chapter 154

The weekend went as fast as Thursday and Friday. All six of us spent 4 hours Saturday and Sunday in the gym working on upper body exercises on Saturday and lower body on Sunday, plus an hour each day on the treadmills.

Courtney joined us both days. Saturday morning she was pumped up. “I got a call from the APD chief this morning. Three things hit his desk at the same time yesterday afternoon. Someone had put a color picture of the banner welcoming me as director from the lobby, HR had sent him my resignation paperwork and the rumor is going around that I am filing a 50 million dollar discrimination suit against the department over the detective job,” she said.

“You should have heard the begging and pleading for me to reconsider and not file suit. He had all kinds of promises and jobs for me to take if I would come back. I told him to stuff it, I had a better job now than he could ever offer me and hung up the phone on him,” she said.

“The union president called five minutes later offering the union lawyers to help, the pricks. Four weeks ago they told me to go do my job and shut up, that there was nothing they could do about what the chief and captain had done. I think the union is the one that started the rumor to begin with. I am not going to spend years tied up with that,” she said.

It was late Saturday afternoon, almost dark, as the six of us were headed to Beach Diggers Club that I noticed that the last store in the shopping center across the highway from Summers Road had a going out of business sale banner hung across the front of their store; the entire shopping center would now be empty. Midway in the shopping center was a big sign ‘Property for Sale’. I had Lorrie write the number down for me.

I guessed that the owner had finally given in to the economy. Most of those stores had been empty for several years. The rumor was the owner would not lower his rents to get new tenants even in the bad times and continued to raise rates on those that were there.

I wondered how much extra money we had to play with, I would have to pay more attention to Marcy’s financial reports in our nightly meetings.

We were going to the BD club for dinner and a night of dancing. Orgy night was postponed last night because we were so late getting back. After supper at the restaurant we were going to the back of the club where the dance floor was poorly lit.

The voyeurism bug had hit them again so we were dressed to be able to play as much as they dared. Jenny was going to be lookout. She also had a mini night-vision video camera so the girls could enjoy their exploits later.

I ordered the salad with the surf and turf, Jenny ordered the seafood special. The others ordered a variety of steaks, seafood or a mix and wine coolers all around.

It was two hours before we hit the dance floor. It was crowed even in the back, we grabbed the last two tables in the back that were unoccupied on the side that was all women. We danced a few mild dances just to see who was doing what around us. I saw a few faces that I knew from the gym and around the island. I made a mental note of who they were. I had never gotten the impression that they were bi or gay when they were at the gym, but here they were. We might be able to expand the Friday night orgy with some new members.

Ching Lee pulled me out on the dance floor. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was ready to be a little naughty; she had undone most of the buttons on her blouse and hiked up her micro mini skirt even higher.

I undid a couple more of mine but left my short skirt as it was. I had chosen a loose flowing mini instead of a tight one. Ching Lee’s was tight enough that she could barely step up into the truck. I could step up with no problem and could feel the breeze against my exposed smooth lips when I did.

The first dance we did was one of those where you were four feet apart and did not touch. My younger mates seemed to enjoy that kind of dance. I enjoyed the touch and feel close kind of dances a lot more. I guess it was more of a generational thing.

The next music was slow, more my kind of dancing music. I pulled her close and undid the last of the buttons of our blouses just for the visual effect that it would have. Ching had worn 4 inch heels and I had worn a 1 inch heel. That made all of us close to the same height; that worked out best for times like this. As we danced close we slid the fabric of our blouses out of the way and swayed to the music nipple to nipple, both were hard as bullets. I reached through her blouse to wrap my arms around her. I kissed her neck, cheek, her ear and finally hard on her lips.

As the music slowed to a stop I dropped my hands to cup both her ass cheeks giving them a good squeeze that melted her against me. We ended with a passionate kiss. I notice as we separated and covered our breasts that Agnes Moore – one of the ladies from the gym – was staring at us almost in a daze.

Vicky was next; the DJ played groups of the same style songs six at a time. She met me before I could get back to the table. We danced close, blouses open, with kisses and nibbles, hugs, squeezes and whispers. She also noticed Agnes. I was sure that the rest of my mates would do the same. I think they drew straws to see who would go next. We would use the fast music to cool down and repeat on the slow songs.

Agnes’ eyes were on us like magnets; the whole time she was in a daze. Occasionally I caught her with her hand in her crotch; she thought she was being slick straightening her skirt but she was doing circles on her clit before-hand and checking her watch. Then it hit me that her date had stood her up or was terribly late.

During the next set of fast songs the girls and I quietly talked about Agnes being here. Jenny said, “I will set the next round out so go ask her to dance.”

When the slow music started again I went over to Agnes and asked her to dance. She readily accepted. She immediately pulled me close and whispered to me, “You girls are so hot. I knew you were close, almost like family, but oh my. My date could not get out tonight, her husband didn’t go out. I did not want to go home to mine just yet. I was hoping I would see something hot to make me want to let him fuck me. I wish you had come much earlier”

I returned the whisper, “We have an orgy usually on Friday nights at 8. Sometimes there are couples that want only to watch and be watched for the visuals. Bring your girlfriend, you can watch or join in with the girls, we have plenty of toys if you want to use them. Just simple rules, no hickeys where they can be seen, no pee, no scat, no pain, be clean, fresh and shaven, no feminine deodorants. Contact me at the gym to confirm around 7, if I’m not there leave a message on my cell phone and a way to contact or text you.”

While I was whispering I had her ass cheeks in my hand massaging and squeezing them and pulling her tight against me. She had her hands on my breasts hidden by my blouse. She was squeezing my tits and rolling my nipples.

“I need to go. I will be there with or without my friend. I have several I see. Can I bring them if they are willing?” she whispered.

I kissed her neck then her lips and played with the tip of her tongue. She got weak in the knees but caught herself. I knew she had a small orgasm.

“Explain the rules to them if they come,” I said.

I danced another round with my mates. The later it got the longer the songs were that the local band played and more of the songs were slow ones. We were openly squeezing and touching – a feel here, a fondle there – there was no doubt that it was soon going to be time to go home to finish the evening.

We were all horny; we finished our drinks and went home to finish the evening’s festivities there.

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