Chapter 167

Once outside Jenny said, “I called the State Police because this college receives both state and federal grants. The dumping of human waste in this manner violates multiple state and federal environmental laws.

The damage done to the building communications and electrical system is going to exceed the limit and make this a felony. I wanted the crime scene truck here to take DNA samples out of each pile. If they are all the same then it could have been just a disgruntled employee. If they are all different then they were most likely told to do this by a supervisor and that could make it a conspiracy.”

A few moments later the trooper and the forensics truck arrived with another unmarked car behind it. The unmarked car was the barracks commander Major Robert Welch.

Jenny went through the explanation of what and why she called the 911 center. The trooper was taking notes and getting ready to go inside when there was another round of yelling and screaming coming from inside. They ran inside and when they came out the security guard was in cuffs.

Jenny stopped the trooper, “Before you put him in your car you may want to remove his shoes. He was stomping in that crap a while ago; it will be tough to get that smell out of the carpet.” The trooper nodded and said, “Thanks.”

Major Welch had met many times with Jason as chairman of the task force and they were old friends. They were talking about old times and of Jason’s retirement. Jason filled him in on his new job and introduced us three ladies as his new bosses.

The Major remarked, “Well, you sure didn’t stay retired long.” Jason replied, “You should see the list of perks I got – there was no way to turn them down. You should see the two twenty year old assistant and secretary they hired me. Every time they smile at me I feel 20 years younger.”

“Dad, I don’t believe you said that!” Jenny replied while the rest of us were laughing.

Dean Skaggs had joined the conversation. “Our meeting for this afternoon is still on and it will be a humdinger. Our maintenance group will be here shortly and as soon as the troopers are done we will get a timeline for you.”

“That is not the only problem. We were going to temporally use some of the camera cables until the completely new system is installed in July. Now they are destroyed,” I replied. He just shook his head and walked away.

I walked off by myself and called Robert Bradberry of East Coast Security; they were to be here on Monday to hook up a few cameras with the old system that was now gone. I explained our dilemma and asked if a small part of the new system could be installed instead. He would call me tomorrow with an answer.

When I finished Jason walked over; he had still been talking with the Major, “You know Jenny and I have a task force meeting tomorrow. I want you to go along as my guest if you can?”

“I can go, I have several days off,” I replied. “Good” he said.

I was not looking forward to the meeting this afternoon; I really thought that we should not have been there. The events of this morning were between the old company and the college to iron out and not us.

Jason left with Courtney. Sly and Becky were following with the Suburban and the trailer. Jenny, Marcy and I left to find some lunch. Jason had told us there was a nice restaurant several miles down the road and he would see us there when he came back.

By 1 the crime lab truck had left and the maintenance people were in the building. Roscoe Goldberg was head of the maintenance department. After the introductions I walked carefully through the building with him, pointing out various things while he was writing them down.

He promised me that he would have answers for me when the meeting was finished, and to call him before I left. I met the rest of my team at the main building. The two other groups were assembled in the hallway along with several suits who were obviously attorneys. Jason and Jenny knew one that was with the college group. He was the local state’s prosecutor.

We sat for two hours while the College Board, the security company, the prosecutor and the lawyers had many heated discussions and finger pointing sessions.

After the two hours I stood up and said, “The differences between you two groups are only going to be settled in court. For the current problems I think it is necessary to request that the college ban Maryland West Security and all of their employees and former employees from the property and to reinforce that ban with a restraining order to make it legally binding.”

“Any equipment that we determine to belong to them will be stored until the courts determine what to do with it,” I added.

Dean Skaggs said, “I agree and will direct our legal team to make it happen today. I think Maryland West can be excused from the rest of this meeting.

Roscoe entered when they left. “It’s going to take 2 to 3 weeks to put the building back in working order, the only thing we can do is to bring in several office trailers to use until then.”

I hated that Courtney and her team was going to have to deal with this kind of problem and hoped that it was not a sign of things to come.

A double office trailer would be set up and operational by the weekend, not far from the current security building in a position so water and sewer could be hooked up to it. I would inspect it Monday when I came to pick up Sly and Becky and to meet with East Coast Security installation team.

The good thing was all the new security equipment was wireless; moving the servers to the renovated building would be the biggest problem.

The flight home was quiet. We were all lost deep in thought. The only thing said was by Jason to Jenny, “I invited BJ to the task force meeting tomorrow. I am going to turn my state car in and ride home with you. You can drive my Suburban so we will have plenty of room.”

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