Chapter 121

The next days were busy. New Years Day came and went in a blur. The gym was busy, but the tanning booths even busier. First it was the gift coupons and then the weather turned evil and nasty. There was cold, wind, snow and blowing snow. That started the exodus of those that could afford the immediate vacations to southern Florida, the Gulf and the islands.

Of course no one wanted to go looking pale. When the word spread that men could get a tan here as well and that the girls running the tanning booth were wearing thongs, we had to open the tanning booths at 7 and most nights there were people waiting at 9.

With men now waiting in the lobby we decided to install a public bathroom at the top of the stairs with the new construction. Women could still use the ones in the gym if it were occupied, plus there would be a private one in the new offices.

Amy was licensed and had been trained to do Brazilian wax at the last salon she had worked at and even had the equipment. She was fine with including the trim or shave for men. She got a little red but said, “It won’t be the first one I have done, but you have to be really careful when waxing the balls. The skin is real tender there.”

We had to acquire another license and have a county health inspector come check things out. Of course to do that in the aid station we had to have a sink in there. Getting water to it was no problem with a bathroom going in at the top of the stairs. Getting the dirty water away from the sink was the problem. That required an under the sink small wastewater tank with a pump and a check valve. It pumped the water into the upstairs sewer line for the bathroom.

A sign was to be posted that bikini area maintenance was now available for both male and female. That signup sheet was kept at the customer counter. We also posted it in the news letter. I figured that between the massages and the waxing Amy might have a little better income.

We had meetings every night. We started calling them planning meetings. When we started the gym we had divided up the responsibilities. That was even more important now.

The first two weeks of January was like a runaway freight train. Patti, Vicky, Lorrie, Ching Lee and I made the trip to the college every day. Patti and I were there all day. Vicky, Lorrie and Ching Lee were there for two classes in the morning. They were back at the gym at noon to help.

Jenny was putting in long days in court. The criminals in the trials that were scheduled went for the jury instead of the plea bargain. Jenny had no mercy and went for the max on them. She got one guilty verdict after another.

Bob was right on time and schedule even with the extra bathroom and the sink in the aid room thrown in. On the night of January 2 most of the plywood flooring was done. Every night there was clear progress being made on the second floor. The walls were up along with the stairs and the hallway wall to hide the stairs from the gym was framed and covered and had temporary lighting installed. I knew there were things going on that I could not see from the floor level. But as in the initial construction of the gym I left Marcy in charge and stayed out of it unless I was asked a specific question.

On the 7th Jenny wanted to work through the routine we were going to use at PSU in a few days. It had been almost two months since we had practiced the complete routine. She felt a run through was in order and so did I. Lorrie was also do a run through of her fight.

We got the North Girls working on their routine. The ones that were in school had already spent an hour and a half with Lisa and their school work. The ones that were out of school worked on some things they needed improvement on to get into community college next fall. Lisa had some pre-college test she gave them to find any weakness that needed work.

Every three days they did personal hygiene, they didn’t need to be told twice any more. They were all smiles and relaxed when they were back in the gym and in the waiting position.

Abby James the EMT had picked up the pace and was working out aggressively since Christmas. I asked her if she would work through the upper body routine with them that night. I gave her a quickie course on the proper way to handle slaves although she admitted to watching carefully how they were handled.

Abby was one of the girls we were discretely looking at to offer a part-time instructors job in gym. She had rhythms and routines down to a science. She had lost weight as well as bulked up in the right places to be called fit. Jenny and I both thought she would be a good candidate to give advanced training to. There were several others we were watching too.

Courtney was still assigned to undercover at the gym which surprised me to no end. I was sure after a meeting with the chief that would end. Maybe he felt we were lying to him or we were starting our own crime syndicate. Either way she was still here, still loosing weight and improving.

We had our nightly planning and update meeting. It was 9:30 when Jenny Lorrie and I started suiting up, including protective face masks and gloves. The North six had been dismissed but wanted to stay for a bit and watch. The rest of my mates were going to watch because someone was going to replace Jenny after this seminar. Shelia was staying too. It was almost 10 by the time we warmed up and did a simulated run through. Bob and his crew showed up at 10 but Marcy asked them to wait for a few minutes until we were finished. They waited and became spectators.

For the next 10 minutes Jenny and I tried to kill each other with feet, arms, fist, and legs. With the body armor padding we were in no danger or really hurting each other unless we fell wrong. Hits on the padding made it sound impressive. After a quick walk through with Lorrie they went through a live action demo.

On the 9th we prepacked the Suburban to go do the seminar at PSU University with Lorrie, Vicky, Jenny, Kate and myself. We took along with the two Homer dummies and the video and audio equipment that we needed.

