push back. It was getting easier all the time. I felt my abdomen to see if I could feel the dildo in there – at times I thought I could feel the tip.

            I stood up again and felt again. I just wasn’t sure. I tried changing up things. I moved my ass in circles, then up and down changing where it was hitting inside me. It was getting loose, I reached back and checked for blood – there was none – just plenty of lube working its way out.

            I wished I had stuck the next larger dildo on the wall beside it, I bet I could get it in now. I wished Elsie was here to take pictures but that could wait until another day. I had been doing ass play for over an hour. It was time to quit, clean up and start supper.

            I turned on the shower, washed off the toys and then adjusted the wand to first clean out my pussy from James and then in my rectum to wash out all the lube that was still in there. I was still stretched and it was easy to wash out. I gave the wand a good soaping and cleaning since I used it on my pussy.

            I dried off, lay on the bed and did the first fifteen minutes of Kegel exercises. I would do four more sets – one each hour before bed. I would skip anal play tomorrow and then resume the next day.

            Supper was ready when Dad came home from town. He had a check for the lost seed. I wondered if we would be able to buy any more there in the fall.

            In bed we made love again – slow and then fast and hard. All of it felt different but enjoyable. I had stuffed bigger pillows between the bedpost and the wall and pushed the bed back hard against the wall as well.

            Carol let us know what they were doing even with the door closed.

            Edit by Alfmeister                                              

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 16

 I had a handful of papers printed from an e-mail from the school in response to an informational request.

            ”Dad, I got this from the school about video home schooling for the next year. Using the request system on the student website, I asked if it was possible for both James and me and if the required classes would be available for the morning,” I said.

            We looked over the classes that they said were available for me first and I discussed the ones I wanted to take that could be completed before noon. I would have a full slate of classes from 8 to noon. It would work for me to be able to help with the farming this fall.

            Dad looked over them and agreed with the list. ”Does this mean you want to start working on a little one this fall?” he asked.

            ”As much as I would like to, ‘no’ because I am afraid it would cause problems with Linda and the kids as soon as she found out and they would be back to the city in a flash. I do not want to risk that. You are right that we should wait until after I finish school,” I said.

            ”That was what I was hoping you would say,” Dad said.

            ”I will show James what classes are open for him tomorrow,” I said.

            I showered and met Dad naked in bed where we made love with slow gentle caring and enjoying each other. We practiced with my shoulders on pillows again, head down for a straight shot down my throat. I was working on throat, breathing control and use of my tongue and I was getting much better. I was pleased when I felt the pulses of his orgasm with my mouth and his cock as deep in my throat as it would go.

            When we changed positions so he could please me, we could hear Carol going at it again.

            With my head on pillows so I could watch, Dad made oral love to me from toe curling kisses to sucking on my breasts. He had me climbing the mountain of pleasure twice while expertly tending to my pussy. The last time he had three fingers in my pussy and two as deep as they would go in my ass. At times he would be rubbing the fingers together separated only by the membrane separating the two orifices.

            To close out the fun my legs were on his shoulders as he pounded – made me into the woman I wanted to be for him and me.

            We did manage to stagger into the shower together and wash each other. We were too exhausted to think about another round.

            I woke up at 6 staring into his eyes. He had lain quietly, waiting on me to wake and holding me in his arms.

            ”I love you. Good morning,” was sealed with a kiss.

            At 6:30 I was working on breakfast as Elsie, Carol and James arrived at the table. Pancakes buttered and Mrs. Butterworth, fried eggs for James and Dad, poached eggs for us three girls and sausage with toast satisfied all of us.

            ”Well, how was the bedding arrangement?” I asked.

            ”Perfect,” Elsie said with a wink. Carol was all smiles while nodding in agreement.

            The girls left immediately to go to the Jackson house to see their mom and to get the day started there. The carpenters usually started at eight.

            I went to the bedrooms and made James’s bed after checking it for spots, the girls had made their own. I checked the trash cans for evidence if Linda arrived and wanted to check out the sleeping arrangements.

            There were two used condoms in James’s trash can. James had been busy last night. If he had Carol twice, he most likely had Elsie twice. I removed the trash bag and tied it. I would throw it in the kitchen bag to go in the dumpster.

            I removed the condoms and lube from the night stands and placed them in the bottom drawer of the dresser under clothes in case Linda decided to be the nosey type.

            We left for the last fifty acres of wheat left in the field. The nurse tank to fill the tractors and combine with fuel was behind Dad’s dually.

            The Pete would be filled one more time but not driven to the mill today. The rush today was to finish cutting and get the seed beans in the ground. I could drive the Pete to the mill on Monday.

            By 2 we were finished with most of the equipment in the sheds. We had one more job to do today and that was to experiment with the portable mix mill; the pigs were coming Monday.

            They would weigh twenty pounds and were weaned from the sow’s milk. We had to have ground feed ready for them. The feeders were ready but empty. We had not even tried the mix mill to see if it even worked – this was kind of late in the game.

            We hooked it up behind the one hundred horsepower tractor. At the corn bin we augured in five hundred pounds of corn. By luck the onboard scale worked, then we moved to the wheat bin and ground two hundred pounds of wheat. Dust from the grinding operation was blowing into the air like a cloud with some of it getting on us – the wind was blowing the wrong way.

            Then we moved it to the feed house and put in two hundred pounds of soybean meal, one hundred pounds of alfalfa meal and fifty pounds of powered molasses. The molasses was to make the feed more attractive to the taste buds of the pigs and to offset the neutral taste of the wheat. We let the thing run for ten minutes to mix everything together.

            There was a chute on the back of it with a slide door so one could sample the mix and with the lid closed, bag the mix. It was where we had poured in the powered molasses. Dad opened the door to let the feed mix run out into the auger that went back into the mixer. It made sure that all the powered molasses was in the feed and not lying in the bottom of that auger.

            Dad, James and I then stuck a hand into the stream of ground feed and pulled out a handful. I could see the ground corn, soy meal, partial wheat kernels and alfalfa. Smelling it you could distinguish the alfalfa and molasses. From what little I knew it looked and smelled good. If the pigs ate, it was definitely good.

            It was during this process that the Jackson Gator drove up to us with Elsie, Carol, Bob, Linda, Amos and Grandma. Bob was riding in the back to make room in the seat for Grandma.

            Amos must have been having a better day. He stuck his hand into the stream of feed and did the same thing that we did, looked at it and smelled it.

            ”Looks like a good mix Sherman, I think they will eat that with no problem. How did you come up with the recipe?” he asked.

            ”Mary got it off the internet from the University of Nebraska; one for pigs and another for fattening them up. She also got one for chicken feed and another for a feed supplement for the cattle,” Dad said.

            ‘‘If you are planning on selling any after they are ready for market, I would be interested in buying one or two,” Amos said.

            ”I am planning on selling about half of them. I will let you know when they are ready. I’m sure we can work something out,” Dad said.

            Elsie and Carol smelled a handful then threw it back. James shut down the tractor so we could talk with the Jackson’s. The girls introduced me to Linda. We talked a while

            ”Are you sure you are my kids won’t be any problem staying here for a couple weeks?” Linda asked.

            ”No problem at all. Everything is ready for them; I have it covered,” I said.

            Grandma had joined the conversation as we continued talking.

            ”Grandma, all of you are invited to come over at 6 tomorrow for dinner. I have had some work done in the kitchen since you were here last and I want to show it off,” I said with a wink.

            ”I am thinking salad, pork and beef, gravy, biscuits, candied sweep potatoes and mashed white potatoes. What kind of vegetables would you like?” I asked.

            ”Anything you choose is fine. We will be here. The last time the food was so good I would never turn down an invitation,” Grandma said.

            ”You don’t think I could get sneak peek at the kitchen? I might want something done with mine while all the carpenters are there working,” Grandma said.

            ”Sure, let’s go look and see what you think,” I said.

            We women walked to the house and I held the door for Grandma. Grandma immediately noticed the flooring, new carpet and then the counter top with back board. She loved the grand dining room table and chair set as did Linda.

            We had a nice talk – part of it about video home schooling. I was surprised that Linda had started the questions the first time we met. I was at least expecting a grace period and a slow approach to the subject.

            In the office we went over the information I had from the school with all the requirements and equipment needed to connect and broadcast through the school’s system.

            Linda was really interested in the subjects I had chosen and why. They were not easy subjects. Another long talk ensued. We were in the office an hour talking about the school. She asked if our satellite internet was big enough to handle five computers for virtual schooling.

            ”Dad bought it and knowing nothing about computer needs, you can guess what he bought. You know a man – faster, bigger and more power- he bought the biggest small business package they had. I would bet it could run dozens of computers,” I said.

            ”That’s good to know! In a few days I’ll go to the school and see what can be worked out with them. I brought copies of their school records. What Elsie, Carol and Bob do not know is that in the last two weeks there has been serious violence within the summer school programs at the schools they would be going to this school year,” she said.

            ”I am not very happy about being away from them for a year but Dad and Mom need their help and I don’t want them at the schools they would have to go to. Staying here may be the best answer for all. Being able to Skype any time we want makes it a little better,” Linda said.

            ”Robert and I have talked a lot about this in the last few days and decided if the school thing is workable, they are going to stay. They are the happiest we have seen them in a while. The tans they are sporting look great; I might have to work on one while I am here,” she said.

             “If it is not then I will check to see if the schools at home have a similar arrangement. But given the issues with Carol being bullied and harassed, I would rather they stay here and no one know where they are,” she said.

            Carol and Elsie were standing behind Linda and sported big smiles and crossed fingers.

            ”I will go into school with you if you want company,” I said.

            ”I might take you up on that,” Linda said.

            A little while later they were gone. We filled the pig feeders, then James and Dad put the equipment away. I worked on the grocery list and was going to the box store to fill it.

            I was gone over two hours to the box store but I had everything I needed for the next two weeks including extra breakfast foods for the kids. I figured they would be eating with us for breakfast most days. I also got extra suntan lotion and condoms.

            The girls came in as we were eating – happy as usual. They helped me put away the last of the groceries after dinner plates were cleared away and in the dishwasher.

            I started the roast and pork cooking for tomorrow’s big dinner. I had the girls do it with me watching. I used the biggest Crockpot I had. I would let it cook for several hours tonight and finish it tomorrow.

            Elsie and Carol were worried about continuing to work on the total tan.

            ”Well, you can tan on a late afternoon, if you get here in time before the sun goes down. If your Mom wants to come and tan, all that means is girls only – no men. I still intend to total tan every chance I get,” I said.

            ”Is she extremely old fashioned or modernly liberated?” I asked.

            ”I don’t know – she floats both ways – but she has given us both a pretty thorough talk about our bodies, boys and what they want to do with girls and the results. She did leave out the part about how much pleasure sex could be,” Elsie said with a smile.

            ”Does she wear a one piece or two piece swim suit?” I said.

            ”Two piece – a bikini – but a modest one,” Carol said.

            ”All girls go through their mother’s dressers and closets. Did you find anything interesting, like the things I found in my mother’s? Did you find party dresses, miniskirts, lacy lingerie – anything that would make one think she had a sexy playful side?” I asked.

            ”Some negligees and miniskirts – she used to wear a lot of them – but not lately,” Elsie said.

            ”As one gets older they sort of go out of style unless one is rich and still trying to stay in the partying social pages,” I said.

            ”Only thing we can do – wait and see what happens. We just need to make sure that there are no boys around when we are sun bathing for a while,” I said.

            One of the things that USPS delivered in the day’s mail was the wash-out wand I had ordered. I asked Dad and James to install it tomorrow morning.

            Tonight was orderly; James and Bob took care of the two girls. I had Dad all to myself. We made love – slow and gentle – and basked in the afterglow while holding each other.

            I woke up with Dad spooned tight to me, his arms around me cupping my breasts. His morning erection nestled between my legs against my pussy and past it. He was lightly snoring, still asleep.

            At seven I was cooking breakfast for the temporary family of six. I wondered if it was a sign of what my family would look like in the future. I could easily view me having three children. For some reason it seemed like a good number.

