Chapter 158

Friday morning as Patti and I were headed to the college for work the G5 was in the air headed to the Frost Borough Airport to pick up the first ten applicants for the security jobs. It should be landing there any minute.

They were in for a fast paced 3 day weekend of mental and physical testing. We had agreed to pay them for the three days if they were not given a job.

Today they were going to hit the couch with Doctors Rich and Moore to make sure their heads were on straight and there were no hidden problems or hang up from the sand box or parental issues. Then the good doctor Marion Days was going to do a general physical. Abby was going to draw their blood and collect urine for the Doctor. He was going to have the standard employment battery of test run on it including social transmittal kind. They were going to get two EKGs, one at rest on the table and one on the tread mill. Carla was the EKG expert for the emergency center so she was in charge of that.

The five that were done in the morning were going to take the gun safety course in the afternoon then be interviewed by Jason and Courtney. The remaining five were going to take it in the evening and be interviewed. The five that had the afternoon gun class were going to spend the time on the mats in the defensive training class getting the crap beat out of them by one or more of us girls.

We hoped that by the early Friday evening all ten would be past the physical and interview process. We wanted Saturday to be target shooting and the shoot, don’t shoot course, and then Saturday evening would be the timed mile run on the tread mill. All of the gym time had to be worked around male and female gym times.

We were going to make no extra consideration for the female applicants; they were all going to have to meet the same standard. I had taken averages of male and female strengths and then averaged them again to come up with a baseline for the job. They have had two weeks to get in better shape. I hoped they had all used the time wisely.

Bob’s construction had the addition nearly completed. Enough was completed so that the rooms could be used as we needed them for interviews and the physical evaluations. They were already putting Mason cubicles together opposite the private offices for the clerks and secretaries. The phones lines and computer wiring were already done and waiting for the plug and play people.

Two of the new big air conditioning/heat pump units had been installed on the loading dock. All the ceiling units had been installed in all the offices and were working. It was a good thing.

Marcy and Jason were going to interview for more office help on Monday, including a personal secretary and two assistants for him, along with another dozen clerks. The admin work was mind boggling. There were stacks of information waiting to be input into the system everywhere and it was growing every day.

Marcy, Lorrie, Ching Lee and Vicky were all going to get another full time clerk assigned to them to try to catch up and stay ahead of it. We were going to add two more administrative people to the four that we already had.

We had full intentions for Jason, Ching Lee and Vicky to begin the audits in two weeks with Rebecca and Randy filling in for Jack. On top of that the preliminary work had been started on four more auto rental sites. Things were hopping and it was showing on the girls.

I filled my day at the college dealing with yearend tasks, doing dozens of reports for the state and county related to student incidents that we had to report. In between the reports I was dealing with students in the process of leaving. Many had started cleaning out their dorm rooms and were leaving bags of trash everywhere. I had more than one call for suspicious bags left in hallways, stairs or outside. The camera system saved us a lot of grief.

When a package was reported I look at the location and backed up that camera until we found when and who left it there. Then I hunted them down and had them remove it.

Maintenance, on the other hand, was overwhelmed with unwanted furniture and the like. It was so bad that they had several extra dumpsters put by the dorms.

Several times I resisted the urge to call the gym to see how the process was going there. I figured that if all the applicants had decided that they wanted nothing to do with us, someone would have been anxious to call.

At two Patti announced that agent Barnes from the FBI was on the phone for me.

“Hello, this is BJ. How can I help you?” I asked.

“This is Barnes, FBI, we are done with the bus. You can have someone pick it up,” he said.

“The agreement was that you were going to take it to Shots Salvage in Denton when you were finished with it,” I said.

“We lost the address and the boss said we weren’t paying to have it hauled away. By the way, they will need a trailer to load it on or need to bring tires to put on it. They blew out before they got the fire out,” he said. “Hurt four of our people when they did.”

And these are the guys that are protecting us. I am really worried now, I thought.

“I will give them a call to see if they can handle it,” I replied.

“By the way, we have closed the investigation and there will be no charges. If you build any more bombs, send us an invitation, the engineers and experts were damn impressed and will most likely call you with more questions,” he said. And then he hung up.

I made the call to Shot’s Salvage and filled them in. “If it is not worth the tow then send us a bill for the difference,” I told them.

It was soon time for Patti and me to leave. I had started to pack things up when Mischief and Mayhem walked in all bubbly.

Corry talked for both of them like she usually did, “Things might be looking up. Both our boyfriends have found jobs that will pay the rent. Now all we have to do is hope for the best next week when we interview with Marcy and Mr. Coles.”

“I knew they were interviewing next week but I do not see a list of whom any more. What position did you apply for?” I asked.

“We applied for clerks and administrators; I think we could do either by the job description. We applied to several places but you are the only place we have heard from. If you can get us any study material or literature to go by that would help, we would appreciate it. We really want to stay in the area and not go back home,” Roseanne said.

“What time is your interview?” I asked.

“Two,” Corry replied.

“I will see what I can find out and call you tomorrow. I guess you got the word that there is no orgy this weekend. We are interviewing and testing the first ten applicants for the Frost Borough security jobs. They were flown in this morning and staying until Sunday afternoon. For security jobs you get put through the wringer,” I said.

“Yes, that is disappointing and next weekend will be too busy with graduation. Maybe we can get together mid-week for some fun with all of you,” Corry said. “It is so much more fun with all of you there. I think we are closet voyeurs,” she added as they both laughed.

“You are not alone; I think the girls are also,” I replied with a grin.

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