Misty wanted to go along, “I am better now, my head is clearer. I want to hear the presentation again.” Against my better judgment I relented and allowed her to come. We would be packed like sardines, three to a seat. I felt like there was an underlying reason, maybe closure for her.

On the morning of the 10th we left at 4AM. The weather was just foul in places along the way. What should have been a four and a half hour trip took 6. It was a good thing we left early. PSU’s HR and student relations department was livid when they found out that no male students would be allowed in the seminar. They had been fighting over what they saw as a problem for two days.

They were still undecided and the entire HR department met us at the field house as we were working to get everything set up and checked out.

The head of the HR Department was George Watson. After he introduced his department of 12 people, 8 men and four women he opened the conversation with, “We are going to allow the entire student body to attend your presentation.”

“The material is gender specific to women only, very explicit. Several of the ladies are rape victims and are going to give testimony of their ordeal. They are not going to feel comfortable with men in the audience during their part of the program. If I need to refresh your memory about the contract I have a copy with me. The terms and details are explicit; there are to be no males present,” I said.

At that I called Bob Jenkins and asked for a conference call with Shirley Short. I relayed the current problem and after a brief conversation I put them on the speaker as I waved all the girls over. The HR people had a lively discussion to say the least. At the end no male students were allowed, but there was still one catch. Mr. Watson insisted that his group of HR people stay. They were going to have to answer to the male student body.

I took the girls aside and asked if they could do their part with the HR males in the front row. They were reluctant but agreed to continue on. The show was on.

Jenny and I left to get our padding on for our sequence. We had added a corny pair of glasses to Jenny’s outfit. By the time we finished the auditorium was filling. Jenny slipped behind the row of plants. Fifteen minutes later the auditorium was filled. In ten minutes we were to start.

The lights dimmed and I tapped on the mike I was wearing.

“Good afternoon, my Name is Roberta Jones and I am the Director of Safety and security at KCC in C-town Maryland. We are here to talk about a subject that is taboo. That subject is rape.

Communities, police departments, federal law enforcement and colleges do not want to talk about it because of the stigma that goes with it. It is one of the largest unreported type of crime there is. They all want it to quietly go away,” I said.

“Seven years ago in a friendly foreign country I was drugged and raped, including punch fisted.” I said. Kate ran the clip on the 30 foot big screen.

I went through all the statistics, State and Federal. While walking back and forth Jenny came from the behind the plants and we had our fight routine. After we had finished she crawled back into hiding.

“What you have just witnessed is what you can do with months of training. I know you do not have that kind of time so what we are going to do is to show you some basic things that you can do with a little practice,” I said. “You have to remember that rape is about power more than it is for sex. It is about showing you how much they have and how little you have. If you practice these few things the power will be in your favor.”

I went through the whole kick them in the nuts, then under the chin and throat when they bent over, put your fist in their Adams apple, and shove your fingers in their eyes. I demonstrated it on Homer, then had Vicky and Lorrie demonstrate the moves also. I chose several ladies from the audience and had them do the same thing.

Then a thought hit me, I had eight male volunteers that could give testimony since they had decided they had to stay and watch. I walked down the row of the HR people and picked a male in his mid-twenty’s; he had been looking at me since we had first been introduced. I leaned over and said, “Since we don’t have a draft you just volunteered; come on up.”

Once we were front and center I asked him, “If I kick you in the nuts so hard that it would take your dentist to check them for cancer, what is going to happen?”

“Mam, I knew I had seen you before and it just came to me. My unit was the one trapped in Camp Rogers. The Taliban were killing us like flies, we had given all hope of getting out alive and were down to quarter rations. Then all hell broke loose outside and someone shouted ‘The Marines are here’. We knew we were saved and the bodies of our friends would get home. The Marines leave no-one behind. You were a bigger than life Sergeant as you walked into that tunnel. We didn’t even know that you were a woman; you had so much gear and ammo on.

When you told the medic that was following you that you had been shot, then pulled all the gear off and had him stitch up the bullet holes in your arm – without pain meds and just gauze to bite on – you sent us all a message. Then when you told our wounded Captain you were taking over command and that the generals could argue about it at your court marshal we knew there you were a no-bull Sergeant. Your unit saved our lives. Did you know that the orders you gave and the rescue you orchestrated to get us out killed over 700 of the enemy?

I still talk every week to my buddies that were there and you still come up in the conversations. Now I can tell them I met you and you are still a take-no-BS leader. Can I get your address before you leave?

To answer your question, if you kick me there I am going down on my knees or worse and with a kick to the throat, mouth, nose or eyes I would be seriously injured, maybe even dead. But I would salute you on the way down.” he said.

“I was heartbroken when I walked into that tunnel and saw all the dead and wounded. I was determined that everyone was going to get out with us. Maybe we can get all your buddies together for a dinner on the shore. I would like to talk with them,” I said.