            I put the Crockpot’s on the counter to cook all day after checking the water level in them. The meat would be well done when it was time. Dad and James took the necessary tools to the bathroom and installed the wand for the girls.

            Dad and James went to the chicken house to finish getting it ready for chicks. They were coming on Monday, three days early.

            I was going to clean the pool and suntan before I had to get in the middle of fixing things for supper. I put all the ingredients on the counter to make sure I had everything I needed.

            The pool cleaning went quickly, there had been enough swimming this week to help keep things agitated so the filters did their job. I oiled up and spent the morning in the sun while turning every thirty minutes.

            At one I put away the tanning things and went into the house. I checked the pots to see how they were progressing. Everything looked good. I set the table with all the new plates, silverware and glasses.

            After the restaurant episode and having a glass or wine with Dad, he had bought several bottles for special occasions; in my mind this was a special occasion. I put wine glasses in the refrigerator to cool them and when the guests arrived I would fill them with the chilled wine.

            The Jackson’s arrived at 5. Elsie and Carol made themselves busy helping me finish up the dinner. Everything was ready on time. The wine toast to ‘friends and family’ went over quite well. I refilled the glasses one more time for the adults.

            The supper went well – an hour and a half later I was closing the door on the dishwasher and the bigger pots and pans were drip drying in the sink. I asked Grandma Jackson if she wanted any of the leftovers to make sandwiches or meals tomorrow. I let her take all of it so she would not have to cook lunch or supper if she wanted.

            The girls stayed and soon disappeared with the boys. A little while later Carol was letting us know what they were doing.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 15

Tuesday and Wednesday was the same as Monday – more wheat and more trips in the Pete to the mill and more wheat in our grain bins. Things had sped up a little. Bob had been taught how to drive the tractor pulling the grain wagon and unload it into the six wheelers and then empty them into the auger pit at the grain bins when the trucks were full.

            In the few days he had been doing this, he was versed enough to drive along beside the combine so the combine could unload the grain into the grain wagon without stopping the cutting.

            Elsie and Carol were staying until the contractors left before coming over to my house and they were still naked by the pool as the sun was going down.

            Wednesday we shut down early, if seven was early. We had started early; I was first in line at 6, the lines had gotten longer all day.

            ”May we borrow James and your Dad for a few minutes and maybe you could take care of Bob?” Carol asked.

            ”I will ask them if they are up to it as soon as they come in. Go shower to get rid of the suntan oil,” I said.

            ”The girls want to know if you and James will service them while I get supper started and as soon as I do, I will take care of Bob. Remember – condoms with Carol,” I said as they came in the door.

            Both headed for the showers. I filled a pot with water and placed it on medium on the stove and placed a package of meatballs in the microwave on defrost. Like it or not, tonight was spaghetti night.

            By the time I had supper started, Dad and Carol were on the bed going through warm-up exercises as Bob and I walked into the shower. As we were coming out Carol screamed in pleasure as Dad impaled her to the balls in one stroke.

            If she and Elsie stayed here until next summer, small cocks would be a disappointment after that.

            Bob and I settled on the bed beside them. I pulled Bob’s head to my pussy. He hadn’t forgotten what I liked and in minutes I was climbing the tower of pleasure. I came hard on his tongue. I had to pull him away from my clit. He must have developed a taste for female juices or maybe he just liked the power and hold of giving pleasure.

            He easily slid into me and was balls deep in an instant. Minutes later he was resting on me as we were recovering. I still had my feet locked around him, preventing him from pulling out. I loved the feeling of a cock shrinking and slowly falling out of me. For some reason it was a feeling of accomplishment to take something so hard, powerful and capable of so much pleasure and reduce to a limp noodle only a fraction of its size.

            Dad and Carol had both cum and were in the afterglow. I felt the stirrings of Bob getting another erection when Elsie broke the mood with ”Are you finished yet? Water is boiling on the stove,” she said.

            ”Just because you wanted a twenty yard dash doesn’t mean some others of us might have wanted a 5k marathon,” I said as I was laughing.

            The sauce went into a pot to cook along with the meatballs. In a few minutes the spaghetti would go in the boiling water.

            Elsie and Carol had already made the trip into my bathroom to use the wand – I was next. I could see I was going to order the wand kit for the other bathroom tonight.

            Thursday we started early again; I was first in line at 6:30 and back at the farm by at 7:30. I needed to be there to help fan the 200 bushels of beans we were going to need to finish planting, starting today and continuing through tomorrow.

            We had to auger the 220 bushels – twenty extra – into one of the six wheelers then slowly run it through the fan and screener. The fan blew out straw, broken pods and bean hulls. Those things messed up the fancy planter big time. It required the planter to be stopped, that row’s plates removed and the trash removed so the seed would flow again.

            The screener helped separate out seeds too small and too large so the planter would plant uniformly. Small seeds may have a genetic problem and not sprout or producing a small vine with small seeds. They could cause the planter to do a double or triple drop.

            Overly large seeds would also affect the number of seeds dropped. The idea was uniformity. We set the planter to drop a seeds in each row two inches apart in rows twenty inches apart. Any change in that and we would use too many seed beans or not get enough to get the yield we were shooting for.

            It took three hours to fan and screen the 220 bushels of beans and fill the seed trailer. Saturday we would finish cutting and planting.

            I hauled six more loads of wheat before the mill closed for the day. Dad, James and Bob continued cutting and planting. I dumped the six wheelers at our grain bins until dark when we shut down for the evening. We ate leftovers for supper.

            Tonight Linda was coming from the city to stay with her parents and see the kids. Mr. Jackson was scheduled to have the first treatment next week. The physicians had said the first couple of treatments would be rough.

            She had called to say it was going to be after midnight when she arrived. Elsie and Carol were going to bring all their things to the house this afternoon after they cleaned the room they were using and then later come over in the Gator. Linda was going to stay in their room for the two weeks she was going to be here.

            Bob had been sleeping on a fold out couch; tomorrow night he was moving into James’s room until construction was done. The contractor had said four or five weeks

            It was 9:30 when the Jackson Gator pulled up to the house with Elsie and Carol. As usual they were excited and happy. In a way they were glad their mom was coming. They were more than happy to be staying and I didn’t have to ask why. I needed to make a note to myself ‘buy more condoms for James and Bob’.

            Let’s see, they were going to be here two weeks at least so Carol would get serviced at least twice a day, possibly four times a day. That would be five dozen. I couldn’t imagine once in the morning and night being any near enough until the newness wore off, especially with two studs just a few feet away. The guys – on the other hand – would be worn out.

            Or would they just gain more stamina and possibly their cocks would grow a little bigger. There was a theory floating in some of the porn circles that the reason that the male actors’ cocks were so big that it was for all intent and purposes, a muscle.

             A muscle grew when you used it, just look at weight lifters and how big their muscles grew with use. A porn actor – if their attitude was good, reasonably attractive, they had good control and could cum on queue and get hard again quickly – could work every day.

            The newest rage in the industry was a drug called Trimix. It was a compounded drug for ED that was injected at the base of the cock – just under the skin with a short very small needle.

            The drug created immediately big and hard erections that lasted four to six hours and would not deflate after cuming. It could be used more than once a day and everyday if needed. It was reported to have no side effects such as did Viagra and similar pills that were not intended for extended use or more than one dose a day or even more than a couple doses a week.

            Most high end porn shoots took six to eight hours with all the stops, starts, camera changes, lighting and position changes. That meant that the actor was hard a lot of hours every day. Therefore, the muscle should grow a little.

            The studios liked it because it reduced the need for fluffs, girls who were hired to keep the actors aroused before shooting and hard while set changes were taking place. It also ended the need to keep extra studs off stage to keep the movie going. All they needed was a mix of fake cum when they wanted a money shot.

            The actresses hated it because it ended breaks while the actors rejuvenated. The down side was it was terribly expensive at around thirteen hundred from Canada for ten doses. Knowing all the things in California, one could be reasonably sure the industry found a local compounding pharmacy to supply them at a fraction of the cost.

            The good thing was at the end of the two more weeks the birth control pills would be effective.

            James and Elsie went to the bedrooms after a few minutes of watching TV. Carol was sitting on the couch making small talk with Dad and me. She was fidgety and I knew why. Dad excused himself to go shower.

            ”Would you be upset if I borrowed your Dad for a while?” she asked.

            ”Go join him in the shower,” I replied.

            ”I showered before we came over,” Carol said.

            ”Go get naked on the bed with towels and wait for him,” I said. ”Then later it’s my turn,” I added.

            She didn’t need to be told twice.

            I worked in the office on today’s mail and wrote out a deposit ticket for the check from the mill for the wheat we had sold them in the last couple weeks. It was a nice one and we still had more to go. I listened at the verbals from Carol as I worked.

            She had a great set of lungs to be able carry on the way that she did while expressing her pleasure to the house. She would never be quiet enough to sneak in sex at the Jacksons.

            After a quiet spell from the bedroom I heard the shower running. I wondered if it was just Carol in the shower or both of them. The thought was answered a minute later when Dad came out in shorts.

            ”Remind me to keep some earplugs in the night stand – she just is so loud,” Dad said.

            ”Yes she is,” I said with a laugh.

            I gave him a hug and squeezed his deflated cock through the shorts, ”You did save one for me?” I asked.

            ”Yes – several I think – if you are game,” he said.

            I took all the weight tickets and checked them off against the check and marked the weight tickets as paid. They still owed us for twelve trailer loads of wheat plus what would be cut and hauled tomorrow.

            I would pay bills again tomorrow night. The combine payment was due by July fifteenth. It was a quarterly payment of twenty eight thousand; we had two years left to pay on it. Then there were others; fuel, bean seeds and the feed ingredients. All the things I had bought for the house I had already paid for.

            I shut down the computers and was getting ready to shower when Elsie asked if she could take a quick shower and use the wand. I told her it was Ok. It would give me a few more minutes to talk with Dad.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 14

Dad started the combine at 9 and by 10 I was driving the first load to the mill in the Pete. The flooring company was replacing the vinyl floor this morning with snap together wood flooring in the kitchen. After that, they were installing new carpet in the living room.

            This afternoon the counter company was replacing the counter with stone, complete with a new sink and spigots. I was trying to improve the house for Linda’s arrival, not that it didn’t need doing anyhow.

            Tomorrow morning the furniture company was bring the two single beds and assembling them in James’s and my old room. They were bringing a new grand table and chairs for the dining room. It was one that would seat ten people with the leaves installed and the extra chairs.

            I wanted to have the Jackson’s over for dinners often with Amos sick. Grandma would need all the breaks she could get. Elsie and Carol did not know it yet but they were going to learn to cook – something they both admitted knowing little about.        

            It would take a ten place setting for that to happen. The furniture was old and battered. It was new when Dad and Mom married. Fifteen years later all the glue joints were loose and the chairs rickety.

            The kitchen ware was the same way. I did not have one complete set of good dinner plates that were the same for ten people. Over the years a broken piece here and there had taken the toll. Silverware was the same way – some were lost or broken.

            The UPS truck was going to cure all that tomorrow and all the old stuff was going in the dumpster. UPS was going to deliver my Amazon toy order tomorrow.

            Elsie was going to work in the office, entering the last several months of our checking account on the business program while all the installers were there. She was going to keep an eye on them and Carol was going to ride with me.

            I spent all day driving the Pete back and forth to the mill. Dad had dumped four six wheeler loads into our wheat grain bin at noon and there would be two more dumped tonight.

            We did stop long enough to eat cold cut subs that I picked up at the store across from the mill. I dropped one off for Elsie at the house and to do a quick check on the work progress. 

            Carol went home to help Grandma Jackson at lunch time. The carpenters were there every day working on the addition and bathrooms. They were creating a lot of dust and dirt in the house.

            The floor was finished – it was looking good – and the contractors were working on the carpet. I couldn’t wait to see everything finished when we quit for the night.           

