Chapter 165

Monday seemed to start with a relief. The college was like a ghost town. There were a few people in the administration building and the dorms for the most part were deserted. There were a few dozen students loading family cars with bags of clothes and other possessions.

The only thing that was moving was construction on the last dorm and correcting flaws in the first one that the inspectors had found. Next fall the college would grow by an additional 250 students.

Patti had several weeks of vacation to use. She chose the third week of June and the third week of July. Patti had a thing about lighthouses. The first week she was going north along the coast and for the second week she was going south. She had a map with each one marked out. She was going to take Kate with her on the north trip. Kate had family in Maine and New York; they were going to spend some time with them to keep costs down.

Mid-morning Mischief and Mayhem came in all smiles. Roseanne said, “We took some of the gift cards we received and went shopping for some more work outfits.”

“Marcy told me that she had offered both of you jobs and you were to start tomorrow. Have you moved in with your boyfriends yet?” I asked.

“No and we are not going to for a while,” Corry responded. “We found a small farm house that is in good shape just outside Cville, just right for the two of us. It has a lot of modern appliances and gas heat. The insulation, doors and widows have all been upgraded this year.”

“The older couple that own it are very nice and cut the price a lot when they found out that we were going to be working for you guys. That way we can have time to ourselves without the boyfriends.”

Roseanne added, “Boyfriends are nice but they can be a real pain in the ass and get overbearing after a while. They are working different shifts so there have already been sleeping issues and they want to live like pigs. They can come for a visit then go to their house.”

“Wise choice, don’t rush moving in together with them. There are a lot of adjustments that you are going to be making over the next few months, such as getting used to a full time job verses college. Also, getting the house set up the way you want it instead of the way they want it. Setting a day to day routine for your selves will be a change. You are going to be doing some traveling on the company nickel,” I said.

“Then you know what jobs we are getting?” Roseanne asked.

“I only heard bits and pieces; the assignments are not final yet,” I said.

“We have to find some cheap furniture. The house is empty; we do not even have a bed to sleep on yet. For a while it may be old army cots. Dad did bring me Mom’s old car. At least we will have a way to work,” she said.

“We were thinking about going to one of those rent to own places,” Corry said.

“Don’t go there they; will eat you up with fees and interest. Tomorrow, ask Marcy about the employee small loan benefit. It has a Payroll deduction and is financed through Midwest Bank with an employee discounted rate.

As a new employee there is a limit; it has to be paid off over 12 months and requires direct deposit to a Midwest account. But it should let you buy some reasonable priced furnishings to get started.

Each of you would be eligible. Just decide who is going to own what furniture and start small; you can always upgrade and add more when the paychecks start and you set up your own budget,” I said with a laugh. “Try to put some money aside for the unexpected like for when the car needs to go to the shop or needs tires. Winter will soon be here and the heat bill will hit.”

“I think Marcy may even have the paperwork to start the Midwest checking accounts or she may have one of their representatives stop by. It is a great benefit along with the payroll savings plan.”

“There are a lot of things coming in the non-traditional benefits plan for employees. Marcy is working with Veraxon Wireless on a discount plan and an IRA retirement saving plan where we may match part of the employee contribution, and then there is talk about a cable service plan,” I said.

“You have to be out of the college dorm by Wednesday. If you need a place to stay for a couple of days until you get at least enough furniture to sleep on I don’t think the girls will be upset if you stay in one of the lower guest rooms. The boys do not stay overnight, period,” I said.

At the night’s meeting I filled the girls in on Roseanne and Corry’s temporary housing issue and the invitation that I had extended them as well as the restriction I had given them.

Courtney, with the help of Sly, Becky, and Mark had loaded her personal things into the Suburban and the Judges 8 by 16 two axle enclosed trailer today. Courtney cleaned out her apartment and turned in her keys. We had ordered the Suburban with a Reese hitch to be able to tow a trailer if we needed to. Courtney, Sly and Becky were going to spend the night in the upper guest rooms and leave early in the morning before rush hour.

Courtney, Becky, Sly and Mark were going to drive to Frost Borough and help her move some of her things into the hunting cabin. The rest she could leave in the trailer until she found a place to rent.

Jason, Jenny, Marcy and I were flying up tomorrow to have the final meeting with the Frost Borough board and then a joint meeting with the out-going security company. Sly and Becky were staying until the weekend to help Courtney get settled in. Mark was going to attend the meetings with us and then fly home with us.

Mark was going to be the administrator for the security division and Sandy was the day to day accountant and time keeper, among their other duties. The administrator was to monitor and be able to fill in for the company if we were away. They were another check and balance in the system to make sure everything stayed above board. The administrator and Courtney reported directly to me and then Marcy if I was unavailable. Sandy was to report to Marcy. All accounting personal reported to Marcy.

We worked out in the gym for a couple of hours before having a light supper. While we were working out Roseanne called to ask if they could come tonight and stay until they had acquired at least the basic furniture – no more than two or three days, hopefully. After everyone had arrived that was spending the night we turned in early.

We had so many different people staying in the guest rooms for so long it convinced me to make the Horsey property our own mini motel. The biggest reason was to ease the congestion in our house and not expose guest to our lifestyle.

I sent Bob a text to make the house motel style as we had discussed ASAP. I knew that all the work could be done in the house without permits and could be started as soon as he had the manpower available.

A few minutes later he replied, “I was pretty sure that you would go that way. The materials for that are easily obtained. I hired two more foreman and four more crews today.“

“The foreman and two crews that have done the most work for you will be assigned that job. They will report there tomorrow with the engineer and architect. They can begin the tear out process based on the preliminary prints and put together a materials order. Again, thanks for the work!”

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