Chapter 87

Tuesday morning started off with all kinds of action going on. Jenny, Patti and I were entertained to all kinds of sounds coming from next door. There were sounds from diesel engines to all kinds of crunching and crashes. It was loud enough to have all the girls in the kitchen before we left for work. They wanted to go watch. I told the make sure they stayed well out of the way if they did.

When I walked into the office the night supervisor handed me a stack of messages that had come in this morning. Joe from maintenance had the second Homer the pervert ready for me to test out. It had improvements over the first one. The maintenance supervisor wanted me to move the trailer over to the field house so they could start putting the mats in. He wanted me to watch the first few to go in. He had an idea he wanted to discuss about loading.

There were a lot of messages from staff to ‘give them hell’. I guess the word had gotten out of where we were going and why. This college had been through it and we had been lucky no one had been killed other than the victim that had taken her own life. I still blamed that on poor crisis counseling.

I hooked up the trailer with help from one of the day guys and backed it up to the side door of the field house. I was only there for a couple of minutes before Joe met me there. He was satisfied with the position and helped me unhook the trailer.

He explained that they thought it would be better to semi fold the mats and push them against the front than to load them length wise. They would be self supporting that way and a lot easier to get out.

I agreed with him and offered to help them put the mats in, but he refused to allow me to help. He said they would put a cross support to hold them in place and then load Homer and Homer Jr. at the rear of the trailer.

I worked on all the things that I need to do to keep my department running. I spent a couple of hours with Richard Bozman dealing with issues on the new dorm construction. It seems that the contractor thought his people would have run of the entire college. It didn’t take long to put an end to that.

Sarah Grayson came in near lunch time and asked if she could talk to me privately. We went into my office.

She asked, “Is it true that you are going to Frost Borough?”

“Yes, we are leaving tomorrow afternoon.” I replied.

She said, “I have a friend there. Her name is Belinda Stevens. Her roommate was the girl that was attacked ten days ago. Now, with a girl being killed this Friday night, she is taking it very hard. Would you talk to her? Please.”

“I’ll be more than glad to talk to her. Do you have a picture of her or will you just tell her to see me?” I asked.

Jenny called to see if we could do lunch. She brought soup and salad from the deli. Fifteen minutes later we were all sitting in the lunch room eating.

“Have you heard anything from the girls?” she asked.

“No, not a word. We left them plenty to do. They should be busy.” I said.

“True, but I still was expecting a play by play report,” she said with a laugh.

To change the subject I filled her in on the request by Sarah Grayson that we talk to her friend. Jenny seemed to be in deep thought then she said, “If Kate does not have any one going with her I wonder if she would mind a room mate?”

“That is a good question. I’ll wander over after while and find out.” I said.

I had hardly finished when the phone beeped telling me I had an e-mail. It was from the girls; it was filled with pictures. Jenny, Patti and I went into my office so we could look at them on the big monitor. I had to laugh; the first picture was of Marcy wearing a hard hat and safety glasses sitting in the excavator. The caption with the picture read ‘Some times to get it right you just have to do it yourself’. We had a good chuckle at that one.

All that was left of the house was a small pile of rubble. There was a long row of work vans parked alongside the east loading dock. Bob must have brought every crew he had to the job. Inside the plumbers were fitting PVC pipe together for all the drains and the forms were coming together for the pad. There were a lot of 2×4 frames laid out in several places on the floor. In one picture all the girls – even Jeanna – had hard hats and safety glasses on. At the end of the e-mail Marcy had typed “A lot of progress is being made, things are going better than expected on all fronts.”

I sent back, “It sure looks like it. Thanks for the update, see ya in a few hours.”

I got a call from the C-town’s police department, the contractors trucks hauling material to the job site were leaving dirt and mud on the side street. There was so much dirt that the town’s street sweeper would not clean it. If we did not put an end to that they would hire someone to clean the street every day and bill us.

I met Richard at the entrance and the construction foreman at the site and relayed the town’s message. The solution was that they were going to dig 100 feet of the entrance road back a foot deep and put in crushed coarse cobblestone and have someone wash the mud off the truck tires before they went on to the highway, if they needed it.

On the way back I stopped at the audio and visual department and had a chat with Kate. I explained Sarah’s interest and thought about taking her along. She was indeed going alone and would love to have a room mate. I asked her not to say anything to Sarah until I had a chance to work out all the details.

At two I had three more interviews for part time people that could do over night trips. I needed them to be able to fill the request from the athletic department for increased security on field trips. We had lucked out this time. They were all three from local police departments looking to supplement their income and hoping to get their foot in the door for a future full-time spot.

I had Jenny check the police records for any problem areas. I did not want anyone that had a history of complaints filed against them for any reason. I did not want anyone that was quick on the taser, pepper spray or trigger happy. I did need them to have a carry permit because I wanted at least one person on each bus armed.

