Chapter 97

We were up at seven and I was fixing breakfast when the whole crew showed up. My Mom and Dad, Jenny’s Mom and Dad and Carl all ended up at the table. I fixed potatoes with onions and some fine cut up peppers, eggs, bacon, waffles, sausage and toast. Orange juice, coffee, apple juice and chocolate milk were the breakfast drinks. It was a good thing that I did not have to feed that bunch every morning. They could put away some food. Where we girls ate daintily those guys went at it like it was the last supper.

After the food was gone we split up into two groups. My group went to the basement to decide which workout machines were going to make the move and to help load them. The other group went over to the gym to give it one last cleaning and decide where they wanted the machines places. We loaded three pickups and unloaded them on the loading dock next to the overhead door. Even though the weather was a little warmer than normal the air still carried a chill to it. Then we opened the door and moved the machines in as quickly as possible to save as much heat as possible. It took 6 more trips with the three trucks to get all the equipment moved to the gym. With the additional new equipment we bought to make up the gap in what we had with what we needed the gym was going to be well equipped.

On the last trip Carl and I carried up I carried up boxes of the smaller ankle and wrist weights that were the last things. Carl and I went back to the basement to find the two Dads’s trying to figure out how to carry the sex chair to the truck.

I glanced at Carl and he glanced back in a knowing way and said, “You’re on your own.”

“Dad, that does not go, it stays here,” I said.

“It is a piece of workout equipment isn’t it?” he replied.

“You do not know what that is, do you?” I asked.

“No, but I don’t know what half of the other things are we carried out are either,” he said.

I put the leg rest back into position and then sat on it with my legs spread and said, “Come here.”

I pulled him as close to me as I could get him and said,” Don’t move.”

I lay back, put my legs on the rest, hit the raise button and when I was at the correct height, stopped.

“Dad, if you and I were doing this with no clothes on we would now fine-tune the height for perfect pleasure.” I said. Then I played with the buttons to show all the angles the chair would do. “It will do much more but I think you get the idea.”

He and Jason both turned three shades of red. Carl was struggling to stay standing as he was laughing so hard.

“It stays in the basement we are not going to do that kind of exercise in the gym,” I said. “You two have led a much more sheltered life than I thought.”

After the last things were in the gym I found that Lorrie, Vicky and Ching Lee were setting up the classroom electronics equipment, chairs and tables. They were going to work on a series of wall posters to put in the classroom. Then they were going to put up 12×12 picture frames that had a color picture of each of us with a description of out training responsibilities in the waiting room.

The night crew had put the last coat of paint on both rooms and had left the heat high enough to sufficiently dry it. Kim and Marsha were directing the two guys from Bob’s construction in placement of the tanning equipment. There were six of the new style tanning booth and two of the old style beds. We had over-built the room to allow for two more of either style booths or whatever changes we needed to make to the room.

Marcy, Jeanna and Jenny were in the office working on a procedures manual. We wanted to have written instructions for everyone to go by in the day to day running of the gym since there were so many people involved. There were instructions on the credit card machine, how to handle cash and how to close out the cash register at the end of the day. There were instructions on the e-mail club and memberships. There were detailed instructions opening up for business each morning and closing up at night along with a check list. There were going to be very detailed postings about the use of phones and a camera restriction in the gym.

The two Moms were working in the refreshment center cleaning and straightening things out. They were putting prices on things as they went from a list that Marcy had made up. We were not going to make any money on the sale of the first items because we had paid retail at local stores for most things. A wholesale company had been contacted and Marcy started an account. The next order would be a profit maker.

Belinda, Misty and Sarah were finishing up the towels and general cleaning. They cleaned the waiting room one more time to remove all the grime from the carpenters. There were still making list of items we needed at the store. Wendy and Patti helped everywhere.

By noon everything was in place. We called in a sub order for every one including Bob’s two men. Brett and Jack asked if they could call their wives and daughters to come this afternoon and look at what they had been working on so much. We readily agreed; after all they had spent so much time working in here the last two weeks.

Shelia was coming at one to help with positioning the boxing ring and where she wanted the punching bags. Brett and Jack only needed to drill the four holes in the floor with a rotary hammer drill, epoxy the post in place and level.

Jenny and I were also going to meet Amy Crossman the masseur, and Jamie Weston. Jamie Weston was an Olympic gold medal winner in Ladies Pistol Shooting. She was going to teach gun safety, target shooting, and qualify the ladies for the concealed carry license. All the classroom work was going to be done at the gym and the actual shooting was going to be done at Shooters Sporting Range. They had a building there like you see on the TV cop shows for all weather shooting. They also had a walk through shoot-don’t-shoot range. I had to qualify twice a year on one of those when I was on MP duty. The ladies enrolled in the safety course were even going to do that at least once. I was going to insist that Lorrie, Vicky, Ching Lee and Marcy take and pass the course as it might come in handy at a later date. Just for them to have the safety course itself would be worthwhile. Dad and Jason had taken all of us to the shooting range a couple of times. We had done well and enjoyed the challenge.

Dad and Jason were quickly getting to be buddies. They both enjoyed shooting and Jason was trying his best to teach Dad the game of golf. I guess you can teach old dog new tricks if you stayed at it long enough. They had even rented a hunting cabin together near the Frost Borough College for the elk and black bear season. Dad had taken Jason goose hunting to the hunting farm that he and a couple of his friends rented. Jason had bagged his limit both times they went. Jason had one stuffed and he proudly displayed it in his office.

By four PM every thing was completed. All the trash was in the dumpsters; they were leaving tomorrow morning to make sure that we had enough parking. Bob’s guys and all of their equipment were gone. We made one last walkthrough just to satisfy our selves that everything was right.

Kim, Marsha, Shelia, Amy and Jamie had all had left with the promise they would be there at 10 to go over everything again then be ready for the open house. I hoped that we would have a good one and that we were not over doing it so close to the holidays. I knew that Kim, Marsha and Wendy were calling or texting everyone they knew. Tomorrow was the last day for the radio adds. They were to change slightly announcing the full open house for the tanning salon as well as the gym. The gym was completed a full month ahead of our plans.

The girls were going to hold their Monday night class in the new gym as part of the open house. The class was thrilled when the girls asked them to be part of the open house. They had all lost weight and were ready to show off their new bodies; of course a free month membership in the tanning salon sealed the deal.

Tonight was Jeanna’s last night. The bank’s private jet was going to pick her up at the Island Airport at 5 AM. I questioned if a Gulfstream 5 could safely land and take off from such on such a short runway. The pilot assured her it was a piece of cake.

She was going to be gone a little over two weeks. She had promised Marcy she would be here to celebrate Christmas with us. Jeanna wanted a simple evening with her friends and extended family as she called us. We rented a room at the Inn at the Narrows restaurant. Steak and seafood was her choice. We were all so worn out it was a blessing to have someone else do the cooking and clean up. The whole group was invited, the Moms and Dads, Carl and all the girls.

After supper Jeanna with Marcy’s help packed and moved most of her things into the garage. It would be simple task to put it in the car in the morning. We went through extended goodnights and hugs then called a night.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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