            The wheat grain bins held twenty thousand bushels; we had two for wheat. Dad was going to sell half the crop now and the rest later in the summer when traditionally the price went up a few cents.

            The big thing was there would be long lines at the mill waiting to unload with everyone starting to cut. Two months from now there wouldn’t be any lines.

            We quit cutting at dark. The Pete was loaded so I could leave early – hopefully before the line got very long. The two six wheelers would be in our grain bin before the dew dried off the wheat in the morning. The dew needed to dry off to start combining.

            I loved the finished floor and the new carpet. The new counter top was fantastic – slick smooth and level. The new touch spigots would take a learning curve.

            Supper was quick – just baked beans and hot dogs with chips. I still had lots of things to do.

I got bold, taking the clothes off Dad’s and James back, telling them to shower and put on pajamas so tomorrow they would start with an empty hamper.

            It was a mistake; I had not thought that one through. Dad had been starting the evening in PJs and then naked when we were in bed. I was in see through and lace then naked in bed. James normally wore boxers to bed.

            When I returned from putting the first load of clothes in, Dad and James were sitting on towels – naked on the couch – watching reruns of Magnum PI.

            ‘This should be interesting’ I thought. I did the same thing – showered and carried my dirty clothes in the hamper to the laundry. I placed my towel between them and joined them watching the show.

            I wondered which one would be the first to touch me and how long it would be before they did.

            I caught glances from both directions and then both cocks started to rise. Every now and then one or the other would throb and bounce a little. The next scene on the show was a bikini clad party. That was the final straw; both cocks were straight up.

            Straight up and there was a reflection from the TV on the drops of lube that were accumulating on the tips.

            I had a quick thought and then had them sit side by side. I started with James. I licked the head and the crown below and then swallowed enough to hit my gag reflex several times. I licked then slobbered to wet it up from top to bottom. And then in one stroke I took it to the root, placing my nose against his groin.

            I made repeated strokes from the tip to the root. James started to put his hands on my head. I slapped them away. I reach over and put my hand around Dad’s cock and slowly stroked him. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t edging.

            I felt James start to add hip movements while responding to my mouth. I stopped and pulled off completely.

            I moved to Dad and began with the plum, licking and sucking. Then I went to the gag reflex a couple times and then I forced myself to swallow it to the root. I worked my throat muscles with a swallowing motion as I went to the root and then full stroked it from the plum to the root. I was thrilled I had been able to throat all of it without Dad’s hands helping me take it. I used long slow strokes, allowing me to easily breathe at the top of each one.

            I continued the long strokes until he started moving his hips, thrusting at my throat. I stopped and moved back to James. When he started thrusting his hips, this time I pulled off and straddled him and then rode him hard until he filled my pussy with his hot cum.         

            Luckily I had brought a hand towel that I folded and placed against my pussy to protect the carpet as I knelt between Dad’s legs and started sucking and deep throating him. When he started moving his hips I mounted him. I slow fucked him, hugging and kissing him as we came together. He stood and as he did I wrapped my legs around him. With his cock still in me, he slow walked us to the bedroom.

            At the edge of the bed he lay me down and lifted my legs, pushing them back. Then he pounded me into my second orgasm, shaking and moving the bed on the floor. James was standing in at the edge of the bed rubbing his flaccid cock to full erection.

            Dad groaned and grunted and then pumped his cum against my cervix. As he pulled out I could it dripping across my asshole and down the crack below.

            As Dad stepped away James replaced him, impaling my pussy in one stroke and began fucking me, pounding me.

            Dad climbed onto the bed, knee walking, eventually straddling my head. He placed his cock in my mouth, I sucked off our juices as he regained his erection. He rolled my nipples and pinched them and then pulled them hard until they hurt.

            He lifted my shoulders and slid two pillows under them, changing the angle of my head and neck. His cock now had a straight line down my throat. With a thrust his cock was deep as it was ever going, his balls resting on my eyes.

            I heaved trying to breathe, recognizing my need he pulled out and then began a rhythm. Hard deep strokes then out enough for me to gasp for breath then more. All the while he was molesting my breast and nipples.

            James had slowed while watching what was going on with my upper body but was still full stroking, pulling full out and then balls deep in a slam. I was no longer tight but loose and gaping; my pussy was an easy target.

            I was on the verge of another massive orgasm – I was right at the edge but it just wouldn’t finish. I reached down and started rubbing and pinching my clit to help it along – and it did. I lost control of my hips; they started rising and falling against James’s cock.

            With my throat filled with Dad’s cock and James in pounding my pussy, the orgasm I wanted arrived like a thunder clap. My ears were ringing, my clit felt like lighting had struck it. There were stars in my eyes – I tried to scream but couldn’t.

            I felt James depositing another load in my pussy as Dad was pumping a load into my stomach. He was so deep that was the only place it could go. I tasted no cum but I felt his pulses with my tongue at the base of his cock. Seconds before I blacked out for the lack of oxygen he pulled out.

            It was a total different orgasm, mind blowing, overwhelming, energy draining, totally satisfying and fulfilling. Both my men were finished as well. Dad was beside me, kissing me and expressing his love. James was still standing between my legs bent over sucking and kissing on my breasts like he was my child. The bedding and a shower would have to wait until morning; I was exhausted.

            I woke up on my side at 6 looking into Dad’s eyes, his cock hard and against my abdomen. I was sandwiched between him and James. James’s hard cock was in my V resting against my pussy. My bladder was bursting. When the covers went back, the whole den of pole cats had arrived putting an end to the mood.

            James headed to his shower. Dad and I showered together. I used the wand to wash out. I think I would have been able to use the garden hose. I was so tired last night I didn’t do any pelvic exercises to help things back to normal and it showed this morning.

            This was day four of cutting our own wheat. By the end of the day we would have cut four hundred acres or half our wheat. Half of it had been sold to the mill and half was in our grain bin to sell later.

            For best results beans needed to be in the ground no later than July the 10th. The 4th was even better, but we were not going to make the fourth.

            Elsie was coming to stay at our house at noon to be there when the furniture was delivered. I asked her to put the wash in the drier. The wash was the bedding from my bed as a result of last night.

            I hauled wheat all day to the mill and dumped six loads from the six wheelers in our grain bin.

            When we called it a day, there was a disappointing note Elsie had taken today from our soybean seed supplier. We were going to be short two hundred units. That was enough to plant two hundred acres. The supplier had been cut by the seed company and he was cutting deliveries to all customers equally, or so he said. There had been a warehouse fire and all the seed in it destroyed.

            Seed purchases had to be made in the fall to guarantee delivery for the planting season. The seed companies only certified germination, treated products with fungicides and pesticides that had been sold by contract. That process was expensive and once done, unsold seed had to be destroyed; it could not be used for animal food.

            Seed lost some of its germination each year it was stored, some seed varieties more than others. Storage humidity, temperature and treatments also affected the seed.

            Over supper Dad decided to plant two hundred bushels of our beans in the grain bin. They would be untreated and unknown germination quality. We could do our own germination test but the beans needed to be planted before the test would give results. It was a roll of the dice but farmers rolled the dice every season with every crop. It was better than planting nothing. The property tax bill came no matter what and you had to grow crops to pay it.

            I checked the bedrooms; the new beds looked nice and the mattresses seem comfortable. Elsie had made the beds with the new bedding that came with them. It made the rooms tight but they were still livable.

            The new dining room table and chairs was were a perfect match for the room. I was happy with my choice.

            The UPS had delivered boxes of the new kitchenware and dishes. I opened them and checked for broken ones. Then I loaded the dishwasher with them.

            While they were running I cleaned out the kitchen cupboard and the silverware drawers of the old utensils and dishes and then scrubbed the cupboard and trays. It was the first time in I couldn’t remember when. James carried the old stuff to the dumpster for me.

            I had ten boxes and packages from Amazon Adult – they were the anal toys I had ordered. I inspected each one carefully and then washed them in very hot water. I placed them in the drawer in the bedroom. With the exception of two or three, I would try them out alone. There were still several things back ordered.

            My men went straight to bed; there was no waiting around or horny innuendo. They were still worn out from last night and then the hard work of the day. I could have gone around with them again but I didn’t tell them so.

            The day started out the same as yesterday, only earlier. Dad started cutting at seven even though the dew was not fully gone – although it had been a light dew night.

            I was on the road with the first load in the Pete at 7 and three more by noon. At noon Elsie and Carol were at the house. Together we made lunch for us and the men.

            ”With your mother coming Friday, you may want to spend the next couple afternoons working on that all over tan. You may be limited once she gets here,” I said.

            ”Another thing is to figure how much of your clothes you want to bring over and you may want to do that on Thursday,” I said.

            ”Can we come and stay earlier?” Carol asked.

            ”I wouldn’t recommend it. You are supposed to be staying to help the Grandparents and you need to show that you are doing that or you may be going home with your mother instead. You need to make an impressive show that you are helping. You need to aggressively dust and clean and help without being told to do so every day,” I said

            ”You need to stay there until after the contractors leave when your mom is there and make sure everything is perfect for Grandma. I want you to stay as bad as you do until next summer,” I said.

            I made four more trips to the mill in the afternoon – that was eight for today. A total eight thousand bushels just for today or forty eight thousand dollars. One more day and our first wheat bin would be full and then we would start on the second one.

            After supper – while the channel flippers were at it again – I took out all the toys that Amazon had delivered and researched all of them on the internet. I needed the do’s the don’ts and the things that were recommended for their use.

            There were a lot of things that were obvious BS but in between there was information that was useful. When I finished I had a plan of what I wanted to start with and what I wanted to be able to do. All of it would have to wait until the wheat harvest was over – when I had time to do all the prep work.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 13

            Elsie and Carol were excited as usual, talking about everything. They were the happiest girls I had ever seen. Their Mom was coming the end of the week and they would be spending the nights at my house so she could have the bedroom instead of the couch. It was a good thing I had ordered the two single beds, one would go in each room. They were to be delivered tomorrow at noon.

            It would make it cramped but would work out for a great cover story when Linda asked if there was room for them to stay.

On the way home with the second load, ”Do you think we could get James away for a little bit? My period is nearly gone and we are horny,” Carol said.

            ”I think WE will have to wait until he gets done planting tonight and then I am sure he will take care of you,” I said. ”It will be done at my house.”

            ”When we get home, why don’t you two take the Gator and deliver a thermos of fresh ice cold lemonade to James and Dad. It might not hurt to give Dad a couple of nice hugs and tell him thank you for helping your Grandpa,” I said.

            They were both gone in a flash when I stopped the truck.

            I could just imagine both girls bent over at the waist, hands on the tractor tire for balance with their shorts at their ankles and James behind them at the first opportunity.

            I swapped to the Pete that was loaded again. It would be the last trip today. Any more cut would go into Amos’s grain bin. Dad would be finished cutting Amos’s three hundred acres tomorrow by noon. James would be done planting by mid-afternoon.

            The combine and trailer would be moved to our fields after lunch. The process would be continued for our eight hundred acres.

            I was back from the mill at 3 and dumped the two six wheeler loads in Amos’s bin. The last field of wheat was off on yield – that meant the combine could be driven faster and fewer trucks to unload. Dad was finished tonight and two more loads went in Amos’s bin. I drove the Pete to our house, Elsie and Carol picked me up in the Gator and made two trips to drive the six wheelers home.

            Dad had uncoupled the grain head from the combine and placed it on the trailer that was used to move it from farm to farm. On the way through the yard he stopped off at the diesel tank. It took three hundred gallons to fill the combine. It was the third fill up this week with two of them from the nurse tank and the tractor pulling the planter the same. All that didn’t include the fuel for the grain trucks. Farming is expensive.

            We carried the combine back to the field Dad was going to start cutting tomorrow. I helped reunite the grain table to the combine and check it out. The check out was my ass in the driver’s seat and Dad beside me as we made a test round in the field.

            There were touch screens that monitored everything the combine did, fan speeds, cylinder speeds, straw over the thresher and warning bells. I quickly found out the yield here was far better than Mr. Jackson’s. I was going to be spending a lot more time on the road.