Ron Scott, the full timer that I hired from the sheriff’s department, knew all three. He had met all of them at one time or another at some of the training programs required to stay current. From his personal contact he thought they would be ok.

By the time I had finished the interviews it was time to go home. Patti and I made the drive towards home. Jenny had texted that she had left a few minutes early and was almost home.

During the ride home Patti asked if I could help her get her drivers license. She said, “I have had Drivers Ed but I never bothered to get a permit or license. I would like to be able to drive so I don’t have to beg someone to take me anywhere I want to go. I will soon have enough to make a good down payment on one of the cheaper models and then I want to talk about paying rent for one of the rooms or maybe help more with the bills. I really do like living with you and the girls.”

“Wendy brought me over a state manual and I have been studying. I think I am ready to go for a permit. I just need someone over 21 with a Maryland license to go with me,” she said.

“Get all the paperwork together and put it in your briefcase. We will find a way to make it happen soon,” I replied.

As I turned onto Summers Drive I could see cars parked on both sides of the road, by our driveway and the entrance to the soon to be gym. I also noticed the outside lights were on.

I called Marcy and asked, “Where are you and Ching Lee and Lorrie at?”

“We are home fixing supper – is there something wrong?” she asked.

“Turn off the stove if you have it on and come over to the gym – we have a crowd,” I said.

I had just enough room to get the Suburban into the house driveway. Patti and I walked over to the driveway for the gym where 50 of so people had collected. The house was completely gone as were the trees. The holes where the stumps would have been were filled and leveled. The white fence was up except for the gate. There was one of those yellow plastic do not cross tapes where the gate would have been. The front lights were on as were the loading dock lights. I was amazed at how good the building looked lit up in the dark.

The general talk that was going on was how long had it been there? Who owns it and what is going to be in it?

Ching Lee and Marcy arrived carrying flashlights and the print. Lorrie stepped in front of the gathered gawkers and gave a speech that she had prepared.

“Good evening. My name is Lorrie and I am spokes person for The Jones Fitness and Training Center. Behind me is the old Summers Publishing Paper warehouse that we are turning into a fitness center. We are going to offer a complete fitness center plus the state of the art Marathoner tread mill. The Marathoner has over 500 preprogrammed marathons from around the world. It comes complete with video screens that allow the runner to visually see the course in real time as they run.

We are also going to offer a complete self defense training program with BJ Jones as trainer. BJ won multiple awards as trainer in the Marine Corps.

We are going to have a regulation boxing ring and Women’s Boxing Association Champion Shelia Roush will do some of her training here. She has agreed to do limited training here if there is enough interest.

There are many other features that will be added before we open. I should add that we will be strictly operating for female cliental. We will have an open house soon. Thanks for stopping by.”

As we walked towards the gym she said, “Since the trees came down it’s been like this all day.”

Marcy said, “There are a couple of changes I made today. The water pipe from the meter was inch and a quarter plastic. The septic pipe was also PVC. The plumber said both were put in new when the county ran sewer and that there was no need to change them. They just capped the lines that went to the house. That saved us over a thousand dollars. The heating contractor installed the new gas heaters today. All we need is the tank and that is coming Thursday morning. I approved relocating the front heaters midway and angling them both towards the front of the building. That would move the heater fan noise away from the tubs and workout area.”

“That was a very good idea. You’re doing great, I’m glad to see you are on top of everything,” I said.

“Mom has been helping Vicky and me with the technical stuff. I wish she could stay to see it completed but she has to leave Sunday. She is going to have the bank jet pick her up late Sunday afternoon at the little airport by the bridge. She wants to know if she can come and spend the Christmas through New Years holiday with us.” Marcy said.

“You did tell her that she can come as often as she likes and stay as long as she wants to, didn’t you?” I asked. She responded with a hug.

Vicky came over and said, “I have a lot of paper work that we need to sign and leave with Marcy to take to the lawyers. We need to find a notary tonight.”

We went back to the house. We finished supper. Jenny’s Mom and Dad came over. Jenny’s mom was a notary. We read all the forms as we signed and she notarized them. We filled them in on the progress with the gym. After they left, Jenny, Lorrie, Vicky and I packed an overnight case for our trip tomorrow. Jenny and Lorrie also pack their equipment for their parts in the seminar. Ching Lee gave me two CD’s with the new program that Kate would use.

The plan was that Patti and I were going to work as normal. At noon I would pick up the trailer along with Kate and Sarah. Jenny was going to work half a day from home. I would stop by home and then we would travel together with Lorrie and Vicky riding with Jenny. One of the girls, Ching Lee or Marcy would pick up Patti.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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  1. KiwiChris says:

    great chapter. excellent pacing. left wanting more 🙂

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