Chapter 119

The phone rang and went directly to hands free. I was leading a three car convoy from the college. We were bringing all of Misty’s, Belinda’s and Sarah’s personal belongings back to the house. It had to be done tonight so the cleaning crew could clean their former dorm rooms in time for the arrival of the nine California students tomorrow morning.

Marcy’s voice was full of tension, “How close are you to home? We have several serious problems, we need you here as soon as you can get here. Jason and the judge are both on their way. Have Sarah, Misty and Belinda come over to run the gym.”

“We are on 301, 15 minutes out. What’s wrong?” I asked as the line went dead.

We backed the vehicles up to the garage and I asked the girls to come over to the gym as we had problems and needed their help.

I could see that the lobby was full of men; at least three were uniformed police officers that I recognized belonging to the Annapolis PD. There were several more men and a couple of lawyers by the pin striped suits.

Vicky was at the customer check in window and said, “Marcy, Jenny, Jason, The Judge and Ching Lee are in the meeting room. Lorrie is out on the floor doing an evaluation. She said as soon as you came to let Misty, Sarah Belinda and Wendy run the gym. Lisa and your Mom will be here any minute. I started the North six working on the lower body routine. All of us are needed in there.”

As the three girls went through into the gym I motioned Vicky to get Lorrie and meet me in the meeting room with the others.

The Annapolis Police chief said very loudly, “Are we ready now? We have been here an hour, we are not waiting any longer. We are just going to seize all the electronic equipment and search the premise.”

The door to the meeting room opened and Jenny invited the police officers and me in. She told the other group, “We will be with you as soon as we finish up.”

Jenny went around the table with the introductions. The judge did not sit at the table but in a chair in the corner.

Police Chief Jacob Walker introduced his people. Then he started his spiel.

“Our informant had supplied us with a detailed account of a confrontation that happened in this gym between the North Side girls gang and the South Side gang. That confrontation was broken up by management personal of this gym. A knife fight occurred and was subsequently not reported to any authorities. An officer of the court participated in this altercation and knew that both groups of individuals were under surveillance by my department. My department has not received any cooperation from said court officer or her agency.

It is my understanding that there were a complete series of finger prints, ID photos taken along with DNA and urine samples. I have a warrant to take possession of all that material.”

Jenny replied, “Your warrant is misapplied. All of the information that you request has already been made available to multiple state agencies and checked against all state, local and federal known and unknown crime scene forensics. The Governors Criminal Task Force has searched the Federal Gang Task Force data base, the state data base as well as the combined North East criminal data base for any link between the groups that were here. None have been found or reported.

If you have any suspected gang related forensics that you have not entered into the data base within the required 24 hours by federal mandate you are jeopardizing Federal and State funding for your agency.”

“Why was I not informed that the information had been put in the database?” he asked.

“There is no protocol to inform any agency when the database is updated. You search the database for hits then add any new data you have,” Jenny said.

The Chief asked, “Are the gangs here today?”

Marcy replied, “The South Side gang is here and started the advanced boxers training class tonight. The North six are here working on lower body building tonight. They have been here every night since the altercation.”

“I want to interview all of them now,” he loudly emphasized.

“This is not a police station. As legal counsel for the gym you will need individual warrants for each of them and you will have to wait until they leave the premise. We have filed no complaint with any agency. They have been giving no problems while they are here. They will not be taken into custody on this property. If they are we will supply legal services for them as members of this gym for any activity that occurred at this establishment.” Jenny said.

“No wonder they have been on perfect behavior after you beat them half to death and then tried to drown them,” he said.

“They come here voluntarily, pay membership fees and are free to leave any time they want,” Jenny said.

Jenny gave him the names of the four North Side girls that we had not seen since the night of the fight.

The chief stood up, tore the warrant up and he and his other officers left.

Marcy said, “We are not done yet. You are going to love the next group,” as she open the door and invited them in.

One of the attorneys introduced himself as Floyd Parks then introduced his group. Marcy introduced all of us.

Mr. Parks said, “I represent this group of gentleman. They were here today and tried to be members of this gym. They were told they could not because they were males and membership is not open to males. Is that statement correct?”

Jenny said, “Yes, that is correct. Our gym current membership is only open to ladies only. There are two other gyms in the area that are open to both. All of our equipment was purchased gender specific in its capacity and ratings. The tanning booths however are open to both.”

Mr. Parks replied, “That is sex discrimination and if you refuse to change your membership rules then we will have to file suit against you.”

Jenny asked, “Is there a problem with the other gyms in the area? We all have the same equipment, ours is just gender specific, designed and built for women.”

One of the men said, “That is not exactly true. You have the Marathoners running machines. No other gym has them or can even get them until next year.”

At this point it became obvious what we needed to do. But we needed to have a private business talk about it.

“We have a contractor adding some modifications to the gym starting Monday. Let us have your contact information and see what we can do. We will contact you within five days with our proposal.” I said.

The girls looked mad enough to spit nails but no one said anything. This was an issue that I knew would someday show itself. I had an idea but was it legal and would it satisfy the complaint?

The attorney wrote out the contact information and handed it to Jenny. I opened the door for them to leave and then turned around to face the firestorm.

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