            I wondered about the yield then I remembered about the fertilizer. Dad probably had more spread per acre than Mr. Jackson did.

            I parked the combine and shut it down for the night. We left the grain in the combine. It was to be a dry night so it would be fine. We started home in my truck.

            ”Dad. Elsie and Carol want James to service them tonight when they come over and I am sure they will want Bob to be part of it so there won’t be ill feelings.”

Supper was pizza again. This time I cooked two. One was cheese and the other ground beef and pepperoni. It was just about ready to come out of the oven when James came in the yard and stopped the tractor at the fuel tank. Bob was driving the tractor with the seed wagon behind it, following him.

            The girls came around the shed on the Gator looking and screeched to a stop at the house, dragging the tires with the brakes.

            ”In a hurry aren’t you? You do know you can get killed on one of these things, don’t you?” I said.

            ”Yes, but it’s getting to be fun to drive. Do they race these things anywhere? I bet that would be fun” Elsie asked.

            ”I am sure they get raced somewhere. There is a race for just about everything these days,” said.

            ”Are you going to be able to eat pizza with us and stay after?” I asked.

            ”Grandpa said we could and we don’t have to be home until 9 tonight,” Carol replied.

            ”Oh, so there is a little trust building going on. Pizza will soon be ready; let’s get the table set,” I said.

            Supper went fast – they gulped it down. The boys and girls were anxious and fidgety. How two girls could talk so much while eating was beyond me but they did.

            ”Guys, hit the bathroom in the back and no stubble, then come back to the living room and we will sort things out,” I said.

            ”Girls, use my bathroom – same thing, no stubble, then come back to the living room,” I said.

            I locked the house doors and pulled the curtains in case someone decided to stop in.

            When the girls stepped out of the shower Dad and I stepped in. Their eyes went big, they didn’t say anything but they did smile.

            Dad and I walked into the living room naked, holding hands. In our other hands were condoms and lube.

            ”OK girls, what’s the plan? There are three girls and three men. How do you want to do this? Do want to draw names for the first round then rotate until you have tried all three? Do you want to do it voyeur style again? Or do you just want to pick a partner?” I asked.

            ”Pick a partner and rotate, we don’t have time for voyeur,” Carol said as Elsie agreed.

            ”Pick your partners then,” I said.

            Elsie took James and walked towards his bedroom. Carol was eyeing Dad as if she was undecided. I gave him a little push, ”Be gentle and use condoms – it is a must,” I said as they walked towards our bedroom.

            I took Bob and went to my old bedroom. At the bed I turned around and pulled him into a hug and finished with an aggressive kiss. ”Let’s see how much you remember about pleasing a women.”

            He squeezed my breasts as he kissed me again, trying to get to my tonsils. He kissed my ears and the side of my neck. I had to remind him, ‘no hickeys’.

            Bob attacked my breasts with kisses, and the nipples with his fingers and thumbs. Then he applied suction and his tongue across the nipples.

            My hands found his cock, hard and dripping pre-cum. With my thumb I spread it around the head of it and then slowly jerked. His moaning was increasing, signaling the desire and need to cum.

            I went to my knees, licked the head and then sucked it into my mouth. Several strokes later my nose was against him and my tongue was licking his balls. Sucking Dad’s and James big cocks had stretched or taught me how to relax my throat. I could work my tongue and throat muscles against Bob’s smaller cock and breathe.

            Bob put his hands on my head and face fucked me, depositing his cum down my throat.

            He lifted me onto the bed, spread my legs and then the petals of my pussy with his tongue and carried me to the moon and beyond. Moments later he was balls deep while practicing all the moves I had taught him to please a woman.

            I wasn’t worried about changing partners. I could have either or both of the men later tonight. I was sure that Carol and Elsie would want to swap after hearing Carol’s continuous vocals for the last thirty minutes.

            I was going to have time to experiment with Bob. I sucked him back hard – that required very little effort to accomplish.

            I handed him a condom and then I placed a glob of lube on my fingers and worked it into my ass. I repeated it twice more as deep as I could get it with my fingers. I lathered his cock with plenty of lube and got up on the bed on my knees.

            With the come hither finger motion to Bob, I guided his cock to my ass and then reached back with both hands and spread my cheeks.

            ”Slow and easy,” I said.

            It took five minutes and finally he was seated all the way in with his nuts against my pussy. I groaned because of the tightness; I could feel my ass stretch as it was going in. It didn’t hurt enough to stop but was damn close to it. I rubbed my clit to help take my mind off it.

            I felt my ass relax as the pain eased off. Then I remembered that when Carol used the dildo on me I had chosen a small one, Bob was larger.

            ”OK, start moving,” I said.

            Slowly he did. Short strokes and then just as slowly added length. I still kept rubbing my clit making it better and better.

            ”God! you are so tight. My cock is pulling your ass out as I pull out. So damn hot to look at,” he said.

            ”I don’t know how much longer I can hold off cuming,” he said.

            ”Just a little bit longer! I am almost there, maybe we can cum together,” I said.

            I knew he was close as he picked up speed, stroking deep into my ass. He started moaning and I put more pressure on my clit with my fingers. Then it happened – my orgasm started deep in my pussy even though he was fucking my ass hard. It ended with an explosion of pleasure at my clit that spread to my pussy and ass.

            James pumped his load into the condom deep in my ass and then collapsed on me. He pushed me flat on the bed his cock still deep in my ass as we both rested.

            I felt him shrinking and then he lifted off me holding the condom on his cock with one hand. When I turned over he was just standing beside the bed. I went to my knees and removed the condom. I sucked his cock, cleaning it of the cum that remained.

            I was finished for now. I led Bob to the shower where we soaped each other and washed away the evidence and then dried off.

            ”There are some things that lovers do not talk about; what we just did is one of them,” I said.

            Towels had saved the bed, the condom was wrapped in tissues and thrown in the trash. We dressed and retired to the living room to watch something on TV and drink fluids.

            Elsie was reaching new highs with her vocals, something she rarely did. She was with Dad now and I was sure he was giving her every inch he had and more, if he could find it.

            I made a pitcher of lemonade and filled glasses with ice. James and Carol were the next ones to join us in the kitchen, ”Condoms?” I asked.

            ”Yes,” they both said.

            A little while later Dad and Elsie joined us. Both girls were walking and sit gently. Two big cocks in a row had made things tender. It would take a while to get comfortable with that size. I had an advantage on them. I could get those every night.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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The Grants Chapter 12

Dad was home an hour later. Supper would be done in an hour. Dad inspected what the young men had done and was pleased.

            ”I ordered the list of feed ingredients that we needed to make chicken and hog feed. I didn’t know alfalfa meal and soy bean meal was so expensive,” Dad said.

            ”We could have used ground soybeans from the bin as an alternative, but the reports said that for piglets it substantially increases the risk of dysentery and increased the mortality rates. Soybean meal has had the soybean oil which causes that removed and the meal retains the protein.” I said.

            ”We can adjust the protein levels in the feed by changing the amount of soybean and alfalfa meal and corn to meet the levels as the hogs grow. I have several charts,” I said.

            ”The feeders for the pigs will be delivered in a day or two. I also ordered a round hog feeder for when they get older. We need to play with the mix mill and bag some feed ahead. I agreed to buy twenty piglets from Sanders hog farm for us to pick up in a week,” Dad said.

            ”The chicks you wanted for the hen house will be here in the same time frame from the farm store. On a different note, the lumber company came up with a plan for Amos’ house that they liked. The process starts tomorrow with a materials order and sub contractors. A lot of the addition will be prefab. Once the foundation and floor are done it will go together fast,” Dad said.

            ”Your partners in crime will be staying here nights only for about three weeks and the girls have to spend days over there to help Grandma keep the house clean from the construction dust,” Dad said.

            ”I understand – there can be no room for doubts or disagreements,” I said.

            ”When do we start cutting?” I asked.

            ”Day after tomorrow. We are going to cut Amos’ wheat first. On Sunday when the mill is closed, we will unload into his grain bin.”

            I made four trips to the mill on the first day of cutting in the Pete and two in the six wheeler. The big IH combine with the forty foot head was filling the trucks as fast as I could make the cycle.

            Dad quit cutting at noon to allow me to get all the trucks empty again and to help James get oriented on planting beans. It wasn’t as simple as just driving the tractor.

            To plant the Jackson’s three hundred acres was going to take four hundred units of seed beans that had been ordered months ago to guarantee delivery. A unit was fifty pounds and cost eighty dollars a unit. The beans were delivered on pallets in paper bags.

            Those paper bags had to be opened and emptied into a seed delivery wagon. The planter parked at the wagon when empty and augers filled the hoppers on the planter.

            The planter had a monitor that flashed each time a seed dropped into the furrow the planter opened for it. The beans were planted in rows twelve inches apart. The planter was forty feet wide.

            After Dad was satisfied that James understood the planting and when he needed to replenish the seeds in the hoppers, he went back to cutting.

            As I was coming from the field, Mr. Jackson was standing beside the lane with Elsie. I stopped the Pete and got out.

            “Hi Mr. Jackson, How are you feeling today? It’s good to see you out and around,” I said as I gave him a hug.

            ”I’m having a good day; I feel pretty good,” he said.

            ”Would you like to ride with me to the mill and back on this trip?” I said.

            ”You might have to help me get into the truck,” he answered.

            ”I can do that – Elsie can help too,” I said.

            A few minutes later I was going through the gears with Elsie sitting on the box seat. Mr. Jackson was adjusting the air seat for a comfortable ride.

            It was a good trip with little waiting to get on the scales and unloaded. The scale crew was pleased to see Mr. Jackson and teased him for having the best looking truck driver in the county. An hour later Dad was loading more grain into the truck. I was going to be busy the rest of the afternoon.

            It was dark when Dad shut the combine down for the day as the mill was closed. The two six wheeler loads were dumped into the Jackson grain bins so Dad would have empty trucks to fill tomorrow morning while I made the first run to the mill.

            I was glad to be finished for the day; after a while even the air ride seat seems to get rough. I enjoyed making a late supper while James and Dad both showered to get the wheat chaff off of them.

            While the men were watching the news and the farm report, I finished washing dishes and then showered. Dad had subscribed to the satellite farm channel package of about ten channels. It gave the markets for agriculture products and weather predictions for harvesting.

            When I stepped out of the shower I realized I was super horny. I put on the thin lacy two piece pajamas that hid nothing and went to the living room. Dad was on one end of the couch and James on the other.

            I squeezed his legs together and spread mine to straddle his, burying my knees into the back of the couch. I kissed the sides of his neck then his lips. They opened to receive the tip of my tongue with little effort. We French kissed for several minutes.

            I felt his cock – trapped by his pajamas – growing against my pussy. I made little movements of my hips to encourage it to grow.

            ”Would you like some help in taking the pajamas off,” I whispered into his ear.

            His response was to squeeze my ass. I moved to my knees to the edge of the couch and pulled the pajamas down his hips and off his legs. I slid my panties off my feet as I moved back into position. I stopped at his cock to lick the pre-cum off and give a good wet suck.

            I didn’t stop at one suck; I went back for more, going deeper each time. After the third or fourth time past my gag reflex, he put his hands on my head. He waited until I had taken a breath and on the next down stroke pushed my head onto his cock with force.

            I felt the plum slowly forcing its way down my throat, slowly stretching it. It kept going and going. Finally my nose was against his body and I still felt the plum still going deeper. I tried to swallow and couldn’t. I tried to work my throat muscles and couldn’t. I tried to work my tongue against his cock and did a little. I touched my throat and it was full. I felt his cock from the base of my jaw until it disappeared behind the bones and muscle of my larynx.

            I needed to breathe but he was still holding my head. I tapped his thigh and he released my head. I slowly lifted my head off his cock until I could breathe through my nose and took several slow deep breaths and swallowed several times. I pulled him forward some so I would have a better angle.