Then I used several members from the audience to demonstrate the problems with certain clothing, baggy versus tight, and belts. Jenny grabbed one of them and carried the girl behind the plants. I had to go rescue the girl to set up the final act of the program. I promised my assailant strange pussy. I had found out how Jenny was masking her voice to sound like a man. She had a little bottle of gas that actors used to change their voices for stage scenes. I also had the rescued girl take shots at Homer to vent her frustration.

We gave the demonstration on not turning your back to run. It is impossible to turn and run and also get away if the assailant is within arms reach.

Kate ran the video of the many ways assailants get date-rape drugs into girl’s drinks. We had a new piece of surveillance from a bar in DC of a bartender working with an accomplice to spike a girl’s drink. There were things to look for and things to avoid at all cost. Always carry your own opener, the kind that has a point to open cans. Always open your beer bottles yourself. The other end also serves as a nice defensive weapon. Kate ran the tape several times, even in slow motion. I finally had to point out just how slick the bartender was at getting the drugs into the drinks.

Lorrie described her ordeal and Kate showed the police car video along with the pictures of her bruised and tortured body and captured video of her torture and rape in progress. She held up the pliers that they used with the evidence tag still attached.

Vicky described her assault and the film of the kick in the nuts and how effective it was along with pictures of her bruised breast.

Then we showed the films of the last assault at the cross walk and how the girls subdued the assailants with the very actions we had described. Kick them in the nuts, then in the throat, poke them in the eyes. Kate turned the volume up so their screams were plainly heard.

Kate showed the films of the getaway van and the accident, also of me shooting the two guys and me getting shot. Lorrie pointed out the one who had tortured her.

We were to the end of the program so Jenny made her appearance wanting the promised pussy again. She went down the front row with the pretense of finding her candidate, even trying to get several to volunteer, when Lorrie volunteered. They went through their fight scene with Lorrie losing the fight as planned ending up in a choke hold.

While Jenny was doing the partial strip down of Lorrie I made the statement about 15% of all the victims knowing their assailant, it being a coworker, family member, ex-boyfriend, neighbor or someone they meet regularly in their daily routine. We have to remember that all things are not what they seem.

By now Lorrie’s hands were behind her back with a short piece of nylon rope lightly looped around her wrists, her men’s style flannel shirt unbuttoned. Her heavy coat that contained the body padding for the fight scene was lying on the floor. Jenny removed Lorrie’s shoes and added them to the pile. Then off came her pants to be added to the pile, and slowly Jenny slid her panties off her legs. She brought them to her hooded face to sniff them before putting them in her pocket. Jenny unhooked the front hook strapless bra and slid it off under the shirt to add it to the pile.

Jenny slipped off her own shoes, unbuckled her pants and stepped out of them. The lifelike dildo was hanging out from under the heavy coat she was wearing. I was standing between them and the wall looking out at the audience, close enough that my mike was picking up their breathing and the conversation they were going to have. Lorrie’s mike was in the pile on the floor and Jenny’s soon would be. The HR people were getting antsy, ready to leave their seats and intervene.

Jenny removed the corny glasses and then pulled the complete top of her outfit off to be standing there only in the strap-on. After the gasps from the audience settled down I said, “It is a mistake to stereotype men as the only rapist.”

Jenny and Lorrie had a small conversation about their fight sequence with Jenny admitting that she knew Lorrie was holding back and could have won the fight. I introduced all my people including Misty as a trainer in learning.

We opened the floor up for questions and had several dozen come down for one on one questions and to take turns with the Homer dummies. I also asked anyone that had been assaulted or aggressive unwanted advances to come; I wanted to talk to them.

I went to talk with the HR group about the seminar and I gave PFC Ken Baxter one of the college business cards with my personal cell number on the back. He thanked me repeatedly for the rescue. He asked if I was awarded any medals from my time in the Marines. “Three Hearts and three Stars” I replied. He gave me a very professional salute that I returned.

I asked Mr. Watson his opinion, “Some of the material was rank but boys better keep their hands where they belong. I would like to schedule a class as part of the new student orientation next fall.”

“We have a copyright on this program but are obligated to finish out all that were scheduled through the college by June. After that they will be part of out fitness center offerings. You need to call and schedule immediately with Marcy, we have 60 already scheduled for next year. I will tell her to expect your call,” I said as I gave him a gym business card.

After two hours of questions and advice we loaded the Suburban and headed home. It was a long ride. The driving conditions were so bad that I drove all the way back from PSU myself. It was a long tiring drive. Jenny sat next to me on the drive home. She had her hand on my leg doing massages with her fingers. I swear if we had been alone she would have done a lot more.

Three more days and Jenny and I would begin the first sequence of home artificial insemination and she was getting antsy. In a way I was too. I wish it was I was the one to be pregnant but this was as close as I would ever be and the child would be family.

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