Chapter 123

Patti and I spent the next hour going through the camera data stored since college restarted on the third with poor luck finding video of Corrine or Corry as she liked to be called. I had Patti search all her Face Book, My Space and all the other social media that were approved on campus.

I called the IT department and asked them to pull everything they could relate to her internet account, email accounts and the college laptop she had.

I finally violated all my self-imposed rules and searched by the transmitter number in her ID. I started with her first day back then narrowed the search to when there was another ID within a few feet of her. Bingo, there were plenty of records of where she wasn’t careful of when she got the next cock.

As I looked at the clips it easy to see that she was amateurish the first few days but greatly improved in the last few, at least with average or below average cocks. All of the larger cocks gave her trouble. In the outdoor shots there were a couple that she lost her lunch on. They were even more troublesome than the rest. I saved each onto a CD. I backed out the camera and looked for anyone that might be filming or taking pictures. I also looked for any change of money or drugs and saw none. I printed a picture with the camera out far enough to show where they were at and a close up to be able to identify both participants. I wrote both names and ID numbers on each photo. I printed out several more frames of the ones where she threw up so I could have a more serious discussion about them.

In two different clips there were the same students taking pictures of the action with a cell phone. I pulled the ID numbers, saved the clip to a different CD and printed the picture blowing it up enough to clearly indentify the person and that went into a separate file folder. I sent a text to IT requesting the same information on the student taking the pictures.

I had 100 pictures that were taken up until 9 AM this morning of sex acts in public, even without including the number of times there were obvious couplings in several dorm rooms. The hall cameras showed that there were just 2 people at the time and not gang bangs.

There was nothing in her social media postings that indicated any kind of a problem. Patti went as far back as Thanksgiving.

I called Dr. Moore and explained everything, the social media accounts, and the frequency of copulation in such a short time. I added that she had been on time to all her classes and all her assignments were up to date.

She replied, “Well, unless there is something obvious when you talk to her we may never know. She is a senior and this is the last semester. She may have decided now is the time to break free and party before she has to meet the real world. She may have just experienced sex for the first time, liked it and wants to make up for lost time. Be careful how you address it, please keep me informed. If you want me, call me.”

I had gone as far as I could go until IT completed their search.

I called Robert Bradberry for an update on my request on the equipment list and a price. He said, “The list is complete, we are finishing up the pricing and installation cost. This is a completely new system with a new concept at security surveillance. It has easier installation, it has everything the system you have there and can do so much more. We will have the complete package ready to give you a presentation at the end of next week. It is engineered specifically to Frost Borough as you requested.”

“That is not going to give us much time to get all the financing options explored,” I said.

“When you see the system and what it can do, you will not believe how cost effective it will be. We will demonstrate it to you and then return to do a demonstration with your potential customer when you meet with them,” he said. “Give me a date and a place where we can do the demonstration.”

“1001 Summers Road, Stevensville on Kent Island next Friday 4 PM,” I said.

“We will have everything ready and will be there. We will confirm the day before,” he said.

I had just finished up with the call when in walked Mr. Nobles, chancellor of the college accompanied by Mr. Jenkins, chairman of the board. They had a copy of the email I had sent to the board.

“This looks good and this fits all the needs. Can you really make this happen? These are some of the best donors we have had at the college in years,” Mr. Nobles said. “We want them handled correctly.”

“Yes, it will be no problem. All I need is to know of any special needs or requests that the donor needs or likes. I will have a list of accommodations that you can send them to choose from and I can take it from there. If they are flying in on a private jet the Island Airport is the most convenient place or if the aircraft is too large Easton Municipal will work. I can get corporate rates for you with the hotels, car rentals and the aircraft through the gym,” I said.
“Are you sure this will not give them the wrong impression about how their money is being spent?” I asked.

“We can cover that by saying those things were furnished as parts of gifts and grants from other donors for college use,” He said.

At 1:30 the IT guy came in with his reports. “Corry’s is clean, the Yahoo account is clean, the pics are general stuff and no porn, no access to any porn sites and the emails are of general things, nothing like what you were looking for. There is no sign of any trojan program or hidden files,” he said.

“Rodney Cotter is another thing completely. What you were looking for is there. He has several hundred pictures there in 4 folders, all of them sent from his cell phone. There are several porn sites he was posting them to and a couple of tumbler porn sites. There are also girls other than Corry. I loaded them on the CD for you to look at,” he said as he handed me the CD.

“I am going to send someone to get the both of them. If I relieve them of their phones and laptops how long will it take to go through them?” I asked.

“Pulling the SIM card and reading it, scanning the laptop on both with what I already, have 15 or 20 minutes tops,” he said.

