Chapter 199

While Marcy and Roseanne were still in Warrington, they participated in the video meeting from the new MAAR rental site. They had everything completely set up; the only thing lacking was employees. Three of the four were starting tomorrow. The 10 cars had been delivered today.

Jack and another person were coming from Charlotte to do the training and bring the staffing to full level tomorrow morning. The cleanup guy was going to start next Monday. Lorrie and Roseanne were coming home by noon tomorrow.

Courtney keyed the video chat and popped up on the video screen.

After a round of hello’s I started with the questions.

“Have you picked a candidate for director?” I asked.

“Yes, I think Kelly Pepper is our guy,” she replied.

“He is part of one of the couples that had indicated that they were going to move there,” I replied.

“Yes, they have been house hunting and have found one that suits them. They went today to fill out the paper work,” Courtney replied.

“When is he scheduled to work next?” I asked.

“Day shift tomorrow,” she replied.

“Have Kelly in the office at 10. I will call and make the offer. There is a change in the benefits I need to put out there for him since he and his wife are both working for us. Go ahead and put him in charge after I make the offer. Just be an observer unless you feel his judgment needs adjusting.”

“The North six are coming home Thursday morning in the unmarked cars. One unmarked car is going to stay; it will be assigned to Kelly until a Suburban comes in. You and your people can go back to Frost Borough on Monday or Tuesday next week, at your discretion. That will give you a chance to see how he manages with less people there and make sure he has a handle on scheduling,” I said.

“To keep you updated, the first round of Warrington jobs will be offered tomorrow – pending the results of today’s drug testing. The North six will be driving down Sunday with a couple of administrators, a clerk and possible an executive. They are going to set up the office. Some of the staff will be starting on Monday. The following Monday all will be on board and fly up here for group training. Sly is going to be the acting site director,” I said. “Do you think she can handle it?”

“Sly can handle it with no problem. You do know that when they are in N.C., with Jamie’s certification and the Federal permit that they can carry. You may want to do a quick refresher,” Courtney replied.

“I will keep that in mind,” I replied and then I signed off.

We had nearly finished our meeting when Eric Roberson from DHS was standing at the door to the meeting room. “When you finish up I need a few minutes with you,” he said.

Eric was in my office at the small table with a big mug of coffee when I went in. He handed me a folder. “This is the police report that will be released to the public tomorrow about the accident. Looks like a kid with a hot head and a short fuse. He had a lot of problems at school that Dad bailed him out of,” he said.

Then he continued, “The airport thing keeps growing. The phone number used to cancel the fuel deliveries was not from this area, it was a burn phone and used to make the same kind of call to several other fuel suppliers in two other states.”

“JBG is the biggest customer and could have been hurt the worst. You need to be extra vigilant. Homeland has to check every possible angle. We need a complete list of all your pilots and anyone else that has flight duties or access your planes,” Eric said.

“Ty and Kathryn had an excellent trip to Rochester; it was very productive. We would like to put four agents in with your people. There are a lot of things going on up there I can’t tell you about, but I am sure you have an idea,” he said. “They wanted me to thank you for the turn of the century accommodations,” as he was laughing.

“When you put you next group together we will have four cover folders ready for our people,” Eric said as he finished his coffee, stood and left.

The State police folder had a simple label ‘Jeff Justice investigation report’.

I opened the folder and started reading. I read the statement that I had given the officer at the scene. Then I started reading the eye witness statements. State Police detective John Harding, who had helped me get out of the truck, had a lengthy statement.

There were several more from vehicles traveling in the other direction. Then there were follow-up statements from his friends that he had spent the afternoon with. Then there were statements from Duke and his wife and their daughter.

The final pages were recommendations to and from the county prosecutor and the state’s attorney. There would ne no charges or assignment of fault.

I closed the folder and sealed it with tamper proof security tape. Each of us had our own for sensitive items, packages and the like. I wrote on the outside Jenny for your eyes only BJ and I placed it on her desk.

The girls were down in the gym working out, waiting on me to join in. I told them the investigation was over and closed. He was just a hot-head whose temper cost him his life.

My chest still looked like hell but the pain was mostly gone. I had taken only OTC pain meds the whole time. I took pride in my high pain tolerance.

We worked out for two hours. The night group was there by the time we finished. Even so we showered and sat at one of the tables in the refreshment center while winding down.

Ty and Kathryn Herman came in and pulled up chairs to sit with us for a bit. We joked about their five star accommodations at Rochester. Then they started asking a few questions about the North six.

They had seen them at times in the gym and assumed they were after-school and summer-time gym rats. They were shocked to see them at Rochester in security uniforms, well versed in what they were doing and in charge at times. Kathryn put it on the line when she said, “Don’t be surprised if an agency tries to recruit them some time in the near future.”

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