            And then I placed his hands back on my head and started down. He finished the stroke while applying pressure. My nose was against him, I tried harder at using my throat muscles and managed to swallow working them against his cock. I found with effort I could move my tongue. I slapped his thigh again and lifted to breathe.

            I had to swallow a lot of slippery throat lube I remembered that from the magazine. When I read it I thought it was BS but it was not. I was more comfortable and tried to go down without his hands helping but I found I needed them a little. I stroked a couple times trying. I gave up and lifted to breathe and only needed to touch dad’s hands. He knew what I wanted.

            We repeated the process again and again, stretching my throat, jaw, and larynx off so I could breathe and then go deep. Dad’s hips started moving with my throat action – it was rocking the hips, shoving a little more cock towards my stomach. I found I could force my tongue past my lower teeth and lick his balls as the muscles in my jaws relaxed and stretched.

            We changed tempo as my throat relaxed. I was almost all the way off and then all the way balls deep and a little faster. Dad grunted and held my head tight. And then I felt his cock swell and pulses of his cum as it passed my tongue and was deposited in my stomach.

            Dad released my head as I closed my lips as tight as I could and lifted, milking the last drops from him. As the plum came into view I licked the last drop from it.

            Dad was still hard as I pulled myself up to kiss him. I placed him at my entrance and dropped, taking its full length in one stroke. I expected him to go soft but he didn’t. He lasted long enough to fuck me to a toe curling orgasm. His hands were cupping my ass cheeks squeezing, kneading them like dough and pulling my clit against him.

            James was still on the other end of the couch watching and slowly stroking. He was edging, waiting to see if he was going to be invited to join.

            I whispered into Dad’s ear asking if I should suck him off or let him fuck me.

            He laughed and whispered ”Let him fuck you while getting sloppy seconds. Then we go to bed and I will finish you properly,” he said.

            I lifted off and gave James the come hither finger. With my head in my arms on the floor and on my knees, he pounded me for five minutes before filled my pussy.

            Dad handed me a hand full of tissues to protect the carpet from the flood of juices as James pulled out. I needed them and I also needed help standing. I also realized I needed a glass of crushed ice for my throat as I tried to speak.

            A shower, washout with the wand and a glass of crushed ice and I was ready for Dad to give me the big O that had so far eluded me tonight.  I had enjoyed pleasing Dad with my mouth and throat and James with my pussy, but I had no orgasm from either.

            He didn’t disappoint. He started with the basics; hugs, kisses, fondling and whispers of love and affection and more kisses. I thought about asking him to leave marks of love on me, on my breast and on my pussy mound, but now wasn’t the time. They would have to wait until cold weather when clothes would cover them up.

            I intended to spend a lot of time naked in the sun and there was no need to open the door to a lot of questions.

            With his tongue lashing the tip of my clit sucked between his teeth, he delivered my first orgasm. The second was with three fingers in my pussy and two of the other hand well lubed and buried in my ass while nipping on my clit with his teeth.

            The big O I wanted came shortly thereafter. With my legs back under my shoulders and my arms holding them in place – a position I never dreamed that I could get into, I was helpless – I couldn’t move, I was his for whatever he wanted.

            Dad was above me with his arms placed next to mine, trapping me in this position. He was giving full mouth kisses as he lowered his cock. The second the plum notched my pussy he drove it to his balls. I exhaled in a puff as my cervix was driven into my diaphragm against my lungs.

            Then he started making love to me. Short strokes, long strokes and strokes ending in circles against my clit. He was reading me like a book. I was close to cumming with the big O I was waiting for. He stopped and pulled out.

            ”Nooo, don’t stop. I need to cum,” I begged.

            ”No you don’t – it’s not time for you to cum yet,” he said.

            ”Please, I’m so close, please let me cum,” I said.

            He sealed my mouth with his to stop my pleas. His tongue found mine and he teased me. Then he started at my breast, first one side then moved his lips to the other one.

            This wasn’t helping; it was slow torture. I was right there, just a touch and I would have been off to the moon. The throbbing in my clit that was screaming at my brain to do something. My need was going away – the throbs getting smaller and further apart.

            Suddenly he pinched my clit and then my nipples and my need was full blown as if it never left. His cock slammed into my pussy much harder than before. He pounded like my pussy was the last one on earth, faster and harder. My insides felt like they were on a jackhammer.

            Somewhere deep in there my orgasm started. First it was like it was a cramp and then like I had been struck by a lightning bolt in my deep female parts, working its way out to my clit. Then it felt like my clit exploded. I needed to rub it to comfort it but my hands were still held down. I was at the mercy of sensory overload. I was having the big orgasm that great sex promised.

            ”I cumin,” I felt like I screamed it but it was a whisper. Then I heard it and felt the pulses of his cock and the flood of hot cum deep in me.

            There were stars and flashing lights and I passed out as we came together. When I came back I was on my side, a rolled up towel between my legs. His arms were around me and I was looking into his eyes.

            He kissed me tenderly, ”I love you,” came from his lips.

            ”I love you,” I said as I pulled him close and returned the kiss. Sleep came easy; I was exhausted as well as sexually satisfied.

            I woke at 6 and drifted in and out of sleep while cat napping, thinking about the last few days. I was checking off things on the sex bucket list. I had been fucked by three different men in two weeks. Twice by two men at a time, and deep throated all three with two of them getting helped by little force.

             I had shaved the genitals of my Dad, my brother and my three friends. I had fucked Elsie and Carol twice with two different sized strap-on dildos. I had done the enema clean out with the bag and Elsie had fucked my ass with a strap-on dildo. I had pictures to prove it. There was still a lot more I wanted to try.

            As soon as the covers went back, the pole cat scent hit me so hard it curled nose hairs. The shower came first, including an extended washout with the wand. It wasn’t a tight fit today and the warm cleansing water flowed out of me easily as I added more flow to the nozzle.

             Dad stepped in the shower as I stepped out. I didn’t even dress as I ripped the bedding off the bed and carried it into the laundry. I waited until I heard the shower turn off before I turned the washer on.

            When I turned around James was standing there, ”Is this the new dress code? If so I am over-dressed,” he said.

            ”No, because you would get nothing done,” I said and squeezed the bulge in his pants as I walked around him.

            There were no tight fitting shorts today, I needed loose on the crotch today as I was sore. Breakfast went fast; there was a lot of work to do today at the Jackson’s.

            I helped open bags of seed beans and filled the seed wagon so James could plant until noon when the seed wagon needed to be refilled again.

            I struggled with the big hood on the Pete, finally using my foot on the bumper and adding my body weight for leverage to get it opened, then checked the oil, the coolant level and belts. I started it up and let it idle to warm up for a few minutes while I checked the other trucks.

            This was a solo trip with the girls helping the Jackson’s today. They were moving things around and getting ready for the carpenters. The foundation would be finished today.

            I made the trip in good time but the mill was busy. There was a line with ten trucks ahead of me; at least a twenty minute wait. I rolled up the tarp on the trailer and chatted with the other drivers. They all knew Dad and Mr. Jackson. They were surprised to hear the grain in the truck was his and that we were cutting the wheat and planting his beans.

            An hour later I was in time to be loaded from the combine and finished out the load from the cart. This time I was second in line and back in an hour. The third trip was just as fast.

            Dad shut down at lunch to help James refill the seed wagon while I carried the fourth load in the Pete. Elsie brought out sandwiches and lemon aide but I ate while was driving.

             I drove the six wheelers and emptied them into Mr. Jackson’s grain bin. Elsie and Carol rode with me. They had hustled to get the work done so they could ride with me.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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The Grants Chapter 11

Chapter 11

            James went to bed shortly after supper. I stopped him and gave him a kiss, ”Good night, the girls asked me to pass on the kiss.”

            Dad and I looked at a few more questions I had with the account then we got ready for bed. We showered together and made love. I slept soundly, waking up in Dad’s arms. The rain was still hitting the roof.

            We laid in bed talking for another hour. Mostly it was about Amos Jackson and his health issues. Amos wanted the three kids to help and learn about the farming that had supported his family for generations. He was afraid his generation was going to be the last at the farm.

            The cancer – even though they were late finding it – was found in time, the experts said. The treatment was long with a long recovery.

            We talked about the Jackson house and what needed to be done to make it suitable for three teenagers. The Jackson’s only had one daughter – Linda. The perfect arrangement would have been for Linda to have married a local farm boy who built a house on the farm and had taken over the farm.

            Linda came home from college to announce she was getting married to her college sweetheart Robert Betterton and they were going to live in the big city five hundred miles away.

            They both located good jobs in the growing industrial section of the city.  They bought a house in a growing well to do neighborhood. Along the way Elsie, Carol, and Bob were born, not long after the marriage.

            They visited Grand paw and Grand maw Jackson several times a year. The last few years they were staying a couple weeks at a time. Then trouble hit at home; Robert was laid off from his job for a year before finding a new job at half the salary. Then Carol started being harassed and stalked by the bullies and gangs that were slowly taking over the city schools.

            I had never been in the Jackson house any further than the living room. I told Dad about what the girls had said about the bathroom. If that were the case they would need an additional bathroom built and the one for Amos remodeled for someone with limited mobility. Possibility even remodel the bedroom to make it more accommodating.

            With the bank business in hand I picked Elsie and Carol up at 8:30 to go to town. Bob, James and Dad were working on a project at the Jackson’s house.

            I stopped by the box store and picked out a big roast. We were back home by 10:30. I was working on a big supper. I had asked Dad to invite the Jacksons over for a big dinner and to do it soon enough that Grandma did not start cooking anything.

             The girls helped me get things started. I cut the roast into four pieces and put all of in the big crock pot with onions, a little garlic, pepper and some salt and other seasonings. I covered the crock pot with aluminum foil with several holes punched in it so the steam would condense to water and drain back into the pot. That would keep the pot from running dry and then I turned it on high.

            I went to the pantry to make sure I had all the other ingredients I wanted for tonight. A couple cans of peas and string beans for serve alone vegetables. I was going to put the carrots in with the meat when it was nearly done cooking to give them flavor.

            I counted plates, glasses and silverware. It had been a long time since we had eight people for a meal. The thought hit me that I had never cooked a meal for eight people for the five years I had been woman of the house.

            I cleaned off the dining room table and with the help of the girls, put the leaves in it to make it big enough. We would need to use two chairs from the kitchen set to make enough. I marked times on a pad when I needed to start things so everything would come off at six.

            Elsie, Carol and I cleaned up the house and dusted. It was during this cleaning that I saw just how much things were worn out in the house. The vinyl in the kitchen needed replacing as did the carpet in the dining room. The countertop needed replacing as well. The appliances had already been replaced in the last couple years.

            I would talk to Dad tonight to see if I could get those things done before Linda came. I had the feeling that first impressions would be important with her.

            Preparations went well – everything was ready a few minutes ahead of time. The last item was the biscuits. I managed to keep everything hot until it was ready to be served.

            Everything was great – even the mashed potatoes and gravy came out great – and the hot buttered biscuits would melt in your mouth. I even planned for desert – hot apple pie with ice cream.

             Everyone was well fed when at 7:30 the kids Skyped with their mother. Mr. and Misses Jackson even set in the office and joined in on the conversations with Linda.

            With the dishes in the dishwasher and the pots and pans drying in the sink, the Jackson clan went home.

            We were able to relax and enjoy each other. Dad taught me things about myself that I did not know. There were pleasure zones I knew nothing about, one of which was anal. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them. It was no wonder that most women were in their mid to late twenty’s before reaching their sexual peak unless they had a good teacher early on.

            In the process we developed a plan to try things out slowly. I had ideas for another order from Amazon’s adult pages, things that I had not thought about before.

            The rain ended overnight, the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. It was going to be a hot day. There was plenty of work to do for everyone. Bob was coming over to help James clean out the old feed house that had not been used in years. All the junk was going in the roll off dumpster. The farm generated so much trash it was almost a necessity.

            At one time the feed house had held a hammer mill that was fed from the grain bins that fed the mixer to make feed for my Grandfather’s livestock. The hammer mill took whole grain and beat it up into smaller pieces depending on the size of the screen that was put in it. The hammer mill and the mixer were long gone.