“That will be long enough to let them sit and worry about what is happening. Copy Rodney’s SIM card, send me the pics as soon as you have them, then wipe all the questionable photos off of it. Do the same on his laptop, then do the same to Corry’s. If you hang around 10 minutes I will have them here,” I said.

“Sure, this is the only place that there is good coffee on this campus,” he said.

I sent two security officers to get Rodney and Corry and sent a text to Sarah. As the student rep she needed to be here if they requested her presence.

I called Mrs. Short at HR and described her what I had found then asked the question, “Do you want me to scare the bloody hell out them and give them one last chance or are you going to send them down the road? With them having two semesters left it would be a shame not to give them another chance. I think I can do a good scare job.”

“Bob says to scare them but this is the last time,” she said.

I asked if she wanted to sit in. “Hell no, I don’t think I could hold a straight face,” she replied.

I took two envelopes and folded several sheets of paper in them and wrote Rodney on one and Corry on the other. Then I handed them to Patti and told her exactly what I wanted her to say. She was to interrupt each interview as she handed me them back. I asked her to get me a pillow case and a couple bars of soap ASAP and bring them to me.

Both students arrived with their escort. I asked each for the college computer and their cell phone. They both saw me hand them to the IT guy. I put each of them in a separate room to wait.

Sarah came in and asked what was happening. I gave her a brief overview but not everything. She had been in the other two interviews with Corry. She simply said, “Oh no.”

The Tech guy came back in and said as he handed me the phones and computers, “Nothing different than we already knew. I did as you asked and everything is working, I will send you the copy of the SIM files,” he said. Then he added “Good luck.”

I told Sarah to go get Corry and bring her back to the interrogation room as it had come to be known. I carried the folder with all the pictures and the DVD and followed them in. I set up the camera while I was watched closely and hit record.

“Corry, we have a problem,” I said as I opened the folder and started flipping the pictures into a pile one at a time in front of her. As the pile grew she looked sadder with each one. “And some of these have been posted on the internet. Once they are posted they grow a life of their own and are almost impossible to stop.”

“OH NO, who did that? I didn’t let anyone take pictures. One of my friends said something this morning about pictures but I didn’t understand,” she said.

“What has happened to you? You were not like this when you went home for the holidays. What is wrong? You have to stop. You are ruining your reputation, the pictures on the net may come back to haunt you at the worst possible time in your life, let alone the STD problem in this day and time. This is not a good path you are headed down. You have good grades. You have a bright future ahead of you, this can kill it in the blink of an eye,” I said.

She looked at me and said, “I went to a party with some friends and met a guy I dated off and on in high school. We had a couple of beers and one thing led to another and we had sex. I wasn’t a virgin but I haven’t done it very often. It was the best ever and now I can’t get enough. I know it has gotten out of hand. I promise I will stop.”

“Didn’t you promise HR that twice?” I asked.

“They didn’t tell me there were any pictures or anything about them being posted to the net, they acted like it was just a rumor,” she said.

Patti came in, put the envelope on the desk, handed me a shopping bag and said, “Those are her tickets if you need them. HR said if you cannot get an agreement today that she will be expelled today. Call them and they will send someone to pack her things,” then Patti left.

She was ready to cry, eyes all puffed, “What do I have to do, I will do anything, please what?”

“The camera is recording what we are saying. You have to stop all public sex acts, all of them. If you get caught doing just one then you are history. You will be taken to have an STD test for your own piece of mind. You will not allow anyone to take any explicit pictures of you at any time. You are on probation. Do you understand?” I said. “If you do, repeat what I just said looking at the camera.”

She repeated what I had said word for word then added, “I promise.”

I turned the camera off and said there a couple more things we were going to talk about off the record. I flipped the folder to the pictures of her gagging and up-chucking with the guys hands on her head.

“This is very dangerous. There are guys out there that are out of control and get their kicks from women gagging on their cock. If he had held you there or worse yet pulled you on all the way it could have been bad. With your throat blocked with his cock the vomit would be forced into your lungs, if he didn’t recognize you were in trouble or cuming or didn’t care. That creates a serious health problem. You do not do that with a cock that size with someone you do not fully trust. And you build that trust over time and not in spur of the moment.”

“No one is telling you sex is bad, just don’t do it public. Find yourself a boyfriend, just one, not the whole campus. Use your dorm room unless your roommate objects. Take your time. Sex is so much more fun that way, there is so much more you can learn and experiment with that will let you have the most mind blowing orgasms possible. Until you build trust do not let him control the oral. Take his hands in yours and hold them to his sides and you control the motion.”

“The next thing I am worried about is a blanket party.” Corry and Sarah both looked at me like I was crazy.

