Wednesday started off strange enough. I cooked an early breakfast for my mates, not that that was unusual but the conversation was hilarious. I had slept with Lorrie on Monday and I spent Tuesday night with Vicky – which was always fun – and Lorrie slept with Jenny.

At breakfast there was a lover’s spat about Jenny giggling during the night waking Lorrie up several times. Jenny asked why Lorrie kept tickling her stomach. With Marcy in Altoona, Ching Lee had slept with Jenny on Monday night.

Ching Lee piped into the conversation, “I thought I was dreaming with someone laughing in the room Monday night.”

After laughing with the others I said, “It’s my fault; I rub her stomach in the middle of the night when I’m with her so her stomach does not growl, she always giggles when I do that,” as I watched Jenny go back for her third helping of bacon and scrambled eggs. She still had a slice of buttered toast covered with grape jelly on her plate.

Jenny had the day off; there were no trials scheduled on Wednesday. With her new position she could work from home, if need be, unless she had a meeting.

We made our way to the office and started the day with meetings. One of the first things we did was the reorganization of clerks and personal for the security division.

Cindy Shaw was promoted to Security Administrator. The college work load and responsibilities would be divided between her and Mark. Mary Ann Johnson was reassigned from the clerk pool to the security division as clerk. I was going to select another full time accountant for the security division along with a pool clerk but Marcy wanted to hold off on the accountant.

Jean Simmons had been my first choice but Marcy shot that idea down. Jean and Mark were getting to be too close after hours. The golden rule in business is “Do not have lovers or spouses reporting to one another.” Marcy recommended Mary Ann and so it was.

If I had known Jean and Mark were an item, there would not have been any play the other night in Warrington, I thought to myself.

Jason and Roseanne were busy writing up the help wanted ads for each college using the Frost Borough ones as the template. They would be posted online and in the local area papers. Then would come the hard work with all the checks and testing, interviews and physicals. The change up this time was that all of it would have to be done somewhere near each college.

Marcy, Mark, Cindy and I spent two hours with Bob and his chief engineer from Bob’s Construction. He had a bunch of different blueprints of guard shacks and a few more of small rectangular office buildings.

Bob said, “As for your conversation yesterday. Yes, both could be pre-fabricated, delivered and assembled there. I can get the licenses and permits to do that.”

“However, one of my former foreman’s parents lives near there. Their health is not good. He left three years ago to go back home to help them. He has a small construction business there. My engineers still draw up plans for him in their free time when he needs something special, and he takes me deer hunting on the state game grounds every year.”

“I took the liberty of calling him this morning to answer some of my questions. To help both of us out, he will construct anything we draw up for you. He can use the work and he is telling me that there is a huge temporary labor pool up there with qualified workers when I explained the time frame that it had to be done in. He told me that he would be competitive with my price. His name is Bill Lamar; he is a very good builder.”

Marcy, Mark, Cindy I spent another hour with Bob and the maps we had used at our presentation. Bob and his engineer drew out rough prints to carry back with them of where we wanted the fence, guard houses, and office built. On Monday they would fly to Altoona with my group – minus me – and meet with the grounds people and Bill Lamar to finalize the construction. Marcy would carry a contract with a firm completion date for the job.

Cindy, Mark and Mary Ann spent the rest of the afternoon working up prices for a standardized turnkey security office. One of Marcy’s accountants that had been assigned the security department expenses helped with the numbers. By the time they had finished a push of a key would print out everything, right down to the key code for the door lock along with the suppliers for every piece.

The week moved on; Wednesday quickly became Thursday and we were boarding the jet again – one of the bigger ones this time – bound for Chemung, NY. A much larger group was going: Cindy, Mark, Mary Ann, Ching Lee, Vicky and I. The plan was to do more cross-training to keep everyone in the loop. We split up into two groups for the tour, met back at the administration building, and combined notes.

We met with their board and sold another security contract. Elmira State College was close to the size of KCC, a nice size, where 25 full-time people and another 20 part-time would do the job. Their present security office would suffice with changes. A meeting with their building manager and a conference call to East Coast put the dates in stone for when our team would be on site.

