Chapter 211

I had not let Marcy or any of the others say anything. I handed the planning and zoning packet to Jenny for her to check out and research, Jason was to be in later; he could help and fill in the pieces. I also instructed her to send copies to our corporate attorneys to do a rush review.

Looking at Marcy I said, “Check the financial end out; if we do not have enough on hand, please take 200k out of my escrow account and place a draw on my savings. Then check with Jenna to see how much line of credit we have left and how much we would have if we put the 1300 acres up as collateral. It may take 10 years before the airport comes together but there is no way we can let the land go by.”

“I will talk to the pilots to see if anyone knows anything about crop dusting,” Lorrie replied.

There were several property plots with the current dilapidated runway and other farm features highlighted, along with several aerial photographs. I asked for them to be blown up to blueprint size and that I wanted to take them with me to KCC in the morning for Richard Bozman to take a look at.

We had an early meeting then an early supper. I wanted to be ready to go when tonight’s class of ten arrived. They were in for a long night and tougher than the group last night. Vicky and Lorrie were going to help and that would move things along.

Marcy had temporally assigned Diane Smoot as an administrator to the security department for six weeks, since I was going to be tied up for the next four weeks. That would take us to the middle of August when all the colleges had to be fully staffed and fully operational. Diane had been helping Cindy on an as needed clerk.

The training had become a full time job for my security group. The North six were doing computer training when they were on the island. We had decided that when they were in the field setting up the offices they were to be associate directors.

There had been some resistance with the Warrington and Tri County groups being bossed by the young girls but it evaporated quickly after the video from Rochester was shown.

We had sent it out to a company that specialized in enhancement. It was now clear as a bell and looked to be happening ten feet in front of you. It was easy to see when Janice broke her fingers. We even included Janice’s police statement as the opening statement before the video started. The final quieting effect was when they were dragging their ass off the mats after facing one of the six.

All the nonmilitary people started on the mats with the North six. All the ex-military worked with Ty, Kathryn, Herman, Ching Lee or me. The North six also taught the computer training with Cindy or Mark. We were going to miss those girls dearly when Sly and Janice started college in the fall and senior high for the others. All of them still wanted to work part time and still be in Lisa’s tutoring class.

At four the second group of 10 from the agency arrived. I knew Ty, Kathryn and Herman were away on a mission. I knew not where but they would be back on Friday to help with the next group of college security people.

One group was leaving in a Bombardier with the North six driving the unmarked cars, some of the class were driving marked cars, and Mark and Cindy taking the truckload of office equipment. The Bombardier was returning with the part-time group for training.

Next weekend was 4th of July weekend. The offices would be closed the gym was accessible by membership ID card for any members who wanted to work out. We were all going shopping with Jenny after a big cookout.

Ching Lee, Vicky and I put the ten through their paces. One of the group was a smart-ass know it all. He spent an hour and a half in the med room on the table with our in-house medic treating him. After that the other nine were on their toes and listened to what they were told.

As part of the protocol I thought it was necessary that I call Rodney to inform him that one of his people had been hurt. I had to leave a message; I guess no one at that level ever answers the phone.

The ten were packing their things to head back to DC when he returned my call. I knew it was him because the call came in blocked. I answered and was listening to Russian. I knew nothing of the Russian language.

I had German and French in high school and was good in both of them. I had learned Japanese and Korean, from my duty there, and Arabic from being stationed in Iraq. There was nothing I hated worse than having people talking around me and not understanding a word they were saying. I went out of my way to learn the language wherever I was stationed.

I think that is one of the reasons that Americans resent the immigrants of today so much. In the 1800’s the immigrants truly wanted to be part of America and the better life it promised. They came expecting to work hard and blend in.

One of the first things they did was learn the language and customs of America. They taught their children their native language in their home but sent them to public school to learn to be an American and the American way and they were proud to hold the American flag.

Today the first thing they do is sign up for all the freebies they can, then walk through the malls in groups laughing, pointing and mocking the people whose hard work and taxes pay for all the freebies.

Then they demand that classes in the local school be held in their native language. A group was even caught replacing the American flag with their native flags on the Christmas Parade route this year.

To add insult to injury a group of immigrants has filed a complaint against the local food bank because Islamic suitable foods are not available. The goods in the local food bank come from local food drives and food donations at local churches. They are the can goods and foods the local people eat.

Their attorney is demanding that the food bank exchange donated food for ethnic foods for them. They ask for understanding for their plight but they refuse to even acknowledge traditional American values or principals – it seems to be give me, give me, I deserve it. The ones that have been here awhile and are prospering refuse or won’t even help the new arrivals.

I responded to the Russian with German and we carried on the conversation in German. I explained to him as best as I could while searching my memory for the right words.

“Miles Cottingham is hard headed along with being an asshole. He would not go on any mission I was in charge of because I do not believe he could follow mission specific orders and would jeopardize the team,” I said then added, “I agreed to train them and I will continue to do so without holding back for a few but I will not be held responsible for injuries for students failing to follow detailed instructions.”

Rodney continued in German, “I appreciate you being candid about your observations. Do you think he can recover in time to be a part of this mission?”

“With the right physical therapy, aggressive injections, attitude and mental determination the answer would be yes, he would be here Friday watching just to learn and on floor with them Sunday. I would be willing to bet he will be a workman’s comp case tomorrow,” I replied in German as I was struggling for the words.

“I will let you know tomorrow,” as the phone went dead.

The conversations in the different languages made me realize maybe I had made a mistake in not requiring that more of our security people have a second language or getting to know a second language prior to the end of their probationary period.

The confused look’s I was getting from the girls as Rodney and I were having the conversation was a comedy in itself. Diversity in languages was another topic for our afternoon meetings.

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