Chapter 162

Monday took on a life of its own; Patti and I were back at the college to begin the last two weeks of the 13/14 college year.

Patti’s employment contract was up at the end of the school year. I had filled out the paperwork to extend the contract for another term. It was up to the department heads to determine the length of the term. I had requested four years so that it would be on the same cycle as mine, with automatic extensions. HR sent the sealed confidential envelope in today’s mail. It had been approved; all I needed to do was to present it to her and have both of us sign it.

On a different note I had left Jason and Courtney several pages of instructions along with signed job offers. They were going to be busy for the week. Monday and Tuesday Jason and the girls were going to be doing more interviews.

I called Dover Officers Supply about getting the Glock semiautomatics and uniforms for our security company. I knew there were going to be hoops to jump through, especially with those not already having carry permits. Part of the paperwork they had filled out after they accepted the job was the State of Maryland request for a carry permit. Those were to be submitted by Jason today, along with the necessary fees

The owner remembered me from my original purchase of weapons. I explained in detail about the security company and the contract. I was happy to learn that he also had a store 20 miles from Frost Borough. Once our State security license was approved we could buy any kind of weapons we wanted under the license that were legal in-state. The good thing about buying the equipment in Delaware was Delaware had no sales tax. The guns had to be bought in Maryland for registration purposes. The ammo and uniforms would be bought out of the Delaware store.

JBG had submitted all the paperwork for the security license before I had put in the bid to Frost Borough. Jenny and now Jason were both working on it. It was a four license package. So far three of the four had been approved and Jason expected the fourth any day. The insurance and bond had already been paid and was in force. As soon as they were approved we were going to go through the process to be registered as a Security company nationwide.

With an affiliate store 20 miles from Frost Borough the new hires could stop by to get measured for the uniforms and bullet-proof vest when they had time. I had to dig in my brief case to find the sheet of accounting numbers Marcy had devised for the security division. I started a corporate account- one of many that were going to be needed.

I advanced ordered 5000 rounds of 40 caliber ammo. I knew that the three that had been at the bottom of the testing were going to need 500 to a thousand rounds each to get the scores I expected. There would then be the routine practice to stay there.

My thought process was interrupted by the entrance of Mischief and Mayhem into my office. In a break from the normal, Roseanne started talking first.

“We want to thank you for getting us the study material for the interview with Marcy today. We spent all day yesterday going over it. We even gave each other questions,” Roseanne said.

“We are on our way now. We are going to get lunch there and be an hour early,” Corry added.

“Going to put out a good impression by being early is always a good way to start. Remember to turn off your cell phones,” I said.

I looked at the clothes they were wearing. They were most likely the best they had and good enough for any college function they had been to. But for this interview they needed to look like a professional office person; that is the group of people that they were competing against.

“Come with me girls,” I said. As we walked past Patti, I told her “I will be back in 30 minutes.”

We drove over to the shopping center to the big ladies department store. Roseanne and Corry followed me back into the ladies professional clothing department. Two sales persons met us there.

“These two are going for job interviews with a very high-end company and need to look very professional. They do not have much time. What kind of ideas do you have?” I asked.

They each took one and went down different aisles. Fifteen minutes later they were back. Roseanne was wearing a very nice ladies dress slacks with a nice blouse and jacket. Corry was in a knee length skirt with a wonderful looking blouse and a jacket. The outfits made them look very professional – the only thing lacking was shoes. A few minutes later they were back with nice shoes to match the outfits.

I pulled my card and said, “Remove the tags; they need to wear the outfits out.” While we were checking out a third lady from the makeup department took them over and did makeup. The right blush, eye liner and some other additions finished off the do-over for both. She even worked with their hair. I had her put together a package of the items she had used for each of the girls and handed her my card.

As Roseanne and Corry looked at themselves in the full length mirror I said, “Now go do your best and good luck.”

As the rest of the day wound down I realized how hard we had been pushing for the last eight months, without taking any time for ourselves. A vacation was in order. Even now with KCC in the summer recess after graduation, there was going to be no letup.

During the summer months renovations and maintenance would be in full swing, along with the completion of the new Dorm One that would add 250 students next year. Along with that the college rented out dorms to special group events. A cross-county bicycle tour group had obligated for 200 double bunk rooms for a two day layover on their trip and that was only one of several dozen such events. A few were international groups.

Security was no longer able to do a reduction in force during summer. My staffing levels would only be reduced by vacations this year.

I called Dad to ask if Uncle John still owned the house on Chincoteague Island and then if we could use his 4×4 for a few days. Dad had beach tags, big tires for driving on the beach plus fishing rod holders on the front. I could drive it right out on the beach in Assateague Island National park with coolers in the back and chairs. I thought most of the girls knew nothing about surf fishing but I could have a blast teaching them. It had been a while since I had been fishing, but I think I could still do it OK. That beach – for most part – was used very little. Heck, we could go naked while there. With the girls exhibition bug they would get a big kick out of that.

I called Uncle John after talking to Dad. The house was mine to use at the end of June; I obligated it for a week. He even said we could use the four jet skis that were there and the boat. There was a card on each one about refueling and the like. It was less than three hours away, close enough that we could go back home for an evening if needed. I sent a text to all of them to clear their schedules the last week of June for a beach vacation, my treat.

At Marcy’s Monday meeting, Courtney had the applications from the last two. They had been faxed first thing this morning. That put the final touches on the first group. The next group was for part-time employees and the interviews and testing could be done there.

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