            The portable mix mill powered by a tractor combined both jobs and could be pulled into the cattle or hog pens or along the fence to fill feeders from the mixer. With a good operator the discharge auger could be backed into the feed house and the feed bagged in small amounts for the chickens.

            I had printed off several different mixes that Dad wanted to make feed for the hogs, cattle and chickens. We had most of the ingredients and the mill in town could supply the rest. James and Bob were going to work on repairing the hog house and the chicken house for the next couple of days before the harvest started.

            UPS delivered my first Amazon order at 10. I was online ordering another dozen things that Dad said I would need to try and master before I would be ready to take on James or him in an anal way. Butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs and speculums be damned. All the order would be here this week including lube – lots of lube – by the quart in pump bottles.

            I opened the box of different dildos and sex clothes I had bought. I tried on the clothes and harness for fit. The dildos I had ordered made up a set of stepped sizes from 6 inch to the big one in the formally locked box. I had returned the ones from my bedroom to Dad’s; they were all in the bottom drawer.

            The drawer and the box were unlocked now. I now had an assortment of ten sizes, all of them would work with the harnesses I had. Now if Elsie and Carol were willing to experiment on me – let the fun or pain begin!

            I opened the camera box and read the instructions with it. There were extra batteries so they went into the special charger. The cables to connect it directly to the computer to be able to download the pictures went into the desk.

            I went through the programs setting the date and time. I turned off the internal memory so that it only saved photos and video to the sim card – something that could be quickly removed from the camera and hidden to preserve the intimate pictures I wanted to take.

            I had bought several of the cards along with one large one to be able to make videos. I marked that one with a P for personal. I had also bought several large thumb drives to load the pictures on.

            To get the hang of the camera I took pictures of lots of things outside including James and Bob working in the feed house and the farm equipment. I played with the computer, transferring the photos to a secret file I had created and back and forth between computer and the thumb drives. Then I spent time checking and deleting traces of what and where to make sure no one accidentally stumbled on them while using the computer.

            I had done all of those things in computer class at school – I was just refreshing my memory and making sure those things worked with the new computer.

            I went out to help James and Bob until lunch time. With the skid steer and the three of us, the job went faster and it was done by lunch time. After lunch they were going to work on the pig pen and the chicken house.

            I made a light lunch for them and then they went back to work.

            It was as after lunch that Elsie and Carol came over. Dad was still over there working with Amos. They were waiting on the engineer from the lumber company to look at remodeling by putting an addition on the house with a shared bathroom and two bedrooms. Also included was a bathroom remodel for the Jackson master bathroom.

            Amos was getting radiation and chemo before the surgery that was scheduled in four months. There was hope that the remodel would be done before that took a toll on his mobility.

            ”Your Dad told Grandpa that we could stay over here while the house was torn apart. The only thing now is if Mom will allow us to stay until next spring,” Elsie said.

            ”That’s good news and bad news I guess. If your mother does not agree there is going to be a lot of disappointment all the way around,” I said.

            “Do you know how to operate this?” I asked as I handed Elsie the camera.

            ”Sure, what do you have in mind?” she asked.

            I explained some of what I wanted. ”Sure I can do that. Where do you want to take them?” Elsie asked.

            ”My room, follow me,” I said.

            ”I thought this was your father’s room,” Elsie said.

            ”I must confess, it’s our room now. Dad and I have become lovers. After all, you said he was a hunk. It happened shortly after James and I became familiar with each other.”

            ”My old room is the room you and Carol will use with the addition of another bed if you stay here while the house is renovated. Another bed in James’ room will take of the problem. Of course the four of you can be fuck buddies with the walk through bathroom and no one will never know. But I would suggest that you change partners every night. You know no one can ever find out,” I said.

            ”Is this a secret that we can live with?” I asked.

”When can we move in?” Carol asked adding winks and Elsie was nodding. ”Let’s get started or we are going to run out of time,” I said. Had I created two sex fiends?

            I stripped quickly and we started with the party dresses. Elsie took pictures from all poses. Front, side, back, bent over from the rear with my bottom fully exposed and with the front lifted exposing my pussy. We did the same with the others. The open nipple top was interesting to get properly adjusted. I could have sworn they were drooling.

            ”Can we try on those dresses some time? I have an ex-boyfriend who I want to show what he missed out on by being an ass,” Elsie said.

            ”I have no problem with you modeling the dresses but be careful how you use them and who you send them to,” I said.

            Then I modeled the sexy things I got from Amazon and the box store. Finally was the nude poses I wanted – all of them were seductive. The one I wanted the most was the one of me on my knees spread and looking over my shoulder; it was a good one.

            I unwrapped the pictures of Mom and Dad to make sure we had copied all the poses. The only one we had not done were the ones with the dildos.

            ”Oh my God. That’s your Mother- you are her twin; your bodies are identical. Your nipples are just a little darker but the hair color is the same. Your dad’s cock is so big, even bigger than James,” Elsie said.

            ”How do you think I was able to tell you how to take James?” I said.

            ”I’m glad that you did! I would have quit without the help,” Carol said.

            I open the box of dildos and strapons and handed the harness, the seven inch and a condom to Carol. ”Put this on,” I said.

            ”My period started,” she said.

            ”Pads or tampons?” I asked.

            ”Tampons,” she said.

            ”Put it on. It will be OK,” I said.

            With the enema bag filled with plain lukewarm water, I filled my rectum and purged until it was clear water. I sat on the flush a few extra minutes to allow it all to drain out as the instructions said. Then I took quick shower. Elsie and Carol never left my side while asking all kinds of questions.

            I checked to make sure the handcuff key would open them, ”Do not lose this,” I said as I handed it to Elsie.

            With the lube shooter I placed a string in my rectum, pushing the plunger down as I slowly pulled it out. There was even a small glob at my anus to spread out. I places towels on the bed to catch any mess.

            ”I’m going to be on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back like the photo. Elsie you are to take pictures from above and below make sure to take plenty of them. If it works out that I can do this, take a video while she is stroking me,” I said.

            ”Carol, lube the condom. The first picture I want is you fully against me with the dildo on my crack to show how deep it will go. This is a first so go easy,” I said.

            ”Cuff me Elsie, let’s get started.”

            Carol was careful, slowly pushing, waiting for me to adjust and listening to me grunting to the pressure. She picked up the pace as I stretched and relaxed. She was using my handcuffed hands for leverage. I could feel the fake balls hitting my pussy and clit.

            At first she was jerky but became smooth and even as we progressed.

            ”Pull it out and add lube with your fingers in my ass and on the dildo,” I said.

            ‘‘Don’t forget the video,” I added.

            ”I have several,” Elsie said.

            Carol went at it and it felt a lot better with more lube. Now I knew why they recommend silicone based lubes for this. Carol was pounding me hard and suddenly I was cuming. I was shaking and sweating, my cum was as strong as if I had been pussy fucked – maybe even stronger. Carol stopped without me telling her to and pulled out.

            ”Oh look, a gape,” Elsie said as she was snapping away.

            I got cleaned up, showered and dressed. They helped me put everything away.

            ”Well, what did you think?” I asked.

            ”Hot, hot as hell, I’m drenched. I think I must have had little orgasms! I almost asked for Carol to do me before she put the toys away,” Elsie said.

            ‘‘If I wasn’t on my period I know I would have,” Carol said.

            ”You do know having sex during you period is supposed to make the cramps ease off,” I said.

            ”Messy. I’m sure about that,” Carol said.

            ”Towels, condoms and a shower takes care of the mess. You can always shove a tampon deep and retrieve it afterwards. Or just do anal. I could do this again but ask me tomorrow for sure,” I said.

            ”I’m horny, ”Elsie said.

            ”Me too!” Carol added.

            ”Dad still is not back. Go get James and Bob for a quickie and use plenty of towels on my bed. You can use James’ bed, unless you want the voyeur view again,” I said.

            Both girls left at a run and came back with the boys. I gave the boys a thumbs up as they hurried past. Twenty minutes later, four exhausted folks came down the stairs.

            ”Thumbs up or down,” I asked Carol. Smiles said it all.

            ”Almost no mess,” Carol said.

            ”Carol, don’t forget to start the pills and remember condoms for the first month. Let me know if one breaks. That goes for the guy wearing it, check them after each time,” I said.

            ”Get out there and go to work; Dad will soon be home. It would be helpful in the long run for him to see you hard at work and the progress you have made,” I said.

            ”I’m starting supper,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister   Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 10

I showered first and shaved everything. I wanted to be smooth for whoever I ended up with tomorrow or both. I needed to remember to have the girls do the same thing and James also. He should have stubble by now.

            James went to bed. I followed a couple minutes later. ”James, shave it smooth when you shower. If there is stubble there will be no pussy for you tomorrow,” I said.

            Dad was just stepping into the shower when I returned. I found two pillows, folded them double and stuffed them between the headboard post and the wall. I turned down the lights and slid naked under the covers.

            What followed could only be called love. Slow and gentle, plenty of open mouth tongue and kissing, then plenty of oral sex. I got off twice from his fingers and tongue.

            I sucked him off once. I still couldn’t deep throat him but I did get further than before – a lot further. I decided I needed to practice on James a few more times. I knew if I forced it, I could take him all the way.

            He took me every way we had done so far. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, doggy (that took me over the top every time) and legs back with a full pounding. I was thankful I had put triple towels on the bed and one rolled up to catch the spillage when I stood up. I showered again and used the wand to wash me out. I had quickly learned there would be no polecat odor in the morning if I did.

            Twelve hour old cum stinks and cold cum does not taste good; also it is tough going down. If I was going to swallow it I wanted it fresh and hot. It was an early lesson.

            Breakfast was late today. With it raining there was no rush. James and Dad fed the cows. Dad left to take Amos and his wife to the hospital to get tested and x-rays. Then they would go to the specialist; they would be gone into the afternoon. I asked Dad to please call before they came home.

            An hour later James carried Bob to our bathroom to get rid of stubble while the girls and I got the bedroom ready. That included heavy blankets on the floor and bed and plenty of towels for drippy pussy. Condoms and lube were placed on the nightstand.

            With the boys done I went in with the girls to make them smooth. We were out in a few minutes.

            Both were standing while lightly stroking their hard cocks. What a waste – they will both cum before the fun even gets started.

            “What’s the plan here?” I asked the girls. “Do you want to watch one couple at a time voyeur style or just have at it – anything goes? If we do anything goes this will be over in an hour. If we watch one couple and the rest of us edge and help by touch and feel, we can make the fun last most of the day,” I said.

            ”Let’s do it that way, can you go first? So we can see and get some ideas,” Carol asked.

            “OK, come here Bob, you start by making me want you in a sexual way,” I said. He didn’t move so I did.

            I took his head in my hands and kissed him. Then I kissed him again, rubbing my tongue against his lips. As I added pressure he got the message. He put his arms around me and mashed my boobs into his chest. I moaned to let him know he on the right track.

            I reached between us and rubbed his bone hard cock. I took his hands and placed them on my breast. ”Squeeze them, roll the nipples between your fingers and pull on them lightly.”

            A few minutes later I went to my knees and I sucked him off. Stroked as he was, it only took thirty seconds as I thought it would.

            I got up on the bed and pulled him to me and my nipples, ”Suck them lightly, bite and pull on them with your teeth,” I said.

            I let him work on them until they were getting red and sore. Then I pushed him down to my pussy. I let him lick and tongue my pussy hole and clit. I spread my legs wide and gave him the come hither finger, expecting him to be fully recovered by now.

            He was – I guided his cock to my entrance as nature took over. He was anxious as I expected he would be. Once the head started in he shoved it to the balls and started a jackrabbit fucking.

            ”Whoa, stop, wait,” I said.

            ”I’m not ready for you to go that fast yet. Start off with slow, short easy strokes and then add longer strokes. Push against my clit while doing little circles with pressure against my clit. I know you want to cum but so do I and it takes a women longer to get there,” I said.