“What the heck is a blanket party?” Sarah asked.

I patted the folder with the hundred pictures and said, “This is 50 guys, somewhere there are 50 girlfriends or want-to-be girlfriends and that doesn’t include the guys I do not know about. Those guys are tarnished right now and those girls are not happy. If you haven’t seen it yet you will in the next few days,” I said.

While I was talking I opened the two bars of soap and put them in the pillowcase, and placed a cardboard box that had been on the floor onto the seat an empty chair.

“A blanket party is when some of this group gets together to send you a message and teach you a lesson. They catch you or force you someplace alone, push you on the floor, and cover you with a blanket. They stand on or hold the blanket so you can’t get up or see who they all are. Then they all take a turn as insurance that there is no one to say ‘I was not involved’ if it goes sideways.” I said.

I stood up and beat the crap out of the card box with the soap bars in the pillow case. There were people looking through the glass door to see what the hell was going on.

“It’s bad enough if they stick to the body but in the end they start hitting the head. You end up with nose, cheek bones, maybe jaw bones broken and most of your teeth gone if you are face up. If you are face down the back of the skull is soft; you end up a vegetable or dead,” I said as I tossed the pillowcase to Corry.

“The only way I can see to keep you safe is to make you too hot to handle for a few weeks. It will be hard on you but I think it is the best way.”

“What do you mean too hot to handle?” Corry asked.

“Everyone is going to know you are on probation until the investigation is complete. I will put an ankle bracelet on you to track you. It will give the appearance that you are in really hot water and being closely monitored. You can put the word out to your close friends that we are aggressively looking for the persons that posted the pictures, checking all telephone and computer traffic. That should keep them at bay; they will figure your goose is cooked. You just wait it out and in the process allow them to cool off,” I said.

I had several ankle bracelets that came with the security equipment and at the time I wondered what the heck I would ever use them for. I doubted they would even work as they had been in the file cabinet for a long time. To my surprise they keyed right up. I installed it on her ankle with the special key.

“Corry, if anyone bothers you or threatens you in any way we want to know immediately and if you feel foul play is about to happen pull one of the emergency handles. Please don’t wait until you are in a position that you can’t get to one. Do not allow yourself to be a punching bag, after the first hit you are free to defend yourself. If you don’t know how or want a refresher I can make it happen,” I said.

I had one of the security officers take her back to her dorm. This had turned into one long freaking day, and it wasn’t anywhere near over yet. I sent Sarah to go bring Rodney in. As soon as Rodney sat down I turned on the video recorder. I asked for his ID card. I then read through the list of the violations that HR had sent me. They included production of pornography on college grounds, use of college electronic equipment to transmit porn, distribution of porn to other students. There were many others on the list HR had sent over, but I was going to make him squirm with these.

Patti came in and laid the envelope on the desk and said, “HR sent these tickets over to send him home if he does not agree to the terms they discussed with you. He will be expelled today. They will send someone to help pack up his personal things.”

“Two semesters left and you are about to get yourself kicked out, how freaking smart is that?” I asked. “How in this day and age did you ever think you would get away with it?”

“I was not thinking that was a problem. I got carried away in what they were doing and wanted to share. What do I have to do to stay and not be expelled?” Rodney asked.

I slid a legal pad over to him, “List every person and place you sent those video clips and pictures to. List every web site that you up-loaded them to. You will be placed on probation pending completion of this investigation and you must fully cooperate in the investigation.”

Patti paged and said, “HR is on hold for you on line 2.”

I took the call in the other office; Shirley wanted to know if I was making any headway?

“You should be here to see them squirm. I am sure the rumor mill will be going full steam in an hour or two. Keep me informed on how big it gets.”

When I had finished Rodney had as well. I handed him his computer and told him to delete every one of the videos and pictures he had posted on every site. IT had installed a key logger so that they could follow up on them the next day. They were also going to check the computers on his list tomorrow and I was going to interrogate each student that he had sent them to. I installed another monitoring device on his ankle just to rattle the student body.

It was time to go home and I was glad of it. I did instruct the night crew to pay close attention to Corry and anyone around her. I also set an alarm. If she was in a group of more than 2 students someone was to go check it out immediately.

Sarah, Patti and I had an interesting conversation on the way home. Sarah asked if I thought Corry would be safe. “I think we did all we could do short of bringing her home with us. The very last thing we need in the mix is a cock hound on the hunt 24/7,” I replied.

I did ask Sarah to keep me informed of the rumor mill for the next couple of days and I was going to ask the same thing of my girls still going to the college as soon as I got them all together. Oh, how I wished the evening were over but it had not even started yet.

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