We flew out of Chemung in the late afternoon. It was a quick flight to Rochester, NY for the last of the colleges on my list. With the longer days we took two rental cars and went to Rochester State to get a head start. This college was the biggest yet – three times the size of the others.

Again we split into two groups with Cindy’s map and went about our task; to say this college was big was an understatement. There needed to big changes in the grounds to make this place a safe learning environment.

With Rochester being this big I doubted that 100 people would be enough, especially with the diversity they had. Their website showed a large Canadian, Middle Eastern, European and Central American mix to the student population.

That meant that we needed to have several bilingual people on staff making the hiring process more challenging, as well as the training.

It was nearly dark when we called it an evening to get supper and go to the motel rooms. This time I made sure there were enough rooms. Ching Lee, Vicky and I shared one, Cindy and Mary Ann another, and Mark a room to himself.

After supper we went to a nightclub. There were plenty in a city this size. The waiter at the restaurant gave us a list of several of the milder ones. I was hoping that Mark, Mary Ann and Cindy would go partying on there own. I knew that Ching Lee and Vicky would get wild if given half a chance.

To my disappointment they all wanted to go together as a group. The group of girls went over the list of names and picked out the one they liked the best. “The See no Evil club,” it was only 4 miles away on the north side of town with a view of Lake Ontario.

As we stood in front of the club I almost burst out laughing. The signs posted on the front of the club clearly indicated it was a risqué club where anything goes. I had been to several in my service days in Japan, Korea and Germany. The band was playing loud and fast as we paid and entered.

There were dancers in all stages of undress on the stage. The girls were down to pasties and G strings and the guys were down to thongs, doing all kinds of body contact. I expected everyone to make a quick turn and exit.

To my surprise Mark and Mary Ann led us to an empty table off to the side. The waitress showed up a few minutes later in a G string and string top to take our drink orders. I ordered an unopened beer. The rest of the group followed my lead. I had time to look closely around the room and at the dance floor. There was a mix of everything, guys and guys, guys and girls, girls and girls and for some the sex was debatable.

Ching Lee wanted to dance while we waited for the drinks. All the dancing here was at arms length so I danced with her while Mark and Mary Ann danced. Not to be out done, Vicky convinced Cindy to dance.

I saw the drink girl return to our table with our drinks. I stepped back to the table to pay for them, not being regulars I doubted they would run a tab. The six beers were thirty five dollars. I handed her two twenties; she smiled and said, “Put it in a string of your choice.” I slid the two twenties in the string of her bottom. As I straighten up she pushed her chest against me and said, “My name is Delilah – if you need anything at all, ask for me,” then she turned and walked away.

I started back to dance with Ching Lee. I noticed that everyone in my group was staring at me. Ching Lee had an ear to ear grin. As I got to her, she pushed herself against me and we began a tight sensual dance. Vicky and Cindy moved closer and even though they were not touching, they were mimicking what Ching and I were doing. Mark and Mary Ann were doing something back to back but both were staring at us four girls.

A couple of dances later and emptied beer bottles, we were back on the floor with different partners for several more dances. The beer had loosened everyone up. Vicky was my partner for the moment. She was trying her best to hump my leg. Ching Lee was with Mary Ann and Cindy was doing touchy feely with Mark. I wondered if Mark was playing the secretarial pool, as the saying went.

Delilah brought another round, this time a cola for me. I was designated driver. This time I pulled the string and slid the 20s across her shaved mound. Reminder to self; handle no change at this place. After they downed the beer and hit the dance floor, buttons were being opened and the feels and gropes were getting bolder and longer.

Several songs later Delilah brought another round, after I slid the 20s into the string again she pulled me close and whispered, “You are with a wild group, are you sure I can’t do anything else for you?”

I noticed some of the other patrons getting lap dances and table top dances. “How much for a lap dance?” I asked. I paid her and she pulled Mark over to his chair while the rest of us girls hooped and whistled. I took my phone and took several pictures with his nose buried between her large breasts. When she left Mark had a big wet spot on his pants. As she walked by me I handed her another tip. At that point we called it a night and I drove the merry group back to the motel room.

Edit by Alfmeister

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