            ”You have to work to make that happen. I want to be happy and if you don’t make me happy, I may not want you between my legs again,” I said.

            ”The worst thing you can do is to stick your dick in me, cum and leave me hanging. That is treating me like a cheap street whore. You’ll never get between my legs again if you do that. If you cum first and can’t stay hard – you get down there, play with me and suck me off,” I said.

            ”Now start over and think about me first – you last and we both be happy at the end,” I said.

            Bob took my instructions to heart. He made me cum twice. After my first orgasm he came in me. He didn’t go soft, just slowed down for a minute. For the second one I pulled my legs back and looped my arms through them. I told him to go fast now, pound like there was no tomorrow.

             He did and I came in a massive orgasm, trembling and shaking but holding on until he finished.

            ”Don’t pull out yet. Somebody hand me a towel. Ok, pull out and back,” I said as I put the towel there and closed my legs before I rolled to the side and stood.

            ”Elsie, you and James are next. Did you learn anything while listening and watching?” I asked.

            ”I think so. There is a lot more involved in this than I thought,” James replied.

            ”Put it to use; make Elsie happy, ”I said.

            ”Elsie, the reason I sucked him off was to make Bob last longer before we got on the bed. You should consider doing that with James. After watching, I am sure he is on a short fuse,” I said.

            I was sitting on the floor on a doubled up towel with Carol between my legs. We were both watching James. Bob was sitting beside us still soft. I had both hands cupping her breasts, massaging then playing with the nipples.

            We watched as James played with Elsie’s breasts and then she needed to start sucking on his cock as I had suggested. She tried to deep throat but couldn’t overcome the gag reflex. All in time, I thought.

            With Elsie on the bed – legs spread – I gave James some more advice. ”James, take your time, you are big – she is tight, work it in slowly while giving her time to adjust to the size,” I said.

            James sucked her breasts and she pushed him to her pussy. She came loudly on his tongue. He mounted her slowly – it took forever, it seemed – until he was fully seated in her pussy. He began slow strokes withdrawing more and then adding more to the stroke.

            James was moving his hips circling working on her clit at the bottom of the stroke. Elsie came again. She copied my move and pulled back her legs. James followed her torso into position and began an aggressive pounding to her delight, announcing her pleasure to us.

            James slowed to a stop as her legs came to rest on the bed. I tossed him a towel for her pussy.

            I whispered into Carol’s ear, ‘‘Do you want James or Bob?” I asked.

            ”Can I have both – Bob first?” she said.

            ”That would give James time to rejuvenate,” I said.

            I reached out to grasp Bob’s now hard cock to get his attention.

”Bob, Carol wants you to be her first and then James. Do you have any problems treating her like a lady and making her a woman?” I said.

            ”None at all, I would make it our pleasure,” he said.

            I handed him a condom. “You have to use this on her; we are taking no chances,” I said.

            ”Ok,” he said.

            Elsie and James were sitting on the floor beside me watching. I watched James’ cock throb as it was slowly growing. I wondered how many times he could get it up in a day – how many times he could cum. He had already done three. But then Bob had come three times with me.

            We listened as Carol was vocal again and climbing from the oral Bob was giving her. Bob started on the bed, opened and placed the condom on his cock then slowly began working his cock in. He remembered well and soon we were listening to Carol reaching another high.

            Bob never quit moving as she was returning to earth. He must have liked the legs back position because he pushed her legs back and held them there with his shoulders and pounded her, shaking the bed. A few minutes later both were in the throes of another orgasm.

            We waited while she recovered. We decided to take a break before continuing and get something to drink. We had been going at it over three hours.

            Carol wanted James and once that was done we were finished for today – I thought. I wanted James myself but that could wait.

            With shorts for the men, tee shirts and towels for us girls to sit on, we went to the kitchen for tea and lemonade. We talked about the experiences in the bedroom. With tents rising in the shorts, it was time to go back.

            I sent the boys to James’ bedroom to take a quick shower. Licking fresh pussy juice is ok but dried or drying pussy – not so much. I took the girls into my new bedroom; all of us stepped into the shower at the same time.

            Once the temperature was adjusted I took the wand and adjusted it to the temperature and flow I liked and they watched me flush out my pussy. I handed the wand to Elsie; after a few strokes she then passed it to Carol.

            ”Where can we get one of those? I like that,” Elsie said.

            ”We are not using it for its advertised use. It is to clean out your butt for anal sex on most sites but there are a few that sell it for vaginal cleaning. I like it and use it every shower and after play. No more stinky pussy,” I said.

            “Do you have your own bathroom at the Jackson’s or do you share?” I asked.

            ”We have to share,” Elsie said.

            We went back to my bedroom – the guys were already waiting. I changed the sheet to one that was not juice or cum spotted.

            I handed James the condom. He laid it on the bed then started kissing – first her mouth and the side of her neck. He was fondling her breasts followed by suction and nibbles.

            She pushed James down. He was kissing her body as he went. Her hips thrust up to meet his mouth. Carol grabbed his head and she closed her legs around his head. I wondered if he was able to breathe. At that moment she groaned and her legs went wide, ”I’m cuming,” and then with a deep sigh she went limp.

            I handed James the condom and lube. Carol watched as he rolled the condom all the way to his crotch and lubed it. She stuck out her hand, ”Put a dab on my fingers,” she said.

            She reached to James and pulled him to her between spread legs. With his cock in hand she guided him in, ”That’s it, right there.” James pushed and gained a little and then tried again.

            ”It’s not going, it’s too big or I am too tight,” Carol said.

            ”It will go. Just relax – you’re too tense,” I said.

            I stood beside the bed and rubbed and played with her clit, “James as you feel it start in ease off on the pressure. You need to make a nice smooth easy entrance.”

            ”Ah – ah it’s going in, stop, wait. OK, more and then wait,” Carol said.

            ”Little strokes and advance a little James,” I said.

            ”Ok, it feels a lot better – try for all of it,” Carol said.

            James began working her with a mix of short and long strokes, adding circles against her clit. Carol was struggling with some of it. I could see the changes in her facial expression. Then I realized what was happening. James was hitting her cervix at times, causing her discomfort.

            ”James, stop a minute. Lift her butt up off the bed,” I said as I slid a thick pillow under her.

            ”Ok! Start off easy again. That should be better,” I said.

            I could tell it was better as the tempo of her vocals increased as well as her body actions. James – having cum so many times today – was an endurance machine. He kept fucking her with hard strokes, short strokes and grinding on her.

             Then he switched, pounding her first with her legs spread and then with them on his shoulders, finally with them pulled back under her arms – a very difficult position for many women. Carol seemed to be in a continuous state of orgasm, but that position gave her the final screaming climax of the day.

             I would liked to have gone one more time trying one of the things I had read about in the anal magazine, but the men were done. Bob’s cock had not responded even after Carol’s vocal outburst of pleasures and I was sure James was no better off.

            They had completed every schoolboy’s fantasy – multiple willing girls – multiple times – in a single day.

            It was time to clean up. There were at least two loads of wash to do -one of bedding and one of towels – and we all needed showers one more time.

            I sent the boys to shower in James’ bathroom and I and the girls to Dad’s so we could use the wand. When finished I opened the dresser and gave them shorts and a tee shirts to lounge in until they needed to go home. There were looks but they didn’t say anything as my clothes came from my dresser in Dad’s room.

            Dad called from town asking if we needed anything as he was leaving town. I made my bed for the third time in two days even though I had not slept in it. The girls and boys were napping off and on in front of the TV. I was folding the last load of towels when Dad came home.

            As Dad walked in I saw him wrinkle his nose as he sniffed. I just smiled and winked. I followed him into the office. He had picked up the mail. We went through it together. There were checks for the grain we had sold that I would deposit tomorrow along with the other checks we had found.

            ”How did the day go?” Dad asked.

            ”There are no virgins left in the house today,” I replied.

            ”Only one problem; I came up on the short stick again. Three horny girls are just too much for two studs even young ones. Next time it has to be three and three,” I said.

            ‘‘You’re saying you want an experienced stud the next time you plan an orgy,” Dad said.

            ”Yes! And that is you, ” I said.

            ”I will take care of your needs tonight, the orgy can wait,” he said as we melted into each other’s arms.

            The Jackson girls changed back into their clothes and then Skyped with their Mom. Shortly after that they went home after asking if they could come back tomorrow.

            ”Mary is going to town in the morning, ask Grandma if you can go along,” Dad said.

            ”OK, we will. Thanks!” Elsie said.                          

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 9

We started looking at the pile from Mom’s desk. I called the bank about the checking account. There was money in it, a joint account in both their names. No checks had been written on the account since Mom’s death.

            ”Dad, can we transfer the money to a new account? Call it ‘Grant Farms Household Account’ with you and me as signees,” I said.

            ”Sounds like a good idea,” he said.

            The bank agreed to fill out all the papers and we had an appointment tomorrow at nine to sign them. The next item was the insurance policies – by luck the agent was in the office. After an hour we found out the policies were still being paid from Dad’s farm account. Five years after Mom’s death, Dad was still paying life insurance on her.

            Two of them were on Mom – life insurance policies, fifty thousand each. Dad had neglected to inform them of Mom’s death. Another job for tomorrow; get copies of the death certificate, carry them to the agent and fill out the paperwork.

            The third policy was a family policy with all four of us listed. Again money was owed to us on Mom’s death and more paperwork tomorrow.

            I wondered how many more things were being deducted and Dad did not know or understand about them; I had plenty to do. It was a good thing the weather was going to give us a couple days of rain.          

                        The girls Skyped with their Mom while I worked sorting papers. Then they left to go home to help Gram-maw with housework. Dad and James went to look after the livestock. I started homemade pizza for supper. While the dough was rising I stripped my bed and put the things in the washer and then remade it with clean bedding. I carried more clothes to my dresser in Dad’s room.

            I did a serious look at Mom’s jewelry box. There were several separate bags marked in Mom’s writing with ‘My mothers’, ‘My grandmothers’, ‘Sherman’s mother’ in the bottom after the tray was lifted out. All of hers were loose in the top tray. I closed the lid until after supper go through all of. It needed to be appraised so we could insure it and put them in the safety deposit box.

            I rolled out the pizza dough and added the combination of sauce that we liked. I put the rest of the dough in the freezer. I usually made enough to make four pizzas but only cooked one at a time.

            It would take twenty minutes to cook. I rang the dinner bell and yelled ”Twenty minutes,” and then I set the table.

            The conversation was guarded. James was hunting for something that he couldn’t put in to words or was afraid to in front of Dad. Dad didn’t recognize it or did not let on that he did.

            Dad and James were talking about something in the shop. When James excused himself to go the bathroom Dad said, ”I’ll go to the shop and get the manual.” James was quickly back.

            ”James, remember what I said about not rushing us girls,” I said.

            ”Yes I remember and you said last night nothing had changed,” he said.

            ”Nothing then and now something has changed. Save your energy. In two days you may be able to screw the brains out of two girls. They will be insatiable and will both want you more than once. We will let you know when so don’t ask. No pressure,” I said.

            Dad was back with the books on the mix mill he bought.

            ”Mary, in the next few days can you see if you can find what protein levels we need to be shooting for with the cattle, hog and chicken feed and what we need for ingredients that we don’t have?” Dad requested.

            ”One of the agriculture universities or the Department of Agriculture should have it on-line,” I said.

            ”I have been thinking about your suggestion that we add some hogs and chickens to the farm,” he said.

            I went into the bedroom and started putting the basket of my clothes away. I decided to shower while I was in there, then I decided to try on the party dresses of Mom’s that I had kept.

            First was the micro-mini black leather dress. I had to struggle but was able to get in it by pulling it over my head. It was tight; a perfect fit in the waist and butt. With the upper straps on my shoulders I was able to wiggle and shift my D cups into the boob supports made in it.

