Chapter 186

As I drove into the college on Wednesday, I saw mountains of bedding stacked outside of B dorm. The time sheets backed up piles of trash waiting to go into dumpsters. The cameras showed a dozen trucks backing into position. Maintenance had their skid loader loading the first. It continued all day.

Cindy texted me that they had ten of the group from last night show up at 8 AM this morning. The ones that I had not interviewed for KCC were being interviewed by Jason and Roseanne. Cindy was getting the background information together on them and Jenny was coming home early today to run the criminal checks.

Four of them were to go to the company doctor this afternoon for physicals. The others would be in training in the gym with Vicky and Ching Lee. I wondered how many would survive that? Ching Lee and Vicky had both taken on a whole new determination and drive to the training since the Rochester incident.

Cindy texted me again that 10 more from last night – including three couples – would be at the gym at 1. She was going to revise the schedule some and stay late to see that everything was done. I wondered where Mark was in all this; Cindy seemed to be in charge.

There was another meeting in the security meeting room; this time it was insurance adjusters and lawyers. A second meeting was with OSHA, MOSHA and the construction company. I was not included in either of these and I was glad of it. The third meeting was with the contractor, Mr. Bozman and the Board and I was to sit in on that one.

The meeting started with the contractor coming up with excuses as to why they could not have the damaged section replaced in time for the college start. “There are no blueprints yet, they have to be approved by zoning and that is going to take weeks. There are no building permits yet.”

The board was not happy. Then Mr. Bozman interrupted their complaint session.

“Ken Smith and I found the original blueprints to B dorm last night. Those blueprints were sent by special courier to the engineering division of Jones & Jones International. They will be returned to me tomorrow morning with the latest construction and fire safety changes to meet all federal, state, and local requirements, plus the latest energy saving designs, and they will blend in to the original building design.”

“A legal team that I have on retainer that handles construction issues for me met with the county planning and zoning this morning. Buried deep in their rule and regulation book are special exemptions for emergencies for public institutions. What happened here meets the criteria. As soon as they receive a copy of the blueprints, a building permit will be issued within an hour,” he said.

“You will be pouring the footer on Friday afternoon and laying block on Monday morning, or I will have a construction team rebuild the dorm and send you the bill, starting Monday afternoon. I am tired of all the excuses coming from your construction group and I know everyone else in this room is also,” Mr. Bozman said. “Vital pieces of required safety gear that were not properly assembled on the crane led to this accident. Luckily no one was killed. An hour earlier 4 maintenance people were in that part of the building.”

I knew as soon as he said Jones & Jones he was still in tight with Jake’s company. I knew that the legal team was also Jake’s connection.

The construction company owners started to say something then stopped. They stood up then sat back down. Then they asked if the plans would be accompanied by a materials list?

Thursday morning the contractor was cutting up the boom with torches and loading them onto trucks. In the afternoon the contractor began loading the debris and old concrete footer. All work had ceased on the new dorm and would not resume until the manpower was no longer needed in the rebuild of B.

Friday morning Mr. Bozman had several dozen very thick stacks of blueprints on the table in the meeting room. The permit was hand delivered from zoning at 9 AM. The contractor, his engineer and the board had been called and were on their way. This was going to be one interesting meeting.

The meeting was cordial – that surprised the hell out of me after yesterday’s outburst. The contractor picked up the blueprints and the materials list and then politely informed the board that the job would be finished in time for the start of the fall semester and that his insurance company was picking up all expenses.

I had been getting texts all morning from the gym, updating me on the twenty potential security employees. I finally had time to completely read and digest them.

Cindy had sent several. Lawman’s Supply road salesman had measured all the Rochester personal this morning for uniforms and they had tried on different bullet proof vests for fit. They were to be delivered to the office next Thursday.

The second text was an update and a copy of an e-mail from Mark. He was still in Altoona meeting with Bill Lamar. There were attachments to the mail that were copies of request for building permits and electrical installation requests, along with cost estimates and blueprints for the guard houses and offices. He was returning this afternoon.

Cindy’s third text was concerning Johnson Tri County. The help wanted ads were posted in Monday’s paper and there had already been 400 on line applications for the 20 jobs. Dan Parker and Ellie Mayes had sent in an application in the same envelope by mail and it was on my desk. Their names were on my contact list and had been flagged when Roseanne entered them in the system, which is why she had put them on my desk.

That was another thing that the computer brains had done. Whenever a name that was on senior management’s personal contact list was entered into the system, a flag popped up alerting the clerk to put a paper copy in our box. What the clerk did not know was that a copy of document was automatically sent to that person’s in-box.

That was only one of several ‘behind the scenes’ things that happened within our data storage system. That was one reason our servers were so over-sized.

Any text or e-mail and the replies, that went to or from a company site by company supplied phones or computers, is automatically copied into an electronic file assigned to each site. The same goes with phone to phone text. Only the six of us know that system existed.

That system allows any of us to fill in for the other. If one of the other girls needs to fill in for me with an on-going problem at Frost Borough, she can look at the file, have a full record and be able to make an informed decision. It eliminates all guess work as to who said what or how instructions should have been carried out.

Of course another system is the real time tracking device that we had installed into our security access cards, cell phones and laptops. The data is designed to be stored for a year. Again, only the six of us have access to the file.

We had extended conversations over the installation of the system. There is always the right to privacy concern. But, in a real emergency that takes a back seat. For employees it is legal for a company to monitor its equipment use and location. The privacy issue becomes mute when they are on the company clock.

Cindy’s fourth text informed that the FCC had finally approved a series of radio frequencies for our security division. There was a group for each location. The 900 MHz radios had already been installed by the up-fitter in the Frost Borough cars and the ones going to Rochester as part of the emergency vehicle package. The approval also included a permit for an antenna at each site and on the gym.

They were going to come plug the chip in the cars that had already been processed and install them in the rest of them as they worked them through. All cars would be completed for us to drive to Rochester next Saturday.

We already had one antenna on the building. It was so Lorrie could monitor the planes if necessary when they were close to the Island Airport.

The girls and I were packing tonight for our short vacation on Chincoteague Island. Uncle John had sent me a text that the house was cleaned and ready for us. The dune buggy had been serviced if we wanted to ride on the beach and the jet skis were on the lifts ready to go.

He had left a map of the beach that had the approved entrances, fishing areas and areas open to dune riding. The penciled in area was the unofficial nude bathing area. I was headed home to pack.

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