Chapter 103

Sunday morning at eight Jenny called her mom to find out what kind of night Joey had. It must not have been too bad because she had already had breakfast. Jenny was going to pick her up at 930 to go get her things. Jenny had been on the phone and computer for more than a hour. Jenny was calling in ever favor she was owed from the sound of the conversations. She had been checking all kinds of things about the North side gang. Then she spent time checking out Joey’s sister and her boyfriend. The boyfriend had a long sheet and the sister was no angel. How they managed to appointed guardians of anybody was a mystery.

Then she checked out Joey’s story about her Mom’s death and the insurance policy and restrictions on it and how it turned into the college trust fund. There were some unusual clauses but nothing that couldn’t be changed with a compassionate judge.

She then got a protective order to keep both the sister and boyfriend away from Joey. Jenny also arranged for two MSP officers to meet them at 2102 Hammond Street, Annapolis at 1030. They didn’t need a search warrant with Joey having a key and inviting them in to help her collect her things.

The plan was that Joey and Jenny were going in her state car and Ching Lee, Vicky, Misty and Belinda were going to take the suburban to help pack and bring her things to the Coles house. They took a box of trash bags and all the boxes they could find. Joey also wore Ching Lee’s body padding to protect her ribs that we used for training just in case something unplanned happened.

I had already been over at the gym for three hours and was going to stay there in case any trouble showed up. Lorrie, Marcy, and Wendy were with me. Even though it was Sunday morning we started out busy and stayed busy. That didn’t keep me from worrying about the group going across the bridge. I wasn’t the only one worried either.

Lisa came in at 10:30 and sat in the refreshment area. I could tell she was nervous. She kept looking at her watch then the wall clock. Finally I went over and sat with her.

“Mom they are just getting there everything will be fine,” I said.

“I know but that does not stop me from worrying. I helped with her bath this morning, she couldn’t wash her back. I saw her sides and her arms. I’m still crying on the inside. How could anyone do that to her?” she said. “I have never been so mad at anyone. If could have gotten my hands on them it would not be pretty or lady like.”

“You know that Jenny would not want you to do anything that is not lady like. You have to leave things like that to us young wild girls. We can still shrug it off as a learning experience,” I said. She gave a strange look and then a little smile and a nod of her head.

I knew in my heart we would get to meet them face to face if they followed their normal routine of harassment of the South Side Girls. It may be in a day or it might take a couple of weeks but it would happen. Tonight at closing I was going to call a meeting of all the girls and employees including Shelia and her 2 boxers to run through what if scenarios. We needed to be ready not surprised. I was glad that I had made the decision to teach them offensive fighting several months ago. There would also be a refresher tonight. Yes the one that had thrown the punches and the one who had held her would get some special treatment if I had anything to do with it.

At 1030 on the nose Joey unlocked and opened the door and stepped inside followed by Jenny and a MSP officer. The house was trashed again; the smell of spilled booze and weed was almost nauseating. The boyfriend was on the couch no shirt with a liquor bottle between his legs his head back and snoring passed out. Jenny used her smart phone to take pictures as they went.

Jenny looked at the MSP officer and said, “Cuff him for his own safety.” Then she checked the rest of the down stairs. Finding nothing she followed Joey upstairs to her room. Joey’s room was clear. The master bedroom was a different story. Joey’s sister was sandwiched between two men who were to drunk. They were trying to do a double on her and were so drunk that they were oblivious to what was going on around them. Jenny stepped to the top of the stairs to motion that she wanted the other officer and three pairs of cuffs.

Jenny stood at the top of the stairs looking in on the three of them with her 40 cal aimed in their direction and taking more pictures. As soon as the other two officers were at the top of the stairs they went in and announced their presence and cuffed the three of them leaving them sitting on the bed with one MSP officer guarding them. The other MSP was left guarding the boyfriend.

Jenny called the rest of the girls in to begin packing Joey’s possessions. Jenny went out side to watch the vehicles and make several calls. One of those calls was for another MSP unit for guard duty that arrived in just minutes. Several minutes later two APD units showed up. They were not happy that MSP was conducting a raid inside city limits without notifying them and demanded to see the person in charge. Jenny informed them that it was not a raid but an extraction of a material witness.

Ching Lee, Vicky, Misty and Belinda started bringing bags of clothes and a few boxes to the suburban. Two more trips into the house were all it took to collect all of Joey’s things. Jenny made sure that every piece of paper connected to Joey was boxed and did one last search of Joey’s room herself.

Jenny had the MSP bring the three down from upstairs as she removed the cuffs from a still snoring boyfriend. They turned the three until they were facing the interior wall then removed the cuffs and quickly backed out the door.

Thirty minutes later Joey was sitting in the gym at the table with Lisa Coles. Joey moved permanently into Jenny’s old room. Lisa and Jason were appointed her legal guardians.

EDIT by Alfmeister

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5 Responses to Chapter 103

  1. Kiwi Chris says:

    Not so keen on the future view of Joey. Kind of jarring to read as it is out of since with the rest of the chapter. Would have been better in a separate epilogue chapter doing a round up on several chapters. Otherwise the rest of the chapter is up to your usual high standards.
    Have a great holiday

  2. retrophil says:

    Kiwi was right, you know. Don’t try to remember it, write it now and label it “Epilogue.” IMO It is important to see the good BJ is doing for women.

  3. retrophil says:

    Oops. Don’t post it now but write it before you forget.

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