            The front ‘V’ ended a couple inches above my belly button; there was plenty of cleavage showing. The back ‘V’ ended mid back. The hem was just two and a half inches below the crotch. I could bend my finger at the hem and rub my clit and I was sure plenty of cheek was visible. This was a dress that telegraphed ‘come fuck me’ and it didn’t need to come off to do it. Simply lift the front up and spread or bend over for rear access.

            I quickly brushed my hair and put on a set of pearls from the jewelry box. I turned out the lights. I pulled the dress down as much as I could and went out to the living room. Dad had his back to me. James was staring.

            ”Care for a drink and a dance with me lover, or would you rather coffee tea and me,” I said.

            Dad looked at me – at my breasts first then up to my smile and finally down to the hem and back up. He reached out to my knee and slid his hand up against my pussy which I knew had to be wet. He placed a kiss on my bare cleavage.

            “She wore that same dress to a party and we both had one too many. When we got home she took down my pants, set me in a chair and straddled me. We made love for over an hour while looking in each other’s eyes and slowly moving.”

            ”I am in so much trouble tonight,” Dad said with a grin.

            ”Put some pillows between the headboard and the wall. I would like to get some sleep tonight,” James said but he was smiling.

            I put on the other dress that was a multi-piece with a jacket. There were two tops. One top was a soft leather bra that had great support – even for my D’s. It was cut wide to expose lots of cleavage. Mom must have had small areolas for this top to cover them – or maybe the jacket was to do that.

            The other bra was also soft leather but a full bra with holes for the nipples to be exposed. I had large dark areola topped with hard pointed fat nipples. From the pictures I had seen in James’ magazines, somebody with a nipple fetish would have been in heaven. Nipple piercings, stretchers and shields would all be easy play on me.

            The dress was longer but slit up the sides; it was another CFM party dress; so were the others. I could get into all of them. I decided to keep them, realizing I needed to be more aware of what I was eating.

            I looked at the Amazon adult section for toys. I didn’t know they had that many pages. I started an account in my name and my debit card number. I picked out several anal toys I thought could be fun and a couple more dildos.

            One of the pictures stood out to me. We had one of those – it was attached to the showerhead in our bedroom. It was a long flexible hose with a long nozzle at the end of it and several valves on it. It was a modern version of the enema bag. I couldn’t imagine pooping that mess out in the shower to clean up. But with the long hose, I could sit on the flush and use it.

            But then, I could use it to rinse out my pussy after sex and my rectum – if I really liked anal.

            I was naked under a tee shirt as I finished putting the papers together for tomorrow. I finished the sorting of more papers. Dad came in behind me, cupped both breasts and massaged them.

            ”It’s time for bed my love,” he said.

            A turn and we were kissing, ”Yes I know, I have been waiting on you,” I said.

            Dad and I played for two hours. After cuming on his tongue and he once in at the entrance to my throat, he and I made love with me sitting on his lap facing each other. It allowed both of our hands to be free to play and we did. We finished out his third and my fourth orgasm with him pounding me from the rear – ‘doggy style’ he called it.

            My head was on the carpet resting in my folded arms, my knees on pillows for the right height. Dad’s big cock was driving my G spot crazy. It during this play that his thumb lubricated with our juices was pushed and popped into my ass, causing my final cum for the evening as he was moving that thumb in and out of my anus. He came moments later.

            We showered together again and he showed me how to adjust the hose and nozzle to flush out my gaping pussy.

            It was lightly raining when we got up and it was supposed to continue for three days. There would be no farm work for those three days and several days after. As soon as the wheat dried we would be going hell bent. We had eight hundred acres of our own wheat to cut and three hundred for Amos Jackson and then all of it needed to be planted in late beans.

            I dressed in the best clothes I had and did my hair up. Dad and I placed all the jewelry that was under the tray in Dad’s case. He and I looked through Mom’s jewelry on the tray. He took Mom’s wedding ring and placed it on my finger.

            ”I am not surprised that it fits; you could be her twin,” Dad said.

            I started to take the ring off.

            ”Keep it on, wear it for today,” Dad said.

            At nine we were in the bank signing papers. Then we opened the safety deposit box. In there were deeds to the farms and titles to the trucks, our birth certificates and more unidentified jewelry. I placed all the jewelry that had been in the jewelry box except Mom’s in the bank box, then closed and locked the door. I could now get in it with my signature.

            Then it was to the county building to get official death certificates and then to insurance agent. It took ten minutes in the county building and two hours at the agents.

            We did lunch at the town restaurant. There was a little wait so Dad signed us in on the list. We waited in the lobby with other guests. I knew several of the other waiting people by their faces; they were juniors in school. With me being a sophomore we didn’t associate and I didn’t know them by name.

            They had followed us in, they were there with their parents. I knew they didn’t know Dad. There were three groups of them. The teenagers were staring at the wedding ring on my finger.

            ”The table for Mr. and Misses Grant is ready,” the speaker said.

            We stood, Dad took my hand in an affectionate way and we walked in. At the table – instead of sitting opposite – Dad pulled his chair next to mine and we held hands while sharing a menu. I was puzzled with what Dad was doing but I was going along with it.

            Dad and my Mother had married before they graduated school. I was born the following January and James in December; they were both eighteen at the time.

            Dad was thirty four – soon to be thirty five – and looked young. I had looked with the new computer – just out of curiosity – about voluntary incest laws in this slow backwards state. There were none – yet – but they were trying. The age of consent for marriage was fifteen. For the time being we could be married if we chose and also chose to ignore the stigma and social issues. Criminal forced incest was something totally different.

            I could drink wine but not beer or liquor. Dad ordered each of us a glass. We quietly talked about a lot things – that for some reason – we didn’t seem to have time to do at home.

            ”You said you could home school next year. Were you serious about doing that?” he asked.

            ”Yes! Have you changed your mind about a little one?” I asked.

            ”Yes and no, to be honest I am not against us having a child but I would like to wait another year. You know I love you more than ever,” he said.

            ”I feel the same way and it is growing,” I said.

            ”Mr. Jackson’s health problem is worse than they first thought so recovery is going to take a lot longer. He may not be able do his fall harvest or help us. He is feeling terrible about it,” he said.

            ”If you and James could both home school and hold your classes in the morning, then had the afternoons off, I think we could handle the problem,” he said.

            ”What about the Jackson grandkids. I think Elsie and Carol would like to stay and help. I know they are doing more and more over there,” I said.

            Our food was delivered and we ate quietly. I was thinking about a lot of things and the changes coming my way.           

            The office store wrapped the file cabinet I wanted in plastic to keep it dry. Everything else – all the file folders and such – went into the back seat.

            On the way home my cell phone rang; it was one of my friends from school.

            ”I hear you were in a restaurant today with a hunk wearing a wedding ring. Have you gotten married?” she asked.

            ”It was a great meal with the man I love,” I said. I had answered but I hadn’t.

            Like it or not, the rumors were going to start.

            James and Dad helped move things around in the office as I began the work of putting things together.

            Elsie, Carol and Bob came over at three in the Gator with the enclosed cab on it. Dad whispered to me that he was going over to see Amos while the grandkids were over here.

            The girls and I went to my bedroom and locked the doors. I pulled out the box with the strapon and the big dildo, stepping into it and pulling the straps tight.

            ”I think we need to do a little warm up to get you ready. Who wants to go first?” I asked.

            ”Elsie first and we want to do it just like we did yesterday; one over the other. That was real nice,” Carol answered.

            We did all the things that would excite Elsie, starting with kissing. We took turns including sucking on her breasts and fingering. While they were getting into position I placed a condom on the dildo and lubed it. As I closed my hand around it to spread the lube, I realized that it may not have looked that much bigger but it actually was a lot bigger.

            I positioned the dildo at the mouth of Elsie’s pussy and slowly pushed, spreading the lips. Carol was underneath licking at her clit as Elsie was doing hers. I could tell by the pressure and the bow in the dildo Elsie was not loosening up very much. I backed off and added more lube to it and her pussy and then tried again.

            With both hands at her waist I pulled – adding pressure – and watched the dildo bow more and then slowly straighten out as it stretched her and penetrated. Elsie yelped and arched her back a little as the dildo forced its way in. A third of the dildo was in. I pulled back a little and then pushed back in several times.

            Then I started adding more stroke to gain depth. Elsie had relaxed and I was bottoming against her pussy. I increased the force I was using, causing her to sway. I used my hands on her hips to pull her back against me.

            With her loosened up I reached forward, took her breasts in my hands and massaged then pulled on them and pinched the nipples. Moans and whimpers were louder, her breathing heaver and more rapid.

            ”She is leaking like a sieve; a steady flow,” Carol said.

            Her anus was tightening and releasing – something I had not noticed before. ‘I wonder,’ I thought.

            I reached for the tube of lube, lubed up my fingers and thumb and added a glob on the dark hole. I circled the hole with my finger. Each time it relaxed I inserted my finger. In and out, in and out, adding lube each time. I was in to the second knuckle and then all the way in. I did circles with my finger to expand the orifice. I started the second finger in with the first then both were all the way in. Then I started stroking in time with my thrusting of the dildo.

            Elsie went crazy when the massive orgasm hit, her legs shaking and trembling. It started as a whine then ‘OH God’ that grew into a scream. She was huffing and puffing, out of breath. Her arms gave out and her head was on Carol’s leg. Her anal muscles clamped so tight on my fingers that I could not move them.

            I felt her relax enough that I was able to remove my fingers and then backed away, pulling the dildo from her pussy. Fluids were leaking onto Carol’s mouth as she tried to catch them.

            Elsie rolled onto her side, I caught her to keep her from falling on to the floor. She appeared to be in dreamland and smiling.

            ”Carol, turn around,” I said as I was replacing the condom and applying lube.

            With her legs spread wide and dab of lube I pushed into Carol’s pussy. After the initial resistance I easily slid to the fake balls and started stroking. She then started with ‘fuck me, fuck me,’ and more. I used my hips and did circles against her clit. Her first orgasm was in seconds. I pushed her legs back as it started to go away and started pounding her for all I was worth.

            Her next orgasm was a full blown hurricane; full throttle and wide open. Elsie had recovered and was helping hold her legs back. Carol went through the tremors and then rigid and passed out. I pulled out and backed away. I needed to catch my breath and rest.

            I looked at Elsie, ”Do you want James today?” I asked.

            ”No. Tomorrow, after we recuperate,” she answered.

            I cleaned up the toys and put them away. The towels had been forgotten so the bed had to be stripped again. Oh well. I sent them both to the shower and pulled off the bedding. With a dry part of a sheet, I dried off the sweat and dressed. Being on the end of a dick was hard work! Then I carried the bedding to the laundry.

            ”Sounds like you had fun,” James said.

            ”Tomorrow you two are the fun,” I said.

            I started putting Dad’s checking account on a business program starting on January 1. I had six full months to enter. The girls would be down wanting to Skype with their Mom when they finished the up the shower and dressing.

            Dad was late coming home from the Jackson’s, in fact the kids just left to go home before the rain got worse. Dad came into the office and closed the door. In a way I was glad he did.

            I gave him a hug and a scorching kiss. In the process he had my ass cheeks in both hands holding us together.

            ”I think someone is horny,” he said.

            ”Educating the girls?” he asked.

            ”Yes,” I replied.

            ”They left you hanging?” he asked.

            ”Yes, very high,” I answered.

            ”I shall do my manly duties and adequately satisfy you later. I promise,” he said as he squeezed my butt cheeks, pulled me onto his hardening cock and returned the blistering kiss.

            ”Amos is open to having the grandchildren stay for the year if his daughter will agree and they can home school. I may need you to help with some of that,” Dad said.

            ”Linda is coming down to see them in a couple weeks. You have Skyped with her and the kids or they have been giving her information. She very much wants to see and talk with you,” I said.

            ”I have a couple questions while you are here. Can you explain these expense items to me so I know how to assign an account to them? And I also found this check from the mill that has not been deposited,” I said.

            “I’ll call the mill tomorrow to make sure it is still a good check before I deposit it,” I said.

            Supper was quick soup and grilled sandwiches.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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